chronological order Answered

WHY don't the questions appear in chronological  order? you have to look back through the list to see if any new questions have been inserted - is this to do with moderation?

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Mouser order help? Answered

I am trying to order an LED bar graph from mouser. I found this one one a little confused about the quantity I will receive. It says Standard Pack Qty:19 does that mean that for 4.04 I will get 19 of those bar graphs? Thank you

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Ethernet Wiring Order

Hi, I have a cat6 ethernet cable with 8 non-twisted wires all apparently being of different solid colors. Is it OK to attach both ends to the connectors in any order as long as both ends have the same color order? Since the colors are non-standard I can't go by any convention such as T-568A or T-568B. I am using this in my home and since it will be a one-off I don't care about convention standards as long as the configuration I use will work. By the way, do I need to be concerned about the fact that they are non-twisted wires? What's the difference anyway? I would appreciate your answer. Thanks.

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Which components to order? Answered

Hey Guys, As many of you may know I just started electronics (reason for annoying question) and I was ordering stuff online and I couldn't choose. (Crappy grammar in previous sentence) So I  was wondering if you guys could help me by telling me what components I would need fo some average projects like LED's, resistors, transistors etc. I would really appreciate it if you could help. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato (Oh and once again sorry for the grammar I don't know whats wrong with me atm)

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Rainbowduino: Buildable or order only?

Is the Rainbowduino something I can build from parts, like a regular Arduino,or does it have to be ordered?

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Instructable comments in weird order?

Why are the instructable comments in a weird order? My comment on an instructable ended up in the middle of the comments section, not at the top or bottom as you would expect??? How can you track progress of comments on an instructable you like in this weird ordering?? The instructable i want to follow recent comments on is this one:

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How to order parts for this circuit?

I'm a new to building circuits and trying to help my son with a school project.  Here is the circuit to hack the wireless doorbell into snail mail notifier (  I'm lost here though it appears to be a simple circiut.  (attached the circuit as image file) Please help me with ordering parts and the proper sequence to solder them. Thanks in advance. - Al

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I just got a ordered my Ipod Touch 4!

Hey guys, I just bought a Ipod Touch 4 8GB. I'm still waiting for it in the mail but it should be here in about 3-5 days from Thanksgiving Day. Pictures to come.

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Has anyone ever ordered from

Hey folks, Five days ago I placed an order with, for a kit to build a headphone amplifier.  It was the only website that had the type of kit that I was in the market for, so I placed an order.  This was on August 3rd, and now it is August 8th.  My order status is still pending, and their phone number on their website goes straight to some dude's voice mail.  I sent them an email, but no response yet.  I just want an update on my order, but have not received one yet. I was wondering if anyone here has ever bought from them.  They sell fairly interesting kits and products for audiophiles.  The checkout was secured, so I don't think that I have to worry too much about them stealing my information.  My card was charged, and nothing fishy has gone on.  I am just a little miffed about the lack of updates from this company. Cheers, Brennn10

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Circuit connection to "ground": does order matter?

I am building a small amp: Does the order in which I connect the "grounds"  on the cb matter as long as they are all interconnected? Diagram available at: .

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Putting in the battery in order for my camera to turn on?

Okay so my digitial camera has been messed for a while... ever since last year's 4th of july, water damaged because of rain that came out of no where, the only way my camera can turn on or off is too take out the battery and put it back in... it automacticly turns on after i put it in which for me is fine but of course it can be annoying to always have to do that,, so my question is... even after a year since its been damaged by water... is there a way it can be fixed so i dont have to put a battery in and out inorder to power it on and off??

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Need help ordering B10K slide pot

Hello, I need a replacement Alpha B10K slider pot, 60mm travel, has 2 separate pots in the package.  The one I have which I think is bad has 8 pins, 4 on each end.  So far all the replacements I have found on the web have at most 6 pins, 1 less pin per pot.  1 of the extra 2 pins on my pot are being used in the circuit (a USB music player).  Can I adapt the 6-pin pots to work in my device, or can someone direct me to where I can find a B10K with 8 pins? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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how to make a foldable for a order of operations math lesson?

I need to come up with activities and foldables for a math lesson and the subject is order of operations

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Can't delete collections / Can't change order of collections

As the title reads, I am not able to delete my (even empty) collections.I would also like to see an option to change the order they are shown in the dropdownlist while browsing i'bles. I think there MUST be a way to delete unused/empty Collections or even move their order.And as a programmer, I don't think it is that complicated to create a "delete" button (or a "change order" button maybe).Would love to read that this will be made soon..Cheers!

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USB Male end replacement.. What is the order of the wires? Answered

I have bought the male replacement end, to fix the broken part of a USB plug.. What is the order of the wires, when i solder them together?? Does any have any suggestions? They would be very helpful. Thanks

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is it possible to create stong wind in order to create lift?

