What are the solid materials that dissolve in a liquid substance?

Other than sugar and salt I need 2 examples 

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4D Systems coding examples?

I am trying to get up to speed with the 4D systems Diablo based LCD

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PIC24F FATFS example not compiling?

I have been trying to use the pic24 example that comes with the FATFS library download on MPLAB X, but everytime I go to build the project this appears on the output:  CLEAN SUCCESSFUL (total time: 6s) make -f nbproject/Makefile-default.mk SUBPROJECTS= .build-conf make[1]: Entering directory `C:/Users/Ben/MPLABXProjects/FATFS test.X' make  -f nbproject/Makefile-default.mk dist/default/production/FATFS_test.X.production.hex make[2]: Entering directory `C:/Users/Ben/MPLABXProjects/FATFS test.X' "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\xc16\v1.20\bin\xc16-gcc.exe"   C:/Users/Ben/Documents/FATFS/examples/pic24/ccsbcs.c  -o build/default/production/_ext/2024670909/ccsbcs.o  -c -mcpu=24FJ64GA002  -MMD -MF "build/default/production/_ext/2024670909/ccsbcs.o.d"      -g -omf=elf -mlarge-code -mlarge-data -O0 -msmart-io=1 -Wall -msfr-warn=off make[2]: Leaving directory `C:/Users/Ben/MPLABXProjects/FATFS test.X' make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/Users/Ben/MPLABXProjects/FATFS test.X' make[2]: *** No rule to make target `build/default/production/_ext/2024670909/diskio.o', needed by `dist/default/production/FATFS_test.X.production.hex'.  Stop. make[1]: *** [.build-conf] Error 2 make: *** [.build-impl] Error 2 BUILD FAILED (exit value 2, total time: 5s) There are no visible errors (red underlined sections) in any of the source files, and I have not modified the code from the download. I have checked and the correct device is set under project properties. I am using XC16 v1.23, and I am sure that all the source files that are used have been included.

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Arduino or Teensy coil winder - any code already out there?

I am in the process of deciding on a normal 8bit Arduino platform or a Teensy for my coil winder project.A found some interesting projects online, some with the code available too.But I was wondering if someone already implemented more than just winding a coil in such a project?At Krux.org is a nice winder based on a normal Arduino while the Alba winder uses a Teensy already to gain more precision and speed I guess.Misusing some printer or CNC code to be able to generate coils by G-code sounded nice at first but turned out to be more complex than actually required.My goal is actually rather simple despite the size and all, so let me try to explain what I want to be able to do:Have a modular winder setup so basically any winding task can be done with just two stepper motors.One for the spin, one to position the wire.Additions like limit switches and external counters are nice but usually not required for such a task if the the code is properly done.As a basic winder like all the examples out there it should be possible to just enter the wire diamter and number of turns and then push a button to wait for the finnished coil.In theory things like pitch or spacing can be calculated externally and then entered as a fictive wire diameter but of course this would be not user friendly enough ;)For special RF coils it is often required to keep an even turn spacing as well as creating a coil with many layers.So far I have been unable to find any usable code for this purpose that does not require glue, guides or at least waxing the wire.Although this seems to be simple enough, when adding things like a display and counters it soon starts to get messy with timings and steps.Is there anything out there that works properly on a 8bit processor with reasonable speed?Originally I wanted to use an OLED with touchscreen.This turned out to be too much for the timing on a Mega.Without messing around with timers and interrupts it seem a 20x4 LCD is the only option.Even then the refresh must be in sync with the tart of a new turn as otherwise the motors miss some steps here and there.These things run a 3D printer or little laser cutter with ease, so I am definately doing something wong with my approach here LOL

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free example Assembler and C programs. Examples

Ftp://fets.user32.com username: ian password: blank, no password required.

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A good explanation and example of a USB interface circuit?

 Every USB circuit I come across seems to be about the same with D- and D+ clamped to 3.6 volt with a zener diode. These wires are then passed to uC's io pins. Am I correct in thinking this setup doesn't take advantage of USB's differential signaling scheme? Because I thought an op-amp was needed for differential signaling. Does anyone know of a good resource, with circuit examples, that explains how USB transceivers work? I'm not interested in the actual protocol (NRZI, and all) I already understand most of that, what I'm really looking for is circuit level stuff.

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Lamps from recycled parts, ideal example of a green theme.

Personally, i think this lamps look very cool, both items are made from various pieces of old electrical hardware.I love how the design is rather simple, but complicated by the parts used.Made by the Flickr user Qvidja50.He saysThe lamp on the left is fabricated from a railroad signal switching relay manufactured by the General Railway Signal Company in 1924. The perforated cylinders were originally ink canisters designed for high-speed fabric printing. The light on the right is made from a water-cooled dual processor from an Apple G5 desktop computer. Other elements include an hour meter, aircraft compass and 40W LED bulbs.Check out the full Flickr set.Personally, i like the 'hanging bulb' one. Firstly as i love the way the bulbs hang down, that and the use of a Powermac G5 heatsink is a win for an apple user fanboy like myself.For anyone looking to enter the Epilog laser cutter contest. Whom may have some parts laying around, this is a good place to start your research.I have an old iMac stand that caitlinsdad said would make a good lamp.- gmjhowe

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two arduino communicate via LAN or Internet. LED on / off example?

