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my batch

I have been playing around with batch coding for a month now and i finaly finished and figered out everything i need to do to get this to work. so here it is.@ECHO OFFcolor 0a:topecho -----------------------------------------------echo type the number 1 for a number guessing gameecho type the number 2 for a calculatorecho type the number 3 to see a dumb thing a made up.echo type the number 4 to exit.echo this is a free-to-use programecho give all credit to dsman1echo do not edit with out dsman1's consentecho -----------------------------------------------set variable1=1set variable2=yset variable3=nset variable4=3set variable5=2set variable7=0set variable9=4set /p udefine=if %udefine%==%variable1% (goto game)if %udefine%==%variable5% (goto calc) if %udefine%==%variable4% (goto starwars)if %udefine%==%variable9% (exit):calcecho hi and wellcome to calcualtorecho credit for programing goes to dsman1echo -----------------------------------------------echo mutiply = *echo divide = /echo add = +echo subtract= -echo parenthesis can be in your problems.:loopecho -----------------------------------------------SET /p UDefine=echo =SET /a UDefine=%UDefine%ECHO %UDefine%echo math is funECHO.echo again? y/nset /p udefine=if %udefine%==%variable2% (goto loop) else (goto top ):game@ECHO OFFSET /a GuessNum=0SET /a Answer=%random%ECHO Guess what Number I'm thinking of.:RetrySET /p Guess=IF %Guess% LSS %Answer% ECHO My Number is Higher.IF %Guess% GTR %Answer% ECHO My Number is Lower.IF %Guess%==%Answer% GOTO ENDECHO.SET /a GuessNum=%GuessNum%+1GOTO Retry:ENDECHO You are Correct! The Answer was %Answer%ECHO It took %GuessNum% Guesses.ECHO.echo play again? y/nset /p udefine=if %udefine%==%variable2% (goto game) else (goto top ):starwarsecho dont press a buttonpauseecho ok pleasepauseecho please with suger on toppauseecho ok come on nowpauseecho you are just trying to irritate mepauseecho and it's working...pauseecho i will blow you up in...pauseecho 5pause echo 4pause echo 3pauseecho 2pause echo 1pause echo boom!!!pauseecho hahapauseecho your dead!pauseecho try to push a button now!pauseecho darnpauseecho echo / you will die mortal \echo / mahaha \echo / \echo pauseset /a variable6=500:heheset /a variable6=%variable6%-1echo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaif %variable6%==0 goto :hahagoto hehe:hahaecho play again? y/nset /p udefine=if %udefine%==%variable2% (goto starwars) else (goto top )copy that and paste it into note pad. save it with .bat at the end. save it to your desktop and then click on it.this is what the code looks like. me copying the code messed it up. so please just download the .exe verson[ download]

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Is it my imagination?

Is this my imagination, or is iOS6 more power-hungry than 5 was? I'm not sure, but there seems to be a constant charging of iPods chez Kite these days.

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my idea ?

Excuse Idea is to let the work of the robot moves in 16 barcode full freedom, control it via remote, for example, is moving to give him a certain barcode as well as can you help me

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my idea

So ive been thinking about an idea. the idea are these little robots that connect together by magnets and then build other robots also when there are two or more connected it can walk and build more. the only problem is, i have no idea how to do this. so if anyone can help me with this please contact me. also if this already exist please tell me. dont take my idea

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how to make a website? Answered

I want to make my own website where i could show my writings or instructables etc.etc.but how can i make it.please answer me thanks for viewing and further answering

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why everyones dna is not the same.? Answered

Humans have originated by evolving and adapting to environment.but the whole human race started from a women and men by reproduction in any stage.we know:a fathers or mothers dna matches with his or her childrens dna. then this would have happened:     parents                                                                   to                                                                  child 1      child 2                                                                       to                to       child 5 and child 6                                                   child3               child4   now as we see parent gave birth two child and so the two childs dna is same.then the child 1 gave birth two child 3 and child 3 and 4 s dna is same to child 1  then it should be same to child 2.and so the dna of child 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 will in this way when family keeps changing the dna will match with everyones dna would match now.but now it does not match why? it may sound stupid but i am a student of 13 years and so i dont know about it much.thanks for viewing and further answering   

