Microcontrollers? Answered

So, microcontrollers. What are they, how do I use them, where can I get them,and the likes. Oh, and is it possible to pull them off of circuits and stuff?

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Understanding microcontrollers? Answered

What are they, and what do they do?

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Advice on microcontrollers

Hey everyone. Long-time member of the site, but just now starting to get into microcontrollers. Looking for some help on choosing a good, easy line of microcontrollers/programmer (easy to use without sacrificing too much function) which would be good for someone new to microcontrollers. Would the ATTiny line of microcontrollers be any good, or would pic be better? Oh, I'm also a university student so cost of the microcontroller/programmer is something I'd like to keep low (if possible). Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me. Either respond here or send me a private message ... Thanks again :)

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Microcontrollers for beginners? Answered

I am completely new to the world of microcontrollers. Does anyone know of any books, or websites that give a basic understanding of programming microcontrollers? Thanks!

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Microcontroller programming

What are the sbi and cbi functions in microcontroller programming??????????????

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Cheap microcontroller?

I'm looking for a cheap microcontroller that i can use to control at least 3 led's. All they have to do is flash very quickly at different speeds. I dont have any experience with microcontrollers but i do have limited programming knowledge. Suggestions?

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Microcontroller Help!!!

I want to connect a microcontroller to LEDs to make them blink. I know how to wire LEDs and how to write computer programs, but I don't know which controller to use, where to get it, or how to wire it. Any help?

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z8f042a Microcontroller

hi to all!!!       can somebody teach me how to program the z8f042a microcontroller that controls a 9x6 LED matrix having different patterns...and i'm using a rotary switch for each pattern...please!!!! it can be 6 patterns...

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microcontroller help? Answered

I have a few MSP430F5438IPZR microcontrollers from texas instruments, and i was wondering how to program them. I've seen things like the ghetto programmer and was hoping that i could do something similar. yes i am new at microcontrollers, i have done nothing with them, but would like to start. any help would be appriciated. MSP430F5438IPZR data sheet thanks EDIT: i would like to know how to connect it to the computer and then program it.

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Microcontroller question!!!!

Non of the online tutorials are helping me, How do i set a high/low output to a SPECIFIC pin on my AT2313 tiny??? All I fine alone is OUT PORTD,0xFF which sets ALL ports on portD to high 255 aka OFF. But How can i set like pin 4 (PD4 aka PortD 4) and not all portD? someone help me!!

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microcontroller help

Hi i got aPICkit 2 Debug Express kithttp://www.microchipdirect.com/productsearch.aspx?Keywords=PICkit+2+Debug+Expressand a PICkit 2 Low Pin Count Demo Board http://www.microchipdirect.com/productsearch.aspx?Keywords=DM164120-1for my birthday and i was wandering where can i go to get started with it and what can be created using them. all help will be greatful thanks =)

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PIC Microcontrollers

Hello. I'm just making my entrance into the world of microcontrollers. But as I self learning everything I have a few questions. I recently purchased 2 PICS (16F648A) and a programming board. The board works fine and I got it to connect to the computer and reconize the PIC. I guess my first question is, Is all hex code PIC specific? Meaning would I be able to use this code "http://www.voti.nl/blink/index_1.html#16F630" for my PIC? The models are very similar but not exact. If not, I would like to do the standard "Blink an LED" as my first project. How would I write my code for this PIC and what materials would I need? Thanks!

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Programming a microcontroller?

Hi everyone I have got a MICROCHIP - PIC16F616 to play with, I am going to write a little program and load on it. http://onecall.farnell.com/microchip/pic16f616-i-p/8bit-flash-mcu-smd-16f616-dip14/dp/1332199?Ntt=1332199 However, I have a few questions before I do this. 1. How do I know whether language I should write? like C or Assembly? does it tell you in the datasheet (link above), because I don't seem to find it. 2. What kind of program do I need for loading the program into the chip? is it also an information I can find in the datasheet? or it is really some common sense between programmer. My supervisor doesn't offer much help... Extra question Here is the link of open programming, I am just curcious that if I build this programmer (I have one for my chip, but just wanna learn something), does it mean that I can use this to connect my microcontroller and my computer, so to load the program into the microcontroller? http://openprog.altervista.org/OP_eng.html Many thanks

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sensors microcontrollers

Hiya guys is there anyone that can guide me to finding an instructable that deals with interaction in remote places using a micro-controller. For instance people in 2 different locations in the world, want to engage or enhance social bond or interaction by using a motion or proximity sensor and internet of things for instance triggering a sound or an led light that can be sensed in a remote location. So one location motion is detected and the other location this detection can also be seen, if that makes sense? For instance similar to this kind of project  http://goodnightlamp.com/ Could this be done? Thanks

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How to learn microcontrollers using junk.?

