Robotic pet (low budget)? Answered

Hiyas I am longing loads for pet of my own since my bunny died. but i am not allowed another pet. does anybody have any ideas of how to make a *loving* pet????       thanks p.s this is my first ever comment on instructables!!!!! pp.s needs to be low budget (eg. under $100)

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Budget Keeper Fridgemagnet, is this doable?

Howdy folks, I have an idea for a budget "keeper" and I'd like to know if it is doable. Here's my idea: Make a small (5"x7" maximum) lightweight budget calculator that goes on your fridge. It will keep "budget limits" for a few categories: Grocery, Fast-food, Non-Food, Car and "other". expenses. The intent is that at the beginning of the month you'd enter your budget limits for each category. Then when you get home each time after spending some money you'd enter in what category you spent in and how much. Then it would tell you how much you have left! This would be so useful to me! Maybe others? I'm not a circuitry/soldering kinda guy, but I am a C#/VB programmer, so I could write the logic on that level. Is this something that is doable from an "instructables" point of view? Thanks!

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Graphic Design table on a budget

So after seeing all the drafting table instructables and multitouch displays I think Ive decided to make a hybrid with a desk that has an inlayed box holding the multitouch display that can rise up and out of table at an angle similar to the drafting tables found on here. I would then use a wall mounted monitor to free up space on desk for old school pencil drawing. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or issues they could think of right off the bat to help me in the brainstorming process. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Happy making!

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DVI to VGA Conversion on a Budget

I didn't make this into an Instructable because my wife is visiting Minnesota and took the digital camera with her. If anyone wants to build this and photograph their process, just include me as a collaborator and I'll be happy... :) I just acquired a new (used) video card for my Mac. Unfortunately, it has a ADC (Apple Display Connector) and a DVI (Digital Video Interface). While the card is capable of driving two displays, I only had a DVI-VGA adapter and ADC-VGA adapters run $50-100US! I decided that I'd just have to figure out how to wire my own adapter and run it to an unused PCI plate. The following schematic is a DVI-VGA adapter. I've included the pins that would be used for the equivalent points on an ADC connector. I just finished wiring an ADC connector to a VGA connector on another plate. It works perfectly! I hope this saves someone else a few bucks... Vegas

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What is the product design budget in schools?

I want to make a spectrum analyser in product design and I have found all of the parts on rapid electronics (where my school buys things from). The total comes to about £150 (eek!) I cannot ask my teacher about this, because I have a school holiday and I have to research what I am going to make now (in the course of the holiday). Would my teacher allow me to order these objects? I go to a government funded comprehensive secondary school in birmingham (if this makes a difference). Will the school budget suffice? Thanks!

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How to soundproof a rehersal space on a budget?

Basically thinking of getting a shed to use as rehearsal space for my 2 bands but without breaking the bank. I've read about using egg boxes etc but how would I go about soundproofing the doors etc so it's airtight? I have houses either side of me and behind me and I have a pretty small garden so need to keep sound levels to an absolute minimum.  Any help would be appreciated as I don't have the first clue where to start.  Cheers

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connect picaxe / computer / internet - budget solution ?

Am a newbee to picaxe working with mac soft- and hardware & i spent a a lot of time looking for the following: ------------------------------------ i would like to ... - transfer in- output data from simple components (such as a IR LED used for light/dark detection ) - .... via picaxe - ... to windows and mac computers in order to .... - pass them on to a website or eMail them ------------------------------------ i already had a look at ... - arduino/processing configurations (e.g. some amazing "twitter" variants posted on instructables, hack-a-day, etc. ... ) - additional external server projects (as on this site - e.g. very impressive webcams driven by websites and controlled by 'site users ...) - Nordic RF, Cellular, Zigbee, Bluetooth, XBee WiFi, FM Transmitter and Receiver, General TX/RX sending/receiving configurations (btw. - there is a very interesting comparison of these on sparkfun ---> ) - very elaborate software solutions (using combinations of php, processing, python and other scripts) all of them being highly impressive and, most important of course: working well ------------------------------------ but - is there any quite easy-to-configure and budget way which does not require ... - additional, external servers - platform specific software (windows/mac/linux only) - the implementation of several software packages and runs with e.g. ... - a 08M2 picaxe (or larger).... - probably cheap component(s) (such as the Nordic RF mentioned on sparkfun) - a minimum of software requirements - a software/software component which is easy to install and configure (Visual Basic Macros doesn't seem to run once i created them via word on my mac) ? any hints are highly appreciated ...  