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my computer is on the fritz

My computer about once a day out of nowhere either: Freezes BSOD nothing works except the cursor, even after an hour of waiting This is really tough on me because I need to finish my german course by the 19th or I'm screwed, and my computer is being retarded. Any help??? BTW reinstalling windows is not an option

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i want to use me WD My Passport 320gb external hard drive on my xbox 360 so i can put my games off the disk onto it Answered

I tried making multiple partitions of 15.9gb each since thats all the xbox will allow me to format up to but it completely formats the hard drive and gets rid of the other partitions then formats it, is there a way to lock these partitions to keep the xbox 360 from removing them and making a new one? i dont care if i have to use a hacker program to make this work, im not much into the dont do this dont do that on hardware and whatnot. please help. btw i only have a 20gb xbox hard drive =/ 14.3gb of useable space after formatting .. kidnda stupid, they should compensate for the formatting at make it where you GET 20gb not 14.3. also like my 1tb hard drive it says on the outside 1000gb but its only 932gb.. anyway thats irrelivant. PLEASE HELP!!

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i want to double the voltage to 600v in my taser .how can i do that?

I want to double the voltage to 600v in my taser .how can i do that?

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I'm thinking of selling my telescope of eBay, would you buy it? Answered

I'm selling an orion starblast 4.5" telescope:;=;=__fD6BTgmBfp6XqGZOFCZIjfwgw0o=&h;=500&w;=500&sz;=40&hl;=en&start;=0&zoom;=1&tbnid;=kScIj7bBieqngM:&tbnh;=149&tbnw;=149&prev;=/images%3Fq%3Dorion%2Bstarblast%2B4.5%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D768%26tbs%3Disch:1&um;=1&itbs;=1&iact;=hc&vpx;=347&vpy;=69&dur;=432&hovh;=225&hovw;=225&tx;=135&ty;=88&ei;=K5Z1TJiLOoOC8gb54r3yBQ&oei;=K5Z1TJiLOoOC8gb54r3yBQ&esq;=1&page;=1&ndsp;=25&ved;=1t:429,r:1,s:0 It also comes with a 25mm eyepiece and a 10mm eyepiece and also a x2 barlow lense. The price I am going for is $350, tell me if you would buy it or not.

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Can anyone help me with getting set up? Answered

Show me what I am suppose to do

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My new monitor will work with my computer, but not my laptop, help!!?

Hi, When i say new, i mean new-hardly used, i used it a bit before moving and its been locked away a few years up till now. I got my Asus VW192T monitor out, spent an hour looking for the D-Sub cable which for reasons unknown were packed in a different box, and hooked it up. Immediately my laptop gets acknowledgement of the monitor, and the display mode changes, it now has a second monitor in the screen resolution options, and acording to my laptop, the monitor is working, however, through all of this, the monitor has remained in sleep mode, when i turn it on, it just says no signal. i spent hours changing settings, and fiddling around in the nVidia control pannel to change my laptop resulotion as well as the asus monitor resolution, restarting the computer each time, but nothing. I then go get the old packard bell computer, which now is over 14 years old, hooked it up and immediately the monitor is working, so theres nothing wrong there. In the past ive been able to connect my laptop to a mates computer via d-sub port, as it only has d-sub and i havent got a hdmi, it worked fine. Clueless, i searched for a driver which i perhaps did not have, but as it turns out, no drivers exist for this monitor, so now i am clueless. Additionally, i cant access any boot menue options in regards to the monitor, like booting in safe mode or anything, because my own laptop monitor goes black until windows has loaded, when the monitor is connected. can someone please help me out? why wont my monitor work with my laptop? the laptop is a toshiba qosmio x500, the graphics card is Nvidia GeForce360M, the old packard bell computer has no graphics card.

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my laptop does not connect to my Wifi ?

My laptop does not found my own Wifi but fine other Wifi . i have to use cable for connecting my laptop and my Wifi . my wifi is connected to my moblie and many more devices but it isnt connected to my laptop... what to do to connect my laptop with my wifi.  My computer is windows 7 ultimate . antivirus is k7 antivirus . intel inside core i5 .. it is a dell  laptop....... plz help me please help my what should i do to connect my wifi and my computer... and my router is digicom.....

