Green Fire?? Answered

I recently went on a campout with some friends and someone brought a bunch of newspaper. When we put a bunch in the bottom of the fire turned green. Does anyone know how that happened?

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Go Green this weekend

Just a reminder that the Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger Go Green! contest ends on August 19. That's just over a week away! So if you were planning on entering something in the contest, make use of this weekend and put together an Instructable about it.Grand PrizeThe grand prize winner will receive a Breezer Liberty hybrid commuter bicycle with pedal-powered lights, a brief write-up in a future issue of Popular Science, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.First Prize5 first prize winners will each receive a Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger (TreeHugger review here), an Instructables robot t-shirt, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.Second Prize10 second prize winners will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science Magazine.

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Black is the new Green

It seems today turned it's lights out. I though it was an early April Fools but apparently its time for Earth Hour (which everyone should participate). My physics teacher has a black desktop background on his laptop to save battery life. I always tell his it doesn't work and that it might even do the opposite. We all know that for backlit displays this does not save any energy but does it waste energy? Anyone care to comment.PS. I admire Google for its Community service. I wish government was more like it.

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Green Led voltage?

I picked up some green leds at a surplus store today. I've been assuming that they run on 1.7 volts, is this about right?

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green air cooler Answered

Is there a way of cooling the air without directly using electricity? using ice cubes or something. my power bill is already very scary

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how does a green screen work? Why is it green? Answered

Like the weather-guy uses, the backround of the set is green so that they can use a computer to show images on the screen. Does the backround have to be green? Why green? It does not seem like a special color, i would think maybe white, red or blue?

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Is there a program to do a green screen effect without a green screen?

I want to do green screen effects with a picture, but run into problems since I don't have a green screen. I have seen the XBOX 360 game "You're in the movies" which does this by taking a picture of the background to be keyed out without anybody there. So, as my question states, I want to find a program to do this effect.

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Fixing green laser lense

Last year I bought a 5mw eBay laser (green 532nm wavelength) and it had an adjustable focus. I scratched the lens and it never focus right so I took the lens off. Now I am interested in fixing it again and I don't know how to get/make/buy/obtain a new lens for the laser. It always said it was 5mw but I think it was more powerful because it could burn through bags, light leaves on fire, pop balloons, light matches at 6 inches. This is what the laser looked like.;=item417cf7792c

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green purple orange and grey??

Hi. i building a portable Xbox original and discovered a green a orange and a grey cable coming from the converter. so here's the question. what are they doing???

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Green spud gun propellants?

In terms of spud guns, I'm assuming that the standard propellants aren't quite "green". Does anyone know of another way of doing it?Or is it innately eco unfriendly?

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IS there a way to do a green screen effect without a green screen on obs?

IS there a way to do a green screen effect without a green screen on obs

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Green Tourmaline Crystal as a natural battery- Answered

-  I know that a Green Tourmaline Crystal, when heated, will produce a negative and positive charge  at respective ends of the crystal-so, if the heat source was a  super glass lens ( convex or concave, i am not sure which would work most intensely, with the sun going through  the lens and hitting the crystal-  ( for the ecologically minded)-or a laser- or microwave blast,  would we then have a natural battery?  It may have to be a  large crystal!

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will a green filter still collect sunlight? Answered

I'm trying to make a sun jar. I've got myself a flip-top jar. the garden light is still pending. but I have a problem (or do I?)- the lid is green. will the green glass still allow the solar panels to get power? or will I have to do something else?

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Is it possibe for a device to be 100% effecient???

Is it possibe for a device to be 100% effecient???

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would a hydrogen engine be able to be made from copper/brass tube???

I want to make a mini hydrogen engine but dont have a big budget. i may also add an electric genorator to put on it for clean & green energy. please help.

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Instructable has not shown up in Contest

Hi,My most recent instructable does not show up on the contest page but does have the contest header. Whats up?Thanks

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Reclaiming Wasted heat to make electricity

I work in an aluminum casting facility and we're looking for ways to save energy etc... one thing that we've got no shortage of is heat (during the summer the temp near the ceiling above the furnaces is over 230F) i've looked into stuff like they do in steel mills in Germany where they run pipes through the furnace linings and then use the heat from the furnace to make steam and run steam generators. but i was thinking of something else today. would you be able to just mount a bunch (or one huge) peltier exchanger (or whatever they're called) on the ceiling above the furnaces and use that to make electricity? i'm aware that they create electricity because of temperature differences (and not specifically from being hot or cold in general) so would we have to cool one side of the unit for maximum efficiency? are there any other ways that anyone knows of to turn waste heat directly or indirectly into electricity?

