What is the max input current for the lm317? Answered

I am having trouble understanding the datasheet. Is there a max input current for the lm317? If so, what is it? I want to supply 4A input current to it from a laptop power supply. http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/LM/LM317.pdf Thanks.

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flex sensor glove with max/msp

Basically the situation is that i’m in my final year of university and wanted to do something ambitious for my final major project. I wanted to make a glove to control effects built in max/msp. I wanted to know if anyone has personally tried this, how difficult it was to make it work with max and what materials they used (flex sensors etc). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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Nema 17 max speed?

What is the max speed of a NEMA 17 motor like this one? I will use a easydriver+arduino. Would there be a different stepper driver i should use (that is still cheap)?

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Mp3 Player help

I have a disney mix max and i have a family guy video on it that is wmv but when I convert a video with mediaconverter.org and put it on and play it it says FILE NOT SUPPORTED. Please help. All comments apprieciated.

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I Need 3ds max 5

Does anyone know where i can download full 3ds max 5 for free? or do i even need the full version for halo ce mapmaking?

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Max voltage and current for electrolysis of water.

What is max value of voltage and current can be used for electrolysis of water to accelerate the hydrogen production rate within safety limit?

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Arduino to Max Msp Audio Signal?

Hi, Guys i was hoping some one could help with getting a audio signal from Arduino in to max msp then converted back to audio. I have been a member a month and have been searching like crazy. I cant really find any evidence that this has been done so any support would be very appreciated.  Maybe some thing similar that can get me started any thing would help i'm desperate lol :P Regard  Kunal :)

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ATtiny13A Max O/P time? Answered

Hi, I am trying, with no success, to have an output on my attiny13a have a maximum output ON time of 5 seconds. If someone could give me some pointers or snippets of code, that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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what determines the max current that can be drawn from a transformer's secondary coil?

How could i figure out what the max current i can get out of a transformers secondary coil? example: a welding transformer

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Make a simple speaker louder.? Answered

I have a small simple speaker - just the magnet part, with no wires - and i have connected the positive and negative terminals to a simple 3.5 mm audio wire. The speakers play sounds, but at a very low volume even when the volume is max. Is there anyway to increase it?

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Like I use makyamas free-wifi finder, and I have several wireless cards--usb: 2 from sprint, 1 from verizon, one in notebook and one external just for wifi. I want to combine them for one fat pipe and then send them thourgh my apple airport extreme for my self and neighbors; but I want to protect my internal data and such.

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Razor E-175 motor max load? Answered

I have a Razor E-175 electric scooter. I have no charger for it so i decided to strip it down. I now have this motor and two 12v batteries. Can anyone tell me the max load i can put to this motor or how to charge the 2 12v batteries safely?

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Max length for running leds over cat5e? Answered

If i run 2 leds over cat5e cable how far away from the Arduino can I get? Thanks, Kade

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Solar panel maxes at 1A, but expected 3.6A?

I ordered a DIY kit from amazon. They are super flimsy and easy to break, but I was careful. Each cell was supposed to be 1.8W and .5V, ergo 3.6A by the math. But all put together now (in series) I get 5-5.6 Volts and about 1A max (with meter leads directly on each panel terminal). Voltage seems right, but current seems low. I'd expect somewhere in the area of 10%-15% over/under the estimated max, but this seems very wrong. I am guessing one panel in it is bad or cracked and I can't see it, and is limiting the whole deal. Does that sound right? Can I test the panels using the volt meter on the in/out leads on each cell, or do the other cells interfere after they're connected?

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Rooted Nexus 7 maxing out cpu

I've had my Nexus 7 rooted for several days now, mainly for the use of multitouch gestures that I so loved on the ipad, and in that time my battery life has been terrible! I have found that there is only a few more processes running on the device (gmd gesture control and SuperSU) which are of course supposed to be there, but they seem to be maxing out my CPU  Every app I have used to monitor CPU usage (rooted or no) have all said my CPU is at 100% all of the time. After a lot of googling around I have still yet to find anyone saying anything about being rooted maxing out anyones CPU. My question is, Is there any way I can stop root access from eating my cores and my battery?

