help me

Give me some ideas for what to do with a old desktop pc

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I AM A 14 YEAR OLD KID GOING TO SCHOOL AND I LOVE MAKING ROBOTS SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I MAKE AND WHERE DO I GET STUFF IN INDIA,DELHI I am thinking of making quadcopter but i don't have the right material so where can i buy it in India,delhi

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Hello! please help, im making a scale model car wash that uses 4 brushes and top cloth strips to clean the car. How can i get the arms that hold the brushes to go in and out to wash the front and the back of the car? PLEASE HELP!!!

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I recently rebuilt my dads old rc car. everything seems to work right except i put a batterie in it and it almost caught fire before i could run it. everything seems to look fine and sound fine it just smokes batteries! PLEASE HELP! -Drew?

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IDE to USB adapter Answered

All i need is a picture of how its put together. an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter one that i could use for my 250gb IDE hard drive as an external. i have seen them pre made. Easy Ide, google it.

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i need the front button layout of a Regent HT-391 HTS? Answered

My cousin gave me one of these but the front clip broke off and apparently got thrown away, the two plugs for the front buttons have labels as to what they are but there are only 5 buttons and one remote (the thing that picks up a remote, i cant think of the name of it right now). but there are 9 plugs listed in this order GND DOWN UP SOUND INPUT ST-BY(standby) +5V REM MGND the other port is for the LED's, i have no interest in hooking those up. all i need to know is how to hook up these wires to use them. if someone has one of these and wouldn't mind popping the front off and taking a picture of the wires or board if there is one. i should be able to put it together using just that depending on the quality of the picture and if they are what im needing. FYI dont post on here just go buy a new system, i have a pioneer 5.1 1k watt HTS. im fixing this box so i can use it outside when im working on stuff here's a pic of the front of the thing, i just need a picture of the other side unfortunately.

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Try me Button

I got a few of those Try Me buttons off some Halloween things I bought, are they a complete waste or is there something you can do with them?

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how do i change my name back? Answered

yes it's true i'm back bud wtf how do i change my name back

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robot that follows me?

Hi guys so my question is how can i build a robot that can follow me using my phone or anything else

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build me a laptop?

Can someone hold my hand and either build me a laptop or direct me to a "best" source?

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please help me Answered

How to increase my range in my RC car 

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Help me!!! (electronics)

Can somebody tell me where I should solder cabels to extend this switch (keep this one and add another).

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this "coding" is killing me!


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Please help me

Hello all  can you please help me, I want to make a camera connection kit to my ipad but there is no single way, how can I do that, i found a lot of it on the net (called otg cables) 

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S.O.S me please?

Hello again this is me Mohamed ......... i know that what i need will be hard but i really need it this is my first time to make a project in logic design i need to make a digital clock but the problem is i don't know what i really need to make it and how to put this things in the motherboard so i need some one write to me the things i need and a video show me how to make it i know that will be hard but i really need to make it   please i really need help as fast as you can    

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Is it illegal for me to watch....

These free brand new movies online? someone told me about a site called and it is loaded with brand new movies still in the theater. Is it illegal to watch these movies? I am not downloading them but rather just watching them from the site.

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Who's With Me on this one

I think its kind of silly that people ask if they should make and instructable on X topic, just because no one is interested now, that doesn't mean people wont join in the future and see it. Plus Its still nice to learn something new. All in favor say "CHYA MAN, FER SURE" All against me say "STFU N00B, U HAZ NO SKILZ" All With no opinion say "........"

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Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

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plz help me?

I am working in this project but I have a problem to i want to transfer electricity at 1-2 meters.for that what frequency we have to give in input.?

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Please help me!

Recently, my firewall on my laptop was somehow removed and about 26 malicious files viruses, 5 different trojans and some other things I can't identify got installed, how do I remove them? my service is not registered and when I go to search for the file and delete it (I search my entire pc) it can't find it! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

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Ardunio- Educate Me!

Seeing all the wonderful winners that made stuff out of ardunio and other stuff, I figure that I might want to try doing some stuff using them too. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea how parts work, and I would love to have anyone who's willing point me to places that I might be able to learn the basics of circuit boards, wires, leds, motors, soft/hardware, whatever that's simple to read and learn off of. I know there's tons of Instructables that probably might teach me stuff, but I want to have a general idea first before working. Thanks, username252 (profile image below)

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best antenna for me ?

I have a TP-link TL-WN722N wifi adapter ... it came with a detachable 4dbi antenna but its range is not good i want to use some wifi which are far from me with my current adapter the signal i get is very weak so i think by replacing antenna i can increase its range :) i searched a little bit no google & website & i liked this :) i think i can make it :) is there is any better option than this ? i want a long range antenna

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Understand this circuit for me?

Im trying to add composite video to my Atari 2600. All of the tutorials I have found have been for the rev a and b. Have only found one for the 6 switch rev c. Ive tried to find the same resistors but they are labeled differently. I found this little mod : But thats 25$ for that little thing. I was trying to see how it was made from the picture which wire goes to whichbut couldn't figure it out. Could somebody please write out or make a picture of the schematics? If it would help to know what wire is for what you can see in the tutorial.

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iyoggi is crap

I had a problem with part of the iyoggi platform they make you install, after I stopped the service I had the iyoggi icon appear and state that press the space bar to go to iyoggi restore site, I called iyoggi at least 8 times I put a post here about it I saw others with the same problem will after two years I got rid of iyoggi today all I did was rebuild the index why this alluded me for two years I will never know lol but I had a few options left open to me that seemed to be the wrong solution to the problem so thanks for your help every one you all made it possible to understand more about computers

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Can anyone send me a google invite?

