What are internal switches? Answered

I've been searching out parts on digikey, and noticed that a lot of the power/audio jacks had an "internal switch", with three conductors and four contacts.  I've never heard of these before, and none of the datasheets were helpful, nor ten minutes of googling, in educating me.  So what are these mysterious internal switches?  I presume they somehow switch between two states depending on if there's a plug in the jack.  But why is this helpful or necessary?  And more importantly, how does this affect how to wire the jack?

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Internal HD to external?

I have a 80Gb IDE hard drive that I want to turn into an external one. I don't want to buy a an enclosure for 80 gigs! What can I do? Please and thank you.

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Can an IDE hdd be replaced with a SATA hdd (both internal)? Answered

I have a pentium 4 pc whose hdd recently crashed, this had this 40GB IDE hard disk, now a days u IDE's arent available in market so i was thinking is it possible to connect an internal SATA hardisk to the same port where the IDE was connected? i  mean will it work fine without any problems? Or any other solution to my problem?

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Internal USB converter? Please help!

Hi. I just ordered this, http://www.amazon.co.uk/IB-864-Front-Panel-Reader-Multiport/dp/B004FLEFVU/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid;=1366146730&sr;=8-13&keywords;=icy+box , to connect to a psu I have running on it's own, and with the hope of connecting it to the USB port of my laptop and using it as a USB/Card reader extension kind of thing. Now, rather foolishly I didn't think about how I would connect it to my laptop. I know for sure I can connect it to the PSU with the Molex connector, but how could I connect it to my laptop? This is the connection info it has: USB 3.0 - EXTERNAL to the mainboard or USB 3.0 PCI-X extension card via USB 3.0 cable USB 2.0 hub and card reader: INTERNAL to the mainboard via USB 2.0 cable eSATA: INTERNAL to the mainboard via sata cable Audio: Internal to the mainboard via Audio cable Power: Internal to the system power supply via Big-4Pin Molex Sorry if I'm being stupid, but what concerns me is how it says internal and external, I dont really know what it means, like, is an internal USB 2.0 cable different to an external one, and how could i connect it to a standard USB port? Sorry for the long winded probably really confusing post, basically I just want to know how I can connect this to my laptop's USB port to be able to connect USB devices and use USB sticks and read memory cards lol Really sorry for the bad post, but thanks a lottttt to anyone who can help!!

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does usb still work after an internal psp camera mod? Answered

I love using my psp camera, but I hate having it up there, junking up my pocket. I want to do the mod, but I don't know if it will inhibit usb usage. will it?

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How to use pc Seagate 1T with Acer 10.1 Chromebook ? ?

I have saved a Seagate from recycle , and want to use as self-supporting (pc power supply , fan/s and wiring in wooden cigar box) and connect to Acer 10.1 Chromebook laptop . . . via usb or micro-usb  , etc . . .

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Iphone 4S Internal Speaker? Answered

I just purchased an Iphone 4S from verizon 2 days ago, it is the white model. However, the Internal Speaker will not work, and has never worked for anything: Apps, Music, Videos, Ringtones, etc. I made sure the phone was not on silent mode and the volume was up high.  I thought that the headphone detection could be malfunctioning, however when in music, I set the volume to highest possible with no headphones and then plugged in my headphones and the volume bar went to the previous setting with headphones. This makes me assume that it knows to play out of the speakers. Help would be appreciated, if the solution is not fixed, I will be trading in the phone at verizon.

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Interne explorer 8 upgrade?

Unfortanately, a while ago, i made a big mistake, geting vista. so before i make another one, i want some advice. internet explorer 7, 8, or should i just stick with fire fox. unfortanatley, firefoxe lets through tons of pop ups. and then of course, due to the fact of me having vista... welll... "INTERNET EXPLORER IS NOT RESPONGING, PLEASE WAIT WHILE WE SEARCH FOR A SOLUTION"

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Internal Hard disk to external without a kit ... ?

How can I convert an enternal Sata Hard Disk out a HP Pavilion taplet pc (tx1419nr) to an external hard disk with out buying a kit?? I already have a cable with USB end took it of a mouse .. Anyone do have information on how to achieve this hack???!!!!