How can i make wind using the same principals that wind is made naturally on earth?

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Help with corporate email id to order electronics sample?

I want to order some electronics samples but i don't think they would give samples to one with @gmail or @ymail email id So tell me what you guys do in such a situation, or maybe someone could provide me email id with their domain name or in their corporate or maybe i can use someones else's name and email.

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AtTiny85 port analog / digital setup order bug

/*How to configure port setup in correct order AtTiny? Bug in combiler or  what is wrong here? Circuitry here has two LEDs and one analog input.  LEDs are ON or OFF depending voltage of potentiometer. Simple code below makes digital output PB1 high impedance, so LED current is too low because voltage drops. If port configuration setup is made in other order port output works fine. */ /*                     ___     D5 PB5  1|o      |8  Vcc     D3 PB3  2|        |7  PB2 A1   Voltage measurement, potentiometer     D4 PB4  3|        |6  PB1 D1   --|>--|          GND  4| ___|5  PB0 D0   --|>--| */ byte led0 = PB0; byte led1 = PB1; byte potentiometer = A1; int voltage; /* It is important in which order pin configuration has been set. Wrong order causes PB1 to high impedance, low current, output. This must be combiler bug, I think. If port BP1 setup has been made using straight to register there is no problem in order. Any other analog input port and digital port combination works correctly. */ void setup() {   pinMode(led0, OUTPUT);   pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);  // Doesn't work if this is before pinMode(potentiometer, INPUT);   //DDRB &= ~(1 << DDB2); // Alternative working setup for led1 as output   pinMode(potentiometer, INPUT);    //pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);  // Works if this led1 setup is after pinMode(potentiometer, INPUT); } void analog_input() {   voltage = analogRead(potentiometer);   if (voltage < 500) {     digitalWrite(led0, HIGH);     digitalWrite(led1, LOW);   }   else   {     digitalWrite(led0, LOW);     digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);   } } void loop() {   analog_input(); }

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how to read the instructables in FIFO (historical, chronological) order?

if I'd like to search for a certain term and I'd like to view the related instructables from older to newest? Or just to see all the instructables from the first one to the last one?

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Do the IR LEDS in the TV B gone have to be in this order:

CLEAR BLUE BLUE CLEAR. I did mine differently and it works fine?

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Is there a way to connect a digital picture frame to a computer in order to display information? Answered

I've seen little monitors that can display weather RSS and other random info, and i just thought using a digital picture frame would be a good substitute instead of an expensive little screen.  I'm just stuck on how I would connect the frame to the computer.  any ideas welcome lol

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Where can I order assorted capacitors, resistors, LEDs, switches online? Answered

I have decided to rekindle my passion for circuitry, and I don't want to fuss with finding the right parts at Radio Shack (*cringe*). Where can I order assorted parts online? I'd like to just buy a huge bag/box of assorted parts, rather than individually buy each part as I find need for it, and have to wait for it to arrive.

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What do i need to buy in order to program an 8-pin PIC microcontroller?

I am trying to build/sell mod kits for 360 controllers (to make them rapidfire of course) and i need to know what i need to buy. I have 2 serial ports on my computer, so it doesn't need to be usb. I just want to find the cheapest way to take codes off of and write codes to microchips. I saw this but i was told that i would need to get other items to add to that to be able to program a chip. Also, is this chip similar enough to the ones that they use in the kits/ mods they sell on ebay? Would this chip work? Any answers would help very much.

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How do I record and play a series of videos in some software-controlled order?

I'd like to create an interactive artwork where people can come up to a camera and record a short video of themselves speaking. At the same time, there will be a series of such videos playing on a nearby display. I should be able to insert the new video at any point in the list of playing videos. The list should also be continuously changeable via software; any programming language will do. Bonus points if I can have basic transitions between the videos.

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whats the best chemicals coat a match with in order to get a green, purple or blue flame?

I am going to make some matches that burn different coloures to make some money at school, and my attempt to make copper carbonate by electrolosis has failed, as it turns out only copper exposed to air during electrolsis carbonated. anyway, i need to know what will make the strongest colour flame on a match stick (probably barbeque matches not normal small ones), so that it is allmost entirely either green, purple or blue. right now i have a 1kg copper rod i found on the roud which i can use to make copper chloride, as i can get that easily, but i have heard that it lets off toxic fume so i am not sure, plus i dont know if the matches will burn hot enoguh to make the copper chloride go green.

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Free IC Samples: Good or Bad

Every now and then I order a sample of an integrated circuit from companies such as TI, Atmel, or Microchip. But can I get too many. If I order too many do you think they will catch on to my using of their free samples for hobby use and not research? I stopped ordering because I am afraid they might start charging me for all the chips I ordered. What's your opinion?

