Broken lcd?

I have what I think is a broken lcd. It doesn't have any black blotches though. It is a spiderweb crack but has color in it. Is the lcd broken? What else could be wrong? The specs on the tv are Shap aquos 32 1080i .

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broken lcd?

I'm building a little teleprompter, and I remembered my family had an old "broken" portable 7" dvd player. It turns out that just the little powerbrick was broken, BUT the display seems really washed out. Like, I hooked up an old Gamecube, and if you view it at an angle, you can see the little cube dancing around and everything, but if you look at it straight on (like most people), it's just a lot of bright white. Is it broken, or is there anything i can do to fix it? The color and brightness buttons do nothing.

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Broken Laptop...

I got a broken laptop, what can I make from it??

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Broken Mouse

My mouse for my PC broke!!!! I am on my wii typing all this up. I need a way to get around on my computer (xp) with out a mouse for a few days. Any thoughts our ideas... Any way to turn a keyboard into a mouse?? I have tons of those laying around.

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Broken PSU? Answered

 I recently seen an instructable on converting an old computer PSU into a lab power supply. I followed it correctly, connecting the orange wire to the brown, the green to black and a 10W Wirebound resistor across red and black. The PSU turns on and all of the voltage rails work (although some are out by +-.75V sometimes), but I can hear a faint screeching noise and the fan doesn't spin.  I though the screeching may be normal because all I normally hear is the fan, is this okay. The fan is rated at 12V 0.3A, but when I measured the voltage over it, it was only 3.4V, why is this and how do I fix it. Any help appreciated, Thanks. 

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Broken Arduino? Answered

Few days ago I was making arduino project which involved using power supply with 12v (musical floppies). I had uno connected to my laptop and I was connecting power supply to floppy which arduino was supposed to control, but I plugged wire in wrong socket. Computer  and power supply shut down immediately. I checked later and it appears that I put 12v straight into ground that was also connected to arduino. And later when I tried to upload something on board I got error 0x00 not in sync. 13 led turns on when connected, but board dodn't respond to reset. But it appears on computer so it's not completely fried I think. After some research I bought usbasp programator to try burning new bootloader, but after connecting it always say target doesnt answer. check connections. I did that (didn't checked with multimeter yet) but Im pretty sure its wired correctly. Any ideas? And if not is buying new chip (atmega328-p) going to solve problem?

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Laptop hinge broken !

My laptop's (lenovo c100) both hinges (metallic) are broken one by one. i am using it by placing something behind the display. Any alternative?

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Half broken monitor

I recently bought a 19 inch LCD monitor for 40 bucks (used). It works perfectly for about half an hour (i havn't timed it) and then the screen just goes blank. If i turn it off and then back on it works for a couple of seconds then it turns back off. If I let it be for a while (like an hour or just when I'm not using my computer) it works fine for another half hour. Is this an overheating problem or what is going on?

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Space Toilet Broken

Out in space, no one can hear you scream when the one toilet breaks. That's the status on the International Space Station right now. Solid waste is being taken care of just fine, but liquid waste currently is having problems that is temporarily being served by a "bypass" solution while the astronauts wait for new parts to arrive this weekend along with a shuttle.This all reminds me of the scene from Apollo 13 when the engineers need to fix the filter with available parts. Maybe someday this too will get the Hollywood treatment. Link

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Broken Camera Again... :.(

GRRR My new Sony DSC W150 isn't working, when i turn it on the lens goes in and out and then the screen says "Turn the power off and on again" I've done that all morning, I've tried blowing some dust removal into the lens but that didn't work, I think its time to send it to Sony, Please Help if you can!

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my printer is broken?

Every time i try to print something on my computer, it comes up with a menu that shows you are supposed to save it, and it doesn't work when i press the save button, and if i press cancel, it doesn't print either. i've tried it with several applications, and none of them work, they all come up with the same thing. i don't know if it''s my printer, or my computer, but i have to print something out for a school project.please don't say print it out somewhere else, because that won't fix my problem. the printer is a lexmark x3350, and the computer is a dell.

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Broken Power Inverter Answered

I have a sima 140 Watt power inverter, and it doesn't work anymore! I don't know why... I don't have much experience with inverters. Can someone help?

