Headphone showdown

I'm currently in a dilemma over the next pair of headphones I'm buying. Does anyone have anything bad to say about certain ones? (Or better yet good things). The three I've narrowed down to are: - Solo HD's  from beats     - These are a tad more expensive, but I personally like them and have heard great things.     - Detachable cord     - Great sound     - Most expensive (119USD) - Skullcandy Lowriders    - I've gotten mixed reviews here, some say that they are crap yet I personally know someone who had a pair of these for 3 years and they were still in one piece.   - A little uncomfortable, but durable.   - Decent sound   - Also the cheapest (40USD) - Ifrogz Vertex    - I have a pair of these which are broken, the cord is a tad cheap but the quality is fairly good otherwise.    - Decent sound    - Mid priced (50USD) Thank You - Nerdman

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Ipod headphone connector problem!?

 So, i have the 3rd gen ipod, and the contacts for the connectors to the ribbon cable broke off the ribbon cable... any good sources to get these new headphone connector piece for under $30. Thanks!

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What headphones do you use for your iPods?

What kind of iPod headphones do you use now? For funny, just want to know some body eles use what headphones for their iPods. Show them here.

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Whats the difference between the wiring of ipod headphones and non ipod headphones? Answered

I was trying to make a speaker for an old MP3 player, but the headphones I have wont work...any ideas?

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how to make sharing headphones? Answered

How can you mod headphones to be just like urbanears? and i mean the headphone jack socket on the earpiece to share your music.

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Will Regular Headphones ( Ring Tip Sleeve ) work on a iPod? Answered

I changed out the sound system in a truck one of My friend is going to sell. When I finished He asked Me if I wanted a iPod Nano that He does not use anymore. He used it to plug into his truck stereo and He lost track of the headphones. Being I don't like things stuck in my ears I never got into the iPod thing. My anniversary is coming up in a few days and I though I would give it to my wife since She's into that kind of thing. She has some earbuds for her mp3 player and I was wondering if they would work.

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I want to mod by headphones to be like beats Answered

I have a pair of skull candy headphones and the wire connecting that connects the headphones to my ipod ripped!!! Instead of buying a new pair of headphones I wanted to be able to use a line in kind of cable (like beats by Dr. Dre does) to connect it to my ipod. How can I mod the headphones so I will be able use a line in cable? please help!!!

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Can anyone tell me how to repair the headphone port in a 3rd generation iPod Touch?

Seems to have loosened up, have to hold the jack  just so to have sound on both sides.

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1st gen iPod Shuffle?

There was this one inctructable for adding an iPod shuffle (gen 1) onto headphones, but what if we can rig it so we use one over ear headphone + ipod shuffle mounted, and take out all the shuffle stuff and add bluetooth headset components! that would be ccrazy!

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Fixing a broken headphone port? (iPod touch 3g)? Answered

       I've had an ipod touch for a little over a year now and the left headphone output is no longer audible.  I believe that it is due to a loose or slightly bent contact inside of my iPod, because if i wiggle my headphone connector in the iPod's female audio jack the left side audio will turn on and off.  I have contacted Apple about the iPod (no longer under warranty) and have been told that the cases for iPod touches are crimped together, and so there is no way for them to open the iPod and replace the port.          Any suggestions as to how i could fix my problem? I've been thinking of using a dental tool to pull the contact that is causing me issues outwards, but decided i would ask around before potentially worsening my port. Thanks! -Geo 

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repairing broken sennheiser over ear headphones Answered

My sennheiser over ear headphones have seemt o stop working, the right side still produces sound but the left side does not. any help would be great. Thanks!

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hmmmph , fragile headphones , look this!!! (post spam here!!!1)

Yeah i know is unfair and stuff but look at this

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How do I use my own headphones with the new 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle?

As you know, or if you don't, the new iPod shuffles have a proprietary setup going on with only two kinds of headphones being able to be used with it.( Both of which are sold by Apple and are expensive and only mediocre) How can I use my own headphones or even an FM transmitter with my Shuffle?

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is there a cable that makes the sync port on a ipod nano2nd ind a headphone jack?

my ipod nano 2nd gen headphone jack broke and i was wondering if anyone has a link to make them or to buy one the cable has to go from the wide adapter for like a dock to a headphone jack female

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Connecting headphone jack to standard speaker?

I took a speaker out of an old CD player and I have an old headphone jack with the wire that I want to connect to it. I have done this before but I have one problem: the sound. When I plug it into my Ipod it is only as loud as the headphones were. Would a transistor amplify the sound and make it louder? If so how do I do that with only two wires? I am trying to figure out how to make it louder. Thanks.

