how to search answered or not the question one asked? Answered

At the moment what i know to search is to scroll along the array of question to find the answer to my question.

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that piece is this? (image, electronics) Answered

Well, I wonder what electronics part is that I have, seems to be an integrated circuit progamavel, found her in a radio circuit.   It is written: SAMSUNG S603V S1A0426CO2-SO          KD8025G And I would like to know how to search on the internet specific parts like this

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Contest FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here at Instructables we run a ton of contests! We also get asked a ton of questions about those contests. Below is a list of the contest questions we get asked most frequently and also some questions that we feel could use a little more explaining. (Let’s be honest - reading the official rules is not fun.)Please ask addition questions in this forum topic - I'm sure there are some we have not covered!Important links: List of upcoming contestsContest suggestionsPrize suggestions General Contest Questions How do you choose which contests to run?We do this in a few different ways.Contests are planned based on past contest themes, what’s trending in search, which categories/channels need a little love, new site features or if there’s a certain type of content we want. Contest ideas also come from staff meetings and through the official contest idea forum topic.I have an idea for a contest! How do I tell you guys?Please post here and let us know! We can’t run all of them, but we love seeing the ideas you guys come up with. How do I win a contest?Post something awesome! Check out this collection of tutorials that will tell you how to write a great instructable. Why do Instructables employees enter the contests?We enter contests to set the bar and give an example of the type of entries we want in the contests. We're not able to win them, though!It's important to note that several employees were authors on the site before they worked here, though, so you might see some wins in our achievements! :) Entering Contests Can I enter if my country is not listed in the official rules?Yes! You can definitely enter.However, you must have a mailing address in an eligible country to win. If you have a friend in the US or another eligible country that can receive your prize, go ahead and enter!You can read more about our progress to add more countries to the eligible shipping locations here. I live in -----, why can't I enter?!Chances are your country has incredibly strict laws regarding gambling, sweepstakes and contests. We try our best to play by the rules, and if we can't meet the minimum requirements to run a contest in your country, we don't run them there!That's the easy answer. The hard answer is that it's very complicated and involves lots of risk and scary legal language. Why isn't my entry showing up in the contest? I entered three minutes ago!Real humans look at each entry! This means it take take a while sometimes. We work standard office hours, 9-5ish PST. We tend to moderate first thing in the morning, Monday-Friday.If you enter at the end of the work day or over the weekend, you may have to wait until the next business day to be accepted. Why can I only enter one contest with one Instructable?It’s all the spirit of fairness. In the past, we've had popular instructables sweep multiple contests with huge wins. This new rule will allow more authors to win! Why was I rejected from the contest?The number one reason for this is not fitting the contest theme - we try our best to explain the sorts of entries we’re looking for on the main page of each contest, so double check your eligibility there.We also sometimes make mistakes or encounter bugs during the approval/denial process. (Checking the wrong box, clicking the wrong button, breaking the back end of the site) It’s rare, but it happens! We’re human and can’t help it, but we do our best to right those mistakes as soon as we know they happened! Why can’t I enter an instructable I published before the start date into the contest?We want to see NEW and exciting content built just for the contest. If we allowed old instructables in, we’d just see the same things over and over again. Plus, the number entries in the contests would make it very hard to choose finalists and winners.Keep in mind that simply republishing an old project will not make it eligible - we check for that. ;) Can I edit my Instructable after it's entered in a contest?Short answer: YES!Long answer: You can make any modifications you want to an Instructable that's already entered! We get so many entries that there's absolutely no way we'd be able to police it even if we wanted to - but it's never something we want to discourage.Improvement is always a good thing as far as I'm concerned. :)However, we must caution you: it's best to get those changes done before voting closes. The voting period matters the most because that's the time that we start looking into picking finalists.Another slightly related caveat: don't publish a mostly empty instructable and try to fill it after the contest ends. We're starting to see this happen more often, always with a promise that updates are coming. You can never tell when we'll be reviewing it as a possible finalist, so chances are you'll get overlooked going about it that way. We are currently looking at 50-300 entries per contest, so anything incomplete doesn't stand a chance these days! Finalist & Winner Selection When are the finalists selected?Finalists are selected starting the Tuesday after the contest closes. The finalist selection process normally ends Thursday of the same week, depending on how tricky the contest is and how many people give input. How are finalists selected?Finalists are selected by site staff based on the following