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how to check my aruino's my fuse? Answered

My arduino is not uploading and i tried to troubleshoot and i saw in the page that it might my arduino's fuse so do  you know how to check  fuse setting on my arduino.

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My laptop is not connecting to my internet properly

I have a Toshiba laptop and for some reason lately it has not been connecting to my internet as well as it normally does. I only have like 2 bars of signal and it does not go any higher than that, my brother and my game consoles are fine so it is not my internet router. I have tried everything I know and nothing seems to work, I get disconnected from playing games every 10-20 minutes. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you

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my monitor doesn't show my desktop

When i turn on my computer, all the fans disk drives, everything runs but i can't hear the little beep when it boots up and the monitor doesn't show anything, the power light just flashes meaning no signal. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is my Spring in the Air - or my prop not supported? Answered

I have been reading on this site about the problems associated with building and using a vehicle for road use that runs on a clock-work basis. The square cube law problem re the spring and also the problems created by the gyro forces of the flywheel. What I want to ask is: Would it be possible to have a spring or series of springs big enough that could drive a generator to charge a bank of batteries that would then power a narrowboat on the inland waterways and potentially rivers of the UK. There is a company that supplies engines and batteries and their paraphernalia suggests it is possible to get 2 hours of battery propulsion from one hour of diesel use - So, if the engine was removed could it be possible to use some kind of clockwork spring-thing instead of the engine big enough to charge batteries that would then power the boat. I am thinking that winding the spring would be done but either a very geared down bicycle or some kind of geared down lever crank with ratchet or even a transportable friendly donkey...I appreciate that fitness and maintaining it would be important to wind up the spring by pedalling the bike, cranking the lever or chatting to the donkey to keep it friendly. How big would the spring need to be and how long would it take to wind it up by bicycle, crank or donkey. Keen to know what the real problems would/could thinking it might be possible to use a series of springs so they do not have to be so very big and therefore could overcome the square cube law problem and how many would be needed to charge the bank of batteries to then turn the prop.

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My First Tesla Coil!

I just made my first tesla coil, it stands only about 6 inches tall and has a diameter of ~1". The tank capacitence is ~940 pF. The wire gauge is 30. The topload is 6 inches in diamerer and 1 inch tall. the power supply is a 7.5kv, 60mA NST with a terry filter. It's a static spark gap. The primary has 13 turns of 14 gauge wire, it's a 30 degree cone.It gives out nice arcs and cornea. I will post photos and video soon, as my workshop reeks of ozone right now.I can probably get better preformance with using thicker (or no) aligator clips (prototype stage right now) and if I change the primary. The wire got too hard to turn, so near the center there's like 2" of leeway on all sides of the secondary... sorry about sound quality in the videothe rod in the video is kinda grounded. The rod you see is a thin copper pipe taped to a 3 foot, 1/4 inch thick dowel rod that I'm holding onto.

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my jango account?

My jango account wont play music

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edit my profile

I'm trying to add my picture to my bio but I have no idea where the photos I've uploaded are going!  They seem to just disappear.  Help!

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fix my phone

Im trying to  put my cordless  phone battery back together the wires got yanked

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Is it just my imagination Answered

Is it just my imagination but are there fewer questions coming through since the tab vanished from the top of the home page??

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power for my robot

My robot has too many electronic parts and motors that even a 9V battery is not enough if any one has a good power source please tell me

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Where is My instructable?

Hi, Why can't i find my instructable on the website? the link is here Do i need to make it into a step by step on instrucatbles or is it ok how it is? Let me know thanks

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My computer problem? Answered

My computer has these dots all over the screen but not on the start up so im not sure whats wrong. i have a windows 7. any help is appreciated.

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my printer is broken?

Every time i try to print something on my computer, it comes up with a menu that shows you are supposed to save it, and it doesn't work when i press the save button, and if i press cancel, it doesn't print either. i've tried it with several applications, and none of them work, they all come up with the same thing. i don't know if it''s my printer, or my computer, but i have to print something out for a school project.please don't say print it out somewhere else, because that won't fix my problem. the printer is a lexmark x3350, and the computer is a dell.

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My POV Toy!

