Comment Problem

Ok so I noticed that my comment tracker disagrees with my instructables card thingy. Help?

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Comment deleting? Answered

I am new but I have posted many comments.  When people reply I get a notice under my user name page.  I like this feature but I have like 12 replied comments now and I want to get rid of the old notices I have read.  How?

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Comment Tree Userscript

Discontinued, has been replaced with Instructables Enhancer Hey, still remember back in the day when on 'ibles there were comment trees? Did you also wish to get the nice old comment trees back? Well, as of now it is possible! I made a userscript that'll give you back the good old comment trees! Please keep in mind that it is still in the beta phases and thus has bugs. Anyways, here's the script: To install it downlaod a userscript plugin (chrome: tampermonkey, firefox: greasemonkey) and copy-paste that code in that pastebin as a new userscript. Make sure that the userscript is active on* Please report any bugs you find! Known bugs NONE!

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I can't comment!!

Whenever I try to post a comment it says that "Oops, something went wrong!" Please reply how to fix it

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Unable to view comments

I'm unable to look at my list of comments - if I click on ... get sent back to the front page.Anybody else?

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A comment on slideshow option...

Is there a way to shut off the slideshow option and see it like the rest of instructables? It seems to be slow, clumsy and eye-iritating to the point that it's not worth fighting with to look at. Feel free to disagree and post your opinion.

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UV Screen Comments

Hi all, I'd appreciate some feedback on my UV screen project. As a relatively new blog I have effectively zero traffic there, so I thought I'd ask for some feedback here. The goal of the project is to provide an easy way of converting a record player to a UV screen (as pictured). The idea is to replicate the appearance "Death calls the tune" project by Lab Binaer, although I'm avoiding using an arduino in an attempt to keep costs down. The ultimate goal is an instructable, but before that stage I hope to work a bit more on the available functionality (currently it will just write text to the screen, each phrase being written alternately in one of three positions). Here are some planned but as-yet unimplemented short term goals; Investigate replacing the serial connection with V-USB New modes (Bar graph output , Seismograph style output, Spiral text) New stylus using SMD LEDs (currently uses 5mil) Offload all settings to XML file Slow rotor speed further I'd be appreciative if you could offer ideas for new functionality, uses, modifications, any thoughts or comments. Thanks, Drew

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Changes to getting users Comments with project download?

You did have a small box popup when you downloaded a instructable that asked if you wanted it to be a adobe file with another check box to include other peoples comments about the project.  I would love the .pdf to include the comments from other members as there great questions asked and solutions to make the instructable more complete thus making it easier to build the item correctly.  Will you please tell me how to make sure I get the comments?

Question by PaulH29 

Does Saying "Please Rate and Comment" Help At All?

I was just wondering, because of the iBles I've seen with that on it. ~~If it does, it might give me an edge in the Holiday contest.~~ >.> <.< Nobody saw that, right?

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I am trying to make a post, when I enter post I get a message saying enter the two words on image.

I can't find the words or any words on any images

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where is my comment number? Answered

Well, i check my amount of comments a lot by clicking on my name in comments and whatever, and this time i noticed the comment number was gone!!!!!! Please Help!

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Well, all of a sudden, I'm not able to comment! I click reply to someone, and it doesn't work. I click add comment on an instructable or a forum topic, and nothing happens. The only thing that really works (i hope) is when I click reply to a comment on my comment counter thing. Can someone please help??

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Why is code changing when hitting "Post" button in comment section of instructable?

When I hit the "post" button in a comment reply section, the code that I had entered as my answer changed. See this link in the comment section: While the code in the "Find this" sections remained the same, the code in the "change to" sections automatically changed to the same code as in "Find this". Any ideas on how to avoid this?

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How to make a program like Disqus but decentralized?

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time and I was wondering how someone would program a new decentralized overlay comment system that would use an add block like program to block out the comments on a webpage and display a decentralized alternative to the website controlled comments. I was thinking that it would be a web browser add on that would add the functionality. and all of the comments would be decentralized and stored on the users of the comment program computers. What programming languages would be needed to complete this task?   How long do you think something like this would take to code? Please tell me you thoughts in the comments! I know this would not be super easy but i can't keep it off my mind.    

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How to make a program like Disqus but decentralized?

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time and I was wondering how someone would program a new decentralized overlay comment system that would use an add block like program to block out the comments on a webpage and display a decentralized alternative to the website controlled comments. I was thinking that it would be a web browser add on that would add the functionality. and all of the comments would be decentralized and stored on the users of the comment program computers. What programming languages would be needed to complete this task? How long do you think something like this would take to code? Please tell me you thoughts in the comments! I know this would not be super easy but i can't keep it off my mind.

