Arduino Due not working? Answered

I tried to connect my Arduino Due to my pc to upload a program but it is not recognized by my computer. I updated the IDE to the latest that includes Due board selection, but I can't download drivers to use it. Nothing is listed in Device Manager and I tried both the programming port and the native port on the Due. Is it dead?

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How to run an Arduino Due for user defined time?

I am using an Arduino Due for waveform generation on my Nokia lcd 5110 display.I want to generate the desired wave for a stipulated duration where time is taken as input .Kindly help me with this asap,also include code for the same if possible.

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Is it possible to generate and display waves using the same arduino due board in real time???

OK!So I intend to design an Arduino Waveform Generator interfaced with the Nokia LCD 5110 with Keypad support.I have successfully incorporated the Keypad interfacing part but have stumbled upon waveform display on the Lcd. My program generates waves on DAC1 which i then give as input on the Analog(A0) pin of Arduino Due just like an oscilloscope takes an input externally.i tried merging it with another program which takes an analog input from the function generator and displays it on the LCD.More importantly,the programs work fine individually! So,is it possible to do this on the same board????Where could i possible be going wrong? Reply asap !!

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Guys can you help me out with some code on arduino timing.I want my Arduino Due to perform a set operation(say blinking an LED) for user defined time ie. It should ask the user to enter the time he/she wishes to run the thing.Thanx..

