Recommendations for lipo cutoff device

I've been looking for a device similar to a battery alarm for 4s lipos that can cut off the power when any one of the cells drops below a certain voltage instead of just sounding an alarm, i've been told that i can get a bms circuit which should be able to do this and that i should try to find the best one i can but i don't really know exactly what to search for. can someone recommend a small and affordable bms please? i won't be charging through it as i have a separate balance charger, i want it purely as a cut off device for when the batteries are in use...

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Charge LiPo 3.7 240mAh with 3v?

I have been told that I need to use a charging controller to charge a LiPo 3.7 240mAh with 3v. I have searched and cannot find one. Any help? It needs to be very small as well. Thanks.

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Battery Powering an Rpi3 and Monitor?

So I have plans to assemble an Rpi3 laptop with a battery and display and all that. So I need a way to battery power my Pi. Could I power my Pi3 (5v@2.5a) a usb power bank (one that could provide 5v@2-2.5amps obviously) with perhaps a step down/set up regulator? But I still would need a way to power the screen. Most driver boards want 11-12v and I don't know how to provide that. Maybe wiring batteries in series or parallel? I'm not exactly sure on how that works but I'm new to LiPo's so I'd like some help please. Thanks!

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I am getting the message Turnigy MAX 80W?

I am trying to charge by 3S LIPO battery. It is 6200mAh. The charger that I have is Turnigy MAX80W. I am trying to balance charge my battery. However, when I configure the charger to 6.2Amps and 11.1V and then I press enter and I get the message to press enter to confirm or press back to go back. However, when I press Enter; It just shows me the message 'Turnigy MAX 80W'. Some times it shows  me the message 'Input Vol Err'. I have a tripple battery supple HM8040-3 and I am providing 17V from it. I am really confused what then problem is as I recently bought the charger. Please help!!!

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1S Lipos with 3 wires, what for?

I'm trying to salvage a 1S lipo from my broken mp3 player but it's the first time I come across one with 3 wires. I can take better photos later if need be, atm I just have my crappy phone with me.

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Question about using LiPo Batteries

Hello, I would like to use a 3V Solar cell rated at 45mA to charge a LiPo Battery (3.7V) rated at 200mAh. am wondering. How long should I allow this to sit in direct sunlight to charge without overcharging the battery? I would also be adding an inline switch to shut off current from the solar cell. Here are the links to the products I would be buying (In case it helps) Solar Cell: (Its about half way down labeled "3.0V 45mA Solar Cell") Battery (Note I'm only using one);=item46040502a0 Thanks

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Lipo battery charge/discharge on the same port with button?

I like to have the battery charged and used on the same wires with a switch in between. How to achieve this? The switch has a on, off, ground and kill.

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Tamiya gearbox motor upgrade? Answered

Sorry about all the questions. Hi, I want to upgrade this to 7.4v so that I can run it from lipo. Preferably I would like a motor that snaps right  in. Has anyone upgraded theirs?

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2 identical tablet batteries in parallel

Hello, is it possible to put 2 identical cube u30gt2 7.2 volt batteries in  parallel? Does the internal circuit handle it? Each battery consists of 2 3.7 volt batteries in series. thx, Mark

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Charge AND balance 4 Lipo packs? Series Parallel solution help.

I have x4 identical Turnigy Graphene Professional 5200mAh 3S2P 15C LiPo Packs w/XT60 - and I need 22.2v out of them for a portable boombox project.   I have x2 12S 30A BMS's to balance / charge on board and a 600w 48v 12.5 A power supply. By wiring up the battery packs in series then parallel to get the 22.2v output - if I then connected the BMS (either by directly wiring to each cell or using the pack balance plugs) would it would cause a short circuit through the balance wires?    The ideal solution would be a wall plug power supply that plugs into the (sealed) boombox and charges all of the batteries through the BMS's. Is there any way of achieving this through parallel charging (not a fan) or could I switch easily between the two wiring set ups?   I'm trying to avoid buying a £200 Lipo charger and connect the batteries directly or keep disassembling the boombox every time it needs charging. Thanks

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How do you change 3.7 V to 12V?