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Noise filter on iPod dock

I recently completed a project where i made my own iPod Touch charging dock for a set of PC speakers. While testing it out i noticed there is some background noise/feedback coming through the speakers any time the iTouch is actually charging. Is there any way i can shield against this interference? Or is the proximity of the headphone jack to the iPod connecter to much of a problem to overcome without alterations to the iTouch itself? I've notice this problem before while listening to my iTouch through it's speaker or headphones when it was plugged into a wall charger or PC. https://www.instructables.com/id/Laptop-Speaker-system-with-iPod-Touch-dock/

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I opened the ipod but it is hard to get the headphone plugin out and I'm afraid to break something else?

Head phones only work on one side and I believe its the plug in doughnut..My EMAIL is cricketmanjr@yahoo.com

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how do i fix an mp3 player head phone jack?

I have an ipod and when i try to put the headphone plug in it falls right out buzzes and it is not the headphones

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how to transfer music from one ipod to another?

I have an ipod with good music and its headphone jack is loose so i took my sisters ipod and i want the other music now so how can i do tht?

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ipod jack broken need advice to fixing it Answered

Sadly my ipod touch 3 generations headphone jack broke only allowing me to hear in one ear my question is if there is any way to fix this problem help with this subject is much appreciated thank you

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Amplifying speakers and IC's

I have come to the instructables forum today in search for knowledge. So I have been working on a simple speaker system for my ipod shuffle, the speaker I used is quite old, but was the only one I found laying around. When I plug my ipod into the circuit everything works fine the only problem is that it is barely audible. Is there a way to amplify the sound so I can actually hear it without having to stick my ear right next to it? Pictures of my work so far will be provided. Oh also identifying the IC's included in the gallery would be of utmost help. Thanks in advance.

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Making a speaker? Answered

I have an old speaker that i took from an old alarm clock, so i thought i should make a speaker for my iPod. I also have the headphone jack from an old pair of headphones. What else do i need to make the speaker, and how do i put it all together? I don't have a camera, so i found the best pictures i could on the internet. The speaker has a negative and positive wires coming out of it.

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Wiring some speakers? Answered

I'd like to hook my ipod up to these speakers but I don't know if my ipod wil get fried. I'm going to take headphones, take off the buds, and attach the wires to these big speakers. Can someone tell me if I need a regulator or something to stop my ipod from becoming toast?

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Apple headphone Jack to 2 Speakers

I am trying to attach a apple headphone jack to 2 speakers. Which wires do I have to put where because on the right side there are 3 wires which are the red, copper, and the red and green wire twisted together and on the left side there is the green and the copper and is there anyway that you can control the volume on your ipod from the remote that's on the headphones??

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iPod Cassette Adapter Help?

Hey so I used to use a $30 Dynex Cassette adapter to play my iPod in my tape deck. My deck is a Pioneer KEH-P1010. Anyway, it was a real pain to get it going at first, but then it worked perfectly. I broke the adapter and so I decided to buy a cheap-o $5 "iWorld Cassette Adapter". The three instructions are (literally): 1 - Place the cassette into your car's cassette player. 2 - Insert the audio plug into your iPod®/MP3's headphone jack. 3 - Press play and enjoy your music. Sounds simple enough, right? I've tried it numerous times with my iPod Touch 64gb (same iPod as with the previous adapter) along with my mom's iPod Nano (the newer generation from last year), putting the cassette in both ways (text facing up and down). Each time I try, I can hear the deck spinning as it tries to read the cassette (with a "(---)" flashing on the display), but it always kicks back to the radio. Any thoughts on why this happens or how I can get it to work? A friend of mine had bought the same model (from the same store) and said it worked great (hence my purchasing of it), so I'm sure it should work on some level.

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Ipod Charger/Speaker Build Help

I am attempting to turn a old sansui speaker into a home ipod dock and charger. I know how I could have the charger at the base and the headphones running to the audio, but what I would like to do is have one plug-in (similar to an ihome) that would charge the ipod and play through the speaker. I do realize this may involve putting in an amplifier. how can i pull this off? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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How does impedance effect headphones? Answered

I've decided that I want to buy Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones but they come in three different impedances (and unimportant aesthetic variations).  It comes in 32 ohms ($349), 250 ohms ($260), and 600 ohms ($369).  I've already looked on the internet and it basically said that impedance does not effect sound quality but the MSRP on these differ up to 100+ dollars between models, what gives?  I will mostly be driving these headphones off a laptop and occasionally an ipod. http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/at-home/music-pleasure/dt-990.html

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Best sub $20 in ear headphones with GREAT bass? Answered

Looking for some headphones to replace my Skullcandy buds that broke... I want something with great bass- something that really punches. Preferably with inline volume control- I am using an ipod touch (really love the volume control). I have a pretty small budget, around $20 is my goal, but as I am not an audiophile, they don't need to be perfect :) Just in ear headphones with great bass.

