Sanding Laser Etchings and Saltwater Etching Through Anodization ?s

I own an iPod Shuffle, 2nd generation, silver. It is very plain, and I've recently been reading up on saltwater etching. I want to remove the standard Apple logo from the back and etch my own text (it will either be "iMake" or "iBles", I can't decide). I've come upon two roadblocks, so far, those being: can I sand laser etchings (the Apple Logo) off, and can I etch through the player's anodization, or would I need to sand that off? I don't really care if it doesn't turn out perfect, or looks like a total mess. It's not like I paid for the thing. Thanks for any help!

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iyogi is still on my computer how to get rid of it

I down loaded iyog and I stopped the service but now every time I start my laptop the repair screen pops up, I have tried everything I know of to rid my computer of this pest I have been trying for over a year to rid my laptop of this orphan program please help it is driving me to drink (not really) thanks for any help, dog of war

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How to make (or where to buy) the "color hand bands" for Nerf Cosmic keep-away?

You throw around the ball, and it detects the band your wearing. so if the person wearing the red band, catches the ball, it will say "Red Caught the ball! New round?" or something like that. so, how do you make those bands? Or, Where can i get them? PS i know it dosn't sense color. i tried that already, there's somethings inside of the bands

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about etching solution, is it safe to trow away normally? Answered

Ive read alot about etching ur own PCB's and might start on it sooner or later, but i wanted to know, can u just trow away used solution down the drain. i wondered about this since it eats away copper, and some pipelines are made out of copper... and isnt it to chemical to trow away (like batteries and other electronics) normally...

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How do I give away a pro membership? Answered

So my intsructable got featured. I want to give the 3 month pro membership that comes with being featured away in my contest, but I don't know how. I hope it doesn't automatically get applied to my account, because I need it to give away! Any suggestions? Thanks! Edit: Never mind, I figured it out. They send you an email with a link and a code and you can either activate it or give it away.

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How to preserve plaster of paris and avoid it breaking away? Answered

I'm making the Good Samaritan gun from Hellboy per the instructions on Indy Mogul. One of the parts of the gun, the barrel, (erm....where the bullets go), is made from plaster of paris. From experience, I've learned that this can break on its own eventually. Is there any way to avoid it weakening or breaking? Perhaps covering it with something?

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is there a way i can chat easy and fast with a computer and a dsi?

Peferbaly cheap and i cant caht with the im thing on dsi cus hes 20 some miles away

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Reasons why we should do away with internet filters.

Internet filters suck.  Here's why we should throw this sh*t away: - Most filters restrict LEGIT sites, like wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, etc. - It slows your internet speed down somewhat. - The workarounds make your surfing experience way too slow. - Censorship in general sucks. - It takes away freedom, which is already gradually ebbing away.. - So people don't try and steal my iPhone to look up porn because the PC's are blocked. People should have common sense to just hit the X button if they stumble on content they find offensive.

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How can I permanently drive away black/gray squirrel?

I am a back yard garden enthusiast. I am now disgusted because squirrels destroy my veggies. I want the squirrel to go away instead of me killing them ( I am afraid to kill anyway).

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Went away for the weekend- these were waiting when I came back

A mere three months after ordering, I went away for the weekend, and my Raspberry Pis (raspberries pi?) were both waiting for me when I got back today.  One of them is already earmarked to become a media centre/web server/NAS all-purpose box.  I've got a couple of ideas for the other one, but I could always use more inspiration. What should I do with my second slice of Pi?  Patch* for the best idea (even if I don't actually make it).  No, I won't accept "send it to you" as a suggestion :) I'm already torn between a MAME arcade cab and some kind of carputer. * Judge's decision is final, one per customer, no cash equivalent, consult your physician if symptoms persist

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Help designing/building High Altitude Balloon cut-away system

I am working with my kids to put together a High Altitude Balloon launch to take pictures. I am stuck at building a system to cutaway the balloon in the event that it does not reach burst altitude. Any help, or resources that would get me going would be appreciated. I am leaning towards a system that can me initiated from the ground via ham radio, as well as timer based in the event of communication failure. Thanks!

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heat isolation, how to keep heat away from electrical cords? Answered

 hi, we're building our own heating system. we're using ventilation tubes(often used on dryers) to distribute hot air through the shed, but it needs to get pretty close to an electrical cord(+/-1 inch) and the tube gets pretty hot(at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit). which is a bit of a problem, the electrical cor is the type you'd burry in the ground, and it looks like it shouldn't melt too fast, but we still ant to isolate it, any hints/tips on what kind of material to use would be appreciated... 

