Musical Lights

Hey, I recently saw; and i want to make that. I read the schematic at (that link doesn't work, use this one:  for it, but, I'm still quite confused. The parts that are the most problematic to me are the high, low, and mid pass filters. i  don't understand what they are, and how there made. If anyone could help me, thank you.

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led to music? Answered

Ok... i have been looking into this for the past month tried to use a TIP31 transistor to make my led light strips flash to music in my car by using my sub amplifier as an audio out source...... and it would not work so i was wondering if you someone could help me out to make a box that would allow for audio in from my amplifier that would have a circuit that would perform the task of making my led light strips flash to my music. thanks. 

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Noise or Music?

The "Bose" sound system is based on chamber resonance like that of musical instruments. This is the difference between a whistle and a flute. The mouth piece of a trumpet is raw without its additional plumbing. The noise of a piezo-electric sounder is raw, but chambered to resonate...better. A trumpet is basically an acoustical waveguide device. Consider this and lets see if you can "WOW!" the crowds with your sounds. The trumpet mellows the sound of the mouth piece by reflecting the sound repetitively off the inside walls of the horn. The angle is low so the acoustic wave reflects many times along the length. What works for you?

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Music Transfer box????????

At school they showed us a video of a device that supposedly you could place on a cardboard box and music would play through the box. How can I make this? I was thinking on using a piezo element. Any ideas????P.S. you would plug it in to a headphone jack.

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Music from Deezer ?

I need help.I am looking for a good software to record some music from Deezer if possible on my tablet. Any  help please ? 

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Lights Responding to Music

Hey Guys, I know there are a couple hacks that show how you can make a single LED or even a couple react to music (the bass makes them bright...) but I cannot find a way to make a string of lights react to music.  I want a longer string of lights to be able to do this so I can put them around a table, does anyone have a solution? Thanks

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Arduino Music Lock

Had this idea for some time and ill possibly do it when i learn more electronics stuff. But for now, i'll share the idea! So imagine you have a secure locked door. Theres no keypad or keyhole anywhere on or near the door, but there is a microphone setup on it. The only way to open the door would be to play whatever song or series of notes that are programmed into the "lock" with a musical instrument. Since there are several lock-based instructables here that use arduino boards, would it be possible to use one with whatever required components to make a lock that opens with music as a key?

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So as you can see in the video at the end of both songs I am having a issue with it cutting/shorting out. All i can think of is the tip31 transistors im using are overheating maybe? but what is really wierd is it shorts back to the speakers?? I have one transistor driving the blue leds and one driving the red leds. the red leds are being powered by a 9v supply and the blue is 15v( dont remember the MA but they both provide plenty. They are wall warts. When i  plug in the 9v power supply it makes a high pitch buzzing noise.... If anyone has any pinters i would appreciate it. Thinking of adding more transistors.... I cant figure out how to link it so just copy paste the link below into your browser...; and i'm following this diagram cause it does not have a switch like the others.

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Music playback with breadboard.

Hello all. I want to create a simple music playback device. I wanted to be able to program a couple simple songs (MIDI format?) and when it receives an infrared signal, it begins to play through small speaker (small enough to hear about 10 ft. away). I was thinking this could be done through a breadboard. I am familiar with using breadboards but everything else I will need explained well. I appreciate any help I could get. Thanks.

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Itunes Music Gone?

I got onto Itunes yesterday, and I noticed that a lot of my songs were missing. They were just completely gone. Should i sync my ipod, and put the songs back on, or try to do something else? Help? The same thing happened to my father, who I share the account with. We have not updated/downloadedany new versions of anything on Itunes recently. Help?

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LED music visualizer

Hi folks! I just saw this great tutorial about the interactive LED table ( Can it be modded so that music (over an external program, of course) controls the LED's? If so I would be pleased when you can explain it to me. Thanks

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Music Making Software? Answered

Hey everybody. Just a few questions about music making softwares. First off, if you make a song from (the software's) loops and pre-determined notes, can you still copyright that song? Or do u owe the company money, or can u not copyright it at all? Also does anyone know a really good software I can buy thats relatively cheap? I don't want to spend $400, but I'm willing to go up to $100 or a bit more. Lastly, does anyone have any good guides for getting into this type of music making? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help!!!!! :)

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Music LED Sync?

For the circuit in the pic can I use the transitor listed here  instead of TIP31, SMD LED Strip instead of the 4 LEDs, and can I power it with an ATX Power Supply as it also has 12v DC output???? Thanks in Advance.....

