Sonic data transmission?

This is just an idle thought, but I was reading a couple of ROV builds, and the one thing they all have in common is a tether - it's a fact of the world that very little in the way of radio signal can penetrate water. So... Could you send control signals to an ROV via sound or ultrasound?  Could beeps and clicks carry enough data, far enough, and clearly enough, to control an ROV? Even more fun, how much data could come back? Sensor readings? Images? Just throwing it out there for you to toy with, but it would be fun to have genuinely-remote control for this class of robot.

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Laser Data Link

Hey guys, I have a question regarding sending data over lasers. Is it possible to link two computers with a laser beam (for text transmission, kinda like skype)? And if so do any of you know how I could make this system that would allow two computers to communicate over a laser? Thanks, CKGarside

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panic alarm data?

 i request to get data about panic alarm.

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What is a data center?

Cloud computing 

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plot serial data? Answered

Hello  i need to know how to plot serial data on computer , i have a data that comes from sonar sensor via xbeee to pin 19 rx on arduino mega , i can read those value but i need to plot it versus time and save its value  for pid results. i tried simplot and it work but it dosent save data, and im stuck on matlab and i couldnt make it work.

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Calculator data into a PC

I have a Check and Correct Calculator with 120 steps, I need to upload the data stored on the memory of the calculator, I mean the 120 steps all together into a excel file, or to a text file. Any ideas on how to convert a calculator into a small pad?

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accumulator # immediate data ? Answered

Hello , What I need to know  if I want to load the immediate value  into the accumulator accumulator # immediate data accumulator is  8 bit, assume  address of accumulator is  11 10 01 01 temporary register is  8 bit  that hold Immediate data 00 00 00 11 Instruction register example LD A, # 00 00 00 11 this is 2 byte instruction first  byte is 11 10 01 01 second byte is 00 00 00 11 lets assume that first byte is opcode , store into instruction register  This is the first instruction fetch cycle. fetch , decode , and execute how to decode and execute the first byte instruction

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excel external data, new data - new line? Answered

Hi, i'm getting the ticker feed from ( and feeding it into an excel 2010 spreadsheet. what i want to do is append the new data  (on update, 1 min interval) to a new line(row) on each update.

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How can I feed a world map in a robot and make it understand what I would be asking it?

I want someone to help me out that how can I feed a world map and can I know that how  can I make my robot understand what I would be asking it  because I want it to trace all the places on the map which I would be asking it.

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Storing Simple Analog Data

Hey guys! I just got this cool little temperature (LM35) and I had a small problem. I want to upload this sketch to my ATtiny45 and put it on my plane so I could get the temperature from above. Only problem is I have no way of seeing it. So is there a simple, easy solution to storing a couple of numbers? I though I could just set the temperature every 3 minutes to a variable, but if I turned the board off, the data would be lost. So I don't need to store tons of memory just a couple numbers! Thanks!

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CAN Data Displayed on Laptop Answered

I want to display CAN Data on my laptop. Any suggestions?

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how to erase the data on a microchip

I want to see if any one can tall me how  to erase the data on a microchip I cant find it on YouTube

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Predict the Future! ...of data sets

I just made an excel spreadsheet, that predicts the future of data sets. My main reason was because I wanted to have a way to predict my Instructable views, but this could be used for a lot more. This is not completely accurate (as it uses the best fitting line of the data) so don't believe it completely. To use it, just change the first two numbers (at least) to values you want to see grow. Any value you don't know. Mark with n

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Convert an earthquake graph into datas Answered

I'm currently working on a project which studies the earthquakes and aims to reproduce seismic datas on paper rolls. I'm using home-made electronics (servomotors) and would like to redraw the earthquakes with the most accuracy. For that, I use the heliplots we can find like here: However, each time I find a heliplot, it is an image. But in my project, I'm trying to get the datas as inputs as sort to be drawn directly with servomotors and mechanisms. My question is how could I translate the pictures as datas (CSV for examples) or where could I find an earthquake decomposed under a CSV file?