criteria: clarity, ingenuity, creativity, quality of presentation, and execution of the Instructable (as noted in each contests' official rules section). You can make your instructable stand out further by including the following: Good photos! Pretty photos put you five steps ahead of all the other entries already, honestly. We're going to want to click through and look at it as soon as we see it if it's pretty! Good explanation of both WHAT the project is and HOW you made it. Sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what we're looking at. (Personally, if I have to spend several minutes staring at photos and reading to understand it, I'm not very excited about it anymore.) Try to convey the project through both photos and video if it's needed. For example - if it's a rocket, upload a video of it in action! A good story! I read more projects than you could ever imagine every month. I love it when an author takes time to explain why they made the project, or documents the errors they made along the way. That makes an instructable so much more enjoyable to read. :) Citing your sources/inspirations - look, we realize there's hardly an original idea on the internets anymore, so we can't fault you for that. But it's only fair to give credit where credit is due. We like that. Plus, it sometimes makes for an awesome story. Creativity! Look, I cannot even begin to tell you how many paracord bracelets, Altoid tin survival kits and Iron Man arc reactors I have looked at. My eyes glaze at the thought. Don't just go for the common and easy, take that project and put a new spin on it!!Relation to prize. In some contests, we offer a Judges Prize. Entries that qualify for this prize are also taken into consideration. We always suggest authors read their own work with an objective eye. Does it make sense if you aren’t familiar with the subject already? Did you provide enough description? Are the photos understandable? How many finalists are there?To find this out easily, go to the contest page and look at the total number of prizes to be awarded. The number of finalists for a given contest will match the number of total prizes. Why wasn't my project chosen as a winner/finalist?This can happen for all kinds of reasons, honestly. See the "How are finalists selected?" question above for a more in depth explanation of what we're looking for.The most important thing to stress is that we are going through TONS of entries for every contest, so it's important to set yourself apart. Choose a clear and concise title, tell us a story, share great photos, explain the project well. If there are projects similar to yours in the contest already, make sure your project exceeds theirs in awesomeness. Also remember that competition is fierce in the contests - there are always a LOT of amazing entries. When it comes down to selecting winners sometimes it's the little things because when you're comparing awesome to awesome the little things are all you can look at. So be detailed orientated when writing your instructable. Judging Who judges the contests?This is typically a mix of Instructables staff and authors on the site (your peers!). Each contest is normally assigned 10-50 judges.Lately we’ve had an average of 15-20 judges complete the process. I always try to add as many judges as possible, because more judges means the judging is more fair and helps to reduce bias. How can I help judge a contest?If you’re interested in helping us judge, check out this forum topic! To judge, you must have published at least one Instructable.We send out PMs to judges on the Friday after a contest closes. How do I judge a contest/access the judging ballot?We’ve written up an Instructable over it! You can find it here: you're added to the list of judges, you’ll be able to access the ballot. Prizes How do you pick prizes? Can I suggest prizes?We've got a pretty small budget prize here, so it's a mix of trying to be frugal but still give you guys something fancy. We try to order most of our prizes from because they have reliable shipping and tons of options.If you'd like to suggest an awesome prize, do it here! I don't like these prizes, can I trade?Short answer: nope!Long answer: we choose prizes well ahead of time and order prizes at the start of the contest (for 95% of what we run) and we don’t make substitutions. We typically have anywhere from 100-250 winners a month (and increasing all the time!), so it’s not feasible to give choices and sub things out. Only three of us on staff work with ordering the prizes and shipping them out, so that would be lots of work!However, we have allowed winners to switch prizes with another winner on occasion (both parties must agree and let us know before we ship them!) and we’re fine with you selling your prize somewhere else. How do I get my prize if I win?When contest winners are announced, we’ll send you a message with a form to fill out. Make sure to fill this out completely and remember that we require a phone number and that we can’t ship to P.O. boxes.Winners are responsible for any trade tax or tariffs incurred for shipping to your location. We cannot reduce the value of the prize so you pay less tax (nice try, though, you sneaky hobbit!!). When will my prize ship?We try to ship prizes as soon as possible! 75% of our contests have prizes that are easily shipped right away and you should receive notification of shipment within a week or so.Sometimes we do have to order items AFTER the contest ends or wait for a sponsor to ship the items. If we think there will be a delay, we’ll let the winners know. We’ve been trying very hard to make sure we’re reaching out and updating winners about prize statuses.Also: VERY IMPORTANT - the sooner all winners give us their contact info, the sooner we can make big orders of custom sizes. Sometimes there’s a huge delay just because we’ve got one straggler. Be a good winner and let us give you prizes, dangit!!

