Hi, I really need help here I need to find a website or company who sell chemical in Canada (Quebec) At least sell these two chemical ( not for a high price preferably) --Potassium Thiocyanate-- --Ferric Nitrate -- i don't need big bottle just a couple of Gram (maybe 10g-20g) Wishing someone will help me; Koax

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Electroplating chemical mishap

I figured it would be cool to quickly electroplate some stuff. Since I was lazy, I only used what I had on hand [block of zinc, vinegar, muriatic (hydrochloric) acid)]. The zinc ingot was taking too long to dissolve in the vinegar, so I added about 30 mL of hydrochloric acid. A couple hours later, I was electroplating fine. After two weeks of normal zinc chloride electroplating, the acid suddenly took on a nasty dull brown/yellow amber shade and a ton of white bubbles formed around the zinc (still in the acid). Can anyone tell me what happened?

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What is the best way to clean chemical bottles?

I was recently given a bunch of darkroom equipment including chemical bottles like this and this. The bottles are 25 years old, and I'm sure they weren't cleaned after they were emptied. I would like to use the bottles for new chemicals, but don't want to contaminate them with whatever chemical residue remains in the bottles. Is there a good way to clean them, or should I just buy new ones? Thanks, Noah

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Which reasonably attainable chemical best attracts electrons? Answered

I'm building a secret project, but I need a chemical that can attract electrons. It has to be easily attainable, relatively cheap, and it can't easily hurt me. I think that my question, is (if possible), which safe chemical is the best at attracting electrons? If one wouldn't have a noticeable effect under those parameters, is there one that would be noticeable at all?

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Is there a way to chemically freeze ice?

I need to know how to freeze water outside a freezer.

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which chemical to deactivate microchips? Answered

Hi, I'm making a cryptex, such a thing like in the Da Vinci Code, and I'm going to make an Instructable of it later. But I'm going to hold USB-sticks in it instead of a piece of paper. That's a little more modern nowadays people lose a lot of usb sticks with secret important information so I'll use a cryptex for it. The crpytex like it was invented by Da Vinci contained a paper, which was rolled around a tube with vinegar in it. If someone decided to just smash the cryptex, the tube breaks and the vinegar would destroy the ink on the paper, making it unreadable. I don't think that works good in real but I don't think it will deactivate a usb stick either. So I want something else in the tube that DOES eat the chip. So I'll remove the outside wrapping of the USB-stick. What fluid can I use?

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what are some fun easy cheap chemical reactions

I was wondering about the things that i can do with easy to obtain chemicals like gasoline. im in high school and dont have a job its a small town and i dont have anything to do after school im not stupid and i dont want to bite off more than i can chew so i want to know about easy things with household chemicals

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Do Gases Get Heavier or Lighter as Their Temperature Rise? Answered

I know that as the temp. in gases change, their weight does, but I'm not sure in what direction.

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were can i buy crystal iodine in australia?

I have been looking for some crystal iodine suppliers in australia for quite some time now, but the only ones i can find sell it by the metric ton! there used to be a site called auschem or chemsupply . au that sold it but now i cant find it anymore, and when i search it, al they ever have is car washing stuff or products that you cant buy, i know for a fact there was a site that sold chemicals (othe rthan bargainmart) withoin australia, although with ridiculously high shipping, does anyine know where the site is now? or if theres another site that sells iodine crystals, or at leats potasium iodine cheaply?

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What kind of non-sparking ball mill media can I use other than lead?

I want to make a ball mill but I can't find any lead fishing sinkers (they're bad for the environment so nobody sells them anymore). Is there anything else I can use to grind chemicals in a ball mill that won't create sparks?

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Is it possible to make HCl with Bleach?

Is it possible to make HCl with Bleach? As in could you use any conversions (Toxic and dangerous should be included for informational purposes) to mix the bleach with some substace leading to it? Because bleach is Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and it does have a Cl.

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what is element if the chemical formula is NaCI ?

give the element

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Making Potassium Chlorate

Do any of you know if it is possible to convert Aluminium Potassium Sulphate and Ammonium Chloride into Potassium Chlorate? If so please could you tell me how to go about doing it.

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how does windex work?

How do the chemicals make it work?

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Pyrotechnic chems shopping spree. Ideas?

We're already doing thermite, smoke bombs, black powder... We has lots o' money. Any suggestions for some fun? Purchasing over internet.

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anyone know of a skin safe liquid electric tape like chemical?

Anyone know of a skin safe liquid electric tape like chemical?

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Is it possible to prevent the chemical reaction that occurs when a tin is boiled in an aluminium pot?

When a tin is boiled in an aluminium pot a chemical reaction takes place that creates a grey film in the pot. This can be removed with some very vigorous scrubbing with steel wool - it takes hours! Can the chemical reaction be prevented or is there another reaction that can be created that will remove the grey film?

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What is the actual chemical used for plastic to bond when melting it back down? Answered

  I have seen the instructable where cooking oil was used.  I was wondering what the actual chemical is that makes it bond together again.   Thanks

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How can we reverse the chemical reaction of a lead acid battery without the addition of energy? Just adding chems.

Http:// shows the forward and backward chemical reactions.

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UG level chemical engineering projects (having some ICT relation as well)?

We are a group of 4 people. Must have some ICT (information and communication technology) relation. Should be cheap (in terms of cost). Not to complex for us to understand (as we are 1st semester students). Should be challenging (requires hard-work).

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where can someone get chemicals for a chemistry instructables? My instructable is on methane to methanol conversion.

Where can someone get chemicals for a chemistry instructables? My instructable is on methane to methanol conversion. It uses a catalist and changes methane to methanol at room temperiture based on a peer reviewed reserch article cited in the instructable.