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how come the letter L in google is green? Answered

I realized that the letter L in google is green. Can anyone please tell me how come the letter L in google is green 

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changing the segmented green progress bar in xp

How can someone change the unattractive segmented green progress bar in windows xp to the solid green progress bar in Vista.The solid green color looks much better than the thin white vertical line that is in each of the green segements of the xp progress bar [ie. the loading indicator status bar]. has a written text program for changing it and includes an explanation for each line of the program.There is also a free download of the source code but the adobe 8 reader on my computer says it is unable to open the files.Does anyone know of any other links that offer the program?

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Chroma-Key in iMovie? aka green screen? Answered

I already have a program that runs chroma-key, but I am making a project specifically in iMovie '11. It would be nice if I could keep every thing within the perimeter of one program. Does iMovie '11 have this option? Thanks!

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How do I make a Swivel Green Screen Camera Setup?

I am a filmmaker and one of the things I adore is special effects.  One of things I want to do is make a simple effect in which I use a real physical model of a vehicle and I put it in front of a green screen.  However give it the illusion that a camera is panning around the whole thing while it's driving through whatever background I put in place of the green screen.  The way I want to do this is to make a swivel which on one end has a small green screen rigged on one end of the swivel and on the other end of it, a camera that is lined up with it. So that when I turn the swivel the camera would always follow the green screen. So that when I edit it in effects it would look as if whatever is in front of the green screen is traveling along an endless background while the camera is panning around the object.

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a thought.

I was wondering if you could change a red light laser pointer to a green light laser pointer.

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need help from an electrician?

Ok, basicly i want to make a little green light. Basicly it will go from a (Solar Cell-and or-Motor) to a (Battery that will collect the electricity from the Solar Cell/Motor) then to a lot of (LED's for a light) ()-each part. what would i need to make this work?

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Another day of tinkering with my sub

Well here it is folks, another day of my tinkering. Lemonie should know exactly what I was "talkin" bout.

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Interesting Work

Surfing the web I found the following Chilean feat: The dude has done an awesome work, It deserves to be known by Instructables's community, do you think?

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A source for a small Diesel engine?

I'm doing a science fair project about algae biofuels, and was looking for a small, tabletop, less then 70 lb diesel engine. Oh, and cheap would be nice too :D.

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Has anyone created a fuel cell big enough to run a laptop on?

I have a 12 year old Dell laptop that I want to be able to use when it's not feasible to plug into the wall. I like the solar power chargers but I think the concept of a fuel cell is intriguing. Any help?

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How does one warm the passenger compartment of an all-electric vehicle in winter?

An all-electric car does not have a heat source as combustion engine-powered vehicles do. Without the engine, there is no heat source to keep the passengers warm in winter. Powering electric heating systems would deplete the batteries, stranding the eco-friendly driver in unfriendly conditions.

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Greener Gadgets Design Competition entries

Core77, in conjunction with GreenerGadgets, recently held an open design competition. (See also fungus amungus' post, Design a Green Gadget and Win Some Cash).Well, the results are in, and there are some really clever and/or far-out ideas among the entries. I figured I would cross post some of my personal favorites. Not all of these are great design, good ideas, or even work - some are just purty. Brenn10 already posted the 2nd prize winner, the Gravia gravity lamp, which has since been retracted by the designer due to it's physical impossibility :-).In order, we get:1) Grand prize winner: The EnerJar - an Instructables or Make project if I ever saw one! Now also has its own website with instructions on how to make your own: Arc - a very minimalistic wood surface armband/watch. Kinda like J_Hodgie's Solid Wood Digital Clock 'ible.3) Plug-in Watch - such a simple idea that if it isn't on sale yet in Hong Kong, I'm sure it will be by next week...4) Aperture - a shower head that tells you how much water you're using (powered by the flow of water, naturally)5) Powered by Play! - motion powered and operated Wee/iPhone for 5 year olds. Excellent idea, provided they can make it sturdy enough...6) Digital Tattoo Interface - definitely one of the more "out there" submissions...

