Ok. So I got this sweet new flashed based 4g creative zen mp3/mp4 player. I can't use it! I have 2 computers, an old windows 98 and a newer one running fedora core five. Please help! It doesn't even work with gnomad. And on the 98 it says it doesnt support that windows! Please help!

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Can anyone get my instructables noticed, Especially my first one? Please help! Respond soon!

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Whenever I finish the preview thing in make an instructable, it makes the text re and when I click save and make next step, it goes back to the top and shows me everything i wrote

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Help!? Answered

My computer is not let me logout or instructables not leting me logout! One or the other! But help!!!!

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Help :-(

Unfortunately, i believe i have uninstalled the wireless driver for my hp desktop computer. i have attempted my own searches for something online, and failed. i believe im using a linksys adapter and don't have the cd for it. does anyone know where i can get the driver for an HP, linksys, or whatever it may be. i am stupid

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I was planning on building a mini fridge and i was gonna use a peltier cooler and pvc pip maybe but i was wondering how could i insulate it so its more efficient? thx for help

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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am still "green" in the arduino feild and dont understand the code completly and I am trying to make an arduino theremin using a speaker and a ldr (light-dependent resistor)   PLEASE HELP!

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Ok my project involves 4 LED's in parallel connected to 3 AAA batteries in series. Individual LED's keep stuttering and then finally going out after a few minutes. Is this a problem with the power source? Or are my LED's just bad?

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I cant open anything on my PC nothing works. I am only able to get into google chrome. A GUI pops up when I try to open a program asking me what program I want to use to open it. I tried downloading Malwarebytes but it wont open either. What do I do? Please help! My PC is a big part of how I make money. (ALL THE FILES ARE .EXE!!!!)

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Ok, I'm kinda new, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have a Motorola Phone Charger that gives out 5V and 500mA. I want to make it a USB Charger. Will it work? (If I just connect the USB Female End and the Phone Charger directly.) Or do I need some parts or something?

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help ?

Hi i have got trouble with my electric bike brushless motor.i have just brought from china 36 volt 700watt motor it started to sound a bit rough.i have open the motor and there 6 wires glued.and 3 more wires just glued to a copper wire can this be solded cheers

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Ok yes its me again with the need for more computer help...(I am slowly getting better) Ok I just recently fixed up a windows 98 computer (well 4 of them) And I really need drivers for them. What is the best place to find them? Is it possible to put a big database on a CD ? Can I make a disc of drivers from my windows XP computer ? Where can I download a bunch of them ? EDIT: I have to use my windows xp computer to get the drivers because the computer I am working on needs drivers for the Network Card

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Help with a Guide?

I made a guide, but I cannot figure out how to put instructables in it. Help?

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Gift help.

Hi. I am in need of help in trying to find a birthday present. This is for my cousin that is turning 13. He likes electronics and stuff like that. His budget is $200. If you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Arduino help? Answered

I want to tell the arduino to one thing while its doing something else at the same time i just dont know how to do it. im new to arduino but learning at a steady pace so please help

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Help with the site

I posted this in the Help section but no one responded. I can see the smaller icon sized photos that indicate which images are to appear in the instructable but when I hit the next step, there are no images at all. I checked my browser and can't see any problem on my end. Any suggestions?

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Novell Help!!

My school runs novell for thier login software and i want to know how i can access a computer using another with novell active (like pulling a prank on one of my friends while they are doing soomething on the computer) (i tried all of the hacks, but novell blocks all attempts, the only one that works is the safemode hack but thats unrelated) Plz Help!!

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Note help?

Im using mozilla firefox, and when i go to add notes to my instructables pictures, i just get a cancel sign...Its really annoying, and my first isnt goin to well. Im sure others have had this problem..well, thats about it. thanks.

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help please? Answered

ok, so i have an old playstation 1(the thick one). i would like to turn the laser diode inside into a laser pointer. any kind of help you guys can give is highly appreciated?

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Motherboard help??

I was switching computer cases and i couldn't find where the power switch connection goes. The only available socket says BREAK SW. Could this be where the power switch goes? Also... There isn't anywhere to plug in the USB sockets from the case... Help?