I have 2 cellphone battery brick chargers. I took one apart and found it to have 6, 18650 LiPo batteries connected in parallel to a circuit board to charge it. I have a project that requires 12 V and I would like to use these in some fashion. I was thinking put the two parallel battery bricks in series to get 7.4 V and step up with a DC to DC converter. Which one would be appropriate?  To charge the LiPo's I was thinking of parallel connecting the two circuit boards from the 2 cellphone battery chargers to a single wire connecting to a 5V cellphone wall usb charger. The usb charger supplies 5V at max 2.4A. Any help would be appreciated! 

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Charging a small 3.7v battery from USB

Hey guys! I had this little flashlight that worked great for years. I would plug it into the USB port on the computer to charge it. When it broke I took it apart and it had a small battery connect directly to the 5v and GND of the USB cable. Is it OK to charge these small 3.7v batteries from just 5v without having to make a circuit? Is ok to just hook them up to 5v? Thanks!

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Lithium Ion Battery Shut Off

Hi, my name is Jackson Pugliese, and I am currently building a battery pack that will be consisting of multiple lithium ion batteries. Getting the pack itself together, is not an issue at all, however, what is an issue is battery shut off when charging.  I would like to be able to charge my battery pack with some form of laptop charger, that outputs 12v, for a 14.8 volt lithium battery pack. The main issue is overcharging. Lithium ions explode, or catch fire if they are over charged, and thus is not an option for me, so to find a solution, I searched the internet, and two things came up.  Option one, use some form of battery charger, that automatically shuts off when It is fully charged (which i do not want to do because I want to do it differently hence the instructable) And Option two, which came up alot, but i do not fully understand is I use something such as this;=1456701414&sr;=8-2&keywords;=protection+circuit+module+14.8+volt I do not understand what it truly is, nor how to use it, and would like someone to explain to me both of those things. Everything I am doing is safe, because I am using a en closer for lithium ions, in case if they explode or catch fire, so know one has to worry about anything not working. Thank you very much everyone for your time, and have a wonderful day!

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Can I power a LED array with LiPo?

I want to power an led array of 10W LEDs connected in parallel with a LiPo. They are rated 12V and 1050A. So thought of connecting them to 5200mAh LiPo battery so that they all will get 12V and each will get less than 1050A. Can I do like this? Please suggest a cheap method to do this. Thanks Edit1: Thanks for all the answers. 1) The link for LED: 2)The battery is actually 11.2V not 12V, my bad. 3) I know I have to use individual drivers for all of them but I'm just trying out to find out a cheap alternative. 4) I want to make an array of 10 10W LEDs so thought maybe they will divide the current by themselves.

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lipo usb charger drains phone battery Answered

Hi guys, tried to make my own minty boost. I used a 3.7v battery 14.8 w/h Dc/dc booster lithium charge controller switch and a blocking diode. my phone when plugged has a smaller charge than when i started charging. I have a diode from the charge controller going to the dc/dc boost and a diode from the incoming solar panel.  please help!!

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can i connect 4 11.1v lipo batteries in series AND parallel?

I have 4 11.1 v 2200mAh  lithium polymer batteries, and i want to connect 2 in series to give me 22.2 v with same aH and connect the remaining 2 in parallel to  give me 11.1v but 4400mAh.  is the a configuration of the two pairs i can do to archive max voltage and mAh. thanks in advance.

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Whats the diffrebce between BEC and UBEC?

Hi, i am putting together a robotics kit with lipo batterys. I need a lipo cutoff. From my understanding both BEC and UBEC are lipo cutoffs. I am not sure about what the function of both of them is but from my understanding BEC is a cut off that supplys the battery voltage. I think that UBEC is a lipo cutoff that also has a voltage regulator for powering servos. Please correct me if i am wrong and explain what they both do. Thanks, David.

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Is there such a thing as a switch that will close the circuit if the open voltage drops below 12 volts dc.?