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how to crack a wepkey?

I some how locked my self out of my router and i dont know wat the wep key or net work security key is there a way to crack the wep key? and i tried to reset the router and it still asks for a key

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How to troubleshooting counter?

We had a problem troubleshooting our project "Counter"? We had set it to count to 0 to 9. But the only output we get is 2 and 3. I would like to ask, what would be the possible errors due to the outputs. Thank you in advance. We really appreciate your answer.

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How to start into PIC? Answered

Hey friends! Yesterday my uncle gave me an old pic16f72 microcontroller. I am a beginner to arduino and have written few programs myself but PIC is absolutely obsolete to me. I want to ask that is pic a standalone ic to program or it need other hardware. Also in which language are these programmed. Plz tell me all the basics. Thanks! :)

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where to learn electronics online? Answered

Hi every one i just want to ask you where can i learn electronics on internet before i enter the college i have only 8 months

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How would I know when a Capacitor is needed in an electronics project? Answered

I am just beginning to learn electronics as a hobby. The biggest confusion I have at the moment is how to know when I need to use a capacitor. What Questions should I be asking my self? If a capacitor is needed what factors determine the type/size of capacitor I would need?

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how to build an portable n64?

Hey i cant just open my system and i need to ask what kind of screen could be used

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how to download a pdf file?

When ever i want to download any project  in pdf file it asks me to login.....after login also i cannot download a pdf file

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Can somebody tell me how these circuits works ?

These circuits are TX and RX 433MHz RF module. Can somebody tell me how these circuit works ? and can somebody show me its block diagram ?

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I'm looking for a project but don''t know how to ask or search for it...?

I work for a campus security office and wanted to make a map of the campus with led's that interact with out call box system so if a student used a call body the location would light up on the map. I just don't know how to ask for it....

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How to watch large pictures? Answered

How to watch large pictures? In some steps the pictures are small, when I click the small picture, the system asks me to log in. But I cannot watch the large picture after log in.

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how to bypass a password on an nec lt280 projector?

Hi, have purchased a second hand nec lt280 projector, have tried to use, but is password protected, i asked the people i bought it from, they said they dont have password, asked nec, they wont help. When i turn projector on it asks for password straight away, i cant get any further, can anyone help?  Cheers....

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How to operate this camera? Answered

Hi! I got something to show! Just see the pictures below it's an camera. My friend got its form a bus i think it's a security camera. He just snatched it out from the bus cause it's wires was disconnected from the bus. Then he gave it to me but i can't figure out the way i can use it so i thought of asking you people first before taking any action. this camera has three wires out two are power cables with 12 volts DC input and  one  "VO"  wire is also there it's yellow in color i think it's video out but i don't know where to connect it. Can any one give me the simplest way for connecting it to my T.V ? OR ANY OTHER WAY ?

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how to unpublish an instructable ? (solved)

Hi.I'm sure someone asked it before, but I can't find the forum or the answer ...Please.I would like to unpublish an instructable about which I'm not really happy (someone posted a better and more reliable one), but I can't find where is the "unpublish" button.Any idea about how to proceed ???=o)

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how to build a coil gun

Good day , I would like to build a coil gun but I don't want to use the disposable camera method I want to build my circuit from scratch  , I'm asking for some guidance , can you help me please 

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Asking a servo to sweep on an obstacle avoidance car?

