Sorry for the bad title but can you upload a video without having an account on youtube or metacafe or any of those websites? Like directly to instructables? If so please help me out.

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OK....i have checked out how to embed a vid in instructbles... and dont get it...can someone help me and teach me? plz?

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Microphone how?

I was wondering, How could I turn an old speaker into a microphone?

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how to block this? Answered

This ip addresses killing my internet data, how to block this it's receiving data without my permission.  

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How is this possible?

Eric? I think we have a bug... Anyone else notice this?

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This is a 3" cabinet pull. It caught my eye as a super steam punk component. Just imagine it with two LEDs inside the cage. Anyway how is it made ? That unit is magnetic, has 8/32 cabinet threads, solid otherwise and the cage appears 3/4 rotated This object would be perfect for 3-D printing.

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How to hack? Answered

I wanna learn ethical hacking, can u guys suggest some sites or something which teach? preferable for free? thanks for ur time! :)

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How is

Okay, I needed to buy some parts to build one of those huge Jeopardy tables with the buttons and the lights and all the little wazooos. However, I can only find that has those huge 100mm push buttons, and they also have a arduino relay shield i want. Anyone ever buy from them before? How is their service and shipping response? I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP CAUSE THE CANADIAN STATION HAD SOME BAD REVIEWS

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How to Publish?

I have completed the entry form; embedded the YouTube code in proper place. After logging into Instructables, clicking on You Page, the drop-down menu displays Drafts (1) ..., clicking on Drafts (1) a window displays my entry with a checkbox preceding the entry, I click checkbox then click on the (publish) link and a new window appears that has three tabs. Current tab is Edit. Clicking on Publish fogs the page and the window returns to Edit. I have a Title and have placed a description as well. There is no alteration tried that ends with publication. If I click on preview - the proper video appears along with a Comment. I have been attempting various methods to publish since Friday, March 29th, including changes in browsers, and computers. I am stumped. I have finally answered my own question: One needs to place something in every box, i.e., Description, embed, and a graphic image. And place Tags. Then depress Upload Files. At that point it was self explanatory. Sometimes I am unable to see the tree in the forest. Maybe this may help another.

Question by kativsk 

How should I wire this all together?

Hey guys, me again bugging ya's. I took some pictures today of some stuff I've put together and I want to know how I should wire it together to do something useful with it. Take a look at the pictures below, my questions are mostly in the yellow notes. I have another question though, I have this here 6v sealed lead acid battery and was wondering if it's possible to charge it using a current less than 6v?

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Need to UNSUBSCRIBE Answered

I need to unsubscribe as I do not wish to continue.   Thanks

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how to make an inductor?and how much it (uH)? Answered

I want to make a flyback driver, i need inductor 200 uH

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how do u post an instructable Answered

How to u post a good instructable without having problems. if anyone finds the awnser privete mesege me .

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How did this happen? How is mine not better? Answered

This is my idea: This is the other idea: The second idea was a finalist in a contest on Instructables. I was also in the contest with the first idea. I was wondering exactly how this was a finalist over mine? My idea was the same thing, but improved. It was even entered before his! My idea featured some of the things that people commented as an improvement in his instructable. The only thing I can think of is maybe the simplicity of design? Mine has more to it than just a secret box though, and it was far more concealed.

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how do i change my screen name?

How do i change my screen name

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how do you do a collaboration with another member? Answered

Id like to make an instructable with another member.

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How can i win 1st prize contest? (Is it a luck?)

What can i do something to win a contest? Do i need to do something really hard like something looking great? Can somebody tell a know how? And i'm living in another country (not in america) but can i get a prize?

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hello Sir i need vpn server how i gate?

I need vpn server like this

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how many small dc motors can an arduino uno control

How many small dc motors can an arduino uno control  when I am wirellesly sending controls from anther arduino uno by nrf24l01 modules  I want to get the maximum amount of motors abled to control

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Hey guys keep your eye out for a cool new site called Howcast - video how to on everything.

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need help design robot

How to build easy pick and place robot..what are the parts,circuit or anything to make this kind of robot..any website or references....plzz for my final project...

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Y'all seen WikiHows?


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ipad case?

Is there any good ipad cases that protect and any stick stubstinc that i can stick on my ipod/ipad?

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how to organize resistors?

I need some help organizing resistor. i have a ton of resistors but have no idea how to organize them. any ideas?

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How do I?

 How do I turn a word into a link to a website or such. Like if someone says "Look up here" and they turn the "here" into a link. How can I do this?

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how to make a Levitron ? Answered

Plz help !

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How to Create

Here's an idea - an Instructable about how came to be Made by the Instructables Staff in their spare time. The first step would be the original idea. Then how some of the staff came to be a part of Instructables, how scripting started, how Instructables has changed and so on..... Oh Oh! And how the Instructables Robot came to be!!!!

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How to wire this laser? Answered

Hey Guys, I recently needed a laser for a project and as the electronics store had none i thought why non to extract one from a cheap laser diode. So....i got a laser peeled back the casing and got it. But the problem is that it doesnt work. Most probably because one of the contacts doesnt seem to be attached to the laser. Pics have been uploaded. Not that the lower contact doesnt seem to be connected with the rest (p.s it had a spring which used to come in contact with the underside of the button cells. I was wondering if any of you could help me.

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How to use a transformer?

How to use a transformer?

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how to make turbines?

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how to make a battery?

How to create electric battery?

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how RSS works??

How "Really Simple Syndication" Works for any website??

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how are cyclones formed? Answered

I wanted to know how is a cyclone formed.

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How to make an ebook?

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how to build a contest?

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How to use a mixer?

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How to render in synfig?

 Ive made an animation in synfig but don't no how to render it please help

Question by Jawa888 

How to increase amps?

I heard ampere could be increased by capacitor. If true then how to do it???

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how to make webcam?

Question by shoibuza   |  last reply

how to repair UPS?


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how to make robot?

Question by the ghost-r   |  last reply

how does this work? Answered

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how to build an inverter

I want to know how to build an inverter upto 5kva

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