Animated Cat Ears

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me make a pair of cat ears that I can program to move around (such has flatten down and twitch and perk up)

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Pelt curing: how to preserve the ears and feet of a hare or rabbit? Answered

Yesterday got a hare from roadkill. (It is stewing right now). I want to try to do an attempt at taxidermy. I got the pelt off intact, except the lower part of the legs, and I still have to do the head. I was thinking of just letting the legs dry: Quite tedious to take the skin off, and hardly any meat on it. Can I do this, and can I just let the ears dry?

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Why do the L and R speakers of headphones sound different depending on which ear they are placed in?

If I take the right headphone speaker and play it in each of my ears, the sound doesn't sound the same in each ear.

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Happy New y ear!!!!!

Happy new year to the tech comity. Everyone needs a break once in a while, so be honest, how many peaopls are drunk tonight??? it's wayyy past midnight here in canada, but I'm curious.. Shout out to all ya'lls.

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how to make micro ear gear?

Can u tell me how to make a tiny micro ear gear like which u see in a Hollywood movie ( national Treasure). can me make that kind of mini ear gear which fit perfect in our ear hole? if any one know this plz tell me how to make it and what are the things necessary for that.

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How to make bionic ear, using ordinary microhpone? Answered

How can one make extra sensitive bionic ear, with hearing capabilities which are far beyond the powers of normal human ear. I saw a video tutorial about it long ago but now that i want to make one, i could not find it after lots of online searches. Thanks in advance.

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repairing broken sennheiser over ear headphones Answered

My sennheiser over ear headphones have seemt o stop working, the right side still produces sound but the left side does not. any help would be great. Thanks!

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I need away to use my blue tooth ear piece as a transmitter to another blue tooth ear piece.

I need to be able to listen from a short distance away. sort of a spy device.  having its own coded freq. would be helpful too.

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How to get In-ear headphones from slipping out.? Answered

I have a pair of Skullcandy headphones. They used to stay in my ears when pulled on, and just when wearing them. Now they always fall out. When I'm sitting or standing up, All the time. When I Absolutely needed to use them I would wear some kind of stretchy, over the ears hat. But I don't like wearing the hats all the time. Is there a way I can fix this without getting some new tips?

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What's the cheapest place to buy vials of tritium for earrings?

I was sitting on my couch today, thinking about ideas for birthday presents when I had the idea of making tritium earrings.  However, I'm not sure where I should obtain the tritium vials, and what size I should get.  I'm looking to keep a low budget, $25 maximum.  

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Where would I find ear peices similar to the ones on the provided link?

At my church, we use hearing devices to help some older people hear better. A lot of the ear pieces have broken because the little piece of plastic that holds it to the ear has broken off. The ones we have are the same as the ones in the link, but I can't find any for a cheap price. The dealer I have talked to says he can get them for me for $9, but I was wondering if there were any cheaper ones out there. It is just a standard 8th inch plug. Thanks.

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So one of the ear muffs for my Skullcandy Grind Headsets , came out and know i have no clue how to put them back in.?

Https:// Sorry for the Dis links it was more Convenient.

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Best sub $20 in ear headphones with GREAT bass? Answered

Looking for some headphones to replace my Skullcandy buds that broke... I want something with great bass- something that really punches. Preferably with inline volume control- I am using an ipod touch (really love the volume control). I have a pretty small budget, around $20 is my goal, but as I am not an audiophile, they don't need to be perfect :) Just in ear headphones with great bass.

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What is the best way to pull in a High Definition signal with just a standard plan antenna (Rabbit Ears or Outside)?

I would like to pull in a High Definition signal well enough so the picture doesn't freeze. I'm using HD rabbit ears?

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How do you enhance the acoustics of over-the-ear headphones? Answered

I recently made headphones, but the acoustics sound all wrong. Any tips on how I can fix it? The headphones: Thanks in advance!

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whats a practical use for dead earphones?

Hi Everyone i was wondering if anyone has any ideas what i could do with multiple pairs of broken earphones and ear buds. most no longer work in one ear,etc, is there a practical and safe use for them? thank you!

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what is the time and temperature for hardening earth clay?

Earth clay is for doing tiles of dimension 15*15*2

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What are the bet headphones I can get for 100 dollars?

So previously I asked what the best audiophile headphones were for 100 dollars or less and everyone agreed that such headphones do not exist for that price range.  Now I just want the best I can get for under one hundred.  P.S. I'm looking for ear cup, over the head headphones, not the kind you put in your ear. Thanks!

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Any ideas on an in-ear white noise device to help stutterers/stammerers?