Woot!I finally finished my version of ladyada's miniPOV.I just made it a bit smaller and used a header for programming rather than attaching the 25 pin D connector directly to the board. Oh - and almost all of my supplies (except for the board) were free =DD.-->Check it!-T3h_Muff

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My free website?

I want to create a website for my school to preview the weekly schedule but I don't know how to make it look like pro site. Ay help will be appreciated

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Problem with my Beetlebot

Here is the problemTHe only thing not mentioned in the video is that it doesnt has the 3rd connector from the battery...Here is my video of beetlebot would be great if u can help

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What is my bottleneck? Answered

I just recently built a new gaming machine, and have been running into a bottleneck issue. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.  My Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate MSI GD-55 Z-77a Motherboard Intel i5 3570k OC 4.2 Ghz Radeon HD 5770 x2 (Crossfire) 16Gb (4x4) Corsaire 1600Mhz RAM 1 Tb 7200rpm Western Digital HDD 850w Coolermaster PSU I have downloaded the most recent AMD drivers and Crosssfire Profiles. The problem I am having, is that I almost never see anything in my computer running at max while gaming. I will usually have my GPUs running at around 60-70%, and none of my CPU cores running higher than 50-60%.  The first thing that came to my mind was temperature. However my CPU never gets hotter than 65c, and my GPUs never hotter than 80c.  The other thing that I thought of was a possible lack of power. But 850w is at least 40% more than recommended for my system specs. To test this, I did a CPU benchmark, and a GPU benchmark at the same time, both hit 100% usage, and my computer did not lose power. (nor did anything get too hot) After ruling Temperature and power out, I thought maybe it was my RAM. However, I have read multiple places that it is nearly impossible for any game to max out quad channel memory bandwidth. I have more than enough of better-than-average RAM, storage isn't the issue. So I doubt its my RAM. But I am no expert. I then ran "Windows Resource monitor" to watch my HDD Disk usage. While gaming, nothing transferred more than a couple Mb/S. The specific specs of my HDD include a 64MB Cache, and a  6.0Gb/s Data transfer rate. My Motherboard also supports 6Gb/s Transfer rates. So I doubt its my HDD. I know my GPUs are 2 generations old, but if they were the bottleneck they would be running at 100% (or at least higher than 80%) Now I don't know what to think, except that its maybe software related. But I cannot think of anything specific that would do this sort of thing. Any suggestions?  

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My monitor screwed?

I've got a 19 inch flat screen crt monitor hooked up to my mac. And when I play my music really loud, the image almost shakes like it would if I had the stereo hooked up to the power bar with it like it used to be. The stereo is on it's own breaker right now, but is it doing that from the actual vibration of the picture tube or is it dieing on me?

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My cell is dead??

Well apparently my mother dropped my cellphone, now when you turn it on, the screen lights up, but it's blank, it vibrates when I turn it on because it was on vibrate before (startup sound). But it won't do anything else, I tried changing the ringer, hitting buttons, and it didn't make any sounds. Display cable popped out? Any ideas? -Punk

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my leds not work Answered

Is it possible to run 5mm white(3.3v each) 6 led series by 5v adapter without any rasister????

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Pictures of my glasses.......

Best picture in the world..

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my old laptop

I got my old laptop to work, windows 98, and it works perfectly now...this is hard, i know, i've tried, but, does anyone know where to get an anti virus that actually removes the virus? or something that rebuilds the registry?

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As for my old laptop

As for my old laptop, im thinking of cracking it open and blowing it out, then adding an external fan, what do you guys think of that? also, what else should i do to it, talking software and hardware type stuff, and sorry, no Linux please, also if you care to leave comments also can you help me figure out how to fix the hinges my moms boyfriend Michael (not gorillazmiko) broke?

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One of my presentations?

Several days ago, I created .ppt file. After next opening presentation didn't open without any messages.

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Xbox360 and my Laptop?

Okay i have tried this many of time in a variety of ways i've spent nearly all day searching for how to connect my xbox to my computer so that way i can use it as a wifi adapter  but every time I come across one of these guides it says to bridge a connection so when i do that it turns my wifi off when i go into the  bridge and when i try to connect back to it it says im connected but then it say no connection at my available networks and im all like WTF! and every time it does that  when i bridge connections and i have a windows XP computer. So please help me out I want to get on Live by tonight if not tomorrow.

