DTMF Generator with Arduino

Hello mate, I have telephone with only receiver and no keypad. So, i need to generate DTMF tones to dial the number. Is it possible for me to generate a DTMF tone generator by programming arduino with the frequencies and attaching speaker to it? Also, how can i club two tones which are required to be sent at a single moment? Thank You. 

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dtmf circuit problem?

This is the circuit for dtmf based robot using cd4514 for 16 outputs it has 2 l293d ic for controlling 4 motors will this work??

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how to make this DTMF ROBOT?

If this question is stupid plz  sorry I made a dtmf based bot ( car) using mt8870 ic   (without any programming) now i am trying to make another bot with some new features  i need to control 8 things  1 forward          -- when 2 is pressed                                  2  backward     -- 8 is pressed 3 left                 --  4 is pressed 4 right               --  6 is pressed 5 camera motor 1 forward and backward           -- 1 is pressed 6 camera motor 2 forward and backward           -- 3 is pressed 7 and two more motor forward and backward    --  7  is pressed 8 want to lit a led                                                --- 0 what will be the programming code i am using atmega 16  plz tell

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how many dc motors can be controlled using dtmf decoder mt8870 ?

I am making a mobile controlled robot project using dtmf decoder ic i want to control 11 motors is it  possible and how which motor driver should i use and can i use atmega 8 or 16 

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Is this schematic CORRECT?

PLZ  anyone check this sch  it is the sch for mt8870 dtmf decoder  i wanted 16 outputs  is this sch correct  i dint place the crystal and other components

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outputs for dtmf decoder ic?

How to get 16 outputs from a mt8870 dtmf decoder ic  will this circuit works ?

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Hii..Could u plzz suggest me How to connect earphones to DTMF circuit?

Hii..Could u plzz suggest me How to connect earphones to DTMF circuit?..Its finding very diffult to judge wass d desire Terminal to interface to circuit..When i strip the wire one among the pair of wires, i find two thin wires with more insulated silk material..in this a brain feeding doubt arised that among these two thin wires which wire should be judge as Tip..Nd i bought a DTMF decoder CS9370DGP..is this is same as MT8870 specifications nd circuit?Plz do reply..nd if possibl plz post me circuit diagram using CS9370DGP..nd plz attach the stepwise pics that should follow while connecting the earphones to circuit..Plzzzzzz help me.......plzzz frnd:confused::(?

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how to solder a push to on switch button??

Hi. i m currently makin a project regardin robo.its names robot control using dtmf. need to solder this s/w..replies expected soon! thank u~!

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Plz anybody check this Schematic correct or not?

It is the sch for mt8870 dtmf decoder i wanted 16 outputs is this sch correct i dint place the crystal and other components

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how to controll 2 additional motor for this robot ?

Hy  i saw this mobile operated robot  by Avadhut.Deshmukh and i am making one   Other than the 2 motors  used for controlling the robot  i need to control  2 more motor and 1 light (led) using mobile phone  some body plz tell me how can i do what should i do ??

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how to play sin waves(dtmf tone) in Netbeans ?

How to play dtmf tone in java netbeans  i am making to a software which will produce dtmf tone while pressing a buttons like this in fig 1 does anybody how to do this on netbeans plz tell me the code at least of one button (fig2) 

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how can i make a connection between gsm phone and DTMF decoder?

I've seen the project cell phone operated robot and i'm enthusiastic to do it.(link : https://www.instructables.com/id/Cellphone_operated_Robot/)i have a motorla l6 phone with me and i'm planning to use that in the circuit. It has auto-answer option. But it has an USB port to connect the headset. If i want to use it, is it ok if cut one of the ear phones and connect the wire at the 2nd pin of DTMF IC?The next thing is what is the significance of word "RING" written at the ground in the circuit (left side at the bottom)

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Making a Telephone Function Without a Phone Line?

I have an old telephone desk set with a DTMF keypad. I was wondering if there was a way to some how get it to function without hooking it up to a telephone line, not to call people, but to make the DTMF tones, make it ring, and maybe be able to talk into the receiver. If you want to know why I would want to do this I'll just say I'm a musician, and I'd like to be able to run the phone into my mixer and use it like as an instrument. Also, yes I've seen the instructable about how to make a telephone receiver microphone, so no need to show me.

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HAM radio repeater controller arduino

Is there anyone who can help me with a repeater controller, i need a little program which will switch according to input + 3 sec (or something like that) also i want to decode 4 bit paralel data (binary output from a DTMF decoder) and switch outputs accordingly (if correct code is pressed) (thins like identifier, time&date;, last transmitted message) thees functions i will make on separate boards, i just have to trigger them last transmission board needs an input from the arduino when to start, the playback will be done with one of the DTMF-code outputs any advise / code is wildly appreciated :) ps, im very new to arduino and have plenty to learn  kind regards, milan 

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how to get 16 out from mt8870 using cd4028 IC?

I am making a robot using mt8870 dtmf ic i have read the data sheet it says the mt8870 have 16 outputs  how to get the 16 output  plz check this schma ( http://www.seekic.com/uploadfile/ic-circuit/200971333450883.gif )  how many 4028 will be needed 

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c++ code hElp?

This is the code for mobile operated robot found from this site can somebody explain this code i didnt understand  the line which is Italic and Bold like this (DDRD=0xff;  DDRB=0×00) somebody plz tell me what the lines are CODE /* DTMF Controlled Robot PORTD pin 0,1,2,3 goes to motor driver l293d PORTB pin 0,1,2,3 is connected to output of CM8870 DTMF decoder IC */ #include #include int main(void) { DDRD=0xff; DDRB=0×00; while(1) { switch(PINB&0b00001111) { case 0b0010://Key 2 { PORTD=0x0A ;      //1010 both motor front continue; } case 0b0100://Key 4 { PORTD=0×02;    //0010 right motor front continue; } case 0b0101://Key 5 { PORTD=0x0F;//1111 SUDDEN STOP continue; } case 0b0110://Key 6 { PORTD=0×08;  //1000 left motor front continue; } case 0b1000://Key 8 { PORTD=0×05; continue; } default: continue; } }//end of switch return 0; } // // // //

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Could u plz gimme the use of IC CS9370DGP?

1stly i went to purchase the IC MT8870 for dtmf decoder..he gav me dis cs9370DGP nd said disz is new one nd it works like MT8870..bt i got a doubt whether it works vth the circuit built using MT8870..plz kindly gimme some suggestions.. if possibl plz provide me the circuit for mobil control robot using cs9370DGP.. Plzzzzzzzzzzz:(

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how can I use a mobile phone dmtf tones to turn on PC parallel port pins on and off using VB, C or C++ code?

I need to be able to turn on ac powered lights from my pc parallel port using my phone. The set up I have uses two relays to put on the ac lines. Am currently using a web interface to do it. I dont want to rely on SMS. Suggestions that use SMS are welcome though. Any help will be appreciated.

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