I got a NST!

I recently bought a 11kv, 30mA Neon Sign transformer. I can get nice arcs off of it and everything (maybe about 2 inches? when rectified it makes shorter high pitch arcs), but I'm wondering about protecting it. after a couple hours of playing with it there was a loud pop in the case and it stopped working. I opened it up (it was held together by rivets, I just drilled the rivets out) and it's a switched mode neon sign transformer. I thought it was a bit light! So I found a (transistor? To-220 case) that had it's face blown off, luckily I found the other piece and I'm going to order the component and replace it. So, is there a cheap easy way of preventing this happening? While opening the case I added a number of saftey features, a saftey switch, and a "ON" indicator.

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Got any ideas???

I was wondering if anybody has some drawings on how to make an gas/gun our a.k.a air gun.Gas chargers.These gas chargers show at the link above are all i can get at Iceland, They do not sell air guns in iceland.And it would not hurt if this gun could shoot multiple shots from the same gas/cream charger.So i ask: Got drawings???

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I Got a Vacuum Pump

I recently obtained a Vacuum pump from the school (they got it from like a barn or something where it was sitting for like 10 years, so it needed a lot of cleaning, lot of dirt). I'm not sure how strong it is, but it is powered by a 1/2 HP motor (the same motor that I got earlier, I'm just now using the Vacuum pump) and uses pullies to make the torque more around 2HP. Couple of Questions: -It works (I'm not sure how well, if you put your hand over the output and give the pulley a 1/4 rotation turn it generates a noticeable amount of sunction (and sounds like an opening bottle of wine when you take your hand off). -What usually goes bad with old pumps, can I prevent it? -I should probably change the oil, is there a cheap local way of getting some (like some sort of auto oil?) -Do you think there's enough suction to create a vacuum tube. (doesn't have to be precision made, it's for Tesla Coils, think large Vacuum Tubes)

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Got a Lot of Vacuum Tubes

I just bought a lot of 125 vacuum tubes on ebay for 30 dollars including shipping (the seller didn't list what tubes were there, just said a crate) I got the following (if the same name is listed 2 times in a row, then I got 2): 10JA8 12AD6 12AE6 12AF6 12AU6 12AX4GTA 12BD6 12BE6 12BG6 12C5 12CN5 12CU6 12J8 12K7GT 12RS 12X4 17AX4GT 17BR3 18FW6 18FX6 18FY6 1B3GT 1G3GT 1G3GT 1S4 1S4 1S5 1T4 1U5 1U5 1X2B 21LR8 2BN4 2BN4A 2CW4 2CY5 32ET5 3S4 3S4 3V4 4BQ7A 4BZ6 4BZ7 4BZ7 50B5 5AT8 5AT8 5AT8 5AT8 5BR8 5T8 5T8 5T8 5T8 5U8 5U8 5U8 5U8 654A 6AB4 6AF4A 6AG5 6AG5 6AL5 6AL5 6AM8 6AQ5 6AQ5A 6AS8 6AT6A 6AU6A 6AU6A 6AU6A 6AV6 6AV6 6AX4GTB 6BA6 6BA6 6BA6 6BA6 6BA6 6BE6 6BE6 6BJ6 6BK7B 6BN4A 6BN4A 6BN6 6BQ7A 6BQ7A 6BQ7A 6BQ7A 6BQ7A 6BU8 6BZ7 6BZ7 6BZ7 6BZT 6CB6 6CB6A 6CF6 6CG8A 6CN7 6CY5 6CY7 6CY7 6CY7 6DQ6A 6DQ6B 6EA8 6FM7 6GN8 6H6GT 6J6A 6J6A 6J6A 6S4A 6SA7 6SJ7 6SK7GT 6U8 6U8A 8FQ7 9A8 I'm thinking about making a small amp (below 5 watts) for my ipod, which one of these would be best?

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Got the parts need an instructable

Alright guys anything you can do to help would be great. Got a leappad explorer and it has a beautiful lcd screen.i am at a loss as to what to use the part on. Any suggestions you guys got would be great. Thanks!

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mysql database got corruption?

