lego guns

Hey ive recently sorted all of my lego and so i could build guns and i was wondering if theres any really kewl lego guns on the net with instructions as i think there is more gun posibilities with lego

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I'm putting together a few kits to make a LEGO Candy Dispenser. LEGO is usually pretty expensive but I'm trying really hard to make them all reasonably priced so I'm still working out what to charge for them.  My real question though is whether or not LEGO kits would have much demand. I would like to put together kits based off of my other Instructable projects like Bendy Lego because I know it can be difficult/pricey to get enough pieces for projects like that in the traditional way.  Any feedback about kits you would like to see made, either from projects I have already posted or something entirely new, or any tips would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading and be sure to keep a lookout for the candy dispenser kits which I'll try to post by the end of this week. 

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Lego CNC machine

Just what it says - a CNC machine built from Lego! From YouTube via Notcot.

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Lego Printer == Awesome

The last Lego forum thread I started went down a storm so when I saw this Lego printer online at BoingBoing today I HAD to post it too. YouTube user Horseattack posted this video a few days ago of a printer that he made using Lego to move a felt tip pen across the page. He doesn't give much detail about how it was made or any instructions on how to do it, but the video is pure awesome. Here's what he had to say about it in the video description: "Lego felt tip 110" printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not a kit you can buy and does not use mindstorms. I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a "wiring" board.

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star wars lego

One day i decided to take out my tonnes of lego i had in my attic and after seeing a star wars lego hailfire droid selling for £100! i decided to make my own models, i also noticed that the models that were being sold by lego didnt use many original parts, so i have made my models and shall i post them? your call!

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Lego NXT motor problem Answered

I have an NXT 2.0 and am having trouble with the motors. With the wire (which connect LEGO servo motor to NXT) pushed all the way in to the NXT, it can only sense rotation. The motor does not turn (using the built in program feature). If I pull the wire partially out, the motor rotates, but the NXT doesn't sense rotation. I have tried re-uploading firmware, and have used motors which I know work (work fine with EV3 (they are the NXT motors so it's not a compatibility issue). I think it is a problem with the brick. Actually the motors do rotate with the wires pushed all the way in, but it only rotates 10 degrees, and after that a ringing sound can be heard. I am using NXT program function, and just put in up arrows, so I don't think it's a programming error.

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Lego Transformers G1 Megatron

Another sweet Lego transformer that I made. This one is really small and really complicated, and the fact that it's really fragile doesn't help lower the skill level.EDIT: Instructable posted!!!

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Alternate Lego NXT controllers?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any lego nxt controllers apart from the supplied program? I'm not looking for r/c program, just something that, when given a command, will move the nxt motor in a certain way. I am trying to build possibly a 3D printer, but I would like it to be able to print from a 3d file.... Such as a lego CNC (if you search it on google you get a few). I would like to do this without codeing, but if i must, i might be able to learn. So anyone know of a program that can read 3d files and correspond them to lego motors? It can be windows/mac, im not picky. Or if there is a way to control the lego nxt from code, i might do that :) Thanks!

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how do you make a motor multiplexor for a lego mindstorms nxt?

I want to expand my lego mindstorms nxt kit with more motors , and i want a multiplexor to do that. i want detailed instructions for a multiplexor that offers full control over the motors , and can read the encoder value as well. i want this to be for the lego servo motors.

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can somebody post instructions for a lego mindstorms motor multiplexor?

I would like a motor multiplexor for my mindstorms nxt set . i request that it be compatible with the nxt servos, and able to read the encoders

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To buy or Not to buy: Lego- Mindstorms NXT

Just enquiring with you fine folk, as to whether anyone has the set and if so what they think of it. I am contemplating purchasing a set tomorrow and was wondering what your impressions of it were, good or bad. I was generally hoping to build some basic interactive robots etc. I realise the NXT has many limitatios, yet my electonic circuit building skills I would say are limited... still learning though... That is why I was thinking the NXT system as it is almost as simple as plug 'n' play... the hacks available now seem rather extensive too. I will certainly be looking at posting some of my own if I do purchase it. If you have any input at all I would be very interested to hear. So what do you think To buy or Not to buy? Thanks for your time.

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why don't collections get the same attention as normal instructables? Answered

Just wondering why my combined view count on my Lego instructables is nearly 10X the amount on my Lego collection, any answers will help.

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looking for robotic arm constructed out of legos with three finger gripper and thumb used in under water contest

I'm looking for the robotic arm constructed out of legos with three finger gripper and thumb used in under water high school contest.? It was controlled with an IC off a Breadboad.

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Connect camera to NXT?

