Deleted messages?

How come when I delete a message (for instance, just to clean up my orangeboard area) it doesn't actually delete the comment- instead it just hides the comment behind something that says it's been deleted, but it's still there cluttering up my orangeboard? This also seems to happen in the instructables themselves. If I make an error in a comment, delete it and then re-write it correctly - there I am with my message, and another one below it saying it's been deleted or removed etc. Why don't these things just go away when we delete them?

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intercepting text messages?

How do you do this without physical control of the target phone

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A .psd error message?

I have a .psd file that is getting this error message "Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document." This is the first time this has happened on my Ps, CS6...and I've looked elsewhere to get some help. And I was just working on this file a while ago, so I'm not sure what went wrong. It is located on one of my USB Flash Drives, and I have heard that certain USBs tend to cause these things....yet this is the first its happened. How to do recovery for photoshop?

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A message to iRobot contestants

Well..the deadline is coming soon. I know I had a lot of fun building my robot, and i'm sure you had fun too. I know i've got some really tough competition out there, and I just wanted to wish you all luck. Even if I don't win at all I know that I'll be walking away with a lot learned (and a create =] ). I think each of the projects entered in this contest really do deserve a prize.Micah

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Arduino messaging system

Hi everybody, Not long ago I had an idea about a messaging system based on a simple client-server architecture. Nothing new so far, but my idea was to optimize any exchanged message or sentence for a 4x20 LCD display, so that an arduino client could be easily coded. In fact, I liked the idea so much, that I already wrote a server prototype, as well as the arduino client. I gave this project the name "C0ldWater". The client is based on an arduino board, which uses an ethernet shield for internet connectivity, a 4x20 lines LCD display as an output device and a ps/2 keyboard for user input. I also bought a VPS, on which I run the server and a blog. You can reach it at and you will find all information and instructions to build such a device, as well as all code to be downloaded. So why am I posting here? Easy question, so here's my easy answer: because I already went through a first sort of alpha testing on my own, but I still need some help from anyone who's interested in this project, to get some feedback about his/her personal user experience in order to understand what sort of modifications I eventually need to implement. Nothing difficult or boring, just connect to the service and use it as a normal user: register, read, send, forward, delete or list messages and so on. I'd like to receive any suggestion, criticism or just your first impressions about the project. For those interested, but without the required hardware, I also wrote a simple linux client that can be downloaded from my site. It just creates two threads, one for receiving and one for sending data. Anyway, if you're still stacked with the win OS, you can download "netcat" and use that to connect to c0ldwater: "nc c0ldwater 8889" or "nc 8889". Thanks in advance to all of you! Cheers

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How to create a message box?

How to create a message box?

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intrudalert that sends text messages

I need a intrudealert that sends alarms to your cellphone

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CorelDraw 9 Error message? Answered

I'm working with CorelDraw 9. I've been working on something for two months, it is 987Kb. Just when I was finishing the project, the file became corrupt. It upens up to 40% and then I receive the message "Error Reading myfile.cdr file". I tried importing it to a new cdr, it gets 74% done and then gives me the error message. When I click on accept, I receive an error message that says that it cannot import an empty document. I can see it in the preview box, though. I need a Corel programmer that could maybe open the file code and repair the problem. Can you help me?

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How would you make a direct link from a phone to an iPod through the TRS jacks to record ringtones? Answered

Hello! This is my first post on this site so I hope it will be a good one! I have both a Samsung Messager and an iPod Touch 4th Gen (I'm not too sure if versions matter in this or not). The phone has a 3.5 mm TRS headphone jack with both three and four conductor capabilities and my iPod has the same. Now, this is the conundrum I am in: My phone has the capabilities to record sound one of two ways, through the built in mic or through the headset (which also has a mic). However, when I do the recording sounds garbled, static-like, and all around horrible. Would there be a way to make a direct link from my iPod to my phone through the TRS jacks? I was thinking that if I did this then the digital sound quality would be much better. Then I could play my iPod, turn on the recording feature on my phone, and easily record the songs as they play. Then I could use those recordings as ringtones. If at all possible I would not like to take apart my phone or iPod but I don't care about the headsets, I have plenty. I have experience in soldering and a bit in cicuitry. Thanks in advance!