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Is it possible to convert an internal laptop keyboard to an external usb one?

Is it possible to convert an internal laptop keyboard to an external usb one? If so how would I do it. Thanks

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Internal Webcam not responding/broken, Help? Answered

The Webcam on my Dell Inspiron 1525 recently stopped working for no apparent reason, no changes were made to settings or hardware. It keeps telling me that no webcam is plugged it, and that I should attach one, The webcam is internal, and has had no previous problems. Any ideas on a fix?

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Is there a way 2 boot a laptop from an externally connected HD?

The connector btween the motherboad and the internal HD on my laptop broke. My computer cannot recognize a HD. Is there any way to connect a HD externally, maybe by USB, and boot the computer that way.

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Making Internal HDD Windows 7 Bootable

I found a guide on this website (link to follow) detailing how I can make my Internal HDD bootable for windows 7. I ran into an issue in step 2 with the command prompts. https://www.instructables.com/id/Install-Windows-7-without-USB-or-DVD-without-upgra/ I made a partition of my main drive of 500GBs. The new partition was set to drive J at 25GBs. I Began step 2, In CMD I ran the following prompts: diskpart, list disk (there was only one available), Select disk X, List partition. That is where i ran into the issue. What came up was on the CMD window Partition ### ////Type///// Size /////Offset Partition 3 Dynamic Data 992 KB 31 KB Partition 1 Dynamic Data 199 MB 1024KB Partition 2 Dynamic Data 422GB 200 MB Partition 4 Dynamic Data 42 GB 422 GB My question is which of the above partitions do i select to continue making my HDD bootable. Thank you for your help

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How do you play audio through both internal speakers (Like an iMac's) and through the headphone port at the SAME time?

I recently purchased an iMac, and I have it hooked up to my flatscreen. I bought an audio cable to connect it along with the HDMI, and is connected through the analog (headphone) port on my computer. I want it to route sound through both internal speakers as well as to my audio cable, but so far I have been unable to locate or acquire the software or settings panel needed. I am running Vista Enterprise 32 bit.

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i just took apart a capasitor and theres a few meters of metal sheet, what is it? Answered

I just took apart a 250microfarad capasitor i got out of a old tv, and when i opened it up, there was a long coiled sheet of metal sheet, and i would like to ask, what is this metal comprised of? wikipedia has been no help, nor has google whoever answers this will get  a best answer from me

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Remove corrosion from camera without complete disassembly? Answered

I recently got sunscreen sprayed in my camera, and now I believe the shutter button might have developed a short, which locks the camera up. Upon disassembly, I can remove the portion of the camera with selector/zoom/shutter dials, but not further disassembly can be made without some major work. Is there a way I can remove any corrosion buildup in this part without damaging it? It is not connected to any power source, so liquids are fine, but it does contain an array of plastic and metal parts, as well as ribbon cables.

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Hard drive enclosure to turn internal into external?

Hello all, I have what may be a dumb question - so hopefully it will be an easy one to answer! I have a couple old hard drives from old computers that I want to put into a case/enclosure to repurpose into an extra external hard drive. When I take exact measurements of the hard drives they are: 4" x 5 3/4' x 1 (W x L x D). I've been looking around for enclosure kits but I don't see any that are 4" in width. I see a lot of 3.5" and not many others besides smaller 2.5" casings. So my possibly stupid question is: Do I want the 3.5" enclosure for my hard drive? I know that sometimes the sizings can be off when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks for the help, RW

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PIC Internal Clock -- How accurate?

Can I trust a PIC's 4Mhz internal clock to keep accurate time over days of use? Or will I need an external crystal. I'm vary weary of that, as I'm going for a compact design. Thanks for the help.

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where is the internal psp flash storage? Answered

I've got a psp. it's really great, but it's dying slowly. I'm planning on buying a broken one and transferring the necessary parts over to the broken one. but I would like to also transfer the internal flash memory so that I don't have to hassle with making a pandora's battery and mms all over again. it also has a little modification for the camera that I don't want to lose. so if anyone could tell me where (motherboard, etc.) inside the psp it is, that would be awesome. thanks!

