I have this headphones and one side is bigger than the other dose any one no why

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Headphone Specifications? Answered

I am looking to purchase some headphones and the three main specs are: Hz - KHz, THD, and Ohms. What do they each mean? Please be very specific. (In terms of when I am listening to music)

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Audio - headphones

My daughter runs a Pre-school and uses a small cd stereo setup. The output is a pair of mono jacks (R/L) for speakers. I am looking to build a distribution box for up to 6 headphones. Thinking of one input (from the speaker jacks using a 2 to 1 plug) The headphones are mono 1/4 so those jacks are readily available. I do not know what the output is of the stereo system is but I doubt it is much over 5 watts (if that). Will I need some sort of amplifier? any thoughts on switches/switching jacks if not all are being used. Thanks for listening. guitar 52

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Headphone showdown

I'm currently in a dilemma over the next pair of headphones I'm buying. Does anyone have anything bad to say about certain ones? (Or better yet good things). The three I've narrowed down to are: - Solo HD's  from beats     - These are a tad more expensive, but I personally like them and have heard great things.     - Detachable cord     - Great sound     - Most expensive (119USD) - Skullcandy Lowriders    - I've gotten mixed reviews here, some say that they are crap yet I personally know someone who had a pair of these for 3 years and they were still in one piece.   - A little uncomfortable, but durable.   - Decent sound   - Also the cheapest (40USD) - Ifrogz Vertex    - I have a pair of these which are broken, the cord is a tad cheap but the quality is fairly good otherwise.    - Decent sound    - Mid priced (50USD) Thank You - Nerdman

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xbox 360 headphones

Is there a way I can wire Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless headphone receiver to work with earforce x22 wired so I can use the sound processor in it?

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A good pair of headphones...

I have been wanting a good pair of headphones for a long time now and I have looked at many things but have not yet found quite what I'm looking for. I want something affordable ($150 max) but good. I would prefer headphones but if you know of a good pair of earbuds feel free to tell me.

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Tube headphone amp

I want to build a tube headphone amp. Is it possible to make a smps (switch mode power suply) to power it? It would be like a mix between old and new technology!

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headphone jack prices? Answered

How much should I expect to pay just for a headphone jack?(the bit that is put inside the mp3) what is the bit actually inside the mp3 called(socket?) and how much does it cost?

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Speaker headphone disconnect for mP3 player with amplifier and headphones

Hi, I am working with a Flyron FN-M16 MP3 player module which has both output for headphones (pins 4,5, and GND = 7), and a 3-watt amplifier for speakers (pins 6 & 8).  The problem I am having is that I am unsure of how to disconnect power to the speakers when headphones are plugged into the jack.  This is easy when you have a separate amplifier circuit, but here the amplifier is built in. The easiest solution would be to find an audio jack with an isolated NC (normally closed switch) to disconnect the speakers.  They do not seem to make them in SMD packages.  I have found a 3.5mm stereo audio jack with an isolated NO (normally open) switch from Technik.HK.  Is there a mosfet type circuit that I can use to disconnect the speakers when the NO switch is closed without introducing any distortion to the speaker sound?  Any advice for an electronic disconnect?    P.S:  The manufacturer has stated that if I ground the speaker outputs for the 3-watt speakers I will blow out the internal amplifier on the flyron Mp3 player board.

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How do I glue broken headphones?

We have 2 pair of the wireless Sony headphones for TV watching and one pair has snapped right above the earpiece on the 'plastic' framework. What is this stuff made of and what works as an adhesive? Neither superglue or JB weld seems to work.

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How can I fix un-working headphones?

The problem is in the head-phone bit, not the wire outside. Loose wires/connections inside? Sound comes and goes, so I imagine something somewhere is loose. If I knew what problems to look for, I could attack with solder, yes?

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I have wireless headphones that has to have the transmitter plugged in to the TV,?

 but my tv doesn't have the audio plug the transmitter will plug into.  Is there any way I can make it work ?

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My friend accidentally pulled my JVC XX headphone wire, no more audio. Any ideas?

I opened up the headphones, and at the speaker the wire is still intact and connected to the speaker. I was thinking I'd try splicing. Any ideas?