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How I can recycle good broken Headphones into a brand new Custom ones?

Well I have Good DJ Heaphones but I could want to create a custom one like ones of Equestria Girls Vinyl scratch wears, I have a broken sony headphones and it still packs good quality sound how I can use those in my custom headphones? Here's an image I'm using from the MLP Wiki for reference - what are some good ways to build such headphones to match hers from the movie? I know it's not Beats HD by Dre nor Sol Republic those are not the exect matches. I've look at one instructable from my ipod touch but lack some plastic to use. The Sony Headphones foam pads are so worn out I don't wanna use them! The Headphones are Sony MDR-CD60 headphones with Dynamic Stereo. The headphones are gonna be recycled in some way to have a new life onto them, I just removed the broken beams that holds the headband on them. I tore off a speaker from it's wires I'll conver them to ipod speakers soon.

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What ipod charge pinout should i use? Answered

I am trying to build an ipod charger that will charge an ipod at 1amp im not sure what pinout i should use as i will be charging different ipods on it. Mostly a 5g nano, and a 2g touch. occasionaly possibly a 2g nano. have hard of many different methods. 150K ohm resistors, shorting out data pins, using lots of resistors, using few resistors...... could i maybe use line out too on my charger?, what is better quality? headphone jack or line out? thx many times

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How to use ipod screen as raspberry pi monitor?

I have several ipods that more or less seem to have puked on me; i have one-5gen Ipod Video, one Ipod classic and one 16gb gen2 Ipod Touch.  The two former ipods have failed hdd's, but the screens should still theoretically work. The ipod touch is more or less fully functional, minus the speaker/headphone jack. It is also jailbroken.  I wanted to make a super small portable gaming setup with my raspberry pi, and im wondering how (if it is possible) i might be able to salvage one of my ipod screens to use as the display. Does anyone know how? Also, seeing as the raspberry pi has the hdmi output, how would i go about incorporating speakers into the unit as well?

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Help, how do I wire this speaker together? Answered

Hi, I'm doing an A Level project at College, and I'm making an MP3/iPod speaker system. I'm using a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect my iPod to my speaker. I followed these instructions to wire my headphone jack to my speaker, and it worked!: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-wire-a-headphone-jack-to-a-speaker/ However, I want it to be a little louder, and it mentioned using an amplifier between the speaker and the headphone wire. Also I want to use a 9v battery to power my speaker, instead of using my iPod battery. I'm new to electronics. I've got a 6 ohm, 6-10watt speaker. I searched for a cheap amplifier at Maplins, and I've found a 1watt ampilifer kit, would that be ok, would it be enough to boost the volume a little? The reason why I have to buy a cheap one is because I need to stay on a low budget (specification related). So how would I wire/connect the headphone jack, the amplifier, the 9v battery connector and the speaker into one circuit? This is the 1watt amplifier I have found: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=220054 Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll be able to help me :) -Mason

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Audio signal help? Answered

I was going to build Amplifier with Gain = 20 Minimum Parts From this datasheet But I have no Idea how to put the signal on. I think that the signal is Vin (pin 3)  but that is one cable when a headphone has three cables. I know the red wire is right and the blue is left and the other is comm so I onley need 2. Because there is one input I need to make it one cable. Would this work (I will test what resistor I need with a voltmeter later). If I am wrong about there olny being one input can someone explane to me how to wire it.

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help with bluetooth? Answered

Hi i need to connect my ipod dock to my  macbook pro via bluetooth all i need is a little device that can pug into a standard headphone socket and receive audio it will be fine if it only works on pc 

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Motor Music! I accidently got a motor to play music and I dont know how it works. Help?

I was trying to make a motor spin to the beat of the music by plugging it into my ipods headphone jack. But alas, poor Yorrick, it failed, and instead the motor barely spun and the motor vebrated like crazy. Then I noticed that the vibrations were in time with the music. Curiosity overtook me and I put my ear to the motor and heard the music! I could actually hear the guy singing! Apparently I had turned the motor into a speaker, but how? If you might have a solution to my problem, please leave a comment below.

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Trying to resurect some old boom box speakers

I recently took apart an old boom box and salvaged 4 working speakers out of it. Then, I thought it would be fun to mount them in my workshop so I could plug in my ipod and listen to music while I work. I've tested them out and they all worked when I connected the leads to wires from an old pair of headphones. The only problem is there not very loud, so I would like to give them some more power but I'm not sure how to do that. Two of them say 8ohm 3w, on the back and the other 2 say 8ohm 5w, and then I have another random speaker that says 2w, 8ohm, 4w max. So, how much power can those speakers handle (in volts and amps) and how do I hook them up?