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Take a Photo, Get a patch! (my new monthly give away)

Some of you may have noticed that I stopped doing my famous 'Desktops of [current month]' Forum topics.  These few days of past, I may have bought myself three cameras, so it prompted me to think. Thus I bring you my new monthly forum topic, which I hope more people can get involved with than the Desktop wallpaper topics. Essentially, every month I am going to post a topic with a distinct theme. The task then is for you guys to go out and take a picture along that theme, and post it as a comment. This months theme is an introductory one -    Camera Self Portrait Go and take a picture of your camera using your camera. Make the most of reflective surfaces, and interesting techniques. If you own more than one camera I want you to use your favourite, because this is the first topic, think of it as a 'hello, meet my camera'. You do not have to be in the photo, so you can still take part if your conscious of putting your picture on the webz. Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. I know that one of you could easily take an amazing picture with your phone, while someone with a nice Canon 7D could struggle to find a nice shot.  Every person who posts gets a patch!  Here is a picture of me with my Canon just after I had got my 50mm prime lens!

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How to detect yellow school bus from 100 to 200 yards away? Answered

Is there any type of electronic component that I can use to build something to detect a yellow school bus that is up to 200 yards away? I live on a very straight busy road. From my mailbox I can see about 300 yards down the street before it curves. Is there something out there that would allow me to build a device, mounted to my mailbox post, that will chime a bell in my house when it detects a yellow school bus approaching from at least 100 yards away? Note that I believe it must have the ability to detect color because we also get a lot of big trucks driving by that could set it off if I were detecting by size. Just wondering if this would be possible. Thanks! - John

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I need away to use my blue tooth ear piece as a transmitter to another blue tooth ear piece.

I need to be able to listen from a short distance away. sort of a spy device.  having its own coded freq. would be helpful too.

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Extending a mobile phone's camera away from the phone by adding some longer cable?

I have a little project where I am looking to extend the mobile phone's camera a few meters away from the phone while still being able to use the phone as a viewer. I would like to use the camera and the phone because the power source is already set up, the camera and the phone mesh without trying to add a camera to a small LCD screen, and I have loads of old mobile phones and was hoping to be able to recycle one or two of them. I would like be able to place the camera of the phone a meter or two away and be able to view the video on the phone. This could be useful in looking in hard to reach places within reason. I could also maybe set up a little rig for attaching the camera to my motorbike helmet and recording without strapping the entire phone to my helmet. This could also maybe be used for making a little rear view camera for my bike by placing the phone on my handlebars and routing the camera behind me. I know they sell back up cameras, but again I am just looking to find a use for my mountain of phones. I assume I would just need to find the camera's cables and extend them, but I am also going to assume they use a ribbon cable. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to extend the camera away with a bit of wire soldering or something along that nature. Would the mobile phones with VGA cameras use a system other than ribbon cable? Hopefully someone can wrap their head around what I am describing and help out so I can find something useful do something with a few of these outdated mobile phones!

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Portable power source for low power usb device when away from computer?

Hope someone can help.  I've looked at all of the usb charger instructables, but most of them are for Ipods and such.  This device, I think needs to be low power like required by keyboard or mouse?  The manufacturer says this about powering the device: "works only on voltages of 2000mA or higher, such as a PC. It will not work while connected to a USB or home charger, or with a Mac" I would like to use this when away from my computer and think one of the Altoid power chargers would work.  Would like to make a solar one for the car, but regular for inside the house. Thanks!!

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Could I access remotely wireless camera using cellphone 100+ miles away?

I was wanting to setup a camera on a site that I work at using an old iPhone I have laying here. I was wondering if it was even possible?

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how to wire an earphone jack from my bose radio to a speaker 50' away.?

My bose radio does not have an outlet for any speakers I might have. Bose said the only way I could activate a speaker 50' away in the basement is to use a headphone jack wire that is plugged into the Bose. It should transmit juice to the speaker to transfer the sound. I have a breathaudio speaker  with two sets of red and black spring loaded terminal posts. When the jack goes into the Bose radio it naturally cuts the sound from the Bose radio itself and that's fine. I just want the juice from the jack to go to the speaker in the basement to enjoy. Is this possible? I'm working with very fine headphone wires from the jack wire itself to transfer power to the speaker via speaker wires that will attach to one set or both sets of the black and red spring loaded terminals on the speaker. Thanks, Jon Burnham

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best way or method to activate LED lights from a maximum of hundred meters away.