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I am currently in the market for a laptop and just wanted to see which would be the best buy for my budget? Answered

I have about 300 dollars and I am looking down the refurbished route but I hate dell and macs are to much i would prefer to have an HP but i wanted to see if there were any brands I have overlooked that might be a better buy I will mostly use it for email music movies and school (high school)

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for the ultimate budget fog chiller, would dry ice perhaps raise the affectiveness of the cooling?

Because dry ice is coolder than ice, if you sort of,..shaved it doun to about icecube size, would it cool the fog faster than the ice? and it would last longer too right?

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I am needing an a adapter to convert 120VAC to 12VDC 8 Amps for a blower?

All the wall wart type adapters I've found don't seem to go above 3-4 Amps. And the only adapters I've seen that can handle 8 Amps are around $50. I can buy the $50 but I'm on a bit of a budget. Plus that's a lot of money in case I screw it up. I've only worked with regular wall warts before. So does anyone have any ideas or advice? (I'm going to be hitting some thrift stores today to see what I can find)

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$200-$250 computer build. all all the parts compatible, any issues you see?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here are the parts for my first build. please tell me if you see a problem with the selection CASE: ------Cooler Master RC-343-KKN1 MOBO:------ASRock Z77 Pro3 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 (any better value out there)? CPU: --------Pentium G620 (lga-1155) (can you best it within  $60?) (stock) GPU:---------n/a, on-board Intel HD 2000 RAM:--------Team Elite 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333MHz OS: ----------Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit. HHD: --------the old HDD i have in my old computer, a 250gb 5400RPM drive. OPTICAL: -my current DVD drive in my old computer. PSU: --------will 350W be enough power for this? i think so. [total cost]: <$250 including the parts i don't think i need. (optical, case, PSU, CPU, heatsink) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU SEE EVERYTHING IS GOOD AND COMPATIBLE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, YOU GET BEST ANSWER. other questions: 1) what advantages can i get out of a good housing/case? can i get more USB ports? or are the aftermarket cases just for looks and good airflow? 2) my current hard drive is loud (no clunking, but clearly audible clicking (30 decibles maybe?) and some faint brown noise under load). it is an older heavily used HHD, how much life does it have left? i don't know of any software to test it. i use Ubuntu as my only OS so a program to test it has to be for Linux (preferably .deb package) i have more info and qustions at: if you could also answer those, i would highly appreciate it.

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can someone help me with ?

I am working on a toy boat with a motor under water and I have a budget of  $10 

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FPV Quad-copter Build?

I want to build a Quadcopter with some specifications: -GoPro Hero3 Mount -Additional wireless onboard FPV camera -About a 2 mile range -GPS to return to certain location  -30 minute battery life My budget would be around $200-500 Is this build possible? If so, is my budget enough? or is it going to cost more? May anyone help me on the specifications on the hardware (Motors,ESC's, Flight Control, GPS)

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Aspiring techie. Where do I find the skills, the tools, the work?

As a child I grew up on legos and K'nex, and I wish my first computer had come earlier in life. I want to pursue more things like programming, robotics, working on cars and lighting the neighborhood with massive LED Beacons of custom-PC goodness. I've tried some researching of certain topics on my own, but I usually run into some difficult roadbumps. Particularly, there often runs a gap between beginner and advanced knowledge I find hard to bridge. I started off great with some programming classes at college, but their department is lacking. The other significant obstacle that comes to mind is cost. It's hard to shell out for new tools and parts for every project. Do you have any advice? Where could I find an entry-level job at an electronics re-saler, or something like that? I don't really have the skills for a mechanic, but what might be a first step? Or, something pre-programming that I could learn from- particularly for game or software development? Which schools in the Midwest have more hands-on training?