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mutliple timer relay with min/max time

I am looking for an Instructable on making a multiple timer relay with a changeable min/max time to light 3 different lights. Ex.: 1 to 2 minutes, light 1 at 1 minute, light 2 at 90 seconds, 3rd light at 2 minutes. when light 2 comes on, light 1 goes off, when light 3 comes on, light 2 goes off. Thanks!

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Help with MAX232 Serial Converter troubleshooting?

Ok..long story short.. built this Instructable: (minimal Arduino on poerfboard,.  w/ blank Atmel) I put this on a breaboard instead https://www.instructables.com/id/Perfboard-Hackduino-Arduino-compatible-circuit/ I then installed Arduino IDE, as well as WinAVR/avrdude I tried to build a parallel programmer: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ParallelProgrammer but it didnt work.. (not sure if it because of WinAVR?avrdue setting?  but command line AND flashing bootloader through Arduino IDE did NOT WORK.. AVRDUDE gives this response: avrdude: can't open device "giveio" avrdude: failed to open parallel port "lpt1" pinout for parallel programm was as follows: PP     ATMEL  (pinout) 1    -  19 2    -  17 11  -  18 16  -  1 18  -  GND on breadboard*** no clue even Ive asked and googled.. couldnt find a 'real' solution to this.. so I looked around..and I found a couple MAX232 chips laying around..figured Id use these to build a Serial Converter using this tut: http://sodoityourself.com/max232-serial-level-converter/ I this all set-up on my breadboard: (pics to check what Im doing wrong) *******(the images shows the vRegulator moved over 1 pin..it has been corrected but after pic was taken) http://dmstudios.net/misc/max232_circuit/top.jpg http://dmstudios.net/misc/max232_circuit/1.jpg http://dmstudios.net/misc/max232_circuit/2.jpg I have checked the vRegulator portion..  I have a cap BEFORE the regulator  *bridging GND & output* and I use my meter to check that there is, in fact, 5v coming from it..  and there is... HOWEVER...  the vRegulator gets SUPER HOT, SUPER FAST!... if I dis-connect the pin 16 form the  chip to the ++ then the vRegulator does NOT get hot... once I bridge it.. instant HEAT.. so is it something I have done wrong in my diagram? http://dmstudios.net/misc/max232_circuit/diagram_1.jpg vRegulator not show in diagram here;; in this diagram.. as soon as I hook up the V++ to pin16 on the chip.. and the cap..etc  something is wrong?? I 'do' have some FTDI cables coming from China for a few bucks.. but this is ONLY for sketch uploading...correct? I also have a true Arduino Due coming as well... but hate waiting weeks when I want to play and get started now! Any help is appreciated..   Im new to all this, so be nice!  LOL thanks gang!

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a universal remote... controlled remotely via max/msp?

So, i am creating a sensor art project that involves a room controlled by sensors, triggering audio, playing video, etc. i would like the tv to be triggered based on sensor info. i have all the sensors going into a computer running max/msp. i need some sort of way to have the dvd player play and return to menu via max/msp. what are some things i can do? i was thinking that i could wire a remote, and have max send out control voltages to activate buttons, but i have no idea how to do that... any help?

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how to check max 232 ic using computer?

How to check max232 ic through hyper terminal. 

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How to increase portable stereo volume past max?

I have a portable stereo that has an sd card slot and usb slot for music. I use it in a factory, but the volume is not lod enough for me to hear at certain machines. Is there a way of increasing the volume PAST what the stereo's max is? If so, how? Thanks

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5VDC @ 50mA max power converted to USB or Oulet??

