How do i make a nes game. its driving me nuts and ive been wanting to do it for a while. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!!!

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homemade rc plane

This sunday i will show everone how to make a rc plane from oround the house things. the things u will need is  1 motor 1 hanger 2 servos 1 shoe box so im am tellin you this so u will get ready to make it.                        if u are exicited about this please comment on it.

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homemade water sensor

Instructable the site gave me a lot of information about homemade water sensor but as it is the first time i am making a sensor  to describe it very properly i am giving  the information of what i am trying to make there are two tanks supplyng water to homes the taps of the tanks are connected to a device which is used to switch on and of the taps at the same time, i want to make senor to measure the level of water in tanks as the tanks get filled in different time but are switched on in same time so i want to put the sensor in both the tanks and make a device which can close both of it at the different time, it can help in saving water  

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Portable Homemade TV Answered

I built a TV from an old laptop screen and one of those LCD control boards you can get from eBay but I’m curious how to go about adding a battery to it to make it portable. So, my question is, how do I go about battery safety and how do I control charging and isolation? For example, if I plug the TV in because the battery is dead, do I just have a charging board between the input and battery and let the charging board take care of the rest? And the same question is applied to when the battery is at peak charge but I don’t want to use the battery just simply plugged in. The battery is a 12v 2A lipo and I don’t want any fires. I’ve thought about adding a switch to simplify things but that’s inconvenient and armature I could make a circuit that would cut off the flow when the battery is at peak I suppose but I’m not sure of the schematics or if that is the right approach. I’m good at building just not figuring this stuff out….

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homemade signal booster? Answered

I was trying to figure out how to boast my signal coverage in my area, and a got an idea: to use a UHF amplifier, to pick up the towers signal and rebroadcast it. of coarse since things like WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular 2G/3G/4G networks use two way radio, the signal can go back to the reviving end of the UHF amp, and get broadcasting to hit whatever tower. my phone should better recognize the tower, as if i just magically made a tower 2 feet away. however this might also amplify stay noise. if this idea doesn't work, why not? i think i am going to need at least a 20dB increase in power, but as of now i  need to do more research. but if i can buy a product that does a similar thing for less than $40, i would. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_zone_(cell_phone)#Dead_zones  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeater http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_spectrum (cellphones use UHF spectrum) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_booster

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homemade negative ion bracelet Answered

Is there a way to make a homemade negative ion bracelet on the cheap not like a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ thanks for the help 

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homemade airsoft battery charger Answered

 my friend is gonna sell me a smg for 15 dollars but without the charger. the battery is 4.8V and 400Mah. so i was wondering if i switch its plugs on it and a usb cable that i can charge it computer usb=    5V   500Mah------- to the batery-------4.8V   400Mah= battery can i use this effectively 

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Homemade MINI Particle Accelerator? Answered

Hello!  I'm working on a homemade mini particle accelerator from stuff in like hardware stores and thrift stores. I was wondering if someone could give me a definition of a particle accelerator and their hazzards? Also the only thing that I would need to buy off eBay is a some sort of detector for electrons. Heres a list of supplies: concrete, CRT Monitor, wood, lots of thin copper wire (for the electromagnets), a electron detector, and a power supply. It would be a circular accelerator too. Any ideas or info is welcome! PM me or just comment below!

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Conductive paint on homemade sugru?

I've seen both instructables seperately, but would the paint work if applied on the homemade sugru? I believe I could make a speaker more soundtight with the sugru, and the paint would make the conductivity better.

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Homemade PCB Photoresist Developer?

This site has GREAT 'ibbles for ways of etching and transferring toner to PCBs.  I still use photoresist and would love to know if anyone has a recipe for homemade developer.  I know its mostly Sodium Carbonate, but there's some pH nonsense that needs to be addressed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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How to make a homemade ereader ?

I want to make a home made e reader that has the following features:  Black and white screen Buttons: Power, back, forward  The sd card will hold the pdf files and the operating files.  Not included: wifi, bluetooth, data network

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homemade rider to rider radios?

Does anybody know how to make a set of voice operated rider to rider radios that can fit inside a crash helmet? im a real noob with electronics but im slowly learning, i can make an led flash and a buzzer sound and by the morning should be upto speed with a number of gate types. im on proulx.rubik@hotmail.co.ukplease help!!?


