learning robot

Hey guys. friend and i are working on a project. we are trying to build a robot that will basically be able to follow a path. if there are obstacles in front it will go around them and then continue to the finishing point. no we also want it to learn about its surrounding. so if we bring the robot back to its starting point it will be able to get to the finish with out bumping into objects.we are planing to adopt this robot here https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-wall-avoiding-Robot!/?ALLSTEPSwhat do u guys think is it possible and if so how.the robot will learn by creating a grid in its memory using multi-dimensional arrays.

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how to learn CCNA?

I want to learn CCNA

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Learning Electronics -- Resources?

Hello! I'm a 13 years old geek. I am good at programming and the software stuff, but doesn't know anything about electronics. When I see Arduino projects or other robotics/gadget projects here at Indstructables, I feel very sad because I don't know the nitty-gritty. So what are the resources on web available  where I can learn about electronics, robotics and the likes?  I know there are many books, but they're more of theory which takes a college-student to understand, and I'm not that. I want the books, websites which makes us understand these a little simpler way with practical stuffs too. Please list any website or tutorial you know. I am also eager to make those hexapods and robots.  Regards Jack

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In one of my classes, it was necessary to review Laplace transformations. I realized that, after many months of not using it, I had become extremely rusty in integration by parts. Once I saw the basic idea, it slowly came back to me. Therefore, and I know the core audience isn't exactly appropriate, I would like to do a series of math related instructables AND I would like to have one or two collaborators. There's a few reasons I'm doing this.... 1. I feel the internets lack a resource with basic instructions of advanced mathematics (there's a few good resources, but it's mighty hard to find a "how do I do this" sort of thing). 2. Teaching is a great way to refresh the memory 3. The potential of comment feedback could be a good indication on what else should be covered. 4. Perhaps earlier basic introduction is useful to someone? Or not.... 5. The focus, in addition to how, is why such things are done. You won't find that on wikipedia :p Some topics to include (not necessarily individual projects) - and the projects would be something like How to solve _____. Basic definitions - notation Differentiation Integration Fundamental theorem of calculus Chain Rule Separation of Variables Integration by Parts ODE's Laplace transform Fourier Transform Anyone interested in collaborating - even on one subject? Then, anyone interested in looking at these? Not necessarily to learn how, but to see why it's done? For the why/application - I mean given a real world scenario... I promise, the application portions won't be boring (at least not for the nerdy type) ;)

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where to learn electronics online? Answered

Hi every one i just want to ask you where can i learn electronics on internet before i enter the college i have only 8 months

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Anyone want to learn electronics?

A while ago I was going to start an electronic tutorial video podcast, but that took too much effort to make everything professional looking and well thought out.  I want to retackle this project by having a video whenever i feel like it (at least 1 a week) answering questions that people ask or just want a video on because people generally learn better via video than reading some boring text :P  Also, this podcast isn't going to be editted or anything, because all of that stuff just takes away all of the fun and just becomes boring. So, in short, I'm going to start an improvised video podcast answering people's questions to the best of my abilities. Anyone have any questions that they would like to have answered?

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Electronics Basics: where to learn?

 Can anyone recommend a book/website where I might learn the basics of electronics? As basic as possible would be nice. I'm just tired of seeing wonderful things on this website I can't make because I don't understand the first thing about voltage, etc.

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Learning Arduino & other basics

Ect student @ Devry here trying to put what i am learning to practical use. I reeeelay  want to learn arduino it seems very fun and has a wide range of things you can do with it. Other than basics (mm solder eq resisters/leds & tools and such) what are some "must haves".  Info like what board to start out with, power supplies i should acquire. Hints tips tricks, places to read would be great. I am somewhat limited on money (father of 7 trying to pay my way.) So i need to be budget minded. I have loved this site for a while and recently upgraded my membership. Some of the projects i see come from this community makes me drool. Ty  for reading.

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Best way to learn JAVA?