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Is there a way to reduce a magnetic fields power in a certain direction, while on a tight budget?

I'm going to make a coilgun with roughly 9 flash camera capacitors of varying values. Due to how I have limited resources, I intend to make this coilgun as efficient as possible. I want to know if there is a relatively cheap way to prevent the magnetic field from the coil from reaching to far in one direction, or severely weaken it's power in said direction. I don't know if I saw this somewhere or thought of it, but if the coil has less drag on the projectile once it passes it, it should put into effect a fair boost on the efficiency. Another idea, no idea if it was originally mine or not, is to slot the barrel of the coilgun reducing to force needed to push the air out, and overall reducing friction & drag. Would this have a noticeable effect, do you think?

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2 computer builds: one budget computer system, and mid range gaming system. is everything compatible with each other?

I want to build a $200-$250 ultra budget computer system as my first build, to get the ropes, then after i get it working, and all, then move on and build another, much more powerful  $700-$750 gaming / video editing PC. however, i need help with making sure everything works together, as well as suggestions and tips please. i highly appreciate if you answer in detail everything i asked, that answer will get best answer from me. a will add details as i learn more about what i am really getting into. i bolded all my unanswered questions. (i decided on just making to separate builds,  originally i planed to make i cheap computer, with a good mobo, then expand on it. however i just decided it is better to make two separate builds.) 1) what advantages can i get out of a good housing/case? i prefer to use just the case i have right now, the old one from my old HP pavilion a1747c. it has several card readers and a few usb ports on the front, headphone jack, mic jack, some jack labeled 1394, 2 expansion bays (one of which with a DVD drive in it) 2) i plan on using a motherboard with a chipset that allows for: overclocking the CPU, RAM, and separate video card; as well as support for intel HD graphics; and of coarse uses the LGA-1155 socket. for less than $130.  ) is in any good? can someone list a few good afordable boards that will do what i listed above? her are a few i have in mind. is ASRock a good company? ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 ATX Intel Mobo <-- i am leaning towards this one. ASRock Z77 Pro4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77                                      3) for simple stuff like wifi, bluetooth, etc; do i need to buy those separably (for the motherboard)? do they use PCI slots? if not, can i use the old WiFi adapter from my old computer? id rather not use external but if i have to, i will. so i assume if i want front facing USB 3.0 slots i need a new case, right? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) here are the parts for my first build. please tell me if you see a problem with the selection    CASE: ------Cooler Master RC-343-KKN1  MOBO:------ ASRock H61M-DGS LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX (any better value out there)?  CPU: --------Pentium G620 (lga-1155) (can you best it within  $60?) (stock)  RAM:--------Team Elite 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333MHz  OS: ----------Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit.  HHD: --------the old HDD i have in my old computer, a 250gb 5400RPM drive.  OPTICAL: -my current DVD drive in my old computer.  PSU: --------will a 350W be enough power for this? i think so.  [total cost]: >$250 including the parts i don't think i need. (optical, case, PSU, CPU, heatsink) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) my next build:   PSU: ------Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W  MOBO:----ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 ATX Intel Mobo (is it a good for the price)  CPU: ------Intel i5 3570K  RAM: ------Patriot Intel Extreme Master, 8GB, Cas Latency 9, 1600MHz  then overclocked?  HHD: ------Western Digital Caviar Blue WD2500AAKX 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache  OPTICAL: whatever i find cheapest. is a blue ray drive worth it? do PC game need it?  GPU: ------Radeon HD 7870: or any cheaper card with similar performance

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Gift help.

Hi. I am in need of help in trying to find a birthday present. This is for my cousin that is turning 13. He likes electronics and stuff like that. His budget is $200. If you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.