I am using a LiPo battery to power a bike light and the battery can be permanently damaged if the voltage drops below 12 volts.  Is there a switch I can wire in parallel which will cut power if the voltage drops too far.  

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Brushless motor not running,help needed..!!!

I have Turnigy 2836, 2350Kv outrunner connected to Hobbyking 40A SBEC ,Rhino 1550mAh 3S 20c Lipoly Battery and a Hobbyking servo tester to control the motor .when i try to start it makes two beep sound, vibrates and turns was perfectly running last time i checked .which components' fault is this??? and how to check lipoly's voltage and current?can i use normal multimeter? thanks for the suggestion....

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What can i do with 7.4V Lipo batteries?

I have 4 2000mah 7.4V lipo batteries just laying around from my cheapo drone. So i decided to do something with them, maybe make a flashlight or something, but i cant find any electronics to use with them besides RC motors.

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Looking for cheap LiPo 3s low voltagle cutoof/balance circuit

Looking to add portability to a boombox project I built. Want to just grab a LiPo r/c pack and use a 3a 12v SMPS to charge it with. Know of a good battery protection circuit? This will be going to a non tech minded friend. So I'd like him to just be able to plug in the PSU when he is home without the worry of overcharging and be able to run it until the low voltage cut off is hit without worrying about killing the batteries. Any suggestions? It would be for this Thanks

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stepping up 12V powerbanks to 30V DC

I bought some RC Lipo battery packs to power a speaker system but since then i've moved and my new landlords have thrown a fit about me charging them on the premises because of the (small) potential fire risk so one possibility im considering is using a powerbank or 2 instead as they have no problem with those. my problem is that the amplifier requires 30V but most slim powerbanks put out a maximum of 12V so could i either safely step up to 30V from 12V or join 2 powerbanks to step up from 24V?

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Lithium polymer protector (LVCO)?

Has anyone used a very small low voltage cut off (LVCO) circuit on a lithium polymer battery? I found a nice collection of lithium polymer cells in a 'dead' laptop battery. Thing is, I don't want to be careful about over draining them and they don't seem to have a low voltage cut off circuit in the individual cells. Sparkfun sells batteries with a teeny LVCO system built into the cell package like this: What would be a reliable source of similar reliable boards that protect from over discharge?

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How to make a USB charger from a tablet battery? Answered

I have a tablet battery, L10C1P22 and it's in good condition. I was scouting through Instructables to see if anyone has made a USB charger based on a tablet battery. And I couldn't find one. So may be I haven't found it despite it being there. Can anyone direct me to a source that instructs or at least provides a brief idea of how I can make this happen. Or if someone knows how to, please please share it with me. I'd be very grateful. Thanks Amol

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charging and discharging lipo and lead acid batteries in series/parrallel

Is it possible to charge a lead acid battery and a lipo battery of the same voltage but a different amperage in parallel , and discharge them in series , without one of them blowing up or being damaged? i want to charge a battery pack in series with a 12v charger , and run a 24v dc motor with them...

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wiring and charging 2 3s1p lipo batteries in series?

If i wire three 3s1p lipo battery packs in series, does it become a 6s2p battery and can I charger the 2\three batteries in that form(series). This is for a electronic long board battery. I would be using three zippy compact 5000mah 3s1p 11.1volt batteries.  Im want the total mah to be 5000 and output voltage to be 33.3. therefore the wirng like this would work but im not sure if i can charge it in series with 1 charger or if i have to charge them all seperatly if wired in series.  Thanks!

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Robot battery

Hi everybody I build my robot actually I have a 12v 12ah lead acid battery ( I would like to change it but I don t if I choose lipo or lifepo4 or li-ion? My principal goal is loose weight and size, so I think about lipo but I am not shure

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dc to dc step up converter for 22v 6 cell lipo to get to 44 volt , need advice

Im building a power harness for my hang glider, the project is very near completion, my brushless out runners require 44 to 48 volts. I am using two sets of 22v 6s in series, but the weight of two large 6s batteries banks is significant , what would be the potential to create this step up converter and what are the down side of designing dc to dc step up converter into my power system. My hope to eliminate the in series battery ( double battery  weight ) set up.  I suspect loss of amps or total run time ? what about problems with electronics  heat in the circuit, issues with ticky speed controllers, or the out runners , how will they be effected , or will these components work normally in a step up voltage / current  as compared  batteries in series. ( which is working beautifully ) I guess volts are volts, it just sounds to good to be true , double volts and less battery weight Any and all qualified opinion and advice is appreciated.  Thanks Jeff

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How do you connect three servos to one Blue Lipo battery?

