If i have a 72 cubic inch CYLINDER that is 11 inches long, what is diamater of this cylinder?

If i have a 72 cubic inch CYLINDER that is 11 inches long, what is diamater of this cylinder?

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Half Inch CRT Monitror

I was tearing apart an old VHS camera and decided to rip the LCD out of the viewfinder. Much to my suprise I find a CRT monitor not a LCD! This screen is about 1/2 inch. It has a 5 pin connector that leads to the motherboard and a chip on the bottom that says A118121. Obviously two of the conections would be V+ and ground, but what about the other three? I would like to turn this into a composite or VGA compatible screen (maybe even a crazy tiny oscilloscope) but I need some help. Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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how do i get a good lcd 7 inch screen?

Hi! ive been looking all around the internet and i cant find anything!!! i need a good lcd 7 inch screen for my xbox laptop but i cant find one links are well appreciated!!

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Cheap LCD monitor 7 inches or smaller?

I'm looking for an LCD monitor for cheap that is 7 inches or smaller. I want to use it for making a DVD player. I would prefer it had AV input. I would like to be able to take it out of casing easily as well.

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Help with 1/8 inch phone plug

What side is positive and what side is negative on a phone plug? when i unscrew it it has a long end and a short end. This is the one im using:http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2104063and advice?

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is posible to input video in to a 2.5-inch lcd?

hello, my question is this: I have a 2.5 inch LCD screen, a console "microboy" Specifications: Console - display my question is: I can input video in any way? ( video out jack is broke) thanks I have also a "ipaq" poket pc without battery and peripherals expansion, only sync dock and charger. thanks again and greetings from Argentina

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My 19 inch CRT gone all wonky?

I turned my monitor on this morning to be greeted to some weird shit. Apparently everything towards the bottom is squished and the top is stretched out. It's not really bad but you can definatly notice it and I'd like the know why it was fine last night and not this morning. I degaussed it and nothing, any ideas? Or has this thing finally bit the dust?

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sorry for the bad spelling ummm all right what could i make with a 1 inch by 1 inch soler panel?

No L E Ds light i have plenty something fantastice

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how would you recommend making a cone out of plexiglass, about 2 inches in hight and 3/2 inches in diameter?

Im trying to make a glowing led cone, but i am not sure on how to go making the cone out of plexiglass. is there a way to form one? with a flat piece of plexiglass that is.

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Any project ideas for a broken 50 inch plasma TV? Answered

I have a 50 inch Hitachi P50T501A plasma tv, and unfortunately, the screen is broken. The outer screen is still intact, just the plasma screen is broken. I have a few ideas for it, but thought I'd ask the Instructable masses for some cool ideas.

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How to join 6, 19 inch display panels in one?

Hi guys.! I want to make multi  monitor display. My idea is to disassemble 6, 19 inch HP 1940 square monitor (resolution 1280x1024). And to join there panels at a glass surface like the image below I will manage the panel with glass and aluminium frame. The question is how i will manage there video signal input. Because my GPU have only 4 display ports in it. Waiting for suggestions . Thnks

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Small LCD Display 6-8 inches- recommendation needed.

Hello - I need a recommendation for a small LCD display for my headless linux box when it crashes, or if I wanted to use the linux box and the small monitor as a digital photo frame since I leave the linux box on all the time anyhow. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, -Joe

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Very simple proximity activated switch (several inches range)?

Hello Instructables! I am looking for a simple electronic switch that will instantly turn on when it comes within a few inches (5-8) of a little beacon or antenna of some sort. I would like to be able to have the beacon be small, and preferably flat in form factor, with the receiver/switch system being no larger than an inch square. For size constraints, watch batteries would be the most preferred power source.  Would RFID be a good option for this?  Preferably I don't want this to have to be hooked to a phone, and it would need to be something that I could conceivably make a PCB foror use a very small existing board like a TEENSY. 

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Reusing iMac G5 20 inch all-in-one screen?

I picked up a iMac G5 that was going to be thrown. The monitor works, there is no HDD installed. I am hoping i will be able to put in a HDD and install Tiger and make work like it should, however my other thought is to use it as a 20" monitor. I am wondering if i can somehow put the monitor into a regular case and use it straight up as a 20" plug and play monitor like any other LCD. Is this possible? I've been looking and cant find anything...

