electronic window frame

If anybody could help me out that would be great...  I saw plans for this a few years back but lost them. The idea is to use 4 laptop screens in a mock 4-pane window frame. There was a hard drive and power supply behind the frame that would put a picture up so you are looking at a different view everday like the Eiffel Tower, or Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Hang in an empty space on the wall and its like a fake window with a killer view!!! Sound like a potential favorite? 

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building a picture frame?

Have an older Toshiba 2595 lap top (don't even remember how I acquired it, blame that one on the “Old Timers Disease” that I have). I am going to build a Digital Picture Frame from it. When I acquired it there was no battery or power supply with it. While doing some repair work on a similar computer for a friend, I did power it up with his battery and installed Windows 98 SE on the hard drive, so I know the unit works. The HD is only a 6 Gig, but is big enough to hold a couple of hundred pictures and the software program “Slideshow” to rotate them. What I need to know is, will this work on the power supply only. Do I need to do anything with the battery connections? There are 10 pins where the battery went into the computer and I don’t have any idea of which ones did what. Does anyone know what rating of power supply is required for this unit. Could I use a generic power supply instead of having to purchase the exact one for this unit? Of course you know there will be another upcoming “instructable” of how to build a Digital Picture Frame. I will try and make mine a bit more entertaining and perhaps include some new idea about how to do this type of thing.   Thanks Larystoy

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Digital photo frame

I want to make a digital photo frame with the ability to dictate the length of time each photo is shown and the ability to type words describing the photo that can be triggered by use of a touchscreen.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Digital photo frame

Hi all, Im sorry if this is in the wrong topic or specific post for these types of things. I am going to buy a digital photo frame for my father as father's day is coming. there are several online shop I got from google : www.onvon.com www.chinavasion.com www.chinatronic.com I was wondering have anybody brought anything from these websites Was wondering what are the feedbacks on this website. Many thanks in advance.

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*** ~ THE METAL FRAME ON THE SIDE OF MY LAPTOP SNAPPED - can i glue or how to fix? ~?

Good links are good. Thanks. Or what are some good sites to ask for this kind of question?? *** ~ THE METAL FRAME ON THE SIDE OF MY LAPTOP SNAPPED - can i glue or how to fix? ~

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How do I extract all frames from a movie? Answered

 I'd like to find a free program (preferably with a Windows GUI) that can extract every frame (or every Nth frame) from a movie file and convert them into a series of  image files.

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how can a sandisk picture viewer be wired straight to the ribbon cable of an lcd screen for a picture frame?

I love the laptop picture frames but the pc's i have are real junk. the lcd's i have are good. so how can i connect a sandisk picture viewer to the ribbon cable of a 15" lcd.

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Digital Picture Frame from LCD Monitor

I am trying to explore the most cost effective and quality solution to my wish for a 22-26in Digital Picture Frame for 300 or less. This is something I would mount to my wall and hope to have no more than 1 wire dangling dwn from the frame (pwr supply). Do anyone have suggestion on how this would be easiest to accomplish? Suggestions? Thanks in advance, Sharon

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How do I repair a rusty automobile frame? Answered

I have a 93 Pathfinder with a rusty frame, I just discovered that the rust has eaten a hole through the frame and I'd like to repair it.... how do I go about it??

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PVC pipe frame for a 3d printer Answered

Hello, I would like to know if anyone has any advise about building a 3d printer with 1/2 inch pvc piping. The pipe will be used for the rails, because they are cheaper than metal rods. I want to modify t connectors so that they are what slides along the pipe.The pipe will be parallel, and held together by right angle elbows. I will mount it on a flat board. Is there any problems I may encounter? Thanks for any help.

