Embed instructable in website?

Is it possible to embed an instructable on my weebly website ? If yes , how ?

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Video embed not working?

Is anyone else having trouble embedding videos in an instructable? It keeps disappearing when I hit "save."

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embed a slideshow into a instructable?

Is it possible to insert/embed a slideshow into a instructable, and is if so how do I do that? Thx for the help already

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Is there a way to embed Audio into an Instructable?

If there is, I would like to know how. I Once I get my newest project "packaged" all nice and pretty, I want to demonstrate the sound quality as opposed to the mere squeak it was before. Before and after pics below...

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how do you embed a video?

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Embed circuitbee schematic in Instructable?

I was trying to add a schematic from circuitbee and It doesnt work in the new instructables editor. Sometimes it will show up but when I use full preview it disappears... Bug or unsupported? :) Thanks all -A907

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Embed a github repo into an instructable?

When authoring an instructable, it says you can embed a github repo. I tried all the different URLs I could think of, but none of them worked in the preview. I ended up just linking to the code repo instead of embedding it. How the heck does one go about embedding the code directly? I don't want to have a second place to maintain the code, and it seems like embedding it should be fairly simple, but I must be missing something.

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How to embed video from YouTube? Answered

I need some help about embeding video, in istructable, from youtube

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how can I embed images in an instructable ?

I have read a thread detailing image embedding using https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Embed-Photos-in-an-Instructable/ However, I can't make this work : I upload the images. I embed them using the img html tag. The image is correctly shown in the edition window. When I press "preview", the images are no longer shown. I have tried different sizes and formats, some have briefly worked (= were shown in the preview window), but all ended up disappearing at one point or another.

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Video from youtube won't embed on my instructable, why? Answered

I have tried to embed video in my last instructable to no avail, It was posted on youtube.  Tried the embed video function, and it shows a square in red with the word flash on my instructables after.  Tried the Copy the URL onto the instructable, no go

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hi, i would like help on imbedding photos

What process will work best to imbed the artwork onto tiles or laminate on the floor of my boutique? I want to put a photo along with our logo inside the shop. there will be heavy traffic from customers so need something durable.PLEASE HELP!

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How do you get the embed instructable code once you're away from the publishing page, can't find it anywhere? Answered

You know the code for embedding an instructable in to a page? Anybody?

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Video hosting

There is a new website for video sharing. It has a DIY / How-to catagory and has contests for videos uploaded.It is at http://www.ClamShare.com It is just starting and it looks like it might be easy to win the contests, since the traffic is kind of low right now.just a suggestion,abram

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Where did the embed video button go? Answered

So I was going to edit my step-by-step instructable and embed a video, but I couldn't find the embed video button. Where did it go, and how do I embed videos now???

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How to embed tinkercad circuit in an Instructable?

Hi guys,I try to embed tinkercad circuits in an instructable but it does not work... I mean, I can embed it, but after saving and refreshing the page, everything vanishes! I tried with a youtube video and it works great. Any idea how to fix this?

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How to embed this thing in my instructable?

I posted this instructable recently, but I was unable to embed this: http://www.dermandar.com/p/euFCoN/the-shop in the body of the 'ible. Any thoughts?

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Youtube embedding not working for me? Answered

Hey- I tried to embed some videos on my instructable (here ) and they never showed. I used the video embed function and the embed code from youtube. I am on firefox version 3.6.10 if that helps any :) Thanks- Astroboy907

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is it possible to embed your flash tutorial to a phpbb based forum? If yes how?

I have a greek diy forum www.idoitmyself.gr and i would like to embed these fantastic flash tutorials you have for the projects. Is there a way? Can you show me?

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why i cannot embed from youtube? it says Unsupported Host.what could be wrong?

my firefox is up to date. cookies are enabled. my windows xp is fresh my internet is broadband, but i cannot embed from youtube to instructables my new video. any suggestion?

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How do I embed a 7" usb monitor in acrylic?

I'm looking to perform a case mod wherein I install a 7" USB monitor into a clear acrylic case. I plan to paint the inside of the case as well, but that's a different matter. The case in question has a decently sized area (allowing for at least 7" in width) directly below the main audio and USB ports in the front. (The left side of the front; the right side has three vertically-stacked 3.5" bays.) I am wondering what is the best way to go about cutting the hole in the acrylic and mounting the monitor to the front. I would prefer that only the front half of the bezel show above the case. I would be painting the bezel and the rim of the cut in the enamel prior to mounting, if that makes any difference at all. Let me know if I'm not making any sense. Thanks!

