A question: cheap hearing aid

I know a 93 year old in a rest home. When her daughter threw her out of her house (really!) she didn't get one of her hearing aids. The one she does have is marginal. Buying new is *really* expensive, and she doesn't have any money (related to the process of how her daughter threw her out of the house -- she cried every day for 6 months. No kidding.). I don't have the thousands it would cost to make it right.Recently we gave her an old cassette player and some cheap headphones. She loves it because she can really hear the contents of the tape.I'm looking for a simple device, reasonably small, that has a microphone and can drive the headphones with adjustable volume. I'm thinking small (mp3 player size, not hearing aid size). Any ideas?

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how do you make bone induction speakers?

The type that fit behind the ears. My son has hearing issues and the hearing aids don't seem to cut it. He cannot hear the lower frequencies but he seems to respond to vibrations as from quality headphones. I would like to try bone induction with the hearing aids. Thanks in advance.

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outgoing hearing problem ...

I have a new Nokia 6300 phone and whenever I make an outgoing call the person Im calling cant hear me although I can hear them.

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Help making Hearing aid

Hello! I need a bit of help for a project I am undertaking to make.My is to make such a device which detects the user whether a car or any other vehicle is approaching or not. The project is dedicated for the people who are deaf and cannot cross roads safely. What I think a solution could be is to make such a sensor which detects the horn of a car which further activates a vibrating motor in the pocket of the user.The vibratng motor is not at all an issue but the sensor being the problem. If anyone can please help either by giving your own solution or helping me in what I propose to do. Please help as this is not anything personal but a social cause. Hope to get an answer. Pranjal

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fake hearing aid, needed!

I'd like to take a basic $20 hearing aid - you know the type - and then rig it as a bluetooth earpiece. In short, I think it would be much better than using those 'slick' metallic earpieces I see people wearing around. I think it could be a great project, but I have very little knowledge about bluetooth electronics. Any suggestions for getting started?

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Can nobody hear my woes?

I'm a little worried that I couldn't actually find some of my topics I just posted in the actual forums I posted them in, so I'm wondering has someone blocked my usage of topics?

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Hearing a dialup connection on a FM car radio?

My mum was driving to uni and we hear a dial-up connection over the radio twice or three times, on 103.50 FM to be exact. A little while ago i rang my mum and she was in the same place and suddenly the phone goes silent and it starts making all different tones. What's happening? What's causing it? Why's it on the FM band

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Home Telephone Hack needed for Hard of Hearing

Hi there, My uncle has a fierce case of tinnitus, and sometimes he can't hear the telephone ringing. He can talk on the phone alright, the ringing just messes with the perceptions of sounds usually associated with home phones ringing. So, he has a few phones hooked up around the house so he can try and hear the phone when it rings. its just a bunch of barely-functioning rotaries. Have you ever seen that scene in bicentenial man where the clockmaker and his wife are talking in the kitchen when the hour comes and all the clocks start chiming. A cacophony of alarm. That is kind of like how it is at my uncle's when somone calls. I would like to set up a visual alarm system for when somone calls. So, he has a few fairly loud rotary phones laying around. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I took one apart along with one of his lamps. I just need to know where to screw, unscrew, solder, and smile. Thanks!!

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Microphone and Speakers HELP

I am having a hard time finding answers for this problem, so i am looking forward to some answers from smart people on this website :), Me and my friends use a Voice chat program and weirdly my friends can hear what i hear without even having my MIC plugged in! If i chat with a headset it doesn't occur but without it. They can hear what i hear. Please i will be watching this thread carefully, I really need this fixed! Thank you!

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can i block the singing part in a song to just hear the instruments?

I was wondering if its possible to use a mixer to cancel out the singing in a song so that you can only hear the instruments? i want to listen to the different instrumenst so that i can learn how to play the part just by listening, but its kind of difficult with the singing as the main sound. and if you can, is it a certaing type of mixer that you can connect to a computer?

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self sustaining power generator ??? possible??

I hear some news on the TV. i don't even known it that's true ??? i can't say where i hear it , because i forgot !!!!

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how do I fix a sound problem on my computer? Answered

I have a problem with the sound on my computer. it does work, only...I can only hear the music. in games, videos, music, etc. I can hear the background 'instrumental' music, but the voices are really quiet. I can't really hear what's said. what can the solution be?

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EVP quality, tele listening amp.

Hallo friends, Please show me a schematic diagram of a highly sensative amplifier, or hearing aid that I can use as a telescopic remote spy hearing instrument. Something as sensitive as the EVP paranormal audio recorder. I tried this circuit but doesnt work :( http://www.extremecircuits.net/2009/07/hearing-aid.html Please guide me to a circuit that actually worked for you. see you thanks

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Why is my radio so quiet? Answered

  It is a boom box and the volume works perfectly when it's on CD mode. But when it's in radio mode, it's so quiet I can barely hear it. (And I'm not hard of hearing!)

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How can I hook up an amplifier to Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop to hear DVD's better?

Want to watch DVD's in our camper, but we can't hear them and need to increase the sound with speakers or something. Has anyone done this? Thanks.

