What to make ?

I found  electronic components at home. What I have 1. ON-off button switch 2. on-on tumbler switch 3. on dpb or something like this switch 4. 2 100k lin pote 5. on-on-off tumbler switch 6. 2 leds 7. 3 lm386's 8. 5 DIL sockets 9. 1N914 10. 100k 11. 1m 12. 470k 13. 220k 14. 4k7 15. 0.047uf 16. 0.0033uf 17. 100uf*16v 18. 2w 10k 19. 0.47uf 20. 220uf*16v 21. 0.01uf 22. 3 9v battery sockets 23. IR electronic volume control 24. speeker cable 25. cables. 24. Audio cable 25. 50 line pote 26. 9v adpater 27. 6.3mm audio socket 28. naked speaker cable socket 1) I wanna make something for my electric guitar. I have no idea what to make. 2) Something what is not sound related. I have no idea what to make.

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PCB making? Answered

Hello, Can I use H3BO3(boric acid) and HCl for etching?

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make a transformer? Answered

I am wondering how to make a homemade transformer for an early tesla coil (the kind with the flat primary and secondary coils). Thanks in advance, Josh1324

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Making a smartwatch

I want to build a touchscreen smartwatch which can use fitness apps and possibly pair with an iPhone 4s I need parts and a sort of howto guide to help. Many thanks for anything Andrew :)

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making a Club

My father and I make model trains. In one of our buildings i want to make it like a club, with colour changing lights(hoping to use a 2 leg RGB. Im still new to designing circuits and wondering if there is some-one out there who could help me make a circuit that would allow me to control the speed in which the LED will change colours and also have a on/off switch. If there anyone out there who can help me feel free to e-mail me on here or at parker66@nzmail.net. Cheers Daniel

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Making a speaker? Answered

I have an old speaker that i took from an old alarm clock, so i thought i should make a speaker for my iPod. I also have the headphone jack from an old pair of headphones. What else do i need to make the speaker, and how do i put it all together? I don't have a camera, so i found the best pictures i could on the internet. The speaker has a negative and positive wires coming out of it.

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what should i make?

List things that u or someone else has made thats really cool and easy....thanks

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Making a Powerful Laser.

Hey all, Could anyone provide a complete beginner with tips or even a complete guide on how to make a powerful laser which could point around a mile away? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks, Lawrence

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how to make a Levitron ? Answered

Plz help !

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Make a web show

I'm thinking about starting a webshow, similar to iCarly (if you watch the show), and I am trying to get some ideas for the show. Can someone give me some ideas for it. Sorry for no pix, or about anything but this info.

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How to make a slide?

I wanna Making slides.. I have a microscope at home and I dont know how to make slides... So please tell me which slides I can make and how to make

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how to make a keyboard

Hi guys i have an Idea about making a keyboard but i didnt make it yet who have an idea please put it here it may be easier iam working on arduino language thx

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how to make turbines?

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How to make an ebook?

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how to make webcam?

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how to make robot?

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Making a smart charger?

Can anyone tell me how to make a smart charger for 9v nimh battery?

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how to make a flask?

I need to make a flask to hold a decent amont of liquid and to keep it hot for long, help???????!!!

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How to make this transformer?

I am going to make a stun gun i need to make a transformer and i don't know how to. can any one explain me a better way? i've uploaded a picture!

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how to make an instructable?

it may sound funny but could sombody please make an insractable to show us beginers the proper way to do it.

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how to make a website? Answered

I want to make my own website where i could show my writings or instructables etc.etc.but how can i make it.please answer me thanks for viewing and further answering

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How to make a group? Answered

Title says all.

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how to make dhosha?

The south indian food dhosha

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Making this group bigger

We need to make this group bigger. get as many instructables as you can

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How to make plantgel? ?

Ref: http://www.plantgel.com/

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how to make earbuds?

I wanted to make earbud that could work on bluetooth just like bluetooth headsets please give details thank you

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how to make a funhouse? Answered

Want to make a picture frame with the theme funhouse,it would be cool if it was interactive so stuff can move and you look diffrent every time

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How to make gadgets ?

I want to know how to make gadgets like iphone (touch screen things), mobiles like nokia nseries, etc. Which course i need to study to make gadget's (especially touch screen tech's) hardware and software ?, I saw Chinese people make duplicate ipod's mp4 players..etc including hardware and software. how do they do it ?

