Going PRO?

I live in England and was wondering weather I can go PRO and if so how much does it cost?

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Is this going to work? Answered

I plan on using this gender changer to use a TV as a computer monitor. Will it work?

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There must be somewhere on the internet where people submit games they have made that are playable on the psp GO. anyone know of anything like this that doesn't require hombrew FW. because the psp isnt the same without official software

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Laser or LED go go dancing Cage

Hi There, Im tryin to build a laser go go dancing cage for a big theatre production. Iv done basic wiring of LED's but never worked with lasers before. After  lot of scanning the net it seems it might be easiest to just buy a bulk load of laser pointers off aliexpress (or somewhere else?) and try to wire them into a circuit so i can turn them all on at the same time. I want the effect of the bars of light as seen in the pics below. I have been asking around with electricians and they don't seem to either want or know how to help me.... I would LOVE any help or direction anyone can give me!!! if anyone can help answer any of the following questions id GREATLY appreciate it! 1. from what iv read it seems 5mW might be best for this purpose as more powerful lasers may burn the skin (i definitely don't want to be responsible for burning the building down!) Does anyone have any thoughts on what mW i should be using for this? 2. Ideally i would like the laser cage to be able to be seen without the use of a fog machine (i will use this for effect in certain parts of the show- but would like it to still be visible when its not there) Is this possible, or would i need a stronger laser that would be too dangerous? 3. i don't really know anything about calculating the voltage or what power battery i would need once i had say 50 lasers together in a circuit. Does anyone have any links for working this out? I'm not sure if it is specific or different for lasers? 4. I read that i would need a driver, is that true? any links for that would be great! 5. are there insanely high powered LED's that could have a strong focussed beam that would be better/easier to use and i should forget about lasers all together? 6. do you have a totally different idea of how i should go about this that would be a lot easier?? Thanks!!! Andea Darling ****it won't seem to upload the reference pics so heres a couple of links to give you the idea -  http://www.qratio.com/2013/10/gotta-dance-just-find-your-rythym.html http://www.telovation.com/articles/ipod-laser-dance-cage.html

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PSP Go Questions?

I am thinking about getting a PSP Go and I have a few questions. Does Walmart sell gift cards to the game marketplace for psp? What are some good games? Can you put music and videos onto the PSP Go from iTunes?

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go kart will not move

When I give it gas it will not move . Engine is running fine and chain is good. It makes a loud squeal when you give gas

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hybrid go kart?

1.how can i couple the engine and a motor in a hybrid go kart so that they can power the axel together. 2.if i am driving on motor then how can i shift to engine and vice versa.

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Go Green this weekend

Just a reminder that the Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger Go Green! contest ends on August 19. That's just over a week away! So if you were planning on entering something in the contest, make use of this weekend and put together an Instructable about it.Grand PrizeThe grand prize winner will receive a Breezer Liberty hybrid commuter bicycle with pedal-powered lights, a brief write-up in a future issue of Popular Science, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.First Prize5 first prize winners will each receive a Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger (TreeHugger review here), an Instructables robot t-shirt, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.Second Prize10 second prize winners will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science Magazine.

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Going to my groups?

I made a group and i could look at it, but then i made more and whenever i try to go to its page it brings me here www.instructables.com/tag/type-group/featured-true/, can someone tell me what the heck s goin on

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Servos going crazy? Answered

So, I made this https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-A-Simple-Bidepal-Humanoid-Robot/ and after uploading the code for walking, instead of walking, the robot goes crazy https://vimeo.com/209730331 I have attached some pins a bit different from the original code but have adjusted that in the code by changing the attach commands. What do you guys think is the problem? I attached the horns to the servo using this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOCagSi1OOU The other codes provided also don't appear to be working. Could it be that I have attached the servos to arduino the wrong way? I considered the right motor to be the motor which appears at the right when  the robot is viewed from the back (white part of arduino).

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What are the prices of these psp go games?

