little help here!!!

Ok this happened when i was playing metroid zero mission using VBA i used doublehelix but the 1st time i used it it didnt glitch but now it is permanent plz help if you can


Little help with a part.

OK I dissembled a WWII radar for its gold, silver and parts. I got these Bradley Labs #SE6M82H parts they are 4 inches long and ½ inch in diameter, I may just melt for the silver but before I do I would like to make sure what they are first. I think they are 25,000 to 50,000 volt rectifiers but I can’t get a datasheet or any other information on them. So can anyone help me with information on this part? Joe

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Little Camera Necklace

Hello everyone, So here is the deal, I wanna make a necklace that has a little camera inside that can shoot small videos, just for those moments when you wish you had a video camera, so you just happen to be wearing one. I thought about buying one of these: and adapting with the following tutorial. The main problem I am seeing is that I want to keep all the electronics towards the back of the necklace, with just the camera at the front. That means I need to extend the ribbon cable which looks extremely tricky, and I dont know where I would buy one from. Does anyone have any ideas on this? -Derek

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need help from an electrician?

Ok, basicly i want to make a little green light. Basicly it will go from a (Solar Cell-and or-Motor) to a (Battery that will collect the electricity from the Solar Cell/Motor) then to a lot of (LED's for a light) ()-each part. what would i need to make this work?

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Little Gem Amp Problem

Hi all I am quite new to electronics but I am very interested in it. I have built a couple circuits before but nothing with an IC chip. So now I have decided to move onto slightly more complex projects,  and I found the Little Gem Guitar Amp: I have built it on a veroboard from these diagrams but I changed the layout slightly. Obviously everything is connected the same way I just moved the 100uF cap a little up. I have also added a 10Ohm resistor to the output and used headphones instead of the speaker. When I connect the 9V battery, without an audio source, I can hear is a soft buzz, quite a high frequency. The gain pot makes the noise louder and softer so I assume the LM386N-1 chip is fine. If I put my finger on the ground part of the 1/4 inch jack, the noise become much loader and lower frequency. The same thing happens if I connect an audio source. Is there an obvious cause for this problem that I don't know about? I have connected the jack to the board with shielded twin core wire. I have used the shield as ground and the core as signal. Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated, I would like to get this working.

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The fictional version of Linux from Cory Doctorow's new book "Little Brother" shall soon be fiction no longer.I kid you not. ParanoidLinux is coming soon to a computer near you. Perhaps even an iPhone.Thanks Boing Boing!

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Pump for little pieces of paper

Hi, I'm going to make a display cabinet for an art project. Please see image for more info. The idea is to have a container (gray box) with ash on the back side of this cabinet, then there should be a pump (red dot) emptying this container and blowing the ash to the front true a tube (see red line) into a double glass window.  How can I create something like this? the problem is the transfering of the ash (little pieces of paper) from the back to the front.

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Little Arduino project help

Hello. I have a duemilanove arduino thay i bought a couple years ago to leatn but never actually learned anything. I need it now for a little project, Basically i have an automotive height sensor(goes under the chassis for headlight adjustment) and i would need a code to tell the arduino to turn on 2 LEDs,each at a different set height. It should be pretty simple, could someone help me with the code? I'd put the exact values in after I know them. Also, if its possible for qn arduino nano? (So its smaller) thanks

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little gem mk2 amp question? Answered

Hello, i going to make a little gem mk2 amp.But i see 2 layout and they are a bit diffirent ....I dont know what version is correct or both are correct ??  And i want to  add a LED to know if the amp is on or off, where should i place it ??? I use a 12v 300mA adapter as power cource. Thanks!

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Need a little help with Arduino code Answered

Hello, I'm in need of a little help with my Arduino code. I'm still an amateur with Arduino so I'm still learning. I know there is some function that makes the loop only happen for a certain amount of times,  but I forgot what it was. If someone knows what I'm talking about, thanks a lot for your assistance.

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how to check if a little screen is broken? Answered

I had an image screen that shows Automatically pictures. i founded it in a drawer... I've opened it. and now when im pluging it to the electricity it doesnt show anything how can i check that the screen is ok, just the screen the LCD not all the other wires and stuff? ive uploaded some pictures of the screen. and how can i connect just the screen to other devices?

