LED focussing? Answered

How much can you focus a standard 5mm LED? (i.e how tight can you get the beam)

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Focusing Magnetism? Answered

Hi y'all! I am wondering if it is possible to focus magnetism? Like if you have a powerful electromagnet with a less powerful electromagnet wrapped around it. Then if both are turned on, the small one will focus the larger one creating a straight electromagnetic field and making like a "electromagnetic laser".  Thanks, joespicnictables

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How to repair autofocus on Nikon D40?

Hello - I have a Nikon D40 with two lenses. The auto-focus works on one lens, but not the other. Suggestions I've already tried are to clean the lens thoroughly and clean the contact points. I'm not sure if I cleaned the contact points correctly, and I'd really like to know if anyone else has had this problem and been able to fix it. Thanks!

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IR Beam issues.

So I have been working on an airsoft tripwire type thing. I have the circuit entirely finished. I am using an infrared photoresistor and the one problem I am having is that I can't seem to focus the beam from the IR leds very well. I have three of these (http://superbrightleds.com/specs/IR2030_specs.htm) at my disposal. The IR leds are a pain to line up with the resistor on the circuit. So I ask you, what do you think I could do? Ideas on better ways to focus the beam as well as perhaps ideas for replacing the photoresistor are appreciated. The IR photoresistor came from radioshack. I'm pretty sure this is it: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2049723?

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So I'm trying to find the focal point of a satellite dish.

The dish is oval, and I am not sure if it is parabolic/spherical. Here is a picture, with measurements: http://s753.photobucket.com/albums/xx180/EternityTransfer/ I'm not too sure how this dish focuses, as it seems that vertical waves will be focussed differently to horizontal ones, due to the oval shape and that the depths are different depending on which axis is measured. I ideally want to make a parabolic microphone from this dish. There seems to be a focal point about 60cm from directly above the center of the dish, but when viewed from very off-centre angles, the dish seem to have other points too. How would I determine the "optimal" one? It is coated in a thin layer of aluminium foil, which I put on to reflect light when finding the focal point. Unfortunately there are no serial/part numbers, and the dish is missing its feed horn and support so I can't approximate the focal point form there or from datasheet(s). Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Oh and the dish originates in South Africa, and is stamped with a number which looks like a date of manufacture: 19950610. Googling the number yielded no results so its probably a date.

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How to make an old opaque projector focus at a closer distance? ?

I recently pulled a fully functional Seerite 10x10 opaque projector from a dumpster, but it only focuses at ~ 15-18 feet from the surface that I am projecting on; any way to shorten the focal distance?

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How do I remove the rear lens cap from a Canon manual focus FD lens.? Answered

 This is a 50mm lens from a Canon manual focus A1 camera.  The knurled metal ring on the rear of the lens will not turn. I could have installed a cap from one of the newer style FD lenses.

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how do I give an LED a wider beam spread?

I would like to position a 5mm LED approx 3mm - 5mm behind a clear surface with a stencil in front of it. at the moment the LED projects a spot about 5 - 8mm in diameter, I'd like to make that around 20mm without changing the LED's position.  I can replace the LED's, so if experimentation of the focal lens is required thats OK, but every time I've tried I'm made something with a dark area in the middle ;-)

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Looking for Focus Group Participants for New Inventions

Science Channel's All-American Makers is looking for focus group participants: people who want to give their opinions on new exciting inventions before they hit the marketplace.  We will be filming throughout October in Jersey City.  TIME COMMITMENT: 4-5 hours COMPENSATION: $100 Anyone who is interested or who knows of someone who might be interested, email clehman@brayentertainment.com or call 212-993-8518.  Tech-savvy consumers, parents on the go, grillers, bikers, car owners, etc. People of all ages. 

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How to make a laser pointer out of a dvd laser diode? Answered

I have about 8 laser diodes and many optical stuff from the laser head of the dvd. Also I have some burnt laser poineters. I don't know how to focus the ray.

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What kind of lens could I use to fix the broken one in a smartphone?

