Easy wiring projects

I have seen beginner electronics projects but most of the things that they make arent really functional theyre just kinda display things like led throwers or custom made circuit board. I want to learn electronics but not by reading a guide but by doing the diy projects that create electronics items that are functional....does anyone know of any?

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Easy Interactive Mirror?

Okay I had an idea to make an interactive mirror with some mirror grade acrylic and an old android phone. Simple enough I could just mount the phone behind the mirror to display the weather for ex. But wouldn't it be cooler to be able to use the capasative screen? So that is my question, how can i have the android phone recognize my touch? Maybe use a different material besides acrylic? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Any First Easy project?

Hey! :) I'm new here, I love Electronic things and I would Like to make DIY Project, I bought some stuff on ebay as In my city there is no normal electronic store, I got some led transistors and resistors.. I Tried to make the flashing leds by sounds it seem to work for the first 5 min and then it burned out... I want to make an easy cool impressive DIY Project, My actually first project that will work. I would love your help guys, Thanks!

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easy way to program PIC? Answered

What is the easyest way to program PIC chips? i have a ghetto programmer around for attiny's, and wondered if there was anything similar to that...

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Ideas for an easy 'ible in tech? Answered

I am really interested in electronic stuff, and all I really have been doing since I got my instructables account is commenting and answering. Any ideas?

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Resistors for a project, easy question!

Hi all, This is an easy question about resistors, its been years since I use any. So, I have a replay which is rate 12v DC and 2amp. The power supply is 12v DC and 6 amp. V = I X R R =  V / I so R = 12 / 2 = 6ohm So I need a 6ohm resistor? Is that correct? I can't believe I have forgotten this! thanks Gary

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Super Easy Arduino Question?

Hey all, below is schematic for a really simple water level sensor. I want to hook this up to my Arduino so that Arduino will know when each LED is ether HIGH or LOW. My question is where at what point in the schematic do I hook up the digital read pins?   

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battery with easy charging method? Answered

I am looking for the best way to implement a battery supply for my project. It needs to be able to fit in an enclosure measuring 5 x 2.5 x 2 inches. It needs to have a voltage in the range of 7 to 12 volts and have a fair amount of capacity. (maybe around 1500 - 5000 mAh?) The battery(s) also should be easy to charge, such as through a regulated voltage supply, with no complex control circuitry. It can be multiple batteries. I am mainly looking for the best type of battery here. (NiMH, SLA, Lithium, etc.) Any suggestions?

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Easy/Cheap Heating Element?

Is there any way I could make a DIY heating element? Or, if not, is there anywhere I get get one on the cheap?

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easy way of converting dc into ac

Does anybody know of an cheap simple circuit, using only a few components, to convert dc into ac or pulsed dc? I'm going to be using a super capacitor that's rated for 2.5 volts and I want more out of it, so the output is going to be put through a voltage multiplier circuit.

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Cheap Easy CNC: To post or not to post?

That is the question. It will look something like the one pictured, and will be a combination of this, this, this, this, and many months of research. It will be cheap, under $300 easily. I want to know if I should do an 'Ible before I make it so I can take pictures. What do you think?

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Looking for a cheap and easy project for a beginner

Hi :) Next year, I'm planning on starting a Mechanical Engineering degree. I want to get some hands on experience with making stuff just as preparation, but I've never done anything like this. What's a good place to start? And something that won't cost a lot as I don't have much money? Any help is appreciated :D thanks

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How to make a easy solar cell?

Some ideas anyone

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question about kodak easy share

When I am putting my photo's into the easy share picture frame, the writing down on that bottom of each picture is showing. Can I erase them?

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How easy would it be to fix this ipod? Answered

On a scale of one to ten (one being a 2 second fix, ten being i should not attempt at all), how easy is it for me fix this ipod, the screen appears fine. Also, how would i go about fixing it?

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9v to 3v "easy button" hack. Answered

Hello! Im working on a Staples Button Hack! but..... Problem that I have is that I feel like it is a Waste to scrap the original "that was easy" message. And the problem that comes along with this would be that I have to use a 9v battery to power the new circuit and the original button circuit uses a 3v battery. I'm not great with Ohms law but I do relize that I need a resistor but... i do not know if that will put in too much current into the original circuit?Would anyone know how I can calculate this? And does the amount of current even matter? -Thanks! Noobiefied

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How easy is it to replace my motherboard? Answered

 If I wanted to upgrade my motherboard but not any of the other components, could I do it without having to re-install windows and do loads of messing about software wise?

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easy recharging method for child's toy

I want to use a rechargeable battery inside a toy, and I don't want to remove the battery for charging.  I'm looking for a simple and safe method for charging that a young child can do by themself.  Here are some thoughts I've had: wireless (such as with a qi pad) = Is there any way to actually keep this from getting hot?  I'm assuming the base would be always on, and the toy would be left on it all night or longer. solar = This requires a light or the sun to charge.  I'm considering putting the solar cell in the bottom of the toy and making a light base that it could be placed on, but I'd need some type of sensor or switch so it only lights when the toy is on it. metal contact pads = This would be easier than a plug since you'd only need to set the toy down, but can it be done safely?   Anybody have suggestions?  Thanks.