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samsung galaxy data transfer?

I want to transfer #'s from my samsung flip phone to my Galaxy

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How to graph MPU6050 data?

I am using the MPU6050 sensor. I want to plot the graphs of accelerometer and the gyroscope data that I am reading via arduino. I have created a programme where I can plot 3D blocks of accelerometer and the gyroscope and then use the Complementary Filter to combine them together and get a nice and precise data. However, now I want to use the processing to plot the data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope and also to show the comparison with the complementary filter. Does anyone know how can I do that or anyone know any tutorial regarding this or has done a similar programme?

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Conversion of RS485 data to usb?

I have a keller pressure sensor PAA-33X which gives output in RS485. I also have an rs485 to usb converter( so that I can get the value directly on my computer for viewing and further processing of that data. I tried the connections but, the converter module only shows that data is being transferred(tx led glows) but not received, when I run the READ30 software. Someone please help me with this in a detailed way. Thanks in advance.

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Changing bluetooth identification data

Hi I bought this bluetooth audio module from Now is it possible to change the bluetooth identification name, wch appears on the phone to pair, from what is mentioned. Thanks.

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D-Pad data compression?

So, I'm working on a small, simple, and yet very inefficient game console using multiple ATmega328 chips. Basically, I'm trying to compress the controller data into as few wires as possible using an ATmega. Hopefully using something along the lines of Anyone have any idea how to do this? I can handle coding, it's just the actual logic of it. 

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Recover Outlook Express data?

I'm trying to help a friend who's computer got into a state where windows would not boot. Windows repair and a few other tricks didn't work and he didn't have many programs so I just re-installed windows but not before taking a full image of the original drive state. Everything works great now except he says he had a lot of old emails saved that are gone now and his address book is empty. I already reconfigured outlook express to get his mail (standard pop3) and that's working fine but obviously his old stuff was not on the server nor was his address book. Since I have a copy of all his old data logically their should be a way to recover and manually bring his old email and address book into the new installation. However I wasn't able t do a proper export so basically all i have is a copy of the files from the old HDD. What files should I be looking to copy back from the old image and how should i import them so as to not destroy his new mail that's downloaded but still restore his old mail and contacts?

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Make a sata to usb data only cable?

I want to make a cable that is sata on one end and usb on the other for a laptop hard drive I only need data I have power all ready set up .on usb data is transfered with 2 pins and on sata with 4 pins  is their a way to interface this .

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what are the power specs on the data pins for a usb port?

I am wondering if i can integrate the usb ports to control an outside circuit, so basically, is the data pins on a usb port pull high or low enough to trigger standerd AOI logic gates? Then, if im not asking too much, could someone upload a simple program, (any language but has to work on windows 7) that trips the output, turning it on and off? also, is it bad or will it slow down my computer if i send a constant data packet to the usb?

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How to program the decoded data received by an IR sensor in arduino?

I need to use the decoded data to turn on/off LEDs. I already have the command and control codes of the IR transmitter I am going to use. IR sensor is TSOP1738 and transmitter will most probably be a remote using RC5 protocol. The thing is I dont know how to program the decoded data from the sensor. This data is need for me to turn on/off LEDs. Its like if switch 1 in the transmitter is pressed LED1 should glow. If pressed again it should be off. Likewise for 3 or more LEDs. I am using an arduino board with ATMEGA8 on it.

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Inefficient, Complicated, Slow Data Transfer Idea w/ Geek points!

Would it be possible to transfer data between two computers at the same time using a single large optical disc? One laser would write to the disc while the other would read it when the disc rotates around. Maybe a magnetic disk like in a zipdisk would work better? An alternative to a disk might be using magnetic tape. I've had this idea for a while and now I've finally illustrated it, Is this at all possible? Also, why when I upload pictures to my library Instructables craps the quality and turns them into smuddgy blurs?

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how to block this? Answered

This ip addresses killing my internet data, how to block this it's receiving data without my permission.  