I have a bad smartphone, so I decided to build a night vision device out of it. I broke the IR filter inside the camera module, but somehow it looks like the camera lost all the focusing ability with the removal (or damage to lens) of the filter. It works almost perfectly on really close range (like macros 1-2 cm), but in other cases, like a room, or the street it is blury as hell. So I was wondering, if there is some lens that I could place in front of the camera, to fix this issue. Thank you very much for your help. :)

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Focus a laser-like beam from LED(s)?

Is it possible to focus a beam from an LED so that it makes a laser-like beam? Could it be made to burn? I've heard of simulated lasers that sound like they use LEDs focussed into a beam.

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camera lens won't close and camera can't focus Answered

My kodak easyshare mini camera fell 1m off a table onto a hard floor, while the lens was opened. now it won't close properly and the camera won't focus at all. we have tried gently forcing it shut and twisting the lens, etc can anyone help me or is my camera ruined?

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How can i focus two or more (infra red) led's into one tight beam? Thanks

This would be for a laser tag gun, more than one infra red LED could greatly improve distance (so it is theorized) but if you think it wouldn't, give us a yell. How it normally works in the gun, is a high powered infrared LED with an already tight beam of about 20 degrees is projected onto a double convex lense about 2 to 5 cm in diameter. The beam is focused by moving the LED back and forwards with snipers having tight beams for the longest range and others having very wide beams to limit range and but improve accuracy at close range. Any help is much APPRECIATED. OH and someone recommended a cube beam splitter but i have no idea what they are so you may want to look them up... THANKS COMMUNITY

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Is it possible to get an Olympus Zuiko lens to work on a Canon EOS mount (20D specifically)?

Hello, I was wondering if an Olympus Zuiko lens could be mount with an adaptor onto a Canon 20D. (This lens). If so, would it be able to have the full function of a canon lens? For example, auto focus, aperture, etc. I have never used any lens but canon on my camera. Does anyone speak from experience? Thanks!

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Arduino Boards Which is the best?

Arduino (uno <> duemilanove)  my focus will be on robotics projects as well as LED 

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Fixing green laser lense

Last year I bought a 5mw eBay laser (green 532nm wavelength) and it had an adjustable focus. I scratched the lens and it never focus right so I took the lens off. Now I am interested in fixing it again and I don't know how to get/make/buy/obtain a new lens for the laser. It always said it was 5mw but I think it was more powerful because it could burn through bags, light leaves on fire, pop balloons, light matches at 6 inches. This is what the laser looked like. http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Power-Military-Adjustable-Focus-Green-Laser-Pointer-Pen-5mw-Silver-/281269467436?pt=US_Laser_Pointers&hash;=item417cf7792c

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I want to buy an arduino either a uno or mega which ine should i buy i want the prices of both. my focus will be on robotics projects as well as light effects

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Photography Gurus... How do I take a picture like this? Answered

The subject matter is clear and crisp... the background is blurry and out-of-focus.  Is it the result of camera setting, a photo editor... or???

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Help with a blu-ray laser

I recently received a true 150mw 405nm burning laser. It came with the diode, a case, and a focus lenses so you can focus up to 30ft burnings. How can i power this safe without destroying it. Just connecting power to it, last i heard, is bad to do. What's the best way to connect this diode? Here's the specs: Diode Package Type: 5.6mm Max Output: ~150mW CW Max Current: ~110mA Lase Threshold: ~31mA Lase Voltage: ~4 volts Operating Voltage: ~5 volts Wavelength: ~407.5nm How to make a circuit to power this?

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Deleting files other than images?

I can't seem to delete a sound file. It didn't upload correctly, and I can't get rid of it. It does not have an "edit" link when I focus on that file.

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How can I use a digital camera to obtain DSLR looking footage?