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how can i make a cheap and easy bugging device which is small and easy to hide? Answered

I want to make a battery operated, small bugging device that is easy to hide and can record or transmit sound to a listening device....just for when i'm...bored...just for....fun....

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Really easy multi use desktop machine

I need a multi purpose machine that can fit in a one cubic foot area. I need it to do most or all of the following; 1.) Have a "3rd and 4th hand" 2.) Fit in a 1'x1' space 3.) Light 4.) A controlable .1-24 volts DC output 5.) Small Storage 6.) Large magnifier on a flexible mount. 7.) Built in ruler 8.) Wire reel holder Im Sorry for being so picky, but I need to somehow cram all of that in to a small space. Pics or drawing would be nice. But comments and ideas would be better. P.S. Pic isn't related to machine

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is there more easy way to make sodium acetate?

Is there a 3 easy steps to make a sodium acetate than 6 steps??

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Can you recommend easy publishing software?

 Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by. I want to do a catalogue-style help manual that is as good on the web as it is printed. Can you recommend some software that is super-easy to use, please? Also, I'm wondering if pdf would suit both formats, online as well as for the printer? Does anyone have experience of this please? Many thanks

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how simply/ easy can a cnc project be?

How i was wondering if I could make a cheap CNC (possibly combined 3d printer) without making it a "big" project. if I buy stepper motors and driver, and dowlad some software, all i need is the mechanicle parts right? (like the frame and stuff, like a spindle/ melted-plastic-extruder)? please come with some inputs ;)

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Easy way to get IR LED detectors?

I need a large quantity if IR detectors for free or very cheap. Are there any god sites that give samples or anyone here that has a large quantity they don't want?

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Is it possible to do an easy 12v solar charger?

I want to build something for my dad. Basically I have: one car battery one 12v solar panel one or more computer fans And what I think would be useful to do is: have the solar panel to charge the battery and run the fan at the same time at day, and get the fan to run from the solar charged battery at night, is this easy to accomplish?  Levi

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Getting started in Tech. Any easy projects?

Hey all. I would love to start working with circuits more than I do (I know the basics of circuits, soldering, mostly practical knowledge). I would really like to start doing a lot more with building projects that really utilize circuitry. So my question is: What are some fun and easy projects that I can get started on? Appreciate any help :)

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Capacitive touchscreen - easy to hack via Arduino?

I have successfully hacked a 4-wire resistive touchscreen overlay, via Arduino, but the touch data is very noisy (mechanical not electronic noise). I'm considering a capacitive screen as a solution: are such screens hackable, using just an Arduino and basic circuit-building skills? Brendan

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Make serial connected batteries easy to replace Answered

I am working on a project that requires two serially connected 9V batteries to power.  For when the batteries will need to be replaced, is there an easy way for a user to replace them without having to disengage wires and then solder new ones?  Is there a way to "rework" the typical battery caps used on 9V batteries?  Using an 18V battery is not an option because of the size of the container the battery is being placed in. I was thinking to use two battery caps, one to connect the positive and negative posts to make the two batteries (9V) serially connected, and then "rework" the other cap to connect the remaining posts on each of the batteries to provide power to the unit I'm making. Is there a way to do this ? Is it feasible?

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Easy spray/liquid *open cell* foam?

Hi all - new here  :)  I was trying to think of where I could ask this and I immediately thought of instructables.  Does anyone have any ideas where I could find a spray or liquid *open cell* foam?  It's easy to find cans of spray closed-cell foam these days, but I've never seen one for open cell foam.  I've done a lot of searching, and the only open foam cell solutions I find tend to be giant expensive things for insulating houses in bulk, nothing for small scale applications.  I'm looking to fill a bundle of relatively fine tubes (diameter TBD), which I want to act as a sponge on the inside, resisting allowing the liquid inside to drain out while still allowing for gas migration.  Hence closed cell is not an option.  Polyurethane is probably fine, although other materials may well be fine as well. Any ideas?

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is there an easy way to measure the weber stength of a magnet?

Have been given the task of creating a circuit powered by a rotating magnet in a copper coil that will charge a capacitor long enough to light an LED for 600 seconds after the rotating magnet has stopped. In all the magnet charge up torches I've opened, there are two 3V Lithium Cells (CR 2032) between the generator and the circuit. These cells aren't rechargable. The current from the generator is AC. I know this shouldn't be too difficult, but can't figure out how to approach it with so many unknown variables. Just looking for any help possible for value of capacitor or resistor. Thanks for any help!

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DIY Laser Tag System Cheap/Easy?

I would like to create a portable laser tag system. Somthing with targets on vests, and connected laser phaser, targets to shoot at, Basically something cheap, easy, and similar to the Lazer Runner Laser Tag System. In case you are not familiar with this, here is a link to their products: http://www.lazerrunner.com/Heres-What-You-Get.html or if you want the main page: http://www.lazerrunner.com/ I know that there are tutorials all over the internet, even here on Instructables, but I dont understand any of them, how to build it, or how it works. Or its too expensive. I want something that I can build for about $20 - $30 if parts are bought online, not somewhere like Radio Shack because I find projects such as this cost too much if EVERYTHING is bought there.