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OK....i have checked out how to embed a vid in instructbles... https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-embed-a-video-into-Instructables/ and dont get it...can someone help me and teach me? plz?

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How do you embed a text box in an instructable for arduino code? Answered

I am writing an instructable that uses an Arduino micro controller and I wanted to include the code in a text box scrolling text box. But I can't find anywhere that tells how to embed a textbox in an instructable. Could someone point me in the right direction.

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Cannot embed youtube link, something I'm doing wrong? Answered

I'm trying to add a youtube link to my instructable but keep getting an error. I've tried different youtube links to different videos to no avail. Have I wandered into an instructable black hole?

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If I embed a PDF into an Excel file, can the PDF be accessed and read by others?

I have embedded a PDF into an Excel file. If I e-mail this Excel spreadsheet to someone else, can they access the PDF file that I have embedded?  

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Can you upload videos to instructables without embedding them form youtube etc.? Answered

I want to upload a video straight to instructables. I don't  want to embed it for a video site such as youtube or vimeo. Is it possible, and if it is, how can I do it? Thanks

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Embedded youtube video isn't showing up.

I uploaded a video to youtube, used the embed code of youtube and pasted it into the embed video box. when I saved and went to the page the video didn't show up. I already waited 2 days now. Is there some time I need to w8 until you aprove them or something?

Question by D_zeno 

Proof of Perpetual motion? Answered

I am sorry I can't embed the video but you can find it on Youtube here  proof? :-)

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I can't publish entry to the Jack Daniels contest..

I am trying to enter the Jack Daniels contest...I have never published anything on this site before...I entered the link as http://youtu.be/G_mG1iqE8DQ   and the link works, but when I hit "publish" it says I need to enter an embed code...I thought the link was the embed code...I don't know what I'm doing wrong

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Embedding Images?

Can anyone direct me to a resource on how I might be able to embed images in the text portion of an instructable instead of the standard way of just attaching them to a step by dragging amd dropping to the top of each step? I'd very interested in how the great mikeasaurus has been doing his Instructables recently. As an example check out this one https://www.instructables.com/id/Name-Puzzle/ That format just looks so much better for certain projects and if he can do it there must be a way.

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How difficult/easy would it be to embed LEDs into a Rubik's Cube so that when solved, each individual face lights up?

Possible ideas: 1) individual circuits: one for each color/face. (if one face is solved it lights up even when rest of cube is scrambled) 2) one circuit throughout connecting all pieces. (this way it wouldn't glow unless entire cube was solved) Using some sort of conductive material in between the smaller cubes to complete circuit(s). Button cell batteries to power LEDs?

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Ad Blocking ads?

If I use the ad-block plug for firefox to block ads on instructables will this impact the amount of money they make from the ads? Are the ads hit based, or are they simply paid to embed them?

Question by TheCheese9921 

Can't play the embedded video, how can I make it work?

Ok, I've got this nice 'ible brewing for a contest and I see the little prompt "Got a video? Embed it!" Well it must be so deeply embedded that it won't work..First I uploaded a vid to Y'ube, then copied & pasted the URL into the popup to embed it. I get a thumbnail of it next to my other pics and when I click on it, there's no play arrow and all it does is make the pic enlarged. I'm using a laptop w/Windows 7 pro and Google. What's up? and thanks in advance.

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What HTML formatting can we use in our instructables? Do I have to be a pro member to use them?

I actually want to embed a gist from git hub in my instructable. Is this possible?  The embedding uses  tag

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Bug, Suggestion, Feedback! Community sections