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Does anybody have any idea on how to design a headphone amp that will use the incoming sound voltage as a voltage supply? Possibly something like a joule thief to amp the power?

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I have a skullcandy hesh, the right side of the earcup have no sound. how can fix it?

There no sound on the other side of my headphones.

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My skullcandy hesh do not have a sound on the right side, how can i fix it??

My skullcandy hesh do not have a sound on the right side, how can i fix it??

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DC power to audio jack?

I have a pair of airline headphones that have a standard 3.5mm jack for the audio but require power to an additional 2.5mm jack in order to work. I'm looking to use them with a desktop PC so thought about getting the power supply from the USB but am a little confused about how I can get it there, I've had a look around on ebay to see if there was someone that was selling a 2.5mm female to USB jack but havent managed to find what I need. Do these things even exist? Or would I need to get myself a 2.5mm female connection and wire it up to a USB lead myself?

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my sennheiser mm 450 head phones stopped working. ?

They stopped working just after i switched them off for 20 mins but they worked just before i switched them off with no problems what do i do  

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Looking for information on converting a TP 120 plug to a 3.5mm or 1/4" plug.

I have a few military headsets (MSA Sordin type 75311).  These headsets come with a TP 120 plug that goes into various vehicle systems.  Ideally what I'm looking for is how to make a converter to convert these TP plugs to a mini 3.5 mm jack.  I've seen such a converter on Ebay so I know its possible.

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how to make sharing headphones? Answered

How can you mod headphones to be just like urbanears? and i mean the headphone jack socket on the earpiece to share your music.

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how to make a pair of wireless headphones?

 how to make a pair of cheap stress cheap wireless headphones??

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Broken Sennheiser HD 435 Headphones

I recently broke my headphones, snapped clean through the adjustable bit between headphone and head band, and wondered if anyone had any suggestion of what to do with them? I've already tried glueing them and that failed.

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can you solder enameled headphone wire? Answered

I need to fix my headphones but i dont want to not be able to put them back. if i cut the wire can i solder it back together?

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can headphone wiring power up an LED?

I wanna make it look cool that when i plug it to a jack,and it makes a light...thanks!

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How to change jack for 3 connectors headphones?

Hi there, I'd like to change jack of some headphones I have. Original jack has 3 pins (left, right, power) and a switch on/off for power, now I want to use a standard 35 mm jack... How? I have 5 cables: blue, red, green, gray, brown... I'm sure blue and red go to same pin but no idea which of others go together... Any suggestion please? Thank you

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How do I convert an old pair of headphones into a microphone?

So I'm trying to convert a vintage pair of over-the-ear headphones into a microphone (using only one of the earpieces obviously) and I'm not sure how to re-wire it after I went and disconnected the 2nd earpiece. Basic info: The remaining earpiece has a tone knob, volume knob, and a mono/stereo toggle switch. It has a 1/4" cord compromised of positive, negative, and a ground. It's a 0.3W 8ohm speaker. I got the idea for this after seeing an old telephone converted into a microphone and I've been wanting to get a lo-fi sounding mic for a while now and figured I'd save some cash by recycling these old things.

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My skullcandy headphones hesh Bluetooth doesn't seem to be clear anymore like it use to does anybody know how to fix it?

My headphones doesn't sound the same anymore it stopped being clear now everything sounds like it came from a speaker instead of sounding like it came from your device I need help on this.

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How powerful is this amplifier?

I bought this amplifier kit and I'd like to know what its capabilities are.   I was going to make a Chu Moy headphone amp but remember that I bought this a while ago and never did anything with it.  I'm going to guess that this isn't a top-notch amp, but I was wondering what I could get away with by using this.   Specs: music power output: 7W / 4ohm RMS output: 3.5W / 4ohm or 2W / 8ohm total harmonic distortion: 0.05% (1W / 1kHz) frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (-3dB) signal/noise ratio: 86dB (A weighted) input sensitivity: 40mV / 150Kohm overload and short-circuit protected supply voltage: 15V DC (8 to 18V DC possible) / 0.5A dimensions: 2.2 x 1.4" I'm assuming that this would be good enough for use as a headphone amp?  Would I be able to run this off a 9V battery?

