My Laptop Is Broke. But how? Answered

I have an old dinosaur laptop (a Fujitsu Life-book C2330 approx. 7 years old.) that worked up until very recently. I packed it up in my closet for a few weeks, and when I decided to re-purpose it, the laptop wouldn't power up. I believe the problem is not in the laptop itself, but in its power transformer. When the transformer was working, it would make a high-pitch, low volume, whine. But now the transformer only whines once for a half second every five seconds. This could maybe be attributed to a blown capacitor or other electronic mishap. If that is the case however, it would probably be more worth my time buying a new transformer. My second idea is that the transformer has been damaged but usable for a while, but the laptop requires a slight charge of some kind in the battery to get it going, and the old transformer doesn't have the guts to give that charge. Metaphorically leaving me with a car with a dead battery, trying to jump-start off another car with another dead battery. If this is the case, then I should buy a new battery. My third idea is that both the transformer and the battery are not the problem, and it is the power jack that is the problem. I had to open the computer up not too long ago to re-solder the loose power jack. The screws that attached a ridiculously large EMI cage to the motherboard were stripped, so I had to drill them out, and then bend the EMI cage about 45 degrees. That allowed me to fix the power cord, but it also damaged my internal wireless card. After putting it all back in one piece, the laptop worked fine until I bought a new one, when I put it in my closet and forgot about it. Which brings me back to the thought that the power jack is broken. But it doesn't look broken at all, it doesn't feel broken, and it doesn't jiggle in the laptop. And if the jack is broken, I might as well just give up. The last possibility, is that the laptop, the transformer, the battery, and the power jack are all usable, but the power cord, which looks fine on the outside, might have lost its conductivity, or become frayed and detached inside its rubber casing. Which can be easily fixed by opening it up and reattaching the wires. That's my situation. I don't know which of these ideas it is, but it has to be one of them. I appreciate any help I can get. Sorry for the bad image quality. Not that the pictures help much anyway. Thanks, Sam

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Broken psp screen! Must see!

Hey, hows your day going? great? Mine is horrible! My psp screen broke, and tomorrow i have to sit in a car for 8 hours! Timing could not be worse! Mind taking a look? i think just the screen is broken, but not the motherboard, what do you think?

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can an USB flash drive burn from wrong connections? Answered

Couse i think i have that... i was mounting an extra USB, since my motherboard had some spares,  and wanted to test if i had the connections right, but the USB flash drive didnt light, and i just took it out, turned the connections and tried again, then again it did nothing, and now when i enter the flash drive in a slot i KNOW works ok, it doesnt light up anymore... can i do anything to repair, or make it work any other way? theres alot of data on it i need (yes i made backups, but theyr from a month ago, was planning on a new one)

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iPod crash question? Answered

Roger-X's iPod Touch appears to have crashed. He was watching a programme via the BBC iPlayer app and turned the iPod over 180°. The picture started to rotate as expected, got to about 45°, then froze for about 30 seconds. After that, the screen switched to a pale-white glowing screen with no image or text. It is not responding to the home button or the main power button, plugging it into our PC gets no response (the PC does not register its existence, either) and, of course, the local Apple store closed 10 minutes before it broke. Any ideas for a fix, folks?

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Broken Camera Again... :.(

GRRR My new Sony DSC W150 isn't working, when i turn it on the lens goes in and out and then the screen says "Turn the power off and on again" I've done that all morning, I've tried blowing some dust removal into the lens but that didn't work, I think its time to send it to Sony, Please Help if you can!

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Flyback transformer broke in two days Answered

Hi, I made a flyback driver from a 555 timer 2 days ago and now its not working. I think the flyback broke but i dont know. I ran the driver with 6 volts at first but got tired of the 1 cm sparks so I used 12 volts instead and it stopped working. I left it alone for a while, and when i tested it again, it worked again. Now its not working again and i think the flyback broke this time but im not sure.

