Does anyone know of a way to convert a visual basic project (vbp) to an executable file? Maybe a 3rd party compiler? P.S. Don't tell me to go to File>Make

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ex-phone touchpad

I have an old broken LG KG800 (chocolate), and I thought, since it's garbage now anyway, that I could rip out that heat-sensing touchpad thingy (cause that still works) and see if I can use it for other "stuff" (doubtful but hey, why not, right?). does anyone have any tips or whatever that could help me out?, since I'm no Tony Stark and I don't have a clever AI to tell me what's what. Thanks anyway. C-4

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My computer refuses to open .exe files

My computer refuses to open .exe files can anyone help? its running on vista and its started happening just recently

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Are there any cilent programs for win, mac and linux that can translate exe codes back into scripts words and numbers? Answered

I will need to translate EXE files back to their default script codes so that i can look for any suspicious contents. is there a program that can do that? if there is than tell me it's name and it's download link. Freeware software only.

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How can I make a easily distributable .exe file in Visual Basic 2008?

I'm making a couple of programs in Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, however once you publish it the files are darn hard to distribute. If you move it it won't install correctly and if you ever try uploading 3 files to a webpage asking people to download all of them they're likely to just ignore you. So I would like to be able to mix all those files into one single self-contained .exe file which can be copied or moved as much as the user wants. Can I do it? All help is appreciated.

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How can i replace a file within a .wim with imagex? Answered

A wim file, Windows Image Format, I have ImageX.exe but i can't get it to do what i want, what i want to do is replace a single file within the image with my own, Don't ask why, Or why i am using wim images, Just tell me how, I got my hands on imagex with the driver for mounting, but i can't get it to work. Does anyone here have experience on modifying .wim images? If so, please reply, Thanks ~ReCreate

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ntoskml.exe is being contacted by a remote computer?

Hello boys and girls. I got a problem, my anti virus (norton) says that ntoskml.exe is being contacted by a remote computer, and it has an ip address. The IP address is the address of my router Also this only happens when Im receiving windows updates or if im using live messenger. As far as I know, my computer and wii are the only two things on my network. (i checked it) Does anyone know how to fix this, i searched my computer and i cant find a ntoskml, even went to the directory where it was located. I also have the opportunity to install AVG antivirus but will having two antiviruses conflict with each other, (too many cooks in the kitchen)

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Launcher application

At my school they have a program called launcher.exe on all of the shortcuts in the start menu. so if I wanted to open SketchUp for example it goes "do you want to run sketchUp (licenced to SCHOOL NAME) yes or no?" I looked at the shortcut and the target is "//admin/programs/launcher.exe sketchup.exe" Any ideas what the code is behind this. I want a program that will do something simmilar but let me change the app it opens using the commnad line.

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batch to change .bat to cmd or .exe

I was just wondering how could i make a batch file to convert .bat to .cmd (or .exe if possible) i tryed wtih this but it didnt work @echo off ren %1 *.cmd im just a beginer atm, just learning from examples

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How to make exe to formate harddisk? Answered

Please tell me...!!

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"Unextract" Converted Batch Files