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Dirty, dirty little inkjet printer

This one isn't really an instructable, because (duh) it doesn't actually describe how to make something, however, I think it might be of interest to some people of the same sort of mindset - it's about inkjet printers, and what you might find if you dismantle one.I've taken quite a few apart (I work in IT and I have to dispose of them when they die) - they have something called a 'waste ink reservoir' - and it's quite surprising how much ink they actually 'waste' into it.The Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet PrintersThe 'waste' is ostensibly to clean the print heads - and yes, some of that is inevitable by nature of the technology, however, I'm pretty sure there are other motives behind it too - that ink ain't cheap...

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A little help with identifying Ceramic Capacitors?

A friend asked me to fix his tv's power supply, and i accepted the challenge. Upon closer inspection of the circuit board of the power supply, i saw that a resistor bridge, a rectifier, a diode, a capacitor and 2 power transistors were blown. I purchased the appropriate replacements, and as i was about to install them earlier today I saw that two ceramic capacitors are blown. One of them has '684J' printed on it, the other has "SCK 206 or 296" printed on it I need a little bit of advice on what replacement capacitors to buy, or if i should take them out of the circuit. I could leave them out, because they seem to hook up to a rectifier and then to a transistor, but i would rather buy the appropriate replacement capacitors. Thanks!

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Distortion Pedal - Need a little help!

 Hello all. I am in need of some help!! This is a 'schematic' of a distortion pedal for guitars In this specific picture it shows how to install a BYPASS SWITCH. I'm having trouble with it, when i turn the switch on i get nice distorted sound.....when i turn the switch off i get NO sound. (i should be having lean guitar sound instead) I hooked up everything perfectly. Still problems. What can I do so that when I turn the switch off I will get clean sound?  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Oculus GO - The little sideloading guide