Homemade power supply problems

I am trying to build a variable power supply using a LM317 variable voltage regulator. When connected to no load, i can get a sweep from 1 volt to 15 volts. but when a load (small pager motor, laser diode) is connected, i can only get up to 4 volts, and about 12 milliamps of current. Help!

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What can I do with a homemade capacitor?

It is simple enough to make one, but what can I do with a homemade capacitor?

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homemade Boogie Board Writing Tablet?

Is there a way to make homemade Boogie Board Writing tablet or magna doodle from stuff that you can get our have at home. thanks for all the good answers to come    

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how to make a homemade family tree? Answered

For hanging small family pictures

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how can i make a homemade fire alarm? Answered

I wan2 make a homemade fire alarm dut dont know to.

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one transformer wire that i rap melted, the welder was working fine until this happenned what went wrong?

Welder was working fine then i seen smoke coming from one of the transformers, the insulation melted off the wire that i rapped, what did i do wrong????

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HELLO i want to know how to make a rc tx and rx of 8 channel for cheap and easy for a rc plane i am for india i want this project as cheap as possiable pls don't ask to hack a rc car....

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how to make homemade walkie talkie ?

I want to make my own walkie talkie...  but i don't know how !! i have two speakers and mic ( from old TATA WALKY  wireless phone ) . i want a simple and easy to make circuit . or  what to do with these two.. ??  i want to make something special.....

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Homemade wireless xbox computer receiver?

  I want to do this so i can use it on my laptop on the go but I still want to use it on my xbox (yes i am cheap) So i was wondering instead of soldering the wires straight onto the rf module  use something like a female printer port solder it on to the board. Would it still work on my xbox after?

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I need help converting a manule wheelchair in to an electric chair on the very cheap

I have a problem with this comany that I got an electric wheelchair from them was supposted to be donated but they are now charging me a $1000.00 for it or thay will come and get it. They promised that they would not come back and take it but it is a church outfit so I guess I expected this to happen. Any how I still have my old manual chair that is very hard for me to use so I need to find some way to convert it over to power if I can. Please if anyone can help I really need all the help that I can get. Without the power chair Im pretty much stuck in the house. If needed I can try to upload some pics of it. Thanks for all the help in advance.

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Does any one know how to make a cheap 8 channel rc transmitter and reciver for a rc plane from scrath or house hold don't ask me to hack a rc car pls explain in detail and instuctable...thanks in advance

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Homemade Car IR Night Vision ?

I am a retired guy with less than perfect night vision. I have installed a LED Backup camera and portable display in my Camry and wonder how hard it would be to do the same only looking foreward. Ebay has a lot of IR cameras that include IR Light LEDs. Shouldn't I be able to connect one to my monitor to get some extra driving safety? Of course, everything is possible to the guy who doesn't know how to do it! Thanks in advance.. Here is an article from a BMW site I think............. "...In 2000, General Motors offered a thermal night-vision system in its Cadillac line of vehicles. The system was innovative, but it was also expensive and didn't produce very clear images. Toyota also gave night vision a shot, and even now the automaker continues to offer an in-dash system in some Lexus models. The Lexus system has its fans, but if it's so effective, then why hasn't this technology spread to every vehicle on the road? One theory is that it seems as if the technology just isn't fully ready for automotive applications. Not yet, anyway. As you can imagine, night-vision technology is expensive and if you use inexpensive components, the quality simply won't be there.  Two of Germany's automotive stalwarts, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, have taken a damn-the-torpedoes approach to in-dash night-vision systems. These two auto manufacturers have been offering night-vision systems in vehicles since 2006..."

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how to make homemade translucent plastic tube for making the glowing stick??

How to make homemade translucent plastic tube for making the glowing stick?? i'm really want to know.. thanks.

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how do you make a homemade ipod case?

For a 4th generation ipod nano

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How can I make a homemade flash diffuser for a fuji finepix s8100?

Keep in mind the flash is a pop-up and there is no hot shoe.

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homemade power supply/chargers for PDAs/Palm vx?

Finding a alternative way to charge a PDA without the intended charger

Question by dannyarmstrong70 

My Homemade External Laptop Liquid Cooling System

I did not make an instructable, but i thought you folks might want to see my homemade external water cooling system for my inspiron 5150. it works very well and not a single drop of water has leaked. The average CPU temp drops about 8 degrees Fahrenheit when i use it..