I recently bought a new video camera, the Panasonic HC-V750. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing camera and I love it, but I made the mistake of spending 500 bucks on this instead of a DSLR. I am trying to make a short film and want it to look professional. However, I know that this is almost always achieved using a DSLR and nifty editing/lighting techniques. I have the editing and lighting techniques down, but is there any way to adjust my video camera so that I can get DSLR-like quality? Like adjusting shutter or something? I know that the advantages of a DSLR are their large sensors and supreme ability to capture light using these sensors. Can I achieve this, at least a little, with my video camera? I can adjust the white balance, shutter, iris, and focus, on my camera. Any links and/or help is greatly appreciated!

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Lens for FOCUSSING a 3 Watt LED upto 5 Meter Distance

I want to Lens to focus a 3 Watt LED for distance of 1 meter to 5 meter without diverging. The light must traverse as a beam upto distance of minimum 1 meter and maximum 5 meters.Can anyone suggest me the type of LENS and its details.

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change a cheap laser pointer color? Answered

I got a cheap laser from the shop. here is it : http://www.scitoyscatalog.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/small_5_head_laser_pointer.jpg It is red. Is there a way i can make it green, blue, purple, yellow ,etc. ? and another one: How can I focus a led on a single spot to be like a laser?

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To desertdog and others-solar dish power generation/cooking/heating/cooling?

How -much power can you generate with one dish daily/weekly/seasonally?          - many people can one recycled dish feed twice or three times a day on a seasonal basis? Is portable or fixed the safest way to operate? How do you store the power? How do you keep it safe and not self destructing in itself/at the focus points? Thankyou.isobar1

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how to purpose a smartphone LCD?

 Okay, I'm new to this and I do not have any knowledge of programing or circuits, but I do want to learn, but sticking to the basic has never worked for me, so i want to star with a little more advance project or maybe is not that advance I'm new remember,  so I already set myself a goal, I hate to throw away stuff for some reason, from clothes to technology, so over the years I have been accumulating a lot of cell phones, consoles and an old laptop, anyways i want to know if there is any way to re-purpose some of the components, like LCD, cameras, speakers, everything. But as for right now i want to focus on LCD specially my phones, like making a mini TV or something like that, I know i can get a control- for the laptop LCD but I haven't been able to find any for the cellphones LCDs so if somebody has any tip on how to do any just let me know so i can focus on learning how to work it up thanks, and I apologize if there is any error I'm still learning English 

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how can i link a cctv cam to a digital camera ?

I have a mini cctv cam with DIY connectors and a cheap old digital camera (which cant focus b.t.w) what i want to be able todo is get the image from the cctv camera on the screen of the digital camera, being able to record the image is not a concern, i also have absolutely no experience with wiring circuits and ive tried and failed (many times) to read / understand circuit diagrams if you can help it would be appreciated

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Repackaging digital camera in old film camera body.?

I know why ?  Old film cameras are just cooler looking and maybe just the novelty of it to make people wonder.  ( I know it has been done commercially.)  Ok what type of problems will i have with the lens and focusing.  I know I will have to have the shutter stuck open ( or removed)   Will the digital camera part be able to focus after the light passes through the older lens.  What other problems will I need to address reference focusing the digital camera?

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12x Blu-ray laser built into a Star Trek (TOS) toy phaser, with sound effects!

I know Kipkay did it first, but this is still awesomely awesomeful :-)  I saw this on MAKE's blog; the original posting is from Jay at Hack'N'Mod.  Using a 12x Blu-ray laser (405nm) running at 465 mW, this has enough power to blind you without eye protection.  It's got a front focus with a properly styled ST:TOS nosecone, and two different selectable sound effects.  Jay's writeup is a complete tutorial for building your own.

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boke with small digital cameras?

I assume the answer is no, because I can't find any examples of it, but my question is - is it possible to get the boke effects such as stars and hearts using a small lensed digital camera? I've tried a scaled down version to the lens cap cut-outs used on SLRs but no luck; even with a big star or a very, very small star. I put the camera on a tripod and use the candle light setting and manual focus or macro to get the blur but no stars. I just want to know if it is physically possible before I waste any more time on it. The lens is the size of a penny. Thank you.