Since there is no place for it right now I just created a topic for the purpose of collecting bugs we find.Let me start with a little list I collected so far:1. Confusion!When I create a new topic I need to select a category and channel.So where exactly are these categories and channels?Somehow I struggle to find them anywhere else than in the two drop down menus when creating a new topic.If we have all those drop down options then why can't we make proper use of them?2. List problems!I know there is planned work on the way we see the cummunity section but still...When I create a new topic then it seems to be nowhere.I check again a few hours later and still nowhere.Next day often the same storey.Where does a new topic go and when does it appear in the community section?3. Sorting - this one is already being worked on I guess.We really need a working option to sort postings and replies by time and date and relation.I get notified about a reply and check...Hmm, about 80 replies and somehwere, someone wrote something new...Good if you can copy and past a part of the preview to search for it in the browser manually...Comfort and logic is needed to replace the current confusion and inconsistences.As for suggestions to get the section up to what what both developers and users turn into happy campers:1. Editing options!!!For years this is my number one that not just got more and more ignored but also reduced to nothing.Anyone creating a topic should have direct control over it.This means beain able to create the post in a way the poster sees fit for the purpose.The basic text editing options any Vbulletin or PhPBB board would offer should be available here in a similar way.Embedded text and images in the size and place that fits - either by posters choice for the size on the screen or by providing a fixed sized preview that opens a fullsie view when clicking on it.Code is more important these days than back then when I first asked for option to embed it here.Tags are useful for a lot of things.Add a quote from a previous post or reply, add a code window that allows proper copy and past action for both poster and reader (preferably with highlighted syntax like in Notepadd++, ....You can only provide dedicated help if you have the right tools for it.And you can not ask for dedicated help if you can even properly post the problem due to restrictions and limitations in the editing system.Coloered text, other than for code is not really required but all the basics anyone knows froma real forum would be a great addition.2. Tagging or otherserwise highlighting the areas of the topic.If I already create a post in the technology section than it would only make sense to see a corresponding icon next to the topic in the community section.Same for coding help, mechanical problems and so on.The current sections and categories are outdated and a lot of things are missing.Mabye not in terms of Intructables but certainly for the community sections.3. Structure....Currently it is all one big blob and not even the sorting works (yet).This is perfect for people like me wanting to quickly check if something new was posted but not so good for someone trying to have some fun browsing.Imagine you want to spend some quality time checking what problems people have or what help they seek when it comes to woodworking.No search options, no list options, no categories to explore.Back in the day we had a few sections and a basic sorting option, like by most recent.Someone only interested in helping with coding on Arduino wouldn't even bother here and move on.On the other hand, people with no clue how to fully specify their problem might find a solution just by browsing through the corresponding section.4. Linking Instructables....I don't know the reason for it or the idea behind it but why again is the question section filled with Instructables?And why look lot of Tips like Instructables?I mean if it is for the user to find stuff than it might bind him on the website, but I doubt it will be satisfactory for the user.Questions or tips in regards to an Instrubale should be there- with the Instructable but not in the community section.Add it a tab for the Ible instead...I see little to no point in answering to a question someone has in regards to a specific Ible unless "I made it"....5. Voting and closing...When it comes to forums then one thing all have in common: bloat.People only register to post something but never come back.Topics are solved, done and dusted.Topics gone dormant for months or even years.Great answers or vital details get lost.The list goes on....What it comes down to is that order needs to be restored and maintained.Open an archive section and start moving out.Topics of certain age and with no new replies - gone.Topics where the user never again logged in - gone.Topics voted or request to be closed, closed or gone to the ariche as well.Topics voted to be of general interest pinned somewhere for easy reference - like this one ;)A thread starter got his answer and is happy? Then for crying out loud let him vote or credit the best answer and close the topic.More than three people voted or tagged a topic as useless, not possible or similar - close it so it can one day go in the archive section too.All this and more should create a community section that once again can become an active playground for everyone.A place to seek and find help.And who knows, maybe some of the good old guys might even consider a return and more time spent here....

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video not playing?

hey so im working on my ible but when i go to embed the video the window asks me for a link, after i put the link from youtube it does nothing but display the link on the page? what should i do?

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Do I need to use a metal box for an outlet?

I'm making a concrete art piece and want to insert an electrical outlet inside it.  Is it okay if I embed the outlet in the concrete or is there a reason I need to use the metal outlet box like is used in the wall?

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World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation.

From the people that brought you the world's smallest stop-motion animation, comes the world's largest - shot on a beach, some scenes covered 1000m2. New Scientist TV's video format won't embed here, so you'll have to follow this link.

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I need help with uploading a Video!

I'm trying to publish a video about something I made, but when I put the embed code, and after i save it, it disappears, and I put it again and I press publish instead, and it still doesn't work, can someone explain to me why it wont work?