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Testing Xbox LIVE headset offline? Answered

Can I test my voice (micrphone/headset thing) on my XBox 360 without going online and doing the whole Can you hear me?? thing?

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When will the World End?

Will The World End.... I Hear People Say That The World Will End In 2012.....To What I Have Heard They Say That An Astroid Or Something Very Big Will Come Down And Smash The Earth In 2012.. Do U Think That Is True Or Not..Please Relpy, Notify, And Leave A Message About AnyThing Else You Hear Of.....

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How could I amplify a heartbeat for kids to hear quickly and easily, with or without a stethoscope?

Hi Everyone. Can any of you devise a way to amplify kids' heartbeats so that they are easily heard, without resorting to a stethoscope? Our school is having a fitness night...I thought it would be great to let each kid listen to his heart beat before and after jump-roping, but a single stethoscope would be too cumbersome to use-the kids don't have any experience with them...whereas holding up some kind of mic to their heart would be fun and fast. A quick amplified heartbeat would be best...either through a stethoscope or some other microphone arrangement. Any ideas? Thanks!

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has anyone made a gps guided helicopter?

Like to find out if anyone has made a guided helicopter using a gps from an iPhone 4s or any other way of guiding a quad / or helicopter so you can give it a point on a map and it will fly to that location or to operate thru web or google maps etc.. Love to hear from any whizz people out there.. Lets hear from you .. 

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How many watts of amplifier/speaker do I need to listen to talk radio and postcasts from my Ipod in the shower? Answered

Since I never listen to music I'm only planning on one channel.  I know this is a hard question to answer definitively due to things like speaker efficiency but I'm just looking for a general idea.  I'm only going to raise the volume just enough to hear it but I want it to be able to definitely hear it.  In other words I don't want the circuit and speaker to be maxed out in order for me to hear it.  It needs to be battery powered if it matters.  Sound quality isn't of particular importance although I'd like to be able to understand what they're saying.

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what is an arduino? Answered

What is an arduino? i hear people talking about it all the time, and i have not found out as to what it does, and how it functions

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how to convert an audible sound into visual?

From the Barkhausen effect, one can hear a cracking sound, how can that sound be turned into a visual signal?

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Mic amplifier for ambient sound?

I need a way to pick up distant sound at the mic. I hear output only when i talk too close to mic

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Broken Ipod mini help

My friend just gave me hear broken Ipod mini. The screen is cracked and I was wondering how to fix it, any help?

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laser project problem?

 Hello, https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Surveillance-System-for-under-$20/ I've tried to do this project but i can't complete it .. I can hear the bangs only .. why ??

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​How to add a loud speaker to (the most basic) landline phone?

Hello!How would you connect a loudspeaker to a basic landline phone (so several people can hear the conversation)? (Basic phones don't have loudspeakers, only the one handling the headset can hear). The loudspeaker doesn't have to be super loud, it could be like the ones powered by USB on computers, or much smaller, as far as we could hear the conversation. It's not that easy since theses phone are merely powered by the little current inside the landline phone line. So I guess I need another power source, like a USB charger, and maybe to amplify the sound signal, to use the loudspeaker. I started to learn electronics for a few months, but I have no idea how to handle this problem. Any advice would be great! Thanks for your help!

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Tesla coil capacitor? Answered

Made a Lynden jar capacitor and my TC won't spark at the gap but I can hear my capacitor trying to work what do I do

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What is k2? Answered

Ive heard a lot about this drug and i just want to know what it is. i hear its like mary j? I do not intend on using this i would just like to know what it is.

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Xbox 360 Overated?

I myself, havn't had an Xbox or an 360. But after hearing endless months and months, of good reveiws, school talk, game exclusives, I'm starting to wonder? Is the Xb0x 360 that gooooood? Or is it overated?

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how to make permanent magnet motor ? is it true it is free energy device?

I heared that permanent magnet motor works on magnet repulsion and it is free energy device that works for life time....... is it true???

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Theory, execution and actual construction of a 'Bullet-Shot Location' like system Answered

 How could it be done? I have revised a version using only two microphones that once one of the microphones 'hear'  the sound, a timer will start and will stop once the next microphone 'hears' it.  This would essentially enable you to draw a line straight down the middle of the gun. It would also allow for tracking the location in real-time. How could you physically build it for a cheap set-up. I'll upload a couple of diagrams some time.

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Did you first come here on Sunday Nov. 4? Where did you hear about Instructables?

On Sunday Nov. we had a pretty decent spike in traffic. Most of those new visitors were either coming directly to Instructables or searching for Instructables in a search engine. If you first visited this last Sunday, welcome!, and would you mind tell me how you heard about Instructables? The site must have received some print or TV-based press, but we're having a devil of time figuring out where. Thanks!

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Is there anything that emits a high frequency that human ears can't hear yet would scramble digital voice recorder. Answered

As I'm a local chairman for a union. Sometimes an investigation isn't going as we would like it. And the company that employs us sets a portable voice recorder up so, that they can transcribe it at a later date. So my thought was if I could scramble or delete the recording somehow then everybody stays working. No harm. No foul, Right??? It may be wrong, but is it really. When you are trying everything you got to keep people employed, that have made an error or two on there job. Please Help. All the knowledge that you guys have brought forth so far is amazing. Thanks 

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Can I use 741 op amps instead of 1 LM324 in a heart rate sensor?


