Laptop power cord?

How do I find out which part of my power cord is bad?

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I need to repair my laptop power chord. do I need to keep the thick thing in the cord?

There is a thick part on the power cord close to the jack. I dont have enough wire left to put a new jack on. Can I cut out the thick part?

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splicing a power cord together

I want to make a laptop power supply cord longer by connecting two power supply cords together. My question is? one power supply cord has a ( RED WIRE AND A WHITE WIRE) and the other power supply cord has a (WHITE WIRE AND A GREY WIRE). Which wires do I solder together to make the wiring correct.

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how to make a laptop cord Answered

I have a Toshiba laptop model is psaa8u-syl02k serial is x6023956Q it may have a dead batter as well or one that wont charge where can I buy one for this laptop I am just thinking ahead but the cord is the main problem now and thanks everyone.

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where to find usb cord

Where can i find a usb cord for these projects?

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Power Tool Corded to Cordless

Hi 'nstructables I'm building a hovercraft (see several tutorials on Instructables - the one with a leaf blower) and my leaf blower is corded. I don't want to buy 25 miles of Black and Decker High Power Extension Cabling so I'm planning to convert to cordless. Here's my idea: (in visual) Is there anything I need to add? And if so, how do I make the "12VDC-240VAC" inverter described? My blower is 1600 watt. Thanks for any help! (Black and Decker)

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Looking for a iTouch USB cord wiring diagram? Repairing the USB cord

Hey, I have two old USB cords form my iPod Touch laying around, and I took one apart to find that two of the wires simply pulled free of the part that goes into the iPod. I'm not willing to risk blindly soldering them back on and hopefully not frying my iPod to test it out, without at least a few tips as to which wire goes where. Could anyone help me? The four wire colors are green, blue, orange, and white. Orange and white are the ones that pulled free. Thanks :)

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how can i make a ethernet cord splitter so i can hook up two computers to my one (cable one) modem?

I have a desktop in two rooms of my house and only one modem with just one ethernet port on it. so i can only hook up one computer at a time. i need both desktops hooked up and dont have the money for a modem with 2 ethernet ports on it. i have lots of extra random cords layin around. i usually can figure out how to do this sort of thing but im stuck. my modem has the cable home phone and internet all on it and it all has to b plugged in for anything to work. i got the cable to another end of the house by taking a short cable cord and plugging it into a splitter. so i could run a cable cord to my living room and my other room without having to pay for extra rooms. but i cant do that with the internet and i need to know how. can someone please help me?

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I have an old GE corded phone... Is there anyway I can turn this into a cordless phone?

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what are these factory power cord attachments?

I see them all the time and I even think somebody told me once but I forgot. First one to answer gets a candy bar.

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How can I hook up cheap dollar store headphone cord with jack to a mini speaker from a hallmark card? Answered

I keep playing around with it and eventually i get a short blast of music and then lose it. i really need help

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Can anyone identify this cable? + bonus question

I've taken some pics of a cord that's coming out of a camcorder LCD display I salvaged from an old camcorder. Can anyone identify it? I counted 28 pins. I also have a second question. I was hoping to connect the LCD display to a webcam so if anyone would be willing to provide any insight on that, I'd appreciate it :) Thanks in advance!

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USB mouse cord as power cable?

Hi, is it possible to use an old USB mouse cord as a USB cable? I tried connecting a 5v motor to an old mouse cord but it wont work. The cord has a red, green, blue, and white wires. I hooked the red and white wires to the motor, but with no results. Any help?

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A/V Cord to Typical Stereo Wires? Answered

I have a surround sound speaker system that only takes the typical stereo wires (you know, positive and negative electrode inputs for left and right side). I also have a stereo reciever that only provides A/V outputs. I was pondering how I could make these work when I realized that, even with an A/V cord, it still needs to make a complete circuit. Thus the cord needs to have two wires going through it, and the plug had a way to complete that circuit. Now that I know this, I want to know if I can cut the plug off of one end, strip the wires apart, and plug those wire ends in my subwoofer? If anyone knows if this is possible, please let me know! And please help me determine which wires are positive and negative current. THANKS!

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Can I cut the end of a computer keyboard power cord and connect a USB cord to it?

I just got into electronics and I really like LEDs. I started looking around the house for some, but I might just go buy brand new ones. Well, I still have my old computer and I took apart the keyboard for LEDs. Instead of trying to take the LEDs out of it, I decided to keep everything together. The power cord is connected to the other board thing (a motherboard or baseboard?) It is one of the kind that have the 6 long pieces that makes a circle-like shape. I want to know if I can make that end a USB. I see that in this image this is something that I want to do. But everything from the keyboard is still connected. I hope I am explaining this clearly enough.