I am just a few weeks into learning how these things work, and as such, have primarily been looking at coding from examples and getting them to fit with what I am doing.  Here's the setup.  We (my students and I) have built an elegoo 4 wheeled arduino platform car.  Primarily, we are using it to autonomously move around the classroom, however we've found that the ultrasonic sensor just isn't cutting it.  We've added an optical sensor, which helps, and I've figured out the coding on getting that working.  Now, we are looking at having the servo holding the ultrasonic sensor to sweep 45 degrees to the left, then 45 to the right, and repeat.  We feel that we may be able to prevent some wall crashes and chair crashes that happen when the car comes in at an angle.  Here is the code we have now. The ABS and ACS numbers are different to account for the variances in motor manufacturing (the car wouldn't drive straight if all motors were spun up at the same speed).  We do have a second arduino hooked up mainly to control the LED's the kids added, but that code and board does not affect anything for this code and board. #include Servo myservo; int Echo = A4;  int Trig = A5; int in1 = 6; int in2 = 7; int in3 = 8; int in4 = 9; int ENA = 11; int ENB = 5; int ABS = 120; int ACS = 115; int angle = 0; const int avoidPin = 10; int rightDistance = 0,leftDistance = 0,middleDistance = 0 ; void _mForward() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,LOW); digitalWrite(in2,HIGH); digitalWrite(in3,LOW); digitalWrite(in4,HIGH); Serial.println("go forward!"); } void _mBack() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,HIGH); digitalWrite(in2,LOW); digitalWrite(in3,HIGH); digitalWrite(in4,LOW); Serial.println("go back!"); } void _mright() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,LOW); digitalWrite(in2,HIGH); digitalWrite(in3,HIGH); digitalWrite(in4,LOW); Serial.println("go right!"); } void _mleft() { analogWrite(ENA,ABS); analogWrite(ENB,ACS); digitalWrite(in1,HIGH); digitalWrite(in2,LOW); digitalWrite(in3,LOW); digitalWrite(in4,HIGH); Serial.println("go left!"); } void _mStop() {   digitalWrite(ENA,LOW);   digitalWrite(ENB,LOW);   Serial.println("Stop!"); } int Distance_test()   {   digitalWrite(Trig, LOW);     delayMicroseconds(2);   digitalWrite(Trig, HIGH);    delayMicroseconds(20);   digitalWrite(Trig, LOW);     float Fdistance = pulseIn(Echo, HIGH);    Fdistance= Fdistance/58;         return (int)Fdistance; }  void setup() {   myservo.attach(3);   Serial.begin(38400);       pinMode(Echo, INPUT);      pinMode(Trig, OUTPUT);   pinMode(avoidPin, INPUT);    pinMode(in1,OUTPUT);   pinMode(in2,OUTPUT);   pinMode(in3,OUTPUT);   pinMode(in4,OUTPUT);   pinMode(ENA,OUTPUT);   pinMode(ENB,OUTPUT);    _mStop(); } void loop() {   boolean avoidVal = digitalRead (avoidPin);       myservo.write(90);     delay(500);     middleDistance = Distance_test();     #ifdef send     Serial.print("middleDistance=");     Serial.println(middleDistance);     #endif     if((middleDistance<=50) || (avoidVal==LOW))     {           _mStop();       delay(500);                               myservo.write(5);                delay(1000);            rightDistance = Distance_test();       #ifdef send       Serial.print("rightDistance=");       Serial.println(rightDistance);       #endif       delay(500);        myservo.write(90);                    delay(1000);                                                        myservo.write(180);                    delay(1000);       leftDistance = Distance_test();       #ifdef send       Serial.print("leftDistance=");       Serial.println(leftDistance);       #endif       delay(500);       myservo.write(90);                    delay(1000);       if(rightDistance>leftDistance)        {         _mright();         delay(180);        }        else if(rightDistance        {         _mleft();         delay(180);        }        else if((rightDistance<=50)||(leftDistance<=50) || (avoidVal=LOW))        {         _mBack();         delay(180);        }        else        {         _mForward();        }     }      else         _mForward();                     }

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How to run Ardublock in Ubuntu

I wanted to ask a question to the community of instructables, hoping to solve my problem: I've been trying for a few days to integrate ardublock with arduino 1.5.8 within Xubuntu. All attempts that I made following the various indications,:   but I had no success! After changing the destination folder schetch and open the Arduino, again I get the message: "the schetch folder no longer exists. Arduino will use the default location and create a new folder if needed .... at which point Arduino stops talking about himself in the third person. " And finally the arduino opens usual way without integrating into the ardublock folder. I understand that this explanation is a little vague but if anyone from these clues can figure out the error I will be grateful; I remain waiting and ready to give further study to ask them about me. Thank you all for your attention   Torx

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What to ask when buying a laser cutting machine?