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Request: An Internal UPS or battery for a PC

My town has been experiencing power dips and short outages. i bought a cheap ups but it doesn't really do the job (the PC still cuts out) but i noticed that my laptop carries on just fine (obviously because it has an internal battery) so that got me wondering. Inside the pc it's just 12v and 5v isn't it? surely you could set up a battery inside the case that works just like the one in a laptop. anyone fancy giving it a go?

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Circuit to measure internal resistance of a battery?

Dear All I know very little about electronics! So please pardon potentially dumb questions! My objective is to know when to (properly) discard a rechargeable battery and buy a new one. I want to be able to read the voltage of a rechargeable battery when freshly charged. Then I want to be able place the battery under load and measure the voltage as well as amperage again in order to compute the internal resistance. I intend keeping track of these results for this (and other batteries) over time (and also comparing the data to other similar batteries I have). I have created a simple schematic of what I think I aught to do (attached to this post). Known parameters are: - Battery voltages vary from 3.2 to 4.2 V depending on model and age - Battery capacities vary from 700 mAh to 1,200 mAh depending on model and age What I would like to do is: - Have one circuit where I can measure the unloaded voltage (and amperage) - Change a switch and then place the battery under load - with an LED indicating when this circuit is on permitting me to measure the loaded voltage and amperage. What I don't know is: - What size fuse do I use (do I need one?) - What size / voltage LED should I use considering the different voltages of the batteries? - What resistor should I use for this LED? - What resistor should I use to place the batteries under load?  How large should this load be to sufficiently stress the battery but not damaging it? (The 3 Ohm in the diagram is a total guess!) I know I can go and read up on this on various websites - but, being honest - its so much easier to ask! Your advice would be most appreciated.

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Internal connector in a Fujitsu Stylistic is gone

Hi guys, I kinda need your help here: I got this wonderful tablet from professionals who were disposing it for some reasons. They didn't give me a charger so first I just took the hard drive out and put it in my Panasonic CF-19. https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftse1.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.Mbe6a5882752d4fd8f37d47d77ab1967ao0%26pid%3D15.1&f;=1 These days I wanted to start drawing with a wacom tablet, and as this tablet is a wacom penabled device, I put the hard drive back inside, removed the dust and fired it, windows 7 booted, buggy because of the new hardware and eventually with proper drivers, everything went perfectly fine, but I wanted to have Debian Linux on it so I put an USB drive with the files to install Debian but the USB thumb drive was not recognised. I started to search and finally took the tablet apart and after a little troubleshooting, I saw the problem, a connector on the motherboard is unsoldered, I don't know what it is and the numbers on it told me nothing so I'm here to know if someone knows what it is and where I can find a replacement (I can do hot air soldering and have tin solder paste), here are the implied parts : https://lut.im/JcXmpH4ok4/K8cJQZs26mA8HNv4.JPG (Usb and Jack board) https://lut.im/12n4Vwj3vf/KhACs4GMyEjto7ir.JPG (motherboard pads, a bid damaged) https://lut.im/YeMMbdvnmG/wH9etmovCICXv8kC.JPG (connector, pic 1) https://lut.im/mX9uNvCLtj/9lg0mAziA5HfIIHy.JPG (connector pic 2) also I belive that it will be hard if not impossible to find a replacement so if you have ideas to connect back the USB and audio Jacks to the tablet, I was thinking about soldering thin wires on the pads but they are very tiny. Also, if you know some good hacks/enhancements for these devices, I would be interested

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Can I use an internal HDD from a desktop as an external HDD to be used with my laptop?

What materials do I need and how do I do it?

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broken monitor help?

I've had this monitor for years and now when i pug it into any computer it is black. i know it is getting something to the monitor because when i plug it into a com. it turns a different shade of black. Plus when i turn the monitor off then back on it show me a quick glimpse of what the screeen should look like if it worked. i presume there is a short in the monitor. i believe it is a cft monitor. b4 i open it up i want to know if there is a simple diagnoses. oh and i did try messing with the brightness and contrast. i wouldn't be suprised if i had to open the monitor. i le it sit for a few days to allow the capacitors to discharge. i am really good with a soldering iron so if i have to replace a resitor or capacitor it'll be fine. and p.s. is there a way make a tesla coil out of simple parts like a day creation? and to all those who have jailbroken ipods and iphones with installer is anyone els experiancing problems downloading Cracked apps? thanks -miiwii3 some one help

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How the oxygen is available in International Space Station? Answered

Astronauts  can breath oxygen inside the International Space Station.My question is how the oxygen is available in International Space Station.Is they got any method of generating oxygen artificially?