It seems making an Instructable these days requires lots of pictures, detailed steps and tons of instructions.So before I try to paste my attempt here, I will point something out for the support team:1. There is little point in including pictures of a VR headset or how to plug a USB cable in. Same for images showing a DOS window and the command typed in it - they are the same as in the instructions...2. With little to no option to create an Instructable that requires actual code usage and properly embedded picture, let alone good editing options: How do you suggest one would accomplish this taks?3. With no category to post such Instrucables it is my personal opinion that these catergories need quite some updates! They are still the same as years ago despite life evolving around it...If you just went into the mobile VR world then you might feel a bit restricted compared to what you know from your smartphone.Over the months firmware updates provided us with some much needed things but a bit is still left out. In this Ible I will try to show way to get a bit more out of your GO. Be aware that a lot of it still requires a bit of manual work and a computer.If you are just curious then please read on and you might still find something interesting that you did not know yet.Getting started...One thing we certainly need is a way to access the GO and to install additional apps on it that are not available in the store.For this we need to activate the developer options. Unlike your normal Android device this step works only from the device you paired with your GO. Go into the settings and there look for the developer mode. Once you try to activate it Oculus requires you to sign up for a developer account. All this of course needs to be confirmed through Email activation, you know just to make it complicated and get more info about you ;) From there it is straight forward and like on any Android. Activate USB debugging, pair with your computer by USB cable and on the GO authorise the connection. Please also tick the box to make this permanent as otherwise you will be prompted every time. In case you are not so familiar with this just Google how to use ADB on Android - it is simple. I will add the required files and drivers in a later step dedicated to it.If you need more help getting the right options done or where to find them, please consider the great help for this offered on the Oculus developer sites. It makes sense to spent some time there as you find a lot of good info that might come in handy once you really want to get serious.ADB - A must have...You will find the drivers and all, as said, a bit later. ADB is the Android Debug Bridge. It allows us to get access to the (user)available file systems, do some basic tests and if supported even flash a firmware or make a backup.If you already used ADB for another Android device then you will only need the drivers for the GO. Otherwise you need to set up the enviroment for the Debug Bridge first. In the downloads will be a simple installer for this purpose. It is vital that you authorise your computer on the GO, best to tick the box to make it permanent.If you open a command prompt where you have ADB installed you can do some simple tests. Setting all required paths and system variables in Windows would allow you to access ADB functions from any folder on your computer. The later might be easier if you do not want to copy all related files into your ADB folder. Makes no real difference though and is up to your preferences.The command ADB devices should show you now that your GO is connected by listing it. If nothing shows up then please check the USB debugging option is set in the developer options. A reboot might help too in some cases. With this sorted we are good to go, almost at least...How to install "unknown" apps?As you might have noticed there is no playstore and all available stuff in the official store is VR based.Getting some essential apps on it seems to be impossible.Again the help offered by Oculus in the developer sections is a vital source, so please don't be afraid to read there ;) There are two basic ways of doing things on a device with so many restrictions.1. Just use ADB install packetname Where packetname is the filename for the app in question, for example Netflix.apk. With all apps you need in one place this is quickly done.2. Use a dedicated app installer or manager for the job. I will include one that actually works with the downloads. Same fore more detailed instructions.The thing is though that only apps designed and signed for VR will show up in your normal launcher. All other (supported) Android apps will show up in "unknown sources" in your library. Apps not supported for this purpose won't show anywhere! For them you need a dedicated launcher, which will be placed in the "unknown sources" section ;)Why do I spoon feed you here you might wonder? To be honest: If you already read some terms and basics it will be much easier to remember. Repetition is the key ;) I see little point in providing a simple to follow list of intructions as a week later you would struggle to do it again without the list in front of you.Our first unknown apps!Deciding what you might need in apps is one thing, knowing in what order you can safe hours of your life is another. I simply don't think you want to juggle with ADB whenever you want a new app that is not available in the official store. So for starters we will need something that is able to install apps for us. And since we can't use it without something to find and start it we also need an app starter. Basically like HALauncher for Android TV.The detailed instructions for this can be found with the downloads. First the app starter is installed, it will provide us with a living room like view onto a big screen. On the screen you will find all apps that are otherwise invisible to you. Some might tempt you to try them out - just don't! Unless you really know what you are doing you have a good chance to do something bad. Use the apps you know and the apps you added but none of the tempting system apps you might see.The APK installer will show up there too and is used to make installing apps a bit easier. You can copy them now onto your GO's internal storage and use the app installer to install them - how easy is that? Another option I included is the Aurora store - a fork of the YALP store and able to work without any playstore requirements. Downside is that the VR controllers are not fully supported yet as it is more aimed at TV sets. A BT touchpad works though if the controller or a gamepad fail. I only included Aurora as it could be a nice alternative one day with full VR support. Just search or browse for all the apps available in the playstore and install what you like. Be aware though that not everything will work with the remote. Some games and apps can be operated with a game controller though.It is getting nicer already ;)By now you might have already installed some things as you just could not wait to skip to the downloads.Well, can't really blame you, can I?Anyways, we now have the option to install more apps that we know from our non-VR Android devices. Oculus might make it harder in the future though - or they see it the same way and offer ready to go options one day. Till then it is up to you....Youtube VR might be nice but it is also still quite buggy and lacks some basic features. So getting a modded Youtube app could be a way out if you need comments for example. Kodi is still a must have for many Android users, especially the sport nuts with us. A filemanager is also something most Android users value. I will include some but again it comes down to what YOU prefer here. And with a basic way to install apps now you can also remove them again if you decide they don't work as expected.Get a bit used to the app launcher and how to install apps. Sideloading is fine for those used to it but some might prefer to just copy some apps on the GO and them use the installer with the remote. In the near future we will get support for external sorage, so using a USB stick or SD card in a reader will make the USB cable obsolete for file transfers. Some headsets already support it, so chances are by the time you read this yours will too. Although it still is a good way to keep your GO charged while copying big files ;)Precautions and Words of WisdomIt all sound nice and easy now but there are dangers you need to be aware of! Installing apps or games that are not fully designed for the GO or VR use can mean crashes. A lot will work but that does not mean it will keep doing so. A firmware update could one day end the support for sideloaded apps that are "non-VR". Especially messing with the app launcher can mean sudden disaster. Things you normally can not see are often hidden from you for a good reason. I will take no responsiblity for problems you caused by misusing system apps !Console emulators are a lot of fun and there are ways to even stream them from your PC in reasonable quality on a low end computer. But these and some demanding games also cause a lot of CPU usage. As the system is not optimised for 2D content it can mean that your battery runs out faster. In some cases you might not see the warning to charge, so be aware of time when immersing yourself.Stay away from any app or game that requires playstore components! Play Games for leaderboards might be no issue, especially if you don't need this feature. Online gaming like multiplayer actions will not work if it requires Google services for it! Similar story for hardware you don't have. If it is only designed for touchscreens than it might not work with the remote. And if it does not support gampads either... Apps that only support the wrong display orientation are a no go too.What Non-VR Stuff Actually Works on the GO?A lot and it will be possible to do even more. There are already streaming options for your own videos like Skybox, Moonplayer and they all support DLNA servers too. So watching normal, 3D or VR movies from a media server is no problem at all already. Getting games to work is another story all up. ALVR is a good platform to stream VR games from your PC to the GO. Unlike the Rift you won't even need an overpowered gaming PC for it. Virtual Desktop is a paid app but well worth the money if the support and features keep going as they do right now. With it you can use your computer or laptop from the GO. Watch movies, surf the net, play games. The GO more or less becomes a normal Windows computer only that you have the screen right in front of you.It will certainly be possible to code a simple VR app that works as a shortcut for non-VR apps. Like how right now you get the pic and description for a VR exerience and a button that starts the stream in the player. Downside is the requirement to certify such an "app" to make it visible in the normal launcher.Downloads and Instructions....Finally you get to the point where you can actually download something :)To make it all a bit easier and to ensure I won't miss a vital bit I did a factory reset on my GO to start from scratch :(Things might change in the future, so I will include the instructions as texfiles with the download.If I see a real requirement for screenshots I will include them with corresponding filenames.I think this way it is easier than scrolling through an Instructable as you can just print it all directly.Those without an account (yet) might value this too.Based on the feedback, questions and general comments I will change the contents of the download accordingly.Same for download links to avoid bloating up the download with outdated files.Easier for you (if you read this a few months from now) to download the newest files directly from the source.So don't be too disappointed if the download seems to contain less than what you expected.What seems to be missing will have links in the instructions.No files will come from unverified or unsecure sources!Whatever I include in the downloads directly will be checked for malware of all kinds.The same standards are true for the sources I provide.So no clickbait, ad sponsored re-directors or such crap.Please read the detailed instructions carefully, then read them again while actuall following the steps on your GO or computer.Do not blindly read it and jump onto doing it the first read!For ADB commands just copy and paste them - I might write some batch files though, so check for them in the instructions and make use of them.Things might not work out as planned, so if in doubt double check all the steps taken.What is in the provided instructions is tested on my GO's and works on the firmware version current of this writing.Download the guide and files from FilefactoryIn case the PDF in the download is not detailed enough, just ask in the comments ;)

