Is this the default stting of fuses on a pic programmer or do i have to change something _BODEN_OFF _BOREN_OFF _CP_OFF _DATA_CP_OFF _WDT_OFF _LVP_OFF _MCLRE_OFF _INTOSC_OSC_NOCLKOUT  tis is wat i am using ' http://members.aon.at/electronics/pic/picpgm/

Question by robot1398 

Is this a fuse or a resistor? Answered

I have been having difficulties with a PSU construction for a formerly battery driven (unknown amperage, 18 v ) electric drill and first needed help in identifying a part; picture included:  

Question by Goodhart   |  last reply

visco fuse?

Does anyone know where I can buy visco fuse?

Question by dangerUXO   |  last reply

Pico fuse help?

Dear all.. By accident (short circuit) the pico fuse  in my watt meter is blown . Could you help me to know value of ampere (ie: 250v 1/4 amp...) of this pico fuse. the dimension  and color code in photo please. In the time waiting your help can I used glass fuse for replace .Thank you so much

Question by lam   |  last reply

what fuse to use or gauge wire to act as a fuse?

Im making a battery powered coil gun.. each coil draws about 180-200 amps of a pulsed current. I want to know what fuse ratingi should use to protect the circuit.? or if there aint such a fuse.. what gauge wire should i use as a fuse..

Question by icey.hood   |  last reply

Resettable Fuse PPTC Polyswitch instead of normal fuse?

Hello Friends, I have basic multimeter which has 250ma 250v fuse in it.  some how due to bad test it fused due to higher amps. now I am planning to replace it with 250ma 250v Resettable Fuse or PPTC or Polyswitch. can I go for it or it may create problem? any body have tried?

Question by supertechey   |  last reply

My tv keeps blowing fuses.

My tv (phillips crt widescreen) keeps blowing fuses. There must be some reason it keeps doing this, but I can't figure out why. I got it for free from a moving job because it didn't work (blown fuse), and then it worked for about 8 months just fine. Next fuse worked for about two months. And now it works for about five minutes before shutting off. But if I unplug it for a little while and wait, the tv will turn back on and have a picture for about five minutes. Any ideas?

Question by marcward86   |  last reply

how to check my aruino's my fuse? Answered

My arduino is not uploading and i tried to troubleshoot and i saw in the page that it might my arduino's fuse so do  you know how to check  fuse setting on my arduino.

Question by ms10   |  last reply

Car charger FUSE melted - WHY ???

Hi ... could someone explain me, why may car charger FUSE has been melted down ??? I was using it several times, and suddenly I realised, that it doesn't work. So I have inspected the fuse, and the wire in the middle was completely melted - a lot of small drops. I have changed the use ... it worked 3 times and again. The next one as well. Unfortunately I can't tell you, if it stops work when the charger is in the socket and I start the engine or by having the engine already running and then trying to put the charger in the socket. I think, I did both of those situations ... but I'm not sure. But WHAT COULD CAUSE THE MELTING of the fuse, when before it was working OK ??? Thank you in advance, Zholy

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How do I determine the right fuse size for a wire?

I'm working on restoring a robot and one of the ground wires is completely fried. I will replace the wire, but I want to add a fuse to make sure it doesn't happen again. How should I determine the fuse size for the wire?

Question by DELETED_afw11   |  last reply

How do I tell if my multimeter is dead?

I was trying to measure current, then voltage and - basically I had no idea what I was doing and soon everything returned zero. Opened it up, dont see the wire in the fuse anymore. It was rated 250ma 250v 5Ø 20mm. The shop I went to did not have it so I settled for a generic looking fuse rated at 250ma. The multimeter still shows 0 for all the batteries I've tried. Is it time to get a new meter or find a proper fuse?

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Help identifying/replacing component

I'm trying to repair an iMac (Flat Panel) that has non-functioning USB ports. I've narrowed it down to this component, but can find no specs on it. I'm assuming it's an temperature/current protection component and appears to be in parallel with unused fuse pads. I'm wondering if I can get away with sticking a 2amp (it drives 3 ports) fuse in there and bypass the component. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What is a good electric fuse company?

I have been told that different companies make different quality fuses, and that some are better than others. This makes perfect sense to me, but I don't know what companies to avoid and what companies I should go with. I am using these fuses for a Curtis 1243CAN-4276 motor controller (they have a datasheet and manual on their website, the manual has more info), and they ask for one high current and one low current fuse. I don't know the current draw yet, but once I get that value I will put it up here. In the mean time a wide range of fuse choices would be nice. Also a way to hold the fuses and bring them out to two wire ends for soldering is kind of mandatory.