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Hey there, I have been working on a recent project to build an Arduino Oscilloscope interfaced with a 4X4 keypad membrane with Nokia 5110 LCD display.I have successful individual code fragments/portions which 1)Generate waves interfaced with the keyboard  2)Display the same on the Nokia LCD 5110 i am using the Arduino Due and the 1st part of my code generates waves on DAC1 with the code as follows:- #include "Waveforms.h" #include #include //Set the desired duty cycle in percentage double dc,t,a,d; long d_milli,d_micro,a_milli,a_micro,m,n; int stage =0; int sample_delay1; LiquidCrystal lcd(A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7); float sample_delay; String num1,num2; int wave1; String wave_name; double duty_cycle,k; const byte ROWS = 4; //four rows const byte COLS = 4; //four columns //define the cymbols on the buttons of the keypads char hexaKeys[ROWS][COLS] = {   {'1','2','3','A'},   {'4','5','6','B'},   {'7','8','9','C'},   {'.','0','#','D'} }; byte rowPins[ROWS] = {23,25,27,29}; //connect to the row pinouts of the keypad byte colPins[COLS] = {31,33,35,37}; //connect to the column pinouts of the keypad int i = 0; int sample; //initialize an instance of class NewKeypad Keypad customKeypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(hexaKeys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS); boolean in_setup = true; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   analogWriteResolution(12);  // set the analog output resolution to 12 bit (4096 levels)   analogReadResolution(12);   lcd.begin(20,4);   char key = customKeypad.getKey();   lcd.setCursor(0, 0);   lcd.print("choose wave: ");   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);   lcd.print("A=Sine");   lcd.setCursor(8, 1);   lcd.print("B=Triangular");   lcd.setCursor(0, 2);   lcd.print("C=Sawtooth");   lcd.setCursor(11, 2);   lcd.print("D=Square");   while( true)   {         char key = customKeypad.getKey();         if(stage == 0)         {               Serial.println("in stage 0");               if(key == 'A' )               {                 wave1 = 0;                 lcd.clear();                 lcd.setCursor(0,0);                 lcd.print(" Sine?      ");                 wave_name ="Sinusoidal";                 Serial.println(wave_name);               }               else if(key == 'B')               {                 wave1 = 1;                 lcd.clear();                 lcd.setCursor(0,0);                 lcd.print("Triangular?");                 wave_name ="Triangular";                 Serial.println(wave_name);               }               else if(key == 'C')               {                 wave1 = 2;                 lcd.clear();                 lcd.setCursor(0,0);                 lcd.print("Sawtooth?  ");                 wave_name ="Sawtooth";                 Serial.println(wave_name);               }               else if(key == 'D')               {                 wave1 = 3;                 lcd.clear();                 lcd.setCursor(0,0);                 lcd.print("Square?    ");                 wave_name ="Square";                 Serial.println(wave_name);                               }               else if(key == '#')               {                 stage++;                 //lcd.clear();                 lcd.setCursor(0,1);                 lcd.print("Frequency=");                 Serial.println("Frequency=");               }         }        else if(stage == 1)         {               if(key != NO_KEY &&(key=='1'||key=='2'||key=='3'||key=='4'||key=='5'||key=='6'||key=='7'||key=='8'||key=='9'||key=='0'))               {                 num1 = num1 + key;                 //int numLength = num1.length();                 //to adjust one whitespace for operator                 lcd.setCursor(10,1);                 lcd.print(num1);               }                             else if(key == '#')               {                     k = num1.toInt();                     Serial.print(k);                                                                                        int sample_delay_int = 1000000/(k*120);                           float sample_delay_float = 1000000/(k*120);                           float difference= sample_delay_float-sample_delay_int;                           sample_delay1 = sample_delay_int - 6;                           if(difference > 0.5)                           {                             sample_delay1++;                           }                                                                               Serial.println(sample_delay1);                           lcd.clear();                           lcd.print(wave_name);                           lcd.setCursor(0,1);                           lcd.print("Frequency=");                           lcd.print(num1);                           lcd.print(" Hz");                                         break;                                       }                   }                                                 }       } void loop()   {   analogWrite(DAC1, waveformsTable[wave1][i] );    i++;   if(i == maxSamplesNum)  // Reset the counter to repeat the wave     i = 0;   else delayMicroseconds(sample_delay1);                   } Next, I input these waves from DAC1 into analog input A0 to display on the LCD with code as below:- #include #include #include #define DISPLAY_WIDTH 84 #define DISPLAY_HEIGHT 48 #define ARDUINO_PRECISION 1023.0 Adafruit_PCD8544 display = Adafruit_PCD8544(8,9,10,12,11); //Analog Pins int channelAI = A0;      // probe #define DELAY_POTENTIMETER //disabled it I don't have it connected #ifdef DELAY_POTENTIMETER int delayAI = A1;       // delay potentiometer #endif float delayVariable = 0; float scale = 0; int xCounter = 0; int yPosition = 0; int readings[DISPLAY_WIDTH+1]; int counter = 0; unsigned long drawtime = 0; unsigned long lastdraw = 0; int frames = 0; void setup(void) {   display.begin();   display.setContrast(30);// you might have a slightly different display so it might not be the optimal value for you   display.clearDisplay(); } void loop() {    #ifdef DELAY_POTENTIMETER   delayVariable = analogRead(delayAI);   delayVariable = (delayVariable/100);   #endif   scale = (float)(DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)/ARDUINO_PRECISION;     //record readings   for(xCounter = 0; xCounter <= DISPLAY_WIDTH; xCounter++)   {                                     yPosition = analogRead(channelAI);     readings[xCounter] = (yPosition*scale);     #ifdef DELAY_POTENTIMETER     delay (delayVariable);     #endif   }     display.clearDisplay();   //Draw Voltage Ref Lines   display.drawLine( 10, 0, 10, DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1, BLACK);   display.drawLine( 5, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.2 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), 10, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.2 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), BLACK);   display.drawLine( 0, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.4 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), 10, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.4 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), BLACK);   display.drawLine( 5, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.6 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), 10, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.6 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), BLACK);   display.drawLine( 0, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.8 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), 10, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.8 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), BLACK);   //display.drawLine( 5, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.84 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), 10, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.84 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale), BLACK);     //Draw Voltage Ref Numbers   display.setCursor(0,((DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.2 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale))-3);   display.print((int)(5.0*0.2));   display.setCursor(0,((DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.4 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale))-3);   display.print((int)(5.0*0.4));   display.setCursor(0,((DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.6 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale))-3);   display.print((int)(5.0*0.6));   display.setCursor(0,((DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-(.8 *ARDUINO_PRECISION * scale))-3);   display.print((int)(5.0*0.8));     for(xCounter = 0; xCounter <= DISPLAY_WIDTH; xCounter++)   {     display.drawPixel(xCounter, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-readings[xCounter], BLACK);     if(xCounter>1){       display.drawLine(xCounter-1, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-readings[xCounter-1], xCounter, (DISPLAY_HEIGHT-1)-readings[xCounter], BLACK);     }   }   //Draw FPS   display.setCursor((DISPLAY_WIDTH-1)-11,0);   display.print(frames);     //Draw Voltage   display.setCursor(((DISPLAY_WIDTH-1)/2),0);   display.print(analogRead(channelAI)/ARDUINO_PRECISION*5.0);     display.display();     //Calculate FPS   drawtime = micros();   frames=1000000/*a second*//(drawtime-lastdraw);   lastdraw = drawtime; } Now the problem arises when i try doing the 2 things on d same arduino due board. I got perfect results when i used arduino due and arduino uno simultaneously but have not been able to generate waves on the LCD using the same board. Is it possible to do the same. Can some1 help me incorporate the 2 programs into 1..Thanxx

