Rollover box?

How is it possible to add the way cool annotated yellow boxes over my pictures?

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Styrofoam box

Anyone can help how to make a styrofoam box including the material needed, thank you

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Yellow boxes? Answered

I'm about to post an instructable about applique with some close up (but not blurry) photos that will really benefit from some yellow boxes for explantations of what I am showing, but for some reason I am not able to put yellow boxes in - is is because I have a Mac? When I tried to do this for my last instructable I was not able to. Is there a trick to it other than the instructions which I did follow. Thank you. PS I don't have a mouse with a right and left buttons (as refered to by Lemonie in his excellent answer to this very same question by some one else

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Music Transfer box????????

At school they showed us a video of a device that supposedly you could place on a cardboard box and music would play through the box. How can I make this? I was thinking on using a piezo element. Any ideas????P.S. you would plug it in to a headphone jack.

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set top box?

What is the use of smart card in set top box ,can set  top box works same without it  

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Self-closing box

I saw an instructable where a box has a toggle switch, and when hit, the box turns the switch off. I can't for the life of me find the instructable now. What is it?

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Montior to light Box

Hi everyone, Im after some help im trying to turn an old monitor which wasn't working (wasn't powering up) into a light box for art work, but im not sure what to do in terms of powering it. Ive still got the PCB but the one which send the power to the monitor (lights) has a connector that's broke off. Can anyone help? Cheers

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bird box camera

Please can anyone help I have a bird box and would like to put a camera in is there anyway with out buying a new bird box.

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airline black box

Am i missing something? why arent airline "black boxes" made to eject from the plane and float ?

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LED Light Box

Normally, a light box uses fluorescent lamps (e.g. 36 watts Philips Lamp) and electronic ballasts to emit light. However, it consumes too much electricty and the life of lamps is short. Therefore, I would like to replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs.

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Cigar Box Laptop

Around New Year's Day, my family celebrated Christmas (had to wait for some family to visit) and one of my presents was a flat, rectangular cigar box with some gift cards and certificates. I haven't done much with the box, but after comparing it to the size of my laptop, they are roughly the same dimensions! Given that this is a wooden cigar box, would it be possible to turn it into a low-power laptop computer? Since its wood, it would probably be better to put a screen and keyboard setup inside the box instead of the whole shabang (small hard drive, motherboard, etc.) while having the main hardware inside of an external tower. But if it was set up in this fashion, could it still be called a laptop?

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electronic letter box? Answered

Can anyone help me with the following project? I want to know whether it is possible to use Arduino uno instead of Arduino Pro mini? 

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Charter cable box?

Well my neighbor threw out their charter cable TV box today.  I took the power cord (if nothing else I will turn it into scrap copper) and left the box.  But figured I would ask on here if anyone on here could think of anything to do with it.  I suppose I could salvage off the RCA plugs and coax plugs.  But i do not think I have any use for them.  So anyone on here have any ideas on use for it?

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Jewelry Box Kits

I'm looking for feedback from the DIY crafting/woodworking community. I'd like to know what you all think of our artisan designed jewelry box kits. I've looked around and what I've seen in this market is pretty slim pickin's. Our kits don't require a shop full of tools, just what the average homeowner might have in his/her tool chest. There is also a short list of supplies. The kits require no cutting or power tools at all. The things that are required are self confidence, a sense of excellence and attention to detail. Our company is called Ready To Build. I have designed every box and we make absolutely everything in-house. It would be great if you would check out the website and give us any feedback or ask questions. Thanks!

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A Give-A-Damn box

I want to make a give-a-damn box. A small box with a 3 way switch that accomplishes absolutely nothing... the switch will simply display a green LED in one direction, red LED if flipped in the other direction, and breaks the circuit entirely if the switch is in the middle. The downside is I know virtually nothing about which resistors I need for which LEDs for which batteries I use. I'd like a single AA or AAA. I know overkill for powering a single LED, but I'm ok with that. The premise behind it is there is an inside joke that a handful of us at work have. Our give-a-damn is broken. So if they see this with the red LED, they know at that moment, I don't really give-a-damn.