Hi all, It seems that whenever I restart my Windows 7 64bit box MySQL gets corrupt. I just wanted to make this bug known as it's a serious issue. Are there any special settings I need to setup (task scheduler) to prevent this from happening? Is there a way to inform windows to shutdown MySQL? Thanks for any help.

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I got a new computer!

It's been a long time since I've had either the newest or the "most powerful" computer in the household, so I feel like bragging a bit. Mac-Pro 8-core 2.8Ghz, 10G memory. It'll have about 2TB of disk (320+750+500+500) once I've moved things around...

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PSP slim, got an opinion?

Today i bought a used psp, but it won't turn on. When plugged in to charge, it won't charge. this is a shame because i spend $50 on it : ( when a pandora battery is inserted, the psp light turns on. But nothing else happens, the backlight doesn't light up, and no text is displayed (even when magic memory stick is used) i kind of need to make it work... thanks!

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Ive got this stubborn laptop...? Answered

 I got a oder of donated computers a while back, and one of them was a VAIO laptop (YES, a VAIO!!). Its one of the big ones. But anyway, its missing a CD Drive, and the HardDrive. I replaced the RAM and checked everything else I checked. It will power on, but the processor wont put out any heat, and the screen wont turn on. I swapped processors on it for another one, a intel vs. the INTEL Portable it had. The power and battery is working fine, as well as the RAM, and processor. I'm just stumped as of now on what's wrong. I haven't worked with Laptops much, mostly Desktops (I have 4 custom from scratch sitting in the room now). Any ideas Instructables? You're the kind of people I like. That and Yahoo Answers deleted my question...

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I gots a computer question

Hey guys, I got a bit of a question to ask. I'm back at school and the school gave me a laptop to use (I'm in highschool) but it's one that doesn't have "their" school modified disk image on it with their crap like deepfreeze (resets the entire system each reboot) and of course, pretty much everything is cut out of the start menu and it's just generally shit (hence why I had removed the image and installed my own XP on it). Long story short, the tech teacher I was talking with said that (well actually he kept switching his story around) he had the wifi key written down somewhere but couldn't remember where he put it (suuurree). Then he told me a schoolboard admin was coming thursday (this past thurs) and the guy would set it up on my laptop for me. He did come but he never did anything for me, him and the teacher spent all day playing with some new photocopier they got. So yesturday I went on one of THEIR laptops (ironically it was said teacher's laptop he used in the school cept he wasn't there so I was able to use it). I went looking through the computer for where the wifi utility that both I and the school use for managing connection profiles and their keys instead of letting xp handle the wifi. Standard ibm software I got of their site. It appears that the keys are stored in the regristry and not in files, they're listed in folders for each profile. So what I did was save the directory of profiles (there was only one for the wifi). Now it looked like they were hex keys, and I'm pretty sure it is HEX but it's longer than what will fit in the settings for wifi in the ibm program. So I was wondering if the numbers are hashed or something so you have to crack the codes to access the actual hex key? If anyone knows how I can get the key out of the number I can send you the .reg file that I saved. I'm not trying to hack into the school, they know that I need access to it so I can print my work out but the tech teacher seems to be a dumbass (not to mention he looks like captain picard/mr.clean, a combo of both maybe?!!??!).

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which achievement have i got? Answered

I have got achievement of 10k+ views. it means people watched my orange board etc or i watched others instructables?

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Change sketch got invalid operation!

I want to change the sketch dimension but I got invalid operation when i try to change it. Also why somes lines are in green? what does that mean?

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Got a 1/2 HP motor

I just got a Got a 1/2 HP motor for free from my school (there were 2 old vacuum pumps that were covered in dirt and have been in a shed for like a year. One of my friend got one and is turning it into a lathe. They are really nice and quiet GE motors. Their bearing just needed some lube and then they are all fixed!). All it needs is a capacitor (can get from ebay for like 15 bucks including shipping) What should I make with it? So far I'm thinking rotary spark gap for my tesla coil (take THAT plamana!) but i'd like to utilize the power more (don't really need 1/2 HP for a spark gap!). Any other ideas? BTW I'm not making a gokart. lol. But it would be cool.... BUT NO

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Anyone got any cures for blisters? Answered

I was mountain biking and i had my thumbs under the gear shift so now i have blisters on the top of my thumbs -.-

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Got a shopping list but where to buy????