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CAN i build an mp3 player or an i-pod at home?? Answered

I want to build an mp3 player or an I pod at home. .. . . . i may need the materials, recycling ideas, circuit design and pics.

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how do i test a homemade snapple capacitor?

I made a capacitor and i dont know how to test it help

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How can I build a 220V welder using 220V microwave oven transformers? Answered

I read TimAnderson's Instructable on building a homemade welder from microwave oven transformers, but that instructable is for a 110V setup, what should I change to make it work using 220V transformers on 220V. (I already gathered all the materials...)https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Microwave-Transformer-Homemade-Welder/ ....Link to TimAnderson's homemade welder?

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how do you wire up the coils in a homemade wind generator using either 7 coils or 9 colis and is a recifier need

I want to know how to hook the coils up in a homemade wind generator, using 7 or 9 coils which is better,are there any wiring digrams that one can get,

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how do you make homemade flux???

I saw the instructable about making flux out of pine cones but i have a problem: WTH do i get pine cones in a tropical country??? I did some research and found out hydrochloric acid is a component in some fluxes out there. I wonder if i can use lemons, an abundant supply in the form of calamondins here in the Philippines. EDIT: it's for soldering

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Maxablaster: The homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight.

A homemade 52 million candlepower flashlight. So that's what engineers get up to in their spare time.The article says 38, but apparently Ralf has already upgraded to 52 with his newer setup.The 45-year-old Dutch optics engineer has been building his own lights since he was eight, but his recent 38-million-candlepower creation, the Maxablaster, is more like a miniature star. To start, Ottow stripped out the innards of a powerful commercial flashlight and switched in a mercury arc bulb, which generates light by creating an ultra-hot plasma between two closely spaced electrodes inside the gas-filled central chamber of the lamp. That results in a brighter, more focused beam but also kicks out more ultraviolet light (hence the sunburn, a product of early testing). So he added a specially coated reflector and designed, ground, and coated a new glass window that would trap UV rays while still pumping out light.Powered by a pack of 54 batteries, the Maxablaster can put a bright spot of light on a cloud four miles high and illuminate a house from just as far. But Ottow doesn't use it to spook his neighbors. It's not a torch you'd walk your dog with," he says. "It would probably cook your dog." link

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HDMI wireless AV transmitter/receiver homemade

Does anyone know a way to make a wireless transmitter in hdmi format? this is for going between computer and monitor. I cant find a single schematic.

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How to make homemade capacitor charger circuit?

I cannot find any disposable Kodak cameras in our place,I need it to take power from a single 1.5 V battery and turn it into 160 V DC

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would this work for a homemade generator?... like getting a dc motor and turning it in reverse ?

Instead of spinning the moro by connecting it to a battery spin it on the spindle that turns? would it work

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Amp for a homemade speaker box with car speakers?

The speakers are almost definitely going to be a pair Sony Xplod XS-R5743's Specs: 4-Ohm 190W Peak 35W RMS So with these power specs, what should the power ratings for the amp be? I considered building an amp, and unless there is something I've missed, it looks cheaper just to buy a car amp and just make it run from a wall outlet after a transformer. Especially when every amp that I see being built is a low power 1W LM386. Please, let me know the best method for amplifying the audio to these speakers and the required power. Thanks

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Custom C Compiler for homemade instruction set? Answered

I'm designing a relay based computer.  It will be an 8-bit cpu made entirely out of relays, except for the RAM and program memory. I need an instruction set, but I am not crazy enough to try and make it run the x86 instruction set or anything like that, so I am making my own.  It is a fairly basic set, only 60 instructions, with a quarter of them being data movement. I tried compiling some basic computation programs, like a 16-bit add and an 8-bit multiply program. It is a pain trying to compile it so I was wondering if there is a way to plug my instruction set into a compiler, such as gnu's gcc.  I don't even need it to create a machine code file, I just need the assembly. Is something like this possible??? and how hard would it be to implement???

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Missing instructable (on how to custom color PCB's?)? Answered

While browsing the site, I found an instructable showing how to color homemade pcbs (with a sharpie I think). Now I cannot find it whatsoever.... Anyone know where it might be? I think I even saw it just a few days ago.... Thanks! -Astroboy907

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is it possible to make your own radio broadcast?

i think it would pretty funny

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Any recipes for "pritt" sticks?

 Hey guys! (and girls)!                                         Just pondering whether there was any glue stick recipe i could try? I want to try and make my own "pritt" stick style glue.

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