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internal CD drive to External CD drive?

Could you take a CD/DVD drive from a pc and wire it with a USB so you could use it with a notebook/ anything without a CD/DVD drive? If so, HOW?!?!? it would make a great instructable. Just sayin'...

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Add Internal battery to Craig Bluetooth speaker?

I have a Craig CHT913 Bluetooth speaker that must be plugged in to operate. I have a picture of the min board attached and was wondering if someone can tell me if the two solder points labeled '3.7v' and 'GND' are for a backup battery? how can I test to ensure that this is what it is for without ruining the board?

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Yaesu FT-290R internal battery power? Answered

 I have recently become a licensed radio amateur in the UK. I have acquired a few radios and my main one at the moment is a Yaesu FT-290R. I have been running it off a 12v regulated power supply just fine up to now, but I cannot get the 8 internal "C" cells to power it. I've put in 8 new Cs, correct polarity. I've looked at a .PDF of the owner's manual online, no help there. Any ideas?  I really want to get into SOTA and WOTA, but with no portable PS I can't.... :-( By the way, my callsign is M6AIM, mike, six, alpha, india, mike.

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From the Editor: International Buy Nothing Day

A few years ago I started celebrating International Buy Nothing Day, which falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States (and the following Saturday everywhere else). I typically celebrate by going for a walk on the beach in the morning, and then spending the rest of the day eating leftovers and working on projects. I find it's a pleasant way to start the holiday season, and helps put the season in perspective. Using one of the busiest shopping days of the year to take pause and go out of my way not to spend money made me very conscientious of many of the absurdities of the holiday season. It also helped me become aware of all of the small transactions that I typically made throughout the day, and the importance (or frivolity) of each one. Another unexpected consequence was that it limited travel, and forced me to stay local to my neighborhood. This made me engage with my neighbors in a way that did not require spending money. Not to mention, there were no pushy crowds elbowing for deals, no parking spots to fight for, and no unbearable register lines created by poorly trained seasonal staff. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that all transactions are bad. If no one ever spent money, our economy would probably collapse pretty quickly. We can't all avoid spending money every day, but we can choose where and how we spend our money. After a few years of celebrating International Buy Nothing Day, I am much more likely to spend money with local businesses, and support local artisans and craftspeople. This decision was arrived at while I was strolling about aimlessly a few years ago, and noticed how empty some of the local stores were on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It was my conclusion that local businesses needed my money much more than the ubiquitous large retailers I typically purchased from. After all, these stores are more likely to sell the wares of local makers, and are an important part of the DIY community. I highly encourage everyone to celebrate this holiday to the best of their ability. I understand that you may need to go get some food, or put gas in your car, but, if you can, try avoiding the magnetic pull of shopping malls and Amazon deals. Instead, I would encourage everyone to try spending International Buy Nothing Day crafting thoughtful gifts for people, reading a good book, playing board games with friends, or simply going for a walk. Have you ever celebrated this holiday? Do you think you might like to try? Do you have any plans to make your own gifts this year? What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?

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How to make internal dvd drive external?

Hi all, I am trying to figure out if you could take a dvd drive from a laptop and make it external for the same computer.I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 that I want to put in a heavy duty plastic carry case(like a suitcase),I plan on using it for camping and so on.I am going to take the laptop appart and have only the touch pad,keyboard and on/off button showing when you open up the case,so it will look like the army ones.I am also going to extend the wires from the body  so I can stick the screen on the roof in the  inside of the case,then I will add two computer speakers on each side of the screen,so it will be like a little cinema,when you open up the case. My biggest problem is I will most likely use it to watch dvd's but if I put it in a plastice box and make a custom cover , so you only see the  keyboard and touch pad, I wont be able to access the dvd drive to put dvd's in unless I pull the whole laptop body out. Is there any suggestions on what I should do, Should I pull the drive out and place it some where easy to access it by extending the wires, like the screen, or can you make it so it's a usb connection? I know this sounds stupid but I like the look of the army laptops,ever since I watched 'Green Zone' where Matt Damon uses one. Cheers for any help Luther