Hello, I am new to laser cutting machines, I need some guidelines, I need laser cutter to cut fabric or engrave wood and plastic, I contacted a manuacturer is China and they have a 40 Watt machine with 60cm X 40cm cutting area, for approx. $4000 (Canadian) the same type of machine here in Canada is approx. $12,000+ tax, so why the Chinese machine is so much cheaper ? quality ? but how bad could it be?? my main question is what do I need to know when I am buying a laser cutter? and what shall I ask the Chinese manufacturer to make sure I am geting the right machine.

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How can I feed a world map in a robot and make it understand what I would be asking it?

I want someone to help me out that how can I feed a world map and can I know that how  can I make my robot understand what I would be asking it  because I want it to trace all the places on the map which I would be asking it.

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How to harness the energy in snow

I found a thread that asked this question previously on instructables but the author wanted to harness the kinetic energy of falling snow, and many of the criticisms involved the unpredictability of when snow will fall.I am specifically curious if it is possible to create a machine to remove snow that uses the energy of the snow itself. Ideally, it would melt the snow and use the water or steam to power itself.The things Canadian winters do to the mind...

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Haunted computer.

The other day I was working on my computer files when this weird thing happend. My screen flashed and my computer crashed. OF coarse i lost all of my files. But then when I logged back on, I had this picture as my background.Either my computer is haunted, or someone hacked it. But either would you take almost like a screenshot while you are working on the computer?And what does this picture mean?PS THOSE OF YOU LOOKING AT THIS AFTER THE DATE OF 4/29/08 AT 3:20 I NO LONGER NEED YOU TO COMMENT ON THIS PROBLEM. YOU MAY FEEL FREE TO USE THIS PAGE AS A CHAT ZONE, OR TO ASK ME QUESTIONS.

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how much would this cost all toghther?

Im just asking how much money you need to actually make it.

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Antenna for 434 MHz ASK RF transmitter module? Answered

Hi, I have these few questions regarding aerials that can be used with a 434 MHz ASK RF Transmitter module.  (data sheet of the transmitter) 1)The recommended length for the antenna is 17 cm,which is a quarter of the wavelength. Will using a 34 cm antenna(half wavelength) enhance the range of transmission? Will it get even better for 3/4 th and full wavelength long antennas? 2)Should the antenna be a monopole? Can I use a helical one instead(picture attached)? What are the ideal dimensions of a helical antenna(with respect to its wavelength) for maximum range ? Should the antenna of the receiver be of the same type or can I have a helical transmitter antenna and monopole receiver antenna ,both of same length? 3)Does Copper traces on the printed circuit board between the antenna pin of the transmitter and the actual antenna,add to the total length of the antenna? If the answer to the previous question is yes,can using coaxial cables to connect the antenna pin to the antenna prevent this from happening? 4)Should the antenna be installed perpendicular relative to the plane of the circuit board?Has it got anything to do with grounding or anything? Should the antenna be grounded too and if so how?(I am a bit confused with this part) 5)Can having the antenna in close proximity to step down transformers and ics ,produce undesired results?

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how to follow someone or group on instructables?

I want to ask when i follow someone or any group after 1 min its remove from my what is the produce of following someone or following any group?and why its remove from my list..?

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How to power tesla coil? Answered

I asked a similar question and I still didn't managed to get a spark. I want the simplest way to build and power this tesla coil  Now I have : -5 layden jars -1 MMC -1 primary 5t -1sec 500t -1 zvs (dc out at 30kv) -1 ignition coil -5 timers -1 MOT -2 capacitors for MOT at 0.98uF -2 diodes for MOT

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Arduino Metal Detector[HOW TO]?

Hello. I LOVE treasure hunting, but I don't have enough money to buy a metal detector.. Yesterday I bought an Arduino Duemilanove on ebay, the only thing I know is taht its an Atmega 328. Does anyone have any tutorial on how to build it? Please don't give me schematics because I have a bad time reading them, as I'm a mechanic not an electrician. So, I need a tutorial that explains the circuit and the code too. I know I ask much but I really want this metal detector really bad..