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two chargers with different colored wires?

I have 2 chargers. My dog ate the original so I bought another, which my husband dropped in a cup of mountain dew. The plug in end was wet and won't work now. I want to put the wire from the new one to the plug in part of the old one. But the wires are different colors. One is red and black the other is red and green. Can I put the red and green together safely??

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39% and climbing - renewable resources in Portugal.

In the UK, less than 5% of our electricity comes from "green", renewable resources.In Portugal, they generate 39% of their power with renewables, and that is set to climb.These red "snakes" - the Pelamis wave-power system - are built in the UK (but guess which government hasn't invested in them?), and Portugal is also investing heavily in wind, solar and hydro-electricity.Link to photo storyIf one of the poorest countries in Europe can manage this, why can't the rest of us?

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Could we ever run on air energy? Answered

I was thinking maybe we could use air as energy.Air is everywhere and it would be really easy to use it. I'm not sure if it's possible but if it was it would be cool.

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Source for sheared flush circuit boards

Thinking about making wallets and or clipboards with circuit boards for the holidays. Does anyone have a source for sheared flush (pre soldered) circuit boards? Any help is greatly appreciated 

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Power strip measures energy use, costs much more than separate power strip and monitor

Again, anyone want to collaborate to make our own? This thing Cut down on energy costs and reduce your electric bill. Simply plug the easy-to-use Power Cost Controller with surge protection into the wall and connect your electronics to the power strip to see how efficient it really is. Large LCD display will count consumption and cost by the kilowatt-hour, same as your local utility. Monitor your electric consumption by hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Also check the quality of your power by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor. Measures 8-1800W appliances. Now you'll know how much your computer network or home media center really costs! Replaceable 1.5V battery included.

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What is the cheapest, most powerful green laser on the net? Answered

And by most powerful, I mean longest range. And under $100?

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What is the "closed" circuit for red then green led, on/off?

Hi for a project i am doing, i wanted to make a 3d led cube but it was to simple. BUT i can do it if i can make it with different led turning on and/or a pattern. So my question is.. what is the schematic for a multi led 3d cube? So that when i turn it on it goes red then when i turn it off it turns off but when i turn it on again it goes to green or a different colour? Also, if you have any other ideas of making a more "advance" version of a 3d led cube plz post here as well :D

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whats the best chemicals coat a match with in order to get a green, purple or blue flame?

I am going to make some matches that burn different coloures to make some money at school, and my attempt to make copper carbonate by electrolosis has failed, as it turns out only copper exposed to air during electrolsis carbonated. anyway, i need to know what will make the strongest colour flame on a match stick (probably barbeque matches not normal small ones), so that it is allmost entirely either green, purple or blue. right now i have a 1kg copper rod i found on the roud which i can use to make copper chloride, as i can get that easily, but i have heard that it lets off toxic fume so i am not sure, plus i dont know if the matches will burn hot enoguh to make the copper chloride go green.

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How much power can these LEDs handle?

I'm working on a project and I would like to connect two green LEDs two ultra bright Red LEDs and 2 blue LEDs. I got the green leds from radio shack so i know they need 2.1v dc, 25ma but the red ones and blue ones I got from some old toys so I don't know what they need. Any Ideas how much power I would need if I connected them in series? I have a bunch of old wall warts of varying sizes (9v 350ma, 9v 210ma, 5v 1a, 12v 750ma 12v 150ma) but only a few LEDs so I don't want to fry them and I don't need to push them to the limts. Here's some pics of my LEDs the small one is the blue one and the other clear one is Red.

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Solar Benches

I just saw this on digg and I thought I would post it here. These benches look pretty cool, but I wonder how well they would work.

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How do you make solar cells (Any type)?

Gimmie a homemade solar cell instructable and you'll be my new hero! I bet if I started now I could beat nanosolar to market. Especially if I took my sweet time.

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How can I install motion sensors for the lighting in my room? Answered

I would like to have a motion sensor in my room that would turn on my ceiling lights and last for an hour. benefits: Never forgetting to turn the lights off, not wasting time in my room, taking breaks from computers and saving money.

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