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help with music file? Answered

I need help converting a AU format sound to a MP3 format sound

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LED that lights on music

Hello there guys, I want to make an LED that lights on music. I know how to do it, I've seen some other instructables and i've understood how it works. My question here to you guys, instead of the TIP31 transistor, can i use something else because i don't have a 12V power supply, i only have a 5V one. Can you guys provide me with an answer, a tip, schematic or anything else that could help me? Thx alot, John.

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Music media center

Okay since I have very little free time right now I was wondering if it is possible to build a wifi radio that would be able to connect with an ipod, usb, aux, or cd, with a lcd screen and controls. keep in mind that all this would be interconnected in the same device

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Music Video Help?

Me and my friends are making a music video for a class we chose the song "A Dirge For The Underground" by Attica! Attica! We have most of it  done, but we are having problems with the last shot, we are doing of an explosion (not with actual bombs, just implying there are bombs). We don't mean like Die Hard, Action Movie, Jump to the Ground at the last second explosion, but the explosions you traditionally see when a building explodes, lot of smoke and debris as opposed to fire and a slightly sooty hero/heroine. It's just going to be blowing a lot of immediate debris and smoke blowing outward and then smoke drifting up. Best idea we've had so far is rent a big ass fan and set up a temporary business of cleaning out fires lol. We unfortunately do not have access to the media lab so digital effects are unfortunately not an option. Any better ideas (that don't damage the location, the owner would be pisssssssssssssed)?

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LED Lights and Music

To get a general idea of what's going on, I'm a CAD student and we are studying Electricity -- I was looking at a recent instructables guide that showed how to make a box that lights up to music. Well I was planning on doing something similar with a few twists. 1) Dependant on the frequency, there are certain LEDs that will light up 2) The ability to plug in a MP3 Player (Zune is my test subject) 3) The addition of two (2) small speakers around the size of maybe 2 inches My questions pertain to what exactly will I need to do here and where I can find information on the parts required for this project. By all means please try and refrain from giving me specific parts (If it requires a Transistor with some requirements [If a transistors do have any differences] please just say Transistor with x requirements). I don't mean to sound rude but I really want to try and figure things out on my own, but I'm not sure where to really look. I would grab bits and pieces off of these Instructables (Which are all very nice) but I want to actually know why to use a Transistor by reading up on it. If anyone can also mention to me a good place for speakers of smaller size I would appreciate that as well. Assuming I'll have problems with connecting certain things like a plug for a Zune -- if you are willing to lend your help please just mention it as a response. Thank you all a head of time!

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How to change the default music in a baby music mobile?

I want to change the default music loaded generally in a baby music mobile like the one shown in the picture. Does any one have an idea on how to do this? I remember from my childhood the barbie dolls which used to cry when the soother was removed from the mouth of the doll, That doll used a  gramophones like technology to play the sound. I am not sure what type of music recording and playing mechanism is used in these devices. thanks for all your answers in advance.

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Motion activated music playback

I am trying to make a motion activated music playback device for a charity Christmas tree. Playing back an mp3 would be ideal. Playing back a recorded file like an answering machine would work as well. I'm looking to do it relatively cheap if I can. Thanks!

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Putting Music on Xbox 360?

I have tried by hooking my ipod up burning, a CD and putting that in the disc tray, and using a USB flash drive but the xbox always said that it was an un-supported file. Help!?!?!?!?

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Arduino servos move to music

Hi, so I'm new to arduino and I'm wanting to link arduino to processing. I then want to be able to make servos move to the beat of music that i have loaded on to processing using the computer as a network but I can't seem to find much info anywhere else and was hoping that someone could enlighten me on the process that i should be taking or able to help in anyway would be much appreciated. Thanks  

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simple electronic music keyboard

To all: I teach music in Elementary school. In my classes we play the recorder. In some of my classes I have some very special needs students. So they have been pushing on paper buttons that represent the recorder. They do a grate job. I would like to try and make something that can play the same pitch as our recorders and not have to change their set up very much if at all. Now they have a large black paper with circles of colored paper with note names on them. The push down on the note names as we (the rest of the class) plays the song. They are not able to play (hold the recorder) well enough to join in due to their special needs. They do seem to be getting it though. They can push the buttons at the right time. I thought if I could hook up something underneath their buttons with a small speaker etc........ What can I do that won't cost very much??? Thanks. Carmine

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Repeating Musical Greeting Card?