Loco Roco 2 PSOne Classics EX: Crash Bash Psp minis

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Is it possible to have a reversed go-kart?

What I mean is to have front wheel drive & rear wheel steering, as oppose to front wheel steering & rear wheel drive. if so what benefits does it have? Would it be harder to install on a homemade go-kart? Please answer a.s.a.p.

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What is the best placement for a go-kart engine?

We CANNOT put the engine behind the seat, only under the seat or between the driver's legs. Please help.

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What is better for a go-kart engine, petrol or electric?

If so where can I find a small, working, cheap one? if electric how can I recharge it. I live in Australia so I want no shipping of the engine. I also need a way of accelerating/braking. Can you help?

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how do you make a go kart from a lawn mower engine? Answered

I want to know how to make a cheap go kart powered by a lawn mower engine.

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Does anyone have some awesome ideas for my go kart i'm building?

I just need something awesome to add on my go kart, I can't think of any good ones.

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How Much Do T.V Seasons cost on the Playstation Network?

I want to get some t.v seasons for my psp go!

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can we join lithium battery with lead acid battery in series?

We are working on project and we need more power in less cost so lead acid battery is compulsion but we want to add lipo battery with it to get more power. can we do that?

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How can you make a go cart engine? Answered

 It has to be environment friendly and work good with no hassling.

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How's that iRobot project going?

So, hows the project coming? I hit a snag--my Chumby died. But how is everyone else's project going? I tried to get this to be in the iRobot group, but it didn't work...

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Going Pro Membership Failure

I have gone PRO...but can't get any PDF Downloads...They keep asking to sigh up for PRO membership...What can I say...again asked again and again...I already have PRO membership...What is going on!!!...Please Let Me Know...Jeff Smith

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Circuit Replacement for a Go Motorboard

I have an old Go Motorboard scooter that the circuit for charging the battery and managing the power to motors is burned out. I have a rudimentary understanding of circuits and how to build them. Can any one recommend a resources to learn how to build a circuit that can charge the batteries, then apply the power to the two motors activated from a throttle. https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/OR where to buy a replacement control board?

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Fake Pokemon GO Pro

Hello! Right now the best practice to hunt pokemon is to just walk and if the phone vibrates, you look. Thant means you have to hold the phone in hand.  I had an idea for a DIY, but no way to execute it. Idea is simple: -motor vibrator from old phone -Arduino -BT module -battery Turn all above into a braclet for your hand  I owuld need an app or something that, whenever phone vibrates, it would send a command over bluetooth to arduino to vibrate. It would need to check for phone vibrate command as the app doesnt give a notification or annything.  Is the ambition too high ? Is this harder to execute than i tought ? 

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I'm going to build the CNC.machine,

O/K.I have a spare old computer I want to use as a cnc.program control what else do I need to make the stepper motors work,or is it all just wired to the P/C.I know that sounds very nieve but that's what I need to learn,also I would wish to use a Dremmel and also a fixed router (SMALL)soldering has never been one of my strong points but I'm determined to build this thing and need all the help there is around.I know you can buy kits and the like but I live in England and all I can see is in USA.I hope this is not to boring to be answered by some kind knowledgeable chaps, thanks for looking,just of to bed now,will look in tomorrow, MAC.

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How to make power improvement for solar powered go-kart?

I have Model: MotoTec Solar Electric 24V Go Kart (http://www.bigtoysusa.com/mototecsolarelectricgokart350wred.aspx). I need to make power performance improvement on it. Please, make suggestions. here is some details 

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Physics equation for air displacement? Answered

I want to make a fan powered go-kart, is there a formula I can use to calculate the minimum amount of air displacement to make it move?

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GoDaddy Debate

So, I recently posted a response converging my experience with the GoDaddy website company. Alluring responses from a couple of users prompted me to create this. Here, post your experience with GoDaddy Incorporated. Was it good? Bad? Overrated, as was mine? Warn people to stay away, or entice them with your stories of success; we want to know.