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can sodium nitrate be used to make a cotton string fuse that will not go out after i blow out like a gun powder fuse? Answered

I will soon make soidium nitrate but a instructable said it will absorb water and become useless qquickly so im going to plan ahead, i will make it into a fuse to ignite hydrogen balloons i let into the air for fun , the methanol string fuse keeps going out and a whole hydrogen balloon takes 12 minutes to inflate, like i sqaid im planing ahead

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Will a steel wool strain run between a 9 volt battery be able to ignite certain materials?

I am working on using a 9 volt batery if not larger run through wires to aligator clips with steel wool pinched in the clips. I am using it for fireworks. I would like to know if the quick glow of the steel wool would be enough to ignite 2 different materials before it burns out. These materials are 1. Gunpowder Fuse 2. Aerosol hair spray (rather safe then sorry on the potato cannon for test usage)... I am debating wether or not i need that with a primer to make a longer last heat. If so, any suggestions on what kind of primer and how to secure it to the steel wool grain? I have tested the 9 volt running to the steel wool and it does glow and burn itself out but it does not seem to last long or even enough to ignite a paper towel.

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Where can i find fuse? Answered

I live in Johannesburg, and I don't want to buy any fuse online.  Is there anywhere where I can buy fuse here?  I live in Houghton.

Question by BOOM5601   |  last reply

How to disassemble a small glass fuse? Answered

I need to disassemble a small glass fuse like in the picture, but EVERY PART MUST STAY IN ONE PIECE ! I need to disassemble it and than put it back together like it was, so it means that I can't brake the glass or bend the metal caps too hard... How can I disassemble a small glass fuse without braking it? Thanks!

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Where to put fuses in a dc circuit? Answered

Say I have a 12 volt battery and I want to connect a light and a radio.  Should I put a fuse next to the positive or negative terminal of the battery?  Or should I fuses in front of everything.  DC current flows from pos to neg right?  so I would put the appropriate fuse on the positive side of each electronic device?     Thanks

Question by Noblenutria   |  last reply

what do i need to do to use sparkler fountain black powder in a homemade fuse?

Hi, a fireworks sparkler fountain that i had lying around in my room has dropped its contents as the base clay stuff crumbled away, and what i was left with was a paper case full of fountain powder. the kind of fountain is the kkind that is it a paper tube like normal fireworks, but make a spray of sparks fames and colours of the ground, not a sparkler stick, now sparkler fountain powder isnt like gun powder, this stuff burns slowly, probably because it has less oxidizer. what i need to know, is what i should do to the powder to make it suitable to use as normal black powder when making a fuse using dextrin in the proportions 10/1. i have access to a large amount of potassium nitrate, do i perhaps need to add more of it to the sparkler powder.

Question by oldmanbeefjerky 

Pioneer SX-626 blows a speaker fuse

The sides are fuse protected and the right side blows a fuse immediately don't have enough fuses to test exactly when it blows.

Question by TheReconranger.   |  last reply

Were to find Plastic fuses for christmas lights?

I got christmas lights that dont have standard fuses they have plastisc fuses anyone know were to find them?

Question by sid111   |  last reply

How can measuring the resistance of a fuse, tell you that it is defective? Answered

A fuse breaks a circuit when current is too high. A fuse must be replaced when it breaks a circuit.  Explain?

Question by Baseball24_7   |  last reply

Pioneer Stereo Receiver MODEL SX-525 keeps blowing 2amp fuse?

This pioneer receiver has been working for the last 30+ years.  I was using it in my wood shop and went to change the station, I spun the knob to go to a higher station and then the sound cut out and then the receiver turned off.  I then found that it blew the 2 amp fuse (the singled out one of the three used).  I replaced it and turned it on, the lights came on and the speakers put out a law *boooooooo* (low tone) and then the fuse blew again (about 3-5 seconds).   I am not great at diagnosing electrical issues but can replace something if instructed what needs to be replaced.  Please help.             Thank you.

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anyone got any ideas about detonating fireworks with a mobile ? i would like to know how!? Answered

I have heard that you can light fuses with a mobile ! is this true ? how??

Question by rosstheexplodingone   |  last reply

How is a large building wired up? Answered

So, recently, I was at school, and trying to use my laptop charger ( I was the only person in the room to be doing so) However, it didn't work. Using it at home, however, it instantly kicked the RCD or safety switch thing off, switching off everything running off the mains Upon further inspection, I found that the power cable had been damaged, so that the active wire was in contact with the ground wire. My question is, how come the power at school didn't get shut down completely ( the lights were still on, and wall outlets in other rooms around the school still worked) but at home, everything was completely shut down. I thought that there'd be at least a fuse or something, if not a safety switch...

