Soduim hydroxide container? Answered

Is it safe to keep sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in a glass container or is PYREX necessary for safety? 

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I need to know how to use science to keep ice cream cold with out freezer? some sort of self freezing container?

Thinking about making a small container that I could take with me. about pint size not much bigger with some sort of chemical combo to achieve freezing state

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Shipping Container Workshop To Kenya

Howdy, My friends and I are building a workshop out of a shipping container, and we want Makers' suggestions on equipment. We'll be sending a 20' shipping container from Austin, Texas to Bungoma, a city in Western Kenya. The primary goal will be constructing chambers in which we can create biochar ( ), and we want to make the shop as versatile as possible. Thus far, we've definitively spent ~$8,000 of our $20,000 budget, mainly on a used plasmacam 4'x4' CNC with 2 plasma cutters, and allocated <20% of our space. Here's our list of some proposed equipment:;=en_US What are we missing that we just shouldn't be without? We'll have access to (dirty) grid power, standard industrial building materials, and (slow, expensive) shipping from the West. Please add your ideas to the spreadsheet and your broader comments below. We'll read everything, incorporate the best suggestions, and let you know what our final inventory becomes. We need to have our container in transit by the end of the month, so don't delay! Thanks, Luke  

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how to change Wiper(Windshield) water in my Skoda Fabia?

How to change Wiper(Windshield) water in my Skoda Fabia? I tried to fin the container but i didn't get that. please tell me the step by step procedure to find/locate the exact windshield water container and how to fill that with new water. If possible please provides pics that shows where is the windshield water container in Skoda Fabia 1.2 MPI model 2011 exactly? Thanks

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will concrete cure when in a sealed container? Answered

If the container is completely full of concrete, or possibly has a small air space?

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Project Cases,Boxes,Containers,Holder......

What ever you want to call it what else can you use. Sure there's Altoids tins and Tic Tac containers But what else do you use for a project housing ? And dose anybody know of any sites that sell components and allow Interac Online ?

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Small self-contained energy source

Hello,            I am interested in making a energy source similar to iron man's arc reactor in the fact that it is small, self contained, and and powerful. I would like it to be hand-held, but I can deal with slightly larger or even desk size. It needs to be long lasting. I am well aware that an arc reactor is fictional, but I just need something that may be similar. It can be a large project (I have time) but needs to be not super expencive. Around $500 is the max I can go for!  I hope someone can help, 13islucky

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Mk 219 fuze container value? Answered

I got this today at goodwill for $2.68 USD From what i got off the label Its some sort of ammo can for mk 219-3 fuze. Made by Nash-Kelvinator (automobile meets refrigerator) in 1943.  I know in the 40's everyone was into the war effort so its not that strange that an appliance/auto company would be making bomb fuzes. the MARK designation means Navy. My question, i picked this up to utilize as a small box for my smaller tools. Its in really good condition for being 68 years old. The inside is only scratched where the fuzes would have been rubbing the paint. (almost as if it contained live ordnance up until now). I checked ebay and havent seen any of these online.  Anyone have any idea how much its worth or rarity?(if its worth more than a tool box ill just sell it and buy a nice craftsman or something)

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What devices would contain a TIP31 transistor?

I have a lot of old electronic devices... Which are common ones to contain a TIP31?

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Would a container in space maintain its temperature?

It space where there are no particles in the air (metaphorically), would a container maintain its heat.  A vacuum doesn't conduct and in theory that would remove any chance of something losing its heat energy.  And if so would the earth lose all of its heat in the even't of the sun going away.  Or would it average out all of the temperatures, which would still be very cold and would leave the earth feeling about 0 degrees Celsius.  But in theory this would allow us to use some vast heating operation to raise the temperature of a planet and maintain it for us to live on.  I know that there are some things on earth that use the heat and convert its energy to other forms therefore heat is removed from within earth, but could those be eliminated?  This is all just food for thought for people and I kinda wondered what people would say.  Its all in all just fun to learn new things.

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Are there other ways to cool an object to 77 K (−196 °C; −321 °F) without use of cryogenic fluids, like liquid nitrogen?

 I am looking for a way to be able to keep an object below 77 K, while maintaining an airtight container. This cannot be obtained with cryogenic fluids like liquid nitrogen, as it becomes highly explosive and dangerous. Therefore, I need a way to keep an object below 77 K in an airtight container, safely.