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is it possible to make a usb drive think it has a smaller capacity?

I have an 8GB USB drive, but it doesn't like more than 4GB of data. can i tell it to be a 4GB drive?

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Apple floppy disk?

Hi,    I have been searching for a way to get the info from some floppy disks that were used on an Apple format computer in the early 90's. The disks are 3.5's. I have a disk drive. I have tried to find a converter  program online but none seem to apply to this.  I can't get them on the PC because if they are formatted they lose the data. Does anyone know a way to convert the data to PC inexpensively?    Thanks Much,   Savex

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Rainbow Video Disks?

Anyone remember those "Rainbow Video Disks"? The bits of A4 paper that could store up to 450 GB of data? What ever happened to those? Are they available somewhere or did they just die? If anyone knows of some way of storing files on paper (via 2d barcode or something) I'd be greatful.

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Is there any more suggestion?

Hi, I am seriously considering the purchase of EASEUS data recovery wizard or Partition Table Doctor and have some questions, I will give you the background of my problem - I was loading Password Pros (password recovery software) and during the loading process (when it was in the middle of loading) the computer was accidently rebooted by me. Now every time I turn on my computer it repeatedly reboots itself and never gets past this point. Just before the computer is ready to shut itself down and reboot itself again, it gives the message "Bad image check sum olecnv32.dll c0000221". Is there any more suggestion?

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Is there any more suggestion?

Hi, I am seriously considering the purchase of EASEUS data recovery wizard or Partition Table Doctor and have some questions, I will give you the background of my problem - I was loading Password Pros (password recovery software) and during the loading process (when it was in the middle of loading) the computer was accidently rebooted by me. Now every time I turn on my computer it repeatedly reboots itself and never gets past this point. Just before the computer is ready to shut itself down and reboot itself again, it gives the message "Bad image check sum olecnv32.dll c0000221". Is there any more suggestion?

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Help Transferring Notes From Old iPhone to New iPhone.? Answered

Just got the latest New iPhone, the phone co. transferred my phone directory and my service from the Old iPhone. But I have lots of notes that I don't want to re-type in! Anybody have experience with this ?

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What are the best iPhone data plans in Portugal and Spain?

I will be traveling in Portugal and Spain (attending the OFFF 2009 Conference) and would like to use my unlocked 2G iPhone to check email and check Instructables. I am currently an AT&T; subscriber, but their international data plans are too expensive -- $.0195/KB or so. Are there providers in Portugal and Spain that will allow me to buy a month's worth of unlimited data usage for a reasonable price?

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How to recover lost data from a hard-disk ?

Hello everybody, I really need your help in this problem ... Few days ago, my uncle needed to recover his laptop, but he had about 250 GB of important data which I could temporarly take on mine, w transfered every thing using a 16GB flash memory and an old 40 GB hard-disk, and he recovered his laptop and every thing was good then we started to roll back and retransfer the files to his laptop. Here came the problem, the images was transferred to the hard-disk, and then when we connected the hard-disk to his laptop, we were surprised that the hard-disk is empty, totally empty ! So, I tried EaseUS data recovery, Data recovery wizard, recuva, 7 data recovery suit, -and another program i don't remember- on both my laptop and the hard-disk but they get me every thing except these images ! Please help me these images are very important to my uncle and he can't get any another copy of them, any advice is acceptable and thank you for any help :)

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Which would be better for storing sensitive information in an iPhone App, Core Data or SQLite?

I am making an app that involves sensitive information.  Which is more secure?

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Android phone with cracked screen has pass-code, so I can't get my data! Answered

I have a samsung captivate, I went crawling in a cave and smashed the screen. The screen is absolute toast and I can't enter any info or even see anything, however the phone does work. How do I get my data off of it?

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Does a USB flash drive need the power cables found in a USB extension cable, or does it only need the data cables?