Is there any one place that i can buy LEDs ,resistor , and other components.I have found many company's ,but no all-in-one is there even such a place. Seams to me like there should be any help will be very appreciated thank you.    

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You got brains in your head

Ever wonder how your brain sits in your head? How it would look sliced up or from different perspectives. MRI currently allows you to do that, but these crazy Sweedish/Hungarian let everyone interact with brains, not just doctors. Using MRI data and some headtracking they made some interesting visualizations check it out:Brain Mirror

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I've got a relay switching problem. Answered

I've got a relay problem.i made a proximity sensing tubelight that goes on/off when an object moves above it .i used 3 ic's :lm741,cd4017,and a 555 timer and i added a relay to the outputs of the cd4017 counter to the relay via a transistor to protect my ic's.however when i don't connect the 220v ac to the load of the relay it functions fine but when i connect 220v ac to the load ,the relay keeps clicking on and off.i have seen the voltage ratings for the relay .it is a 5v relay and can handle 250 v ac but it does not work properly.The whole circuitry is powered by a 9v battery.i am not sure whether it is a problem of not enough power or something else..i'm a electronics hobbyist and i need help .PLS ANSWER?.

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Some new stuff i got

So recently my dad wanted to throw away a old tv we had that had a bad cord (yeah we could of easily replaced the cord but be have enough tv's..) and i remember seeing plasmana's plasma speaker a while back and that it used a flyback transformer, so i ripped the tv apart taking the pcb with everything on it, speaker, and the coil thingy on the tube, since it was the first time i took one apart i had cliped the magnet wire winding so thats almost no good so i just got rid of that, and then i took apart 3 other monitors i have gotten over the years, one had a set of speakers inside it, and that was interesting to use. and a while back my friend gave me a old 5cd/radio stereo, i would of just kept it using it for the 5 disc changer mostly but the door was broken, and didnt move well at all, so i scraped it and used the speakers. Oh and theres a PSU in there i ripped apart a while ago, i have another but its stored away currently. Anywho heres just a view of what i got, any ideas on what i should make out of all this?

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YO IBLES!I've been saving up FOREVER and finally got a new vessel.Funds not only came from actual manual labor.... My Dad approved a plan of mine. Most of our computers are from the Windows 98 - Early days of XP era. He let me sell our SEVEN old computers so that I could get new ones for the family. Deal is, I get mine first :DSo, enough with the story... The laptop is an ASUS G50Vt. Specs:Centrino 2 Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz ProcNvidia GeForce 9800M GS 512MB320GB HDD4GB RAMWindows Vista Home PremiumThis thing spins circles around my 5-year-old Pentium 4. Best of all, it didn't break my bank; a computer like this is generally in your $1200+ range.Pics below. Tell me what you think!

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got a mac powerbokk 190 to tear and mod...

Recently i got myself a used mac powerbook 190 for about $0.25. it has no power adapter for charging it, but that'll change soon. i plan on tearing it down and modding it with some apple type back screen logos, and installing linux, with maybe a mod to the lower half as well.

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I've got an IRQ problem, help please?

My DVD drive won't work due to an IRQ conflict, but I can't manually re-assign the IRQ. It's XP, and it occurred after replacing the mainboard. (The option is "grayed-out") L

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Got a LED light bar, what to do...?

Http://www.ccs-grp.com/s2_ps/src/pro_item/1/1/3/114/1053/e.html So I got a a couple of these that I found at work...  Planning to use them for my fish tank.  Kinda worried that they will be TOO bright. Can I buy a dimmer to wire them up to?  I know very little about all this, I have a coworker that knows far more. But I was hoping to pick your BRa--IIA-NS!!!

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Got any recomendations for webservers,advertising services, ?

