how do they do that

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What do these things do?

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what to do

Christmas is coming up, yay!!! On the 6th I ordered some shutter shades from My brother is a Kanye West fan. It has been over 2 weeks (almost 3 weeks on christmas) and they still havn't shown up. If they don't come, what do I tell my brother? I'm not too worried, because the thought was there, ordering something 3 weeks before christmas is good i think.

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Hello everbody. I am working on a project (which you wil find out about in a few months) and I need to know how to boot a windows PC int MSDOS or DOS. I need to be able to run windows programs whil in dos. EXE programs, not self contained. Can someone please help me?

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What to do with this? Answered

I have this LCD and another with 41 pin connection, no main board on them only a small control one. Any project ideea is welcomed, and if you have any tips and trick how to do it .

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What to do with...?

I recently received two demo broiler units from my friend's dad. They both each have one broiler unit and a carbon fiber filament inside a quartz tube. (Just what my dad relayed to me from him.) What the hell should I do with these bad boys?

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What To Do? Answered

I received an email from Instructables (on 12/1) that I had a 'Best Answer'. It isn't showing on the topic concerned, or showing in my BA list: (I did it!!! I put a link up!!).   Who do I contact?-is it the robot thingy? ('He' has also added one year to my age - this is a criminal offence. Who do I beat to a pulp?).

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Bluejacking how do i do it?

I have a moto Vu204

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What do I do with a spare CPU?

I wonder what I could do with a spare CPU i have?

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Is there any projects do do with an old compressor??? Answered

I have a old Campbell Hausfeld that wont compress air I would like do do something with it instead of thring it out. Any ideas???

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What Do You Do With Your Laptop?

Asus, a sponsor of Instructables, has put together WePC where they are asking for input on their next generation laptops. As part of their sponsorship, they've asked my opinion on various aspects of laptops. Most recently What do I do with my laptop?What do you do with your laptop? Think of things you do everyday, every week, every month, or once a year.

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How do I do this on my computer? Answered

I got a web cam pointed at the bike rack, but how do I run a night of video?

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How do i do it? RC Cooler

I'm building a RC cooler with a PVC frame to "Make my mark" at the science field trip next year in 8th grade. I need a circuit I plan to use 2 motors, like a tank, to turn. Right wheels speed up and it turns left. viceversa. If anyone can help me... (same model cooler in pic)

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Any ideas what do do to this fan?

And i would also like to add some leds i have, any idea how to set it up. I have some 12V power supplies but i want it all in a box. Take note it will be a wooden box. If you have any questions on info you need please ask below. Here are the fan specs: Model: 900-4152 Power needed: 120V AC 60Hz 11 Watts Impedance protected

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how to make solar diy cell?

How to make siliconcell solar power?

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How do I?

 How do I turn a word into a link to a website or such. Like if someone says "Look up here" and they turn the "here" into a link. How can I do this?

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what to do with usb?

So I tried to make one of those flash drive case mods where you stick it into an enter key on a keyboard, but I found that the flash drive I used (which I'd found in a computer at my school) doesnt work. The whole thing was all sticky and stuff when I removed it from the casing, so I just threw it away. But I kept the metal USB connecor at the end. Does anyone have any ideas as to a cool project I can do with this thing? I'll post the one I do on this site.

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How to kill Windows XP background process from DOS' ?

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How do they make this?

Since we are into tesla Can you theorize how they do this ? Maybe there is a motor inside...

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What to do with a Microwave...

I've got an old microwave that went bad a few days ago. I think that only the magnetron is shot. Any ideas for what to do with it?

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ms-dos help?

well i was ready about windows 8 and saw the orginal windows called windows 1.0 , 2.0 , and 3.0 and i figured you could only get the installion disk off ebay or from a friend so is it legal to get a copy off the net and use it or would i have to buy it? 2nd how would i install it just like windows xp (somewhat) thanks

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What to do with pager?

Hey everyone,I got a pager from a hospital (the kind they use at restaurants too to tell you when your table is ready), here's an example: . I accidentally forgot to give it back when I left the hospital and they didn't want it back. So now I'm thinking about what I can do with it. Do any of you have a cool idea for a project that I could make with this?

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What Do These Mean? Answered

I'm trying to construct an entry for the Wicked Lasers contest, however I keep on finding the same letters on several diagrams...  Can anyone tell me what the G, S and D stand for?

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Do Amps matter?!?

Ok, I need a charger for my motorolla two way radios. I have the dock, only need a DC power supply. on one of them it states "18Volts DC +/- 20%, 15.3 watts" .Lets say I get 18VDC 1amp power supply, that's 18W,it means it's an overkill? or 15V 2Amps? As I understand, usually amps don't matter, as the item draws as much as it needs, but since it is a charger.. Cheers for the teh help!

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do capacitors like this work?