Hello all,  I have purchased an inexpensive musical greeting card that plays a song for 20 seconds and then stops. What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to put a 555 timer on this thing that will send a pulse to repeat the song at 15 seconds. Basically, make it so that the card will repeat the song forever at 15 seconds so that you don't hear the fade out of the song for the last 5 seconds.  Can this be done and if so how? Many thanks!!! Wes

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help with leds blinking to music

Ok so im in the process of building a portable car stereo and i have everything done except for putting some leds blinking to the music on it. i have attempted this in the past and it never really worked how i wanted it to. so i cant really explain every connection in my box but i will explain the components used car stereo      12-14v Xbox power supply    12v drill battery    12-13v drill charger   2 relays used to automatically switch from the wall battery   and the battery charger  everything shares a ground and connected to the stereo have leds hooked up to the remote normally used to switch on car amps   its output is 12v and i think 300 milliamps i would like to use this for the power and i need to use the speaker output as the audio  i tried to use a tip31 but it never worked the way i needed it to just ask if u need any more info

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Help with Bluetooth Music Receiver

Hi everyone. I have this problem I don't know how to solve. Recently I bought a Linocell Bluetooth Music Receiver to plug in my car. I wanted to rip away the battery and make it to turn on when I turn started the car. The problem is that the On/Off has two functions: 1. The obvious On/Off function (holding the button for 3-5 seconds) 2. Search mode (holding the button for about 10 seconds) How and what do I modify for it to work the way I want? I can upload a picture of the circuit board if it helps.

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how to put music on dsi? Answered

I want to know how to put music on my DSi

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Save YouTube music to mp3? Answered

Can you guys help me on this? I know it's not hard to download and save YouTube music to the hard disk but I also want to be able to save YouTube music to mp3 for my mp3 player or  maybe for the cell phone. So, what good YouTube Downloader can,  besides the usual stuff like download and convert youtube videos to avi and other video formats, save youtube music to mp3?

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How to make Musical Fountain?

I am very much interested in making a musical fountain not a big fancy one but a small which can control itself on rhythm like lm3914 controls LED can it control water pumps as well? If not then which IC can control it and how? Please help. 

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How to sync lights to music?

I'm attempting to create a light display using incandescent Christmas lights and would like to make it strobe in sync with the music I'm playing.  I would like to know what equipment I would use to connect the strings of lights to my computer to run them, or if I'd just be better off doing it manually with a bunch of leds?

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A Question about music instrumental

Hi I want to make a device that have 1 input of microphone jack and have 2 output,one for headphone and second for microphone again (so i can connect it to computer for recording).Why ? Because when I enable the function on Adobe Audition CC (Program of Computer for recording) that I hear the microphone voice on headphone,It is a kink of disorganized I mean that the voice on headphone has delay about 1 second or less than 1 second but it make Confuse a person.So I think that when the voice come on a device and it mix and shoot on headphone directly it will not delay and it must shoot the voice on 2 outputs, one for headphone and second for PC for recording.I know that it is the Audio Mixer works but Audio Mixer is a little bit expensive and I think that is it possible to make this device at home ???with Best Regards ...

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How do you delete music off of a music CD-R? Answered

I need to know because i don't like the music on it and i want to put new music on the CD so i can give it to a friend.

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hack old laptop 4 music making?

Hp pavillion ze44oo and other random oldskool parts. any suggestions just for beat making ect?

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Does anyone have any ideas for a wireless headset design?

I'm trying to create a new project that sends music wirelessly with a transmitter and a receiver out of a head phone jack, but I don't know how to make it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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youtube help

On youtube i see that people have slowed and sped up video's is there a way i can do this?

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What is the normal range of a 3,5mm output? Answered

Hey everyone! I want to make a switch between three or more 3,5mm input jacks. I've found an instructables instruction on how to do this, I only don't know which switch to pick. It has to be a rotary switch. Now my question: what are the minimum specs (volts, amperes, switch current etc) to keep good sound quality? Yours

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User1877 I need help getting windows vista to identify and install successfully, my "c240" version - SANSA Mp3 player.

Hey, I'm just wondering how to get the Mp3 player I just got to work on 64-bit Windows Vista Premium?  I plugged it in... - and what do I get: "Error: MTP Device Not Installed Successfully.  How do I make it work?

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LED Music Bar Controlled by Music

Hello, I am in college, and I thought it would be an interesting idea if I had a LED light bar behind my futon to light up one of my walls. I have seen some projects on here about making a light bar but I am a little confused and I have no idea how to set it up to music. I was just wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about and if I can get it on the cheap. Thanks.