So, I have a project I hope to complete in modifying a tron identity disc.   Here is my hopeful setup: A flash drive is hidden inside the disc with a usb power cord extension going from it to the outside world.  My hope is to have the 5V of power coming from my computer turn on a set of extra LEDs in the disc, while the data can be accessed and transferred.  Does a USB flash drive need the power inputs from a normal USB cord to function?

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The War Globe

Military Spending by Andrew Cooke is a neat quick project he created that presents the amount each country spends on their military in a nice globe. The idea is neat, but what's even better is the fact that he has all the source code and instructions on how to make something like this. If you're interested in data visualization, I suggest checking this out:Military Spending Data Visualization Example

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tv out arduino code stops?

I recently wrote some code for an arduinio to read an encoder and display it via RCA.  Problem is, it sometimes freezes on a blank screen when I'm turning the encoder.  Any ideas why? the code is below.  And yes, I know that the interrupts mess with the signal and it flickers, I want to know why it will stay off whenever the encoder is halfway through a cycle.  #include float anaval = 0; float value01 = 0; int val = 1; float value; float value10; float value100; int out; int r = 0; float pos = 0; int rd = 4; float incr = 0.00078125; TVout TV; unsigned char x,y; char i = 48; void setup()  {    pinMode(2, INPUT);    pinMode(7, INPUT);    digitalWrite(7, HIGH);    digitalWrite(2, HIGH);    attachInterrupt(0, encoderPos, CHANGE);   x=0;   y=0;   TV.begin(_NTSC,128,56); //for devices with only 1k sram(m168) use TV.begin(_NTSC,128,56) } void loop() {    disp(); // TV.clear_screen();   //  TV.print_char(4,4,char(value100)+48); //   TV.print_char(10,4,char(value10)+48); //   TV.print_char(16,4,char(value)+48);   //  TV.print_char(22,4,char(value01)+48); } void stringer(){      value01 = val; value = val / 10; value10 = val / 100; value100 = val / 1000; value = int(value);//rounds the variables value10 = int(value10); value100 = int(value100); value01 = int(value01); value01 = value01 - (value * 10);//removes all but the tenths-place digit value = value - (value10 * 10); value10 = value10 - (value100 * 10); } void encoderPos(void){ //this is a state machine to determine the direction of the encoder.  //every half-cycle it counts, effectively doubling the encoder resolution.    r = 1;    disp();   if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){    if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){      while(r == 1){       disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == LOW){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){            pos = pos + incr;            r = 0;          }}}                                     }    else {      while(r == 1){           disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == LOW){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){            pos = pos - incr;            r = 0;          }}}    }    }else{//same as the above code, but with High-Low reversed.    r = 1;    if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){      while(r == 1){       disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == LOW){            pos = pos + incr;            r = 0;          }}}                                     }    else {      while(r == 1){         disp();        if(digitalRead(2) == HIGH){          r = 0;        } else {          if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH){            pos = pos - incr;            r = 0;          }}}    }     } } void disp(){   val = int(pos * 1000);          TV.print_char(4,4,char(value100)+48);     TV.print_char(10,4,char(value10)+48);     TV.print_char(16,4,char(value)+48);     TV.print_char(22,4,char(value01)+48); //  TV.delay_frame(1);       stringer(); }

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How to rip data from a phone?

So my phone is now rather broken, im using a backup as a large portion of the touchscreen is no longer responsive, so my issue is that there are large amounts of data i would prefer not to lose on the phone in various apps and things that would not be saved to the sd card for instance the messenging service Kik, i have a lot of messages i would prefer not to lose  ive always thought when i wouldnt have an issue with a root going bad , for instance when i would have a replacement phone on hand, then i would root it and get the data off it so my issue comes down to is it possible to root a phone, retrieve the data WITHOUT needing the fully functioning touchscreen? for instance all through the computer  the phone's model is the T-Mobile MyTouch Q (without slide out keyboard)

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Read ipod now playing data? Answered

I was wondering if there as any way to read the now playing data off an ipod. I want to hopefully read this data and then show it on an led display (most likely arduino controlled) the display is still unmade but i am thinking of making it 8x24. Probably will just need song name and artist :) Thanks!