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Do leds contain toxic material such as arsenic or lead? Answered

I heard something about LED light bulbs containing lead or arsenic. Does this apply to LEDs like the small kind?

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How to make a crucible capable of containing molten aluminum?

I am working on melting aluminum/copper and i have enough power to melt them...only problem is something to contain it...I do not have acess to welding equipment/ceramics and any advice on how to make/obtain a crucible without special order would be nice! Even if its not a real crucible but can serve as 1!

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How to connect a solenoid valve to my water container? Answered

I have a setup in my mind, consisting of a plastic bottle(filled with water) with a male threaded neck. This bottle is sitting upside-down so the threaded neck is on the bottom. I want to transfer this water to a cup(by freefalling water) through an electrically controlled solenoid valve. The problem is, the plastic bottle I have picked out has a neck outer diameter of 1-1/2 inches, and assuming I want to directly connect the solenoid valve to the neck, I need to get a 1-1/2" diameter valve, which is above $100. Is there any way to connect this container and a valve(still not picked out) without that high a cost? Maybe a reducer of some sort(i looked but cant find any with 1-1/2" diameter on one side)?  Thanks guys, and sorry if the question is kinda weird and simple. For a reference, check this project. What i want to do is similar,but instead of using a pump, I want the water to freefall into the cup.I'd like to eliminate the tubing too.

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How do you take apart an apple earpods container?

I want to take apart an apple earpod container so i can use the case for a project

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Enlist all the sites like instructables containing DIY stuff n all?

Enlist all the sties which contain DIY stuff, experiments etc etc.

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I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2- 12v gel batt

I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2-12v batteries. the charger has 115v/230vac input & 24vdc/5a output. what do i need to get to be able to install a solar charge / battery maintain system?

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I think I have a cool idea, will it work?

I would like to see a scientific 'domino's' event. My idea is that you have a series of containers with different chemical combinations, and they all have entry and exit areas. The containers would have a starting spot, whereby a chemical would be added to the current combination, to cause a spurt to leave the exit point, and enter the next container by the entry point, this would cause another reaction, and the chain would continue to the next container. I'm wondering if the reaction could be continued for 20 containers or more. Obviously an explosion in the chain would break the next container, so each reaction would need to be thought out to produce a spurt. What's more the positioning of each container would need to be perfectly planned according to the power of the reaction. For the container's I'm thinking something like a glass watering can, with chambers inside if needed to produce the right reaction or effect. The entry point would be the filling rea, and the spout would be the exit point. I think it's a cool idea, and I would love to know if it could work.

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How best to transfer 2 liters of liquid from one container to another and back again?

I'm bulding a cleaning machine. I need to transfer 2 liters (.53 Gal) of liquid (water with a small amount of cleaning agent) from one container through a filter to another empty container of the same size, quickly. I would like to accomplish this buy pressing a button. Then transfer the liquid back to the original container. Looking suggestions on how best to accomplish this. Thanks

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DIY mini heating element

I have a container (8cm by 8cm by cm) to store powdery food. But the food gets clumped together to the container walls. As such, I am thinking of coming up with a mini heating device to keep the container warm to prevent the clumping of the powder food. Am quite noob to this and would like to hear suggestions and ideas to come up with a simple diy device.

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How to drill holes on ABS plastic?

Hi guys, I have this plastic which I think is made of ABS plastic. I need to drill a rectangular hole and and some circular holes in the container. As such, what method (milling machining/drill etc etc) should I use to achieve my goal without damaging(cracking etc) the container? I have uploaded a pic of the container.. thanks

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Can the containers and pouches of silica gel in pill bottles, new bags and the like, be used to make glass? Answered

What physical setup would be required if this is possible? Please advise, and thank you in advance.

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How do I keep ferrofluid from staining glass?

I need to keep ferrofluid from staining the glass container it resides in. The fluid will be in the container for a long time, so the solution has to last a long time as well.

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I have a question about electrolysis...

Why doesn't it work when I put the anode and the cathode in two different container when I am separating hydrogen and oxygen from water in electrolysis...?!

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Where can I get a powerful 14 MHz radio wave generator, and what can contain the waves? Answered

I need a somewhat powerful 14 MHZ radio wave generator. I know that these frequencies are probably illegal, so what can best contain them? I have heard that Faraday Cages can, and a parabolic reflector has also ocurred to me. What would be best to contain them, and is it possible to build one?