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what high torque servo should i use to control steering on go-kart i'm automating?

Hi I have an old go-kart which i'm teaching to drive itself using the kinect but I need a servo to control the steering. I know I need something hight torque but anything specific i'm not too sure on. any help choosing a type of servo or specifications on the one I should get would be greatly appreciated cheers

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What size engine (electric) would I need to power a go-Kart at 10-20mph? (weighing 10.5kg) Answered

I would like to know what size electric, brushed engine I would need (eg.wattage, voltage) to power a go-kart that wieghs 10.5kg w/ wheels, exculding Batterys. The diameter of my wheels are roughly 250mm I am thinking of somwthing like a 34v+ motor? I do...do alot of electronics but unfortunaly I dont regulary use motors in my Projects. If you want?...as a bonus question what potentionometer would I need to use for a throttle? The Best awnser will get a patch. (if there is one!) Thanks Oscar

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PSP Umd transfer: POSSIBLE?!?!?

I had this great idea for transfering UMDs to a PSP Go. If you have custom firmware on your PSP you can download UMDs to a memory stick, and from there put them on the computer, right? Starting to make sense? Maybe you could then download the game to a PSP Go!! I'm not sure if its possible, though. Does someone have any idea if it could work?

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iyogi is still on my computer how to get rid of it

I down loaded iyog and I stopped the service but now every time I start my laptop the repair screen pops up, I have tried everything I know of to rid my computer of this pest I have been trying for over a year to rid my laptop of this orphan program please help it is driving me to drink (not really) thanks for any help, dog of war

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Is anyone selling the psp go!cam Answered

I have found alot of go!cam for sale but i want a black one. Its part number is psp-450. If you have any links those will help to

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Oculus GO - The little sideloading guide