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Arduino yellow drummer robot?

I was looking at building a yellow drummer robot that I saw in Make 25. I don't have a Picaxe, the problem is that I have seen pictuures and videos of people that have used arduino but no detailed instructions. Can anyone give me a link to instructions or  give me tips. The best help I have had so far is the code. But how do I connect it up? (I have a arduino deumonlatave, but it should still work). // Yellow Drum Machine Program for Arduino Uno // setup pins and variables for SRF05 sonar device int echoPin = 12;                               // SRF05 echo pin (digital 12) int initPin = 13;                               // SRF05 trigger pin (digital 13) unsigned long pulseTime = 0;                    // stores the pulse in Micro Seconds unsigned long distance = 0;                     // variable for storing the distance (cm) // setup pins for drivetrain motors int DCMotor1Drive = 10;                         // DCMotor1 Drive Pin (PWM 3) int DCMotor1Reverse = 3;                        // DCMotor1 Reverse Pin (PWM 10)       int DCMotor2Drive = 9;                          // DCMotor2 Drive Pin (PWM 6) int DCMotor2Reverse = 6;                        // DCMotor2 Reverse Pin (PWM 9) // setup pins for sonar pivot pager int SensorPagerRight = 11;                        // SensorPager rotate right Pin (digital #) int SensorPagerLeft = 5;                         // SensorPager rotate left Pin (digital #) // setup pins for drumstick pagers int Pager1 = 8;                           // Pager1 rotate forward Pin (digital #) int Pager2 = 2;                         // Pager1 rotate reverse Pin (digital #) int Pager3 = 1; int speed = 0; int averageDistance = 0;                        // stores the average distance value int mode = 0; // Function for sonar reader int readsonar() {   // variables to take x number of readings and then average them   // to remove the jitter/noise from the SRF05 sonar readings   const int numOfReadings = 10;                   // number of readings to take/ items in the array   int total = 0;                                  // stores the cumlative total     // create array loop to iterate over every item in the array   for (int i = 0; i < numOfReadings; i++) {        // Trigger sonar to take reading     digitalWrite(initPin, HIGH);                    // send 10 microsecond pulse     delayMicroseconds(10);                          // wait 10 microseconds before turning off     digitalWrite(initPin, LOW);                     // stop sending the pulse         // Read sonar distance     pulseTime = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);             // Look for a return pulse, it should be high as the pulse goes low-high-low     distance = pulseTime/58;                        // Distance = pulse time / 58 to convert to cm.     total= total + distance;                        // add the reading to the total   } return total / numOfReadings; } // Drivetrain movement command functions   /* Drivetrain Forward */   int goforward(int speed) {      analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, speed);   }   /* Drivetrain Reverse */   int goreverse(int speed) {     analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }           /* Drivetrain Turn Right */   int goright(int speed) {     analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }   /* Drivetrain Turn Left full speed*/   int goleft(int speed) {   analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, speed);    }     /*Drivetrain turn around*/   int turnaround(int speed) {      analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);      analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 255);      analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 255);      analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }     /* Pager Pulse functions */   int rightstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager1, 0);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager1, 1);   }     int leftstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager2, 1);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager2, 0);   }     int tailstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager3, 1);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager3, 0);   }      //Operational Modes   //Target Seeking Mode  int findtarget() {    int Center = readsonar();    if (Center > 50)       goforward(255); //Go forward!    else      mode = 1; //  }     //Fine-Tune Targeting Mode  int lockontarget() {     // Reading and moving the sonar     int Center = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 1);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 0);     delay (500);     int Left = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 0);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 1);     delay (500);     int Right = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 0);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 0);     delay (500);         //Speed and Direction Control      if ((Center < Right) && (Center < Left)) {         if (Center > 50)           goforward(255); //Go forward!        else if (Center > 7)          goforward(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }      else if ((Right < Center) && (Right < Left)) {        if (Right > 50)           goright(255); //Go forward!        else if (Right > 7)          goright(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }      else if ((Left < Center) && (Left < Right)) {        if (Left > 50)           goleft(255); //Go forward!        else if (Left > 7)          goleft(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }  } //LET THE BEAT DROP! int makesomenoise() {    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);          tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    tailstick();    tailstick();    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    mode = 3; }      //Go Somewhere Else//  int runaway()  {    goreverse(255);  }               // setup void setup() {   pinMode(DCMotor1Drive, OUTPUT);                     // sets DCMotor1Drive as output   pinMode(DCMotor1Reverse, OUTPUT);                   // sets DCMotor1Reverse as output   pinMode(initPin, OUTPUT);                           // set init pin 13 as output   pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);                            // set echo pin 12 as input   pinMode(Pager1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(Pager2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(Pager3, OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(Pager1, 1);   digitalWrite(Pager2, 0);   digitalWrite(Pager3, 0);    // initialize the serial port, lets you view the  // distances being pinged if connected to computer  //    Serial.begin(9600);   } void loop() {   if (mode == 0)     findtarget();   else if (mode == 1)     lockontarget();   else if (mode == 2)   {     makesomenoise();     turnaround(255);     mode = 0;   }   // Serial.println(mode, DEC);         // print out the average distance to the debugg }  