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AVR Help

I finally have all I need to start programming, I have a programmer (this one to be exact);=1&item;=130202441672&ssPageName;=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih;=003and I have a bunch of attiny13vYou can talk to me as if I know nothing about microcontrollers and programming.I have googled for about 10 minutes and havn't found a tutorial or anything that can help me. I just want to learn the most up to date stuff, like I don't want to learn assembly if I can use C (I don't know C). Please, I need help.Also I need help of how to setup everything on a breadboard, like what pin of the 10 pins from the programmer go to which pins of my attiny13 and where to apply how much voltage.

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HUD help!

Alright so I need some help. I have a pair of dragon snowboard goggles that I would like to make a HUD for. Id like to keep it (relatively) cheap. I would love a transparent display but have not been able to find any. It wouldn't be a huge deal to have a small screen in the lower right hand corner. I would like it to tell my speed and the temperature outside. and possibly keep my gps coordinates so I can map out where I've been when I get home. Any idea how I could do this? I have a very basic grasp of code so I will have to find someone to help with that, but what materials would I need? Thanks so much!

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Etching help?

Hi! i need some help, i want to etch a PCB but i can't change colors, sort of i want to use the toner transfer method, so um, help me!

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Servo Help!

First of all, I'm not the best with Technology projects, just putting it out there in case its an obvious answer. Anyway, I have an arduino project that im working on. All it is is a servo that spins after 24 hours, I thought it would be a simple project (I've worked with arduino a little bit) and I wired it up correctly, I'm sure of that, but after I coded the program, the servo wouldn't spin! It just made a dull buzzing sound. At first  I thought it was my program, so i tried just about every basic "sweep" program i could find online about servos. Every program had the same result, a faint buzzing sound and no spinning. Next i thought, maybe the 5v wasn't enough to power the microservo, so i used a external 9v and ended with the same result, buzzing, no movement. Can Anyone Help me?! Please! Is it just a simple solution? Or is my arduino micro controller not working! Please help me because i would like to enter the project in a contest that ends soon! Thank You!

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Electronics help

I need an easy way to distribute power 2 way and when the on button is switched the correct goes one way and when off then on again it goes another? Thanks

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Electronics Help

Hi ppl,I am currently making a variation on this circuit: understand how it all works but do not understand the principle of the inductor capacitor used (bottom left), if anyone could give a brief explanation of this (links are good too) and also some formulae i would b e very greatful!!thanks

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Coilgun Help

Could someone please help me with a Coilgun project- I can't get a camera flash circuit of any description where I live, so could someone either post an i'ble on how to make one, or send me/post one of those technical drawings and parts list. Help would be greatly appreciated

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C Help

I'm working on an electronic project for school, and I've been trying to learn C, I have a quick question, I think the answer is a function, but I don't know and I need an example. Basically I want something where I can break up the code into sections (I'm pretty sure it's called a function) and bring them all back together in the main() for example, lets say I want to have a function to turn on an led, then I have a different function to wait for so long, and then another function to turn it off, except I can control what LED I want to turn on/off and for how long (I want to be able to input to the function) Once again, I'm pretty sure it's called a function, I just don't know how to use them.

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Need help?

Ok i made a unblocker program from the site but im just wondering wether anybody could make me a script i can put b4 it so that they have to put in a acess code and if they get it wrong the program locks itself (if the lock bit is possible then plz do it if not it doesnt matter) Thanks in advance leo

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Need help

I need some help trying to make a circuit for an instructable im gonna post. its supposed to be a candy jar, with leds in the cap, but i cant figure out a ciruit for all the Leds to be on a series circuit. can some one tell me if this is possible, or do the leds have to be on a parrallel circuit. im new to electronics.

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Computer Help?

Though I do program and will take the certification exam in a few days, I need some technical help.  I drew a picture in charcoal and though I don't have it any more, I do have a picture of it on a digital camera.  How do I upload the picture to my computer? (My computer is an Apple MacBook)

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Help needed!