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is there an easy way to manually operate a cd tray?

Im in the middle of automating my trash can (i know i can just buy one, but what's the fun in that?) and i got the proximity sensor part to work, but i cant think of a way to turn a short burst (in the sensor test circuit i had the led on the output blinked once when my hand got close yay!) into a signal that would power an old cd motor until it opened, pushing the trash can lid open, wait about 10sec or so, then apply reverse polarity for 2sec or so until it closed. i might be able to use a microcontroller to do this, but im just getting into that and i don't want to use one for this unless there isn't another way. if it's relevant im using a 555 to generate a 38khz pulse to an ir led picked up by rpm7138. any ideas?

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Batch file that opens a program in that folder (but not that easy)?

Hello I made a troll virus to my friend. It opens a troll face picture and opens trololol song. I found a program that binds 2 files. It also has a option that starts second program when first closes. my plan is to bind that program and a batch file that calls that program. But my friend can change it's name and everythink crashes. I tried this @echo off start *.exe exit but it said there is no file named *.exe Help me please

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Equivalent of fire wire. Anybody know of any other easy fireworks (like as easy as firewire to make)?

Just wondering if anybody knows of anything as fun and easy to make. (as easy as the steel wool and wire fire wire thing.)

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Old Computer Speakers

Is there any way i can hide my old computer speakers? I would like for it to be kind of easy. Any ideas?

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I AM A 14 YEAR OLD KID GOING TO SCHOOL AND I LOVE MAKING ROBOTS SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I MAKE AND WHERE DO I GET STUFF IN INDIA,DELHI I am thinking of making quadcopter but i don't have the right material so where can i buy it in India,delhi

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what are some fun easy cheap chemical reactions

I was wondering about the things that i can do with easy to obtain chemicals like gasoline. im in high school and dont have a job its a small town and i dont have anything to do after school im not stupid and i dont want to bite off more than i can chew so i want to know about easy things with household chemicals

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How can I make an easy power supply?

I want to make a really easy power supply that uses direct line voltage (120) using just a capacitor(WITHOUT a transformer).  I've seen the instructable where Tool Using Animal (https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Lightbulb/) made one for LEDS. I measured it and got around 2 volts.  That was with a .47uf cap.  I want to get around 12 volts but I don't know how to get it without buying 20 different caps to see which one works.  Is there a formula? Thanks in advance for your help..

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Is there an easy way to change the electrical frequency? From 45hz to 60hz?

Is there an easy way to change the electrical frequency? From 45hz to 60hz?

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i need to make a easy non-ardunio robot

Please post a easy non-ardunio robot pm me the link

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Easy LED fade on - hold - fade off circuit?

Is there an easy way to make an led fade on and then stay at a constant brightness then fades off when the circuit is broken?

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HELLO i want to know how to make a rc tx and rx of 8 channel for cheap and easy for a rc plane i am for india i want this project as cheap as possiable pls don't ask to hack a rc car....

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What is an easy way to remove parts from a board?

How can i remove parts from a circuit board without damaging it?

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Cheap/ easy way to make cloroform/ buy cloroform?

Don't ask why, I want to experiment with it, an a few other thins. I would also like measurements of clooform and their effects. ( eg. unconsiosness, dissynes... )

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how can I make an easy spark gap?

I made a potatoe cannon with PVC tubes, and I have an electric bug zapper as the power source, but I need some sparks to fire it up.If someone has got the circuit´s plans please live a comment. THANKS!!! :D

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12V from 9V battery or other easy alternative?

Hello, I need a 12V 0.2A(min) power supply for a project... I don't want to use any kind of strange or expensive battery because it's a gift for someone. I was planning on using a 9 volt battery, is there any easy way to build maybe a step-up transformer for it (needs to be very compact)? Or could I use AA batteries? I don't want to use 8 AAs though, I do know that's be 12 volts... Thanks, any help is appreciated. 

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LED / Resistor Question - This should be easy for you to answer. Answered

I noticed that on LED wiring diagrams the resistor is on the incoming current leg.  Is there any reason why the resistor could not be on the out going current leg? If a resistor was installed on the out going leg then multiple LED could be tied in through one resistor rather than having an individual resistor for each LED.

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Is there an easy way to control the speed of a little 6v motor?

I've got a little 6v electric motor that I would like to slow the rpm's down.  It doesn't have to be a variable controller, but if there is something like that then cool.  I'm just looking for a cheap way to slow that puppy down.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  :)  (p.s. I'm using the power from a USB - 5v)

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Several Easy Steps to Boost Your Computer's Speed

Some of you may have seen my instructable, Several Easy Steps to Boost Your Computer's Speed, and I have been getting some feedback. But I wanted to post it to forums, see if anyone can come up with some more ideas on how to boost a computer's speed. Let me know if you can think of anything! Feel free to comment here or on the Instructable.Thanks!Lukethebook333

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