what is a tech desk? Answered

Tech desk or tech deck idk what is it

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Steering wheel desk

From the MAKE blog, comes a pass-through of a product available on Amazon. The steering-wheel latch-on table itself is fairly pedestrian (pun intended), but the legalese is just delightful. Read it for yourself at http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/09/re-make_simple_elegant_handy_steeri.html .And before you comment, please keep in mind those orbital lasers. I have access to the launch codes, and have no qualms about using them.

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desk top tesla coil?

Has anyone evor made a desk top teslacoil or one thats powerd by a 9volt batery with a DC AC converter?

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Plexiglass as desk cover maybe

I have a large desk, 3 x 7 with an uneven top that I want to be visible. Can I cover it with plexiglass or would that get scratched? Other ideas? John R

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Printing a Random Pattern on the desk

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an Ativa (Office Depot store brand) wireless mouse on sale for $15. It appears that they were clearing out stock, because they no longer list it on their website, but this is the closest thing I've found. I like the mouse, particularly because there is a built-in charger in the wireless tranciever for the two Ni-MH AAAs it takes. Yes, AAAs, the link is for a different mouse.Problem: Lousy resolution, I think. the wired Lenovomouse that came with my computer worked just fine on my smooth, blank desk surface, but this one requires much more of a pattern. I don't like mousepads. Scribbles with a pencil work well so far, but they smudge after a day or so. I want to put some sort of pattern on my desk for it to read. My best idea was a laser-cut random bitmap stencil and a can of black spray paint, but I don't have a laser cutter. Ideas?

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4.5 volt led desk lamp to usb port? Answered

Can a 4.5 volt 3 aaa batery led desk lamp be powered from a usb port? Does the .5 volts make any difference?

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How do I stablize a small laptop so I can write while traveling on a cummuter bus?

I have a one-hour commute on the city bus to work. I would like to work on my laptop, but cannot stablize it in my lap during the bumpy ride. How can I build a small portable tray that can hook to the seat in front of me, with vibration suppression (rubber shock absorbers)?

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Electric Standing Desk Controller for Direct Control?

Does anyone know what the controller is for most of the electric standing desks? I have a Jarvis and it seems that it uses the same controller as the GeekDesk. The box appears to have an RJ11 serial connection that is not used in the desk operation, I am wondering if that is whats used to program the controller board, and if so perhaps I can enable direct serial control for setting desk heights from my pc. Has anyone tinkered with this by chance?

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Temperature Controlled Desk Fan by Arduino?

Good day, I saw project here about temperature controlled fan using arduino by Jacomax97.  I just finished building it, and I'm wondering if I want to use a standard desk fan instead of a 12v fan, what value of capacitors, transistors, and resistors should I use? Thanks in advance :) Here's the schematic of the project by sir Jacomax97: 

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how to make a water powered desk light ? Answered

I had i kit that was a water powered clock but is there an instructables on how to make a water powered desk light   please give links 

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Is this a novel idea and or exists already? Answered

I'v been creating this idea in my head of a led back light that changes color based on the color of your monitor. Using sets of Red Green and Blue leds to create all the color combos, it would find an "average" color of your screen. Essentially including your peripheral vision in your games/movies.  Im curious if this is already exists in some form i could purchase or if it is something I would have to build (any suggestions)?

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How to replace ink roller in Sharp desk printing calculator EL1197S?

How to remove & replace ink roller in Sharp EL1197S desk calculator

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How can I mount cables under my computer desk if the desk is hollow plastic?

I want to do something like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Computer-Cable-Management-on-the-Cheap/ Sadly, my desk is plastic.  I'm in highschool so buying a new desk is not really an option I can afford.  However, I have a lot of cables because I have two computers, a webcam, joystick, speakers, and a KVM box. Thank you for your help and suggestions guys! 

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how to customize desktop?

How to customize my desk top. i want to create style in my desk top, such as icon, folders, etc.

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how do i make a desk top wirless ?

I have  a router on my pc, and my wife is on a wirless lap top,  how would i get my brothers desk top to be wirless / he is about 400 yards from me

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L.E.D desk lamp run on 12 volt? Answered

So I have an L.E.D desk lamp that plugs into the wall. It is hardwired into a power adapter witch  converts 120 volt to an output of 14 volts, If I cut off the adapter can they be run straight off a 12 volt battery. It is very bright so some lost light is okay, I fried the inverter for my cabin and need some light. 

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can someone post an instructable on using "autodesk inventor pro"

We are using it in school and i need to know how to use it

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Can a so-so computer person reconfigure a desk top PC ?

My son's PC died & I have a desk top PC just sitting around doing nothing.  It's been a while since I used it & don't remember what issues it had.  Would like to reconfigure & give it to him if I can make it usable.