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how many terabytes of music is there in the world? Answered

I'm just curious i assume there is at least one terabytes of music in the world, so how many terabytes of music or even petabytes of music are there in the world?  don't make it too complex, don't worry about the resolution of the recording just keep it simple.  if you could cite a source that would be great, or explain yourself.  thanks!

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how to make Water Dancing to music

How to make Water Dancing to music like here: /watch?v=V__gXW8lSAw?

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Tip 31 LEDS blink to music

You know how you can make an led blink to music with a tip31 , i was wondering, but didnt have enough spare cash (what can a 14 year old do) could you make an led display target shaped as in concentric circles of leds then apply resistors of increasing resistance from the inside out so that the light would "flare out" from the center as it gets louder and softer?

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help needed on LED music box

I want to build one like , but with some LED only blink to bass (low range sounds), some to mid range, and some to only high range. Take this as an example: except I still like the idea of running through a mini jack. I've done a lof reading and many people have suggested using inductors as low-pass filters. New to electrical things, I am really unsure what to do. My design in mind is with 24 LEDs, 12 blink to bass, 8 blink to mid range, and 4 blink to high range. I'm planning to use a 12v DC charger with LEDs specs of 30mA forward current, 3.5V forward voltage. I understand having a VR will make the LEDs more consistent. Can someone possibly draw me a schematic with the right resistors and inductors? help would be greatly appreciated.

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FM Transmitted Music: iPod --> Receiver

I'm working on a total customization of my bicycle, and just had to have some speakers. My iPod's earphones are a bit finicky when it comes to moving around with them, and really constricts my hearing of cars, causing me to not be the safest rider. Now, I've tried hooking larger speakers up to my iPod (a few topics on that), but the iPod simply couldn't power them, causing me to need an amp, etc., etc. I'm hoping I've found what I need with this subject. Could I build an FM radio transmitter, to be hooked up to my iPod, and receive my music with a sports radio I have? Would my music be louder, since my radio plays loud? I'm sure I could build the circuit, but it is the technicalities I'm worried about. Thanks!

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LED Music Submerged in mineral oil. Answered

I have seen led music cubes and prisms here but is it at all possible that you could make one that does light up to music in a plexi glass cube but filled with mineral oil? If I were to do this of course itd have to be sealed water tight so nothing leaks, but is there anything else that might need to occur? Per say would I have to add a dye to the mineral oil to get a good luminosity effect or would it be shining bright without it? If you could throw me some things that might be flawed in this idea or advice I would appreciate it lots!

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Blinking bi-color LED on music?

Hi people, I'm looking for a simple circuit wich can blink multiple bi-color 2-pin LEDs(using both colors of course). It needs to blink on the beat of music, using a mic as input. I would also like the sensitivity to be adjustable. And it would be fantastic if all this could run on 3 AA batteries(4.5V). I've done some research but couldn't find anything like this, only circuits that blink a bi-color LED or flash a LED on music. Unfortunately I haven't got enough skill to combine these into a working circuit. TheExternalDisk

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How best to move a servo to music?

Hi All! I have a quick question, I want to move a servo in time with music and was wondering how best to do that with an arduino. I found someone on Instructables who made a talking skeleton open its mouth when the volume of the music rose above a certain point but just remapping the analog in signal from my wave shield is not moving the servo as smoothly as I would like, it just sort of jitters around. I guess this makes sense as the voltage changes quite a bit to create an audio wave form. I have a wire from R7 on my wave shield plugged into an analog port. Would the MSGEQ7 chip be the best way to accomplish my goal or is there another way? If anyone is curious I am attempting to move the arms of a portal turret in time to the turret opera. Thanks for your time, -ookid

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How to make an alternating music box?

So I want to make a music box that has several phrases that belong to the same song and have it alternate between them (verse/chorus/verse/etc..). In order to do this I will build a few separate movements but it's the stopping of one and triggering of the other that I need help with. I'm new to electronics and have been learning as I go with this project but I am unsure how to make something that can do this. My idea is that one movement will repeat probably 4 times then stop when another starts and so on. The movements are simple: a power supply (two AAA batteries), a potentiometer, and a motor that turns the "roller" which plucks metal tines. There is another question I have about this project: The tines and the "picks" on the rollers are connect to LED lights so each time one is plucked, the LED light turns on. This is simple enough to create ( but I want the lights to each stay on for a little bit longer than this contact lasts..maybe just a second. I am not sure how to accomplish this. If anybody can help me with either of these two question, that would be greatly appreciated. I plan to publish the entire process on here with credit given to those who help me so don't be shy! Even if you aren't sure your idea is correct, all thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

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