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Broken bass amplifier

Hey, I have this 10w bass amplifier for home practice. Problem is that it gives no sound through the speaker, but it works fine through the headphone output. I have Checked the fuse, which was ok. I have also connected other speakers to the amplifier to see if it is the speaker itself that is broken, it seems like it is not. Seems like quite a curious problem, but can it be fixed? It sure would be nice to play without headphones again.

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Broken USB 2.0

Is it possible to fix a USB 2.0 that has become loose in it's case.  It  attaches to a Cooler Master Laptop cooler.  But since my cat hit it with his head it is now loose in its socket and will not power my Cooler Master.  It only has the 1 USB that plugs into my Laptop and runs from the battery or power cord of the Laptop or if the Laptop is  plugged into a power outlet.  I bought a new and different Cooler for my Laptop but I find I don't think it cools as well as my old Cooler Master. I have tried Cooler Master company itself and they were of no help. Can someone here help me with this problem.  I will try and explain how it is connected to the Cooler Master itself. The USB 2.0 has a long cord  that splits into two different wires.  Like a Y set up. One leg of the Y goes to 1 fan and the other Y goes to the second fan.  So both fans are connected to the Y with the USB 2.0 at the end of the Y that plugs into my USB port on my Laptop.  So with out the USB the Cooler Master will not work. I hope I explained it all right.  Can someone PLEASE help me fix this.  I do not like the new fan.   I want my Cooler Master back. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You.............Glenda D

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broken sony cybershot with a good lcd screen.what can i make with it? Answered

The zoom part broke & its not worth what can I make with it????

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Broken USB Flash Drive

My usb wireless card's head (the part that plugs in) broke off, how can i fix it?

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Broken Sennheiser HD 435 Headphones

I recently broke my headphones, snapped clean through the adjustable bit between headphone and head band, and wondered if anyone had any suggestion of what to do with them? I've already tried glueing them and that failed.

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Removing Broken Pin from an RCA Jack

I recieved a free, working TV the other day. The only problem with it was the pin from an RCA video cable had broken off inside the socket. I didn't want to spend money on an RF modulator for my DVD Player, so I figured out a pretty solid way of getting the pin out. 1.) Find a needle 2.) On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. 3.) heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. 4.) stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin 5.) wait a few seconds for it to cool 6.) pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

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So my ps2 was broken and i broke it more

And not the lens and laser is messed up. Is there anyway i could hook it up to an external reader or something along the lines of that?

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It has been two days since the last post. Is this page still broken? Answered

I shall soon see whether it is or isn't.

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How do I fix my broken 4th generation iPod shufffle?

I own a 4th generation iPod shuffle. One day I dropped it from pretty high up and now when I turn it on a green light comes on, and flashes on and off. It won't play music and my computer has a hard time recognizing it. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it?

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suggestions plz

Hi, my laptop lcd is broken .it is a 15.4 inch dell inspiron 1501,so my question is if i want to change the lcd i have to buy the same model of dell i.e 1501 or can i buy different inspiron version like e1505,9100 like that because i see some deals on other versions of dell .actually i see a very good deal($15) for inspiron 8500 ,so do you think it will fit.

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My watch band broke off, because the piece of metal connecting the band the the main piece broke off. Answered

It's the little metal bar. Anybody know how I can fix it?

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I cracked my 3 inch LCD screen on my Fuji there a way to make a view finder?

 Its a fujifilm 10 mega pixel digital camera, when on the 3 inch screen turns white and crack is black. is there any chance i could replace it under $100.

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I have 2 remote control helicopters and they dont charge when i try to charge them?

I overcharged my toy helicopter that i last played with about 1 year ago. Now it just wont charge. i've tried everything but it simply wont charge. both of the planes cost about £25 each.

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uh oh, Steam's broken?

 Look! There's obviously something wrong, soo meh. I've restarted numerous times, deleted blob files multiple times, Then restarted, logged in and out, multiple times, but nothing seems to be helping. Ill eventually reinstall, but I just wanted to know if there was something wrong.......

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How to fix a broken Wii?

My Wii broke down so that it doesn't recieve signal from the controllers. can you help? p.s. i've tried replacing the batteries.

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Is my cool fan broken?

My laptop gets very hot, and it was not in that situation before. It feels hotter, should I change a cool fan? Or just need to clean it?

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What to do with a broken tv

First of all Im new to the site, and if this is somehow in the wrong place im sorry. But as my first plan of action, I have a TV that started smoking, I wanna do something with it, besides a fish tank, anyone have any ideas for me?