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I broke a pin on a barrel jack

I think it is the ground pin. Looking at specs I found online , the ground is connected to the (+) pin(?). It was the pin at the base, not the big center pin. Is my assumption correct? Thanks.

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How do I fix my modded Xbox? Answered

Long story short, in the C: drive of the original Xbox, the xboxdash.xbe was renamed to xboxdash2.xbe. Tthe new file currently name xboxdash.xbe didn't work, so now the Xbox won't boot and I get an error message and red blinking lights when I turn it on. Is there any way I can access the C: drive and rename the actual xboxdash.xbe file back to normal so it will boot again?

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My watch band broke off, because the piece of metal connecting the band the the main piece broke off. Answered

It's the little metal bar. Anybody know how I can fix it?

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So my ps2 was broken and i broke it more

And not the lens and laser is messed up. Is there anyway i could hook it up to an external reader or something along the lines of that?

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one of the pins in my canon powershot pro 1 broke off

One of the pins in my canon powershot pro 1 broke off is there any way to fix it it also wont turn on anymore it is the pin in  the picture

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Only read this if you are a kind person. Thank you.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I realize it is rather long. If you are not a patient person, you may wish to simply skip reading this.I live in Washington DC and am looking to purchase something very specific, preferably from a reputable online retailer. I am a simple person, without any formal education. I know nothing about electronics or engineering. I hope you can be patient with those facts. I have no tools, no skills, no money, no knowledge.I'm searching for something that has been surprisingly difficult to find. Please, if you haven't got anything constructive to comment about this post, would you please just not say anything? Life is already difficult enough without negative words or sarcasm. Perhaps you might know of other internet consumer bulletin boards/forums that might be better places to ask this question? There don't seem to be very many at all.I am well aware that most modern cell phones easily fill the requirements that I am about to describe. Unfortunately, this item is needed for elderly people who are very suspicious of and dislike all things new. They violently refuse to accept a cell phone.Even if perfect, it's going to be a battle to get them to try it or use what I am searching for.So. Here we go. Maybe I can't find ALL the features, but here is what I am hoping to find:This needs to be a digital timer that can be set to go off at a minimum of six different times in one twenty four hour period, regularly.It has to have both an audible alarm and a strong vibration, and it has to be switchable between these two. Even better if it also flashes or lights up when the alarm goes off, and that also has to be optional, switchable. Very good if the strength of the sound or vibration can be adjusted easily.Should have a belt clip, preferably made out of metal, not cheap plastic.Should have a place where a neck rope could be easily attached and detached.Should have buttons that can be locked, so that no accidental changes by accidental bumping will occur.Should be water resistant. I'm talking about it being able to take a splash from a sink, not something to withstand being taken in the shower.Should also function as a typical normal digital watch with calendar feature. should be SWITCHABLE between calendar and clock view, so that all letters and numbers are as LARGE as physically possible,not all crammed on one tiny screen.Display should be larger than a normal watch, but the overall device must be small enough that a senior would not be upset to wear it around the neck or put it in a pocket, such as a normal shirt pocket.Great if it includes a strong LED flashlight feature, something with an on/off button, NOT a button that you have to hold the button down every second that you want the light to beam.Display should either be always back lit or at least have a button that will make the display light up without having to hold that button down the entire time you want it back litGreat if it came with a DVD of instructions with video, not a flimsy booklet with tiny letters written by someone who can't correctly speak English.It must run on batteries that can be purchased at any national retail chain, such as WalMart or Target. Fine if it has a very long life rechargeable battery built in, but not so fine if that battery is welded in so that it deliberately cannot ever be replaced.Good if it is able to run on the type of rechargeable replaceable batteries such as Nickle Metal Hydride or one of the others, without damage to the device.If it MUST be a plug into the wall rechargeable type, the cable cannot be a tiny pain in backside USB cable, it should be very simple and EASY for someone with arthritis and bad eyesight to plug in, perhaps with a charging cradle dedicated for the purpose, which can just be left plugged in somewhere.The charging device should have bright clear LED lights showing both that the device is currently charging as it should be, and another light that will FLASH to indicate it is now fully charged.Should sell for a price that a person that worked a lower middle class life and now barely gets by on Social Security could afford to buy. This device is not for me, if that matters at all. It is for people I care about.