I have two arduino uno with Internet Shield, which I want to communicate via LAN or Internet. want to set up so I can use a button on one to send information. and an LED on the other (slave?) that will turn on when the button on the "master" is enabled. I've looked back and forth on forums etc. without found any sample code for such communication. does anyone have such a code? or know where I can get such a code for this? assume there is hope to find that up in internet Hoping for good and helpful answers Best regards. Vegard

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Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? differences ?

Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? what are the differences ?

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Example schematic / code for transmitting infrared signal (ie TV remote control)?

I am trying to send a infrared signal (ie TV remote control) from my PC. I have a usb connection to a PIC18F4550. The USB connection works fine but I cant get the IR LED to work properly. Does anyone have a example schematic / code that will do this?

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um looking for elevator avr program. Do you have example program ?

I have to write a project for 30 floors.  but Im not good for programming... If u can write me example program for 2 floors . Include limiting switch, Door open, Door close . display floor number and  Other parameters.  So I can study the code and the i Can expand it to my project.

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I need insight into collaborations on instructables can I get a explanation and examples ? Answered

Just wondering cause I was browsing through my profile and I saw collaboration and am curious

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What to use to disguise my voice to other voices like Sonic for example?

What I use to create something that can make my voice sound like a Video Game Character - it's similar to those toys that can change your voice into a robot.

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How can I make radioshack led strip example code work with pir sensor?

Hi, I really wanna know how to make the code work with pir sensor to turn the led on when it detects the motion.    the example code is here: http://www.radioshack.com/graphics/uc/rsk/Support/SoftwareDownload/2760339.zip

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Why do we connect Grounds when connecting (while hacking) one circuit to another? Answered

I am learning how to Hack Wheelchair joysticks and other simple controllers.. problem is I don't understand "Why do we connect Grounds of the controller and Arduino in these cases ?" Like here (example A): http://mowstation.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-wire-up-joystick.html and here (example B): http://jbprojects.net/articles/programmable-rc/images/schematic.jpg source: http://jbprojects.net/articles/programmable-rc/ in Example A the circuit is powered Via Wheelchair batteries, Example B via Arduino .. Thanks :)

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what is "arduino?"?

Please explain briefly, and include an example

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What excellent examples in CAD of low drag coefficient pickup trucks exist that are available on the internet?

Vehicles have been designed to minimize the aerodynamic drag with notable success. Production candidate vehicles (such as Aptera, Twike, and Honda Insight) achieving drag coefficients of 0.25 down to 0.11. Solar Challenge vehicles have reached 0.07. Nose cone and fastback upper and sealed or faired lower body designs can achieve significant reductions in drag, and are worth attention. I am attempting to optimize a design for pickup trucks and cross-over utility (CUV) vehicles that are based on the same basic chassis design. Can anyone contribute designs, examples, or sources of information on optimized pickup design? BTW, I am simultaneously searching for a safe design that has the vehicle center of gravity at or below the axle height, as it should be to prevent roll-over accidents. Risk of injury and death are significantly higher in pickup trucks and CUVs than cars, and now pickups and CUVs account for more than 50% of new vehicle sales. This tragic fact needs to be reversed with safer design.

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Search options

How can you exclude words from a search?  Example: meat less hotdogs.

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Ok so i play minecraft and use skype only, Would a computer like this do (look below){and if not send me an example}?

This is what im looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371024933345 If this isnt good for what i said above send me an  example link plz

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How to build a circuit that switches between battery or AC, like a boom box (for lack of another example)?

I am designing something which will be lit by led's, and I want the device to be able to have the option of operating by way of either batteries(for the led's), or by plugging it in to 120V AC(the led's are the only things that will be powered). I know how do what I need to change the AC to DC(correct drivers etc.), however, I don't know how to design what I need to simply make it switch over to batteries if you unplug it from AC(automatically, as a boom box does if you remove the AC cord), or vice versa, switch to being able to plugging it in if batteries are dying/ are dead. Thanks. 

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how do i make my own name banner?

For example danielle banner

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Can you cut glass with a hacksaw blade ?

For example: opening of 4 feet fluroscent tubes.

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Can anyone in the world enter this competition? For example im from India and if my project wins will i be eligible for the prize?

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2 small more microcontroller questions...