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Pull ring ignitor with pop its? Answered

Is there any way to mod pop its (tm) to ignite fuse

Question by Whitedude0728   |  last reply



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What fuse to use or breaker for a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery? Answered

What size fuse would I use for a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery.  Better yet, are there breakers for same battery.  I am wiring an electrical system for a bike.  As the complexity increases I accidently short the battery more often.  

Question by Noblenutria   |  last reply

Can we reuse fused CFL's with automobile headlamps or any other bulb considering there is a PCB in the CFL's.

Is there a possibility to reuse fused CFL's of 23W,15W.9W etc. With the PCB in the CFL can we possiblly connect an automobile headlamp and make it glow with a few alteration and/or additions. What is the power output in voltage of a CFL. Sombody please suggest a way to reuse fused CFL's in any way.Thanks

Question by Vijapa   |  last reply

change fuses in my panasonic projection tv model # pt-61hx42f

I need help to find the 3 fuses in my tv so I can replace them.manufacturer says there are three of them the model # PT61HX42F100 panasonic projection. I pulled out one of them (the glass one) and took it to radioshack and it is still good. i turn the tv on and it clicks on/off and red button flashes then nothing. I was told its the fuse. How do I check the others when I dont know what they look like?

Question by teamsigala   |  last reply

Fireworks Ignitor

I'm looking to make a bottle rocket igniter, and I am trying to fit it in the smallest package possible. If I were to use the circuitry from a stun gun, and connect it to some 16 gauge nichrome wire, could it heat up the wire enough to set off a firework? I could also use wire of a different gauge(32-40) if necessary.

Topic by H20 

How to fuse leather to plastics like Poly urethane or to silicon? Answered

I am making a plastic enclosure which encloses the electronics .So here I want to fuse leather to plastic or silicon.Can anybody answer me whether any unique technique is available behind this?

Question by suresh product engineer   |  last reply

Is this Potassium nitrate good?

Well i bought some potassium nitrate.on the bottle it say saltpetre,potassium nitrate,B.P and in small letter its written Saline Diuritic. I want to know if its a good type of potassium nitrate to use because i tried to make a fuse out of it and it failed miserably.....and also mine is in small grains while what i see from know is powder. Answer me plz

Question by 69lotto69   |  last reply

wiring led turn signals to flasher and fuse box?

Led signal lights turned on with regular car flasher relay canister and now with the led flasher relay i get nothing at all!!!!

Question by kyriedanielle   |  last reply

Is there any way to reset or an inside fuse to change on a TomTom navigation device? GPS 300?

The device was connected in reverse polarity. Pilot light is on but all else is dead.

Question by D.T. Hammer   |  last reply

Solar Powered Rechargable Battery Charger Wiring?

I have a 16v/1.2 Amp (output) solar panel that I want to power a 12-16v/800mA (input) rechargable battery charger. Do I need to add a AGC 800mA in-line fuse or? Should the fuse holder be 32v or? Any suggestions?

Question by xploregon   |  last reply

No volume in Fisher RS-280 synthesizer receiver.Everything else seems to work.Is there a fix like fuse or capasitor?

I havn't opened up receiver yet I need some information first.I get no sound from receiver at all.I started out by connecting all components such as CD player but have since removed all accessories,i'm down to just the receiver and speakers.Is there something I should look for when I open the receiver up?This is a very nice vintage receiver and I would like to use as primary receiver.Could it be something as easy as a fuse? I opened the stereo and found that 2 fuses are missing they are located on the main board at  F401 & F402 both are T2A fuses I believe.are these fuses used for sound and should I install them anyway

Question by jimf123   |  last reply

Need advice on making a proposed rocket I've devised different to the ones seen on here, before I waste materials?

I was thinking of making a rocket and using the fuses in a party popper as the propulsion, I was going to set up 4 gutted poppers with just the fuses on a 600ml/1 or 2 lt bottle and use a string fuse attached to the popper fuses at equal distrance running into a centre fuse/string to light it and get clear.I would use skewers or something to make it launch straight up.I would have the bottom of the popper housing/film cannister against the ground/launch pad. Has anyone tried this? Would the popper/poppers just simply blow up the thing I put them in and not work? Would I be better of doing the film cannister cannon thing instead of poppers.?

Question by grentes   |  last reply

How can I get my power supply to stop blowing fuses?

I built a power supply using a 25.2 volt 2 amp transformer to use for etching projects.  It worked on my test plate but then started blowing the 1 amp fuses I was using with it.  I switched to 2 amp fuses and it works but my transformer is getting too hot.  I have experimented with different amounts of solvent and different size plates, which definitely makes a difference, though my 1 amp fuses are at most lasting about 10 seconds.  I have read about building a control box with a halogen light and a variable resistor to control the amperage, but would it allow me to take some of the load off of the transformer?  And if it would work, how would I connect it to my power supply?