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Why some CCFL Inverter circuit will broke under no load? Answered

Why some CFL Inverter circuit will broke under no load? I buy a UV Tube with CFL Inverter. When I pull out the UV Tube the circuit were shutdown. I want to know what's wrong in this circuit if I run it on no load

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well my rc car broke and i was looking for something to do with it

So i have a motor, some battery holders, and possibly some remote control parts but i have no idea how to work them. any suggestions?

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My laptop broke does anybody have an idea how to fix it?

You see, I was cleaning my room and I dropped my laptop on accident. It did not not shatter and I had a carpet floor (so it couldn't do so much damage, but i sort of think it did.) I do not know what broke in the laptop but if anybodey gives me the best answer I will rank all their instructables a five star and if you signed up for a contest I'll vote for you! Thank you :)

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I broke a phone charger,searched online see what these components are but nope. Anyone got an idea what the parts are?

BTL804A1WS TL431A 42850 COSMO 1010 B17 E41 C 58014 C23 LM 358 0505 59015 C 118 IRF 870I

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my usb pen broke im going to connect a usb wire to the pcb. can anyone tell me where each of the 4 wires go onto the pcb Answered

Ok so i kept hitting the usb pen that was sticking out of the computer and eventually the metal part broke of the pcb. As my local shops dont do the correct metal bit that has broken of i have thought of cutting the male end of a usb lead and soldering the 4 wires to the pcb of the usb pen. Only thing is im unsure of which of the 4 wires is which so i can solder them onto the pcb

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how to connect laptop to tv?

My screen broke on my toshiba notebook. i wan to plug into my tv

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Objective Lens?

Broke the 2" objective lens on my overhead projector: Neumade C24LCN.  Anyone out there have one or a source for one?

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if my sway bar link bushing n bolt broke off would the left suspension (control arms) be lowered?

Im missing the bolt n bushing on the sway bar link the upper n lower control arms are now lowered and the nut on the lower ball joint is riding on the inside of the rim. well sitting on it, im not drivin it would this be the cause? 2001 Mercury mountaineer

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Broken USB Flash Drive

My usb wireless card's head (the part that plugs in) broke off, how can i fix it?

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My kid broke his arm, is getting a cast tomorrow, should I try to add some LED's?

My 6 year old broke his arm on friday night, they can't do a fiberglass cast until tomorrow. I was thinking what if I prewired an ultra bright LED and ask them to wrap it into the cast with just the led poking out. I was thinking I could decorate his cast to look like Buzz Lightyear's arm with a "laser". The wire could come out the top that I could connect a battery pack to so he can turn it on and off. Is this a good idea or not too smart? I'm trying to think of ways to make my son feel a little better about having a cast for 8 weeks.

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How to get a plug out of Kindle headset plug?

My headset plug broke and got stuck in there. What do I do?

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broken sony cybershot with a good lcd screen.what can i make with it? Answered

The zoom part broke & its not worth what can I make with it????

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How to fix a broken Wii?

My Wii broke down so that it doesn't recieve signal from the controllers. can you help? p.s. i've tried replacing the batteries.

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how do I repair my soldering iron? Answered

The two wires from solder tip to the a/c cord broke,are they suppose to touch or are they seperate from each other?

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objective lense?

I broke the objective lense on my Kalart Victor overhead projector.  Looks like it is a 64mm, solid lense.  Anyone have one or know where I might find one?    thanks   tom

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rock band

So...i was playing rock band with a bunch of people and my friend broke the spring on the foot pedal and i don't want to completely take the thing apart to fix it...anyone got any ideas?

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I broke an LED; will connecting the one wire leading in to the wire leading out break the device?