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Half Inch CRT Monitror

I was tearing apart an old VHS camera and decided to rip the LCD out of the viewfinder. Much to my suprise I find a CRT monitor not a LCD! This screen is about 1/2 inch. It has a 5 pin connector that leads to the motherboard and a chip on the bottom that says A118121. Obviously two of the conections would be V+ and ground, but what about the other three? I would like to turn this into a composite or VGA compatible screen (maybe even a crazy tiny oscilloscope) but I need some help. Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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how or where can i get a winzip for little or NO cost? Answered

Ok i need win zip to run a program on my other pc with has no internet(it will soon) but yeah how or where can i get a winzip for little or NO cost?

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Whats is this little component called?(Picture included)

And what does it do? Because i have a bunch of these and tell me what the little numbers and letters mean(In picture).

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how to add a little on/off switch to this meter?

Hi, quick question, how do i connect a little toggle switch to this meter? what/where do i connect the switch to? i want to set it up to override the push button. Thanks

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How to rockets stabilize themselves with little or no fins? Answered

I just thought of NASA's satellite carrying rockets and realized they have almost no visible stabilizers. I wondered how they were able to fly relatively straight. Do they move the output of exhaust or something like that?

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Windows XP Running with as little as 18MB or RAM

I managed to run Windows XP (stable) with as little as 18MB of RAM, Originally for my PSP to run.With Dosbox i can Allocate up to 16 MB of RAM, with a little tweaking i could get it to reach 18MB.But XP Can't run in DOSbox, But it Can Run in Bochs, It may be slow but hey, If i can Run Windows XP on my psp, It is still an accomplishment.Here are some screenshots of it Running is QEMU, On a PCSo what do you think, I am planning to port QEMU to the PSP so we can finally make this a reality, BOCHS only works in 1.50 Firmware, and i don't see a psp Slim with 1.50 and my PSP is a Slim and ...well you know.Well ThanksBe sure to comment(and rate, Just because it is neat seeing topics with a rating...) And tell me what you think!~ReCreateEdit: Now i uploaded a video!(or i am uploading a video...i have to remake it due to the stupid 10MB limit)