Hi, This is my first post. I don't know much about this kind of tech but am eager to learn.  I want to build a hidden/discrete wireless earpiece which can play a short burst of white noise (1-2 seconds) when a button is pressed (see below for an explanation of why on earth I want to do this). The button would need to be able to trigger the white noise from a range of around 1 metre so that the controller can be kept in my trouser pocket. There are earpieces around which play white noise (to help people sleep in noisy environments) but I want to be able to control whether or not the white noise is playing. I thought about using a wireless earpiece (e.g.) with bluetooth, however it seems like the maximum range for this would be around 40cm. Anyone know of alternatives?  WHY WOULD I WANT TO?! Individuals who stutter/stammer often experience blocks. It's not that you'll hear them repeating sounds or anything - their speech just totally freezes up. For reasons which aren't entirely clear, listening to white noise can help stutters who block to start talking. White noise can be played before trying to speak, disrupting our auditory feedback - resulting in less blocks. Some devices have made use of this, e.g. Edinburgh Masker (, but were ugly, bulky and didn't allow you to manually control when the white noise was playing. Other devices, like SpeechEasy make use of Delayed Auditory Feedback ( - which can help some people but is of no use if you aren't already making some kind of noise. Is this impossible?  Many thanks for anyone with ideas on this! Cheers Oli

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xbox 360 headphones

Is there a way I can wire Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless headphone receiver to work with earforce x22 wired so I can use the sound processor in it?

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ganged SPST? Answered

Http:// according to the circuit diagram posted in the link. the SPST switch must be ganged with P1. how should i do it? what does the word "ganged" mean?

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Right ear bud volume drops after a couple of hours. Why, and what to do? Answered

As the title says, one of my earbuds volume drops to about a tenth the volume of the other after i use it for more than like 3 hours. After I don't use it for a couple more hours, it's back to normal. Bear in mind, these were some cheap, 99¢ earbuds my brother got on sale somewhere. I asked him and his don't do this. They're section 8 brand earbuds. Any idea of what's causing this and/or how to fix it would be great. Thanks

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240V Power Socket with USB outlets leaks current/not grounded ?

I just got a 3 pin wall power socket (240volts/EU style) that comes 2 built in USB charging ports. I replaced my wall power socket with it and both the USB charging ports works fine and so does the power socket (when I connected my 240volt desk lamp to it). However, when I happened to make a call on my iPhone whilst it was charging (from one of the usb ports), there was a "tingling" sensation when I held the phone to my ear.  This is a repeatable process... turn the switch off/disconnect from the USB port and the "tingling" goes away, turn it on/connect the phone to the USB port and the "tingling" is back again. There is obviously a grounding/current leakeage problem from this "Socket".  I can't feel the "tingling" when the connected phone is being held in my hand. It is very apparent when the phone is held next to my ear.   I have ascertained that the connection to the power socket is correct ie.  Live, Neutral and Earth are all correctly wired. QUESTIONS: 1.  Is there a way to detect this leakage other than only using my ear ?  ( I need to show the manufacturer that this is a real problem either with a video or be able to measure this leakage objectively).  Is there a electrical device /detector for this ? 2.  How dangerous is this situation ... Could it have electrocuted my family ? 3.  What is the cause of this ?  Is it because of poor earthing/grounding in my house wiring ?

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is there any way to hook a small speaker to a blue tooth headset?

I wanna make a bluetooth headset have a speakr phone instead of going to a small ear bud please help i need help asap

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Help with replica deadmau5 head?

I'm making a replica deadmau5 head and as trim around the ears and head, I want to add LED lights.  What all will I need and how can I program them to change color by fading through the spectrum?

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Can someone help me with this schematic? Answered

I found this schematic for an amplified listener from and I'm having trouble finding c4 in this circuit, a 5n cap.  I'm wondering what its purpose is and what range of values could i use to replace it?

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Credit card crystal radio

What do you think about the feasibility of a credit card sized crystal radio? (Fits inside a wallet) Some possible i though so far are... A simple pcb with a diode, and a capacitor and a coil wrapped(protected by duct tape) around it. The antenna has to be tied to a hole on a corner. Or it is coiled to the card, ready to be unwrapped. The ear piece can either be external... Or can be glued to the card itself, but you must put the card near you ear... Instead of a winded coil, maybe it can be part of the pcb design itself... and to tune it, you unhook a beady wire and place it in the holes placed in a interval. What do you think? Any more ideas? In fact. a competition can be made for this idea.

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ipod jack broken need advice to fixing it Answered

Sadly my ipod touch 3 generations headphone jack broke only allowing me to hear in one ear my question is if there is any way to fix this problem help with this subject is much appreciated thank you

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are there any micro speaker.. by micro i mean like 5/32 of an inch big..they need to be decently loud?

I am working on a very slim bluetooth watch and i need extremely small loud speakers.even smaller than an ear buds diameter

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1st gen iPod Shuffle?

There was this one inctructable for adding an iPod shuffle (gen 1) onto headphones, but what if we can rig it so we use one over ear headphone + ipod shuffle mounted, and take out all the shuffle stuff and add bluetooth headset components! that would be ccrazy!