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Making a digital picture frame without a working motherboard :-(

So...my iBook G4 died a couple of months ago. At first, We Fix Macs thought it was a (known) logic board problem, but it turns out the motherboard is dead. I've recovered my hard drive, and have the carcass at home. Everything works fine except that it won't boot, or won't stay running once booted.Is there a reasonably inexpensive way to hook up an image player (like an MP3 or other thumb-drive type of thing) directly to an LCD display? Most of the digital photo-frame projects involve restructuring the components of a functioning laptop.I'm not about to try to get this done in time for Christmas, but for my wife's birthday (March) it'd be kind of cool.

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Standard picture frame that plays a short piece of recorded music

I'm looking to attach some sort of audio playback device to the backside of a standard wall-hanging picture frame. I have the audio as a 30-second MP3 file and ideally someone would be able to walk up to the frame and push a button / flip a switch and the audio would play once through some sort of speaker - quality doesn't have to be great. Pushing the button again would make it play again. I've never built anything like this before and I'm not really sure where to start. My first guess was maybe to take apart a music greeting card, but there's no button to play with that. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do? Thanks.

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6MM Wood for 3D printer Frame?

Hey everyone.  I have a laser cutter.  I want to use it to build a frame for the Prusa i3 3D printer.  However, I was looking on the wiki it says that the wood (or acrylic) needs to be 6MM in depth.  Does anyone know where I can buy a full sheet (meaning 4'x8') of 6MM plywood? Has anyone done this before?

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I need instructions on building a led backlit picture frame from the start without using a laptop screen?

I enjoyed the instructions on building a led picture frame using a laptop screen, but I need to build one from the very beginning including the box, led light system and screen. Thank you very much for your help.

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Old Laptop----> Digital Photo Frame

This is an idea for a craft project: I'd like to have a digital photo frame, but I just can't bring myself to pay $200 for one. Now, I've got an old laptop sitting around the house that is slower than frozen mollasses, but has a nice big LCD screen goin' for it. It could definitely handle a photo slideshow. It's just a question of changing the laptop physically so it will hang on the wall and look nice-- remove all the unecessary stuff and strap what you still need to the back of the LCD and voila! I've had this idea for a while now, but there's no way in heck I have enough technical expertise to pull it off. So, I'm puttin' it out there to all you people who are smarter than me. One of yall is bound to be smart enough to pull it off. And then the rest of us will follow in your footsteps-- stand on your shoulders as it were-- and turn our old, crappy, laptops into nifty new peices of gadgety wall art.

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modifying a digital lcd picture frame.

Is there any way possible to take an off the shelf digital lcd picture frame and some how putting a video input onto it. basically making it able to hook up a dvd plaver to it .

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How do I get rid of the glare on a TV Frame. (Shiny TV Frame)?

I'm on the market for a new TV, but I can't find the right TV without this shiny TV Frames. You know, the frame that surrounds the picture. I cant stand all the refection on that frame, it really bothers me. How can I get rid of it?

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Digital Picture Frame How-to Building Guide

Digital picture frames are a really popular gift project here on Instructables, and lots of people are searching for digital picture frame how-to's. So, here's a guide to some of the best digital picture frames we have:Cheap 'n Easy Digital Picture FrameTotal cost was under $100, and could be substantially less if you're savvy.Digital Picture Frame Numero Dos!I made this as a wedding present for a very good friend of mine, and I think it turned out very well. Granted the cost of digital picture frames have come down significantly in the past year alone, but that wouldn't be handmade, customized, or particularly interesting to read on Instructables.com, now would it?Hanging Laptop Digital PaintingTake your old laptop, matte it, frame it, and convert it into a hanging framed digital lcd screen to do with as you like.YET! Another Digital Picture FrameAll Picture frames i have seen are nice, but I wanted something else: A really nice frame (custom made and that's ain't cheap), a nice size (14.1") and with some "extras" (wi-fi, bluetooth, etc). This is a brief description how to disassemble a notebook and assemble a nice digital frame.DIY Digital Picture Frame (the easy-lazy way)Inspired by the "12 dollar digital picture frame" on makezine.com, I bough the Jukebox from Ebay and the connectivity kit from K-Mart. At a garage sale, I found just the type of frame I needed: one that would fit the Jukebox and the SD card INSIDE it.Find more digital picture frames using the digital picture frame keyword.