Do you need an adapter? Just could some one help me or make an instructable on how to do this?

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I need a circuit to reduce 11.1v Lipo battery to 2v?

Preference is to use a voltage regulator to get a constant voltage output. If it can have a LED in the circuit somewhere along the way to indicate when it is connected. Kind of know what I need but not enough to put a circuit together.....anyone help?

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where can I buy a motor, lipo, esc and arduino?

I am building a device that goes around a track at set times and am not sure what I need and where I should buy it. I know that it must be able to reach 2000rpm to achieve the quickest time required but don't know which motor would be best.The fastest speed the device will need to travel is 10m/s. I have also been told that I will need an arduino, esc and lipo. I am a beginner and don't know where to start. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Does a lithium polymer battery have too much amperage for a 555 timer? Answered

I'm using a 555 timer for a robot, and i was wondering, is a lithium polymer battery too much amperage for the 555 timer? because when i use it, the 555 timer warms up, to a point where i cannot touch it without getting burned instantly. If so, how can i reduce the amperage, so that it can be used with the 555 timer? I'm using a 7.4 volt, 1000mAh battery, it was originally used for a helicopter, but i re purposed it for my robot...

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can i power a multi stage coil gun with 22v lipo with 2200maH?

I know i'm late on the coil gun band wagon but its still interesting to build. i have all the parts to make the gun (circuit wise) however with my power source, i don't know how many turns i have to do for best efficiency.. i have 18 AWG wire i intend on making my projectile 1" long and 7 mm Diameter. so the the coil diameter will be 7.5-8  mm.   thanks for help in advance, even a simple equation is welcome

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Please help to select a power source for 100W LED?

I want to make a spotlight using 100W LED powered by a 2200mAh LiPo. I understand I need a power booster for this. Please suggest one of the correct specification. The LED:;=item4d36d59e67:m:mxsTE0PLt5bDCjp8vJJs5CQ The battery: Standard LiPo of 11.2V. max current of 55A Thanks a lot

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What is a suitable portable power supply for 5 servos?

For a project 5 servos are needed. Currently I am thinking of using a 9V battery to power them, but several articles say that the 9V would not be sufficient or it would destroy the servo. Some articles claim that using a voltage regulator would work, others say to use a higher power battery preferably a LiPo battery. The servos used are 5 Micro Servo SG90 servos. So if a 9V could be used what is the appropriate method? If instead of using a 9V battery a LiPo should be used what should the power of the battery be?

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Which electronic component to use to step down voltage from 7.4v lipo battery to varying output voltage between 3v - 6v?

Hi all, I dont have much knowledge of electronic components and I am trying to make a robot. I have servos with operating voltage of 6v and I will be connecting it with a battery. I am not able to figure it out which electronic component should I use to step down the voltage from 7.4v lipo battery to have varying output between 3v-6v with maximum output current of 2amp. Thank you in advance for your advice :) 

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Tp4056 and 18650 build

​I'm planing to build a battery pack this summer and i was wondering if this setup could work. The tp4056 boards are really cheap and I've got a few lipos around I want to make a use of it. My goal is 3s2p or 4s2p with one board per lipo cell (even  7p is of interest, but that is another build). Now I was thinking wiring from Vout on the board to a motherboard connector (something with a lot of connectors)  so that I can disconnect the entire bank for charging. Take a look at the picture, it is supposed to be a 3s pack, but I'm not sure if it will work. When charging =NO load and when load = no charging. Tp4056 have a built in protection circuit why I would like to use those. I would appreciate your help on this. What I know about the board is that Batt+ and Vout+ are same, but Batt- and Vout- are separated by a mossfet that protects the battery. And of course 3s lipos batteries do not sum up to 12V exactly, that is not the issue here. Question is if this setup would work, i.e. When charged, I can connect them in series and the output is ~12V or I fry the circuit/batteries/both!?