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Wiring an indoor extension cord to a small switch?

Hi - I need to take an indoor extension cord like this and wire it to a switch like this. I'm assuming I can just cut one of the two wires within the extension cord and connect either end to a prong on the switch.  Actually, I'm almost positive that will work. The real question here: is it safe? So, will this switch be able to hand the electricity from the outlet running through it? Thanks, Adam

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HDMI to VGA cable? Answered

Hi, I recently bought a HDMI to VGA cord for my Raspberry Pi (V. 1).  After I received it, I tried it, but it did not work.  I did some research and from what I can find, running the cord straight from the Pi to a VGA screen will not work.  Is this correct?  Is there any way to use this cord?  Or is this just a useless cord?  Thanks in advance.  :)

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Laptop "plug" upgrade/replacement question.?

I have an Asus K53SV Laptop and the power jack is busted, like the internal connections are loose.  I'm looking to upgrade it to a panel-mount one that's screwed into the case instead mounted to the mother-board. How do I find out which kind to order online?  It's not like I can go to the barrel-jack store with my laptop brick and see which one fits.  Is there a standard sizing scheme or something?  I couldn't find one. Also, is there a MagSafe like system for this?  I'd love to have it come apart if someone trips over the cord (again... that's why it's broken now... >.<)

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heat shrink tubing on vacuum power cord? Answered

The insulation on my vacuum cleaner power cord has been stripped (due to the wheels running over it many times), I want to put heat shrink tubing over it,  how can i do that because the tubing does not fit over the plug on the end??

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Wiring Arduino Help

I included 2 images of the wiring I have. What seems to be the problem, when I push 1 button it changes the input of both of them. What's wrong? I'm almost 100% this is a wiring issue. I put an LED behind the bottom button, but when I push the top button, the LED turns off.

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Old hard to find cord`s circuit?

So at my school we still use old old programmable relays. The Crouzet Millenium 2. The problem is that we are plugging in and out the cords each day which leads to as you can think, them to stop working. My teacher can not find them and I am sure the school does not have the 100 ish dollars to drop on one cord. It is part public school so its not the richest. If my teacher had at least the whole schematic for the cord, then he can make his own cords to at least let us us them without having to upload 50 thousand times to try and get a response from the things brain. The cords model number is 88950102 if this helps

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how to fix a wired 360 controller cord?

My dog chewed threw my wired xbox 360 controller cord in multiple spots, my question is, can i bypass the round black cylinder closest to the remote, or is it something important?

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Dedicated cable release cord for iPhone camera

How could I make a dedicated cable release cord for the iPhone?  I have looked and looked for this end product - but cannot find it anywhere... Knowing that we can use the volume up button on headphones for the iPhone/Touch to snap pictures, how could we make a cord that is dedicated to this function (instead of using earbutds).  I am wanting to use this feature to help with making stop motion movies.  Using the earbud control is useful.  But I'd really like to have a cord a bit longer than the standard earbud cord lenth.  And also would be nice if the cord could have a very easy to press buton.  Clicking on the headphone volume control can be sort of akward sometimes.  Perhaps we could take some old earbuds and cut off the earbuds and do something with the remaining wires and make a some sort of switch with the remainder. Any thoughts?  I am pretty sure that I could waste an amazing amount of time and figure out via trial and error - but thought it might be better to ask for some quick direction! I believe that the more recent models of iPhone/Touch use a TRRS plug as described on this page: Any thoughts  - THANK YOU  VERY MUCH!

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Compaq and HP laptop power cord compatibility? Answered

The plug for my HP laptop's AC/DC adapter has a loose connection, so I am using my old Compaq adapter.  All the specs are the same; 65w, 18.5v, and 3.5a, except for the input amps, 1.7 on one and 1.6 on the other (probably just because of efficiency).   The plugs are the same.  I just wanted to double check.  Is it okay to use the Compaq(actually says HP on it) instead of the HP one? Thanks in advance! AI

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Is the Ipod touch 2nd generation charger cord the same as the ipod nano 6th generation's? Answered

Planning on getting a 6th gen nano, and wanted to know if it would work with my docking station.