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LED message board connected to the internet to receive new messages, instructable?

I searched around and couldnt find an instructable for what I was looking for. So, does anyone know if theres a guide to making an LED message board that connects to the internet either through wifi or usb that allows the user to send messages over an internet connection to the message board and then have them displayed in real time? Thanks.

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converting bluetooth message to rf 433mhz?

Can Arduino convert the incoming message from bluetooth frequency to Rf 433Mhz and then retransmit it at this frequency? if yes then are all arduino shields capable of doing this? 

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Sending messages to devices on my network?

Ok, so I can set up my own wireless network from my laptop, how could I send messages to the devices (computers, ipods, cells etc.), either all of them or specific one(s)?

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How do I recieve a private message? Answered

Does it come to my inbox or comment tracker.

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Is it possible to upload images in a message to another member? Answered

I would like to know if it is possible to upload images in a message and how it is done. Thank you.

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Is showing the user SQL error messages dangerous? Answered

If during error conditions your website shows a page full of SQL messages, does this put you at greater risk of an injection attack?

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X error message: HELP! Answered

When I click the little icon to run the program an error message pops up that reads "This application has failed to start because file D3dx9_39.dll was not found. Reinstalling this application may fix the problem. I installed it again and again and still the message comes. P.S yes it is a legal copy, I bought it for £20!

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Scrolling message of Welcome for first day of school?

Every year on the first day of school we go outside and hold up a sign with our names on it to gather up our new students.  I would very much like to learn how to do this electronically using some type of LED display. Never done anything like this so it would have to be pretty simple at least to start. If it could scroll a welcome message that would be even better. Fairly handy with tools just never worked with electronics or programming. Thanks, Jeff

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Garmin TMC (Traffic Message Channel) Module

Ok I'm looking into this and I am looking to see if anyone has ever built one before? if so can they provide detailed instructions for building one. and if not if anyone would be willing ot suggest ideas on how one might build one. from the parts required I am almost certain that one can build on from cheap parts and even salvaged from other electronics. from what I can tell to build one for much less than most to all the current companies that are trying to sell them for one would probably only need these parts. Fm decoder module obviously usb mini b male plug Antenna Cigarette lighter power adapter solder

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Can you send a message to all members of your Instructables group?

As a group manager, can you send a message to all members of your Instructables group? I'm thinking updates on the group or events, etc.

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how to create a message box in php-designer with a code?

Its all about our web project. we need to make a message box using php-designer. if we write a message in our friends it is automatically appeare like in facebook

Question by Juvy Villegas 

what are your favorite text messaging codes?Jena?

What are your favorite abbreviations? For text messaging? Do you know of an article link? Jena

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It wont let me subscribe? Why? Plz personal message me or answer the ? plz

It wont let me subscribe? Why? Plz personal message me or answer the ? plz

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how do i send a message to all my followers? Answered

I just updated one of my instructables, and i would like to send a message to all my followers on instructables. how can i do this? do I have to do it individualy, for each person? thanks,    The Poodleo

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Can you get a funny message box to open when internet explorer starts using notepad? Answered

I want to know if this is possible and if it is how 

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how do i share pics in a private message?

I need to send some pics from my library via private message to another subscriber and cannot figure out how ! Please help !!

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I am getting the message Turnigy MAX 80W?

I am trying to charge by 3S LIPO battery. It is 6200mAh. The charger that I have is Turnigy MAX80W. I am trying to balance charge my battery. However, when I configure the charger to 6.2Amps and 11.1V and then I press enter and I get the message to press enter to confirm or press back to go back. However, when I press Enter; It just shows me the message 'Turnigy MAX 80W'. Some times it shows  me the message 'Input Vol Err'. I have a tripple battery supple HM8040-3 and I am providing 17V from it. I am really confused what then problem is as I recently bought the charger. Please help!!!