How can I learn microcontrollers by using junk products.I have a VCD and it has a microcontroller but I cannot understand the circuit of this.So please give me some easy guides to learn.I am a beginner and I want to learn microcontrollers but I cannot buy any kits to learn this because I belong to rural area.But I found a junk VCD So I take all useful parts but  the most thing that I want is the microcontroller of the VCD to learn.But the guides I found are not enough to learn this.So  someone help me to learn  microcontrollers by common junk products

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Can your microcontroller give me consistent random signals, and if so which microcontroller would that be?

Can your microcontroller give me consistent random signals, and if so which microcontroller would that be?  I need a microcontroller to send consistent, random signals for these applications: LED lighting/lasers micro gate valves/pumps and all these would be low voltage I look forward to hearing back from you! Thank you, best, Michael McGee mastermind.m2@gmail.com 415-307-5654

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Any one know if Philips P87C51SBPN are reprogrammable? Answered

Any one know if Philips P87C51SBPN are re-programmable? I have a bag of used microcontrollers from a company changing their stock, but they all have something written to them. Was wondering if they were re-programmable and if I could sell them on Ebay as used. I know they are 8-bit microcontrollers. Here is the datasheet.

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How To Use Micro Controllers? Answered

I want to start making robots using micro controllers, and I want to know how to use tham, where to buy everything you need for them, and how they hook up and everything in that nature.

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hi, i am newly working on adxl335,can u pls tell me how to read output from the adxl335,in bascom language

Hi,i am doing project on adxl335 and pic18f25k20,i am writting  program in bascom language,as i am newly working on adxl335,so can pls tell me how to read analog output from the accelerometer(adxl335)...actually i want measure the angles ..and should give voice output from the apr9600 for each angle ...........pls  help me..

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Advice on microcontroller selection

Hello I am a newbie to the world of microcontrollers and would be really grateful for some advice about choosing one. Basically, I’m doing a final year university engineering project that requires an MCU to take a number of analogue inputs, do some processing, and spit out an analogue output that will drive a loudspeaker. My supervisor has recommended looking at the Philips LPC2148 and associated development kits (http://www.olimex.com/dev/lpc-h2148.html) because it is cheap and looks able to fulfil the following requirements: I/O – three analogue inputs (so 3 ADCs), 3 digital inputs (two servos and a bus for programming the controller), and one analogue output (requiring a DAC either built into the development board, or one I could connect on an add-on board) Speed – a program size of about 500 floating pt operations, processing samples at a rate of up to 400/second, hence of the order 200,000 floating pt operations per second. I think the LPC2148 uses fixed pt arithmetic so would need to perform the equivalent of this in fixed pt. Support – in place debugging support would be desirable; ability to be run on Windows; overall hardware and software cost of £100 or less. Does this chip and its development tools look up to the job? If not, would you recommend an alternative? Are there any other major criteria I’m neglecting in the process of selecting a MCU? Many thanks, Sam

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Agilart project: the visual way of programming microcontrollers from your browser