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Hard drive price confusion

Looking to create a small form factor PC to fit on the back of a monitor and while searching for a hard drive on Newegg noticed that the lowest price 2.5" internal desktop hard drive was $120 and not even 150GB ( http://tiny.cc/01012 ) while a 2.5" USB powered portable hard drive that is 1TB is $90 ( http://tiny.cc/01024 ), these numbers just are not adding up, couldn't I just disassemble the portable hard drive. Not sure if I am missing something important, Help is greatly appreciated!

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How do I connect a microphone to a 1/4 inch plug? Answered

I'm making a ukulele and I want a mic to amplify it but I need help, I don't know where to attach to attach the wires from the mic to the 1/4 inch jack. I think the white wire in the second picture is positive but I'm not sure.  I would really appreciate any help. (:

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1/4 inch mono audio jack question. REAL simple? Answered

I am building http://www.montagar.com/~patj/fuzz002.gif  I am using a 1/4 inch mono audio jack like this one http://www.maplin.co.uk/images/Full/hf90x&fj00a.jpg; I know the output on the lft is negative while the one on the right is positive. my question is on the circuit the jack on the far right only has one wire leading to it. it it positive or negative.

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can anyone tell me a simple mechanism for holding an inch rod?

It should be replaced in a bot.

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Where do I get half inch plastic sheet for cheap? Answered

Hey, I have a CNC milling machine and I mill things mostly out of plastic. I'm just looking for a cheap place to get plastic sheet if anyone knows where I can get it. I need 1/2 inch. I am currently getting it on amazon for about $10 per square foot (including shipping). Here is the shop http://www.amazon.com/HDPE-Density-Polyethylene-Sheet-White/dp/B000ILJZNY/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&s;=industrial&qid;=1256085952&sr;=8-13 I really don't care what kind of plastic it is as long as it is cheaper and of comparable strength. Thanks

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How do you measure the Cubic inches of a curved tube or pipe. Like a 4" PVC Elbow? Answered

 I have an air cannon and want to know how much it holds

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Is it possible to replace a damaged 19 in lcd screen with a good 17 inch lcd ?

Both are dells the 19 inch is cracked,17 inch has the flashing light syndrome but the lcd works tried it in another monitor.Pretty sure the wiring matches up but i'm not sure about the resolutions the 19 would have a higher resolution and i don't know if the 17 inch lcd would be able to run it,any input would be appreciatted.

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How would I cut a 1/64 inch hole for a pinhole camera? Answered

Has to be "1/64" no bigger or smaller reference "The Camera" by Ansel Adams. More than likely material that is going to need the hole is going to be a part of aluminum can.

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How much thrust usally does a 9 inch fan give out ? Answered

How much thrust does a 9 inch fan give out? Also how about a 1.5 feet R/C helicopter. How much horsepower is required to lift a human. How much thrust. If you had a 100lb man and had 101lb thrust how far up in the air would the 100lb person go. Sorry really dont want to do the calculations right now.

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Can i connect a tablet display to a smarphone?

I have a dead tablet with 7 inch display.and also i have 5 smatphone.Can i conmect the 7 inch screen to my smartphone by removing the 5 inch screen.if not is there any adaptora for theae..please help

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What should I encase these small speakers in?

Small 1.5 inch speakers (diameter), 1.3 inches tall

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Tesla coil power supply?

My Tesla coil is 3 inches wide, 14 inches tall and it has 900 turns of 28 AWG wire. I need to know what kind of power supply will be necessary to power it, car ignition coils only give me 3 inch sparks to a ground.

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Should I be concerned about durability issues for the 13 inch MacBook (mid 2009 version)?

Hello, I just purchased the upgraded 13 inch MacBook white (mid 2009 version). I am a relatively careful & light user. Should I be worried about durability issues?

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I cracked my 3 inch LCD screen on my Fuji camera.is there a way to make a view finder?

 Its a fujifilm 10 mega pixel digital camera, when on the 3 inch screen turns white and crack is black. is there any chance i could replace it under $100.

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What can the focal lenght of objective lens of 5 inches diameter be? Please help

What can the focal lenght of objective lens of 5 inches diameter be?