Ok so I have been working on a website for a day or two now and I am ready to put advertisements on my website. So I was wondering if you guys and girls knew of any good advertising programs ? My website is called AWASTEOFTIME.CA It consists of a chat room, games, LOTS OF GAMES, and you tube and meta cafe videos. So one of my advertising methods will be meta cafe. And any recomendations on web servers and where to get a domain name. ( free would be nice At the moment i don't care if it ends up to be www.awasteoftime.(companys name here).ca Eventually i will pay for a domain and webspace but I would like to make the project self supported (Hmm i see an instructable in the mere future)) So what do you guys use for your websites ?

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I just got a ordered my Ipod Touch 4!

Hey guys, I just bought a Ipod Touch 4 8GB. I'm still waiting for it in the mail but it should be here in about 3-5 days from Thanksgiving Day. Pictures to come.

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got two motors small work how to recycle? Answered

Find a use for two small motors that plug in and work great want to find a use?

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ive got a msi 785G-E53 MOTHER BOARD?

Ive got a msi 785g-e53 motherboard it was working perfectly but than suddenly it went dead i opened it and checked the power supply but noting wrong there a buddy of mine told me to remove the 4pin connector to see if it will run and it did but as soon as u put back the 4pin connector on the PWR1,EN-10 Nothing works help me please is there any way i can repair it as this is a gift from my dad help will be greatly appeciated thanks 

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Has anyone got thoughts using a UPS on a refrigerator? Answered

A friend has a six year old Viking Professional refrigerator that must be manually key-board restarted after a momentary power interruption.   My solution for this bad design is to put a UPS on the refrigerator. After all the refrigerator load is very small and much like a computer load. I plan to size the UPS to the instructions of the fridge circuit beaker .   Anyone with experience ?   A

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I Just got a Brand new Atari 2600!!

So I decided to be a super nice boyfriend and completly re-do my girlfriends condo. during the process I ended up in the basement trying to move an old armour... during my frustration in moving it I took a short break and was rifling through old junk for entertainment. short story short, I stumbled upon a brand new Atari 2600 with like 15 cartridges. I guess she got it when she was a kid but never even had intrest enough to open it up and receved new cartridges every so often... she gave it to me!!!. I can't wait to crack this thing open and start gaming it up...lol. on the other hand... I'm unable to decide if I should even open it... I mean how often do you see an Atari still in its packaging

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I Just Got an Old Camera! (Now what?)

I'm not sure what to do with it... Should I try to restore it, clean it up a bit, find some film on eBay, and use it?Or should I polish it up a bit and see how much I can sell it for?I like film cameras and all, but this one's a bit bulky... And I already have a really good Canon SLR that takes 35mm film, so I don't need another film camera, and I got a nice Polaroid too (what you think of first when someone says "Polaroid", not a camera made by Polaroid that isn't a Polaroid but is a Polaroid because it's made by them).So, here's some pics, taken with my Kodak. What do you think?BTW, Let me know if you want me to post more... I've opened it up already, I can do it again.

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I've got one more question, bear with me

Okay, I've got one more amp question for you guys, I've already fixed up my sub box, removed the amp and screwed a peice of mdf over the hole, sounds much better than having the amp inside, much much. Now, the amp I'm using right now, it's okay (ish) but not powerful enough and it wallops too much at high power, don't like using it. I've got a standard 150 watt car amp (two brand new actually) that would probably suite it fine. But there's a catch, these are regular car speaker amps, one left channel and one right channel on each amp. And it strictly says in the manual not to bridge the connections (otherwise in most car amps you can use the L + and R - together and get twice the power without damaging anything except your speaker if it's not powerful enough). So question here is, I've emailed them (audiovox) to ask if it's because the amp just cannot bridge or if it's to warn stupid users not to blow their speakers, they were no use, wasted my time waiting for a response only for them to tell me to call in. Okay lets actually get to the question shall we? Can I or can I not bridge it? I have another amp for this sub, but at 60W a channel it won't do unless it's bridged. Should I just try it?

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Hello makers! I am representing the Whittier Middle school makerspace and we are looking for anyone who has old electronics or parts to give away. if you have anything from computers to toasters to even cell phones, please don't throw them away! we would gladly take donations of any old electronics. please comment on this post or contact me at my account and i can tell you how to send them to us. we are located in norman oklahoma but can take parts shipped from anywhere. we are trying to start a program where we take apart old things to teach kids about how things work. So if anyone has anything to donate please contact me!