Hi all, about an year ago we faced a problem with a microcontrollers and how difficult were for us to use them in a simple home solar system. That was the reason to start our project Agilart (www.agilart.com) with the idea to make a simple web based program designer, where we can visually program the microcontrollers.  Now we have the site (www.agilart.com), a short demo video of the idea (http://www.agilart.com/community-and-support/video-tutorials/agilart-getting-started), and a few blog posts where we have tried to give some more details about the project (http://www.agilart.com/blog). We also made microcontroller's part and open source project (http://www.agilart.com/blog/agilart-runtime-in-github). We have plans for open hardware project for microcontollers designed especially for Agilart and providing features on prices under Arduino with Ethernet shield. But why I'm telling you all this? Because we need your feedback and help. We would like to ask you to share what do you think about the approach we propose; what do you think about programming using block-diagrams; do you think you can use such approach yourself; do you need such tool or you prefer programming? This will help us test our hypothesis, to check whether what we think will be useful is actually useful or it is cool only in our heads. This will help us understand does it worth to go further or not. Our vision about Agilart is to provide an easy and intuitive way of working with microcontrollers even from people without technical background. We see it as open source/hardware projects combined with some paid services to cover R&D.; So, thank you for reading this and I will appreciate any feedback from you. Thanks in advance for your time. Ivan Dragoev

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How i wipe the arduino bootloader from the ATMega328p?

I have an "ATMega328p" microcontroller with arduino bootloader burned on it but now i want to erase the bootloader so i can write the code in Embedded C and use an AVR ISP Programmer ,, i want to know how i wipe the bootloader from the chip ?? Thanks in advance

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I have a pic16f72 and is burned can i erase it and reburn it?

What software should i use i have pony prog.

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how to connect a 6 lead RGB LED to a basic stamp2, or an Arduino?

I recently sent out for some RGB LED'S and most had 4 leads. For some reason a six lead light was included, and I can't seem to find a data sheet on it, or anything on the parallax and Arduino forums. I'm just learning about Microcontrollers, I've purchased 6 different books with all kinds of projects in them, unfortunately none of them speak of a 6 lead led. I really appreciate and help you can give a 51 year old newbie.

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Is it possible to use programmable pic in making our project coin automated changer?

Our project coin automated changer. the user will insert 5 peso coin and it will dispense 5 (1 peso coins) by the use of programmable pic, is it possible? any suggestions? thanks.

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Beginner PIC user? Answered

I have some pic12f675 chips laying around, but I have never used pic before. I have heard that they are very easy to program, and very useful. I have experience using arduino. does it use the same language, and can you use the arduino ide with it? as I said I am a beginner with these, so please include as much info as you can, and please leave links to some tutorials if you can. thanks in advance!

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Electronics and Microcontroller guide?

Is there a a basic intro to electronics and microcontrollers? I know about the basic components, but no clue about microcontrollers =) Thanks!! Wes

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Cheap PIC microcontroller?

What is the cheapest PIC microcontroller with an analog input(a2d capability) and a few digital outputs?? and how much does it cost?? Thanks!

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good cheap microcontroller?

Does anybody know a good cheap microcontroller that has at least 5 outputs, programmable via usb, and a fast clock (1000 ticks/ second)

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Microcontroller crash course!!!

I would like to build more complicated robots but am seriously lacking knowledge about microcontrollers. Does anyone know any sites or books that explain buying\using\programming these? Thanks!

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Which microcontroller to choose?

Hi all, I need to use a microcontroller for my project and am thinking of getting the arduino UNO R3 development board which composes of the ATmega328 microcontroller. I have to connect a small motor, a 16x2 LCD display and a miniature heating element to the arduino. I would like to know if the UNO R3 is suitable for my project. PS: I am very new and noob regarding microcontrollers

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USB Controlled Microcontroller

Hi, i'm new to microcontrollers and I want to make a Usb powered and controlled 5 x 20 Led array using charlieplexing, and I have a few questions: - Is there only 1 led on at a time when charlieplexing? - What microcontroller should I use? - Is there a good instructable on connecting a USB to a microcontroller? (i've searched) - Does anyone have a suggestion for a programmer. Thank You, Sander

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Does such a microcontroller exist? Answered

I am looking for an easily programmed (arduino compatible preferably) chip like an atmega but with an internal 16mhz clock. does anyone know of such a thing?

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microcontroller on arduino board?

I am a newbie to arduino.I 've learnt atmega328 controllers are used on arduino.I am using arduino smd rev3 can someone please label it for me?  

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Impossible to identify microcontroller? Answered

So I took apart a remote control for a cheap helicopter. There is a 14 pin microcontroller on board. Unfortunately it looks like any other 14 pin IC out there and there are no markings on it. Is there anyway to identify possibilities. For example if I mapped where each pin goes on the PCB. Luke pin one goes to the LED's, pin 2 goes to the joystick, etc. Is there any way to "read" the chip to figure out what it might be?