I would like too and just asking if u invite me do i get u as a friend?

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hello friends who can help me in this regard

me want maked who is help this style machines??? 

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helping a dedicated ECE student from the philllipines

Please somebody help me constructing a simple but an interesting tech for my up coming thesis in my college life. i need to have an idea to pass my course thx...

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I'm wondering how easy is is to make a capacitor for use with a coil gun?

I would like to build a coil gun and have it run off capacitors of my own make but i'm wondering what i should make them out of and what medium i should use like maybe a salt water lemon juice mix or some acid or alkaline solution or a oil I'd prefer vacuum from what I've researched but i have no idea how to make a vacuum cap I'm a broke mad scientist

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Help me to find me Ground and Voltage on my Cpy ...

Hello Guys , i need your help .  I want made that : (Hot plate ) And i have a Cpu but i dont know where is the Ground and Volt pin . information about me Cpu : Intel® Celeron® Processor in the 478-Pin Package Datasheet : If anybody can help me =D

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VBScript Addition Problems? Answered

Hello I Have a Addition Problem In VBScript. If i use 2 Inputboxes to get to numbers (Lets say 3 and 5), there both numeric (isNumeric return "True"), but when i add them (c=a+b) and then msgbox 'c' it comes up '35' not 8. PLEASE HELP ME

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Anybody remember this one flash game?

There was a flash game where you would shoot lasers out of your hands and kill these cartoon monsters. The picture was of this cartoon demon thing.

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will an ac appliance run on dc without an inverter?

I look at all the DC windmill and solar panel projects on the net and I was wondering if an AC appliance (lamps, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, etc) will run on DC current. Answers? Opinions? Further Questions?

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Anyone computer literate on line at the moment? Answered

I was messing around and somehow selected "block images" (right click on an image and select from pop up menu) now my instructables pages have no images. It's ok on my other browser but not firefox. How can I undo this?

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Help me mod this amp

Help me mod this amp i Hi i'm new in this site and in electronics and i need help.I got a sony ericson -mps 30 model audio amp and i want to connect it to my mp3 as an amp but when i opened the case there were two wires to speaker ,one wire to antena and the thing to plug in to my phone with 10 connections which confused me .So my question is can i mod it to connect to my other audio devices and if yes then how?   (Thanks for reading and sorry for my English)

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Can anyone help me with this ? Answered

I am looking for a way of powering my DJ record player of mine without using the mains, i need enough power to power the motor which spins the records and the speaker system built in, either by dynamo or batteries does anyone know how i would do this? 230v ac i dont want to use a transformer or be carrying a 12v battery round too?

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Help me in making of a photovoltaic cell please

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Teach me to make a cellphone? Answered

I want to make a cellphone that can call and use sms. Please help me, thanks!

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Help me with Firefox ! Please? Answered

I can't get rid of this bar help me please!?

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i need to help me

I need a manual for an old sewing machine made ​​in Pavia NECCHI 7297 series. Help me or guide me where to find this manual. My wife loves this Sewing Machine and want to learn to sew. If you have a wife like mine please help me solve the problem without my ears catch. Thank you very much.

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" voice changer".Help me!

I must desing a circuit.Which is " voice changer".I mean circuit will change the coice.Then it will convert to orginal.How can I desing it.Help me!?

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Google doesn't play for me? Answered

If you click the link google is supposed to play something, but it doesn't work for me.  Does it play for anybody else?  I suspect it's something app. for Lennon's birthday but the music doesn't  play.

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can someone help me with ?

I am working on a toy boat with a motor under water and I have a budget of  $10 

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Can somebody explain this to me?

Is this legitimate? I find it hard to believe they are giving a way things like Ipads and macbooks completely free. So what is up with this? What info do they need to give me this free stuff. Thanks.

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Help me with nrf24l01 please

Do someone know how to make a wireless headset walkie talkie with nrf24l01 ? or anyone here have done this before? what are the things i need and things to do? teach me please I really want to make two (2) Wireless Headset Walkie talkies .any suggestion would be appreciated

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Please explain WATTS to me! Answered

 I know watts equal amps times volts. But why? What is the benefit? Hypothetically, I wanted charge a laptop with some batteries ( instead of with the charger cord). The charger cord says 65 watts or some such, but what does that tell me?  Is 65 watts the same as 13 volts at 5 amps? Or 13 amps with 5 volts? what voltage/amperage would I need to charge this laptop? Thanks!

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Can Some Help Me

I Have a linksys usb ethernet port. And a wii. i dont wanna spend 40 bucks on that usb thing or nintendo wifi usb,so i was wondering if i could make this work with it?

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My Gnome desktop and me ? Answered

I have come to a weird realization or a Epihany, i love my desktop i love it with my heart (not as much as i love my mum) as soon as you get it you know what to do there is a varing amount of apps you can choose from and there at your finger tips. i dont realy know but you can hand me a windows 7 equiped laptop and i will whip it right at your face and say "i am faithfully engaged to my debian OS and were twittering"

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can someone help me?

Can someone help me... i was wonderin while making stars.. i saw a video when ppl was making them an for red stars they used red gum and for blue stars they used red gum an parlon or pvc... now  their both used for a binder and fuel but parlon is also used for enhancing colors so couldn u jus give away wit the red gum an use parlon for both?

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