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My Laptop Is Broke. But how? Answered

I have an old dinosaur laptop (a Fujitsu Life-book C2330 approx. 7 years old.) that worked up until very recently. I packed it up in my closet for a few weeks, and when I decided to re-purpose it, the laptop wouldn't power up. I believe the problem is not in the laptop itself, but in its power transformer. When the transformer was working, it would make a high-pitch, low volume, whine. But now the transformer only whines once for a half second every five seconds. This could maybe be attributed to a blown capacitor or other electronic mishap. If that is the case however, it would probably be more worth my time buying a new transformer. My second idea is that the transformer has been damaged but usable for a while, but the laptop requires a slight charge of some kind in the battery to get it going, and the old transformer doesn't have the guts to give that charge. Metaphorically leaving me with a car with a dead battery, trying to jump-start off another car with another dead battery. If this is the case, then I should buy a new battery. My third idea is that both the transformer and the battery are not the problem, and it is the power jack that is the problem. I had to open the computer up not too long ago to re-solder the loose power jack. The screws that attached a ridiculously large EMI cage to the motherboard were stripped, so I had to drill them out, and then bend the EMI cage about 45 degrees. That allowed me to fix the power cord, but it also damaged my internal wireless card. After putting it all back in one piece, the laptop worked fine until I bought a new one, when I put it in my closet and forgot about it. Which brings me back to the thought that the power jack is broken. But it doesn't look broken at all, it doesn't feel broken, and it doesn't jiggle in the laptop. And if the jack is broken, I might as well just give up. The last possibility, is that the laptop, the transformer, the battery, and the power jack are all usable, but the power cord, which looks fine on the outside, might have lost its conductivity, or become frayed and detached inside its rubber casing. Which can be easily fixed by opening it up and reattaching the wires. That's my situation. I don't know which of these ideas it is, but it has to be one of them. I appreciate any help I can get. Sorry for the bad image quality. Not that the pictures help much anyway. Thanks, Sam

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how do i directly connect my ps3 to my computer with out going through my tv?

I need to bypass my tv because it is not working, i would like to go straight into the back of my computer screen with it. i have no hdmi hook up for it in the back nor do i in my cpu. i don't have the red yellow white cable connection in the back either. i just have the (vga?) i think thats it. blue almost rectangle. any way? tks for your help

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what can I do with a que!fire 12x10x32x cd rw drive without cords?

I showed it to a friend and was given it as a gift without connection cords or power cords.

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How to build a circuit that switches between battery or AC, like a boom box (for lack of another example)?

I am designing something which will be lit by led's, and I want the device to be able to have the option of operating by way of either batteries(for the led's), or by plugging it in to 120V AC(the led's are the only things that will be powered). I know how do what I need to change the AC to DC(correct drivers etc.), however, I don't know how to design what I need to simply make it switch over to batteries if you unplug it from AC(automatically, as a boom box does if you remove the AC cord), or vice versa, switch to being able to plugging it in if batteries are dying/ are dead. Thanks. 

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I am dumb today, Im also busy. best power supply for converting a cordless drill to corded would be the battery charger? or not? 6.5 amp 14.4 volt porter cable drill - model 877 charger reads 12v/14.4v 1.8 amp charger My math and logic tells me I am going to need roughyl 3 times the amperage to power this focker to full go, and that I should locate another higher amperage dealy, like a car batter charger or something....

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Wiring up a Electret Microphone to a 3.5mm cord for PC?

My headset's microphone isnt really too good, its wayy too quiet with boost and volume all the way up so I'd like to make a custom mic to hopefully have it perform better then my current mic So I was looking around and saw these ones that come amplified Those look like they can be easier to solder together than this one  Would I be ok to splice up a headphone cord and solder everything up or will i need external power for them or anything else to have it run alright?

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Circuit board assistance for a beginner (corded phone hack)?

I'm attempting to hack an old corded phone into a two button device in a smaller enclosure. Reason being my apartment uses landline phones to buzz people into the building, and I wanted to see if I could DIY a fun alternative. As it stands the functionality of two buttons is needed - speaker to answer/hang up, and the 9 key to buzz in - but the board itself is larger than the enclosure I had wanted to put it in. Is there a way to get around this? Would it be a matter of having to trace the circuits and physically break off pieces of the board that aren't relevant (keys 1-8, etc), or do I have it all wrong?  Pictured below is the board and the two buttons in question. EDIT: I accidentally circled the key below the 9 key - I'm aware of this mistake. I am a total newbie when it comes to this stuff so if this is a dumb question I apologize in advance. Additionally, if anyone has alternative solutions or suggestions for this issue I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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can i convert a corded drill into an AC generator?

Wondering if i can use the same steps as this to make an AC generator:

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How can I wire a standard light switch to an extension cord? Answered

I am working on a project in which 2 light fixtures are wired up to an outdoor extension cord. I need to wire a light switch like the one pictured below to the extension cord. How can I go about doing this? Thanks, Adam

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electrical question

How do I rewire the power cord to a Thermadyne 38 plasma cutter power switch, not having a cord to begin with?

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Dell Insprion 1100 power jack negative positive pins?

