PCB Manufacturing

I was wondering if anyone knows a cheap place to get some PCB boards printed? I used ExpressPCB to create the board (first thing I found on the computer at work) and it's giving me a .pcb file. I assume this file-type is pretty standard? I tried using their built in pricing software, but it seems a little pricey for small quantities. Any suggestions?

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This is a 3" cabinet pull. It caught my eye as a super steam punk component. Just imagine it with two LEDs inside the cage. Anyway how is it made ? That unit is magnetic, has 8/32 cabinet threads, solid otherwise and the cage appears 3/4 rotated This object would be perfect for 3-D printing.

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Need recommendation for PCB manufacture 10-20 boards at a time.

I have some Eagle schematics i would like printed, drilled, screened. To sell in a kit. Only want about 10-20 at a time currently. Cheapest possible

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what is the best uk based company to get pcb's manufactured for teh best cost?

I'm looking to get a small run of pcb's printed but i am unsure which company to go with. can anyone recommend a uk (or american based if shipping is reasonable) company that does small scale pcb manufacture

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How a Soda Can is Made

The basic soda can seems so simple and, well, basic, but how do they make them? And so quickly? This video from Discovery covers the details of how to churn out 2,000 cans a minute with no mistakes allowed. via Core77

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How a Hacksaw Blade is Made

Hacksaw blades get used all the time in projects so take a couple minutes to see how they're made in bulk. via techeblog

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LCD Brand Logo ? Answered

I have this lcd i need the manufacture but it only has a logo and i need to know the pins so i can hook up to arduino i have a pic of the logo i couldnt get a clear shot with camera but i made a pic of what it looks like i have

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How are spherical rare-earth magnets manufactured? Answered

A question came up the other day when playing with Buckyballs of how you manufacture spherical rare-earth magnets. I'm surprised they could use that name, given the original Buckyball, but these Buckyballs are powerfully magnetic spheres with one side a North pole and the other a South pole which can be stuck together to make 2D and 3D structures.  Sale has been restricted in many places because of people ingesting them and requiring emergency surgery. I've found information on neodymium magnet production using a sintering process, but can't see how you could produce a perfect Ni/Cu plated sphere with this method as individually machining to a sphere would be excessively laborious and tumbling would be a non-starter because of the attraction between balls.  EDIT: The sintering page wasn't the one I thought I was linking, but the one I've linked looks like it may have the answer in die-pressing or isostatic pressing in the aligning field of a solenoid.  Is this how it's done for spherical magnets? (Polishing the coated spheres would still be a problem.)

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anybody knows what company manufactures SG90 servo?

Hi, I recently need a large quantity of SG90 servo. I only find those sellers from Aliexpress or Allbuy, but I need to contact in business way with a specific company that produces SG90 servo motor in real. Anybody knows a answer? Thanks.  

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How are solar cells manufactured, I know that crystalline silicon is needed ?

Solar cells are the basic units to build a solar panel. How are solar cells manufactured ? Can it be made at home or is it too complicated a process or not cost effective to manufacture in small quantities ?

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I want to manufacture radiator coolant for vehicles. Pleae tell me the process.

In ur ans in yr 2010 u ve mentioned about the dye.. what kind of dye is requierd ?? 

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Can I 3D print using acrylic material?

I work in a process equipment industry and I need to manufacture a small equipment in acrylic? The parts of the equipment are intricate and it is nearly impossible to manufacture using conventional manufacturing processes? I would like to know whether I can 3D print the acrylic component? 

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what are the steps of manufacturing portable electric emersion heaters used to boil water?

I am trying to manucature emersion water heaters commonly used to boil water. Commonly known as travellers heaters. if anyone could share the know how really appriciate.

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Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink? Answered

Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink?

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Where to get free electronic samples?

I have read a couple of instructables about getting free electronic samples from manufacturers. I am intersted in doing this but I have a problem. I don't have a company or a company email adress. I was wondering if somebody new of a list of manufacturers that I can get free parts from without having a company. Thanks

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how to make a fighting robot having 6 kg weight?

Give details for manufacturing a fighting robot

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how to manufactture pvc solvent cement?what are the ingredients?

I want to manufacture pvc solvent cement.can anybody guide me?

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Does anyone know how to interface the cc2500 IC module (manufactured by Texas Instruments) with a microcontroller? Answered

I have a ready P89V51 board ready for a wireless system I'm designing.. I've heard of the IC called cc2500 manufactured by Texas Instruments..Does anyone know how to interface the module to a microcontroller and how to program it? I'm going to use it for communication of the microcontroller with my PC... Please do post links where I can learn more about this IC and where I can buy the module of this IC..