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What is the difference between a picaxe 08 microcontroller and a 08M microcontroller? Answered

What is the difference between a picaxe 08 microcontroller and a 08M microcontroller? is the 08m better? If so for what reason?

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Can anybody identify these microcontroller for me? Answered

I am an electronics hobbyist, and i really enjoy the arduino. AND THEN, I saw these microcontrollers on TV in a cat-turned-twitter-user project. could anyone tell me what they are? I recognice one of them as having an arduino underneath and I think its an ethernet shield on top. But what's the small one with the battery clip? Thanks in advance, pictures below (I think).

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Does anyone know how to interface the cc2500 IC module (manufactured by Texas Instruments) with a microcontroller? Answered

I have a ready P89V51 board ready for a wireless system I'm designing.. I've heard of the IC called cc2500 manufactured by Texas Instruments..Does anyone know how to interface the module to a microcontroller and how to program it? I'm going to use it for communication of the microcontroller with my PC... Please do post links where I can learn more about this IC and where I can buy the module of this IC..

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HI! I have a USB To TTL board. Can i program avr atmega(atmega168) and pic16f series(pic16f72) microcontrollers with it?

Can i simply use 5v, gnd, RXD, TXD pin for programming? My boards image is attached with this question.

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How to copy any microcrontroller ic?

Want to copy microcontrollers used in different circuis.  

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Pic18f452 generic board

I built a generic board for pic18f452 microcontroller. But i am not sure if it is working or not.it is getting Vcc=5Vits reset button is working(i.e gives 0V on pressing)i want to know about how to be sure that this generic board is built correctly.

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How to build motorized blinds with a light sensor?

I would like to build a control unit that includes a light sensor and a motor which opens the blinds in the morning and closes them in the evening. I assume that I need a microcontroller, batteries, sensor, motor, and a mechanical contraption to attach the motor to the blinds! Can you recommend what parts exactly I need and approximately how much they would cost? Thank you in advance. Ilian Hristov

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Is it ok to use two ground pins in arduino?

I'm utilizing two power sources... the one that comes from arduino (5V) and one 12V transformer to power my stepper motor. In the 5V pins I am powering up LCD display and my water level indicator. Now, I utilized two ground pins for the two voltages (5v arduino, 12V) . At first I only used one ground for the two voltages because they need to be in a common ground but voltages are jamming together (i think) because every time 12v is on , the lcd (which is connected to 5V) isn't functioning well. So, I decided to use another ground from the arduino and connect it to my 12V source so it could still have a reference point to my 5V supply. It worked , the LCD functions well but another problem has arised. The rectifier diodes in my 12V transformer gets really hot. What could be the problem? . Does it have anything to do with using two separate ground pins in my arduino?

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How do I control a microcontroller and servo motors?

My 15y/o son is building a robotic hand out of household materials.He intends to use servo motors and a microcontrller to pull the stings that operatethe fingers.He has already built the hand and is ready to mount the motors and microcontroller.We understand how to connect servos to microcontroller and to a power source.My question is how do we control the microcontroller?How do we tell it to move the servos?I thought the microcontroller was like a remote control but apparently i couldnt be more wrong.How do we tell the controller to move the servos???

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Linkit One abuse

I subscribed to the micro-controllers feed and I was pretty happy with the instructables being shown, however a few weeks ago something happened and now about 99% of the instructables that I get only use Linkit One as microcontroller, no more arduino, raspberry, etc. Later I learned that Linkit One is a "featured" product. I'm ok with sponsors and such kind of strategies to generate revenue, but do it in a way that allows you to have some balance.  If they keep doing this I'll be moving to another place.

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How many AVR projects have there been on Instructables since its inception?

How many of the projects on instructables have used an Atmel AVR microprocessor?

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Please how do I enable a level sensitive interrupt for my PIC on mikro c? Answered

In all the sites I have checked, its only the INTEDG command to enable  rising or falling edge interrupt. Please how can I enable a level triggered interrupt on my PIC18F14K22 with mikroc compiler? Thank you. 

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