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Fitting a hydrogen/oxygen reactor into a thermos? Or at least in a container about the size of a birdbath stand? Answered

EDIT: I decided that starting with steam instead of hydrogen would be much more efficient, much safer, simpler, and cheaper than reacting hydrogen. So if anyone knows if there is a way I can compress steam in a canister and not have it turn to water, and where to get the supplies for relatively cheap, that would be great! Merci! So my last question was how to bond hydrogen and oxygen to make water and condense it, and I got how to do that, but how hard would it be to fit this whole thing into a homemade thermos that has a screw-on hydrogen canister on the bottom? The hydrogen storage would be outside of the thermos in the canister, but there's still the reactor, condenser, and pressure release valve for safety. How hard would it be to fit it into the thermos (the thermos is about 1.5-2x the height of a store-bought thermos and about the same width, maybe a little bit wider)? If that isn't possible or logical, how about a birdbath stand? It would be a wide PVC tube reminiscent of a stone birdbath support, and would have a basin on top that contains the water after exiting the condenser. 

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Does 1.01 grams of hydrogen have a mass equal to 12 grams of carbon?

Hydrogen has a molar mass of 1.01g/mol . A mole is defined as the amount of substance that contains as many entities as exactly 12g of carbon-12. Carbon has a molar mass of 12.01 g/mol. Also: In my textbook it states that "1.01 grams of hydrogen contain 6.02214199 X 10^23 atoms of hydrogen." Does this mean that 12 grams of carbon contain 6.02214199 X 10^23 atoms of carbon?

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I have a metal, circular container with a clear plastic circle in the center of the lid. What I should do with it?

I have a metal, circular container about 3.25in diameter (8.5cm) and 1.125in tall (2.8 cm). There is a clear plastic circle in the center of the lid, 1.75in diameter (4.5cm). I am wondering what I should do with it! I am thinking something electronic, possibly usb powered, or something. Please send me interesting ideas! Thank you! (sorry about blurry pictures; they looked fine as thumbnails in the camera!)

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can i just call my matlab functions in the mex file containing my thread?

Hi guys,i am doing Oop in matlab and  i have to simulate 2 different networks and visualize the results at thesame time. i have all my functions writtten in matlab m-files.Matlab does not support multithreading .To use mex files will i need to re-right all my matlab functions in the c-pogramming language again or can i just call my matlab functions in the mex file containing my thread?

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Epilog Contest rules: instructables must &quot;not contain or incorporate the intellectual property of any third party&quot; Answered

Does this mean that we can't say brand names of supplies or store names of where we got our materials? I do not want to be disqualified for this! : - )

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How to heat a metallic bowl containing a liquid, which must be evaporated, using peltier element?

Hello everyone, I'm Georgios and thank you for your time My goal is to create a mechanism which will be able, using peltier element, to heat a metallic bowl (metallic because of its heat conductivity). In the bowl I will put acetone and I want to evaporate this liquid. Also I want to control the temperature of the bowl. The evaporated acetone will be kept in a closed box. Then, using second peltier element I want to cool the acetone, to liquidity it? Do you know if this is possible? And in general do you think that it is a good idea to use peltier element for heating and cooling, only with electricity, acetone? My goal is also to heat in a fast way. The temperature must be 80 C for evaporation.

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autorun file

Wat does the autorun file of our drive contain i want the whole code,....bcz mine is modified by some means

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Need help for a project?

So I've to make a multi-functional garbage container, which would be solar powered, and it must have an arduino . The idea is that the container will have 2 LCD displays showing a moving eye, a sensor for when something is thrown inside (the sensor must activate an audio device, which should say "thank you" at the moment) another sensor fr when the container is full (it'll have to make an LED blink) . So my knowledge about arduino is fair (about coding) and I wold need help for that and also for what components to use (mainly what sensor as I described) All those things are gonna be made for a project and our budget is about 150$ Thanks in advance!

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Wiring 120 LED in parallel.It is in square shape.Each side contain of 40 LED.How many power supply i need.?

I'm going to build up a multi-touch. Now I'm facing the wiring problem. The screen is square in shape. Each side contains of 40 LED.Now i need to know how many power supply that i needed..and also the wiring diagram since that i have no knowledge on it.