Have you ever wondered how to do something in batch that someone has already done and wrapped it nicely in a little .exe file? Some people like to keep their batch programming secrets to themselves, and don't want to share, so then convert their batch file to .exe. But you can't discover their secrets if they have converted it to .exe, because all you will find is gibberish. Before I will tell you how to "unextract" an .exe, you must now how ".bat to .exe" programs work. What they basically do is "wrap" a batch file with an executable; think about a Christmas present. Pretend the gift inside is the secrets of the batch file, and the wrapping on the outside is like the executable, which prevents you from "seeing" the secrets inside. But this is no ordinary present, the wrapping on the outside can not be torn or opened, you must press a button in order to to "unwrap" it. But when it "unwraps", it shows you what it is, but hiding the secrets. If you couldn't fully understand that, here is what actually happens. Try to compare the two.Batch files in executable form cannot be viewed as the batch language. If you open it in notepad, you will get a whole bunch of symbols. In the philosophy above, pressing the "button" is the same as opening the file as an executable. It opens just like a batch file, but if you try to edit it, you won't be able to read it. What the executable does, is temporarily extracts the batch file within it, to a temp folder.Now to the "how to" part. Here is where that "temp" (temporary) folder is: %userprofile%\Local Settings\TempNow all you have to do is copy and paste that into a windows explorer address bar. You will now be in a temp folder where the batch file will be dumped. Now you have to run the .exe file. But now you do have to get your hands dirty (virtually!). Search in each folder till you find a batch file, most commonly called batchfile.bat. Simply right click, press edit, and your in!So that's how to "unextract" a converted batch file! (note: I didn't make it an instructible because, well, no one likes a one step instructable!)Good Luck!

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Include muliple files in .bat to .exe convertsion

I have this program that converts/compiles .bat files into .exe files but I can only include 1 file in the .exe and I need to include 2 files, help please! Program can be downloaded here http://www.download.com/3000-2069_4-10715331.html

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How can I create a program that allows me to run it and automatically upload a sketch to arduino without the software?

I have an Arduino uno board, and a robot that can follow, and have obstacle avoidance. My robot is designed for a person at school who has crutches for life, and the robot follows her with her books. I want to create a program with visual studio that automatically uploads each sketch to the board, depend on which button to click on. I already have visual micro for Visual Studio 10, and when I debug it or build it, it just uploads it to the robot. I need it to be a .bat file or a .exe file. If anyone could help me with this, I will be extremely grateful. Any ideas? Below I have a screenshot of what the program plans on doing.

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Whats Sexpot?

Sexpot.exe? And what do I need to run it? And how? EDIT------------------------- Ahoy! Oops. I thought it was some online phone thing.

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how to bypass a changed password by ex girlfriend on a MAC air?

Have a mac Air a gift from now ex-girlfriend. She changed my logon info so now i can only sign in as guest. While she can remotely connect to my laptop and cause havoc with my books and numbers and customers. Apple support and store are both no help even though I can prove its mine. So does any techy out there know a solution to my problem??

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The difference between 1200 fps and 1000 fps (frames per second, not feet per second or first person shooter)

I'm currently deciding between two cameras, well three actually. The EX-F1 http://www.amazon.com/Casio-EX-F1-2-8-Inch-Digital-Stabilization/dp/B001FR2W9Y/ref=pd_cp_p_0 Which can be found for $1,000 and the EX-FH20 or EX-FH25. Both are practically the same. They cost about $300 www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001HCTKZQ I think I should get the EX-FH20. The only real difference is 200 fps. This is only a 20% increase. At the speed of sound or 340.3 m/s filming across one meter, the difference between movement in frames per second is only 2.236 inches. 340.5/1200=.2835 340.3/1000=.3403 .3403-.2835=.0568 meters, or around 2 inches. I'm not going to deal with the speed of sound anytime soon, so I think the EX-FH20 should be fine for my needs. It also means I can get http://www.amazon.com/Canon-Digital-Camera-18-55mm-3-5-5-6/dp/B0012Y6HC8?ie=UTF8&s;=electronics&qid;=1201176487&sr;=1-2      

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batch re-write command

i know this " > " and " >>" comands in bat make and edit files. but i need to figure if its possible to make a bat file that can re-write file extensions ex- -a game i have ________ has .edf files. -my friend has the same game and i want to mess with im where those files are overwrote with "PWNed" -and i want the bat file to overwrite all the .edf files with out having each .edf files name 2nd ex- data01.edf data02.edf and so on, but i dont wanna add all the names into the bat file end 2nd ex. end 1st ex. im sure that it is something like pwned > *.edf or pwned >> *.edf am i close or way off?