Hi! I'm kind of new here, and I need some help. I have remote control dump truck in 1:14 scale, and I'm going to make a trailer for it. The truck itself has lights (blinkers, reverse, brake, standlight, etc.). So would it be possible to make some kind of wireless control system for trailer lights, so I don't need to connect always cable to the trailer? There is one wireless control system for situations like this, but it's so expensive.   I have been thinking about making it with IR leds. Is it possible to make it work by connecting IR led to for example reverse light's cable and then some kind of IR receiver to trailer? Give me some ideas and if you have some solutions or something that would help, let me know. :) Thanks for help ( my english may be bad, i'm from finland :D )

Topic by ScaniaV8 

EagleCAD Help

In Eagle, I'm trying to make a ring that is divided into 18 equal sections. However, I'm not sure how to do it. The only idea I can think of is manually creating each polygon, but there has to be an easier way. I've tried taking the ring and drawing lines through it in both the restrict & kepout layers, it doesn't work, though.

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Help with what they are? Answered

its in the pic is it a regulator and what brand is the F

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directx help

Ok I am having problems with my directx driver and I need help. For some reason unknown to me almost all of my games can't start because the following directx features are not working:Directdraw acceleration,direct3d acceleration,and AGP texture acceleration. I did test directdraw and that work as it should. So what do you think the problem is?

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balloon help

I'm looking to build a conductive balloon, don't ask why, you'll see later, this is what I need done: 1) A giant balloon (I'll use a giant trash bag so problem solved) 2) Someway to make all (or almost all) of the sureface area conductive 3) It has to be able to float. Any suggestion to make it float and conductive?

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Led Help

I have a whelen white vertex led light head. Normally there is a 12 volt dc controller already attached to the light it self that controls the flash pattern which you can change. However some one cut the light head off the controller part and the controller cant be found so now i have just a light head with 3 wires red black and green red being power green and black being ground. there are a total of 6 leds 3 off the green wire and 3 off the black and a common power wire. my problem is i cannot figure out the proper voltage and ampures needed to power the lights. i have tried to ohm the leds (and yes i tried every which way with the leads) but i suppose my fluke 115 does not have the range needed for these lights. i connected a known working light and controller to 12 volts and mesured the power going to that light which read which read about 3.7 volts at .36 amps and each set of 3 leds being .18 amps and with out any leds connected i got 5.2 volts i just want to make sure this is correct before i put 5 volts and a resistor to them and they blow. ill post pics and a crappy diagram of what i think is in the light head

Question by Nnhalo360nn 

Forum Help

I have joined several forums recently, and was wondering about the "tricks of the trade". How do I upload pictures? Videos? How about links? And what about quoting people? How does that work? Bold, italicized, and underlined words? I'd appreciate it if anyone could help.

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Tablet Help?

I recently purchased a used pandigital novel tablet. Unfortunately it has some problems. The most major of these is that some of the aplications don't work. The really critical one that doesn't work is the "ES File Explorer" which is what lets me do almost all of the app management and the fike system options. When the icon is tapped it brings up a notification that the "application is not installes on your phone" I think the problem is that when the OS (Android 2.0 by the way) was installed the I cons were placed on the home page but the Aplication wasn't installed. I have downloaded the .APK aplication file for the ES file explorer on another computer and copied it to the 1 GB SD card. But I can't move the APK file onto the tablet internal storage from the SD card because I don't have a file manager installed. I canpt access the tablets internal memory when it is plugged into the computer. The computer just looks at the tablet as a card reader for the SD card. Also some other aplications don't work. These include: Office suite QVC Sam Slide application store. If someone could please please help me I would be ery happy if you neeed more info just ask. thanks.

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HTML help?

I upload my site, and it works fine. i also uplkoaded my pics. site:  So, i made a new html file and uploaded it but my site dont update. WHY????? there should be 1 video and 7 pics. WHY/HOW FIX??? 