I have this project study on how to install, LED on a board as an indicator that a machine in the production line has fault. Since the production line has many machine and cell, its more convenient to install a wireless or activation through frequency. The board will be installed at the Techinician station then a switch in the production line that will activate it. I'm here in the philippines and in our plant we use two power supply (110 v and 220v), its better if it the switch will be plugged to 110v. Please advise for any information how to do it. Thanks

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An RF cat collar to keep dog away wearing its PetSafe invisible fence collar

I have a pup that will not stop chasing my cat. I cannot find a product on the market that would have an RF transmitter on a cat's collar so that the unit on the pup's collar would receive a correction upon coming close to the cat. There MUST be a way to make a hack! 

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What should i do with an old un-usable PC that im going to throw away?

I've salvaged the HDD, 2 sticks of RAM, a PROCESSOR, a CD drive, a FLOPPY drive, and a FAN.

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Anyone know of a quality wireless switch for a light approx 70 feet away on a shed in backyard?

I would like to have an outdoor light on my backyard shed/ shop, which I would like to be able to turn on and off from inside my home, which is about 70 feet away. I know that wireless switches are made, but I can't seem to find a good quality, reliable, reputable brand. The only ones I have been able to find on the internet are not getting the best reviews, such as Heath Zenith sold at Home Depot, etc.. Does anyone know of a brand they could recommend? Price isn't really an issue, to keep from having to run wire out there if I can avoid it. Thank you. P.S.- I did think briefly about just using a motion detector, but that would only come on if there is motion, and that doesn't fit my needs. What I need is to be able to turn it on if, for example, I hear something out there and I need to look out of my back window and turn it on to be able to see what might be going on out there, if anyone is trying to break in, etc..

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WHY did the direct link to Answers go away, and how do we get that decision reversed? Answered

Folks have been marking the "didn't there used to be"  version of this question as Answered when someone says "yes" -- which is accurate but not very useful. Yeah, I know, I can probably set up my own bookmark for /answers... but I submit that I shouldn't have to. Unless the goal is to kill off the Answers system entirely...

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What is the best way to control a computer by mouse from approx. 10-15 ft away? Is it possible? Answered

I've been looking for a way to use my mouse to control an old computer that I was looking to hook up to my tv. I had taken a look at using the mouse over ethernet cable, but according to discussion on that instructable, mouse won't work at that distance due to a timeout issue. WHat is the best way to control the computer by my tv, by mouse, from my couch?

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Need help with audio trigger for do I generate a beep/click 300m away?

Hey guys, I have a DSLR Canon 550D camera with Magic Lantern modified firmware installed on it. This firmware allows the camera to be triggered by sound, utilizing the cameras onboard mic. The level of sound required to trigger the camera can be adjusted. What I would like to do is have the ability to trigger the camera from quite a distance with some sort of audio trigger. If I have this trigger close enough to the mic and adjust the levels it would only need to make a decent click. To get decent range I am assuming I will need to use a radio device? Can anyone think of anything cheap and compact that could work as a trigger? Using walkie talkies is the obvious thing that comes to mind but these are rather bulky....ideally the trigger would be small enough to clip/tape to the camera. In terms of range, 200-300m would likely be the upper limit. Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

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phone covers by the thousands------------What can I do with them?

We have phone covers in a variety of colours -------leather pouches with a clear insert and also plastic clip on covers in a multitude of patterns. Our kids insist they are too dated now, but I hate to throw anything away. We inherited them when we repossessed a shop and cant even give them away !

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After a long time away from this site the first site I go to," tabbing solar cells," I get a virus alert. WHY?

Why does instructables have such a virus problem? Other sites, youtube, facebook, and othersites I've never had a problem, but the first time back, the first question I ask, I get a Attempted Trogan. Why can't this site be secure?

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how do you stop the glass reflection using an ir camera that is shooting through glass a couple inches away.

My dash-cam in the car  has no problem, the video comes out fine.   it may be 6 inches away from the windshield.  i tried the same camera in my 1960's  apartment door peephole. The outside glass is about 2 inches square . i want to be able to make a wifi or net cam to be able to see who is at the door via the  monitor. i get a  big  reflection from the glass that is an inch  or two away.? i tried the another camera at a friends house, shooting through the small windows by the door, same reflection.  some kind of anti glare coating or film ? thank you

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is it possible to make a remote or something to control the built in isight on macbooks?