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What happens to my phone in an RFID blocking wallet?

Greetings! I'm curious about everyone's experience with using RIFD blocking fabric for blocking phone transmissions.  If I put my phone in a pocket like this, will my phone struggle even harder to find a signal and run my battery down quickly? What other concerns come into play with using this to block signals to digital devices?  I plan to experiment with different fabrics from lessemf.com if anyone has some recommendations or warnings.   Thanks! image supplied by http://creativity-online.com/work/trident-focus-life-gear-collection/

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Lasers vs LEDs in the deep ultra violet spectrum, and focusing?

I am currently trying to research this topic as I am looking into building a stereolithograph 3D printer. I have been searching for some time now with not a whole lot of answers. This is not my area of expertise so I could use some input. I have found lasers in the range of 256nm wavelength but it is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Even at the price range the UV lasers are only outputting at most 1W of power. I have read that UV curing resin is most reactive in the range of 265nm and that is why I have been searching for something in that ballpark. I have found some companies that manufacture LED in that wavelength but then the problem is going to be trying to focus the light down to a fine enough point. I am trying to design a 3D printer that is in the high resolution range. So, my true question is. Does UV curing resin react best with the 265nm vs the 400nm range as I could just a blu-ray laser. If it is better at the 265nm range, could I possibly be able to focus enough light from a couple of 3W leds down to a small enough point to cure the resin where I want it to be. The other idea is taking a UV laser in the 400nm range and focusing the beam down to get me fine but quick set up time in the resin. Or possibly multiple Lasers

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How may I filter out certain instructables from my account, so they would no longer appear in my searches/browsing? Answered

Howdy! I recall in the early days of Instructables, there was more of a focus on actual working technology ideas. Nowadays, many of my searches become jumbled with Instructables of nature more asthetic than function. It is my desire to be able to filter out these instructables from ever appearing in my searches again, preferably individually for higher precision. Is this possible? Or have I just suggested a new feature to include in an upcoming site upgrade? Thank you kindly, your help is incredibly appreciated. Phunky Monkey, esq.

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Could a prism and lenses be used to make a stereoscopic video with only one camera?

I want to make my own 3D video and I only have one camera. could I make a camera attachment in a "T" shape and use a prism to split the camera's focal point to the left and right then have each direction hit a 45 degree mirror to turn the focus back to the front of the camera and set a filter on each side of attachment that will correspond to filters on lenses of 3D glasses, and have this make a stereoscopic video with one camera? Could anybody who has experience with prisms and lenses verify if this would work before I start building a prototype...

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Hello I'm new to electricity, what should i learn first ?

Hello guys. I'm an undergraduate student and I'm studying Electrical Engineering. I'm on semester 7 right now. But until now i still cant make anything. I have a dream about making a robot. But i didn't know where to start. In my university they only teach me how to answer a question. They didn't teach me how to make something. I want to make other things beside robot too, but i think i will focus on making a robot first. Can you guys help me what should i learn ? Sorry for my bad English. Thank you very much.

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Electronics for five year olds?!

Hi everyone, I joined the forum and became a member because I'm getting rather starved for ideas... A community centre (or center as you spell it south of the boarder) asked me to design/ come up with some drop in classes for children and their care givers. Some kids could be as young as five, and they want the class to have an electronics, hackery, tech based focus. I've done this with 12-17 year old, but this 5 year old thing is throwing me for a loop. I'm thinking about joule thieves and home made robots, but does anyone else know of a project that's gone over really well with young kids they can share at all? I'm not sure if this is in the right category, apologies if it isn't.