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How to use Arduino Due? Answered

I want to use a servo on an Arduino Due like I would on the Uno (use digital pin+ground+5vpin) but I am confused about the 3.3v limitation. The Due has a 5v pin on the board along with a 3.3v, but the website says 5v is not safe for it. Does that mean the 5v pin can't be used like the one on the Uno, even though it is there?

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Can anyone draw me a schematic (done again due to no answers)?

Hey Guys, its been a while since a posted a question.... Anyway I was wondering if anyone could draw me a schematic from this video: Oh and remember to add a zener on the usb output hub of the charger because I think you need that to prevent the phone from sending energy back after the batteries are drained. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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testing and fault in vlsi system?

How many type of fault can be occur in VlSI circuit ? when we make chip It may be work or it may be fail due to some fault chip may be fail due to fabrication process chip may be fail due to circuit connection chip may be fail due to packing how we will detect fault in chip and what is fault model in vlsi system?

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how to avoid lump formation due to carbonates in lab slab cultured marble samples.?

When we make lab samples, small lumps are formed which is difficult to break in the mixtures. This on pressing gives spots of carbonate specks which looks very odd and damages the beauty of the samples.

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How should I emulate an RS232 mouse using the programming port on an Arduino Due?

I tried to make a USB mouse to RS232 mouse adapter with my Arduino Due, but I couldn't. I used the right protocol and even tried to have the program send a capital M when it started, which is what real RS232 mice do when the DTR line is toggled (I was guessing that the DTR line was used to reset the Arduino). Can it be done, or will I need a separate adapter?

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How do I make a bibliogrpahy for!!?!??!?!? Plz help! its due 2moro!!!!? Answered

I dont know how to make bibliographys for encyclopedias !

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If the earth is made of by a lot of dust collecting in space due to gravity how did water form on earth?

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Resettable Fuse PPTC Polyswitch instead of normal fuse?

Hello Friends, I have basic multimeter which has 250ma 250v fuse in it.  some how due to bad test it fused due to higher amps. now I am planning to replace it with 250ma 250v Resettable Fuse or PPTC or Polyswitch. can I go for it or it may create problem? any body have tried?

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Change phone language from spanish to english

I have a Sprint Sanyo Katana, some of my friends thought it would be funny to change the language to spanish. I can not find how to change the language back, partially due to the menus in spanish are different from the english menus on Sprint's online manual, and partially due to everything is abbreviated to fit on the screen. Google was no help.

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does anyone know what safety lables are on pledge/windex?

If so...answer working on a project that is due in one HOUR!

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Translating a Schematic to a Circuit Board

I need help translating this schematic to a circuit board. As in which rows to place what due to emitters and bases. I'm new at this, please help.

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Adhesives suitable for aluminum connections?

Due to lack of welding equipment now, I am looking for any adhesives that can be used to joining small bits of metal attached to one another, any suggestions?

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Need help saving

I need to save a program to my flash drive at school, but it won't let me save it, it says the operation has been cancelled due to effects in place by the admin. how can i save stuff?

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How can I (electronically) prevent an LCD monitor from going into standby mode due to lack of a video input signal?