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Is there a way to connect a digital picture frame to a computer in order to display information? Answered

I've seen little monitors that can display weather RSS and other random info, and i just thought using a digital picture frame would be a good substitute instead of an expensive little screen.  I'm just stuck on how I would connect the frame to the computer.  any ideas welcome lol

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What type/shape of metal ( i.e. tubular aluminum) should I use for a robot frame? Answered

I am building a robot. It will be about 1.5 meters long, about 30 centimeters high, about 40 centimeters wide ( all dimensions excluding wheels, tracks, etc.). It's body will be a metal frame with an outer fiberglass shell. The frame needs to be strong, lightweight, and rugged. It would also be nice if the frame could be welded with a homade stick welder, but that isn't a primary concern. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Digital Picture Frames & Laptop Screens Question

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have a question for the more experienced techies here. I have an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop. Now the motherboard is toast, due to a cup of coffee indecent over the laptop. Anyways, I see many instuctables here on converting old laptops into awesome picture frames. So I figured I might as well do something with the screen and whatever parts I have salvaged. I noticed almost every project requires a motherboard. Is there a way to possibly avoid that all together?.. Basically, couldn't I just buy a cheap 7" lcd digital picture frame for $40 that would include a remote, an sd card input and or usb input and some how rewire my 15.4" widescreen lcd monitor from the laptop to work with the brains of the picture frame. Could this be done? Any idea on the wiring needed to be done, or if you might have diagrams that can help me.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated to be honest. Thanks in advance. -Alex

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Can you turn the metal frame of a mattress into a giant capitative sensor? Answered

Can you turn the metal frame of a mattress into a giant capitative sensor? Like can you detect if someone lies down on the mattress. What do i need to get this to work?  Thanks, Nadav

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How can I stop my rocket from tumbling? Answered

I have been entering the realm of high powered rocketry and have been having trouble with my rocket frame design. My rockets accelerate from the ground at 20 m/s2 with a custom built rocket motor which weighs 80 grams, the problem I have is that the rocket spins head over tail after take off at around 10 revolutions per sec. I suspect that the design is too tail heavy... The specifications for the rocket are; Height 40cm Fins 9 by 5 cm 90o triangles x 3 Width 5 cm Any help will be praised appropriately.

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How to build a video or picture frame with just a old IBM thinkpad laptop screen?

How to build a video or picture frame with just a old IBM thinkpad laptop screen? I have a just a laptop screen and want to be able to power it up and and hook add a video in put to it.

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can i use a digital photo frame display panel as a second monitor, disassembly i guess will be required?

I would like to use a small 7" digital photo frame and remove the lcd panel to use as a display for a htpc case. I am not sure if it's a simple case of soldering a d-sub connector to the panel inputs, or a bit more technical?

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Can you convert a digital photo frame into a lcd monitor? Answered

 I am putting a touch screen panel over it to control the lights in my house

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What can I do with this digital picture frame? Answered

I have a digital picture frame keychain thing that was given to me a while back, and while it was in the original packaging(basically just a tiny box) it didnt come with a driver cd, and it doesnt seem to actually have a brand, therefor I cant find drivers anywhere for it. I've even let windows check online for a driver, but to no avail. so basically, as a picture frame, its useless. So I'm looking for something cool to do to it. I have included 4 pictures of it, and can upload photos of the circuits and such if needed. Thanks!!!!

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Minimum motherboard components needed for digital picture frame?

Greetings, I would like info on building the cheapest possible motherboard from something with low demands such as a digital picture frame. I see there are $99 netbooks.  Wondering if it can be done for much much less. Thanks

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Alternative power source for power-tool enhancement design project?