I have a pair of X31's.A gaming headset that loves to eat batteries It says its a 5VDC @ 50mA max power source. via 3 AAA batteries I want to convert this to USB or Power Outlet... Is this possible? and If so What do I need to get the job done. TY for your input http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/xbox-gaming-headsets/ear-force-x31.aspx?

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Reading the max voltage of a low duty cycle PWM?

How do I measure the maximum voltage reached by a very low duty cycle PWM signal without having to alter the signal. The multimeter shows no reading or gives a very brief wrong reading and falls back to zero. I don't have an oscilloscope. Are there any other alternative set-ups to measure just the voltage in this case. Please suggest.

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I am getting the message Turnigy MAX 80W?

I am trying to charge by 3S LIPO battery. It is 6200mAh. The charger that I have is Turnigy MAX80W. I am trying to balance charge my battery. However, when I configure the charger to 6.2Amps and 11.1V and then I press enter and I get the message to press enter to confirm or press back to go back. However, when I press Enter; It just shows me the message 'Turnigy MAX 80W'. Some times it shows  me the message 'Input Vol Err'. I have a tripple battery supple HM8040-3 and I am providing 17V from it. I am really confused what then problem is as I recently bought the charger. Please help!!!

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What determines the max output of a Nitrogen TEA laser?

I was thinking about building a TEA laser, using nitrogen from the air. Like many others, I want it to have a really high (peak) output level (high enough to ionise air). What's the limiting factor for the amount of power I can put into it? Does the air "saturate" or something when there's too much current going between the electrodes? How come you can't connect it directly to the HV power source, but you have to have a spark gap/capacitor to fire it? So would it work on AC? Thanks

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Is this correct? 280 LEDs at 24mA each will consume 6.72 amps total? Answered

 I am trying to power 280 LEDs with a 12 volt power supply. The specs are as follows: Green - 3.2-3.4v 24mA max (x100) Blue - 3.0-3.4v 24mA max (x100) Yellow - 1.8-2.2v 24mA max (x20) Orange - 1.8-2.2v 24mA max (x20) Red - 1.8-2.2v 24mA max (x20) Purple/UV - 3.0-3.4v 24mA max (x20) Are my calculations correct in that this will consume 6.72 amps? What would be the best solution for powering this many LEDs? I would like to keep the setup as simple and efficient as possible.

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Dimmer Question about Amperage? Answered

I've searching for a dimmer that its flicker won't be visible. This dimmer is the one that I came up with It claims to be 3-35V, and 90W MAX, but also 5A MAX.  Does this mean that the maximum power that it can supply is either 5A or 90W? That means that for 3V it would be able to supply 15W (5A), and for 35V it would be able to supply 2.5A (90W). Am I correct? Is it the first one that reaches MAX the maximum? I'm going to use it for 12V. That means that I can use 5A max, right? Thank You!

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i want to make my own led bikelight please help!? Answered

Here is the led info: Dominant wavelength max./ 10,000K Viewing angle 120° DC Forward current max. 350mA Peak pulse current - - 500mA Reverse voltage max. - - 5V Luminous flux typ. 56lm Forward voltage max. 4.0V i also want to make my own battery pack and my own light mount!

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Powering Thermoelectric Module (Peltier) Answered

I am trying to understand how TEC modules work, and I think I have it figured out now, but was hoping that someone with more electrical knowledge could verify that I have it right. I am looking at this TEC module. My current understanding of this is as follows: 1. If I regulate the current to this module to a max of 2A, the maximum amount of heat that the module will move at DTmax = 0 would be approximately 75W. 2. If I regulate the current to this module to a max of 2A, the module will not exceed a DT of ~20C. 3. If I regulate the current to this module to a max of 2A, the voltage could range between ~4-6V, but would not reach 10V due to the limitation of DT. 4. Therefore, this module, limited to a max of 2A, would use at max 12W (approximately). Is that all correct? Second, I am comparing the above module to this TEC module. For this second model, my understanding is: 1. If I regulate the voltage to this module to a max of 12V, the maximum amount of heat that the module will move at DTmax = 0 would be 28W. 2. If I regulate the voltage to this module to a max of 12V, the module will reach its DTmax of 67C (theoretically). 3. If I regulate the voltage to this module to a max of 12V, the current could range between ~0.75-1A, but would not reach 2A due to the limitation on voltage. 4. Therefore, this module, limited to a max of 12V, would use at max 12W (approximately). So basically, it is a trade-off between DTmax and heat moved at the same wattage. Is that correct?