I have a broken LED. Will connecting the wire leading into the LED to the wire leading out of that one LED break the device? I don't have solder so my plan was to twist together the stripped wires and wrap in electrical tape. Would powering on the device cause any sparks? The LED is part of a group of LEDs in a ring around the cone of a hair dryer. There are wires leading up to this ring-shaped circuit board with six leads and a resistor. Would directly connecting the two wires leading up to this ring-shaped board break anything or potentially be hazardous if operating the hair dryer? Now that I think about it, the electrical tape would not be a good idea as it would probably melt pics:

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apple ipod battery dead?

I have an ipod nano, the battery seems to not wanna take a charge. is it broke, or can i fix it? plz help me out. i'd really appreciate it!

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Things to do with and Old Ipod?

A couple months ago, my 2g ipod touch broke. Since then I have gotten a new one. But is there anything i can do with the old broken one?

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Butane Soldering Iron

Hello! Recently my soldering iron broke, and i want to buy a new one! I was thinking of getting a butane with interchangeable tips. Can you suggest an online one thats >$10 and with free shipping? Thanxs!

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How to fix an Ipod Shuffle?

My Ipod broke not even two weeks after getting it. The memory appears to be fine when I look at the files through my computer, but it won't play music. Instead there is a orange and green light pattern.

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how to wire a ds screen to a computer?

My ds broke but both screen are ok and i was wandering how to wire the screen to something so i could use it as a computer screen.   Please help me.

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Broken Sennheiser HD 435 Headphones

I recently broke my headphones, snapped clean through the adjustable bit between headphone and head band, and wondered if anyone had any suggestion of what to do with them? I've already tried glueing them and that failed.

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how can i convert my laptop into a desktop?

i have a macbook pro and the logic board broke, i want to make a tower out of it and maybe substitute something for the broken logic board?

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I need to re-program my Valet remote starter/door lock for my Jeep?

I broke my original one but bought the exact same remote key fob on Ebay. The Valet (Viper) part number is RPN491.

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how should I go about replacing the analog headers on my arduino uno? Answered

I want to replace hte headers because I dropped it and the header broke on onalog pin 5 exposing the metal that catches the pin from a shield.

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how do i replace LED's in my electronics lab? Answered

I own a Matronix 500 in one electronic lab. I was experimenting on my own and I accidentally overloaded the LED's and broke them. can someone tell me how to replace them? 

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Is there a way 2 boot a laptop from an externally connected HD?

The connector btween the motherboad and the internal HD on my laptop broke. My computer cannot recognize a HD. Is there any way to connect a HD externally, maybe by USB, and boot the computer that way.

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Steampunk Gets Real

As reported on New Scientist today, the British steam-powered vehicle Inspiration broke the previous land-speed record for steam power, set back in 1906. The fastest of the two runs was 151 mph, set on a dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base.

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Uses for full 12g co2 cartridges Answered

A long time ago I had a co2 airsoft pistol, but it broke and now I have 2 full co2 cartridges that I can't use. Do you guys have any ideas for things I can do / make with them?

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ipod jack broken need advice to fixing it Answered

Sadly my ipod touch 3 generations headphone jack broke only allowing me to hear in one ear my question is if there is any way to fix this problem help with this subject is much appreciated thank you

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is there a cable that makes the sync port on a ipod nano2nd ind a headphone jack?

my ipod nano 2nd gen headphone jack broke and i was wondering if anyone has a link to make them or to buy one the cable has to go from the wide adapter for like a dock to a headphone jack female

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Broken Screen on an Ipod (Full Size)

Ok so i have this full size Ipod that has a broke screen on it. (pictures can be supllied if needed) I was wondering if anyone had an idea or a way to fix it long enough to navigate the menus. Thanks all

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What to do with a Broken Xbox-360? Answered

 Hi, my Xbox broke recently and i don't want to spend the money to get it fixed or buy another. I would like some ideas for projects that i could do with the parts.  PS I have already dissembled.

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