I have a dead LCD i want to turn into an artists light table. Q:   How can I prevent the monitor from going into standby due to no input signal? In other words, I want to make the backlighting remain on without connection to a computer.  It is a HP 24" widescreen that is able to be turned, tilted, and rotated in every direction over a wide range.  For this reason (and because I don't feel like building another box) I would like to use the existing enclosure and I have already disassembled and removed the actual LCD screen, leaving just the backlighting components. I am fairly well versed in electronics and I have tested points on the circuit boards in attempt to determine what input the circuit requires to NOT enter standby. There is a wiring harness from the LCD driver board to the inverter board with 14 wires which oddly enough, is actually labeled!  One terminal is labeled 'on/off' which I'm assuming would refer to the standby feature. This terminal measures +3.2v when the backlighting is on (not in suspend) and 0v when off (standby). I tried to jumper this to a spot on the board that is also 3.2 during standby to no avail. Can anybody help??? Thanks!

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I have a problem with ZIP file.How to repair it? Thanks Answered

I compressed my entire computer files or folder in Zip files but unfortunately the Zip file has corrupted or damaged due to virus interruption. 

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Wire to Wireless? Answered

I purchased some XCam2 cameras, They are hard wired. Due to the need where to locate them, I would need them to become wireless. This is a great site along with some great minds. Thank you all for your input.

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Does anyone know the exact weight of a golf ball? Answered

I an working on a science project and dont have a scale to calculate the weight of a goflf ball. Please help its due Tomorrow!!!!

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volcano science project due april 6. My mom is clueless, so no parental help here. Want good grade. Help please.

I'm in 5th grade. It has to be able to erupt, and look decent. I need to do it for 'really' inexpensive. can someone please help me? Or get me a site to follow step by step? i only found a vocano cake here. My mom said she can get me the supplies. Don't know where to begin and want a good grade.Everyone else has parents helping them.-jo

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what's a good quality camcorder that's cheap? Answered

I'm looking for something thats good for like weekly vids that handle outside...due to questions i want something under 100$ and something with big screen size,hd and small

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Need to recover access database with superior solution to fix access database errors? Answered

I have a task regarding access database. I and my organization is using access database to maintain my access files in well mannered way. But due to varied reasons access file showing error message Error 3112: Your access database got corrupted will not be able to show the database. Due to this error message I will not be able to access my access database. I don't have any idea how to recover access database or how to fix access database errors without affecting my original database????? Is there any relevant solution to repair access database?????

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How to watch ESPN360 if game is blocked in your area?

Any help? I have Comcast Cable ISP and have acces to ESPN360. But some games are blocked due to Pay per View in the area. Does anyone know a work around for this?

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I've got an IRQ problem, help please?

My DVD drive won't work due to an IRQ conflict, but I can't manually re-assign the IRQ. It's XP, and it occurred after replacing the mainboard. (The option is "grayed-out") L

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Help with Resistance formula. Answered

How to find the voltage after adding a resistor with the resistance formula? For example I have a circuit that uses 0.975A and I add a 1000ohm resistor to it, if its powered by 220v main then according to V=IR what should be the voltage drop due to the resistor?

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Need to know if i can replace a 22 ohm /10% (1.5w ((I think due to size)) resistor with a 22 ohm / 2% 2watt.

The resistor placement is R2 in a Behringer B215D powered PA speaker. The resistor that was in it is smaller round than the replacement piece,but is the same length. The schematic does not state the wattage of the resistor so I'm a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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How do i make a program for normal curve?

My prob and stat class has this assignment due in a month and its to be able to make a program for Normal Curve..Can anyone help me with this? I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure it out but I can't.

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How to troubleshooting counter?

We had a problem troubleshooting our project "Counter"? We had set it to count to 0 to 9. But the only output we get is 2 and 3. I would like to ask, what would be the possible errors due to the outputs. Thank you in advance. We really appreciate your answer.

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What is the cause of gravity?

A friend of mine MUSAB said that  two bodies attract each other because the electrons and protons of both their atoms attract each other, however, I don't think this is the case, I have heard from some where else that it is due to distortion in space time created by a mass and geodesics are formed and they bend towards the center of the mass due to which every other body which comes in its gravitational field tends to move towards its center and all that stuff I have studied in detail. So who is right? If he is wrong, then please also specify where is he wrong, I think that individual atoms can not attract each other because of charge because an atom, as a whole, is a neutral particle. Thanks in advance.