A friend and I are currently developing a turret that has a stationary camera attached to it, and two servo motors that move the actual gun part of the turret up/down and left/right. I am using software already developed for the program, and I plan to use my NXT to run the software and act as the driver for the servo motors using some modified cables. My only problem is that since I am running the software on the NXT, I need to be able to set up the USB webcam I have so that it inputs it's data into the NXT unit. The problem is, I have no idea how to do this. I was thinking of using the standard cable the NXT comes with that has a USB end, and connecting it to the USB end of my camera with a double female USB adaptor, but I'm not entirely sure that it will read this as an input. Also, I need that port available for when I calibrate the system on the computer. Does anywone know how I can modify the male USB connector of the camera so that I can plug it into one fo the NXT's input ports? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Building a LEGO PC Case. Help? Answered

Hey, guys. I've been thinking about building a LEGO PC case, and I've got a few questions.1)How many bricks do you think I'll need?2)How would I put in fans?3)How awesome would it be if I were to build Mindstorms into the case?4)What else would I need to think about?EDIT: Now with video!

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I need lego project ideas!! Answered

I need some project ideas for the lego mindstorm NXT. I have 3 NXTs. Please give me ideas! I will post pictures when I finish.(If I do finish) I am working on a project now but I need project ideas for my next project.

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how can i make a Lego strandbeest?

I have been trying to make a Lego strandbeest but cannot figure it out

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does anyone know how to control a lego nxt servo without the intelegient brick?

I have a lego interactive servo motor but i cant afford the the nxt brick thing that controls it so does anyone know a way that i could control it with a microcontroller or somthing

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Lego Mindstorms Cubestormer solves Rubiks Cube in under 12 seconds

"The Worlds Fastest Lego Mindstorms RCX Speedcubing Robot. Built entirely from lego elements now scanning and solving any 3x3x3 Rubik's cube combination in under 12 seconds." Humans are still faster, but this is one impressive build.  

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is there any other robotic kit exept legos mindstorms?

I thought of buying legos mindstorms but some said that it is too expensive,so if there is any other robotic kit plz suggest me....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lego sophisticated electromechanical pirate ship that sail into a picture frame and splits to sink ? Answered

Some time ago I saw an ingenious Lego multi motor driven theater like presentation of a pirate ship sail into a frame and appear to get damaged by splitting into two. Now I have grandson who is a Whiz at all Lego and would be equal to duplicating this minor wonder. Regrettably my search skills are not up to locating this project here or YouTube Hope someone knows of this this ? I have always paid top dollar at brick & mortar stores, no longer exist If you are privy to a good big Lego Net store please let me know ?

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Could anyone tell me an idea of what to make with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit?

I need a lot of help getting an idea for the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit. Please Help.

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how do you build a robot out of legos?

I have to build a robot without buying something from a store. It has to be able to move with out me touching of any sort. Its extra credit if i have a remote control with it.

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How would I go about making an Arduino control four Lego motors for a 3D printer? Answered

I am trying to make a Cartesian 3D printer out of Legos I have the printer almost done. It is time to start thinking about how I am going to control it. The RepRap uses the Arduino, I believe, although I'm probably wrong. I have an Arduino Mega The motors are RCX geared motors. They are powering a few worm gears, and all the setups I have are so far identical. I have, or will when this is finished, X,Y, and Z axes, as well as a filament feeder. I could just adjust the values of some already present software. This is probably the easiest solution. If worst comes to worst, I can replace the Lego motors with some sort of servos. So i guess my question is: where can i get 3D printer control software for an Arduino? And also, what random things do you know that could be helpful to this project? all comments welcome Thanks.

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how to fix lego rock raiders on windows 98? Answered

I have The PC game Lego Rock Raiders on my windows i used to always play this game but now it always crashes to the desktop once i load the game...i dont know what the problem is but i hear that it is a common problem...could anyone help??

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Lego Mindstorms NXT motor port failure? Answered

I just dug out my Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (it was buried under some stuff) and I decided to play with it. I had built it into a "Robogator" model, and I went to test the jaws, and.... nothing. The motors didn't turn at all. They just locked in place. I replaced the batteries, tried test programs, updated the firmware, and even opened up the NXT, but I couldn't find anything wrong. Also, the motors worked when i connected two together and turned one. I called Lego support, but their answer was to just buy a new one. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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where can i get legos mindstorms at chennai & what will be its price?

I wanna buy a robtic kit.plz help me.

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where can i get lego mindstorms nxt kit at chennai & what is the price

I want an robotic kit.plz help me

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Virtual LEGO building for Google Chrome Web Browser!!!

Technology has just been released to allow users to build virtual creations with LEGO using the Google Chrome Web Browser! Now you can pretend to be busy at work (or school) while making some new amazing Lego Builds! You can download Chrome and get started HERE.  It's super easy to use AND IT'S ALL IN 3D. Right now there are only basic pieces in 10 different colors and doors and windows, but I'm sure there will be more parts down the road. So do you think this is as cool as I do, or is virtual building a step in the wrong direction? ** If you make something with it, take a screenshot and post the image for others to see. ;-)

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How do I program a Lego Mindsorms NXT brick to interact with another one? Answered

Right now I got a second NXT brick and I want to use one of the bricks to control the other using bluetooth.  I also want to learn to make a remote control for future projects.  I have the two NXT bricks and the bluetooth but  I am not sure how to program it.  Do you guys know how to do this?