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music shield V2 with bluetooth can't receive message

I wnat to receive messages from phone and add variable to change songs. Why the program can't receive message.Can't enter the while loop when I send message. How can I change the program? (mega2560,HC-06 Bluetooth and music shield V2) music shield V2 must include Music_Shield-master library #include #include #include #include #include SoftwareSerial BTSerial(10, 11); // RX | TX char a; int i=0; void setup() {    Serial.begin(9600);             BTSerial.begin(9600);  // HC-06 current bound rate (default 9600)                         player.begin();                      //will initialize the hardware and set default mode to be normal.    player.setPlayMode(PM_REPEAT_ONE); //set mode to repeat playing a song    player.playOne("1.aac");          //play a song with its name                 player1.begin();                      //will initialize the hardware and set default mode to be normal.    player1.setPlayMode(PM_REPEAT_ONE);    player1.playOne("2.aac");         player.digitalControlEnable();                        Serial.println("Let's DEMO");         } void loop() {                if(i%2==0)         { ;           Serial.println("player play");           delay(5000);         }         else         { ;           Serial.println("player1 play");           delay(5000);         }       //////////bluetooth         while(BTSerial.available())         {             byte inByte =;             a=inByte;                 }                 if(a=='g')         {              Serial.print("receive g message");              i++;              //delay(1000);         }         if(a=='t')         {              Serial.print("receive t message");              i++;              //delay(1000);         }               }

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How can I send a text message to a phone from my email?

How can I send a text message to a phone from my email?  As in outlook to ipod

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PS/2/You: Go-anywhere, LED digital message board

Can you please send me the circuit diagram for the project" PS/2/You: Go-anywhere, LED digital message board ". Appreciate your help. My email:

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My monitor automatically gives me a message NO SIGNAL then goes to sleep......

I have an HP desktop, when I power on, I get a message box stating there is no signal and then the monitor goes to sleep mode.... What can I do to fix this please

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is there a way to see text messages from someone elses phone without them knowing you are seeing them?

Trying to find out if my sons fiancé is cheating  need to see what text messages are being sent and received.  is there a way to find out

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Why do I get error message when I try to edit my unpublished Instructables?

Here's the message: There's been a problem updating your Instructable [object Object] parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad escaped character How do I fix this? I cant even delete the unpublished instructables :(

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Error message received on Newly installed Android Studio 2.3.2? See below.

I just opened an instructable tutorial on " How To: Create an Android App With Android Studio to Control LED " and with a new install of Android Studio. I ran the build (make project) but I received this error message below: Error:A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. > failed to find Build Tools revision 21.1.2 Can you help me solve this error message as I am finding very little on the internet concerning this particular error message. Thanks David Lee

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Why does an error message say "the nested type MomentumAverage cannot hide an enclosed type"? In Arduino Processing.

I was working on a project in arduino processing and the error message keeps coming up. I cannot finish my project until i get my question answered. 

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Advice; How to convert a smoke detector to use a recorded message

Hi, First gentle! Trying to find someone to guide me through converting a normal, off the shelf, home smoke detector so that it emits a pre-recorded message, rather than the usual siren. Anyone? Thanks Naldo

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Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to add to my collection?

Every time I try to add an item to my collection, I get an error message saying there has been an error adding it to the collection. I try a bunch, same thing.

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Anyone know how to build a device that says a pre-recorded message whenever there is power going through it?

Just going to use a simple wall timer so I can make it go off when I want, Im guessing it would just be a recording message device from radio shack and it says the message when you put power into it, does anyone know how to do that. Much appreciated if someone could draw up some schematics for me, Thanks.

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Why am I getting following error message when I try to edit my published collection?

I'm getting following error message when I try to edit my published collection. I don't get such error while trying to edit draft collection. Something unexpected happened! If the error keeps occurring, file a bug report!

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Rspberry PI I2C message control through Web portal

I need help to build web page which can control devices connected to raspberry pi through I2c . For example if i connected some DAC IC with raspberry pi . i i should able to adjust that DAC value from web. Please help us

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How do I unsubscribe to the site?

I wanted to view an instruction and got a message that I needed to sign up and I did? I went back the the instruction I wanted to see and got a message that I needed to pay? No thanks.

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