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How to regulate amprage for a combat robot

Hi everyone I am currently in the process of designing a combat robot with a max weight limit of 250lbs. the current drivetrain motors that I am using need 200 amps minimum to move the robot if fully loaded to 250lbs. The max stall amperage the motor will draw (when the stall torque is reached) is 856 amps I can not currently find an electronic speed controller that can safely handle that many amps or is in my price range. So my thought was to buy a 300-400 amp ESC and then set up an amperage regulator so that if the motor stalls and asks the ESC for more then 300-400 amps (whichever I decide to buy) when it asks the battery for that many amps the regulator will either block the current or only allow a safe amount of amps to the speed controller. I'm very new to detailed electrical side of this stuff so I don't know what exactly I'm looking for or where to find it. I would use a fuse but if the fuse blows in the middle of a match then I cant move which will cause me to lose by KO so what ever I do it must limit how many amps the speed controller can draw from the battery and then after it no longer asks for that many amps it allows it to function as normal. Thanks Guys!!  

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How to convert dc to ac? Answered

Hi! Can anybody tell me how to convert dc to ac i actually want to convert 9volts dc to 9 - 7 volts ac cause i need to supply this ac voltage to a step-up transformer so that it will convert it into 200volts the real problem is when i provide 9volts dc to the step-up transformer it only gives out 41volts in output but when i gave it 9volts ac from another transformer it gives out 200volts ac and that's what i need but i need it to be battery powered so i need to convert the 9volts dc supply from the battery to 9 or less volts ac that's all i want to ask how to do it!

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Batch file help

Hello everybody I am starting to get into batch files and so on. I am trying to make a program that will copy different files depending on what the user wants. Would anybody know where I can find some good turituals or a ( free)program that will make the codes for me ? I need to Figure out how to make a menu. The options need to copy certain files from a floppy (a) to the desktop. Is there anyway for me to make shortcuts in a folder of all the shared folders without knowing there names ? Codes and links are much appreciated The below image is as far as I have gotten

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The perfect question? Answered

I came across this today - It seemed to illustrate the perfect question.

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How do I get started in Electronic Circuit Engineering? Answered

I have been teaching my self the basics of Electronics in the past month and I think that I am far enough along that I want to start teaching my self what goes into a circuit.  I understand the fundamental stuff, the basic parts and pieces and now I am trying to find some books that explains a circuit.  Take for example a 2 transistor LED flasher. I can build this circuit from memory and is simple enough and you can find many diagrams of it on the web. What I cannot find is someplace that explains step by step the processes occurring that make it actually flash.  The above mentioned circuit is simple enough for me to understand what is going on, but I am not talking about that one circuit in particular. I guess what I am after is a guide that teaches me how to read what a circuit is doing, and for what purpose a component is needed for in a circuit. I hope I was clear in my question, I wasn't really sure exactly how to ask. 

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how are the pins on a ic numbered?

I have been trying to make cylon light bar thing. but it isn't working, all the wires an connections are done according to what is said and i asked my neighbour to have a look he is a electrician and he was surprised it didn't go as well. its the NE555  i put it togther. looking down on the plastic.     ______ 1-| o  U    |-8 2-|            |-7 3-|            |-6 4-|_____|-5 was that the wrong way? i have seen other circuit diagrams and the pin numbers where not like that. thank you oh and also is some solder non-conductive? and can you burn wires and make them useless? i don't think i could have fried the chip i getting pro at quick soldering.

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How can I import stock option prices into Matlab automatically (without copy pasting)?

How can I import that bid and ask for diffrent stock options from a site such as yahoo finance into matlab without manually copying and pasting and editing the information? I Don't need historical data, only the current bid and ask. thank you

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how do you post app feedback?? Answered

I was on an app called igun pro, and there is some guns on it, and i wanted to ask if they could put a certain one on. im just not sure exactly where the app feedbox is. can anyone help?

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How did he know this was made in china? Answered

  My friend says this needle / stylus is made in china because I asked if it was dirty and why it is green.  SO, why is it green? Is it dirty? ....AND ......Is it made in China?    Please and Thank you :)

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How do I get to the iTunes Store?

I have iTunes 10, and there're some wacky parental controls on my computer (it's using the Windows Vista parental controls, I think) and I want to be able to get to the store.  I know how to approve things, I just don't want to allow everything Internet-related, and the first time I opened it it asked for permission to use some parts of iTunes, but I was in a rush and hit cancel.  Now it won't come up again, and I can't figure out how to reach the store.  (Sorry if this was confusing...  just ask me to explain more if needs be)

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BLE Beacon finder, how to ?

