i wonder if an institution has a server what does it mean? - They have their own internet connection or who do they pay for at the end of the month? i have a modem that uses sim card let us call the mobile service providers that i use (xy). can anyone explain to me do the data connection i get come directly from (xy) servers or do i get it from somewhere else. and if( no where does it come from)if yes(who are they answerable to at the end of the month.****am a dummy i know so i dont expect am a dummy as an answer. pls anwer in a simple language

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Internet Radio

So, I started playing around with nowlive, it's a website that lets you host a free internet radio station. Pretty neat. Anyways, I just finished up my first official broadcast..and wanted to let any of you who like the idea of being a dj know.My station's site:

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Rural Internet?

I am sure that from the title many know what I am about to say.  I need fast rural internet.  Now I have seen huge's net, wildblue, and starband.  The problem is that the first two offer puny download/upload limits.  I am not the kind of person who checks my email and that is it.  I wan't to host servers, stream movies and watch HD youtube.  Yea these satellite companies offer great download speeds, especially starband which I haven't seen a cap for, but the upload speeds are HORRIBLE, worse than what I have now which is really bad.  Now this is obvious because your sending information to SPACE.  So can I maybe get an aftermarket transmitter that is like NASA grade or something.  Or do I need to find a down to earth method to do this.  I live in the middle of nowhere so there is really no other way I don't think.  Do you have any ideas or services you would recommend.

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internet sharing

Hi this is just basically a question to all you out there who could possibily answer. bassically i want to make a server but somehow i need to share the internet connection between my laptop and the acctual old pc which will become a server. does anyone know how or if it is possible the laptop has a wireless card built in. thanks

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Internet Files

I read this topic, was wondering if there was any way to open a video file, avi, swf, flv, mpeg, and copy it like you would a music file?Thanks in advance.

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internet explorer problems? Answered

Hi just recently i added internet explorer 8. Now every time i go on the internet it lags like a B*tch!! then it will pop up with internet explorer has stoped working properly. Dose any one know what I can do to fix/prevent this problem. Thanks :)

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the best Internet browser

Did anyone know about the best Internet browser for windows, i was confused about: IE, Chorme, FireFox, Opera. Thank for all your help

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Access school internet?

I just wanna use MY laptop instead of the school's laptop.  It's old and missing keys and pretty slow.  I have a ton of things on mine (I've been teaching for 6 years with my laptop).  No need to hack, just trying to make my life a little easier.

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Internet Not Working Sporadically

Hi, I am using my laptop which is plugged into the internet via a cable as is my brother respectively in his room, our internet often comes up with an 'error, could not load' page when we try to access websites and then after a few seconds will sometimes load again but often does not manage to load web pages fully, my mother and other brother are also using the internet via a cable plugged in and their internet is perfectly fine. We have both tried switching to wifi or switching cables or changing our firewalls and nothing seems to work, it is also equally problematic whether there is 1 or 5 people using the internet, does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be or how to fix it? Thanks 

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PC internet problems

Hello, For some reason, My pc will cut off internet to websites and such, while maintaining connection with things like Skype and certain parts of steam (e.g. Chat, games, etc, but not store, profile, anything website-based) and all I have to do is restart my PC, which is anoying, cause my pc starts up slow, and has a myriad of startup programs. Has anyone had this problem before, and fixed it? please help me out, I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance,            Krayzi99

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The Internet is a Big Thing.

Really.Really. Big.So I was bored. So bored, in fact, that I decided to Google myself. I clicked the text box of my Google search bar and typed in Labot2001. Just to see what comes up, what web sites I've forgotten about, who spies on me, etc. It wasn't until I Googled myself that I realized how big the Internet actually was.For example, my mousetrap car showed up on MAKE. And about 50 million other places. Same with a handful of my other ibles. It's weird to think that the Internet just loops around, through, and under itself a million times. Sometimes without even realizing it.So try it. Google yourself. Share what you find.

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Internet failure detector?

Hi everyone - this is my first post and I hope I am posting in the right place! I want to be able to detect when my PC loses internet connection and be able to signal an actuator to drive a motor. Does anyone know of any software that can do this on the PC itself or a standalone project that can be used to do this? thanks for reading!

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control via internet?

I'm new on this people i built a circuit & i control it with my PC if i wanna control it via internet should i buy static IP or I can upload my app on my website directly ?? if there another way that will be helpful 

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Internet browsing device

I have a grand central account, and I use it for free long distance, but I have to turn on my computer just to make a call. I was wondering if anybody knows of something similar to the nokia internet tablet thingies, but much cheaper (under $100). Any ideas (or GC tips)?