Question by Nordovita   |  last reply

2011 mitsubishi lancer fuse voice system not working fully and how do i get it to work right?

So heres the deal. Previous owner of the car istalled an amp under the drivers seat and all the speaker wires are going to it. Sound in the car is amazing. Whats not so amazing is whatever they did while hooking this amp to the head unit they messed up the fuse voice system. It still works but is unusable because the volume is so much lower than it is supposed to be. Any suggestions on how this happened or how to fix the problem?

Question by Krammit71   |  last reply

What is causing the deep cycle battery charger fuses to pop?

Mobile Wheelchair battery wiring: Two young 12v 26AH wired in ceries? is poping charger fuses. with newly accuired controller The chair contoller has been newly doneup and could be the cause Look at Mobile chair battery line diagram operating with newly acuired reconstructed second hand controller it pops charger fuses, the battery's are near new the, motors is not connected yet in fear of damage from a dead short somewhere.The motors operated fine whith previous controller.americantwintowers@gmail.com

Question by Water-for-Africa   |  last reply

I need help with short circuit detector / electronic fuse. Answered

So I'm making a variable power supply with an LM317 and I've decided to add a short circuit protection, I know the LM317 has an auto shutdown feature but I thought this would be a nice feature and it would allow me to leanr more about circuits. The short detector is quite simple, It's a PNP transstor connected to the output. When the output is shorted the LM317 can't supply enough current and the load sucks everything it can, so it sucks the charge of the capacitor, causing the PNP transistor to activate and turn on the relay and the LED. This connects the PNP to ground, making it be permanently oopen until the circuit gets reset. It works flawlessly from 16 to ~9 volts, but I go under ~9v (I don't know why) the PNP activates and the relay flickers very fast, I tried several things but none fixed the problem. I have plenty of PNP nad NPN transistors so if you can come with a better and more stable design I would be able to try it, I'll be all the afternoon trying if I can figure this out and posting some updates. Here's a video of how I want it to work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nVzUUYPm3w& Look at the image for more information. Thanks in advance.

Question by Victor805   |  last reply

Multimeter DIY Repair?

I have a Radio Shack digital multimeter, Model 22-174. Since the 10 Amp measurement circuit is not fused I blew this circuit and that part of the meter does not work now. I like this meter and would like to know if I can DIY repair it and what I need to do. I have looked around the Internet and have not found any information including the Radio Shack site. Was looking for the wiring diagram only found a parts list. I hope that I can fix it. If I can fix it I will fuse the test leads (black lead) or work out an internal fuse for this circuit so I don't repeat my mistake. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

Question by phantom9   |  last reply

I cannot get the fuse settings correctly set in my ATMega32 when following your instructions on the 8x8x8 led cube?

I've triple checked my wiring and that isnt the problem. i've followed your instructions to the letter, using the exact same components including the oscillator crystal 14.7456mhz i'm using the exact same USBTinyISP from lady ada, on a win7 x64 system with the correct drivers. everytime i send the avrdude hfuse setting it comes back with "initialization failed, rc=-1"  and then the chip is unresponsive to any avrdude commands. i've bricked 2 ATMega chips following your instructions now and as i dont fully understand AVR programming i really dont know what to do next. how do i reset the chip so i can try setting the fuses again?

Question by shadowsdomain   |  last reply

How long can a microwave retain an electric charge when inoperable but still plugged in?

How long can a microwave retain an electric charge?  I think I need to change a fuse as the unit completely stopped working when I reset a fuse for the kitchen when I found our refrigerator had stopped running.  I confirmed that it was indeed the microwave and not the electrical outlet that wasn't working.  This occurred 3 days ago.  The unit is still plugged in - how long would I need to have it unplugged before I could safely remove the back cover to get to the diagram or the main fuse to see if it's burned out?  Thanks for any advice on how to do this, we can't afford to buy a new unit and it sounds like buying a new one would be cheaper (or cost the same!) as hiring a repairman.

Question by luannfeld   |  last reply

Infrared Sauna wiring?

Well, I bought a used infrared sauna the other day for real cheap because it "just stopped working all at once". Figuring its just a fuse or something, I took it. Well now I cant figure it out for the life of me.What seems to be the problem is that no power is getting to the primary transformer. That would be on the second small circuit board to the right. It is getting to the secondary transformer fine. Heres a pic of whats goin on. Those things on the sides are fuse holders, (no not burnt out).

Question by LiquidLightning   |  last reply