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led n00b here, need a little help

Hey guys i am new to electronics and figured id start with leds, my first project will be to make a torth from a penguin caffinated mints tin using some domestic batteries, some Super bright (17000mcd) 3v Green LEDs and 10 resistors only described as "Used to operate a 3.3v LED on a 5v Power Line. " and the same for the 10 12v resistors. now can anyone tell me. when would i need a resistor in my circuit? (i know the one for the 12v line would be perfect for arraching to a car battery and not killing the led.) but the 5v resistors? when would i use them? when i make this torch i will be using 2 or 3 aa batteries, 2 aa batteries make 3v and these leds are meant for 3.3 so im assuming i wont need a resistor however if i used 3 aa (4.5v) would i need the 5v resistor or would it be to much? im sorry im confusing thanks

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Little electromotor with 1 revolution per 12 hours?

I need a little weak motor which makes one revolution in twelve hours. Anyone knows how to get that?

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How do you make the little heart symbol?

I have been wanting to make the little black heart when I am typing but can't figure out how! Please help!

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What can I use this little RC car for?

Does anyone have a use for something like this? I was going to take this wee little car apart for the motor, but I'd hate to destroy it if I can still make something out of the whole body, the wheels and everything should still work. I think the little capacitor in there just went dead or something like that.

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Is there an easy way to control the speed of a little 6v motor?

I've got a little 6v electric motor that I would like to slow the rpm's down.  It doesn't have to be a variable controller, but if there is something like that then cool.  I'm just looking for a cheap way to slow that puppy down.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  :)  (p.s. I'm using the power from a USB - 5v)

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A little bit of a question (related to a tutorial here on Instructables)

Well, I came across this post here a while ago, and I was lucky today to get one of these camping lights.  The problem with it, however, unlike the one that is in the tutorial (which is 24 LED), I have one that is 36-LED (pictures included). So, if there's anything different I need to do wiring wise in comparison to the tutorial, let me know. I know I'm going to need to remove the power button on the front and the inner ring and have the power switch/power line running in from the outside of the ring. However, the upside is the inner ring, with the LEDs removed, gives me at least a template on what to cut out from the front. I've already bought a four AA battery power compartment from Radio Shack. So, again, any recommendations about what to do different with this unit, let me know. And if anyone wants a better picture of the inside, let me know, I've got it. :D

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Looking for a Fun Creative Project for Adults with Little to No Experience

I run a non profit teaching kids computer science concepts. As a fund raiser idea I was considering hosting an adult class at our local makerspace. I am looking for a kind of nerdy, somewhat inexpensive projects that adults will enjoy making as well as displaying in their home or office. With kids we do coding, make games, light LEDs with arduinos, make Raspeberry Pi cameras, and play around with paper circuits and homemade hex bugs. Does anyone have any adult ideas that may be fun? (Also, we are considering having a local brewery bring beer) I am open for more kids projects too, if you have any.

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Do they sell tiny little steam/fog/smoke generators?

I'm not sure what to be looking for. I would like a tiny little thing that makes fog/steam/smoke. I think they are sold for model trains. What are these things called, and where could I get one? There is one in this instructable here.   

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Little Gem MkII may have fried my ipod?

I`ve built and was testing a Little Gem Mk II amp on a breadboard and for audio signal input i used my ipod shuffle 2nd generation. What happened was that the output sounded very distorted ( probably too large of pin 1-8 bypass capacitors) before the ipod stoped working. For the first two times i pluged it to the pc the orange light came on steady, not blinking as expected. From the third time on i got no response at all. So, is the amp - and me - guilt of killing the ipod? (considering that it was 4~5 years old and may have died of natural causes)

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Let's help this little 13yr old girl I know??