Do capacitors like these:|65%3A15|39%3A1|240%3A1318work in applications like voltage multipliers, marx generators, etc. Or are they meant for something else? They seem like a really good deal and I just don't want to buy a ton of them to fail on me in like 2 seconds.

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What should I do with my keychain camera?

I already am thinking of flying it over in the park by attaching it to a helicopter, but I need some more ideas as big and exciting as that.

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How to deal with spam on instructables?

Guys, if you see spam, anywhere on the site, please do not reply to it, even if you are just saying "spam". Adding comments actually slows down the removal of the spam, so just flag it and move on. If it is really offensive spam, or it needs quickly removing for some other reason, then email, or send a PM to any members of the staff or the Community Team who seem to be online at the time. If you're running on UK/Europe times, that will likely be me.

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how do you do the vulcan nerve pinch?

Is it even real and how do you do it

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how do you do a collaboration with another member? Answered

Id like to make an instructable with another member.

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Ok what do I do with the rest of the pieces?

I took the little motor out of my cell phone and now the phone is mangled beyond repair and I don't know what to do with the peices. All I know is that I have no need for them and dont want them anymore. What do I do with them?

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What do you do with old computer cases?

I have several old computers. I can recycle most of the disks, power supplies, floppies, motherboards, etc. But eventually, things die. This leaves me with a box. In some of the older ones this is solid steel. Others are a mix of steel and plastic. The boxes are not air tight or water tight. They have holes in odd places. It's criminal to dump them in a land fill. What do do? It would be nice to make something beautiful or useful out of them.

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What did i do? Answered

Well...I just got PM'ed by the I'bles robot, Telling me i won a prize.Instructables has something for you!Congratulations, wants to send you a Top Votes! JUST IN CASE ;)>Cheers,Instructables RobotPlease do not respond to this message, the Instructables Robot already has its arms full of messages,and it might drop yours! I do appreciate it, but i am afraid that something went wrong and it PM'ed the wrong person...So i ask, What did i do?

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how do you measure HV?

What's the best way to measure High voltage (I think my output is somewhere between 10kv and 50 kv)? Is there a formula for the spark length and humidity (I can measure humidity)? I need to buy an appropriate capacitor for my tesla coil, my initial HV is from an ignition coil.

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How do you put an avatar on your account?!

How do you put an image for your avatr? I hate being a boring silhouette. Please help anyone!!!

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What do you want in an arduino?

Inspired by the Illuminato Arduino clone (can't really say clone because it's so much better!) really wants me to create my own Arduino clone. I've been thinking of making a clone for the Arduino Mega, but it'd need so feature that the original Arduino can't offer (like the boarduino is breadboard compatible, Sanguino has way more pins, Illuminato is the most beautiful PCB I've ever seen and has a lot of I/O's). So, I'm asking you guys! What features would you want in an arduino? If this "new" arduino is so much better than any other existing one I'll make kits (if the majority is through hole) for people to buy (no more than 40 dollars, probably, the 65 dollar price tag is a real turn off for the Mega) or just assembled if the majority is smd. Also instructable :P

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I can't find this capacitor. What do I do? Answered

The capacitor circled in red

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What do i do with my old printing calculator? Answered

Theres no ink and nothing useful to me on it other than the calculator part... soo any idears on what to do with it?... i would love a simple robot, or anything i could use that simple and useful

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I want to unsubscribe. What do I have to do? Answered

I don't find the site helpful & it is far too heavily ad oriented. I want out.

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How do regular rechargeable batteries do in cold temperatures?

How would regular 1.2V rechargeable batteries do in extreme cold temperatures like -40, even if they were receiving a charge in that temperature? They would be kept in an air tight container. Thanks in advance.

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I have a old keyboard, what do I do with it? Answered

Well, im going to buy a new keyboard due to the fact my keyboard has enough dirt and crumbs in it to fill the grand canyon, so I thought I might do something cool with the keys. This includes: - A key keychain - A key USB any other ideas?

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how do i make dos ouput an ip only.?

Recently i rewrote a program i've been working on. it's altogether going to be a dos based hacking tool, but at the moment only has one use. so far i've managec to get it to give IPs for getting past site blockers. right now, it outputs a text file, which cntains all the info from the website ping. thanks in advance, and i hope i get some good answers.

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DIY *near* silent computer (how do i do it!)

Hi there all,im just goignt to try to make my computer UBER UBER silent, that meansmod mouse/keyboard so that the clicking isnt audibleand im gonna mod the case of the computer ALOT so that it is *probably* not going to have sides, but LOADS of small comp fans running as slo speeds...ect ectany other ideas?

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Things to do with and Old Ipod?

A couple months ago, my 2g ipod touch broke. Since then I have gotten a new one. But is there anything i can do with the old broken one?

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How do I Unsubscribe? Answered

I accsidently subscribed to myself and now I need to know how to unsubscribe to myself. How do I do that?

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do you get money? Answered

Do you get money if you create instructables? or if they click on the ads? Do you get money?

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