Any thoughts of mechatronics project?

I want to make a  project in the summer to have more skills so i would like to have some other thoughts from anyone about mechatronics study ex: robotic arm , robots , balancing table ..... etc . i appreciate any help 

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can I add stepper motor to my circuit with out using pic micro controller ?

Hello , my project in mechatronics is Railway Grade Crossing Circuit and we want to add a stepper motor to the circuit  .How can we add it ? i  want to show mechanical movement in the output  ... and if it necessary to use micro controller what is the simple way to use because i only have few weeks to work on it help me please this is the link that has the circuit diagram and more details about the project thank you

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Matlab code for object detection using Webcam?

Hello , I am using Arduino to control a car and i want to make it autonomous by using a webcam to see the object i want and make the car moves to this location i need several things 1) Matlab Code 2)Interface between Matlab and Arduino  3)How to connect between them (software not hardware) I need any tutorial to learn or any instructions to make my project I see many people done this before but unfortunately they   did not mention how to start in this kind of projects  I really really appreciate any help

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Which engineering discipline is most worthwhile to major in? (mechatronics and nano included) Answered

 I am a student from Canada and I enjoy math physics and logic in general, some programs have a specialized 1st year so I'm wondering which discipline would be most useful in terms of enjoyment career options and pay.  So far I'm leaning towards Mechatronics at Waterloo and Mechanical at UBC and Queens (for those of you familiar with Canadian Universities) 

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what exactly is an adjustable speed drive and how to select one to make DC motor run with it ???

A mechatronics racing toy car that runs with variable speed .

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motor specification for solar car?

Hi, i am trying to develop the working model of a solar car . i need to know the exact specifications of the motor that can drive weight upto 250 kg. and also i need the battery specification that depends upon the motor specification.

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What should I study to build turbine/jet engines also airplanes?

Well, I wanna build an rc airplane with turbine engine powered and anther with jet engine powered, what should I study at University to build things like that, Is the Mechatronics engineering specialize in that?? thanks!!

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Graphical User Interface Library for Physical Computing in Processing

Visit our blog: The subject of physical computing, especially in the field of robotics, is a fascinating area that has already begun its triumphant in universities, schools and hobby applications and is developing with impressive speed. It is highly interesting that Pyhsical Computing and Robotics, more than any other area, can merge many different areas (engineering, design, psychology, biology and many other areas). Our target groups are mainly users with robotic and physical computing affinity: engineering, programmers, mechatronics engineers, product designers, interaction designers, communication designers, robotics, interface designers, developers, electronic engineers and artists. There are people who want to monitor and control the input and output of their system without major effort in which they rely on an interface library. Robot experiment sets are increasingly being used in short-term projects in schools and universities to provide basic knowledge on physical computing. Our analysis of current sets shows us that existing features don’t cover all aspects of robotics. The aspect that has been neglected so far according to our research, is the controlling and monitoring of experimental physical computing projects through a graphical interface. Visit our blog:

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