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Where can I get a microphone for my iTouch? Answered

I want to get headphones with a mic, a mic adapter, headset, or whatever for my iPod Touch. It's generation is Late 2009, 8gb. Thanks.

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How do I give my speakers more power?

I recently took apart an old boom box and salvaged 4 working speakers out of it. Then, I thought it would be fun to mount them in my workshop so I could plug in my ipod and listen to music while I work. I've tested them out and they all worked when I connected the leads to wires from an old pair of headphones. The only problem is there not very loud, so I would like to give them some more power but I'm not sure how to do that. Two of them say 8ohm 3w, on the back and the other 2 say 8ohm 5w, and then I have another random speaker that says 2w, 8ohm, 4w max. So, how much power can those speakers handle (in volts and amps) and how do I hook them up? Can I just connect them in series with a wall wart and my ipod or do I need to build some sort of amp?

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How would you make a direct link from a phone to an iPod through the TRS jacks to record ringtones? Answered

Hello! This is my first post on this site so I hope it will be a good one! I have both a Samsung Messager and an iPod Touch 4th Gen (I'm not too sure if versions matter in this or not). The phone has a 3.5 mm TRS headphone jack with both three and four conductor capabilities and my iPod has the same. Now, this is the conundrum I am in: My phone has the capabilities to record sound one of two ways, through the built in mic or through the headset (which also has a mic). However, when I do the recording sounds garbled, static-like, and all around horrible. Would there be a way to make a direct link from my iPod to my phone through the TRS jacks? I was thinking that if I did this then the digital sound quality would be much better. Then I could play my iPod, turn on the recording feature on my phone, and easily record the songs as they play. Then I could use those recordings as ringtones. If at all possible I would not like to take apart my phone or iPod but I don't care about the headsets, I have plenty. I have experience in soldering and a bit in cicuitry. Thanks in advance!

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Wiring a USB to speakers

I want to wire a usb female end to my speakers so I can use the ipod connector instead of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, how would I wire it up?, the usb has 4 colored wires red, blk, wht, grn, and a bare wire. My speaker wires have 1 pos. and 1 neg.  So, how would I wire the usb to work?.

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FM Transmitter

My wife has a real small FM transmitter that snaps on to her iPod and streams her music in stereo to her car speakers.  I only have the iPod nano which only has a headphone jack, it doesn't have the standard iPod connector. I was looking to see if there's an easy instructable that can make a nice sounding FM stereo transmitter.  The only thing I could find was this one: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Micro-FM-Transmitter/721/1  and I'm not sure it's transmits in stereo.  Pretty sure the one my wife has doesn't use the coil method either. Anyway, is there something else that I can be pointed to as a starting point?  I was thinking of maybe sticking the whole thing into a small altoids box and I can use it in my car.  I didn't know if that project is the only real one out there. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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OggVOSH: The (soon-to-be) Open-Source Ogg Vorbis Player

I've been eying the VS1000, a little bitty chip that is basically an all-in-one Ogg Vorbis player, just add a crystal & memory. Its so beutiful, so tiny yet so complex... it even has a great default firmware. I've finnally got around to making this. I'm sending the PCB off to be made, and getting parts to prototype. Stats? Size: 2.19"x1.48", roughly twice the size of a new shuffle, or half the size of a new nano. I haven't figured out depth, but it uses li-on batteries, so it will not have a lump on the back, it should be comparably thin.Capacity: uses microSD cardsConnections: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, microSD card, and miniUSB. Via miniUSB, you can charge the battery, as well as read/write to the SD card.Audio Support: Only Ogg Vorbis, but then again, it is the best codec, you can convert everything to it ;-) Max bit rate: 500 (beat that Apple!)No screen :-(Cost:This is tricky. For me, if I didn't buy any spare parts, its going to cost me $100. If I had an SD card, it'd only be $80. If I semi-mass produce them (more than 20), I know I can cut at least $10 off that price.So, it pretty much beats the Daisy, our, the OS/DIY community's, current audio device all around. Except one thing... it isn't a beginners project, involving nearly all SMD components, the only exception being the headphone jack. And the main chip is a bit of a pain to solder -- 12 pins on each 1 cm side ;-)Still, I think this is promising... along with my micro-POV... in making things smaller, like the "real" devices :P

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How to hook up a microphone to sound responsive led circuit?