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com files

I know how to convert batch(.bat) files to executable(.exe) file and to .com files but how do I convert first .com files into batch(.bat) files? and if its possible executable(.exe) files into batch(.bat) files? Thanks in advance

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What are the prices of these psp go games?

Loco Roco 2 PSOne Classics EX: Crash Bash Psp minis

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How does a signature of a virus work? Answered

Say "123456" was a virus signature, will it and any other ones be in an EXE, seprate file, Registry or is it a system code

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bat to .app?

Im making a text based cmd game and i know how to change a .bat to exe, but i was wondering if theres a way to change it to like a .app or .dmg mac extension executable?

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Batch file that opens a program in that folder (but not that easy)?

Hello I made a troll virus to my friend. It opens a troll face picture and opens trololol song. I found a program that binds 2 files. It also has a option that starts second program when first closes. my plan is to bind that program and a batch file that calls that program. But my friend can change it's name and everythink crashes. I tried this @echo off start *.exe exit but it said there is no file named *.exe Help me please

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Can i still make a group in here?E Answered

Actually i was wondering if i can make a group of my own here. or I have to contact an admin for that?

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Need help with excel spreadsheet?

I have a spreadsheet that i'd like to convert into an exe/ visual application. I have no programming experience, is there a simple converter available or what? thanks in advance.

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Why is my C++ program detected as a virus? Answered

I just started learning C++ about 3 days ago (Using thenewboston's YouTube channel) and I am on lesson 13. I am a bit confused about lesson 13 but using my prior knowledge of C++ I have created my own calculator program to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. But when I try to upload it to mediafire.com it says that a virus has been detected. Since I can't upload a file you can't really see the program. My avast anti virus detected it as a suspicious program but confirmed it had no virus. if you want to take a look at the coding I made, here it is: #include using namespace std; int main() {     int choice;     cout << "By: knexpert1700 \n";     cout << "Welcome to my first calculator! Use the number protocol to choose your function \n";     cout << "Would you like to add(1), subtract(2), multiply(3), or divide(4)? \n";     cin >> choice;     if(choice == 1){         int a;         int b;         cout << "Please input your first addend \n";         cin >> a;         cout << "Please input your second addend \n";         cin >> b;         int c = a + b;         cout << c << " is your sum \n";     }     if(choice == 2){         int d;         int e;         cout << "Please input your minuend \n";         cin >> d;         cout << "Please input your subtrahend \n";         cin >> e;         int f = d - e;         cout << f << " is your difference \n";     }     if(choice == 3){         int g;         int h;         cout << "Please input your multiplicand \n";         cin >> g;         cout << "Please input your multiplier \n";         cin >> h;         int i = g * h;         cout << i << " is your product \n";     }     if(choice == 4){         int j;         int k;         cout << "Please input your dividend \n";         cin >> j;         cout << "Please input your divisor \n";         cin >> k;         int l = j / k;         int m = j % k;         cout << l << " with a remainder of " << m << " is your quotient \n";     }     if(choice > 4){         cout << "Woops, you chose something other than 1, 2, 3, or 4. :( \n";     }     int stall;     cout << "Thank you for using my first calculator! :) \n";     cin >> stall; } knexpert1700 is my YouTube channel if you are wondering. So what is the problem? Do I need to add #include or something? Please reply back :) (I used Code::Blocks to write this program too)

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Does anyone know what the numbers printed on the outside of a laser diode mean? ex...s1503c38c? Answered

I forgot which dvd drive I got it out of. I had two readers and one burner.  I do not remember which one it came out of but I can read numbers printed on the side of the case. I googled "numbers printed on laser diode" and various permutations.  Nothing came up for me. Thanks!

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running mandriva, need steps or commands to run arduino interface software, downloaded 0022, but does not exe..?

i've googled solutions for 3 days, either i don't know the linux command or can't find the right packages..

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Visual Studio 2013 Troubles

I am attempting to use the C++ editor in Visual Studio, and I am not able to compile my program and create a(n) .exe file.  I am running Windows 7. Any help is appreciated!