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i got a picture for my profile, got it on my library, now how do I get it on my profile? Answered

I got a robot for my profile, and I think it has something to do with the size.

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Say I've got a 12 volt power wheels motor....

Can I hook it to a power source and use it like an alternator to charge a battery?

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Got my Raspberry Webserver running - what to do now?

See my Setup here: http://langeder.no-ip.org/cms/index.php?p=raspberry-pi-server Now i would like to know what else i can do to improve it (both, setup and website) thanks already

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I haven't got those picture tags/yellow boxes?

Hi everyone, I'm just writing to say that when I'm using Instructables and I'm logged and everything, I don't get those yellow boxes around particular places in a picture. I know they exist, because my brother (Kryptonite) gets them in most of his pictures (those which he sees and those which he posts). Does anyone know how to fix this? Could it be that there's an availabe Java update? Thanks, Moofish.

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Anyone got any insights on this for a DIY car bluetooth system?

Hello, I'm hoping to build a DIY bluetooth music adapter with the ability to also answer calls and provide a microphone on board instead of using the phone. I found this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item;=282112739276#ht_10252wt_1397 It looks like it would meet all the requirements I need - It has AUX in for non bluetooth devices, bluetooth for phone calls and streaming, A microphone, Media controls and even an amp and should be able to be wired in to the cars' 12v power output. I am concerned that I am overlooking something obvious... I know that the the media controls might only work over bluetooth and not over AUX...but thats not too much of an issue is suppose...Does anyone have any more information on it? Cheers and happy building

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Mechanical Logic Gates, got some of your own design?

ADHD version at the bottom =========================================== I've been fascinated by logic gates and how they're used for quite a while now, and then I thought, "why not mechanical logic gates?". After a few brief searches on trusty ol' Google, there aren't exactly "a lot" of sources from which to draw from. I've designed a few (rudimentary) mechanical logic components myself, such as an AND gate and an OR gate (I was gonna do a negated IMPLIES gate, but I came up with the idea during Biology class, so that's pretty much gone now). The thing with electronic logic gates is that they are standardized (kinda), which makes building logic circuits easy, because you wouldn't have to build hundreds of different designs of the same logic gate just for that circuit, alone. Maybe some of you have some logic gate designs to share? Maybe we could standardize some mechanical logic gates and someone might just make a cardboard computer out of 'em :D Just to add, I am aware of the usage of weights, balls, gears, linkages, and lever-type systems for mechanical logic. We can come up with a few for each type, I guess. (this excludes fluidics, the use of water and/or air for logical computation) Yes, I have searched instructables, but even then, not a lot of sources (though some are quite fantastic, might I add). ============================================= ADHD version: Got some ideas for mechanical logic gates? Maybe we can standardize them, somehow :D

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Got a problem with the Arduino shift out function and a LED array

After looking at this instructable, I wanted to start building my own LED array. I found this Arduino article. I bought the 74HC595N chips and connected everything exactly as the article showed it, and copied the first example program directly into the Arduino. The Arduino is connected through the USB cable to my computer for power. My problem comes in when I hook the circuit into the 5V on the Arduino. When I hook it up the Arduino shuts itself off. I wasn't sure if it was overloading the Arduino, so I hooked it up to an old, plug in breadboard I have which has a limit of 1.5A. When I hooked up the circuit the breadboard produced a high pitch tone and still nothing happened. I have checked and rechecked all the connections and jumpers, (even looked at the data sheet for the part) everything seems to check out. The LED's are just simple green LED's, but the resistors I am using are 1k instead of the 220 ohms the article said to use (i had only 1k handy and the LED's still light with a 1k).

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How to find out how many votes you got in a contest? Answered

I was wondering if there was a way to see how many votes you got in a contest. At first, I thought no; but then, after reading some comments on the Wicked Lasers Contest it seemed like people found a way to figure out how many votes they received. So, can anyone shed some light on this situation, please. Thanks!  -Splazem

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anyone got a good (CHEAP) method of doing wireless serial communication? ? Answered

Trying to do a PC controlled fireworks display and i don't want to have to buy a 100 foot serial cable to control relay box that i'm planning on using (that takes direct serial communication)?