Hi this is my first post here :-) I'm a Design student in London currently researching power-tools. I've made this really crude prototype of a system that looks at enhancing the vibration of a power-drill by vibrating the user as they pull the trigger on the power-drill. It consists of a 12v 55AH car battery running through a 300watt 12v to 230v inverter which in turn powers a cheap 135watt 230volt orbital sander. It's all mounted to a British Army paratrooper clansman radio pack frame and has a very crude wooden arm with a temp on/off toggle switch mounted inside a vitamin c bottle :-) and tapped with gaffa tape, very much bricolage.... I used what I had to hand and what was cheap, i know it's not safe (yet) but i'd like some opinions on alternative smaller and lighter power sources? I know I could just use cordless sanders but there expensive and i need multiple units 2-3 and as this is only a small part of what I'm doing so cost is an issue. I'm considering looking at cheap 12v battery packs from cordless drills but don't fancy using lithium and blowing myself up? All suggestions and opinions appreciated! Thanks James

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Trying to cut bike frames ( for physically impaired person ) ?

Hello once again, I've sorta been sneaking around trying to decide what the best way to go about trying to cut ( basically a bike frame ) without doing it manaually and = or spending too much cash I dont have. Welders look like they'd require a high skill level to hold and I cant really hold- or in fact even BE near things- that causes high or noticable rpm , so the hacksaw doesnt seem too great an idea either . But what i was thinking ,was that I could use some of sort of clamp set up so that I didnt have to hold the hacksaw while cutting the frame ( its really a knee walker frame ) If this seems like a good idea or  any one has any other suggestions or ideas that might allow me to do this  , i really appreciate your opnion on the best way I should go. thanks hele

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How do I run multiple digital picture frames from one power source?

Hello I want to take a large picture frame and mount 6 or 7 digital picture frames inside it  behind mounting card - almost like a collage.  What I'm wondering though is if there is a way I can use a single power supply to run all of the frames?  It's not necessarily a problem if I can't but I was thinking it would be much more tidy if I have one power supply and 8 cables rather than 7 power supplies and 14 cables. I can make it so there is only one cable coming out of the back of the picture frame by using a multi socket extension inside but again this is going to add to the size of the enclosure on the back of the frame. So does anyone have any suggestions they can offer please? Thank you in advance. David

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how would you electrify a window frame or door knob for security?

To stop break ins

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Automatic changing picture?

I recently bought a mini pc for $60 on amazon. It is quad core @1.6Ghz and runs Android 4.2 (But I'll put in an XUbuntu sd card for it to boot off of). I want to use a 7" photo frame I have as a monitor for this tiny computer. I don't think it is possible at all (At least in what I will be willing to do). The only way I can think of using it as the monitor is having the mini pc stream new images to a modded sd card so that the image it streams will change 10 times a second (For example). The photo viewer will then read the same image, but, the image will be changing. This looks like a long shot. Some problems I am thinking of occurring are so: 1) Getting a modded SD card that attaches to another SD card or USB 2) Having the photo frame reread the photo as it changes 3) The refresh rate of the screen (Thinking it is maybe 5-15 FPS). Any solutions? There is no USB port on the frame btw. My photo frame model: SP70EWB

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best practice for Wiring to an existing pcb switch?

I am attempting to use an NES controller to control a digital picture frame. The picture frame has the switches built into the PCB. need to jump them out to the controller to use it's buttons. I am looking for the best practice to connect to the switch on the PCB of the digital picture frame.

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How do you wire a small amount (8-12) LED's, to be run off a small battery and with a switch? In Laymens terms if pos?

Hi, I'm framing a piece of art with a deep frame and would like to put between 8 and 12 LED's in the frame. I will be running the wires and  hiding the battery and switch in a rebate around the outside of the frame. i will drill small holes in the frame every 2-3 inches through the frame for the LED's to be pushed into so they sit just below the surface on the inside of the frame. What i need to know is how to do it? From the basic knowledge i have i would have a 9v battery Positive wire into a switch,negative wire into 1st LED, then link all LED's with wire until the last negative wire into battery.  How wrong am I? I need to know how long the battery would last as well. Also needs to be wireless as it going to hanging on a wall. Thanks for any suggestions and help. And if anyone has a much better idea please let me know!!