I already know a very small smidge(really not enough to say "know". More like I can read a Java program's source, and understand the difference between the methods, the classes, etc. and how they are used.)However, I don't know enough to write my own. I have a couple of books(Java for Dummies, and Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours), but they haven't really been much help to this point. Does anyone else know of a good book for learning Java?

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Where to learn to start reading schematics and knowledge of electronics

Im just a noob here and everything, dont know all that much about electronics and stuff, but the idea of making all these little gadgets (like an altoids tin ipod you can use anywhere) seems really cool, interesting and most off all very useful. Do you guys have any ideas of how I can start to assemble a basic knowledge of like circuits and stuff and of electronics. Not adavced stuff to start off, just like if I wanted to make something like a porximity detector, or like a microphone bug (thatl send what it hears in one room to a reciever in a diff room), basic stuff like that.

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Hey, I know not a bit of code whats the best first language for a beginner thx -zombeastly

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What is a good book you would recoment for learning arduino programing? Answered

Hi, I want to buy a book that will help me understand arduino programing. I know some basic things about arduno programing. Any suggestions? Thanks, David.

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Ardunio- Educate Me!

Seeing all the wonderful winners that made stuff out of ardunio and other stuff, I figure that I might want to try doing some stuff using them too. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea how parts work, and I would love to have anyone who's willing point me to places that I might be able to learn the basics of circuit boards, wires, leds, motors, soft/hardware, whatever that's simple to read and learn off of. I know there's tons of Instructables that probably might teach me stuff, but I want to have a general idea first before working. Thanks, username252 (profile image below)

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How should I get started in robotics? Answered

My "final" goal is to make a water obstacle avoiding robot that is solar powered; but i realize that's not happening anytime soon :D. help is appreciated

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How to learn C and C on a Mac? Answered

Is there any other compiler other than xCode because i lost my starting disk. or is there a way to download xcode?

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How to learn microcontrollers using junk.?

How can I learn microcontrollers by using junk products.I have a VCD and it has a microcontroller but I cannot understand the circuit of this.So please give me some easy guides to learn.I am a beginner and I want to learn microcontrollers but I cannot buy any kits to learn this because I belong to rural area.But I found a junk VCD So I take all useful parts but  the most thing that I want is the microcontroller of the VCD to learn.But the guides I found are not enough to learn this.So  someone help me to learn  microcontrollers by common junk products

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"Where can I learn Electronics?" ?

People are always asking the same question. How can I tell them the best place without getting cut down for self promotion. (text published by mcgraw hill)? I'm currently working on a set of videos to support the book. They'll  be posted on "instructables" and YouTube. Dave C

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I learned a new skill, but... (PDF)

Thanks to a small nag from gmjhowe, I now know how to create a pdf file of documents I create in CorelDraw. Dead easy, publish to pdf.But, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent function in Word.Have I just missed something stupidly obvious, or do I need to acquire some software to do it?My first PDFed 'ible.

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Want to learn image encoding & decoding????

I remember how i learned html css xml by opening files in notepad also I remember once i tried to open a 1X1pixels .bmp image in hex editor but it was all blur everything went above my head i was not able to locate magic no. & changing some string made it invalid file. So in short i want a book/ website/ instructable or anything which can teach me to edit image file by watching them in base 16 or base 2 languages or somthing like that . also if there is nothing just tell me the easiest encoded image format maybe i get lucky trying myself. Thanks in advance

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I would like to learn how to .......

Hey.... I have always wanted to know how to do some small soldering jobs. Make a solar powered torch. 12 volt lighting for my fish tank. A digital clock.... The list goes on and on. Have wanted to do all of this kinda stuff is the early 80's...  Who and where do I go to get some help?? I have bought 20 x Light Chip  Light Color Warm White / Pure White Color Temperature (K) 3000-3500  /  6000-6500 Wattage (W) 10 Voltage (V) DC 9-12 Forward Current 1050 mA Luminous Flux (lm) 900 Dimension(mm) 20mm x 14mm Package Included 1 X Light Chip I would like some help with the guage of wire, 240 - 12 volt conversion and stuff like that....  I have seen some wonderful peoples inventions and creations on here and would like to start with my led chips.. Thank you  

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What is the best way to start learning electronics and circuitry? Answered

I am very interested in electronics, circuitry, and micro controllers, but I am unsure of the best way to start. Would anybody have any suggestions?