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can't over cvavr, got message can't start IOPort.sys driver

Dear friends ,I have a new computer with 64bit cpu  running win7, but when I load my program "CVavr"it does work,but give me the following message:exception EIOPort error module cvavr.exe at 00140644,can't start IOPort.sys driver. In fact it req.me to insert this driver, and i Have done, still not work? can anyone please tell me how to fix it?

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Either NY Times is wrong or Esquire got scammed big time

The New York Times states that Esquire had to invest seed money (six figures according to a couple blogs) for E Ink to develop a battery thin enough for a magazine cover...I'm sure everyone who's already cracked one open can tell you, they are powered by standard CR2016 batteries, not some magic million dollar tech...dude, Esquire may have gotten PWNed big time.

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A "Laughing Baby" got in my computer! How do I kill it? Answered

Ok... several days ago an audio clip with the sound of a baby laughing suddenly started on my computer. I was on my daughter's Facebook page at the time. It was kinda cute, but I have no idea how, why or where the clip was coming from. A day or so later, the same "laughing baby" audio clip began playing when I was on different websites...  and another thing began happening: My display screen began moving to the right. At first it was barely noticeable... then overnight I couldn't close a page or maximize it. They little tabs were totally missing. I tried using the keyboard right arrow, but had no access. Then the next day, the minimize tab was gone. I have a back-up laptop, which is what I'm using now, but what say ye-computer-experts about the damn laughing baby? What the hell is it and how the hell do I kill it? The picture is of the tabs that disappeared, in case I was clear as mud. ;-) Please HELP!?!  

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I've got some questions about ionizing air and ion thrusters?

I'm hoping to build an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) thruster ( see here http://blazelabs.com/l-intro.asp#peek )in the near future. Not a lifter like most, but just a thruster designed to create thrust as efficiently as possible. One of the big problems with these devices is obviously energy wasted ionizing air. The thrust of an EHD thruster is T = ID/K where I = current D = distance between anode and cathode and K = the potential needed to ionize the fluid (in this case air). Therefore, increasing the distance will increase efficiency but will decrease absolute thrust. What needs to be done is to separate ionization and acceleration. The ionization needs to be independent of the ground and I'm not sure how to do this. I need to be able to create a constant cloud of positive ions. It seems though that not having the cathode nearby will require a much higher voltage therefore decreasing efficiency. One Idea I've had so far is to have the positive ionizer, then have a negative grid a few centimeters away and a positive grid a couple millimeters after that one. Hopefully inertia would cause most of the ions to flow through both grids without discharging, and be further propelled. Then several centimeters after that would an electromagnet that accelerates the ions. Any input on whether this will work or better ways to do this? Finally, I don't fully understand how an ion discharges. If it is energized, the energy has to go somewhere right? So say you have your positive ionizer and a negative sheet right in front of it, when the ions hit the sheet what happens to the energy? Does it get recycled or turned into heat? I'm hoping to figure out some way to recycle the energy from the ions (minus inefficiencies), but I don't have a good enough grasp on this yet. So any ideas about this are greatly appreciated. I would be very happy if I got this up to 10g of thrust per watt, so input/ideas are appreciated, cheers!

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Blackberry Pearl??

Hey i just got a new blackberry pearl and i was wondering if anybody had any cool tips or tricks? i already got AIM and all that stuff on it and i somehow got internet for free!!

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I have a broken mp3 player which has got a small camera

I hav a broken mp3 player with a camera.I want to remove it and use it as a cctv or something.Can i do such thing if yes tell me how. thank you

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I got an LCD from an old table phone and wanted to play with it a bit.?

I found out that you can send msgs to the LCD for it to show by connecting it to the parralel port. I really want to know about both the parallel port and how the LCD functions. In a simple way ofcourse?

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i got this from a 1 pound shop what can i do with it? Answered

It a solar led thing it has a solar panel on the back and what looks like 3 button cell batteries and a button the led are very bright so what could I use this for.

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