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I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free Answered

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free 11-2-09

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how do you get from Ampere to Ampere hours? Answered

I know, basically it's not too diffy. I checked wikipedia and in the end i get to Coulomb, but the information i need is: i wanna build these cat-ears: and as material one needs a LiPo battery - the guy says "anything that will be able to supply 3A worth of current" and links to a 800mAh-battery at hobbyking. I first bought a battery with 4000mAh, say a battery that gives 4A per hour, but the one i got is quite heavy and i doubt that it's a good idea to use it in this light-weighted project - so how the hell did that guy get from a 800mAH-battery to the 3A worth of current? How do i calculate this way?

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I have constructed land rover.I am not getting the desired output from the mt8870 decoder .Please help!!

I cut the ear pieces of the headset and connected it.May be I have done something wrong in this connection.I have checked every thing else.Everything else is right...Only in the ring and tip connections something is going wrong.Please help

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Headphones crapped out again

This is my fourth pair of headphones. I keep taking good care and then one day, one ear just stops playing sound all together. The other one is totally fine, I even cleaned out my headphone jack. Please help ASAP. I need my music back. :( They are Earbuds by the way, Ink'd by Skullcandy

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how do you make bone induction speakers?

The type that fit behind the ears. My son has hearing issues and the hearing aids don't seem to cut it. He cannot hear the lower frequencies but he seems to respond to vibrations as from quality headphones. I would like to try bone induction with the hearing aids. Thanks in advance.

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How to make circuit with two microphones?

I need to make a wearable headband that has a microphone by each ear that will record everything that is going on around a person. I don't know what else i might need. I need someone to tell me exactly what i need and how to construct it. drawings might be good. thank youuuuu

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How Can I Make A Controller with a built in mic

My xbox 360 headset was crap when i bought 360 the ear piece fell of so i cut the end of the wire attached to the headset.#3 is gone And The Wire In between #1 And #2 i have. So how could i build it into the 360 controller?

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Mag-safe type Audio Connector for Headphones?

Would it be possible to make a Magsafe-like cable for headphones? I'm always either editing video or listening to music while on the desktop in my family's living room. In order to not disturb everyone, I use headphones. But getting up time after time is very much a pain when I have to pull my headphones off, set them down, then head off to wherever in the house I need to go. (Kitchen, toilet, etc...) I think I've come up with a solution that would make things a lot easier. The end of the heaphone cable is normal. Standard 3.5mm. But the other end, which is usually hidden away in the left ear cup all stripped and leading to different speakers, is seperated from the ear cup, and connects and stays on with magnets! The only problem is that I'm not quite sure what to do to make this...anyone have any ideas?

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i need to help me

I need a manual for an old sewing machine made ​​in Pavia NECCHI 7297 series. Help me or guide me where to find this manual. My wife loves this Sewing Machine and want to learn to sew. If you have a wife like mine please help me solve the problem without my ears catch. Thank you very much.

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Arduino bluetooth audio controlled?

Hey i was wondering if an arduino could be controlled by bluetooth, but if you say something. Like using a bluetooth ear piece connected wirelessly to your arduino board and saying "on" to turn an LED on, and same with off. Is it possible or not? Also, does anyone know where i can find a good arduino bluetooth guide? Thanks alot!!

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Astro a40 headset repair help? Earphone is ripped off the left side

I have a broken set of Astro a40's, i need a little help fixing them i have soldering skill and fix electronics for a hobbie ,but i have never fixed headphones the left ear cup got ripped off, The first pic is of the board i need to solder the green and orange wire back to (easy) and the red and black wire i need to splice back together(not that hard, and srry i edited it in 10 sec using paint XD also my camera dosent like closeups) The second pic is the ear cup side of the wires , the thing i am confused on is when i found the black and red wire its just a bunch of nylon like fabric is the wire missing ? could i use the nylon to splice it all back? i dont think i can? Thanks for the help!

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The cell phone signal controversy ? Answered

Now, we have long been told that cellphone signals can cause or trigger brain tumor and its pretty much fallen on deaf ears because we cant possibly disconnect ourselves from the cell phones and mobile devices. But is it true that you can prevent them from boosting the cell phone signal like this article states.

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I want a circuit diagram to make a simple audio amplifier circuit from which I can hear my voice louder. Thanx in advanc Answered

.How can I make it? I want a circuit diagram that's easy to construct with less components.I'm a ninth grader and want answers likewise. Many many thanks in advance!

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Is there anything that emits a high frequency that human ears can't hear yet would scramble digital voice recorder. Answered

As I'm a local chairman for a union. Sometimes an investigation isn't going as we would like it. And the company that employs us sets a portable voice recorder up so, that they can transcribe it at a later date. So my thought was if I could scramble or delete the recording somehow then everybody stays working. No harm. No foul, Right??? It may be wrong, but is it really. When you are trying everything you got to keep people employed, that have made an error or two on there job. Please Help. All the knowledge that you guys have brought forth so far is amazing. Thanks 

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