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Wireless internet receiver? Answered

Is there any device that you can plug into your router in one room, and then connects wirelessly to a receiver in another room, and then that connects to a device such as a laptop? What I am looking to do is take the ethernet jack that is in my moms office and hook the transmitter up to it. Then take then take the wireless receiver and put it in my room to hook it up to my Apple Time Capsule. From the Time Capsule I would send the wireless signal to my laptop sitting right next to it. If you are thinking I could just hook my Time capsule up to the modem in my moms office, thats the way we have it set up right now, which gives me a very weak internet signal, if any, so if there is any device that will do this it has to send out a stronger signal than the Time Capsule. If you don't understand what I was saying you can look ant the diagram below. Is this possible?

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Old Laptop with no internet

I know there are a lot of Instructables about what to do with old laptops, but mine doesn't have an internet connection and I don't feel like buying the stuff to hook it up since it has windows 98. I was wondering if anyone knew what I could make it into? Thanks.

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Internet connection problems? Answered

Hi!  I am running Windows XP on a virtual machine.  My NIC settings are for a bridged adapter, and I need to keep it that way.  The host computer can communicate with and silverlight just fine, but my virtual machine can not (although every other website that I have tried works just fine... I'm actually posting this from my Virtual machine).  I also have a server that is running server 2003 that has the same problem.  All other PCs are running either Windows 7 Pro, (and my parents have Vista Home Premium).  Every computer including my parents work just fine with and silverlight.  My router is running DD-WRT micro, but I don't know if that helps any.  Since Server 2003 and XP both have the same problem, and Server 2003 is based off of XP, I'm wondering if it has something to do with XP.  I am using my virtual machine for testing purposes, and I need it to work with silverlight.  Any suggestions on how I might fix this? Thanks!

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problem with internet websites on my psp 1000?

Why when i am on internet on my psp 1000 and i try to bring up a website i get an error message "there is not enough memory. close a tab or go to< < view settings> and set to ....." i thought the psp 1000 was supposed to handle the internet websites fine? what can i do to fix this and view all websites? thanks.

Question by  

how to share internet from ur laptop to a samsung tv?

Ok i just bought a samsung LN52B750 52" 1080p LCD HDTV like 4 month ago and i am wondering if i can some how share internet from my wireless vista laptop to my tv just wondering if this is even posible and the only way this tv is able to u internet is with an Ethernet cable by the way my tv is way far from my router so i cant just plug my tv to the router.

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Can I use "borrowed" satellite internet over a distances? Answered

My sister has satellite internet. Is their anyway that I can use her access if she gives me her PW and all that info in a manner to where she and I can both use her access I live approximately 5 miles from her and it's not flat land! If so what would i need  and how would I do this please?

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Why doesn't my internet work properly on my laptop but it works fine on my PC?

Hey, can someone please help me? I have this problem and its really frustrating. My problem is..When I connect to the internet it usually says I have internet connection but Google Chrome says "The web page cant be loaded" and after a few minutes my internet connection goes down and says I have no internet access. So I reconnect to the internet and the same thing happens, I repeat the process and a few times it works but only for a few minutes and then it happens again. (The internet works perfectly fine on other laptops and phones but its just mine for some reason). I asked this on another site and someone told me to go to "My Computer" and then right click it, then go manage, then to click on "Device Manager" and then click on "Network Adapters" and to double click on each of the Intel (R) things there. Then to click on the power manager tab and untick the box that is ticked. I have also done this: 1. Click Start, go to control panel. 2. Click Network and Internet. 3. Click Networking and Sharing Center. 4. Click Change adapter settings 5. Find your wireless adapter, right click it, and click Properties. 6. Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and double click it. 7. Click the radio button that says "Use the following DNS server addresses:" 8. Put for the Preferred DNS server, and for the Alternate DNS server. 9. Click OK and test your internet. Can anyone please help me?

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How do you reinstall a network adapter into windows.

I wasn't able to get internet, even though I have had it in their in the past. Like one day it just disappears and I couldn't connect to the internet even though I can on my phone. Anyway my laptops an Asus Windows. so I looked up how to get it and it was suggest to uninstall the network adapter then reinstall it. I uninstalled it but then when I went back to reinstall it, the entire folder was missing and now I'm not able find it again nor get internet. How do I get the network adapter back and fix the Internet.  