Question by RyanW49 

How to make a mini portable video player?

I would like to make a digital video player from scratch!!!! but i dont know how to.  Can you please help me.

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Comment on me 3d printer/ cnc (body/frame)design ?

Hey I've designed a body/ frame for a 3d printer/ CNC I'm thinking about building. I'm using this design because I already have the materials ( and most of the electronics like motors and drivers too). Note: I've designed it so that the drawer slides (on X and Y axis, NOT Z axis) are pointing the opposite way, so that the axis is never just "hovering" when the drawer slide is at it's outer postion (look at the pictures, hope it makes sence) please come with some comments / inputs thanks :) btw. sorry for the amateur like design/ drawing I just needed a quick draft so I made it in Google SketchUp, I didn't want to use the time on designing it Autodesk Inventor

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editing LED matrix code help?

Hi All, For a while now I've been working on a pair of LED matrix glasses. I've been following this instructable to guide me in the right direction. The code used in this instructable is ok but I want to add something to it (but don't know how obviously). I would like the code to pick a random animation (from one of the preprogrammed animations) and play it a random amount of times. It should also be possible to play the next animation by the press of a button. The maximum and minimum amount of times to play an animation will be predeterment (separately for every animation). If possible but I think this will be tricky, it would be nice to have a transition animation when switching animations. What I've got so far is: //test random animation script int TotAnim = 4;              //totaal animations int LoopTime = 1;             //times to reapeat the animation randomly selected long AnimNumb;                //animation number randomly selected int LoopCount = 0;            //times the animation played int MaxLoop = 10;             //variable to store maximum times to repeat animation int MinLoop = 20;             //variable to store minimum times to repeat animation int FrameTime = 4;            //variable to store the times to play 1 frame int Frames = 10;              //variable to store the amount of frames of the selected animation char AnimName;                //stores the selected animation name void setup(){   Serial.begin(9600);   randomSeed(analogRead(0)); } void loop(){ if (LoopTime != LoopCount){     LoopCount += 1;   //for testing   Serial.print(" loop times: ");   Serial.print(LoopTime);   Serial.print(" loop count: ");   Serial.print(LoopCount);   Serial.print(" animation: ");   Serial.print(AnimNumb);   Serial.print(" frames: ");   Serial.println(Frames);   Serial.print("run_animation_p(");   Serial.print(FrameTime);   Serial.print(", ");   Serial.print(AnimNumb);   Serial.print(", ");   Serial.print(Frames);   Serial.print(", ");   Serial.print(LoopTime);               //LoopTimes might have to be 1 in the "run_animation_P(12, rotatebox_P, 4, 30);"   Serial.print(");");   delay(70); } else if (LoopTime == LoopCount){   LoopCount = 0;   AnimNumb = random(1, TotAnim);   switch (AnimNumb){     case 1:                            //animation number //    AnimName = rain                    //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 20;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 5;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 10;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 1;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;         case 2:                            //animation number //    AnimName = rotating_box            //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 30;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 30;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 20;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 2;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;         case 3:                            //animation number //    AnimName = test                    //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 50;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 30;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 30;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 3;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;         case 4:                            //animation number //    AnimName = test2                   //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 25;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 2;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 40;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 4;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;     }     next:     LoopTime = random(MinLoop, MaxLoop); } } I'm not a good coder BUT what you see up here works! The only thing is, I can't get this into the original code. Can someone help me with the code?