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Best first electronics kit?

For Christmas I want to give my brother a kit to teach him to solder. The kit doesn't have to be that complex, and would ideally be made of parts that I could easily find myself (rather than buying in kit form). I was thinking a pummer, or a simple light following robot. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Where did you learn about electronics?

Like diodes and servos and radio theory whatnot? Did you take classes? Read from books? I'd like to learn this sort of stuff, but can't find anyone to teach me. I also don't feel comfortable enough with this stuff to buy a bunch of parts and mess around with a book..

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What do you think about sharing craft tutorials online compared to learning in a classroom?

Hi can you please complete this questionnaire for my dissertation? It would be a massive help, the subject is about online how to's in terms of craft and the social community and whether or not people prefer this to learning in a classroom. If you could fill out the questionnaire or leave a comment below with your thoughts, that would be amazing. The questionnaire is anonomous! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5DHMLSB Also I am designing a dressing table so ladies, if you could complete this short one too that would be amazing! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5KPNJ6Y Thankyou for your time =)

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How is an led in cordless power tools (drills, saws, etc.) timed to cut off in x amount of time?

I know a little about electronics (very little), and would like to learn more. I was wondering about what kind of circuit, or device is used to have the led turn off at a preset amount of time. My cordless drill has an led that turns on when I squeeze the trigger, and then doesn't go off for 20 seconds, every time. I would like to know so that I can learn how to design projects that might need to have something turn off at a preset time. Thanks to all!

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How to build a simple computer from a cardboard box (or 2) and some marbles?

Quite a few years ago (around 36-40) I read about a simple computer, made of a cardboard box, some dividers, and using 2 groups of colored marbles; whereas the object was to tilt the box  and one marble would fall through.  Depending on which of the 2 colors came through (pretty random) a move was made in the game (a simplified version of tic-tac-to).   Wrong moves were removed and eventually the "computer" learned to win the game every time. BUT I can find no reference to this, nor the book it was in.   I don't remember the title nor author, but it was very much like the book:  "1, 2, 3...Indiniry" by Gamow (it is not this book, I have it and have read it through several times looking for it).  I have been looking for this info for about 20+ years, and decided one of the more sciencey readers amongst you all might remember  it, the book or something to give me a clue to where to find this.

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Where/How to learn about Engineering basics?

I have been recently looking into engineering and how to build different equipment, and am wondering where people learn to do these kinds of things.  The first thing I saw that had inspired me was a man who built a glove and software that replicated finger/hand movements in motion capture fashion that was useful to me because I do 3D animations which is helped by motion capture.  I had built it because he had left a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so, and it worked perfectly.  The thing that upset me was that I have no understanding of how these parts work, I just bought the equipment and put it together based on his instructions.  So I am wanting to ask how I learn about this stuff?  Things that I am wanting to learn I believe are geared around Micro controllers (EX: Arduino), MotionTracking Device's (EX: MPU-9150), Multiplexers, and other stuff that revolves around that.  I have been looking for tutorials and books to help but have had no luck.  Also one of the most frustrating things I faced when putting the gloves together was that I had no idea what 'SIG', 'VCC', 'GND', or any of those meant.  I understand that I might sound pretty stupid, but I am genuinely interested in this am looking to learn about it, I just do not know how to.  Thank you for any reply in advance.

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What is the best book for learning Python and C++?

I want to learn python and C++ but I want a couple of good books to learn those with. What books do I need if I want to start?

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is it possible to create a program that can learn with Python? Answered

i want to create a simple program that can be told information and learn from it, also i want the program to be able to respond to questions asked of it about the things it knows does anybody know where to start?