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Help repairing a pair of headphones

First things first, they look like Beats, but I’m pretty sure these are knockoffs. Nonetheless, they sound pretty good, and I picked them up at Goodwill for a steal and love a challenge, so if someone is interested on taking on this electronics mystery with me I’d be incredibly grateful.Context: I’ve tinkered on and off with consumer electronics for a while now, am okay at soldering and have an okay knowledge of how more basic circuits work. Otherwise, I'm pretty beginner but generally a quick learner and would be happy to try any of your suggestions. The previous owner attempted to replace the AAA battery holding component with a rechargeable lithium ion battery - only problem was there was no way to charge the battery. Not a huge deal, fixed the headphones to run on AAAs again as they were originally intended. That said, pressing and holding the power button powers the headphones on, but also is the Bluetooth connection button on the board (image at the imgur link below) there is an icon for both the connection functionality and the power around the same button. The headphones power on, work, and sound great when you're holding the button down, but once you let go they turn off. So, it’s a momentary switch with no latch to keep it held down - not ideal. That said, I’ve tested jumping the switch so it gets constant power without holding the button down, and while the headphones power on, connect to my phone, and work, because it seems the power button and bluetooth button are one in the same, the headphones continue to look for Bluetooth devices and makes a periodic and infuriating beeping sound about every fifteen seconds. Based on the pictures of the board below (pictured with, and without button attached) can anyone figure out what the problem might be? Or point me in the right direction for further tests to run?Front of the board, with buttons.Front of the board, with power/bluetooth button removedBack of the board, held upright with power/bluetooth button side up

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d2822 headphone amp build

I have a d2822 op amp and i want to make a headphone pocket amp out of it but i dont know how to wire it. can anyone help?

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universal remote with headphone jack Answered

Hello, I am trying to create a universal remote with my android. I have been trying to light a remote led using my android headphone jack, but I have had no success. I am running ARA Smart Rem on my android to produce the signal. I pressed the button on the remote and I can see the light on my webcam, but I can not see the light when I power it with the headphone jack. I connect a stripped headphone plug with a pair of with alligator clips to the led. The media volume is all the way up. How do I get the light to light up?

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Ipod headphone connector problem!?

 So, i have the 3rd gen ipod, and the contacts for the connectors to the ribbon cable broke off the ribbon cable... any good sources to get these new headphone connector piece for under $30. Thanks!

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Headphone Amp speaker impedance

The headphone amp I built awhile back is working pretty good, but recently I saw something about matching speakers impedance to the circuits impedance or something like that. IDK. Is there something you have to do to regulate the output to "match" your speakers. A google search brought up something about a peak resonance....

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Using headphones for listening to tv.?

My panasonic tv does not have bluetooth. I have new Marley headphones. Theywork well but not when the channel says Dolby or no good with Netflix as they appear to all transmit in Dolby. I purchased both a digital to analogue converter and bluetooth transmitter as advised but still cannot get Netflix audio or those channels using Dolby. Is it because bluetooth will not transmit analogue??

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Headphone output into mic input?

I've got a cheap voice changer that is hard-wired to a computer-style microphone. I cut off the mic and added a 1/8" miniplug adapter, so as to increase flexibility. I need to connect the powered headphone output of an mp3 player to this voice-changer, what is the easiest way to do so? I tried an attenuator I had lying around, but got no results (are attenuators one way?) is there a good (cheap) solution to this problem?

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Is it possible to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to a pair of antique crystal radio headphones? Answered

I am looking to purchase a pair of antique headphones, and possibly fix them up to work like a new pair of headphones.  For example, would it be possible to manipulate these headphones, and add a 3.5mm headphone jack to them? http://cgi.ebay.com/Frost-Fones-162-1000-early-crystal-radio-headphones-/120647686331?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item1c172998bb Thanks for your help.

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Anyone know how this bluetooth headphones work?

They are from my old phone , Lg 900. So anyone know something about them? Like how to power them up or what is that button for? If they work with my iphone 4s?

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How can I turn computer speakers into headphones?