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i need a very powerful battery (4000mah 10V or higher) and don't want to spend more then $30 please help! [answered]

I need a  VERY powerful battery (4000mah 12V or higher) and don't want to spend more then $30 please help! and i don't want i Puerkerts number lower than 1.2. can anyone help? oh, and the size of it has to fit in a 6V lantern. thats why lead acids bit the dust and (so far what i know) lithium polymer batteries bit the dust because they are way to expensive. with a 35W power consumption, its hard to find a power source that will fit in a 6V lantern, a affordable price (under $30) and powerful enough to power the load for more than an hour. (some calculations i did show i need at least 3500mah for 1 hour of usage ) but i think i might have a solution a 2 laptop batteries from amazon wired in parallel after they have been took apart. a drill battery doesn't even come close to the amount of i need and they suffer from memory effect and just plain out isn't near powerful enough (1.5 AH per cell) OR my second choice is to get many rechargeable AAA batteries and wire them to give 14.4V (BUT HOW DO I SOLDER THEM WITHOUT THE TABS? and what kind of array should i use? [68 AAA])

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ESC,Battery,Motor selection for quadcoter

Hi, I am a beginner to build a quadcopter. so please help me in selecting ESCs , lipo Battery and Motor to make my own. I details of the parts are listed below : Brushless Motor : Brand: Racerstar Item name: BR2205 2600KV Brushless Motor RPM/V: 2600KV Height: 31.5mm Width: 27.9mm Shaft diameter: M5 Motor mount hole size: M3 Weight: 28 grams Voltage: 2-4S Battery: 2-4S lipo battery Max.current: 23.2A Max.power: 710W Internal resistance: Ω Usage: for 250 260 280 Multirotor Frame Kit Lipo Battery : Brand : Lion power  Configuration :  3S 11.1v Maximum continuous discharge rate : 30C Capacity : 4200MAH ESC : Sustaining Input Voltage: 6-12V BEC Output Current: 5V/3A Continuous Output Current: 30A Max Current: 35A/12s  I just tested a brushless motor mentioned above with the esc and battery while the motor is running for about 10 seconds the esc is burnt.So is to possible to build a quadcopter with the parts listed above please help. Thank You

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can we join lithium battery with lead acid battery in series?

We are working on project and we need more power in less cost so lead acid battery is compulsion but we want to add lipo battery with it to get more power. can we do that?

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Airplane Experts! I am making an airplane fly without the use of RC. Need Help!

I need brand recommendations and wing measurements so it can fly!!! Anything else about small electric airplanes will be fine! How would you connect three different electric motors to a LIPO battery?

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Why my quadcopter not fly?

I guys, my problem is that my quadcopter not fly, my setup is: - Motor: 4xNTM 28-26 1200kv 286w - Propellers: 4xPropeller GWS 10x4.5 and - Esc: 40A - Frame: SK450 Glass Fiber - Battery: Turnigy nano-tech 4500mah - Controller: Arducopter The total weight of this quadcopter is 1200g. I don't know why not fly, when I put the throttle to 2000 (max power), the copter is lifted a few centimeters(5 cm). can you help me? thanks  in advance :)

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How to convert a battery pack to AC power?

Wife owns a very expensive piece of Japanese cosmetic device that uses a very special Li-ion battery pack but the battery died! No way I can find a replacement for the battery pack.  The battery pack available only has 2 wires (black and red) but not 3 wires (the yellow wire). I am afraid if I get a 2-wire battery pack, it won't work at all. There are lipo battery packs, but I don't think I can replace li-ion with lipo battery packs?! I am wondering how to convert it to an AC power? I have no experience doing this at all, so if you can provide as many details as possible, that will be great! The battery pack: 3 wires connected to the connector: red, black and yellow; 7.4V, 750mAh The AC adapter used for recharging the device: INPUT: 100VAC 50/60 Hz 8VA OUTPUT: 9VDC 500mA Thanks a lot!