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How to add extra information to a TV channel?

Is there an way to add scroll texts at the bottom of a TV channel? Ex: showing weather information at the bottom of the screen while watching a baseball game. or is there some product that allows me to do that? thanks

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when typing numbers from keypad ex: (1) it types (50) or something like this , this is a traffic project ?

              i have a traffic project which contains led for cars and led for people  first i have to type numbers of seconds for each led  (red,yellow,green)    but when typing 5 from keypad it types 2 digits as 52   please if you could help me                                                                                                                                                                                   #include #include const byte ROWS = 4; const byte COLS = 3; char keys[ROWS][COLS] = {   {'1','2','3'},   {'4','5','6'},   {'7','8','9'},   {'#','0','*'} }; byte rowPins[ROWS] = {31,33,35,37}; byte colPins[COLS] = {39,41,43}; Keypad keypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS ); LiquidCrystal lcd(19,18,17,16,15,14); const int ledpinG1 = 13; const int ledpinY1 = 12; const int ledpinR1 = 11; const int ledpinG2 = 9; const int ledpinR2 = 8; void setup() {   lcd.begin(16, 2);   delay(1000);       pinMode(13, OUTPUT);   pinMode(12, OUTPUT);   pinMode(11, OUTPUT);   pinMode(9, OUTPUT);   pinMode(8, OUTPUT);    } void loop() {      char key = keypad.getKey();      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);   digitalWrite(8, HIGH);    lcd.setCursor(9, 0); lcd.print("GREEN"); lcd.setCursor(9, 1); lcd.print("RED");   if (key != NO_KEY){     for(int i=key;i>-1;i--){     lcd.setCursor(0,0);     lcd.print(i);     delay(1000);       }}     lcd.clear();    digitalWrite(13, LOW);      digitalWrite(12, HIGH);   digitalWrite(8, HIGH);   lcd.setCursor(9, 0); lcd.print("YELLOW");   lcd.setCursor(9, 1); lcd.print("RED"); if (key != NO_KEY){ for(int i=key;i>-1;i--){        lcd.setCursor(0,0);     lcd.print(i); delay(1000);           }} lcd.clear();       digitalWrite(12, LOW);   digitalWrite(8, LOW);    digitalWrite(11, HIGH);   digitalWrite(9,HIGH);    lcd.setCursor(9, 0); lcd.print("RED");    lcd.setCursor(9, 1); lcd.print("GREEN");   if (key != NO_KEY){ for(int i=key;i>-1;i--){      lcd.setCursor(0,0);     lcd.print(i);     delay(1000);     }} lcd.clear(); digitalWrite(11, LOW); digitalWrite(9, LOW); }                                                   

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Is there any way to water-proof a circuit?

I am hoping to build an underwater robot and am not sure about the circuit. It would include a motor and a battery. Is there any way to waterproof a circuit so I could be able to modify it? (Ex. change the battery.) Thanks!

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Quick (And stupid) gear motor question Answered

So here is my situation, i plan on building (https://www.instructables.com/id/Beginners-guide-to-building-Arduino-robots-with-Bl/) and i was about to order all the parts and i wondered, why there are so many types of gear motors! my current understanding is the higher "1st" digit (ex 1000:1)means the motor is more accurate and precise and slow. So does that mean one with a low number first (ex 10:1) would be faster? please tell me if i am wrong. So i would like a FAST gear motor for my robot, could anyone post me a link to a good fast gear motor. Much appreciated!!!

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What Is The Best (Free) Operating System To Get? Answered

What Is The Best (Free) Operating System To Get? .I have tried Ubuntu . Couldn't get the hang of installing and wine and that .i need to be able to run .exe files from it , something like WINE

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How do you have a C# program look for a file in a directory and if it isnt there generate it? Answered

I would like it to check for a text file named Username.txt in the same drive (ex C:/) as the program, and if it isnt there, generate it? Where in the source would the code go?