I have this bunch of computer speakers that I don't use, and I recently came up with the idea to turn them into headphones. The problem is that I do not know how to. Does anybody know if there is an instructable about this or something like that? I would really appreciate your help guys. Cheers

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Iphone headphones with flat cable, how it look inside, the conductor? Answered

This is the headphone photo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/00ngmfqpq37shc5/Photo%2027-12-13%2015%2039%2001.jpg . I want to cut the cable to make them shorter. How it looks the conductor , because i dont want to start cut them before i know everything about them. I dont want to destroy them !!

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the vrvrvrvrvr sound produced by the Headphone when i touched the wall and the wires(going to the right) ?

I have my headphone on my head, then i happened to be touching the headphone's metal arch(at the top through which the wires reach the right speakers) and the wall of my room at the same time, so then i heard a vrvrvrvrvrvrvrvrvrvrvrvrvrvr sound . Could any one help me identify this phenomenon?

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what kind of fabric could i use for headphone foam noise insulation? Answered

still thinking of making custom headphones for fun. would love to make the cushioned pads on headphones but don't know what sort of fabric is could use around the foam. I want something as waterproof/resistant as possible to protect from sweat. really wanted to make square foam inserts and cover them with the fabric for noise reduction. thanks

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Help needed making a pause system for smartphone headphones

Hi guys, I'd like to take an existing pair of headphones (not a specific pair, I can buy a suitable pair if this will make things easier) and implement a switch that will automatically pause my android music when a switch is pressed. Specifically, I'd like the music to pause when a circuit is broken. Since Android will automatically pause music when the headphone jack is removed I can't imagine this would be too difficult to build. However I would also like the music to automatically start again when the circuit is closed again. I'm not overly tech savvy but I think this project is within the realm of my capabilities! Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! Regards, Tig

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Can I repair a shorted headphone jack with something that only has one ground?

Look at the picture below. The headphones on the left have 2 grounds while the jack that I want to replace it with only has one. Is it possible? Pretty noob question but yeah.

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How to solder newer thick cables and new 3.55 jack for Vintage headphone Mod?

I purchased a set of crystal radio headphones on ebay which I wish to remod into working headphones. Instead of using the same cableing that is already on a set of regular headphones I wish to install in the old ones, I wish to solder new, thicker wireing onto the crystal radio cups and solder a new 3.55 mm gold jack onto the ends. To help you understand there are 2 good tutorials online , but they dont explain what type of new wire to get or how to solder a new jack on. I am not 100% sure what type of audio wire to purchase. All the wire I see at the electronics store is the red or black kind, with the one solid copper wire or the regular gold speaker wire.. but headphone wire is different because it has multiple colored strands that I need to twist into 3 for Left/Right/Ground https://www.instructables.com/id/vintage-wartime-radio-headphones/ and http://steampunkworkshop.com/g-headphones.shtml I like the look of re-wireing new cable to the outside of the cups, instead of just running the same cable straight through the cups. New, thicker wire will stand up better and the new jack would last longer as well. I was thinking wire between size 18-22 maybe?

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How do you wire up headphones with a microphone to a 1/4'' phono jack with 4 rings?

My friend, asked me to fix his headphones for him.  The jack has broken from excessive stress.  They are the metal skullkandy, with a built in microphone.  I opened up the jack and, am really confused by what I see.  There are four contact points on the jack but 5 wires.  one ground, one green one blue one striped red and one striped blue. I have no idea what to do.  There is a button on the microphone module but I don't see how that would wire up to the jack.  Any ideas?    

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Should I get the Grado SR60i Headhpones???

Ok.. I really like these headphones for theyre looks and I've heard rave reviws. Whaddaya think?

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How to identify power required by speakers? Answered

I'm trying to adapt a pair of headphones to a bluetooth module for a wireless headset. I'm using a common module found here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/311523753533?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT  Spec sheet says "Stereo audio output can directly drive 40mW @ 32Ωspeeker without the need for DC-blocking capacitor" I have some old sony headphones with a microphone i would love to use but i cant identify how many watts and or ohms the speakers will need. I wont need the microphone, but if i can get it working it would be cool too. I've identified the headphones model as PSP-270X but i cant find a spec sheet that includes the type of speakers included. So i took apart the headphones but the only markings they have on the speakers are ATZ2261, And a couple google searches came up empty. Is there a way i could test these headphones?

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