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Help with Arduino? Answered

Hey everyone,          I'm doing a project with the arduino and i just want an led to light if a PIR senses motion. I am using this sensor: I know I have everything hooked up right, my code is just wrong.(Yes, MOTOR is used for the LED) Can someone tell me what to do? Here is the code: //Motion Detecting Box-Second Attempt #define MOTOR 13 //Motor connected to pin 13 #define PIR 2   //Motion Sensor is connected to pin 2 void setup() {   pinMode(MOTOR, OUTPUT); //sets the digital pin as output     pinMode(PIR, INPUT);    //sets the digital pin as input   } void loop() {  digitalRead(PIR); //checks pin 2     if (PIR==LOW) {     digitalWrite(MOTOR, HIGH); //turn on Motor }  else {   digitalWrite(MOTOR, LOW); } }

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Javascript help?

After figuring out how to use arrays and turning them into strings, I now need to do floating point operations with the variable. To first I created an array:      var = array1 = [];      var = array1value = 0; then, I add tack in numbers and operations when the right button is pressed, satisfying the corresponding if statement. if ( condition_1 = true){     array1.push(1); } if ( condition_2 = true){     array1.push(2); } if ( condition_3 = true){     array1.push(3); } //(you get the idea) if ( condition_A = true){     array1.push("+"); } if ( condition_B = true){     array1.push("-"); } if ( condition_C = true){     array1.push("*"); } if ( condition_D = true){     array1.push("/"); } (did you notice I had to add quotes to the operators? otherwise I get errors.) Anyway, then I proceed to take the data inside the array, and 'compress'  it into one string of characters. if (array1.length === 1){     array1value = array1[0].toString(); } if (array1.length === 2){     array1value = array1[0].toString() +                            array1[1].toString(); } if (array1.length === 3){     array1value = array1[0].toString() +                            array1[1].toString() +                            array1[2].toString(); } etc. you can see the pattern (also can anyone tell me how to convert all this redundant code into a nice for loop? I couldn't figure it out, so I just did the above all the way up to array.length === 13) Then finally, I make this appear as text on a output, and I can see the final value after pressing buttons and stuff, say, 534+902/21. So I would expect that if I save this in a new variable, that it will perform the math operation: except the new variable just returns the same exact thing: 534+902/21 var newVariable = array1value So I tried adding and subtracting some numbers from array1value, and the output of the newVariable is an error. I believe this is because although as text, array1value appears as 534+902/21, in actuality, it is *really*   534 + "+" + 902 + "/" +21. or maybe as "534+902/21." How do I force javascript to convert this back to 534+902/21? Also, please don't tell me to google it, or find java tutorials, I have already searched for half the day and don't want to watch 2 hour long videos on programming. 

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BATTERY help? Answered

i have a rechargeable battery that is 7.2 volts and 3000 mAh Ni-Mh now is it safe to add a Voltage Regulator to run an led or if not how do i? what also is scaring me is the 3000 mAh if its good or bad

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Hi, guys. I just made my account (like 2 minutes ago), but I've looked at the site far longer than that. My question is that I've noticed a select few of posts about  DIY Daft Punk helmets, preferably with programmable LED messages/animations. So, being that the cost of one on Etsy is 700 dollars and the shortest amount of time I saw someone build one like this was 17 months...I was wondering if someone could link me to an Instructable, or any site, where I can have instructions/material lists (maybe price?) on how to build something to the extent of a simple Daft Punk helmet. No, it doesn't have to look like one. Literally, all I want is a cool looking helmet/mask that I can program LED's with. Here's something I was thinking, I thought this was kind of cool: I want something like this. Could I buy/make one? Again, doesn't really need to be as complicated as a Daft Punk helmet. Thanks.

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speaker help

I am trying to find how this speaker works and I can't. Please help me.Please respond.

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Help with a coilgun

I recently found four 500v,37,5uf, 10%mkp capacitors, and need help in making them into a coil'railgun. I have done complex electronics before,but never a rail/coil gun. Help?

Question by Optimus Primerib   |  last reply

Arduino Help

I have found a lot of cool codes online such as pov and piezo element projects, but I have no idea how to put the code into the environment! Any help? (I mean like can I copy and paste it or something?)

Topic by fallenspirit123 

Help please

Where can I find a reasonably-priced touch screen?

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Hello! please help, im making a scale model car wash that uses 4 brushes and top cloth strips to clean the car. How can i get the arms that hold the brushes to go in and out to wash the front and the back of the car? PLEASE HELP!!!

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