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What voltage does the RCX give on its motor ports?

I am thinking of making a motor (among other things) for the RCX, seeing as it only comes with 2, but I don't know what voltage motor I need. Also, I dont like how the motor doesn't have a flat bottom. (Only one of the mistakes of the Lego company)

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Friend's new website

My friend just made a new website. It is for Lego lovers. Check it out . it has tons of neat pics. Here's the link

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Crazy Circuits Kickstarter and Giveaway

I though I might post about this new project we've put together. Crazy Circuits Kickstarter We've developed a LEGO based electronics system.  More or less, parts on circuit boards with big holes.  It works great for creating LEGO robotics and electronics projects.  From simple to advanced. We'll be posting several instructables on how to use these, as well as projects you can build with them.  (Or without them.  They're just simple parts on our custom PCBs.) We're also giving away several 1 month subscriptions on our Facebook page.  

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First robotics

Hi im lego man from team 60 and i set up this form topic for people to see who from instructables is on a First robotics team. you can also post your questions here too. See the group:first robotics

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how do you make a stop motion film with a dsi? Answered

It's not the stuff i'm taking pictures with that i need help with, i was wondering if there was any program that would play pictures fast, or that basically i can use for a stop motion  lego movie.

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How do I make a chain rotating around 2 gears complete a single rotation in exactly 60 seconds?

Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by declaring I am new to this website and have little understanding of technology as of yet. If my question has been answered before I apologize, but I haven't been able to find it in the forum. I've recently started tinkering with 3D printing as a bit of a hobby and am trying to make items that are more than just odd looking. One of the things I'd like to create is the following clock found on youtube: Now this clock is made with Lego and its creator has labeled it as a 'proof of concept' as the 'lift' that delivers the ball, which should represent a minute, actually only counts ~55 seconds. For an actual clock I'd like it to have 60 seconds per minute and I am wondering if I can calulate the specs before I spend money on printed prototypes that dissapoint.. So using 2 Cogwheels/gears with a Chain that picks up a ball every 60 seconds (so a full chain rotation) based on an electric motor. I've found several 3-9v electric motors, but all seem to have rotations in the thousands whereas I'd expect to need like a few dozen rotations per minute(?). The clock I am trying to make is smaller than 20cm and I'd like for the chain to span a max 16cm in the final clock. Summed up: 1) How do I decide the right Gear? size/teeth? 2) What Electric motor/power source would suit a very low amount of rotations? 3) How can I time the motor/gears to complete a cycle in exactly 1 minute? Thanks in advance for taking a look ;)  

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how can i make a good stopmotion? Answered

Ok im gonna try and make a stop motion with legos and other stuff but i have not done a stop motion before and dont have windows movie maker even though i should have it

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what is this?

I received this curious object from my science teacher today because he is cleaning his room. He does not know what it is, all that he knows is that it is related to Lego Mindstorms(I am assuming very old Lego Mindstorms the floppy disk he gave me that comes with it is dated 1988) and a mac 2.0.      There is a power source, a ribbon cable, old lego cable, and what appears to be the remains of a button attached to it. It also came with a floppy disk i don't know if the labels mean anything so i am including it. right underneath the switch there is a label that says TSI interface on/off.  the floppy disk says " "Feelies"  sensor interface for the apple p.o. box 5362 bla bla bla bla more stuff about the address then front: 2e version back: 2+ version". there is also what i think is a brand on the box that i think says "T.51n" but i'm not sure. if anyone knows what this is and what it does please do tell. thanks,      Harry

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Help needed on FLL robot

Hi guys, this year is my third year that I am going to be participating in the First Lego Leauge. (btw, we are using the ev3 sets) This year, my team (of 3) decided to build a car based robot. I have designed the steering mechanism and it works, and I have made a basic chassis that links everything together, and I am using 2 big servos for power(rear wheel drive), they will drive in sync, and a medium servo to control the steering, and since I had to mount the medium motor in the back, I used a driveshaft to control the steering at the front. My problems are 1)  whenever I program the medium servo to turn right, it suddenly goes out of control and goes full power to the right forever, and skips gears in the process, breaking the motor. I have tried using it outside the robot, and it works fine. 2) I am not sure if my design is a good idea, and if I should stick with tank drive. This years map need speed and precision, and the car steering lends itself to both of those, but, its unreliable, and the tank drive is not quick and not precise, but reliable. So, I need your guyses opinions, do you think I should stick with the car steering system or not? And why?

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First robotics group

Hi i am from team 60 and i want people involved in first robotics to talk and ask questions here so please post!

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Do the editors here check a instructables that was edited but published before?

I published an instructable and wanted to change the name of it the next day (Lego Minifigure Throne). Do editors look at the instructable again?

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Knex braiding machine?

So i need a machine to braid stuff has there or is there a way to make on out  of knex? there are some made with lego but what about knex? and how do braiding machines  work any way?    

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