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Electric Mountainboard Build? Answered

Hey guys I am planning on building a semi cheap electric mountainboard. I would like 20+mph(25?) and am thinking that this is what i will need: Board:;=UTF8&qid;=1315867971&sr;=1-1 Motor: ESC: Im not sure on this one, HELP! I would like a rc esc not a scooter controller. Batteries: 2x OR 2x Transmitter/reciever: (Or something like this, I'd rather not buy from Japan for shipping costs.) Will a rc esc work and talk with my motor? They are both DC but idk if they will. I know battery type doesnt matter as long as the esc gets the power. So I was wondering if you could help me find a suitable brushed 24v 28a+ esc... Thanks I hope this will be a fun project!!

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iMAX B6 Digital Battery Balance Charger

Hey i just found this cheap charger on eBay and i was wondering if it would be able to charge a pack of 18650(unprotected) 3P4S safely? i figure i could just run the charger to each 3P set and be confident it want gas/explode?

Topic by andrewlapham2010 

How can I get a loud alarm?

Ok so I need an alarm for my project, a very loud alarm. . . And I can't seem to get these dumb buzzer to output a decent sound. I have a lipo checker that uses these type of buzzers  and they are ear shattering. I tried putting the regular buzzers and the were no where near as loud. Also if I want to use the tone function on the arduino, how do i make the buzzer louder?

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Motor Driver IC Blown up. Wish to know what went wrong

I am using 11.1V 25C 3700mAh Lipo Battery for powering up Motor driver Card (Dual DC Motor Driver 20A) Motor driver Product Link: . Basically, I tried connecting two motors instead of single Motor on each motor port on the driver. So in all 4 DC motors connected as the motors had no load. As per my calculations, all 4 DC motors together cannot draw more than 4 Amps of current. DC Motor Specifications 10 RPM High Torque Dc Motor. Link : During this check I noticed that one of the IC LR 7843 on the motor Driver Card got burnt, the moment I powered it up with LiPo Battery. Really don't Know why this happened.... Can someone please help me....

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Can this Charger charge this battery?

For the past couple days I have been looking through the internet for the perfect battery and charger for very little and i think I found it!!! Please let me know if you think this battery and the charger will be compatible and will charge properly. I intend on cutting the leads of so I can have matching leads  (so the battery and the charger can connect obviously) Here is the battery I intend on purchasing:;=item3f19342b8d Here is the charger I intend on purchasing to charge the battery:;=item3363a9d51d Please let me know if this charger will be able to charge the battery! Thank you so much for all your guys help! I love instructables, everyone helps everyone out!

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Can i run a Rasberry Pi and a 10" Display from the same Battery? Answered

Hi, im planning on creating a portable Rasberry Pi Desktop. I found a bunch of circuit plans to run a RPI and a 10" Display - however iam not statisfied with what people came up with. 1. Issue - in the circuits i found they connected a booster to a 3,7v Lipo Battery to run a 5V Rasberry Pi and a second booster and the same battery to run the Display. This is a pretty incomplicated but impractical design if you ask me - the benefit here is that the boosters allow you to charge both batterys whilst the devices are running - but you need to connect 2 different cables. I would like to be able to charge the System with only a single power cable (Micro USB) attached. 2. Issue - The 10" Display does run on 5V, 980mA - but it is not reccomdendet to use it under 6V, 780mA - as a person who likes staying on the safe side - i would like to run it on 6v. Can anyone come up with a concept so i can run both the Rasberry Pi and the Display on the same Battery and charge the Battery whilst the devices are running? I thought about using a 6v Lipo Battery pack - but i need something to lower the voltage to supply the Pi correctly. Is that a good idea? Can you reccomend some other solution? PS - Is there also a way to monitor the remaining Charge in the Battery?

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