Maybe to zoom or pan while im far away or something

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is instructable pro stupid or smart? Answered

IMO i think its a desperate attempt, too quick, and turned my away immediately

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How can you make an Icon that when you click on it, it will make the screen look like its bursting into flames??

Ok, so i have a mother who likes to keep me aways from the internet. So i want to make an Icon that looks like the Icon of the internet button and make it look like the computer is either bursting into flames or somthing that looks soo real. Its the only way she can stay away. Can you help me on this??

Question by Tech_O_Candy 

i would like to power a stip of led's or 1 Cold Cathode using a usb is there away to do that thanks in advance

Want to use a pc's usb to power a Cold Cathode light or led lights for a pc trolly that i am building

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is there a guide,list or photo pool of parts one could salvage out of stuff your throwing away or see in the trash?

For instance as much of a pack rack as i am, i am getting ready to toss a couple of older cordless phones, an infrared foot massager, tossed an old all in one printer a couple weeks back. if there are good, all purpose usable parts i would salvage  and save the parts.  the foot massager must have  a motor or vibrater.   The cordless phones i saved the 9vdc bricks, i use i lot of stuff that runs off 9vdc.

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What should I do with all my old computer parts? (besides throwing away/recycling.)I h?

I have a few old computer parts, and nothing to do with them. Here's what I have 3 old motherboards, 1 working socket 478, 1 broken, 1 pentium 3, not sure. 1 old nvidia agp video card, might be working 5 cpu's, 2 working laptop ones, a 200 something mhz pentium pro, a 533 mhz celeron, broken pentium 4, probably broken athlon 64, unknown pentium 3 4 modem cards, all working, I think 2 laptop motherboards, 1 broken, one working but missing pieces, 3 broken hdd's, 1 2.5", 2 3.5" lots of sticks of ram I have no extra working hard drives or power supplies, so I can't use any of the parts. Any Ideas on what to do with them? I've already used some of them for a contest on

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lines on laptopscreen

Hi all I ahve a laptop that has developed 'lines' doewn the screen, they seem to be pressure lines as when presseing the chsassis they go away. Any idea how to repair ?

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Windows help

Does anyone know where I can download a free windows live cd? I need to run some programs, and my windows cds are 1200 miles away in MN. Thanks

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How do you get the embed instructable code once you're away from the publishing page, can't find it anywhere? Answered

You know the code for embedding an instructable in to a page? Anybody?

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How can I build an door alarm that sends a signal wirelessly to buzzer maybe 30m away when the door is opened? Answered

I need to hear the front door open from quite a way away and I can't really run wires all the way. The signal would need to travel wirelessly from the front door of my business to the buzzer at the other end of the premises.I can't seem to buy a pre-made version nor a kit for this anywhere! Would there be a way I could use a kit with a reed switch ie magnetic sensor on the door but somehow wire it to a transmitter instead of a buzzer? Then I'd need a receiver connected to a buzzer I suppose.  I've no idea really where to start.

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i need help coming up with a way to press a spray bottle wirelessly form 200+ feet away? Bug sprayer? Answered

I am working on a misting system that would operator wirelessly. I want to spray the bug spray with the click of a button in my back yard. It needs to be pretty small but really I am trying to figure the easiest way to either pump liquid from a small water bottle or a spray bottle. Thoughts?

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I need help. I need a way to (using optics) build a rangefinder that I could use to aim my air cannon over long distances. How would I judge the distance away from my target? Could I use lasers? Mirrors? Lenses? And once I judge how far away my target (to be drenched with a water balloon) is, then what? How will I know what degree of elvation I should angle my cannon at? Is there some mathmatical formula I could use to make a chart that I could just look at and adjust my gun? How could I build this?

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Max length for running leds over cat5e? Answered

If i run 2 leds over cat5e cable how far away from the Arduino can I get? Thanks, Kade

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Making a Powerful Laser.

Hey all, Could anyone provide a complete beginner with tips or even a complete guide on how to make a powerful laser which could point around a mile away? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks, Lawrence

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Reverse proximity alarm ?

If my backpack or suitcase was moved away from me an alarm would go off in the luggage if the luggage was moved more than a few meters . This would be a 2 piece gadget , 1 piece in the luggage and 1 in my pocket . Cheers

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Help to get rid of static on my alarm clock radio?

Every  time I take my hand away from my alarm clock radio there is static. Some times people walk in front of it there is static there.

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how can i make a laser induced plasma channel for an electro laser?

To shock something far away without direct contact.

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