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Is there a difference between a 1/4 inch x 20 bolt and 1/4x2 bolt?

I'm trying to make a camera neck strap using parcord and one of these bolts.

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Heated glove?

50 inch of nichrome and 48 inch of heat shrink laced into a parade glove how much power do I need to give so it won't go over 110 temp

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How can I make a small 3-4 inch bullhorn or something like it.

How can I make a small 3-4 inch bullhorn or something that I can talk into and then amplify it with a speaker? It does not have to be loud just something that will work. My plan is to put it inside of my helmet so instead of talking so muffled it will sound clear. The power source needs to be either 1 AA or 2 AAA. I need to know the parts to buy and the steps on how to rig it up. I was thinking of using my xbox headset mic and buying a $5 pc speaker but I have NO idea how to rig it and make it work or if its even possible without a circuit board. Portable microphone speaker is what i want to make or need to buy but it needs to be very very small >1.5" after I take it apart. Something like: Panda Rechargeable Mini Speaker

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i have some jars laying around what could i do with them? Answered

Its about as 10 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter

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i-inc 19 inch monitor quit working,how do i tell whats wrong with it ?

On light just flashes after computer boots up, will not come on!

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If anyone owns the iPod Classic....

Could you measure the click wheel? I'm working on a project that involves it, and want my proportions to be correct. The measurement can be in any format (inches, millimeters); I'll just convert it over to inches anyway. Thanks!

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what can i build with the salvaged parts from a 56 inch big screen tv?

A friend of mine's dad is letting us take apart the old tv and build something with the salvaged parts. thing is, we dont know what to build. i know that i can make easily make a tesla coil, but i'd rather do something else.. anything out there i can do?

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How to Build an amplifier for cheap?

I am a 17 year old teen with little pocket money and a beginner. I want to make an amplifier which can amplify an 8 inch subwoofer, two 8 inch speakers and 2 tweeters.

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what is the extent and speed of damage on human flesh with the most powerful laser available to civilians?

I need a small ( two inches long, 1/2 inch wide ) very powerful laser and i need two know how much it will hurt and how fast. any idea?

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Material to wrap a project with?

I am building a project that has dimensions of roughly 2 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch. There are plenty of LEDs, exposed wires, etc. that I want to cover up. Does anyone know of a material that I could wrap this in, perhaps a sort of heat shrink for it all? It does not need to be protect it from being submerged underwater or form a protective barrier for being dropped. Hopefully something a little more professional looking than bubble wrap. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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how do you stop the glass reflection using an ir camera that is shooting through glass a couple inches away.

My dash-cam in the car  has no problem, the video comes out fine.   it may be 6 inches away from the windshield.  i tried the same camera in my 1960's  apartment door peephole. The outside glass is about 2 inches square . i want to be able to make a wifi or net cam to be able to see who is at the door via the  monitor. i get a  big  reflection from the glass that is an inch  or two away.? i tried the another camera at a friends house, shooting through the small windows by the door, same reflection.  some kind of anti glare coating or film ? thank you

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Device for touching a touch screen? Answered

I need a type of solenoid/servo device capable of moving a few millimeters at a fast speed. I am building a device that will tap a touchscreen for me via an electric signal (In this case, and arduino.) they need to be relatively cheap and small. I will have four of them evenly spaced over four inches (They need to be no wider than an inch, would much prefer they be less than a half inch in width. Height isn't important, and length should also be under an inch.) They also need to be fairly weak, i dont want one of them punching a hole in my tablets screen by accident. Doesn't need to be controlled by PWM, either off (Not touching) or on (Touching) will work fine. Please do leave links along with the name of the device/part.

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I have 7 inch screen which takes 12V/2A, is there some way to make it run with 5V/2.1A?

So I'm making a portable raspberry pi system, with ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Inch-TFT-LCD-Monitor-Touch-Screen-Driver-Board-HDMI-VGA-For-Raspberry-Pi-B-/281462562765?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item418879dfcd )(not this but same style) screen, and I have a portable battery pack with 5V/1A and 2.1A outputs. I know that Rpi needs 5V/1A but is there a way to make the screen work with the 5V/2.1A?

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