This little girl didn't get a computer for christmas like she was supposed to! Anyway I have a perfectly good in working condition Toshiba L305d s5900 older laptop with Win. 7 on it that i'd like to give her. But it needs some minor help and I'd like to fix it up a little but I don't have alot of funds at the moment. (or I'd just just go and buy her a Wal-mart special myself because she is poor and wouldn't know the difference anyway) , Where is the best place online to go to buy replacement parts for an old Toshiba laptop like this i.e....a new touchpad, new keyboard, power supply and battery? If it is at all possible I'd like to get a pink keyboard and touchpad to girly it up some??? Please any and all help would be appreciated much. This is for real and I'm in a hurry. Thanks

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I can use very little of my computer's ram

I have recently bought an expensive new ram card for my laptop. I bought it to add to what was on my laptop. But, I can only use the second card (since my laptop has two ram slots), even though the computer has recognized the new card, it won't let me use it. Here's what it says in system properties: Installed memory (RAM): 10.0 GB (1.74 GB usable) I just can't figure it out. I even looked to see if my computer had set a limit by going to the start menu, typing 'msconfig' and seeing if any limits were set, and I could not see any. UPDATE: I believe I need to check one of the ram slots because I switched the slots that the cards were in today and when I turned the computer back on the new ram card was able to be used but the old, smaller one was not. I think it is just needing to be cleaned/inspected. If that is the case, this question will be deleted. If not I will update it again if a new problem arises. Thanks for your help! 

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Need help in designing an electric wheel chair for a little kid

I am trying to make a light and safe design of electric wheel chair for a kids age 2-3 years. ill need help selecting the material, chair type, battery type and how to make it safe for daily use around other kids. ill be grateful if someone points me in a right direction. your help is appreciated.Thanks,Uzair.

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need a little guidance with an arduino controlled CNC machine. help?

Ok so I am in the process of getting the axes set up, and theyre in a state that would allow me to test them. I am using the laser carriages from CD-ROM drives, so i know i wont get amazing build sizes, but that isnt the matter here. I've searched and searched and searched and have yet to really find definite instructions. The hardest part is going to be coding the arduino. I would like to use an ATmega16, but a 328 will work too. I intend on using L293D's to control my motors. they seem to work fine for on the bench testing, so with cooling in an enclosure i dont see why it wouldnt work. but I have no idea where to start with the coding. Ive seen references to GRBL, some reprap stuff, and a LOT of people being told basically "your method is stupid, buy these motor controllers and use my method", which i guess works well, but I dont have the money to buy the fancy motor controllers and the 293s seem to work fine. so, can someone point me in the right direction, or give me some pointers here please? I'd really appreciate it.

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Controlling ws2815 from raspberry-need a little technical help

Hey guys! Im pretty new to this stuff. As part of an ambilight “project” im trying to use ws2815B with a raspberry pi3b+ I use a 12V 20A (meanwell) psu for the leds and an raspberry 5.1V 2A adapter(bought it because new rpi hated everything else!). So powering seems sufficient. 12V is stable. I already managed to get the lights working somewhat. Even video capture works “fine”, so the lights are okish and delay isnt “that bad”. However i managed to fry the gpio18 on the pi... I dont know what caused it for sure - but i found a broken 12V cable to the strip. Maybe that...or... My new rpi also keeps hanging a LOT when the leds are attached. I can still push buttons and try to restart with ctrlaltdel(which sometimes works sometimes doesnt) but completely hung(instantly loses network connection and only ctrlaltdel does anything), although colors still work on the strip as the video capture captures different image. So hyperion is running. First few leds are off or look like dead pixels. The Rest shows the right colors. Can this hanging and erratic behaviour be because of different logic levels? If so which logic level converter should i be using? Ws2815 is 12V but it works as mentioned above with 3.3v logic from rpi with some errors. If i bring it to 5v will it be enough? Or 12V logic level is needed? If logic level is not the issue, then what else? Thanks a lot for any input :)

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well i ran into a little problem yesterday with my flash drive?

My 4GB HP v125W flash drive got corrupt like a Chicago law enforcement officer because i kept unplugging it without ejecting the drive first. the HP website does not provide this specific  flash drive ,driver for the drive i need this flash drive for school to store my essays on so get to me ASAP thanks. PS. i spent my allowance on the thing so i want to get the most out of it

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Firefox bookmarks - is there any point still putting them in little folders? Answered

I've been a user of FF for many years, and have probably a couple 1000 bookmarks. More than half were setup in the old days, before I could search and tag them with the Wonderful toolbar or whatever they called it. They are saved in various bookmark folders. The tag system is much more powerful. I don't think I have used the old system to store a bookmark for a couple of years. Is there any practical reason to keep the old system, or should I just inventory and tag the old files ? How do other people handle topics in their bookmarks ?  Any pointers, as usual, much appreciated. Steve

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Big project, little parts..Need serious electrical tech help.