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My PC Won't Connect To WIFI

I don't know what happened... It stopped connecting on me. I try pressing the WIFI button, but it still doesn't work. It is not showing any nearby networks (even though I know there are) It displays a red X over the Internet bars. Thank You.

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How can I get the best connection than others when we use the wifi network? Answered

Now we use the ADS L internet sharing with 4 computers by wifi router. I wanna know how to do for my PC if I want more connection speed than others.

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What's the prize for having the best answer? Answered

I would be motivated to answer more questions if there was some cool prize.

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can i convert Ethernet Modem Router to wireless Router? Answered

I have D-Link TD-8811 ADSL2+ Router  can i add Antenna to it and convert 8811 to Wireless   Access Point ???

Question by dj_mina   |  last reply

I can not see my WiFi name?

My HP laptop with Widows 7 and Kaspersky was already connected to my home WiFi previously,but now WiFi signal itself is not showing but able to see other networks except the one which I connected before. My other devices see and connect to my home WiFi perfectly Please help me….?

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How do I set up my own ISP? Answered

My ISP is to slow and other ISP charge you a lot of money for small download and upload speeds. I want to make an ISP,but most people do it for their whole neighbor hood. I want to have an ISP for my house only aka personal not commercial use. How do I setup my own private ISP?

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i have a question about bandwidth how much bandwith do i need to play online on xbox live or psn. i wanted to play mgo ?

people told me that i would have lag on mgo because servers are in japan does anyone know something about that , and i want buy 512kb it costs 50$ at month is the cheapest and the best could i play with that?? 

Question by luis-acs   |  last reply

wireless internet for old ibook

I need the cheapest possible solution for wireless internet for an old ibook g3 500mh with 128 mb ram.

Topic by Tanners 

Control a robot via Internet ?

Hi guys so i want to build an arduino robot that's connected to the internet using phone then controlled from my computer so do you have any ideas and do you know any good tutorials ?

Question by omarb22   |  last reply

How fast is your internet ?

I just want to know please go to and post your results download: 3089 Mb/supload: 547 Kb/sISP: Cebridge Connections

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Satellite internet Up-link

Hello, I am looking for a mobile Satellite internet up-link that can hang from a high altitude balloon, I am doing a trans-pacific flight and I MUST maintain communications with for the duration of the flight through the internet for data transfers. Any suggestions?

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Windows XP Internet Ecplorer?

Ok, i just installed winXP on my laptop, and the sound and internet explorer dont work. This happened on another computer and my dad fixed it. But, he doesnt remember how he did it. I have a working internet cable connedted. In the thing that shows my internet connections, it doesnt show anything. Whwnever i try to make one, it doesnt work. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Remote Internet Kill Switch?

I'm looking for a device that would allow me to be able to cut connections to my ISP with a hard switch (located in a network closet of my home).  The switch would be one in which I can control form one of the PCs located on my home network.  My current setup is a DSL modem/router to a network switch with 24 ports ran throughout my home.  I have three PCs on the network, two printers, and a couple of NAS.  I would like to have a switch that cuts the connection between my DSL modem and my ISP.  The switch would be access from any PC on the network.  The "internet kill switch" would connect to one of the ports of the network switch so that it could continue to be access from the network even when the ISP connection is disconnected. Has anyone came across anything like this.

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Streaming TV over the internet? Answered

Is there a way i could stream my cable television across the internet to my business so we could watch tv there, kind of like a slingbox but for way cheaper and more DIYish

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PC Internet connection trouble? Answered

Hi, So recently my PC started getting connection trouble at first it said after about 10 mins. Internet connection lost, then I fixed it and it was okay again for about 10 mins etc. But now I have no Internet at all. A few useful facts - It's a very old PC but everything else works perfectly fine. - I have tried the difference between Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer. - I have Windows XP professional I don't know the bits i'l check and update soon. - I am using an Internet plug (as shown in the picture.) - That internet plug works fine when I use it on a laptop (currently using that) even when it is in exactly the same spot/plug. - For those who are familiar with these plugs: all the three lights are on, and glow steadily. - The trouble has only started for about a month or two. before that it was perfectly fine. - The PC nor the router has recently been moved or something. - Even though my Internet connection is crappy all the other things in our home work perectly fine at the same time (other PC's and the Xbox etc.) Is there a cheap way to solve this? remember it is an old one so I don't want to spent much money on it. If you feel like there's some info missed out please tell me and i'll try and update that ASAP. Thanks, AUG-5OM3.