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Anyone interested in a stator joule thief? Answered

A few days ago I made a few joule thief ornaments from motor stators and rotors (pictures on my blog). I was wondering if there is any interest in an instructable detailing how to find the right wires on a motor and generally how they can be wired/rewired for joule thievery. Since my recreational project focus is capricious at best (and my blog is very young) I've put the question here rather than there. Alternatively I could write an instructable on the process of making a specific joule theif with a stator, but I would have to not include sections on different types of motor for clarity's sake. So if you have a preference for one or the other, or an interest in the idea, I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Drew

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Macro lens attachments

I recently got a set of marco lenses for my DSLR, an old E300. They are the simple kind, basically a magnifying lens that screws onto the the existing lens system like a filter. My first impressions of this simple and relatively cheap alternative to a dedicated macro lens in the 400$ range were quite good. But I also found some downsides and would like to know if they are a general thing to accept or a result of poor quality standards. 1. Although about 20% of the lens are unused (nothing at all visible when covering the outsides of the lens) there is some nocticable distortion happening. Especially the corner areas of the image when the object fills the entire picture appear to be slightly bend. Is that due to the marcro lens being a single and cheap system or a general thing with these marcro filter lenses? 2. It is quite hard to to get a clear focus even with F22 settings and good light. With the X4 lens it is not too bad and leaves about 8mm of totally sharp image before it gets blurry. But when using the X10 lens I often have troubles getting a sharp image of an object that goes less than 5mm into the background. Using a smaller setting, like f11 and only 1-2mm of the image is clear and sharp while everything in front or in the back of this area gets more and more blurry. Is this due to the marco lens affecting the focus? For example taking a full size shot of a rose flower is next to impossible if the entire flower should be be sharp - I would like to be able to get at least 10mm of totally sharp image when using f22 settings :( If this is a downside of cheap filter lenses then I already learned my lesson, but would like to know a bit more before saving money on a dedicated macro lens that I will rarly use...

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How can I fix my DSi?

Okay, I have a DSi since 2010 (I don't remember when I bought it, so this could be false. Look, it's old. OK?) And it's been working fine untill one day. I turned it on, and the power light (blue in this case) turned on for a milisecond and then turned off. I tried it multiple times but nope. Plugging in the charger makes the charging light blink non-stop. So I tried opening up the DSi (I opended it up mutliple times before so the warranty is voided already. I also did it correctly the other times so opening it isn't the problem here) to find out what is wrong but I found nothing wrong in it! Sure, the ribbon cable connecting to the SD card is broken but it's been like that for years if I remember correctly. Battery was looking allright, took it out with a voltmeter, wasn't dead (Also, I doubt it static electricity because it wouldn't do ANYTHING). So, I closed it up and opended up the charger. Strangely enough, a piece of the charger's motherboard was cut off! Like someone took a bite! But how could I be using that charger for all this time and it was working. I won't use it again, defenitely. So I went to a store to try out the store's charger, it gets weirder. I plugged it in and the charging light flickered like before BUT, for only a couple of seconds. Anyway, I went home and couldn't figure it out what it is. Only thing I imagine is the charge port (the port where you put the cable to charge it, duh). I'm sorry if you cannot see the pictures very clear but my camera doesn't focus very well, and I'm not a profesional photographer to set the focus etc. So I'm writing now. Please help! Thanks  

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Can we make a separate category for 3D printing? Answered

I know this is probably the wrong way to pose the question, but there it is.  I've noticed a ton of projects that revolve around 3D printing.  I understand this is a new technology that takes 'making' to the next level, but is the 'how to' of 3d printing really any different between all of the instructables that focus around it?  What if we made an area where users could post their 3d files to share?  I'm not saying I don't appreciate seeing everybody's hard work and ingenuity (the basis for this wonderful community), it just seems like every instructable about 3d printing is generally the same with the only difference being the file used.   If I'm alone in this I'll sit quietly and enjoy the community like I always have. and yes, I envy all of you with 3d printers lol

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How to wirelessly transmit information to an Arduino?

So basically I am creating a movement based remote control. The movement is being handled by a MPU-6050 (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope). The idea is to transmit the data to an Arduino that is off the controller on its own hub. The best I've found are these transceivers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E594ZX0/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc;=1&smid;=A3GQ2RR1HCHKCZ  The problem with these is that they require an Arduino on both the transmitting and the receiving end. This project is very space limited and I doubt i could even fit an Arduino nano inside. Is there any method of acheiving this that would make use of the space more efficiently or should I just focus on making the casing larger and finding room for every component? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm looking for a Canon DSLR lens that has similar capabilities to its prosumer and point 'n shoot counterparts.