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Positive affirmation box

I am trying to make a positive affirmation machine so that when my students turn in homework it will either give an audio message or display a message that says something good.  I know I need to build an optical sensor but I was wondering if there is a build that you can suggest that I can modify?  I have moderate skills with building electronics and access to plenty of materials but I am lost as to how to start.

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Time lock box? Answered

Hey I've seen the movie city of ember and there you have a box that locks itself from the inside, only to open again once the preset time has expired. I'd love to make one for a friend of mine (and for me as well), who's always distracted during the examination, so he could lock his distractions away for the time needed. I browsed hours to find timers and count down circuits. the best things that I could find, never were longer than e few hours or a day. but for this project it should at least last a month. I got a weird Idea of hooking up egg timers in series, so if the first one ends, the next one starts, until your last one finished that opens the box (the more I think about it, the more it's sounding impossible to do) the next best thing that would simplify the build was an arduino, but since these are essentially tiny computers I think it would be a wast to just let them count down. (and doesn't a arduino consume a lot of power too?) and I would like to only use an arduino as last resort... you can make robots out of these little board, it would be too tempting to pull it out of my project and try to make something cool with it. would any of these idea's work descent? does anyone know what could be the best way to pull this off? thanks

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outdoor pc box

I have a big outdoor plastic closet with shelfs in my garden. i want to place a pc with crt screen inside heating the space in which the pc and screen are to be located is 1/4 m3 (1 m wide x 1/2 m deep x 1/2 m height between the shelfs) or 1/2 m3 (1 m height) but with other objects sharing the space the computer is a pentium 1 (~40 W power). it is intended to be on for long periods with the door closed. the closet stands in a shaded place but air temperature outside can get to 35 C + sometimes. i dont want to cut vent holes in the closet the monitor (15 crt) is off when the door is closed. though i may switch it off and close the door while it is still hot how to prevent overheating ? is a water tank thermostat set to 45 C in the air near the pc (with the 240 V to the pc going thru it) good enough thermal protection ? insects we have lots of ants. how to protect the pc from them ? will the hot air in the closet be enough to distract them ?

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How to make a plastic (potting) box (int. L.W.H): 11mm x 22mm x 10mm? Need at last 100 pcs - "pro looking"...TIA?

I need at last 100 - 500 plastic boxes for micro electronic devices. The dimensions are: (int. L.W.H): 11mm x 22mm x 10mm? Need at last 100 pcs - "pro looking". After placing the electronics inside, I intend to cover it with epoxy glue. Any idea how can I do it by myself or even buy them on a reasonable price? TIA for any advice. Dolly

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Broken light box switch

My light box switch stopped working. I would like to rewire it so I bypass the switch and turn it on by just plugging it in. Inside I have 4 wires that have come loose from the switch plate. Can anyone help me fix it so that I can attach the wires inside the box properly/ bypass an on switch, so that I can simply plug and unplug it when I use it?

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Coaxil to HDMI Converter box?

 I know one is Analog, and one is Digital... but I don't want to pay my television provider for another box every month..

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LED Light Box help?

 I am wanting to build a LED light box. This requires a LED filled pannel. The pannel consists of  15 rows of 20 LEDs each. This is a total of 300 LEDs to be in a pannel 24 in by 12 in. My concern is how to make this compatible with a normal 110 outlet and what kind of transformer I may need.  I have considered using a shop flourescent lighting transformer but I think that may be more than I will need based on voltage usage.  Thus I thought i would ask someone here if they know of a better way to create such a pannel.  The Pannel will have Red, White and Blue LED lights on it. So its necessary for the full effect of the 300 individual lights.  Just want to make sure I do not over kill but also not make a fire hazard by under designing as well.

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Coaxial to HDMI Converter box?

 I know one is Analog and one is Digital... but I don't want to pay my television provider for another box every month...

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secret dice (die) box?