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Micro XP computer?

I want to make or buy a small, single board computer similar to gumstix, capable of running tinyxp. if this is possible, can i make it run a single .exe program at boot, when a command is entered?

Question by ten77 

Any thoughts of mechatronics project?

I want to make a  project in the summer to have more skills so i would like to have some other thoughts from anyone about mechatronics study ex: robotic arm , robots , balancing table ..... etc . i appreciate any help 

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Usb Charger

I have 2 questions; 1.) Does anyone know if I can use a resistor in a usb charger? If so, what bands.(ex red,blue green, ect). 2.) Can I use an 3v LED to reduce the power to 6v. Would 6v harm my electronics?

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How would a code for a batch file go to change multiple files from say .exe to .txt go? Answered

I am trying to write a batch file that renames multipile files with different extentions to the same one e.g. .txt. Would it be possilbe to get the same effects from a .vbs file? And then if I didn't want how would I delete all of them? Thx in advance

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How to build a circuit with 6 LEDs w/ 6 Switches? Answered

Need a Diagram for one of the following: Diagram 1) 6 (5mm) RGB Full Multi color Flashing LED (Forward Voltage: 3.2-3.4v) Voltage 9-12V (Less the better, but no more than 12) 1 or 6 switches to turn on/off for each LED separately List any other require parts (w/ detail, ex. "1k ohm" Resistor) Diagram 2) Same as number one 1 solar panel (9V 1.5W, output current 167 mA) or 1-2 Solar panel, also have 2 solar panel (4.5V 0.5W, output current is 112mA) List any other require parts(w/ detail, ex. "1k ohm" Resistor)

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help with an ipod app? Answered

Hi i have an app on my ipod which is no longer available on the app store and i recently bought an iphone i need to get the app on both of my apple devices. I need some sort of 3rd party app or exe file to transfere just one app. :)

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Laptop Password Help

OK, so I'm typing on this laptop...It was assigned to Kitewife by an ex employer who seems to have forgotten they assigned it to her several years ago.If they ever ask for it back, we will happily hand it back, but they treated Kitewife very badly for quite some time before she left, so we have forgotten that we have it.Anyhoo, it works OK, little slow, but fine for the boys to use. Except that it's software hasn't been updated for at least three years. There are whole chunks of the internet that are invisible to it. The Flash, Java, Adobe, even the anti-virus are stupidly out of date.Unfortunately, the laptop has an admin password.Now, I could ask Kitewife's ex employer what the password is, but they might remember that she has it.So...Any ideas?I've had a look at the various password "hack" ibles, but they haven't been any help.

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Can I use my website url as a server name? (Minecraft)

I want to know if I could make a website with Webs.com and have that url be used as my server IP for Minecraft. I'm interested in doing this because I wouldn't have to run Minecraft_Server.exe whenever I want it running. Please reply with any info about this or tips.

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does anyone know how to install quickbasic with a broken floppy drive? Answered

The quickbasic installation exe needs the files on a floppy drive, and mine is broken. i attempted to use the subst command to set up a A: drive with the path to the files, but i can't set a path for A: since the floppy is hooked up(even though it is broken). any ideas?

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Hello everbody. I am working on a project (which you wil find out about in a few months) and I need to know how to boot a windows PC int MSDOS or DOS. I need to be able to run windows programs whil in dos. EXE programs, not self contained. Can someone please help me?

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How to pull a tooth?

How do I pull my own tooth? It is a molar, ( the third tooth back from my K-9). I have an ex-ray of it and the roots are straight. I have a strerile set of tooth extractors, and a tooth elevador. Also lidocane, and a sterile syringe but I'm not sure if I can use it or if it'll work, or where to place  the shot.

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How can i use a small camera lcd screen for something? And how do i make an imput for it?

Its a 2.5 inch lcd screen but i dont know how to make it posable ot plug something into it. Ex. a GoPro camera. any sugestions?

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