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I have been asked to investigate how to make &quot;a crystal stone the size of a tennis ball or a bit larger.&quot; low budget Answered

As part of a very low budget film I have been asked to research how to make a prop from the following specification "We need a crystal stone the size of a tennis ball or a bit larger.  It can be any shape but it must have colour (real of illuminated)." The reference has been given as a Copper Sulphate Crystal we are an a deadline for mid Feb so any help would be fantastic I have added reference pictures also All responses gratefully received Regards Peter?

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can I use a wireless router connected to a wired IP camera to make a wireless connection to a home network, if so, how?

A neighbor has asked me to put together a security system for his farm buildings.  I'm debating between wifi enabled cameras and wired IP cameras each connected to its own wifi router.  There aren't a lot of options for wifi camera in his budget range and distance between cameras and the house is a big issue.  I can get a 'wired' system with an NVR that meets his requirements and budget but I just don't do enough with wifi to know if this is possible.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

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Controlling an old printer for motion control or robotics?

Are there some interface basics that would allow someone to use the drives from an old printer as budget CNC or robotic actuators? They are certainly accurate, and there are plenty of them available.

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what is a simple way to make an cooling mechanism?

I want to make a simple cooling mechanism(not talking about a fan here) which is simple to build, as little mechanical(moving) parts as possible, i don't have a huge budget...

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What is the best mic/setup for Youtube voice overs at $50-$80 US? Answered

Hello all, Does anyone out there do voice over work or have videos you apply voice overs to? I have recently started a show on Youtube and I don't like the audio quality I am getting. I am currently using my closet as a recording booth and a Rode Video Pro Mic direct into my laptop's mic input. It's okay but i want better. I have a budget of $50-$80 to spend. I have been looking at the Audio Technica AT2100 USB/XLR mic, as it has some awesome reviews but i want to hear from the Instructables community as well.

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What is the best place to get low cost pcb boards?

I want to start with low quantities, I only need 2 layers, and all of my pcb boards will be relatively small. Most important, I'm on a pretty tight budget.

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would a hydrogen engine be able to be made from copper/brass tube???

I want to make a mini hydrogen engine but dont have a big budget. i may also add an electric genorator to put on it for clean & green energy. please help.

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PCB design and cicuit simulation software

Hi all first post here could someone recommend a good software package for PCB and circuit design and simulation on a budget preferably compatible with windows vista and 7 and with CNC capability (looking to build one in the future)

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Video camera advice?

So, I've been using my ancient camera to film craft videos for a while now, but I'm hoping to invest in something better - but I'm not sure what. I was hoping to invest in a DSLR that shoots video, but since my budget is pretty tight, I'm thinking of cutting my losses and getting a low-end camcorder. Does anyone have any advice for me in this regard? I'm hoping to get something in the region of $200 or less (student budgets are tough), but that films good quality video of relatively small things, such as small DIY projects. A local tech store has the Canon LEGRIA HF-R36 on special, so I was thinking of trying that, but I don't really want to rush into this.

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DIY, AC to DC Converter, Variable 0-60vDC, variable 0-10A : is this possible and done with shoestring budget?

Hey, I've been experimenting with Electrolysis and have reached the end of what I can do with a couple of car batteries and a car battery charger. I would like to build a AC to DC converter (as I can't find anything built with the options I want). I believe the sweet spot I am headed for is 52 Volts and 1.5 -3 Amps. I would like to have variable voltage output from 0-60 Volts and variable Amperage output of 0-10 Amps. Is this something than can be put together on a hobbyist's budget? Thanks In advance!