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my new instructable.

Although i didnt know it was done until i searched, i did this and it uses some pretty nice software to get the look and feel.

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Help With My Robot

I got a Vex Explorer robot for Christmas and was instantly disappointed with the speed of the robot. I have now added the motor from my RC car as the back wheels, problem is that the wheels only run in unison so i can't use three wheels and turn. I need some ideas on how to make this thing turn. The gears are useless.

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Suggestions for my Instructable?

Does anyone have any suggestions to make a better Instructable out of this?: Thank you for your constructive criticism! :)

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Power my boombox

I have this power supply from a device that is not needed anymore. I have 2 of them (so i can harvest the other battery for another project, or to help run this one).. It is a backup battery unit designed to power my old device even if the power in the house goes out. I have some questions about the compatibility with a project i am working on. I'm sure it's obvious to most of you, but i labeled the parts in one pic so that i could pinpoint my question. A. is the battery terminal clips B. the feed of power to the device not being used anymore C. the plug that recharges the battery So then logically D is the board that feeds power from the battery, and E is the recharging unit. The pic isn't great, but there are 2 ribbons that attach D to E. I can also provide better pics if something isn't clear enough. My question is this... I am building a semi-small boombox with a car audio head unit. Since a car battery provides 12v, and the battery in this unit provides 12v, can i use this contraption to power my project? Can i simply cut off the adapter on the end of B, expose some copper, and attach to the power of the head unit? It seems simple to me, but my knowledge of electricity is VERY limited and i don't want to burn down my house or ruin my head unit. So far, i haven't paid a penny for anything and i want to keep it that way.

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my new laptop

My uncle dave gave me his old laptop, its a toshiba satellite pentium 4 2ghz 256mb ram and the works, nothing wrong with it it has windows XP which is great, 2 usb ports, its fast and he gave me a wireless G wifi adapter with it, im using it right now, good thing we got WiFi at our house

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bridging my connections

I need help bridging my connections. everytime i try it says i must select two LAN connections that are not using internet connected sharing. i have looked all over and am pretty sure its all off, it wont let memerge the two together by highlighting them either it just moves the connection order around please please help. thank yoou!!!?

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My rc channel!

Id just thought id let you friendly bunch know of a new channel ive just creaated for anything rc related. Feedback welcome! Thanks :) Sharlston

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Is my shematics good ?

Hi there ! I have the project to make a trash compactor. To do this i have a truck wiper motor ( 180W 24V 30A ) and a worm screw sytem. To control this motor, i've made a H bridge with this transistors To control the intensity consumed by the motor and prevent it from burning, i use a current sensing chip http:// To control all of that, i use ATTiny 84. My power suplly is 24V 30A and my µC ( The ATTiny 84 ) use 5v suply so i have to convert a part of the 24V to 5V. To do that i use 7805 but i think it will burn or i will lose lot of energy. I've made the shematics of my circuit and i wonder if it's good or not and what can i change. PS: The two switch in the schematics are end positio sensor. Thank :D and sorry for my bad english :/

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My school project

Just thought i'd let the instructables community know why I haven't been around foe a fair while. Well, mainly because it's getting near exam time, so I'm being a good little student and studying hard. Also, another reason is my best school project EVER!!!!!See, i'm involved in an extended program at my school, called open doors. We get to choose something that interests us, research it, and build it!!!We are building a HHO generator, running a lawnmower off it, then hopefully a small car!!!You can follow our progress here:

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Upgrading my guitar

I have a super nice looking Aria STG 006, crappy pickups, but nice wood and neck. I have some ideas, and i want you all to respond to my ideas New Pickups--Mighty Mite Pickups Killswitch---Buckhead, need i say more? Make some sort of nice interesting pieces of art on it. New Potentiometers Shielding all the insides (i get hummmmm which i hate with a passion) Any suggestions?>!??!??!?!?!!

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Why are my entries not in? Answered

I entered the summer camp contest with two projects on sunday yesterday, and other entries are being accepted while I don't know if mine are rejected or accepted. Can someone help me with this?

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