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How to remove inappropriate comment? Answered

So, I found a comment on an Instructable of mine that is inappropriate. I flagged it, but I do not know if that has something to do with its removal or if that brings it to the attention of the moderators. I would like to understand how this process works, so if you know, please let me know! Thanks in advance.

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Dr. Weird showed me his Deagle (I think) so I made this ...................................()||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||(+) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||IIIII |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||IIIII ||||||||..........................---||||||||||||||||_(_|..........|||||||||||| |||||||..............................|||||||||||||||(..................|||||||||||| ...................................||||||||||||||(......................|||||||||||| ..................................|||||||||||||(..........................|||||||||||| .................................|||||||||||||(.............................|||||||||||| Post yours in a comment please!

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how to add pictures to a comment? Answered

How do I add pictures in a comment? the first one to give me a decent answer gets the best answer, no matter if someone comes with a better answer.

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Instructable comments in weird order?

Why are the instructable comments in a weird order? My comment on an instructable ended up in the middle of the comments section, not at the top or bottom as you would expect??? How can you track progress of comments on an instructable you like in this weird ordering?? The instructable i want to follow recent comments on is this one:

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Greasemonkey script for instructables comments

I put together the tiniest of GS scripts to make the comments a little easier to read. Click the GS script to install.

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Comment boxes keep moving? Answered

Hi!  I'm currently writing my first instructable, and I am trying to comment on some of the pictures, however, on some of the pictures the comment boxes keep moving to a different spot and resizing whenever I am in full preview mode.  It isn't on all of them, but it is pretty important to have these comments in the right spot as my instructable is on rappelling, and the slightest error can be very dangerous.  Has anyone else ever run into this before, and if so, how did you fix it? I've already tried moving them in edit mode, as well as the comment edit mode provided in full preview. Thanks in advance!

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comments capchita won't appear? Answered

When i attempt to reply to comments and click "post" it says please enter the capchita thingy it still doesn't appear though even after refreshing!! irritating! 

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Apple iPad - comments and opinions?

OK, you've all seen it now. What do you think? (Image via Reddit)

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Can't read replies to a comment

How can I read the replies to a comment for an instructable? Every time I click on "4 replies", for example, for a comment, nothing happens. This happens even though I am signed in, and for any type of instructable. It is really frustrating, as I might want to reply, but don't want to say the exact thing one of the other replies has just said. Plus, being able to read the replies is many times as enlightening as the instructable. Also, writing this question is very limiting, as this applies to every category and every channel, but there is no way to write it that way.

Question by jaxboy 

Why can't I post comments in a forum topic?

When trying to make comments on forum topics, I can type the whole text. But when I click the post button, nothing happens, no error, no warning or so. Just, nothing. Then, when reloading the page or visiting an other page, the screen gets a transparant overlay, with a screen that just says error: I tried posting comments using the following: Chrome on Vista Chrome on Windows 8 The browser is the most recent version on both computers. The weirdest thing is, is that posting comments on forum topics worked a few days ago. I put this in the question / answers section, after I tried creating a bug report for it, but not being able to do so. (it failed after clicking the preview button. Loading a bit, then going to a blank screen

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Help!! "This or that" How to stop notifications...

Ok, made the mistake of posting in the "this or that" topic.. Now i'm getting all the notification... obviously. I can only find and option to turn all notification off. Is there anyway to stop the emails without blocking comment tracker? Thanks

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Picture comments wont show up

Hi all, For some time now, none of the comments on the picture show up for me. Actually, I don't see the yellow boxes, so I can never know if there's supposed to be a comment or not, but in some instructables the authors say look at comments, or in the comments people would say the  comments are helpfull, and I still don't have the yellow boxes. What do I do to fix that? Thanks! P.S. I added a picture with a comment box so you guys understand what I'm talking about...

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Cannot post comments or reply to questions

When I tried yesterday to post a comment, it displayed a message: " Oops, something went wrong! " Today, I tried to reply to someone's question, but it wouldn't work: " Oops, something went wrong! " He was able to post the question, but that was eight days ago. That means this glitch happened between now and then.

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Why are all my comments colored red?

I was looking at an instructable and I saw that all the comments that I made on it were now red. Why is this? I guess it's supposed to help you find comments that you made a while ago, but it doesn't seem helpful to me. It makes the whole comment look like one big link. If you put a real link in your comment, how is someone going to find it if it's all red?

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How do I flag a comment? Answered

On my Instructables, there are some inappropriate do I delete them?

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Why Are New Comments Going To The Bottom?

Instead of the top? I liked it better the first way, it was easyer to keep track of new comments. If there was a ton of comments, you would have to go to the last page for the new one.

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What does "Feature Comment" mean?