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circuit board

 Hi guys, I am looking for a high quality circuit board manufacturing  that can deliver high quality  circuit board ASAP and with fairly reasonable cost .  any suggestion?

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Nissan invests in electric cars

Motor-manufacturer Nissan have announced a £200 million ($330 million) investment in a factory intended to produce lithium ion batteries for electric cars.Along with the news from Nissan, Peter Mandelson (Business Secretary) said a "low-carbon economic area" would be established in the North East.As part of the project, 750 charging points would be installed across the region and a training centre specialising in the manufacture and maintenance of low-carbon vehicles would be set up. "The North East has distinguished itself as the first specialised region for ultra-low-carbon vehicles," Lord Mandelson said.The announcement from Nissan comes only days after its Japanese rival Toyota said it would start manufacturing the new Auris hybrid petrol-electric vehicle at its plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire from mid-2010. BBC storyNissan website

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Has anyone seen the Pleo Robot yet? I got this link in my email today... Or Project NAO ?

Pleo is a robot toy modeled after a dinosaur believed to have lived during the late Jurassic period. The toy is manufactured by Ugobe Labs, a company based in Emeryville, California that specializes in the design and manufacture of lifelike robots. Pleo is intended for use by adults and children nine years of age or older. ...Pleo is equipped with numerous sensors and servos. This is from a techtarget report: Pleo - robot

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I am looking for any information about nylon, it's properties, uses, strengths, weaknesses and manufacturing.

As the title says, I'm looking for information about the material nylon. I want to know anything anyone can tell me. I am mostly wanting to know it's melting temperature, and how they prevent air pockets from forming inside nylon products during manufacturing. I would also like to know any additional information you are willing to share, such as it's uses. How rigid is it? What are it's weaknesses? How hard is it? Just anything at all, really. I thank you for any help you may offer and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Identify WW1 20mm shell casing?

A WWII veteran friend of mine has donated two shells collected on the battlefield in WWI by his father. Following are some photos of the shells: I have tentatively identified them as 20mm HE shells but would like more information, such as manufacturer and probably use. The first image shows both shells. They are 20mm in diameter, the brass casing is 70mm, the steel casing is 49mm and the head is 25mm. The steel casing shows an A and what appears to be an exploding shell. The other two images are of the bases. The letters at the top appear to be B &S;  but could be something else. I believe this is the manufacturer's mark. The 18 should be the year of manufacture. I have no idea what the 125 on the left means nor the numbers on the bottom which are hard to identify. Any assistance would be appreciated because my friend, who is now 95, would like more information concerning the shells. Thank you. Roger Laplante

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What kind of battery is this? Answered

It's from a Japanese shaver from 1988, which I am looking to replace. Searching for the number did nothing, and I could not find a way to contact the manufacturer. Any help is appreciated!

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Thermoelectric <Peltier> coolers

I would like to know if anyone out there in Instructables Land knows about Thermoelectric Peltier Devices- what they do and how they work. I have 3 of them in my collection of various electronic components & devices. I consider myself as having a good knowledge of thermoelectric peltier devices. If anyone out there thinks they know more than I do, OR works at a place that manufactures them, please let me know at labrath4@yahoo.com I'm currently unemployed, and would like to work at a place that manufactures peltier components- preferably in the testing and engineering department.

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Commercial Flywheel

I have searched high and low, but i haven't been able to find any company that manufactures battery-alternative carbon fiber flywheels for commercial use. Can anyone help me out?

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PET Recycled fabric made from PET bottle scrap in India.?

Why nobody is manufacturing or supplying the Fabric made from recycled PET bottles. Requirement of such fabric and availability of such scrap are huge in India.

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What capacitance is a TO412 capacitor?

It came from a disposable camera and has no informational markings. The camera's a few years old so I can't get any manufacture's info. The "o" could be a zero for all I know, and it also says "PET" below that.

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Pego - My Invention

 I need help trying to get my invention manufactured. Or help to stop me dreaming of Pego ever being a success! It's a clothes peg - same size & material, just a different shape. Clothes pegs sell - Pego should sell. When it's not hanging washing out kids can clip them together to build models - the shape allows the clamp to grip the body - the handles spring out to also act as grips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ydl_RCCQKo&feature;=fvst I have a few days left on quirky.com & need comments & votes to help Pego to manufacture. http://www.quirky.com/ideations/166745 Let me know what you think - why won't it work? Cheers Andrew Canfield

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Is there a high power mains supply for industrial purposes? Answered

I am building a manufacturing plant and have machinery that will require 792 kilowatts. Obviously I can't pull this from the grid so I was wondering if there  is some kind of high power line for industrial purposes.