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Old Presario 2100 laptop screen to be used at a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

I have the laptop screen from a Presario 2100, and im wondering if there is any way I could wire it to be used as a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

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I am trying to get a website to work correctly. Can any HTML wizards help me? Free Pro membership to the best answer! Answered

I am trying to redesign the website that is used by the company I work for.  The company would prefer it if I could make them a site that uses frames.  This is so it will be relatively easy to change/update pages.  I am not very experienced with using frames, but I have made some good progress so far.  I have two questions that I cannot seem to find the answer to. 1.  How do you add a border with a radius around a framed website? The design that my company liked had a border around it with rounded edges to frame the site.  I have no problem doing this in CSS with a regular website.  However, I cannot get the border to show up around the framed site. I have tried putting a border around the framed page using CSS.  I have also tried adding the border to select parts of the framed page.  (For example: a rounded border on the top, left, and bottom of the left frame panel.)  This does result in a pseudo-border around the site, but the radius does not show up.  It is just a rectangular outline. 2.  Is it possible to have two overlapping background images? There is a strong vertical line and horizontal line on the page as design elements.  I would love to have those lines stretch infinitely across the background.  I know how to do this with one image, but can you layer background images on top of each other? My idea for a solution would be a set of GIF images with transparent sections.  One image would be the horizontal line and the other image would be the vertical.  The place where the two lines meet is a part of the website, so I am not worried about where these images will overlap since they would be in the background.

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Digital Picture Fram Keychain Video Simulation?

Is it possible to flash the firmware in one of the small 1.5 inch digital picture frame key-chains in order to reduce the slideshow feature timing to about 15 milliseconds?  Then one could preview all the photos in memory and simulate motion video. 

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn a digital picture frame into an e-book reader?

I've been looking around  for an affordable e-book reader but they all seem to be north of $200. While at the store the other day I passed some digital picture frames that were under $100 that were the right size and shape. The digital picture frame looks like it has all the hardware you'd need: lcd screen, media port, etc, problem is getting them to read pdf files and the like. I thought about finding a way to convert pdf files to jpeg files but that seems like a hassle to do every time I want to read something. Has anyone out there attempted to hack one of those digital frames so that it reads more than just image files?

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Does anyone know and easy automatic way to track and measure the xy movement of fruit flies on a video clip? Answered

I have some lo -res videos of fruit flies lying in a wind tunnel. Im wondering if there is an easy way to automatically track the movement of these flies frame to frame?  Possibly using free software such as imagej.

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I want to buy a quadcopter frame as shown in pic of good quality. Tell me where I can find it (website or maybe a link)?

I am a beginner and want to build a Quadcopter of my own. Firstly tell me where can I find a quadcopter as shown in pic. And then secondly guide me and help me in further making of the quadcopter. 9818786848 (my Whatsapp no.)

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I have a scrolling led license plate frame. What do i need to do in order to be able to hook it up to my pc via usb?

 I'd like to be able to mod the sign so that i can hook it up to my pc and program messages into rather than using the painstakingly slow remote it came with. Thanks.

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F330 camera drone help

Hello. I have ordered an F330 frame kit for a drone i wanna build. Basically its that frame because of its compact size, but i want it to have a lot of power since it will have to carry couple of different cameras, including a Gopro, and some mirrorless cameras. Would also like to have a decent flight time(30min) and decent range. Motors should be oveely powerful since i am experimenting with cameras etc, so i dont want it to struggle. Speed or performance isnt an issue, just the heavy payload. What motors should i use, that would fit the 330 frame? Also what battery and transmitter

Question by dsirotic 

Lego sophisticated electromechanical pirate ship that sail into a picture frame and splits to sink ? Answered

Some time ago I saw an ingenious Lego multi motor driven theater like presentation of a pirate ship sail into a frame and appear to get damaged by splitting into two. Now I have grandson who is a Whiz at all Lego and would be equal to duplicating this minor wonder. Regrettably my search skills are not up to locating this project here or YouTube Hope someone knows of this this ? I have always paid top dollar at brick & mortar stores, no longer exist If you are privy to a good big Lego Net store please let me know ?

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