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broken sell-phone screen

There's a crack in the screen of my sell phone so it' broken and I can't see anything at all anymore. does any one know how to replace the screen? don't mind the fact of fitting in the screen in the phone, that's something I'll handle myself. I would just like to know if somebody did this before or knows how it could be done. (I don't have a 'replacement screen' yet, but after having some suggestions I'll see which one I need) thx for the help! grtz (srry for my english, I'm dutch!)

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Broken light box switch

My light box switch stopped working. I would like to rewire it so I bypass the switch and turn it on by just plugging it in. Inside I have 4 wires that have come loose from the switch plate. Can anyone help me fix it so that I can attach the wires inside the box properly/ bypass an on switch, so that I can simply plug and unplug it when I use it?

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Broken Ports or something else..

I recently purchased a 16 channel light-o-rama starter kit and bought another addon box off of facebook market, anyway once the one I got online got it here I set everything up and tested it before setting it up outside and everything worked great. So I unplugged the CAT 5 cable on the first controller and second controller and set everything up outside. Once doing so I plugged everything back up and then I realized my daisychain was not working and my computer was picking up only 1 controller, I soon found out that the 2 ports were loose and so I looked at the pins and they seem fine on both, Do you have any ideas what could be going on? The led's on both controllers are steady green which is good but the ports don't seem to be working anymore which is odd. If you can help that would be awesome, Thanks!

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Fixing broken power supply?

Have been using my FolgerTech Prusa i3 printer for a few weeks now, and was doing some cable management when, "Pop!" goes the power supply. I had the mains power unplugged from the power supply, and didn't connect or disconnect any other wires. I was working on hiding some endstop cables (That i will probably just go ahead and shorten later) and when i was satisfied with the job, i went ahead and plugged the printer back in. Pop! Immediately unplugged the printer to prevent further harm. Sounded as if a .22 went off in my room. No burning or acidic smell, just a pop. From the sound of it, i assumed it had to be the power supply. So i examined everything, the ramps boards, the arduino, etc. Nothing. Everything looks fine. I remove the power supply from the printer, and plug it back in. LED light stays off, no more sounds. Using my multimeter, i checked the output voltage, and sure enough, it's dead. So i go ahead and crack the power supply open, and begin examining the components. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All the caps look fine, no charred marks, no scorches or burns. No component looks any different than its functional counterpart. Beyond the cheap chinese soldering job, the board looks fine. So i take the board off of the metal plate to examine the backside. Solder splatter everywhere, but no shorts or anything (It worked for about 3 weeks.). I do, however, notice that there is a nice dry joint on one of the large capacitors. Thinking that might be the problem, i go ahead and fix the joint by reflowing the solder. Put it back in its case, plug it in, nothing. Anyone have any idea what may have happened? I am a student who currently doesn't have 30$ to fork out for another power supply, but do have an arsenal of spare electronic components. (Will eventually buy another power supply, but currently don't have money to set aside for it.) What should i look for? What blew up? Why does it not work anymore? If any more info is needed, let me know!

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Where can I buy a broken projector?

I need the case from a projector for a project. Where can I buy a really cheap broken projector?

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Things to do with a broken flash drive

Hello there. I just broke my 16GB Strontium Pollex drive and I'm left with nothing but the circuit board (Pics below). It doesn't fit into the USB port (too small, push up=on, remove support=off) smugly, and well, this is my only 4GB+ flash drive (I have another broken 1GB one, but at least it doesn't wobble around in the port). What do I do with this to make it usable again?

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How to prevent slightly broken LCD multitouch screen from further damage?

Dell XT2 laptop. I would be very grateful for couple of advices. Is there a way of not spreading upper crack during everyday usage like a black hole in "Dark Water" ?

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Broken xbox, what now? Need your guys' help.