I was watching this video on YouTube of a box someone made, and i had a few improvements i would like to make but no idea where to start on how to do this. the box used a micro controller and im new to such things (i just got an Arduino Uno a few weeks ago) so im not sure where to begin with that either. any help on how to do this, or where to start, or even ideas for improvement would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced

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Material to build Project Box? Answered

I've finished a couple of circuits and I keep bumping in the same problem. Making a decent box for them. Its hard to find anything ready to use and i'd rather make my own stuff. What your advise on wich materials to use to build stuff?   I think it would be an awesome instructable, having someoen explain how to make your project a little bit more permanent with its on caseing. Acrylic tends to be a bit expensive. someone suggested ABS plastic but i cant seem to find anyone selling ABS plastic sheets near by. Thanks!

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How to create a message box?

How to create a message box?

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the box wont pop up?

Plz help me

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Ideas for an interactive donation box?

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0in; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I need to create a donation box for a non-profit art center where I volunteer. The box needs to be interactive.  That is, inserting a paper bill through an opening in the box, triggers a fun toyetic response, preferably not audible. Maybe something spins, a light flashes, LEDs arranged to spell "Thank you" flash on and off, etc.  The box could have four or five different openings, each with its own interactive feature. I love to get ideas from the Instructables community  as well as input on toys or electronic devices that can be adapted for this.

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Electronic Box Lock Help!? Answered

OK so I would like to use a solenoid to unlock a box from the inside, problem is the electronic circuit I designed inside the box operates on 3 vdc and as far as I can tell most solenoids operate on a voltage of 6-24 vdc. Is there any way to make a simple driver circuit for a solenoid so it can operate on 3 vdc?  Below is a copy of the box's circuit so far. I would like the solenoid to be in parallel with the "puzzle solved LED."

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Sky+ box USB connection.

I've just noticed that our Sky+ box has a standard USB socket under a small flap at the front.Does this mean that I can download programmes off the hard-drive onto other devices?How would I do that?

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stobe light control box

Hi  wel i havent used this but here gose.. i have three strobe light bars that i like to build a control box now ive seen  other boxs going for top dollar  i like it too turn on each strobe light bar an  have a mode switch with each light to change the flash pattern can anyone tell me how i  can do about it  i know  that power is apply an there another wire that  when ground i apply it changes the pattern i want too know  doo i need resitors or  what thanks

Topic by kid617 

Comment boxes keep moving? Answered

Hi!  I'm currently writing my first instructable, and I am trying to comment on some of the pictures, however, on some of the pictures the comment boxes keep moving to a different spot and resizing whenever I am in full preview mode.  It isn't on all of them, but it is pretty important to have these comments in the right spot as my instructable is on rappelling, and the slightest error can be very dangerous.  Has anyone else ever run into this before, and if so, how did you fix it? I've already tried moving them in edit mode, as well as the comment edit mode provided in full preview. Thanks in advance!

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Junk-box Testing Equipment

As inductance and capacitance testing is a frequent topic on instructables, N5ESE's GIZMOs page has several home-brew testing gadgets and misc. gizmos, including:-- inductance meter-- capacitance meter-- frequency generator-- crystal checker-- dummy loads and attenuators-- 'scope probesCool stuff...

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What to do with a box of motherboards?

I just went to a garage sale that I saw on craigslist. The guy advertised a good amount of computer stuff. Upon getting there I found a treasure trove of 3-8 year old computer parts. Long story short i bought a box of 20 motherboards for five bucks. Sadly only six of them have processors though. Now comes the problem, what the hell should i do with 20 motherboards? I'm actually gonna go back there too because he's got empty towers at $5 a piece, as well as NICs, video cards, power supplies, and the like. So again, any ideas on what I should do?

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Electric synthesized talk box? Answered

This is find of a run off of a previous question, where someone came up with the idea of making my voice sound like that in song Technoloigic by Daft Punk. Reason being, I'l be wearing one of their helmets. My question is: does anyone know of a way to make a talkbox that will work off of my plan voice with no outside noise? IE, I talk into a mic and the output is the sound from a talkbox. It would have to be small enough to fix into a coat pocket (so roughly the size of a pack of  cards). 