Well, long story short in my dumpster diving salvaging e-waste ... 2 Lorex CCTVs. One cord cut, the other intact. I disassembled the cut cord. Lr38603A PCB. Wires Identified GND 12v+ Audio Video  Analog, so USB is out of question. Acer Aspire 5100 laptop. The mommy is toasted (cause mobo sounds so geefy.) so disassembled and salvaged usable parts.I think I tossed the condenser into my "melt parts off circuit board" bin... so I need a condenser and PCB controller which leads me to something I found in my parts bin... CRT monitor, stripped and kept the  VGA PCB, unfortunately it does not have an S-Video and I think it's irrelevant here but I'm quite new to this hack n mod stuff... So, here's what I'm trying to do: Use the LCD from the laptop as a display for the analog camera, I also have several lens and such from damaged optics (hunting scopes, monocular etc) so with the lens I'll put them in a tube and craft a digital microscope. I know you can buy a cheapie USB one, but I want the pride of making something, to be able to understand the tech, and also re-use discarded electronics. I have a pretty good idea of what to do, but I've never worked on anything that involves a serious power source from an outlet and do not want to fry myself, and would like some guidelines/what to research. Google is not being helpful and nearly all the camera hacks I've came across are for USB based cameras. I have access to a solder station, voltometer and a slew of other parts from various electronics, mostly VCR's I'd like to keep the spending to a minimum, but not at the expense of safety. Can anyone help? Thanks :D

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the &quot;A&quot; button on my gamecube controller is a little sticky. how can I fix this?

When the "A" button is pressed rapidly it tends to stick

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Is there any way to make any cool little projects with a momentary push button?

I was modding my xbox 360 controller so I bought a pack of 4 or 5 push buttons. Now, I have some left over and was wondering what to do with them. For example, could I construct a small taser or shocker and hide it in a pen casing or something? Thanks!

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How to time a little door so it opens at a certain time? (no need to close)?

I want to build an automatic cricket feeder for my lizard (bearded dragon) because I have to stay home at her eating times and sometimes I want or need to go out. * Ideally I would like to build a small "cabinet" with 1-3 drawers and somehow make the doors open at 11am, 4pm and 9pm, * If this is too hard one door will do but I would need to reprogram it constantly. (crickets would be inside and they would get out as soon as the door opens) * I already have a timer that I can plug and program to 23 different times so I was thinking on using that (or not), It could be something that when on opens or keeps the door open, and I can keep it off the rest of the day with the timer, I just don't know how to do this and how to do something that won't burn after a minute on because that's the minimum time the timer works. * It doesn't need to close back (and that is safer too) * It can't be light activated because some lights are on at all times and another has a timer and goes on for 20 minutes every hour. *It needs to be small because the terrarium is 18inchX18X18 and I don't want to take a lot of room Thank you so very much!!

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Local text only chat room for under 100$: This may be a little insane

I am looking to create a local text only chatroom as a gallery installation for a sculpture class. In the most basic terms I want 4 text output displays and 4 text inputs to be connected through a cheap computer allowing people to carry on a simple conversation locally. As this makes absolutely no sense and has no practical applications it is difficult to find similar projects. Oh and because it just seemed too easy to wire some laptops together I am trying to do this for around 100$  There are Three basic problems I need to solve: Output:  So far my best idea is to use a monochrome lcd such as this: and soup up/ replace the back-light and create and old school overhead projector.  Input: burner cell phone keyboards? cheap keyboards from goodwill? Alternatives?  Make them work together: some unholy union of breadboards arduino and raspberry pi So basically this is barely possible if at all, and I am amateur at best in the hardware department (although I have a CS degree in a couple months) Any help from the seasoned veterans of this community would be greatly appreciated. (and I mean anything like if you have a favorite cheap keyboard or lcd that would be an immense help)  

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I need to find a picture. I only have a little part of the original picture Answered

I need to find a picture. I only have a little part of the original picture and i know the original is somewhere on the internet. Tineye can only find full pictures not if u have a part of the original.

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I have a MP3 player that got a little to close to a magnet. Is there anything that can be done with it?

My PC can't pick up that the device has been plugged in and the music that was on it is gone. It has a radio that still works and I think the voice recorder should still work too.

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Diffusing white LED's. I need high intensity white light but with little or no projection.

I am trying to have as bright a light as possible from 2 white LED's but with as little light projection as possible. So far I have found a small bit of a plastic shopping bag does well but the light isn't bright enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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I'm trying to build a semi auto rifle that doesnt shoot only little knex rods but also little round bulets i have already the mag system witch reload auto and has like 10 bullets in it but only little round bulets no knex rods and i have a little problem with the trigger :s if anyone can can help me try to build a nice trigger and i would like the slide piece couse it has more firepower if it has reactoin motion

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