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Calcium Chloride Corrosive Effects

I know that calcium chloride can corrode metal, but does it require direct contact or can it generate fumes that could corrode?   Here's the issue:  I have a wood stove and I place a container of Damp Rid inside over the summer to absorb moisture.  It looks like the Damp Rid plastic container had a small crack, so moisture passed through the calcium chloride and through the container and through the back of the stove After a while I noticed a pool of water behind the stove.  I traced the problem back to the Damp Rid container, cleaned up the moisture inside and outside the stove, and replaced the Damp Rid.  At the same time I noticed areas all over the exterior of the stove where the finish was coming off, areas that were not in contact with the water.  In fact, at least one section of the stove that had direct contact shows no sign of  a problem. I'm trying to discover if the calcium chloride caused the problem, or if it's something else causing the damage.

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Arc produced orange lightweight gas? Answered

EMERGENCY: I have been arcing through everyday air in an enclosed container.  An orange gas formed at the top and I am not sure what it is.  The container is plastic and has had a small amount of melting in a top part, but very minimally.  My electrodes are aluminum foil layered over a couple times, melting has occurred slightly on the electrodes.   10kv 30mA transformer.

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anyone knows how to build a heat seal lidding machine for sealing plastic container and lidding film?..

It has been quite some time I have been searching around in the internet, web pages, articles, instructables, make magazine or any other DIY thread and forums for a guideline or instruction on how can we built ourselves a heat seal lidding machine which can be used to seal a lidding film to a plastic container which is widely used by the food packaging company. There are a lot automated and sophisticated commercial machine being manufactured by many companies which priced at 10, 20, and even hundreds of thousands dollars. Even for a simple small mini hand operated machine cost up to 1,000 dollars.. I believe I am not the only one who are searching an instruction to DIY this machine, at least for own usage at home for small quantity operation. It is great if there are someone who brilliant, an inventor who can guide us in building this kind of machine. So far that i search, i found out that the closest article about heat seal is an instructable article "how to make a heat sealer" by klee27x. Hope that there is someone out there who can gave us light, either theoratically or a real deal about it.

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I need a ratchet mechanism for a 1/4in square spindle. not a clue where to get one. any help? thanks.?

I'm looking to turn a 1/4 in square ended spindle with a shaft which contains a ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism will be contained in a shaft at 90 degrees to the spindle so as to allow a turning of the spindle through a fraction of a revolution before returning to start. The ratchet shaft would be permanently and securely fixed (bolted?) to the spindle and allow a reasonable amount of torque.

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Pump for little pieces of paper

Hi, I'm going to make a display cabinet for an art project. Please see image for more info. The idea is to have a container (gray box) with ash on the back side of this cabinet, then there should be a pump (red dot) emptying this container and blowing the ash to the front true a tube (see red line) into a double glass window.  How can I create something like this? the problem is the transfering of the ash (little pieces of paper) from the back to the front.

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Will bleach accelerate rusting on iron to product iron oxide?

Would regular clorox bleach in a container with a peice of iron over time create iron oxide?

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how to make a simple wireless detonator to ignite a 10g of gunpowder?

A wireless detonator  circuit from an RC car(for example) and a relay circuit to ignite a pingpong size container with gunpowder

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How do you build a mini ecosystem? Answered

It will be built inside a container that's about 30cm by 30cm by 20cm. Once finished, it will be sealed with a lid forever. It has to be sustainable, viable, and reasonable.

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Remote Valve?

I have an idea for a project, and I am trying to figure out a simple mechanism or valve that will be able to release fog produced by water and dry ice into a relatively small diameter tube. I would like it to be activated via remote, but other ideas are appreciated. My plan is to have a sealed container with water and dry ice on my back. Tubing would lead from the container to a mask I'm constructing. I am just trying to figure out a way in which I can control the release of the fog.

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Food safe pump

Hi everyone! I'm working on a halloween costume where I want to have a container of liquid on my back, a hose from said container running down my left arm and a way todispense the liquid through the hose. Right now the dispensing is the problem. Would a windshield washer pump be reasonably safe to use for something that is going to be consumed? I'd buy a new unused one of course. If that's not a good idea, what would be? I've experimented with a can of compressed air to push the drink out but was not fully satisfied with the result.

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