It seems making an Instructable these days requires lots of pictures, detailed steps and tons of instructions.So before I try to paste my attempt here, I will point something out for the support team:1. There is little point in including pictures of a VR headset or how to plug a USB cable in. Same for images showing a DOS window and the command typed in it - they are the same as in the instructions...2. With little to no option to create an Instructable that requires actual code usage and properly embedded picture, let alone good editing options: How do you suggest one would accomplish this taks?3. With no category to post such Instrucables it is my personal opinion that these catergories need quite some updates! They are still the same as years ago despite life evolving around it...If you just went into the mobile VR world then you might feel a bit restricted compared to what you know from your smartphone.Over the months firmware updates provided us with some much needed things but a bit is still left out. In this Ible I will try to show way to get a bit more out of your GO. Be aware that a lot of it still requires a bit of manual work and a computer.If you are just curious then please read on and you might still find something interesting that you did not know yet.Getting started...One thing we certainly need is a way to access the GO and to install additional apps on it that are not available in the store.For this we need to activate the developer options. Unlike your normal Android device this step works only from the device you paired with your GO. Go into the settings and there look for the developer mode. Once you try to activate it Oculus requires you to sign up for a developer account. All this of course needs to be confirmed through Email activation, you know just to make it complicated and get more info about you ;) From there it is straight forward and like on any Android. Activate USB debugging, pair with your computer by USB cable and on the GO authorise the connection. Please also tick the box to make this permanent as otherwise you will be prompted every time. In case you are not so familiar with this just Google how to use ADB on Android - it is simple. I will add the required files and drivers in a later step dedicated to it.If you need more help getting the right options done or where to find them, please consider the great help for this offered on the Oculus developer sites. It makes sense to spent some time there as you find a lot of good info that might come in handy once you really want to get serious.ADB - A must have...You will find the drivers and all, as said, a bit later. ADB is the Android Debug Bridge. It allows us to get access to the (user)available file systems, do some basic tests and if supported even flash a firmware or make a backup.If you already used ADB for another Android device then you will only need the drivers for the GO. Otherwise you need to set up the enviroment for the Debug Bridge first. In the downloads will be a simple installer for this purpose. It is vital that you authorise your computer on the GO, best to tick the box to make it permanent.If you open a command prompt where you have ADB installed you can do some simple tests. Setting all required paths and system variables in Windows would allow you to access ADB functions from any folder on your computer. The later might be easier if you do not want to copy all related files into your ADB folder. Makes no real difference though and is up to your preferences.The command ADB devices should show you now that your GO is connected by listing it. If nothing shows up then please check the USB debugging option is set in the developer options. A reboot might help too in some cases. With this sorted we are good to go, almost at least...How to install "unknown" apps?As you might have noticed there is no playstore and all available stuff in the official store is VR based.Getting some essential apps on it seems to be impossible.Again the help offered by Oculus in the developer sections is a vital source, so please don't be afraid to read there ;) There are two basic ways of doing things on a device with so many restrictions.1. Just use ADB install packetname Where packetname is the filename for the app in question, for example Netflix.apk. With all apps you need in one place this is quickly done.2. Use a dedicated app installer or manager for the job. I will include one that actually works with the downloads. Same fore more detailed instructions.The thing is though that only apps designed and signed for VR will show up in your normal launcher. All other (supported) Android apps will show up in "unknown sources" in your library. Apps not supported for this purpose won't show anywhere! For them you need a dedicated launcher, which will be placed in the "unknown sources" section ;)Why do I spoon feed you here you might wonder? To be honest: If you already read some terms and basics it will be much easier to remember. Repetition is the key ;) I see little point in providing a simple to follow list of intructions as a week later you would struggle to do it again without the list in front of you.Our first unknown apps!Deciding what you might need in apps is one thing, knowing in what order you can safe hours of your life is another. I simply don't think you want to juggle with ADB whenever you want a new app that is not available in the official store. So for starters we will need something that is able to install apps for us. And since we can't use it without something to find and start it we also need an app starter. Basically like HALauncher for Android TV.The detailed instructions for this can be found with the downloads. First the app starter is installed, it will provide us with a living room like view onto a big screen. On the screen you will find all apps that are otherwise invisible to you. Some might tempt you to try them out - just don't! Unless you really know what you are doing you have a good chance to do something bad. Use the apps you know and the apps you added but none of the tempting system apps you might see.The APK installer will show up there too and is used to make installing apps a bit easier. You can copy them now onto your GO's internal storage and use the app installer to install them - how easy is that? Another option I included is the Aurora store - a fork of the YALP store and able to work without