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Can i use 800mah or max battery to BT receiver instead of 70mah battery?

Hi, BT receiver require 70mah inbuild battery to run, but due to low backup i want to replace it to max one, It have 3.6 v inbuild battery maybe, can i use another one Will it run smoothly?

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Even if throttle is at max position, my quadcopter is not flying more than 3 feet. why?

How to tune the copter for more stability? how to make it fly at higher altitude?

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LED circuit?

I recently purchased a few LEDs for a project, 2 blues and four reds. I need a way to power them all for months at a time. Would a nice soul be kind enough to draw up a schematic for me, considering I know NOTHING about this stuff? Here are the schematics, taken right off the back of the packets. 4 Red LEDs: Forward Current: 28mA max Forward Voltage 2.6 V max 2 Blue LEDs Forward (supply) Voltage: 3.7 typical, 4.5 Max Forward (supply) current: 20mA typical, 30mA max Any help?

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My dremel tool is spraking inside and the regulator thingy doesnt work...? Answered

1. My dremel makes a weird noise when i turn it on, and when i look inside through the venting holes i see sparks coming from the motor/magnet. It wasnt like this before and it runs slower now than before. 2. The roller thingy to regulate the speed (1,2,3,4,5,6 or max) only works on "max", if i turn it down the thing just stops working, but when i turn it up to max again it starts (at max speed of course) this isnt a very important acctually since i use max all the time, but its kinda annoying cuz it some times shuts off. My dremel is a CoTech model and only about 2-3 weeks old btw.

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Suggested max time for running a RadioShack 45-Watt Desoldering Iron?

After using my desoldering iron for approximately 1-2 hours I had melted the tip, rendering it useless. I have since gotten replacement tips. I do also want to add that the desoldering iron and tip were brand new, just out of the pack, and yes, I was using it correctly  =)  But is their a suggested maximum amount of time someone should use the iron to avoid this? http://www.radioshack.com/radioshack-45-watt-desoldering-iron/6402060.html#.VJYyN-uAK4

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replacing 20kbx2 potentiometer with fixed resistors for max output at all times?

Someone gave me an amp, potentiometer is busted. im not in a position to order a new one, and i really dont care to. id like to wire this up with resistors instead so that it reads full open all the time. the pot is for a car amp im just going to use my input source to control the volume anyways. schematic or detailed instructions would be lovely. thanks guys.

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Witch transistor should i choose for low noise audio ? Answered

Hello , im making a guitar pedal .The original schematic use transistor BC107B (epitaxial NPN) but i dont have it.so i find some other NPN transistor to replace it. I have 2N3903 ,2SC1815,2N3904 , but witch should i choose for low noise application ? in their datasheet i found the "NF : noise figure" , the lower NF mean lower noise ?? BC107B         NF  Typ.= 2  Max.= 10 2N3903          NF  Typ.= -  Max.= 6 2N3904          NF  Typ.= -  Max.= 5 2SC1815       NF  Typ.= 1  Max.= 10 Thanks for advance! sorry for my bad English.

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on a 185w max computer atx, what would be the best resitor to use? (for lab power) Answered

I have a 185w max output computer atx, i have wired it up and followed directions. but im not sure of what resitor to use. also when i plug it up it comes on, but then when i put a load on it (like red to black) it shuts down and i have to reset. still works, just need to know what im not doing right

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What's the unit for those? Answered

What's the unit for those x max and ymax ..... ?