So, I'm privileged enough to have not one, but two broken xbox's. I've been searching for a while for good ideas of what I might be able to do with them. I don't wanna fix em, I wanna either salvage some parts to make something else, or mod one or both of them. Anyone got any ideas? (Other than mod it into a computer or whatever, already got one of those projects going). I'm a novice electronics tinkerer, so I need a little help, because I'm not sure what my possibilities are, but I learn fast, so I think I can do things up to an ok difficulty. And I have a small budget to work with also if that helps. Thanks everybody! -Zoidburger

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How to get files off a broken MP3 player? Answered

Hi again instructables! i have a mp3 player that can no longer turn on and want to get four songs off it? when i plug it into the computer (i've tried several USB cables) it recharges, and the computer does not recognize that it is plugged in, meaning i cannot access the files to copy them i usually save several files of my song collection (711 songs) but as the songs originally came on the MP3 player and i didn't expect to need to replace it anytime soon (as it had a special warranty to be repaired or replaced) i don't have copies of these songs is there anyway i can get the songs off the player or do i just have to find them elsewhere? i doubt this information will be any help but its a Phillips Go-Gear RaGa mp3 player thanks AAG

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What should I do with my broken 3rd Gen iPod Nano?

My screen broke and my click wheel was sticking so I removed all of the internals except the click wheel and the piece of plastic which holds it in place. The chrome back plate is twisted from when I removed it to gain access to the internals. My only idea so far is to use it as a photo frame (and use the empty space from the LCD screen as the picture holder.)

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broken flexible communication flat plastik stuff soft circuit between camere lenses and it's cpu how 2 fix?

Is it fixable or where can I get only the kinda wiring track- soft circuit bettheen cpu of camera and it's lenses SEE ON PICTURES  email:     astan-art-fx

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Whats wrong with my psp?

I tried to change the case of my psp but nog something is wrong :

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TV video out-put problem

I have broken Samsung plasma TV 50".  I don't want to trough it out, but use the inside circuit as video out put device. Use the FFC cable that goes to TV screen and convert it to round wire with HDMI/ S-video/ VGA outlet. So I can see that outlet in my projector and see the all TV cable channels and take a benefit of 2D to 3D conversion facilities of TV. I think that could be possible but I have not any experience of that.

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Iphone dead?? Answered

I was trying to upload a video to youtube with my Iphone, and the screen went black. Iv'e tried everything. The battery isn't dead. What can I do before I goto the apple store?

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help fixing original modded xbox?

Ok so i set the startup menu to a non exsisting folder so when it starts it says "XBMC fatal error: invalid or missingtag in xml-noskins found, or n" thats all it shows is it fixable if so what do i need to fix it where can i get those items any help is appriciated

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My Wii will no longer play Wii games. What's going on?

I've had my Wii for a little over a year now. It just stopped playing Wii games about a month ago, but it still continues to play Gamecube games perfectly fine. I haven't tried modding it or anything, it just stopped working out of the blue. What is wrong with it? And is there anything I can do? (It's not under warranty anymore...)

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Instructables Classes on iPad? iOS App Removed?

I've enrolled for a class and wanted to view it on my iPad (my preferred method for viewing video content). However, following any class link off the main site shows only a blank page. I went to the App store hoping to download the Instructables App I'd read about, but that seems to have been removed from the iOS store (at least in the US).  Is it impossible to use Instructable classes on the iPad? I'm on an iPad Air 2.

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Macbook Keyboard problem! please ˙elp!

Ok before i tell you my problem i am typing as best as i can. A few days ago my ˙and was wet and all of t˙e sudden my computer started playing loud music i ˙ad sat on t˙e remote. T˙en wit˙out t˙inking i reac˙ed over to turn down t˙e volume and accidentally let a couple drops of water get in t˙e keyboard. at first a few  letters didnt work t˙en none now just one letter make a ˙ instead of t˙e 8t˙ letter in t˙e alp˙abet t˙e eject key dosnt work and and t˙e question mark key works but it also works as a mute key. Is t˙er nyway i can fix t˙is i dont want my parents to know i already accidently broke my macbook w˙en i practically just got it a mont˙ ago. Do you t˙ink if i wait it will get better or do u t˙ink damage ˙as ben done and t˙e water evaporating wont make it better?

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Can i repair broken LEDS? Answered

 Like can i repair them when they short circuit or if they blew? I recently killed 7 high quality (and expensive) LEDs =( If i can't repair them, what can i do with the dead ones??

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how to fix a broken laptop usb port?

I have a emachines E525 laptop built by Acer and it has only 2 usb ports.  both of them are broken.  how do you fix them ?

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does anyone know how to install quickbasic with a broken floppy drive? Answered

The quickbasic installation exe needs the files on a floppy drive, and mine is broken. i attempted to use the subst command to set up a A: drive with the path to the files, but i can't set a path for A: since the floppy is hooked up(even though it is broken). any ideas?

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