any playstore requirements. Downside is that the VR controllers are not fully supported yet as it is more aimed at TV sets. A BT touchpad works though if the controller or a gamepad fail. I only included Aurora as it could be a nice alternative one day with full VR support. Just search or browse for all the apps available in the playstore and install what you like. Be aware though that not everything will work with the remote. Some games and apps can be operated with a game controller though.It is getting nicer already ;)By now you might have already installed some things as you just could not wait to skip to the downloads.Well, can't really blame you, can I?Anyways, we now have the option to install more apps that we know from our non-VR Android devices. Oculus might make it harder in the future though - or they see it the same way and offer ready to go options one day. Till then it is up to you....Youtube VR might be nice but it is also still quite buggy and lacks some basic features. So getting a modded Youtube app could be a way out if you need comments for example. Kodi is still a must have for many Android users, especially the sport nuts with us. A filemanager is also something most Android users value. I will include some but again it comes down to what YOU prefer here. And with a basic way to install apps now you can also remove them again if you decide they don't work as expected.Get a bit used to the app launcher and how to install apps. Sideloading is fine for those used to it but some might prefer to just copy some apps on the GO and them use the installer with the remote. In the near future we will get support for external sorage, so using a USB stick or SD card in a reader will make the USB cable obsolete for file transfers. Some headsets already support it, so chances are by the time you read this yours will too. Although it still is a good way to keep your GO charged while copying big files ;)Precautions and Words of WisdomIt all sound nice and easy now but there are dangers you need to be aware of! Installing apps or games that are not fully designed for the GO or VR use can mean crashes. A lot will work but that does not mean it will keep doing so. A firmware update could one day end the support for sideloaded apps that are "non-VR". Especially messing with the app launcher can mean sudden disaster. Things you normally can not see are often hidden from you for a good reason. I will take no responsiblity for problems you caused by misusing system apps !Console emulators are a lot of fun and there are ways to even stream them from your PC in reasonable quality on a low end computer. But these and some demanding games also cause a lot of CPU usage. As the system is not optimised for 2D content it can mean that your battery runs out faster. In some cases you might not see the warning to charge, so be aware of time when immersing yourself.Stay away from any app or game that requires playstore components! Play Games for leaderboards might be no issue, especially if you don't need this feature. Online gaming like multiplayer actions will not work if it requires Google services for it! Similar story for hardware you don't have. If it is only designed for touchscreens than it might not work with the remote. And if it does not support gampads either... Apps that only support the wrong display orientation are a no go too.What Non-VR Stuff Actually Works on the GO?A lot and it will be possible to do even more. There are already streaming options for your own videos like Skybox, Moonplayer and they all support DLNA servers too. So watching normal, 3D or VR movies from a media server is no problem at all already. Getting games to work is another story all up. ALVR is a good platform to stream VR games from your PC to the GO. Unlike the Rift you won't even need an overpowered gaming PC for it. Virtual Desktop is a paid app but well worth the money if the support and features keep going as they do right now. With it you can use your computer or laptop from the GO. Watch movies, surf the net, play games. The GO more or less becomes a normal Windows computer only that you have the screen right in front of you.It will certainly be possible to code a simple VR app that works as a shortcut for non-VR apps. Like how right now you get the pic and description for a VR exerience and a button that starts the stream in the player. Downside is the requirement to certify such an "app" to make it visible in the normal launcher.Downloads and Instructions....Finally you get to the point where you can actually download something :)To make it all a bit easier and to ensure I won't miss a vital bit I did a factory reset on my GO to start from scratch :(Things might change in the future, so I will include the instructions as texfiles with the download.If I see a real requirement for screenshots I will include them with corresponding filenames.I think this way it is easier than scrolling through an Instructable as you can just print it all directly.Those without an account (yet) might value this too.Based on the feedback, questions and general comments I will change the contents of the download accordingly.Same for download links to avoid bloating up the download with outdated files.Easier for you (if you read this a few months from now) to download the newest files directly from the source.So don't be too disappointed if the download seems to contain less than what you expected.What seems to be missing will have links in the instructions.No files will come from unverified or unsecure sources!Whatever I include in the downloads directly will be checked for malware of all kinds.The same standards are true for the sources I provide.So no clickbait, ad sponsored re-directors or such crap.Please read the detailed instructions carefully, then read them again while actuall following the steps on your GO or computer.Do not blindly read it and jump onto doing it the first read!For ADB commands just copy and paste them - I might write some batch files though, so check for them in the instructions and make use of them.Things might not work out as planned, so if in doubt double check all the steps taken.What is in the provided instructions is tested on my GO's and works on the firmware version current of this writing.Download the guide and files from FilefactoryIn case the PDF in the download is not detailed enough, just ask in the comments ;)