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Linksys WRT120N Un-boxing

It was time I replaced my aging (and case-less) Belkin 54G+ router with a newer one, I've been having lots of problems with disconnects lately, and also with computers on my network not identifying correctly under my DHCP client list. Although I thought it was just one of my computers fudging up my network somehow, after replacing the router, all the computers seem to show up properly, although I still haven't powered up my server yet, but that's another story... I'm not holding my breath, but this new linksys router seems to be a great improvement over the belkin. Not only that, the linksys has a Plethora of options compared to the belkin, everything from some rather advanced wireless settings, to bandwith and QoS management (basically I can set higher priority to one computer on my network, than the rest of them). A lot of features in here that not most people will use, but I will now get the chance to monkey around with. Anyways, I always get thinking, after I unwrap a new toy and play around with it, how I wished I had taken pictures while it was still in packaging and whatnot. So this time I finally did. I also did a bit more cable management and mounted everything on the wall behind my door. The wires could be neater but it's much better than it was and gives me some more space on my server rack!

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How to make multi mobile charging box?

How to make a simple multi mobile charging box? this charging boxes are mainly used on airports. that charging box should be simple and should have different usp

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What is this component that is from a box fan? Answered

I found a box fan that somebody threw out on my street. Very clean, but didn't run. Found out that this piece in the picture was open, I bypassed it now it runs. What is this component? It has a temperature on it. Is it there to cut the power to the motor in case it overheats or it is just a fuse? Is it dangerous to run the fan without it? Thanks.

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ringer box and need help on getting it to work?

Hello. Here is the pictures of my ringer box that everyone was asking about from my last ringer box question. what am i missing? there is no bells (and dose not seem to be a spot for them) and the crank arm. So what am i looking at and can someone tell me or give me a list of parts needed? Thanks

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how do i transfer recordings from sky box to dvd?

I am wanting to transfer recordings from my sky plus box to dvd and am having trouble

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Need control box for 8 electric hoists, can someone help?

I am making a control box for 8 electric hoists.  I want to use 8 DPDT toggle switches for directionality (up or down) and use a push button for movement. Example:  I want to be able to move hoists 1 and 2 up and 3 down at the same time.  The hoists I'm using currently have individual pickles with rocker DPDT switches but want to combine them all into a single box.   If someone could help that would be great.   

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What should I use to wire LEDs in a cigar box so that they light up when the lid is opened?

Hi there, I would like to set up a simple circuit in a cigar box so that it lights up when the lid is open and turns off when it is closed. I plan on putting a panel in the bottom with holes for the lights so that it conceals the wires. I'm hoping someone can recommend specific materials to me, ie what size/type of LED, button battery, wire, switch would be best? I'd like the lights to be white, and bright (lol but not like laser beams). Do I need to use resistors too? I spent a long time on here looking at comparable projects, and while I'm so impressed with the talent and scale of the projects here, I also realize the theory behind this stuff is pretty over my head so I'm a little hesitant to start experimenting! I'm sure it's got to be simple and hoping one of you might save me a lot of time and maybe from burning my house down. Any insight would be much appreciated! Hope I'm not being to much of a noodge in asking this. Cheers, Molly

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How do I get past the Miracast password screen?

I have a Bros Unite MXV Amlogic S805 Quad Core Android Tv Box Full Loaded Add-ons with Kodi BT Smart Player Streaming Media Player. When I went to use it the other day a Miracast screen came up and ask for a password. I have not set up a password for this and am not able to use my TV box because of it. What do I do to get pass the login screen and use my TV box?

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Hand crank to be used as a on switch for a system? Answered

I'm looking to make a music box for a cosplay I would like to do/make. I know how to make a music box, but for the sake of ease and to make the music sound better, I would like to make it all electric. With that comes a new issue: I would like the music to only play when the crank shaft is being...well...cranked. Any idea?

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How do you hook up a battery and PC power supply and a 12v car stereo ?

Hi there I am putting together a diy boom box but cannot figure out how do I can nectar a 500w PC power supply and a 12v battery up so then I can use both of them to use the boom box I've figured out how to use it with just the battery but unsure on how to with the PC power supply please help

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