Hi all, I was given a Dell inspiron 1100 with the charger and as I went to pull out the power cord from the the power jack at the back the wires ripped leaving the end of the plug still in the power jack at the back. I removed the end part and am now trying to figure out what pins of the 3 are what.It is a 3 pin jack all them are numbered 1,2 and 3.My problem is when the wires ripped out they left no evidence of what goes where when I tried to put them back in..Another problem is that the cord from the adapter only has 2 wires,centre and one around it,so two pins must be the same?.I placed smaller wires into the connection pin holes and glued it so later on  its easier to connect them up to the cord as the wires from the cord are thick and too hard to get back in the end connection. Can anyone please help me identify the 3 pins? Cheers

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How do you connect a wireless headset phone cord to standard stereo/mic jacks?

I need to know how to make a wireless headset function as a wired headset.  At the base of the charging station is a standard phone jack.  I need this phone cord split to where it will plug into the pink/green, audio/mic parts of a modified speaker phone.  There is already an existing cord where this was done, but the person who did it is no longer available.  In addition, they didn't put it on the 2 separate jacks, just one large audio jack.

Question by austinatc 

How to make a single bright LED light that is powered by AC and what are the components to make it?

I'm making a product that I will use a single led light that is powered by ac. What are the items that I will need to make it including the cord also I want a cord that has an on/off switch in the cord.

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How to get pictures Off of trac-phone... into computer?

I bought a Trac-Phone.  I snapped some pictures.  I cant figure how to download off of the camera into the computer.  I know how to do it using a camera with SD card... or connecting cord to a CAMERA.... but this Trac-Phone (slider kind made by Samsung).... only comes with a CHARGER cord.  Not a picture-download cord.  Do I need a special download cord?  HELP! (and thanks).

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If i take a usb cord (for power) and solder the two ends to a V shaped paper clip, wouuld the bottom of the...

If i take a usb cord (for power) and solder the two ends to a V shaped paper clip, wouuld the bottom of the V get hot enough for me to use as a wood burner?

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What DC adapter does this clock use?

 Someone was throwing away this HoMedics ss-5000 alarm clock, and I "rescued" it. The DC adapter wasn't with it, though, so I want to find a replacement for it. (Without the adapter, it won't give any features besides the time and temperature.) Might any of you possibly have this clock and/or know what specs its adapter has?  Thanks,   Win Guy P.S. I'm sorry that the photos are sideways, the camera I used auto-flips images that are taken at an angle, and that was the only way that I could take the pictures without the flash coming back and glaring in the lens.  UPDATE! I found a really old variable voltage adapter, but it has a fixed amount of amperage: 300mA. In any case, today I'll open the clock and check the polarity. From there, it'll probably be smooth sailing. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post!  But this question is still open to people who have this clock who can tell me exactly what the specs are.

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In my computer i have tons of spare power cords? Answered

These normally go to floppy drive, CD rom. How do i know which is the postive and which is the negtive and how much voltage does it provide?

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I want to hardwire the power cord to my iBook G3?

I own an iBook G3 and would like help in finding out how to hardwire the powercord to the DC board inside the computer. It's an old one and I don't want to spend any $$ getting it fixed. The battery won't hold a charge anymore and so I am fine with having it hardwired and not portable.

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Potenco's Latest Pull-Cord Power Generator - Wired Video

Check out Potenco's latest pull-cord generator in this interview Colin did for Wired. Video: Potenco's Latest Pull-Cord Power GeneratorA couple of weeks ago, we headed out to Potenco's amazing headquarters at the decommissioned Alameda Naval Base to check out their power generator for the developing world.It looks a bit like a yo-yo, and generates an average of 25 watts of power in normal operation. That's enough to power twenty minutes of cellphone talk time with just one minute of pulling.Their engineering feats could ultimately enable millions in the developing world to access information through their cellphones and internet devices, and light their homes with smoke-free lanterns. Now all they have to do is get them out into the field.One proprietary thing we couldn't show you was the Potenco cord testing room, where a Rube-Goldberg looking machine put dozens of types of strings through thousands of simulated yanks and pulls.Nicholson Baker envisioned such a machine in his book, The Mezzanine, but for shoelaces, not power generators. We echo his thoughts on the relationship between finding the right strings and civilization's advance: "He had constructed a machine and strapped hundreds of shoelaces of all kinds into it, wearing them down over and over, in a passionate effort to get some subtler idea of the forces at work... Progress was being made. Someone was looking into the problem."Enjoy the video! Thanks to Potenco (especially Mike Lin and Colin Bulthaup) for letting us come out and Michael Lennon and Annaliza Savage here at Wired for putting it together.

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