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My computer won't go into stand-by :(

Hi. My netbook, a Coby 1023 netbook, wont go into standby! i click on the standby button and it will say its going into standby and then just sits at the the standby screen and wont standby. Help.                                                                                           Thanks in Advance, joespicnictables

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Why Are New Comments Going To The Bottom?

Instead of the top? I liked it better the first way, it was easyer to keep track of new comments. If there was a ton of comments, you would have to go to the last page for the new one.

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Go Kart Inner Tube Size Answered

The inner tube on my go kart recently broke, and when I took it out of it's tire, I saw a large "3.50-4".  I also saw a small 78 on the opposite end of the tire, a "DDD" between the two previous mention marks, and a "D" by the valve. What do these markings mean and how can I find a correct replacement? Photos below picture the previously mentioned makings respectively.

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Where did the search button go??

I like to search for specific projects, ie: the most useless machine,  but can't figure how to search for it or where to find it.  Thanks for any help.

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Where did my instructable go? Answered

I had an instructable that I published that was A. Featured, and B. in a contest.  Now I can't find it through recent, editors picks, or even through the contest.  It is still showing that it is published... but I can't find it anywhere.  What happened?

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What should go in a Techie toolbox?

I want to put together a gift for a friend - a cool tool box with things he might need but definitely doesn't have (he pretty much only has a drill). I don't want just hammers and such, he works with robotics and computers, as well as building various devices with motors and moving parts. I'm looking for things that might help him, a "Mythbuster's" tool box if you will. Does anyone have ideas? What would you like in your collection? What is a basic list that I could start with?

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What is the best gear ratio for my Go-Kart? Details below

I have a Go-kart I am building and was wondering what gear I should get that connects to the axle from my motor. It will be Direct Drive and the motor has a 11 tooth sprocket. The motor is 48 v, 1000 watts and 3000 rpm. The wheels are 9.5 in diameter. I will be driving on mostly to totally flat areas. Plz ask for any other info you need :) thanks!

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5HP motor, what to do with it?

I got a 5HP motor from a shop vac and don't know what to do with it. I wanted to make a go kart, but it was too inefficient and would take too much power. It still is connected to the switch and the outlet cord. I want to make something cool out of it.

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Converting mains power to battery power?

I have plans on building an electric go cart, however, the only motor I currently have is mains powered, as such I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to convert mains powers to battery power, hopefully car batteries as these would be what I using. I've searched high and low and can't seem to find anyone that has done this, let alone a tutorial. Anyone with any idea's or links would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Would it be ok to run 2 12v 4A SLAs in parallel to give 8A and connect in series with a 12v 8ASLA for 24v 8A?

I'm building an electric go-kart from a bustup mobility scooter and the problem is this. I don't have cash around to buy batteries but do have 2 x 12v SLA @ 4A and 1 12v SLA @ 8A. Would wireing them in the diagram below work OK. Part of me is saying I missing something. The reason I need 24v above 4A is to power the S-Drive controller & 24v Motor. I'm not sure of the the motor ratings as the label is damaged and can only make out 24v Brushed. I'm also using the S-Drive as I have 3 of them lying around, they're programable and can also handle upto 45A. Any advice would be greatly apreaciated as my son is excited about the project as at the moment its just a battery issue.

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My Arduino and 20x2 LCD is going crazy after a while. What is going wrong? Answered

I made a nice iButton-garage-door-opener (see https://www.instructables.com/id/The-iButton-garage-door-opener-Arduino/). The thing works great, but after a while the iButton doesn't react anymore and as soon as I push one of the buttons, the LCD goes crazy. Normally it stops going crazy after a few seconds and shows a weird text. As soon as I push a button again, it goes crazy again. The strange thing is that sometimes it works correctly for hours and sometimes it doesn't. Does anybody has any ideas how to fix this? You can see the code in the instructable.

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Where did the embed video button go? Answered

So I was going to edit my step-by-step instructable and embed a video, but I couldn't find the embed video button. Where did it go, and how do I embed videos now???

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Easyest way for a arduno interrupt to call a funtion? Answered

Hi, I am trying to build a arduino speedometer for my go kart. I need a function that is called everytime a pin goes from low to high using a reed switch. The curcumfrence of the wheel is about 1m. The absoltue maximum this kart will be able to go is about 100km/h (28m/s). So the arduino pin will need to be able to be read 28 times every second. What is th best way to make the arduino call a function on a pin that needs to be read at least 28 times per second?

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