Hi everyone,I am mechanical engineering student and haven't expertise in difficult circuits, so I am here to ask for your helps guys!I am working on a personal project in which i want to create the smallest BLE Bluetooth device possible which could be charged by induction. What i want is just to connect this device to my smartphone.I did some research and i came up with the following components : Qunqi-HM-11-Bluetooth BLE (1.7 V to 3.6 V) Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3V or 3.7 V ) TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger (5V, With micro USB) Wireless Charging Module 5V/300mA (SKU:DFR0363 Brand:DFRobot)So my questions are : Is the TP4056 required to charge with the wirless charging module ? Are those compnents can work together ? Is it possible to make all those components in one PCB by designing it ?Thank you very much,Nabil

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my laptop hinge breaks to fix it?

My lenovo Y510 laptop's right hand side hinge breaked.................... how to fix it fair that i open the case and try to fix service provider asks RS5000(1$=45RS) for fixing it............what shoud i do now???????????

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How hard is epoxy wood filler? Answered

I've asked quite a few questions regarding prop building, as to try and get back to my project. Major issue is the VOC of body filler and fiberglass resin. However, I think I found a soultion to it. I was curious as to how hard epoxy wood filler is once cured. Is it something that (god forbid) if coated onto something, and said something is dropped, will the epoxy be damaged? How hard is it work with (ie, can I heat it up to make it 'thinner')? Thanks in advance! 

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how to decrease the impedance from a battery ?

If i have a battery that give me 16 M ohm and i would like to decrease the amount to a 1 ohm , if i try and put an inductor in parallel with the battery , it does decrease the amount , but the inductor and the battery get hot and may do damage , so i'm looking for a converter maybe to connect a battery to power transistor and then to an inductor or a transformer , not to increase voltage but to decrease impedance , anyone can help me through this? thank you

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How to use a 3DS screen

Hi everyone! I have a spare  working 3DS screen (a friend of mine thought that her screen was broken, so she ordered a new one, and it turns out the problem wasn't solved so it didn't came from the screen, and she told me I could keep it if I wanted to). I'd like to know how I could use it in various projects, for debugging or for a more long term use. I don't need 3D (anyway I assume this wouldn't be possible unless I write a driver). Is it possible to add a VGA port? A HDMI or USB (I don't think that USB screens exists, but hey, we're on Instructables, everything is possible here ^^) Thanks for your help Please keep in mind that my knowledge in Electronics is not huge, as I study it for only two years in college, and now I only study Computer Technology. And also note that I'm French, I know my English speaking isn't perfect, so feel free to ask me to clarify any point that is not correct in your language

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How to make a lazy susan for 3D scanning people?

I wanna ask if someone's familiar how to make a lazy susan for automatically scanning people with a 3D scanner (see the attached photo). Kind regards,

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how to make the photo diode that detect light , to convert it to image?

I want to know how to use a photodiode to detect a light and converting it to an image

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I have been asked to investigate how to make &quot;a crystal stone the size of a tennis ball or a bit larger.&quot; low budget Answered

As part of a very low budget film I have been asked to research how to make a prop from the following specification "We need a crystal stone the size of a tennis ball or a bit larger.  It can be any shape but it must have colour (real of illuminated)." The reference has been given as a Copper Sulphate Crystal we are an a deadline for mid Feb so any help would be fantastic I have added reference pictures also All responses gratefully received Regards Peter?

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How to build a Video Booth?

I am a spanish guy who wanna surprise my brother in his wedding with a video Booth... i was checking prices with Spanish companies which are specialized on this topic,,, But it is crazy expensives... Then i found this website full of creativity and amazing instruction of how to build a photobooth..So i realized my dream is possible!!! What i wanna know it is if someone knows a Software of video records that i can use to build my "dreamed videobooth". I have all the covers and the system..but i am missing one of the most important part. I want the guess press a buttton which make record 30 second clip and stop... I dont wanna be tied up to the Video Booth the whole wedding so I wish the button doesn´t let them to record longer videos than 30 second clip ( I know people on wedding get drunk and they will forget to push the button "Stop" so the memory of the camera will be full, and at the same time 30 second if enough time to leave a nice or funny message and not make it too heavy)  It is the first time i am using as member this webside so apologyze if this is not the correct way to ask a question.... thank u very much to all of u CREATIVE PEOPLE!!

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