Hi When you post a comment or look at an answer to a question you've has a checkbox which says feature comment. I've been wondering what it actually does. I've been checking it whenever I see it. Is it necessary? Thank you super_me

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Distribution of Comments and Ratings Across Instructables

While Zachninme was here last week, he pulled some interesting data on Instructables. Check out the distribution of comments and ratings across Instructables in the graphs. Instructables with zero comments or zero ratings are included, which skews the data, but it's still positive ratings / total number of Instructables = 10.4total number of comments / total number of Instructables = 19.1The raw data is attached, if you'd like to take a look.

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how to get comments on your instructions? Answered

Im new here and no one wrote me anything at all HELP!

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I hit my 999 comment taday

I was sending my Instructables page to my friend on aim and I looked at my comments and I had made 999. I'm so happy.

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I can't comment, can someone help? Answered

Apparently, when I try to comment, it says "missing comment text" i am on an iPad, it used to work, but now it doesn't. Maybe it was some update? Idk. All I know is that it was working fine, then it failed. I have a temporary fix for comments on my instructables, but I can't comment on others! Please help! if you can, please fix this ridiculous problem. Thank you. ps. This has been going on for a while, so I think it's not just a one time glitch. if anyone is having the same problem, post to me in my orangeboard. I cleared my cache and it still doesn't work. I think it may be a bug brought about by an update or something. I put this in a forum. Btw here is a link to one of my instructables: here is a picture for reference.

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Can we eventually like intructables comments? Answered

Then good comments would be seen more! 

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How has one of my comments disappeared? Answered

I posted a comment on somebody's question a few days ago, and that comment has disappeared, as did his reply. It was there for some time. The reply has also disappeared from the discussion tab on my personal "you' pages. The question has about 10 comments on it and hasn't been "best answered' yet. How does this happen?

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What comment engine does instructables use?

I like the way it manages comments. It is sort of like an inline forum. Is it made by the instructables team? Is is propriety? Is it open source? Is there something similar?

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is it possible to delete people's comments on your instructables? Answered

Can you delete or change someone else's comments on your video

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Is there an easiest way to navigate only the comments of an Instructable ?

To admins: When I want to see all the comments for an instructable, that are more than one page, I click the next page and then I have to scroll down the page, through all the instructable again, to the start of the next bunch of comments. Is there an easier way? Or, do you consider to put a "go to comments" button at the beginning of the page? Thank you in advance.

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What's with not being able to search for people or comments? Answered

Why did the admins remove that feature? Not so  bothered about comments, but I used the search for people tool a fair bit, so I could send a PM, comment on orangeboards etc. Why was it removed from the search filter options?

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Help please with problems replying to a comment in an instructable.

I tried to answer a question someone asked in the comments section of an instructable but when clicking on post I got an error pop up thatsaid "Please type the two words as seen on image" butI do not see a "captcha" box or two words any where nearby. Ifound a capcha way up top near the place I would use to comment on the instructable,  But there is nothing here where I am trying to 'reply' to another's comment.  I tried typing the words in that capcha above but got the same error. I am on a OsX 10.8 and using Safari 6.0.2 Thanks for any help you can give. Bob?

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How do I edit my comments? Answered

I want to add a link into a comment I posted. Is this possible?

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What does, "Missing comment text" mean

I tried to post something just now, but couldn't. I keep seeing "ERROR," and "Missing comment text". I don't know what this means. Please explain. I also don't know what you mean by "Suggest a channel". 

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Losing rollover comments when images are small? Answered

I've got images in my instructable with rollover comments. Two questions: 1.  what exactly are those called? 2.  when the image is shrunk on the instructible, it doesn't show the rollovers for the image.  Is there a way to make them show up? In this screenshot of All three images have comments, but the overlays don't show up in the smaller images. Many TIA!

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How do I change the font on comments? Answered

I really want this so I can unleash the power of my other account! Thansk, Flannel UK P.S. It's meant to say thansk.

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Instructables Enhancer

I moved this Enhancer here: Hello, this is a userscript I made that enhances instructables. It features settings and update notification. What is a userscript? A userscript is a little script (javascript) that the browser runs locally on the website How can i get it? It depends on your browser, for firefox there is a add-on called Greasemonkey, for chrome there is Tampermonkey, google can help you for other browsers. How do i install it? Just go here and hit install: Features Settings menu as a new sub-menu on the you-settings page Auto-checking for updates and notification bubble Displaying comments in the old tree from Displaying comments in the old way Display page buttons for orange boards Fix orange board comment indicators Fix line-break bug when editing the about-zone Full screen-width for widescreen monitorts Hide (removed by author or community request) Make the font size smaller again Make the background orange Fix the commend deleting Added a 'cancle reply' button when replying I would appreciate it if you'd give me some feedback. Also, if you find any bugs, please report them! (no known bugs to date)

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