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i love to learn all about these technologies

I love to learn all about these technologies about here's the problem i dont study and i love someone to help me by making videos about how to make EL wire and whatever you know, please reply?

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how can i learn to create robotic?

I want to know what are basic steps and what are the fundamental skills required to start/create a small robo.

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i would like to learn about electronics...? Answered

You know the basics of it and electricity too V W O A all the odd letters that I kind of know but would like a better explanation

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Good books or sites to learn programming a microcontroller?

I am new to mcu. Can any one suggest some good books, sites & softwares that can help me to program a microcontroller

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where did you learn about electronics?

Basically where and how did you learn about electronics (wiring, circuits, diodes, soldering, etc)? you guys make great stuff and i want to do that too. so any books, websites, etc will help. just let me know how you did it. thanks. and please dont say much aobut college. i can do that option. thanks

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Why have 'they' not made a cellphone with a learning remote?

How often are you spending more time looking for the TV, DVD, Stereo remote than the time it would actually take to just get up and push the button on the unit? Cordless phones have 'pager' function where you can press a button on the base unit causing the handset to beep. A lost cellphone may be found by ringing it. But very few manufacturers of entertainment system (that i have come across) include a "finding' feature with the units' remote control. WHY NOT? Surely Cellphone manufacturers could "easily?" include a learning remote with the rest of the 'hugely useful' features on them the we use EVERYDAY...like FM radio, biorhythms, international roaming, bottle opener. You see my theory is-- a. that I tend to know exactly where my cellphone is 99% of the time. It is personal. b. The TV, Stereo etc. remote on the other hand are communal. I mean other poeple, like my kids, use them often and thus the remote gets left ANYWHERE. So the two ideas i have put forward is 1. Learning infrared remote in a cellphone and 2. a pager for a remote (new thread pending)

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I am new to Unix, what's a good tutorial to start with? Answered

I am new to Unix, and would like to learn my way around, shell scripting etc. Is there a good tutorial I can use?

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I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free Answered

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free 11-2-09

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Resourses to learn about what's going on in the tech projects?

Hi, I'm new here to instructables. I will like to firstly start off and say that I think of myself as pretty tech savvy. I do seem to know the most about technology in general (especially computers) at my school. To be honest though I do attend a small school. I know I'm FAR from understanding everything about technology, but technology in general intrigs me, and I'm always curious to learn more about it. I recently discovered this site and saw all these cool inventions people were making (especially in the technology category in my opinion). I understood the basic concepts of them such as using leds and stitching them in clothing's and stuff like that, but after realizing people are using things called "arduino's" and other chips and such to do all this, I had no idea whats going on. I am little informed on electrical and computer engineering. So call me stupid if you'd like, but does anybody know of any resources that could help me learn and understand things and such of what's happening? 

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wut should i do to learn beginner electronics? Answered

I would like to learn electronics. but dont know where to start. i want to learn how to make circuits and read schematics

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how necessary is it to learn how to use sketchup for design? Answered

Seeing sketchup used a lot on instructables i wonder if i should learn how to use it because i'm interested in design. Tips on getting good at it? like learning shortcuts and the like. links welcome!

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can u help me to how to learn PLC?

Tutorial of communicaton of PLC.

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I want to learn to build a robot, but I'm clueless

I want to start in robotics. But as the name explains.. I'm clueless. I know what a micro-controller is and how to build a robot. But programming is another story. Does anyone know a free way to learn how/

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getting started in electronics or learn to make electronic gadgets

See all the electronic projects here...how do i learn about electronics like in the projects used here from the lamps made with leds to robots .? are they from books? classes are out to far away and problely a bit pricey right now? ?

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Led's, where can I learn about them?

I would like to know more about the properties of LED's. Voltage, output and the like,but most of all where to buy them. Most of the websites I've checked so far only sell a complete string, bulb for home and such.