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External hard drive as a replace for an laptop internal? Answered

 Okay, alittle background. My computer is screwed, beyond hope. I have no idea what is wrong with it. Thats another problem. But it leads to ths problem. I have an old laptop that is 100% fine, except for the hard drive, fried BEYOND hope. Idk why, all i know is that if i could possibly get it working, I could keep it instead of it landing in a landfill. So help for the environment? I have a Terabyte external hard drive, and a laptop in need of a replacement hard drive. Anyway that could work? sorry no pictures. currently

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External Hard Drive enclosure for eSATAp connection

Hey, I want to buy a Power over eSATA kit (aka eSATAp) to use with 3.5inch internal hard drives (which are cheaper and faster than laptop 2,5inch drives). I'll be using it on desktop computers on and off, so the higher power consumption of desktop drives is not the issue. Thing is, I want to enclose the internal 3.5inch hard disk in something, for transport. Some case that leaves room for the cable connection (see GIF). Does anyone know if I can adapt existing SATA hard disk enclosures? Or if there is some boxy-thingy out there that I can best adapt to suit my purpose? I was looking for an instructable on this but couldn't find any. Thanks!

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Reusing an old hard drive

I was recently disecting an old laptop (HP, roughly 6-8 years old) trying to find a use for the parts, as i have had very many replacements since I had stopped using that one. I removed a 10GB IBM hard drive. From the picture, you can see that it has a total of 44 pins. I am not sure if each pin goes to the same destination as the one opposite to it. i was wondering if there was any way that I could convert this into an external drive that I could attach via USB or something similar. If you have any ideas, let me know. Id love to find a use for this instead of just throwing it away.

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Can an old internal floppy drive be used externally?

I need a floppy drive to look at some old disks. I have an internal floppy drive that's from a Dell desktop computer. Any way to use this externally, usb?

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Soldering Multiple Internal Mobile Phone Antenna together ?

Hi, I would like to know from dead phone or new part. Is it possible to  solder multiple internal mobile phone antenna together ? By  Adding these antenna in range of 1-25 piece together or so on other circuit board . By adding this  can we get high frequency bandwidth antenna ? Further can we use it some how to make it a broadband antenna or something else. These is just prototype type idea. Please feel free to let me know you inputs . Thanks       

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Can a internal hard drive be used as a external drive! Answered

I have several small capicity hard drives ( 6 gig or smaller ) laying around! Is their a way to use these VIA a USB port without adding any kind of a program, kinda like a USB storage device, just plug it into the USB port and copy/paste so information can be transported? I know they have the little USB sticks, but I have these small capaicty hard drives and would like to be able to use them for something!

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G.E. dielektrol capacitor making popping sounds internally Answered

I recently acquired a G.E. 40,000 volt capacitor and initially it was fine but it has started making loud popping sounds inside while charging and discharging. It sounds like there might be arcing inside but it still holds a charge just fine which is quite strange. The sound always comes from the same exact spot and the capacitance has decreased from 1.88 uf to 1.5 uf. I'm wondering if inside the cap there is several smaller ones and maybe a connection came loose during shipping but I really don't want to pull it apart because it's welded shut. Any advice on what I should do would be helpful :) Thank in advance!

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How to hack Nokia 6630 internal speaker for better sound. Coz the sound is too low. Can i put another internal speaker?

Can I change internal speaker of Nokia 6630 for a better sound quality. Coz its sound is too low. Is there any solution to amplyfy the sound ?

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AAA batteries internally. is there a way to build in and use a cell phone battarie

I have an electronic device that uses 1 AAA batteries internally. Instead of replacing them every couple hours, is there a way to build in and use a cell phone battarie

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How do i turn an internal dvd rom into an external dvd-rom?

I would like to turn an internal dvd-rom drive into an external usb dvd -rom drive. Any suggestions or leads?

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