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I am in a Process of fixing a INKjet printer on a conveyor. I need to use one encoder, ? Answered

Sensors and few stepper motor to run the main machine and the conveyor please suggest? The Inkjet printer - prints variable data ( Manufacturing date cost real time) on a paper moving on the conveyor?

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how do you build a pinpointer metal detector?

When metal detecting,after locating an area with your metal detector,you can pinpoint the coin or ring easily with a pinpointer detector. Garret metal detectors manufacture and sell one called the garret pro-pointer.

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Fpc Design

I need flexible strip for led lights. i contacted too many manufacturer in china. they all want gerber files. i tried to draw with eagle but i have no experience on that. they said it's a mess. is there any body who done that before anybody for help please...

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are these really capacitors?

Http://www.mouser.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=XH414H-IV01Evirtualkey62800000virtualkey628-XH414H-IV01EI'm only asking because either the manufacture doesn't know what they're talking about or it's a battery with it's capactance measured in farads. The say rechargable capacitor. That's the only reason why I feel causious

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Kids today are computer whizzes? Answered

-BUT are they, it seems to me that many, if not most, lack a lot of very basic skills, they may be able to poke around and get something going, but half of that is down to the manufacturers making it easier to connect things up. What's your opinion is the sub 20 year old population at the cutting edge of computer technology??

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ESD sensitivity of a VFD/LCD module? Answered

I have seen images of people experimenting with these modules but in the datasheets it says that they are sensitive to electrostatic discharge, is there a way of protecting them without cases (to use them for experimenting with micro controllers)  would zener diodes on the inputs and power supply make them less sensitive, or is it a overstressed problem to cover the manufacturer?

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how can i make an led matrix on stripboard? Answered

How can i make an led matrix on stripboard, i do not have acess to pcb manufacturing so i want to make an led matrix on stripboard!!! does any one know how to do this easily? please answer!!! thanks!!!!

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Looking for a research area or project on laser cutting .

Hi guys Interested in doing a project or research on laser but wanna gain sound knowledge of lasers and laser machining especially cutting beforehand. Please suggest books(journals), articles, websites etc. on laser cutting for this poor manufacturing undergrad.? Ideas will automatically crop up in my mind. Thanks.

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how do i make a gearbox for a 12 v dc motor? it is already fitted with a metallic worm.

I have four rs 385 ph motors manufactured by mabuchi..i need to make gear boxes for them to make them spin around 150 rpm and its already fitted with a metallic worm...any idea?

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How would a stronger magnet impact the performance of a speaker, and what impacts the overall quality of a speaker? Answered

Okay, so I had decided to build a sub-woofer for a speech topic for school, and I was wondering what it was that made speakers, or sub-woofers so loud an efficient. Granted, I know mine is far from great, while being made from ply-wood, duct-tape, and everything, but why is it that professionally manufactured speakers are so loud by them-selves with minimal power? I am using the circuits from my Logitech X-240 system, and the sub-woofer is always way louder than that of my home-made speaekr, with a significantly smaller ceramic magnet, it seems. Is it the geometry of the speaker itself, or what? What do manufacturers do in construction which improves the sound, or quality of speakers, and would using a neodymium magnet be better than using ceramic magnets? Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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Radioshack Submini Pushbutton Switch (275-1571) - Bulk?

I am looking to buy Radioshack's Submini Pushbutton Switch in bulk. I really can't seem to find it online anywhere.The package says that it is custom manufactured in China. I need to buy about 50, and possibly even more in the future, and with Radioshack's prices, it will be a pain to blow $75 for 50 switches.Thanks for your help.

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What would happen if I changed the LED in my optical mouse to say, a green or UV (ultraviolet) one?

I'll make sure to get the right size,brightness,voltage and current LED, but would the optical sensor still function with a different color? and does anyone know why they use a red LED, or is it just easy/cheap for manufacturers?

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I have a lenovo s10-3t the warranty that came from the manufacturer just ran out but i got a 2 year warranty on top of that how do i get this because i will be watching a movie and if the computer shakes a little the video will stop for a moment then speed up as if to catch up but i bought my computer at bjs wholesale(weird place for a computer) and where would i take it to get it fixed

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