I love my Canon DSLR cameras, they have wonderful features and capabilities and lots of lenses to choose from (there's even a new model with a flippy screen!). Wonderfulness aside, I've been having terrible luck finding a lens that will let me shoot the same way I could with my Canon S5 IS. I'm not necessarily interested in an all-in-one lens with oodles of zoom, all I need is one that will let me focus on something from at least 3 inches to two feet, no fisheye, a wide Fstop range (from about 2.3 to 8 would be perfect). Has anyone found a lens like this anywhere?

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A while back I had need to create a cookie for a video shoot. I was looking for cheap solutions, and decided to try and create my own. After several failed attempts using non-ellipsoidal studio lights (even directional lights) I decided I might be able to use a maglite flashlight to perform the necessary function and started to document my attempts via pictures for a future instructable. However, despite my attempts at various light focusing and lengths from the light, I could never get it to focus quite correctly and eventually gave up. I'm not going to bother including instructions since it didn't work, but thought I'd still share the pictures.I would be more tempted to try and finish a cheap alternative, if not for Divet's fantastic ible that was published a couple of days ago and subsequently featured. https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-photographer8217s-Zoom-Spot/

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power point help! please read?

Hey  everyone I come to you for help! I appreciate you reading and all your efforts. For college I have a class that requires me to make and present a power point. Now I have never made a power point and am kinda confused on how to go about building it. I have a topic in mind, I plan on using this website as the focus of my powerpint. I think instructables is a great site and a great topic for my powerpoint. How do I go about building it? what do I need to cover? Im new to powerpoints and have no idea what or how to do (it) so can anyone give me even the basics building blocks for a powerpoint? basicaly how do I turn instructables, as my topic, into a power point? Thank you for reading!

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I was given a 42uF 12KV oil capacitor. Any suggestions for having some high tech fun with it? Answered

It's rated for oscillatory currents, pretty old, but it is in good cond. electrically. I can easily and safely charge and discharge it. The thing is, it was free, and I suppose I couldn't turn it down. Now what? The highest voltage I would possibly need a filter cap for is 4500 for an amplifier, so that's out. The "oscillatory currents" rating makes me think it was for energy storage and high frequencies. It is likely from LANL surplus. Can crusher? disc launcher? I'm mainly interested in suggestions for projects that will focus on a fast discharge and high peak power levels, and do not require a lot of additional items, but I am open to any decent ideas.

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Need Partner for LED Project

Hello - I have a burning desire to make a shoji panel that contains leds and will run an automated program called the Knights Journey. I will create the wood box, shoji screen, and would like to find someone who is able to create the instructions for building the tech logic. This will be a joint project. I can also provide funding if needed for the right person. A little about me: I am a Linux engineer, own a home laser cutter and love beautiful sights. I work full time as a contractor for PayPal, previously Charles Schwabb, University of Phoenix, Godaddy, and other companies. I would love to learn to make the led part myself, but quite honestly I just don't have the time, or mental resources to focus on learning it from scratch. Thanks Zach

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Why not get high voltage by boosting 300V to say 2KV ?

Hi, I plan to build High Voltage of 4KV. The output current is very low (say 100uA). I intend to use this as focus voltage in a CRT application. Hence, I am exploring the ways to do so. I have seen people building high voltage (8-20KV) using transformer followed by voltage multipliers. Now a days, MOSFETs are available which can withstand voltage upto 4.5KV. So it should be possible to create boost converter which could boost 300V to 2KV. Then one can further boost the voltage using voltage multipliers. The input voltage of 300V is achieved by rectifying the line voltage of 220V/50Hz. Visiting internet, I do not see anybody doing so. Hence I wonder what could be wrong in doing something of this kind. Could somebody elaborate ? Regards, Hardeep

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