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plz help me in making a bot run by simple chemical reactions? ? Answered

I have to participate in a competition of bots which must run only by some chemical reaction without using any electricity or battery and the bot must be of just 20cmlength and 20cm breadth and has to travel 30m i want know which reacion would be better and simple for making it work?

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I read an article that pvc is not agood idea in the food garden.Why? Does it leach chemicals in to the soil?

I saw some ideas for watering pots using pvc--good ideas--organic garden--

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How is Greek Fire made? Answered

 It might be known as something else.  In the days of wooden ships bombs of this ( not the fuse kind) were thrown onto the opposing ship.  When the container burst or opened, the air ignited the chemicals inside and it burst into flames.?

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Aluminum from aluminum hydroxide?

I have some aluminum hydroxide and I have been trying to find a way to strip the Al(OH)3 of it's hydroxide ions to form an aluminum precipitate. It's nonsoluble so a reaction in an aqueous solution does not seem to be an option, also considering that the only other more reactive metals than it would ignite upon contact with water anyhow. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

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what chemical do you get when you mix bleach and paint thinner? Answered

Last night, I was mixing various unhealthy toxins (don't ask why), and when I added bleach to a vial of paint thinner, I suddenly ended up with a vial of brown lumpy things. what are those brown lumpy things? and, more important, are they dangerous?

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where can you get the materials for hot ice???

On the instructable "hot ice" it sed u need sodium acetate and i dont know where to get it plz tell me!?!?!?!?!

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Can regular bleach be used as an alternative for PCB etching?

I just want to know if there are any chemicals that would be easier to get a hold of than having to go out and buy the ferric chloride or other etchants.

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What is the effect of adding NaOH and Al with H2O? Is the reaction--2NaOH + 2Al + 2H2O → 3H2 + 2NaAlO2??

I belive this to be the reaction involved in using Drano and I was wondering if it would be effected by the temperature of the H2O and if the reaction would be effected by NaCl mixed in the H2O.

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Is there a relatively safe alternative to vinegar and baking soda for chemical reaction volcanoes? Answered

My brother is working on a paper mache volcano experiment for school, and I figured that the instructables community has come up with something a little more creative than just vinegar and baking soda. When I say relatively safe I mean something that doesn't emit poisonous gasses or toxic waste.  Thanks for any help. Update: I'm not worried about the safety of vinegar and baking soda, I added a safety request because I was almost very stupid mixing chemicals without checking about results. I almost created a gas used to exterminate people. There is no need to lecture me on how stupid this was, I already know.

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How 2 build a simple model car wich runs on c02 produced by d reaction between vinegar n baking soda?bt there is a trick

Hi everyone!!..i hv tis competition cuming soon where we muz build a simple chemical car using cheap materials..d chemicals tad we muz use is 3 molar of 40 ml vinegar n 10 gram of baking soda...d car muz travel at least a distance 5 meters caryying a load of 100ml water d trick is,there muz NOT be  ANY spillage of water or sodium acetate which r also a by-product of d reaction otr ten any idea??all suggestions will be welcomed happily!!thx..=D

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How do I increase the glow time of luminol? Answered

How do I increase the glow time of luminol? And what is the safest mixture of chemicals that I can use for chemiluminescence? I'd like to avoid using highly hazardous chemicals like potassium hydroxide if possible. Ideally my mixture would glow for a few minutes once activated.

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where do I find in the internet about the Swing-Mark automatic valve for resturants and bars.?

Swing-Mark valve is a automatic flow chemical dispensing mixing valve, that works with the flow of water going through the valve. dispensing detergent and sanitizer chemical to each sink at a pre mix of water and chemical controled by the valve. Depending on the type of metering valve it has. Resturant and bar owners real perfer these valves because they automaticly always have a E P A regulated mixture of sanitizer per water, to wash and sanitize glasses and cups. Or any info on similar valves.    THANK YOU

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Soduim hydroxide container? Answered

Is it safe to keep sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in a glass container or is PYREX necessary for safety? 

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Why are sharpie pens acid resistance? Answered

What's the chemical compound of the sharpie to make it acid resistance? Such as for PCB etching.

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PCB etching question?

I wanted to start making PCBs. However, I read that because the chemicals dissolve the copper, you can't dump it down the sink or throw it away because it is "hazardous" and should be taken to hazardous waste disposal. I'm still in high school and can't really do that and/or my parents would think I'm doing something dangerous. Is there any other way to etch PCBs besides using chemicals, like a knife or something?

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what chemicals aside from bicarb soda are present in pool ph buffer? Answered

Hello i just went to the dump shop and picked up a 4kg bag of bicarb soda as ph buffer for free, and when i got home, i noticed it smelt of ammonia, so i though it might have some ammonium carbonate, so i figured i could get rid of it by adding some water to the ph buffer and then boiling it. however, i have noticed that it turned my hands blue, and although the blue washed off, i am now hazardous as to what else may be in thr ph buffer, although it states sodium bicarbonate is the active ingredient. i plan on dividing it, selling 2kg on my site in 250g batches for $2 each, and the other i plan to use as a sodium source for my sodium reduction cell. i need to know though, what the other chemicals in the pool buffer are so i can state the purity of the ph buffer. also will anything lebeled as "soda ash" be pure sodium carbonate?

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what problems would arise from an incomplete reaction of excess zinc and sulfuric acid?

Chemical reaction of zinc and sulfuric acid

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what's the process involve in making radiator coolant? Answered

I am interested in the process of making radiator coolant.What are the chemicals used in the process,the measurement etc.

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how to supercool water?

The numberous videos of water freezing almost instantly. but how is it done? i mean theres no chemicals in the videos as far as i can tell.

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