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Slideshows in forum topics

Zachninme put together this sweet way to embed slideshows in forum topics. I'm posting it because it requires HTML in the body of the text, and only admins can do that.What do you think? Is this something you would use? The images in the Slideshow below are from this forum post. They are not from an existing Slideshow.Show/Hide Slideshow

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How can I make a cat door using the microchip embedded in the cat?

I know about SureFlap but they don't work with US chips! I can't put on a collar and my cat refuses to go through cat flaps. So I need something that lifts or swings automatically.

Question by anothergalaxy   |  last reply

How do I connect a stethoscope to a speaker? How can I amplify a heartbeat through a speaker?

Hello, I am a student studying interdisciplinary sculpture. I am working on a project right now where I want the head of a stethoscope to connect to a speaker. I will need two of these, so at least two people can hear their hearts beating together at the same time. My idea is to have a rectangular column made of wood where I will embed the electronics/speakers. The stethoscopes and attached cords will come out of the column, enabling people to pick them up and use them. Is this possible? What kind of microphone can pick up the sounds from a stethoscope? I have already searched the web for solutions and talked to teachers. So far I have not found a fool-proof solution. I have looked at acoustic and electronic/amplified stethoscopes. It seems that the best route will be to take the head of an acoustic stethoscope and embed a microphone into the tubing somehow which will then somehow connect to a speaker/microphone. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Question by i.saralynn   |  last reply

Photon Light-Up Skateboards

I came across this website last week but wasn't able to get it into a forum, but here it is. This company embeds approx. 52 LED's into each board, than wires them up in between one of the multiple veneers of wood, then connects them to a rechargeable battery and an on/off switch behind the front trucks. They come in many different colors and sizes. here are some of the pictures from the site, and they're video.Photon Light Boards

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Remote control cars over the internet?

I came across this site with 2 RC cars that can be controlled freely over the internet. rajesh.homelinux.org/  I want to make one of these setups, but I don’t know exactly how to do it. I need help with getting clicks from a webpage to a full time pc to some relays or something like that. Also I need some way to embed a live webcam stream into the webpage. I can handle everything else.

Question by physics_dude   |  last reply

how do i code a pattern of leds on a attiny 85?

I am making a prop and i need to embed a attiny to run 3 leds in a specific pattern, here is the patterm led 2 on for .75 seconds  led 3 on for .75 seconds  that pattern repeated 3 times then led 1 on for a half a seconds  then 2 on for 1/2  then 3 on for 1/2  that repeated twice then the whole thing restarted  i dont so much want some code i want to learn how to do it please help

Question by Jonny1128   |  last reply

What type of motor or parts would I need to create an automatic lowering antenna (90 degree turn) for my CB radio?

I"m trying to replicate something similar to these: http://www.youtube.com/embed/OZuTA1TnhXo http://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath;=264_467_1202&products;_id=1619&zenid;=830b00255bfc07a392e02535506a3296  http://www.rfparts.com/diamond/k9000photos.html Basically, I'd like to have a 3-4' fiberglass whip that I"d like to raise/lower at my desire.  I'm unsure of which type of motor or parts to use- would anyone be able to assist with a parts list of some sort for this type of project?  

Question by gpwned   |  last reply

How to load an app within webpage iframe? How to automate script on windows?

The android app via bluestacks is what I want within a webpage and if possible to also embed this within my app (.exe). How can I also let an automated script to run on booting to open a command. How to load an app within webpage iframe? How to automate script on windows prompt within a file location then input a code then press enter and leave it open. This will be repeated every time after booting. The free app is what I want to restrict directly from clients.

Question by awise303   |  last reply

Using potentiometer to dim Lights, controlling volume etc.?

I Live in a suburb of India I have found a radio shack here. I have managed to found only one kind of rotary potentiometer there ie, A10K(Brand: I-MAXX Made in Taiwan) with 3 pins on the side and 2 pins at the bottom... (something like the pic however instead of the blue bottom I have sea green). Well how to embed it in an led circuit or speaker circuit to dim the light or control the volume of a speaker respectively..... Thanks....

Question by adarshnarsaria   |  last reply

World's smallest stop-motion animation.

Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. More cool stuff - the film's heroine, is printed.  Too small to be positioned by hand for each frame, multiple versions of Dot were created in different poses with a 3D printer (so, presumably, files exist for you to print out your own authentic film starlet?) See more projects and how the 'Dot' film was made at Nokia or Facebook. Yet another video that won't embed

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