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Die cutter (plotter) vs laser? Buy used vs DIY? Answered

Hi, I've already asked the same on reddit to no great result, figured folks here might know better. :) I'm looking into cutting machines and have some questions regarding them. But first about the various needs/expectations and why I can't decide in the first place. I want to be able to cut most of the common thin materials, primarily: vinyl, paper, cardstock (up to 300gsm or so), fabric, soft rubber, optionally thin leather and felt. It seems, like it's not completely unrealistic to hope this can be done with a cutter using a knife, given that something like KNK Zing can do it. I'd buy it if it was within my budget. Something like wood veneer (single layer, probably paper backed to hold together) is probably not realistic, but would be amazing extra. I'd actually buy it if it was within my budget. Budget is the second problem I have. I want this piece of machinery to cost me up to 200 euro (~220$). My current research involved searching for used machinery locally online and then looking at what would it cost to get some of those consumer centered machines from Silhouette and such. My budget could get me a used Chinese cutter locally given there is one for sale (EH721, LiYu SC631 and the likes) or a new Silhouette Portrait which I can't really rationalize paying so much for - if I was in US, I'd just get one of those and work from there because of the low price. It would cost me around 200$ to get one here, and that's without their software so I can cut my own vector files. All of this leads me to yet another alternative - making one myself. I saw a guide for printer to cutter conversion on instructables and am not exactly new to microcontrollers either, so it probably wouldn't end up in a suicide out of frustration or something. Then again, if making something like that anyway, maybe it makes more sense to go for a laser on a flatbed instead of knife? Not sure if I can get one powerful enough on the current budget. Thanks for reading this far. I will be even more thankful for any directions and considerations, advice from current users and of course people who have made such machines themselves.

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Amd Gaming? Answered

I was planning to purchase parts for a budget gaming system, around $600. Everyone says that Amd processors are a lot cheaper than Intel (which is true), but they say that the performance isn't nearly as good. What do they mean by this? Are they decent gaming processors? Thanks.

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Anybody know cheap($50),easy to make robots for beginners?

I've been interested in robots for a while,but I can never seem to find any robots that are cheap, or easy to build on a small budget. If anyone knows of any(especially on this site)bots that I or other beginner builders could make.

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i do a lot of sewing and want to try adding LEDs, is it cheaper to get strips or individual light bulbs?

i want to make a tron outfit but don't have a large budget, i'm no afraid of doing a large amount of hand sewing so where can i find LED lights for cheep?

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What is a good, cheap setup for a server computer? Answered

I am looking to build a server computer to run some basic stuff like file hosting, and maybe some ventrilo. (Maybe a game server in the future) What would be a good setup for someone on a budget?

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Lowest wattage Possible Computer for "World Of Warcraft"? Answered

Hello, I am looking for a low power (watts) pc to play world of Warcraft  I'm talking of a custom build computer Reason: I'm into solar power and green energy I have 2 Solar panels 1 15 watt panel and 1 30 watt panel. I like to play around and tweak computers ---- Aim: to get the lowest possible wattage computer to play world of Warcraft =========================================================== What I need you to do: Advise me on what components I need to buy example SSD hard drive ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Budget:  I'm afraid I'm on a budget at the moment as i only get paid £120 a month with £0 in the bank i can save up for a few months if required however. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Size: Size is not a problem _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weight: Weight is not a problem ----------------------------------------

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simple yet somewhat powerful Amplifier?

I need a diagram or something for an amplifier that could be used as a guitar amp but mainly to play an ipod or mp3 devise. It would need a bass, treble, and main control. It would need to handle a 4-16 ohm load. and on a budget of $30 or less. Any help or referral is greatly appreciated.

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Video Magnifier for my visually impaired daughter

I am in desperate need of the plans or any help in building a video magnifier for my daughter. The video magnifiers for sale are way outside my budget. They start around $1800. It would need to be able to be used through a tv or computer. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I shop for high powered microscopes on a budget without getting a bad quality one?

I don't want to spend tons, (I'm thinking I can do about $250 max) and want a high-powered microscope. I would really like it to be bifocal (not stereo). I'd prefer at least a max of 1000x, if not 1600x. I want the microscope so that I can explore the world around me. Oh, and I'm considering certain biological fields for my career. Thanks guys!

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I am considering buying a budget vinyl cutter and wondering how intricate i will be able to cut small text.