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Dial-up internet server

Hi everyone, I am trying to connect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet with it's 56k modem, without using telephone lines. From what I understand, I need to connect my my Dreamcast to a tone generator, then to a USB modem plugged into a laptop with which to forward the connection over wifi. My question is: Is this is a plausible solution, and if so, could I simplify and shrink this set up. Ideally I would like to figure out if I could build a tone generator instead of buying one and how can I replace the laptop with something like a raspberry pi. I think that once I figured out how to forward the connection on my laptop, it would be fairly straightforward to do the same with a raspberry pi. I would prefer a relatively compact solution if possible. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.

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Why is my internet slow?

My question is deeper than what it says in the title. Ok, so to start, I have a gaming computer that I built myself. It has an AMD 8350 (Eight Cores @4Ghz) and a 1GB Radeon 7790. I have been using a cisco wireless usb stick. With that, I usually get around a 19ms ping from Western Mass to Boston. I usually get around a 16Mb/s download speed and 4.5Mb/s upload speed. I am fine with that. So I recently bought a Rosewill Wireless LAN PCI Card from newegg. It's model is RNX-N300X. It's CD came with a RALink software too. When I went to I only got 0.17Mbps download!!! My upload is a bit more with about 5.6Mbps. My ping is better too with about 15 or 16 ms ping. From a bit of slow research (Using this card) I found that one person was complaining with 50-75mbps because he usually gets 100-200. The responses suggested that it was because the card is for N type routers and not G type. The old usb stick I was using is also G type. But other responses claim that that doesn't matter and it simply is just the speed. So N should be faster, correct? My router is a Cisco E1200 which I believe is N type. I don't see the problem. Why is my download speed so terribly slow? Right now I will rely on my USB stick as I did before.

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control 4 outputs over the internet with arduino? Answered

I would like to control 4 LED lights in my house over the internet with arduino uno, ethernet shield and my android phone. All they need to be is on/off outputs. I really could use allot of help. I am new to using the arduino over the internet.

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My laptop is not connecting to my internet properly

I have a Toshiba laptop and for some reason lately it has not been connecting to my internet as well as it normally does. I only have like 2 bars of signal and it does not go any higher than that, my brother and my game consoles are fine so it is not my internet router. I have tried everything I know and nothing seems to work, I get disconnected from playing games every 10-20 minutes. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you

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i dont get internet in windows 7. what i do? Answered

#     dell vostro 230 slim tower #     pentium dual core #     broad band internet #     3gb ram #     windows 7 ultimate  (64 bit) these screenshots are helpful

Question by aravind r p   |  last reply

how can i connect to the internet on my computer using my phone?

I have seen in movies where people plug there phones to there computers and are able to access the internet with it is this even possible.

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Reasons why we should do away with internet filters.

Internet filters suck.  Here's why we should throw this sh*t away: - Most filters restrict LEGIT sites, like wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, etc. - It slows your internet speed down somewhat. - The workarounds make your surfing experience way too slow. - Censorship in general sucks. - It takes away freedom, which is already gradually ebbing away.. - So people don't try and steal my iPhone to look up porn because the PC's are blocked. People should have common sense to just hit the X button if they stumble on content they find offensive.

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Why does my internet go down once or twice a day? Answered

My internet goes down once or twice a day and it doesn't come back on until I do a power reset of the wireless router (unplug and plug back in). While this is not really a big problem, it gets kind of annoying. My computer is connected via ethernet. The router is a Linksys WRT54GS.

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How can I remove an old address from the internet (i.e.

I need to remove an old business address from Does anyone know how to do this?

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Internet Help! Help me put my baseball teams games on the air!

Hi, This year my high school baseball team coach asked me to help televise the games for the local channel. He said that we have cameras and the only thing we need to broadcast the games live is the internet. The baseball diamond is around 200 yards away from the main school. There is no internet over there. So here are my options. (A) Put up a directional wifi antenna on the roof of the school, (B) Use a cell phone internet conection, (C) Set up a powerline network. Here is the problem with (A)- I don't know where to purchase a cheap antenna (less than $100) and a cable to the roof/ The Problem with (B) is that it would be very expensive and I don't think the internet would be fast enough. The Problem with (C) is that even if I were to set up a powerline network in the school the power out at the diamond is on a different breaker so it would not work. Do you have any suggestions for my problem? Where to get a cheap directional antennas? Thanks Joe

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