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help me learn and create a multi purpose controller

Hi all, I want to build a hardware controller that has a few switches/buttons and will communicate with the pc via usb. The purpose for this is to control  software, for me its DAW's, but could easily work with games, video editing software etc. Step 1 materials/parts Looking for *pressure switches (is that correct?). I want velocity sensitive switches *rotary switch, something like a joystic with X|Y|Z movement *what kind of electronics, circuits, etc should these connect to? Step 2 connecting to a pc / communication * how to program the controller, are there any SDK's for this? I can use any pointers for learning,cost effective  suggestions, inspiration from similar projects etc Thank you in advance

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What is an Arduino and how do I learn programming it ?

Ok..so as to say..I know what an Arduino is. It acts like a small but cheaper and limited computer. I don't have one..but plan to get one.I just don't want to buy it before I know the whole background. What Language do I need to know to program it ? I am halfway through a C++ tutorial if that helps. I am gonna  jump to C# or Javascript after that..I don't know C though.

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Help with a learn to solder project using infrared LEDs

Hi, Recently my company remodeled our EE lab and was going to throw out a huge amount of electronic components, since they didn't care I took all of them instead.  Next spring I am likely going to teach a small class on basic soldering. I can solder well enough to teach others, but I can't design circuits at all. I'm looking for some kind of project that could use some of the parts. The coolest parts are infrared LEDs and Phototransisters. I have thousands of these Fairchild QSC113 and QEC122 http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/QS/QSC112.pdf http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/QE/QEC123.pdf I also have around 30 small piezio sounders/buzzers no part number A couple hundred red and green short leg LED (Can't do a cube matrix as the legs are short for a angled board level mount) Lots of small switches I know I have 3904 transistors as well as many other flavors but I don't have the numbers in front of me I also should have any small caps, resistors, diodes, and zener diodes I know I also had several 555 timers and lots of resonators and crystals in various speeds Circuit goals Through hole only No Surface mount Able to be made in 1-2 hours by new solderers Class will be limited likely to less then 10 attendees depending on # of soldering irons I can find Circuit has to do something with an effect like sound or light so they feel like they created something I would like any extra costs to be under $40 for the whole class as I will likely have to pay for it Each circuit needs to be able to be taken home Ages will be from about 14 to 75+ I do not have have most of my extra parts sorted but I do know a general "type" of the parts so feel free to use a part and I'll see if i have something similar. If I like your circuit I'd be glad to send you 250 of each of the infrared LED/phototransiters The class will be taught at Hoosier Recreation Workshop -Steve

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Tools to get when learning/playing around with electronics???

Hi.   I've recently started making small electronic projects, first starting with a pack I bought from an electronics store that pretty much comes with all I need (resistors, transistors, springs, wires, batteries etc) it's fairly amateurish and for a beginner. But I have some more involved things i would like to start.. and a few little things lying around I would like to play with, take apart and salvage for working parts etc.. So I am at the stage now of wanting/needing tools for jobs. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of things I would need? The electronics repair kits I have found on the internet usually cover computer repair/electronic repair tools for around $80 including screwdrivers, pliers, alligator clips, torch, and soldering iron kit etc... and I have considered buying an all in one kit liked his but if I was too just buy a few things at a time what would be the things I should get first? I'm hoping to over time build up a large collection of quality tools for future long term list so I don't really want anything cheap. And safety is definitely a factor.  If anyone had any idea's or could help that would be great, Thanks. Vulnic

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Help with circuit to use either batteries OR a DC "wall wart" power pack.

I would like help with the type of circuit used in devices that can use either batteries, or a "wall wart"(AC to DC), or possibly even an AC cord if I decide to go that route (like a battery/ AC powered radio). I have a basic knowledge of electronics, but need help with this one. Is it very complicated? I'm not sure of specifics at this point, such as how many and what types of batteries (AA, AAA, 9V) what voltage, etc., just need to know how to build a circuit for this purpose. My project will use a single bright L.E.D, or possibly more, (maybe 3 watts each) and I would like to have the ability to plug it up if someone either doesn't have the batteries, or would just prefer to plug it up at all times. How does the device switch between battery and plug in? Thanks for anyone's time and help! I really do appreciate it.

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