Hi, fellow Instructables members. I am seriously considering buying a cheap cnc vinyl cutter to so all manner of things, mainly personalised gifts. I need to be pretty certain that it will do the jobs that i require though. I like the idea of using it to make stencils to use with glass etching cream to make personalised glasses, mirrors and stuff like that. One particular item that i have seen on a popular auction site takes my fancy, please see the picture i have attached. Firstly, is it worth buying a cheap vinyl cutter at all? And Secondly is it likely that it will cut stencils intricate enough to make items similar to the picture? Any answers or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks Joe

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What are some detailed plans for making a t-shirt cannon?

I am the spirit director for my school and need some plans to make a t-shirt cannon! If you know a site where they sell reasonably priced ones, please let me know. We're on a really tight budget but i think it'll be awesome if we get one.

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Do you know a good laptop? Answered

 I want a new laptop. Any suggestions? I am tech savvy, so I know what all the specs mean, I just need a pointer to which brands and models are quality ones. I am also on a budget. I don't work, so I just get allowance. Any help is accepted.

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Custom built laptop?

Hello people.  I'm new to this business of building laptops, so I don't know anything, even where to get the parts. I would like to build a nice gaming laptop. My budget is 1000$, so if anyone is able to post a good set of parts including the barebone (so the parts would fit the barebone). Thanks in advance. 

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Has anybody used an LED dome kit to make their own mini-LED photo panel?

I was thinking about making a micro led light panel using one of those LED interior light kits.  It seems to me that it'd make a pretty decent budget imitation. The real deal.   DIY solution? Any thoughts?

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by using ardino R3 ,BT module and mpu6050 can we make stable brushed quadcopter?

Sir i want all the instruction of ardino brushed quadcopter .i want make this project in lower budget and i .can i use ardino micro insted of nano? can i use 180 motors?and laptop battery?

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Power a trailer with a generator connected to the axle? Answered

I just rewired the family's "camping trailer" and the next project that I have to tackle is power. Don't ask why we need a bunch of power when camping, it makes stuff more fun. Anyhow two of the ideas my dad and I have are theoretically easy. The first one is something that is really simple, just some solar cells. However my initial  thought is that it may not be enough to power the car/marine batteries on the trailer in a manageable amount of time (with a small budget). The second idea is to connect a generator head(s) to the axle of the trailer, so whenever we are driving the trailer (often for about an hour on the highway) the batteries are charging My questions are, what type of generator heads (if that is what I want) should I use? What type of gearing would I need? Could this be worked on a humble budget? Would this be practical for charging car/marine batteries? Thanks, Jake J

Question by JacobJ13   |  last reply

how to design and build a solar power monitoring system?

Budget less than USD100, require a small solar panel(<100W will do), thin film type solar panel, need some voltage and current sensors, data acquistion card (which type of card shd i choose?) i will need to monitor its output voltage, current and power, how should i start?

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does anybody know where i could get a pair of small semi-transparent organic light emitting diode (oled) screens????

Im on a tight budget and am trying to complete a project that involves 2 oleds and i dont know where to find individual and relatively inexpensive ones about one inch wide and 3/4 of an inch tall.

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How can I send the video captured by a web cam using Microcontroller,wireless.???

I am building an All terrain bot which will be wireless controlled from a host computer. So I want to send video from the bot to the host...Can any one suggest any mechanism within a reasonable budget ????

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Getting started with instructable Answered

Hi, I am planning to shoot my first instructable project. But I am not sure on what rigs (like camera) I should use to bring out a good instructable. Can you guys help me on this ? I am on very tight budget so please give me some cheaper solution. Btw all my projects would be electronic projects.

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What's the cheapest place to buy vials of tritium for earrings?

I was sitting on my couch today, thinking about ideas for birthday presents when I had the idea of making tritium earrings.  However, I'm not sure where I should obtain the tritium vials, and what size I should get.  I'm looking to keep a low budget, $25 maximum.  

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How to pick best battery for amplifier? Answered

Hello, I ordered this amplifier and I need to pick best battery for this amplifier. Would be great to power it for at least 3-4 hours on maximum volume (200W rms subwoofer and 2x50W rms speakers). I need lightweight battery and powerful battery, size does not matter, budget is low so nothing overpriced I do not want.

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