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How do I convert my battery powdered LED desk lamp to AC powered, or USB powered?

The lamp requires 3 AA batteries for power.

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Is there a light distance chart for LED light based on the MCD rating? ?

I'm trying to light a desk surface from the ceiling about 6 ft above the desk.  Not sure if light type makes a difference either - trying to use a natural light LED. Thanks! Kory

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Talkback Sytem Help

I Have An ip camera and i want to add a talkback feature using a small pc speaker (s) and Microphones my idea is to run wire (  from mic on desk to speaker by camera) and ( from mic by camera to speaker on desk ) any ideas please help!

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Would this Audio mixer be able to be converted to be fully portable/battery operated?

Hi there, Im wondering if it would be possible to convert this audio mixer: http://www.alesis.com/multimix8usb in to being battery operated.  It currently runs from an 18V AC external transformer.  Im completely lost on the matter and any and all help would be much appreciated! :) Cheers 

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Can someone make an instructable for this?

Hey,This is my first post on the Instructables community section, so here goes.I've been looking at this product for awhile now: ThisHowever, I don't live in the states, and have to pay for massive postage costs for something so simple.So, I'm requesting if someone could help me by making a DIY tutorial version (an Instructable :P) of this?I need it desperately. Plus it'd increase my nerdiness by 340% _~Tim.P.S - Sorry for any spelling errors, or if I posted this in the wrong section or anything of the sort.

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How can i add a sata plug to my desk top?

My computer is a dell optiplex 320 and there is no sata plugs in it and i have a dvd burner that works off of sata is there any way i can add one?

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I'm building a desk with drawers. i want the drawers to be electronically motorized to open and shut. any ideas?

I'm building a desk with drawers. i want the drawers to be electronically motorized to open and shut, but can also be open manually with out messing up the motor. Any ideas, i have a good one with pully and cables system but it takes up to much room, i want motorized sliders, anyone with ideas how to build one? i can buy and build this in my college, sky the limit as long as its effective and cheap. yes i will have them hooked to circuit boads... Also need the drawers to lock.... and idea's for hinges that will open and shut electronically. throw ideas, anything helps? - yes i have the pully system idea's - i'm trying to build motorized sliders - motorized hinges i have a shop boat cutting everything and pre drilling all holes. and i can inlay room in th3 side wall *not much only a 1/4" into the wall. Pictures help, even if you draw it, just make it clear so i can understand and explain with it. Thanks..

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Replace calculator ink roller?

How to remove and replace ink roller in Sharp 1197S desk printing calculator

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Need help building an rgb led music sync.? Answered

I see a lot of step by steps showing how to build a simple vu meter but I am looking to do something a little different.  I am currently building a new desk and along the back side of the desk I want to install a row of rgb led's.  I would like to set them up so that the led's change color from green to red in increments based on the volume level associated to a certian frequency.  so the far left of the desk responds to low frequency and the far right would be high. I think this would be pretty cool effect but need some help connecting the dots.  I am hoping there may be some adruino programing availibe to do the signal proccesing and then for each signal I would just need individual volume meters? the only other thing missing is where to incorporate the rgb settings.

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Rotory to Touch Tone conversion? Answered

I have a desk phone from the late 60's and I am looking for a circuit wether arduino or basic stamp etc., to convert the pulses to touch tone.  Any ideas?

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WIFI booster?

 I have my wireless router at my desk on the second floor of my home. House is concrete and re-bar would like to have wifi through out the house what would the best way to go.? Jeff ( jeffandtrishlaplaca@yahoo.com)

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Graphic Design table on a budget

So after seeing all the drafting table instructables and multitouch displays I think Ive decided to make a hybrid with a desk that has an inlayed box holding the multitouch display that can rise up and out of table at an angle similar to the drafting tables found on here. I would then use a wall mounted monitor to free up space on desk for old school pencil drawing. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or issues they could think of right off the bat to help me in the brainstorming process. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Happy making!

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What's the best way to make a "Billie Jean" style auto-lighting sidewalk?

I want to use this system for a small-scale system - a desk that automatically lights up in certain areas when items are placed on them - and think the sidewalk is a good place to start. Any ideas?

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Can i just extract a 3d model file from lets say tf2 and use a 3d printer to make it?

I'm dying for a Shortstop on my desk. Anything else I need to do? Or can I just buy one.

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What is the best use for an old CRT monitor? Answered

It's lying around. I don't have enough room on my desk to use it as a second monitor. It'd be cool to have it doing some sort of visualization or lighting effect. Is the tube useful for anything? I'm game for it all. Thanks!