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Short range serial data link. Answered

What is the cheapest way to set up a short range (200m) serial data link? Also, what are the best options for secured and unsecured links?

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Program to read/write data on usb?

I am looking for a program or at least how it can be done on visual basic that: allows the user to read incoming serial information and produce outgoing serial information on windows. Example: Write is selected > Baud rate selected > binary data entered Result: serial data is transmitted through the usb port Thanks!

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Data Recovery for deleted Photos Android?

Hi Experts! I need to know what apps you've had good success with for data recovery (photos) accidentally deleted. The photos obviously have value but it's intrinsic not monetary so preferably free. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, OS is up-to-date. Windows 7 if desktop software is preferred. Thanks!

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Xbox 360, transferring old data?

I have had the old 360 for quite a few years and it has had a good run, but the hardware is wearing down and I am having issues with it which means it's is time to replace it. I know whenever we do replace it I can always get a transfer cable and move my old data onto the new system, but until then I am curious if there is any way I can transfer the data onto my laptop and play via PC. If not, that's alright, but I would like to try at least! Thanks!

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ESP8266 wifi module data logger? Answered

​hello everyone, can anybody do a simpler project with this? I just want to collect data using arduino Analog0 input with an LDR photoresistor. collect the data and simply post it on Thingspeak ?!?! . all the examples I find are very complicated and include libraries. I need my project to be much simpler. just read some data from the analog sensor and display the value on the cloud. . can anybody please help me with this? I have updated the firmware on my ESP8266 and I can connect to my house network using the CoolTerm software. . any help is highly appreciated !!! thank you, akin . useful links 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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How do you manually erase data from a microchip?

What will happen to a microchip if I short out all the pins together?  It is not in a working circuit, I just want to delete the data on it.  I really don't know how or want to connect it to a computer so somebody please help!

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Reading 12 rows of data from an SD card every minute and storing the data into Arrays using Gboard pro Arduino

Hi, I am working on a project that measures temperature and current, store it on an SD card (csv file) and send them to a website. I decided to sample the signals every 5 seconds and store the data to the SD card using time interrupt (TimerOne). My plan is to sample and store data for 1 minute and then read the sampled data from the SD card and store them into 2 Arrays i.e Array1 for temperature and Array2 for the current and send the data to the website. Thus far I have managed to sample and store the data using the time interrupt. I also included a count variable in the interrupt subroutine so as to know how many times the interrupt has occurred. Since I am sampling and storing the data every 5 seconds and I want to read the data stored in the SD card every minute, so when count = 12 I would like to read  the last 12 readings (24 since its current and temperature ) and store them into 2 Arrays.   The problem I have is that I do not know how to read the data from the SD card and store them into two Arrays and would like your help. Note: the Reading of the SD card will not be in the Interrupt subroutine Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks Muundu

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Sending data from arduino to the server?

Hi my friend, based upon ur reply,i have progressed my ideas..Now my project communicates with the html page->server-> per the instructions in the web page,the arduino will be the query is,i would like to send the values of sensors to the html page..but i dont want to use any additional shields like ethernet shield,etc..dono how to progress..pls help me as soon as possible..waiting for ur reply

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Connecting arduino to an app to display data?

I am completely new to arduino, so im sorry if I seem quite uninformed, I have completed a few tutorials but need to create a project around connecting to an app. I am using an arduino uno at the moment. Something I haven't found much or any advice or tutorials on on is connecting the to an app to send information. I want to use a Soil Hygrometer, Humidity, Temperature and Humidity Sensor and a light sensor (Most important one being the soil Hygrometer) . I want to be able to send the information received from these sensors out so the information can be displayed on an app, using bluetooth or wifi. I want to know how this could be done? Such as the software for the app and what way I would I do to connect It? Thank you for any help

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