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Potentiometer Specs?

Hey, I just found a pot from some old electronic, and unsoldered it. The only numbers it has on it is B50k. So I know it's a 50k pot, but what about the other stuff? How can I know the max voltage, how can I know the max amount of amps it can handle before sizzling? Thanks!

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Where can I purchase a battery holder with an attached toggle switch? 4aa, 2c or 2d.? Answered

I am making led lamps for a game. Last question returned a great answer for cheap leds, I'm hoping to get an equally great answer for this one. I am going to make led rope lights. I will use 8 leds and need to power this with batteries. I want to use 4 (max) AA, 2 (max) C, or 2 (max) D size batteries. If I can find a battery carriage or holder with a toggle switch as one piece that would be optimum.

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FM Broadcasting Answered

What is the max power voltage for FM broadcasting without a license

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using 12v 200 mA max trigger coming out of my projector. How many watts can I safely hook up to it?

So I have a Panasonic Projector that has a 12v 200mA "max"  trigger on it that I would like to hook up some LED's to it.  The LED people state that each module uses .72 watts (less than a watt) per module and I would like to hook up no more than 10 modules.  Or does anyone else have a way to do this?  I was also looking into a 12v sensor trigger. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Pete

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Building 5.1 Audio Amp , don't know where to start out with .? Answered

I have 5 Satellite speakers which has a max input power of 60W , rated 30W , 6 ohms impedance , 160 - 20,000 Hz And a passive subwoofer , max input of 140W rated 70W , 8 ohms impedance , 65 - 1,500 Hz (My god , i just searched underneath my bed and i found  Two of those  old but useful JBL GT82 Subs ) Impedance :Single-4Ohm 8" Max power : 200W Rated power : 100W it's a 8" sub Now i'm thinking of , 2 subs (lol)

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how to power my hobbie motor?

I bought a motor from radioshack ( Catalog #: 273-256 ) it runs off 3 differant voltages 9,12,and 18 volts at 380,400, and 430mA resectively. No load: 9VDC 380mA current max., 11000± 15% speed, 150g.cm min. torque No load: 12VDC 400mA current max., 15200± 15% speed, 190g.cm min. torqu No load: 18VDC 430mA current max., 24000± 15% speed, 290g.cm min. torque i need the torque of 18v at 430mA but im not sure how to power this without a whole lot of work, i need a way of simply hooking up a few wires and maybe solder them together.

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Powerful thermoelectric peltiers

Hi, I have read about technical specification of a thermoelectric peltier TEC1-12726 . The U max =15v , I max =26.3 and Qc max =257.27w. I would like to know about the cooling power in wat(cooling generating). It seems that the power consumption is about 400w. I have heard that  thermoelectric peltiers have good and high efficiency. I need some more information about any other powerfull peltiers with high efficiency to build an air condition unit. I need to make sure the power is the cooling power and/or power consumption. I would be so grateful to have  some good suggestions and ideas as well. Regards Kevin

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max output current of cc cv led driver if i use leds in parallel?

I was thinking of using some 2w leds which i already have for home emergency lighting setup. I was thinking of using http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-PCS-Led-Driver-For-1w-watt-led-MR16-1X1W-3X1W-led-light-bulb-DC-12V-/191066699095?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item2c7c767557 as the driver of the leds. And i was wondering if i could run 2 of the leds in parallel from that driver. i will be using a leatsink for each of the leds. So... the main question is how much current would each of the leds be reciving from one driver. will it be 350ma to each of the led or 350ma total to both the leds... ie 175ma to each led. Thank you

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Which diagram would work best(want leds to work at their max potential, Help? Answered

Specs on all 3 leds  1 watt, red green blue Maximum forward voltage: 4 Vdc Maximum forward current: 350/ 700 mA (if you pick a diagram with a resistor please let me know what rating Ty)

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