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Making new tesla? Answered

Will 1280' (feet) coil the, 26 awg wire

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how to make a battery?

How to create electric battery?

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Rc Boat making?

Hi i have decided to make a rc boat i have the motor all sorted out its just the body. I was hoping to make one from styrofoam or polystyrene dose any one have some tips. Will this be water safe in other word's no water seaping througth . Thanks

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Make a phone ring

Anyone know if its possible to make a phone ring without a call coming in? Maybe get this to work via remote. This would be an awesome practical joke for my office!

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Make an Operating System

I am trying to make an OS. I am planning on doing it in C++, as I know a lot of that. Update: I can't really use GRUB, but since it is GNU, I will use it to get an idea. I still need to know how to make the kernel. Anyone know?

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How to make or design this?

I want to make a CFL inverter powered by 12 voltage battery and a 220 voltage AC. Some people say it signal transformer or SMPS transformer that’s why I did not mention the name of it. To make and design the transformer what is the formula and materials is needed? Please! Please!!  Please!!! Help me to design this transformer. Thanks in Advance.

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how to make repeaters.?

I hav an rc car which has very little range. Since i hav found that there is no effective way to increase its range i am struck with an idea of making some repeaters for it is that possible......??

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Music Making Software? Answered

Hey everybody. Just a few questions about music making softwares. First off, if you make a song from (the software's) loops and pre-determined notes, can you still copyright that song? Or do u owe the company money, or can u not copyright it at all? Also does anyone know a really good software I can buy thats relatively cheap? I don't want to spend $400, but I'm willing to go up to $100 or a bit more. Lastly, does anyone have any good guides for getting into this type of music making? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help!!!!! :)

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effecient charger making?

I wanna make a charger for 4v, 0.5A batery 1)just suggest me the value of capacitor and inductor for filter ckt 2) and wat ampere of current should be sent to battery for fast recharging (at safe zone

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Help with making an electromagnet Answered

It’s not as simple as it sounds I need to make it pick up things ( screws maybe screwdriver)and I need to be able to hide it somehow under my sleeve so I can trick people in to thinking I have magical powers.

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making a VOM into a thermometer?

Anybody know how to make a VOM into a thermometer?? Thanks BTW, I made the paracord belt from instructables, many, many months ago, the belt has been the best belt I have ever owned thanks to instructables jack

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Making LEDs flicker?

I'm building a costume piece and I really want to have a gem flicker different colors, using LED backlighting. I know I've seen products that make the LEDs "chase" or "run" but, I want these four lights to go in a circular motion, so that the gem looks like it just has light flickering different colors inside or behind it. Can anyone tell me how to make that work or is it impossible?

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How to make a transformer?

I have a bug zapper circuit that chagers a coil gun capacitor bank. the "zappers" output is 1.5kdcv but really low current i wanted to make a transformer and lower the voltage and up the current so the capaCITORS CHARGE FASTER PLEASE HELP!

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Making Photographic Film

Hi, how could I make photographic film at home without using chemicals or substances like silver halide crystals,potassium dichromate etc. as the sensitizer solution. Does anybody know of a more natural replacement? .

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How do they make this?

Since we are into tesla http://www.flyte.se/ Can you theorize how they do this ? Maybe there is a motor inside...

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Make image and project it? Answered

Hello everyone, I wanted for a while to make an image so that I can project but don't really know how to do it until recently I got this small like flashlight that actually projects an image.  Does anyone knows how to do it and the parts needed to build it. thanks

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How to make one of these ?

I want to make on of these but dont really know how. http://www.grand-illusions.com/acatalog/FunFlyStick.html#a198 It has a motor in it that produces static charge. I was thinking just have a little motor of a toy and put something a piece of pvc plastic on the end inside a pvc pipe ?

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Booklet Making Software?

Does anyone out there know of good (preferably free) software for laying out the pages of a booklet on a letter size or legal size sheet of paper? It would have to be able to assemble the pages of the booklet (some upside down, others on the back of the sheet) that is then folded, stapled and cut to make a booklet.

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how to make legs? Answered

Hey guys i need human like legs for my robot sugjestense i looked at wowwee robots ideas any one

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