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Any One Can Help Me For Reboot My iPhone Without Power button ?

I Lost Power Button of My iPhone .. So, due to this problem i have feel bad situation, I can't reboot my iPhone Now. so can you help me ? 

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Am just wondering if a high input to my subwoofer will spoil it?

My ibm comp spoilt its internal speaker. i think due to its high out power(its so loud). i use the same output to feed the sub woofer. i wondered if the high output will spoil it

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Premium Status? Where can I see the status of my account?

 I just purchased a premium membership and want to verify the status somewhere. I didn't get a receipt of the transaction only a welcome e-mail. Where can I see the status of my account with the next due date?

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Replacing led with mouse? Answered

I won a  mouse on ebay for $0.01. now i am annoyed with the red led due to the mouse transparency. i want to know if i can swap the red led with an infrared led just to get rid of the red light and still has the same performance By the way. there was another blue led in it that i chopped out without hesitation.

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I have a project due for my microprocesor's class. The project I am doing needs a AUBTM-20, a serial converter. I am not able to find one, or at least a good replacement. I'm still kinda new at this and would really appreciate the help!    Thanks!!

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iRobot Create Challenge Deadline Extended

The iRobot Create Challenge deadline has been extended by one week. Entries are now due by 11:59pm Sunday, September 9th, 2007Note that multiple entries in the contest are allowed. If your robot is already done and documented, feel free to use this time to explore another project with your Create.

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Can we use Electromagnetic waves to produce current. Like a cellphone starts charging when it recieves a call?

Its just an idea that struck me when i my cell phone's battery was dead due to a power cut. Can it be made possible. KINDLY DON"T PASS FUNNY REMARKS.

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how do I create a free community web site?

I am president of a small community and think a web site would be helpful in getting information out. There aren't enough homes or dues, so the domain name would need to be free. I can't seem to figure out how to do this.

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What's a voltage trigger and where can I buy it?

Science fair once again. I'm really starting to hate science..... Anyway, now I just need a voltage trigger. 1381-G voltagre trigger IC. Any major place where I can find this? Due nov 17.......

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Using a plot leveling lazer to turn on a light? Answered

I have an uncle who want to make a light that will turn on when a senser come in parallel with a 360 degree plot level. to be attached to some heavy equipment to allow him to grade some property. any help? he was trying to avoid using a processer or computer, but whatever it takes to due it.

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Can i use 800mah or max battery to BT receiver instead of 70mah battery?

Hi, BT receiver require 70mah inbuild battery to run, but due to low backup i want to replace it to max one, It have 3.6 v inbuild battery maybe, can i use another one Will it run smoothly?

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need equation to repulsing magnets

I would like to know the equation for the repulsing of magnets I have a science project due and can't find the equation the internet kind of goes around the bush. If you can answer this as soon as possible  please I really hate to turn it in late. So if you have ANY helping ideas search tittle above                                                -caleb griffin-mose

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hi, can anyone help with a laminating steel or brass with a thin film of silicon? Answered

Im buildng a mould for casing pcl (polymorf) there are issuse with using petroleum jelly as a release agent due to it clogging the pores, im building a highly porus biological scaffold for tissue engineering

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Useless WorldSpace

I have a worldspace satellite reciever lying around at home. I'm from India and WorldSpace service in India has been stopped due to low profit. Now that reciever set and the antenna thing are thrown around useless. I wonder what I can do with it? And is it possible to make a mobile phone signal booster with it??? Or any other idea, anything??? 

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Is Calcium Chloride safe to use on roof or gutter ice dams? Answered

In cold climes, snow buildup on roofs often leads to ice dams, usually at the gutter. When the snow melts, the dam can route water under roof shingles and cause roof damage.Is Calcium Chloride safe to use on roofs? (Sodium Chloride is not, due to it's corrosiveness.)

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beetlebug stopped working

I built a beetle bug and it just stopped working, its for school and due tomorrow, i've tried changing batteries and replacing wires, soldering them off and back on but nothing works. i'm thinking that maybe the left motor is dead because the thing where you solder the wire is a bit loose, what can i do?

Question by Junior759