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Broken PSU? Answered

 I recently seen an instructable on converting an old computer PSU into a lab power supply. I followed it correctly, connecting the orange wire to the brown, the green to black and a 10W Wirebound resistor across red and black. The PSU turns on and all of the voltage rails work (although some are out by +-.75V sometimes), but I can hear a faint screeching noise and the fan doesn't spin.  I though the screeching may be normal because all I normally hear is the fan, is this okay. The fan is rated at 12V 0.3A, but when I measured the voltage over it, it was only 3.4V, why is this and how do I fix it. Any help appreciated, Thanks. 

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Speaker and microphone system for a helmet? Answered

I'm getting more and more done on a set of helmets (Daft Punks, to be exact) and ran into a slight snag. While fitting them and what not, I found out people have a hard time hearing me, and I have a hard time hearing them. And this is in a perfectly quite room. So when I do finish these, and start wearing them...I'm going to be a deaf mute. I did some looking, and I know I can at least get my phone worked into it. However, I was wondering if there is either a pre-existing soultion to this, or if someone has any cleaver ideas for a system that will feed outside audio into me, and inside audio out. Thanks in advance! 

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Where would I find ear peices similar to the ones on the provided link?

At my church, we use hearing devices to help some older people hear better. A lot of the ear pieces have broken because the little piece of plastic that holds it to the ear has broken off. The ones we have are the same as the ones in the link, but I can't find any for a cheap price. The dealer I have talked to says he can get them for me for $9, but I was wondering if there were any cheaper ones out there. It is just a standard 8th inch plug. Thanks.http://www.williamssound.com/productdetail.aspx?product_id=41

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how can i increase and rise the voice in my circuit ?

 hello  My project called " Four Tone Siren "  this is the circuit for my project .... I really need to increase the voice because it's very small you can't hear it except if you put the circuit close to you   and i only hear 3 tone and my project is 4 tone.  can you tell me please what is the reason ? my final project after 2 days please :(  this is my parts : IC UM3561 Resistance = 220 Ohms Condenser 100Mfd Transistor BC548 Battery Container 3V Switches Breadboard

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How do I make a microphone based light organ that can makes christmas lights dance to highs, mids, or lows?

I'm looking for an instructable that gives directions on how to make a light (color?) organ that I can plug christmas, rope, or any other light into and have them dance to either the Highs, mids, or lows of a song. Is it possible to have 3 plugs that can be independently adjusted to listen to highs, mids, or lows? Lastly, is it possible to switch between having the light always on and dim when it "hears" the music, and having the light off and turn on when it "hears" the music?  Where can I find such an instructable?  Thanks! 

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Suggested projects for older wireless routers? Answered

I'd like to hear your ideas on what can be done with old wireless routers? Any projects you can think of that could reuse the antennas or the internal circuitry? What of the cat5 or USB ports?

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Best place to get free cameras?

Im building a coil gun and i am in need of lots of disposable cameras...  I hear walgreens gives them away for free but im not sure how to go about getting them

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How to wire a Screaming monkey to a timer? Answered

I have a few cheap countdown timers I  bought off of ebay. I want to wire one to a Screaming Monkey so I hear the Monkey scream instead of the normal beeping.

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How to build an osscilator that gives me 440Hz and connect it to an Speaker?

We want to build an oscillator (440hz) that uses an 9v Battery block and would like to hear this Signal with an Loudspeaker. What do i need to know about the loudspeaker?

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How do I make a simple feedback monitor that lets me hear myself when I sing during acoustic sets without an amp?

I am looking for a way to make a feedback monitor that basically feeds sound back from a microphone that is worn on either my shirt or hooked onto an ear piece like you see some musicians wear and feeds directly back into my ear.  I do acoustic sets and often we use no sound equipment or often only one mic. Sometimes I am unable to hear myself. I have a hearing problem like I have a constant cold so my breathing is louder than my voice or my instrument sometimes.  I prefer some kind of clip on mic so I can clip it on either my shirt or my instrument and some kind of earpiece and some kind of self contained pack I can clip on the back of me. Any ideas? I found this product on the  web but it seems way over priced to me. http://www.hearinglosshelp.com/products/pocketalker.htm

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Hover Technology

I have an idea for Hover Tech./Hover board. See if you used sound at a high enough decibel, but at a frequency humans and animals couldn't hear, it could work. Because sound is also a force, it can move things. Anyone agree or have some input?

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Adcom Amp GFA-555 II hissing out of the right side..too old to fix?

My Adcom GFA 555 II amplifier is producing a slight hiss/static sound from the right side. I made sure by switching the cables, and swapping terminal contacts and its always the right side (red and black). the music comes along with it, but its annoying to hear along with the static. You hear it most on quieter passages. It was coming and going, but now its heard all the time. I guess i have to take it in to fix, but its 20 yrs old, and i worry about paying to fix a broken part, only to have another part fail a week later.

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