I want to make a deadmau5 helmet for a friend, and i want the eyes to light up. i have an old circuit saved from speakers like this: http://i1.expansys.com/img/b/127994/premier-systems-travel-ipod-speakers.jpg except the speakers light up in response to music. I gutted the speakers a while ago for another project, but the leds from it still light up when plugged into an ipod. I would like to hook up a mic to it so that it will light up to noise instead of having it plug into an ipod, however the mic only has +/- terminals from what i can tell, and the headphone wire-input has 3. Im no EE, is the green one supposed to be the ground, and the red/copper are the +/-?  here is the mic i am looking at: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062216&filterName;=Type&filterValue;=Microphone+elements here is the circuitboard (i circled the wires in question):

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How can I send audio through a mini coaxial jack?

I have an outdated (but retro & cool-looking) Sony Watchman FD-500. It has a powerful radio & speaker as well as a 5" black and white tube television. Although digital broadcasts have pretty much ruined any chances of getting TV signals on the screen anymore, there is a 1/8" headphone jack-sized input on the rear for "EXT ANT". i found a coax-to-jack converter that allows me to plug in video inputs like a Nintendo once i tune it to Channel 3. I was wondering if this same jack can also be used to feed in audio from an iPod or phone. Since it looks like a normal headphone jack I tried the obvious, a direct input, but something isn't going through. Here's a link to a page with photos: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/sony_mega_watchman_fd_500fd50.html

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Can I tap into these audio circuits by desoldering Op-Amps and putting wires in their place? Answered

In my continuing quest to make an under-cabinet kitchen radio (see Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3), I'm looking at the original PCB for the boombox I'm hacking. Based on the work of three predecessors (Convert a radio tape player..., How To Make A Audio... and Play and Recharge Ipod...) I'm looking at ways to bring in audio from two sources.  I'm putting in a CD-ROM drive to be my CD player, and I'm adding a headphone jack for my BlackBerry so I can listen to MP3s, Pandora, and streaming radio. It appears that there are two ICs that act as preamps in the boombox, one for the CD portion, and one for the cassette.  See the pictures for where they are located on the board.  Photos 3 and 4 are pinouts for these ICs as found online. I want to remove the BA4558 and solder in a connecting cable for the audio out from the back of the CD-ROM: Left to OUT1 on the board, Right to OUT2, and ground to VEE. Likewise, I want to remove the BA3308 and solder in a cable with a male 1/8" headphone jack to plug into the BlackBerry.  Left to OUTPUT1, Right to OUTPUT2, and ground to GND. Then I'll be able to switch the selector from the boombox to CD and play CDs, and to Cassette and listen to the 'Berry. Will this work?  What are the likely pitfalls?

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Can I use a transistor to change the glow intensity of EL Wire to music? Answered

I am looking to do something similar to this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ but with EL Wire. Is it possible to use the same setup and just have the transistor as an interrupt between the wire and the inverter, or would it be a better idea to use a transistor that operates at a different voltage/amperage? As a follow up, would the audio signal itself need to be amplified for the best effect, or should it be fine on its own? I am intending to run it off of my iPod, but I have the option of routing the signal through a portable headphone amplifier. To clarify, I want the wire to pulse, flash, glow, what have you to the music.  While I realize that such devices exist, I need to

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Gameboy Color MP3 Player!!!!Ga

I have a request. I have attempted to make a "Gameboy SP" with a gameboy color and an altoids tin. Accidentally snapping the thing in half, i have given up on the project after hours of trying to make my own bit that'll fit those darned screws (i've succeeded and plan on making an instructable about it sometime in the future) and i finally got it opened. then i destroyed it. I noticed that the thing has the potential of becoming an awesome mp3 player because it has the headphone hole, a button for select, and whatever you need! Maybe someone could use an old ipod mini for the project because i've got one that i broke too. Anyway. To summarize, i would like someone to make a Gameboy Color Mp3 player becuase that would be extremely awesome and would make me happy becuase i have a broken gameboy with nothing to do now. Below is a picture of how i feel.

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Help me make portal speakers and also a rechargable battery speaker

Sorry if this is the wrong section i am new this is my first post ok i have an old samsung tv and its to expensive to repair my parents are throwing it out i love opening and fixing electronics and i want to know how to make a portable speaker that plugs into headphone jack for pick 1 and a speaker that can be plugged into wall and a battery charges so when i unplug from wall it still plays until battery dies and i need to charge again.? there is a black and a red wire on all the speakers attached are pics or speakers small are obviously going to be the portable ones and the big square one is the wall charging rechargeable battery one. i want the be able to play music through a jack or iphone/ipod connector? also if anyone has any ideas of what i can do with the rest of the tv let me know

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