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Basic lighting set-up

I apologise in advance to all you keen photographers for my Absolute Novice status. I need to take photo's for my Instructables which are usually small-ish desk top items. Currently I am having problems with a dark (black paper) drawing in a glass frame, how do I get the details in the image without it bleaching out or flaring on the glass? I have a spacious work desk under a window, two cantilever lights, a centre room light, etc. I can only use whatever's available in my house because I never take pictures for any other reason. Any tips for a very grateful novice would be very welcome.( I'm a blank slate)

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Free Wi-Fi booster

The building I work in has free wi-fi in the lobby. I can pick it up on the windowsill of my office, but not at my desk. The boosters I saw were for people who were boosting their own wi-fi. I want to boost someone else's and don't have access to their wiring..Any ideas?

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My power outlet cut out!?

I was sitting at my pc desk browsing the net when my lamp started to flicker.  I looked up and my power meter on my laptop switched to battery power, I have an almost certian feeling it was not an overload.  I have tried to reset my GFI, and nothing :|.  Help meh!

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Are these silver wires important?

I'm making a USB wall charger with a usb cord I found in my desk and an unused cell phone charger. I cut off one end of the USB cord and took the plastic stuff off of it and there were silver wires along with the red, black, green, and white ones. Are they important or should I just cut them off?

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Im going to make a led lamp... I have the idea just need some help in how to go about making it

I have a glass candy looking sort of jar that i would like to flip over and build a small black circular stand to mount it on. Then frost the jar to give it a more ambiant looking light (i like blue leds but not necessary). I also need the lamp to be decently bright some where in-between a traditional desk lamp and a bright night light. I also and going to make a decal to stick to the outside of the jar to give it an illustration on the lamp. I dont want a battery operated one if possible id like a plug in with a switch or something. Something on the efficient side i don't like replacing batteries all the time, rechargeable may work. On that note i have a desk lamp already not sure what kind and brand i can check though, its a halogen i think it has a plug and a dial that brightens and dims it, i am willing to destroy if for this project that dial would be perfect . So what i need is recommendation on what and where to buy for lighting and details on how to mount it. I can handled most of the design of the arrangement, glass and decal im all over. More or less i need a cheap and decently easy way to light it im not super experienced in leds or a lot of wiring, im sure i can do it, would just be easier to avoid all of that.  Any help would be much appreciated 

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Passive home automation

Hey all, been working out idea's for a project recently, and kind of stuck on one point. So the plan is to do up some automation in my basement. Right now I was starting with my desk, using a phidget usb relay controller to control desk lamps, move on to insteon for actual ceiling lights, but one thing I want to do would be passive control. So if the system detects me coming down the stairs it will turn on the ceiling lights, then when it detects me sitting at my computer the computer will log me in. I was thinking rfid, but not finding any hobby boards for rfid with ranges over a couple of centimeters. I know people have done this with bluetooth, but on testing my computer will connect to my phone if I'm just about anywhere upstairs above the computer and kills the point of this whole endeavor so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Can i get a laptop LCD screen to work as a second monitor on my desktop trough DVI? Answered

I have a old laptop screen (make : DIGITAL) lying around and want to get it to work with my desk top as a secondary monitor for. Any suggestions? It i'll be great if someone makes an instructable on how to do it.

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I don't have many old electronic to pull stepper motors out of so what stepper motors should I buy that are cheap?

What stepper motors did the guy use in this project ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-to-Build-Desk-Top-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-Machine/ ) and where can I buy them? Thank you

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How to make a small 3x3x3 led cube?

Hey I want to make a small 3x3x3 led cube for placing in my desk. I see some of charliplexed cube but they are difficult to understand. So pls hlp me. I want a small cube run by cheap small micro-controller like attiny. Pls give me detailed circuit and code to run. Thanks in advance 

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how do I make an oversized button with a usb cable act as one of the buttons on my keyboard?

what Id like to do is have an oversized button on my desk that will act as the f12 button on my pc. its the button that blender uses to render images. I can make the button no problem, but how do I get it to "tell" my pc that it is an f12 button?

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Request: Convert UNder-car neon tubes to household plug-in

I have neon tubes that I use to use under my car. I want to find a way to use them around my desk, or to add more ambient lighting to my room or something. I tried to find something to do with this, but had no luck. I am a complete noob,so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

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How do i unlock a Leadtek BVP 8882 locked on France Telecom ?

I got a Leadtek BVP 8882 phone with the videophone service of my ISP (which is France Telecom), and now, i ended my subscription to the service but i still have the phone lying on my desk. I wanna use this phone as a SIP or H.323 phone. How do i unlock it ?

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How fast would a wheel with a radius of one inch powered by a modified servo rated at 0.16 sec/60 travel?

I want to build a remote control vehicle with enough torque to carry various things but with a very low profile in size, weight, and battery size to the point that it can be tucked behind a desk or couch for storage. Any recommendations for the strongest servo you know will help too.

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