Getting it in the mail soon, so I might as well ask while i wait. 1: Can you put 9V into a input, and out a output.. or is that way too much for the poor guy? 2: Do micro controllers have ability's to read voltage on the input? Like if I want to say when its lower than 1V on input0 it will open output 0 (which sounds a buzzer) for beginner projects. I don't expect examples. I example a yes/no answer. If you feel you need to give an example, feel free. Just don't want you guys to think im requesting codes!

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Best instructable to make LED MATRIX Scrolling.?

In example 24*6 or anything that size.

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Improving search on Instructables

We're doing another round of improvements to the Instructables search engine. The previous round was here. Help us make it better! Are there search terms or queries that just don't seem to work? Can you provide links or specific examples? Here's an example (that's really been frustrating me):search for:how to play tennisvs.tennisCan you find others?Thanks!

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does anyone know any example projects of a simple circuit that has its rate controlled by network activity?

I remember being told years ago about projects to monitor office activity. so a fan in the corner of the office went faster when everyone in the office was bashing away at their keyboard, there must be projects out there like this. wouldn't it be nice to have a webserver in your house where something would dance about when you were getting tons of hits or downloads.. (fan speed, flashing light, dancing coke can)

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How to backlight your keyboard? Answered

Light up from behind the keys with leds. look at these examples

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How to display single data values from a MySQL table with PHP?

I am currently making a video website using MySQL databases and PHP. The info about the videos is stored in a table: ID / filename / size / title / description / uploader / date / length / rating / category / image / views I have several places where I want to display the data from the table, but only the specific data concerning the corresponding video and only from specific cells in specific places. For example on the page displaying the video, I want to have the video title over the video and the description under it (similar to YouTube). Or for example a search function, where the user searches for a video based on Title/Descriptio, but all the Info gets displayed, but in a certain form. I do not really know PHP, but I learn as I go. Unfortunately I have not found any tutorials showing how this can be made, neither any finished examples. I have found exapmles of search scripts, but they only show the position of the row in the table. And examples that display a certain row, display the whole row, but not certain cells. I need the separate cells and want to be able to position them freely. Thanks in advance, you can post links with tutorials or ready examples if you have any.

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how to cancel the dipreesed of computer?

Example: when you save a certain file on your computer and if you close it.the file you save will be gone..

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Able to color text?

For example your using a computer in the batch game and it prints out something normally the text is black, but is there a way for the computers msg to be yellow

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What is a transistor ?

What is a transistor (( can it transform voltage for example from 5v to 12v ?? )) Which component can transform low voltage to a little higher voltage ?? Thanks !!

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Gimp Help: Colour to Transperancy?

In The GIMP, is there a way to turn a colour (for example, white) into transperancy while leaving all the other colours alone? Thanks!

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The search program isn't helpful, do you have an index. For example; searching for Peltier projects, the search just goes to the everything page as does other searches as well.

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What is the fix?

I see this kind of error fairly often.  NOT DECLARED.  This example is from the Arduino web   sitehttp://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MouseContinuousDrawing Is there some rule to follow to fix these errors?

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What would be the exact functionality of a capacitor? Answered

I don't know why saving a little energy in a circuit that already has it, some examples will be appreciated, thanks

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how can i make a controle station out of a pc keyboard?

I wanna be able to make a keyboard, to work as a contole station so when you press a button, an action will activate, and when you press it again, it will deactivate? so for an example, when you press "A" a led will turn on, and when you press "A" again, it will turn off. and then controle lots of led's. just to let you know, its not just for led, its just an example.

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Open lid of metal box with an Arduino and xbee?

Hello, I've been searching and searching the web for an example video or write up off how to make a metal box's lid open and close with a web app/phone app from a distance using xbee. Does anyone know how to do it or know where I can find a good write up/example? (or any other more valid ideas on how to do it?) Thanks! 

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could a 24v 8" hub motor scooter wheel be run off 2 18v 4ah cordless drill batteries?

If so, how long might it roll at a fairly constant average walking speed (3mph) on one charge? example wheel: http://www.uumotor.com/250w-sensorless-hub-motor-8-inch-brushless-with-tyre-24v-36v-48v.html example drill battery: http://www.dewalt.co.uk/attachments/productdetails/catno/DCB182/

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I was looking at a couple of older instructables...

Something funky was going on with the intro image notes. See here and here for examples. Is this a glitch? Or did this used to be a feature?

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why do cost of production of radiator cap differ at different places?

Why do cost of production of radiator cap differ at different places? example at pune and mumbai...

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Completing a circuit when a circuit is broken

I'm wondering how a circuit is made similar to an alarm. For example, when a point in a circuit is broken, it activates something else (led, etc.$

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Why do some of my Answers only appear when I'm logged in?

I've noticed this happening a number of times, for example in this one.

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how to make a simple wireless detonator to ignite a 10g of gunpowder?

A wireless detonator  circuit from an RC car(for example) and a relay circuit to ignite a pingpong size container with gunpowder

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