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in order to make ir rays travel longer distances from an ir led which circuit is appropriate

Either a multivibrator or an oscillator circuit input which will be to an ir led

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Newegg .

Newegg is making me mad. I ordered a huge order and it split it up because some parts were heave (i.e. my speakers) but all the lighter parts (motherboard,graphics card etc.) came in a different order. But apperently one of them has the right credit card information and the other doesnt. And this makes me mad. And so here i am to vent. Your welcome.

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Is there any site that i can order some arduino stuff that ships out APO/FPO? Answered

Well I'm currently deployed and I want to start working with Arduino so I was wondering if there are any sites that will deliver APO/FPO?

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What Do I Need To Change In Order To Run This Circuit With a Button Cell and a Momentary Switch?

I'm trying to do a modification to this project here. I need to replace the 9v battery with a smaller one, probably a button cell or similar, and the slide switch with a momentary one. This is my first real electronics project, so I'm not sure how those changes might affect the rest of the components. Do I need to swap out any of the materials listed in the Instructable to make that work? (Besides the obvious momentary switch, button cell battery, and battery holder) I asked there, but I've yet to get a response and thought that maybe this would be quicker.

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What do I need to do in order to power an LED light strip via USB? Answered

I would like to purchase some bulk led light strips (like to create bias lighting behind my monitor and near my keyboard.  Since USB ports are nearby, it would help keep the wiring cleaner if I could leverage them.  I don't want to power the entire strip, just a short segment.  I could buy this connector to attach to the strip, but I'm not sure how (or if) I could connect the wires to a USB connector.  How can I accomplish this? I would like to end up with something similar to the Antec Halo Kit.

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How can i possibly use a wall wart transformer in order to make an electric shocker? Answered

The transformer its self has 4 cables. Two of them were the high voltage input and the other two were the output(i am not sure because i took it appart a couple of time ago).  I also have a 5 cable transformer that was used by a battery charger.Two cables for input here as well and three for output(i also don't rememeber well for this one too). P.S please go easy on me because i am novice on electronics. Thank you very much.

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Vacuum Forming Vinyl?

I am a student looking for some colored vinyl/plastic sheets to vacuum form bones. I need black and red and was wondering where a good place to order from and what exactly I should order. 

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I'd like to build a 3rd order low pass filter, cutoff ~40mhz, impedence at 28mhz of 50Ohms?

Hello All. I want to build a 3rd order low pass filter with a cutoff ~40mhz. I'd like to build this in a metal box seperated into two compartments with a pi filter in each. What components do I need? The input output impedence should be ~50 ohms at 28mhz. It stray capacitence a problem? Thanks?

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Has anybody here got a Gizmondo I ask because Ive just ordered one. :-)

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What is the correct order to fit connectors on a cat6 ethernet cable with 8 non-standard colored wires? Answered

Hi, I have a cat6 ethernet cable with 8 non-twisted wires all apparently being of different solid colors. Is it OK to attach both ends to the connectors in any order as long as both ends have the same color order? Since the colors are non-standard I can't go by any convention such as T-568A or T-568B. I am using this in my home and since it will be a one-off I don't care about convention standards as long as the configuration I use will work. By the way, do I need to be concerned about the fact that they are non-twisted wires? What's the difference anyway? I would appreciate your answer. Thanks. Oclaman

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how should i set up an electrolysis cell in order to convert magnesium sulfate into sulfuric acid? Answered

hello, after finding out copper sulfate is expensive everywhere, ive decided to try making my own, from sulfuric acid which i intend to make form magnesium sulfate, aka epsom salts. i am going to try and react copper oxides with any formed sulfuric acid then crystalize it and remove it, but, im not exactly sure on how i should set up this cell, to ensure the formed magnesium oxide/hydroxide doesnt react with the sulfuric acid again, as well as what the best voltage/currect would be to minimise polution/ errosion from my lead electrodes (just plain old lead, i plan on forming lead dioxide in this reaction also). any help would be greatly appreciated, also whoever solves my problem will get a best answer form me.

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"Joule Thief" LED Night Light Kit is Now Shipping

Thank you so much for those who pre-ordered the kits! I have shipped all orders now, and the kits are in stock. New orders will be shipped within 2 days. To purchase, please go to Please see this post for the pricing and more: Thanks!

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Converting Attiny45 to a Atmel168?

Has anyone replaced an ATTiny45 with an Atmega168 in order to have addtional I'O's?

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Display issue for edited IBLE

I added a step in the middle of a published IBLE, and the step shows fine in the editing screen. When I go to the IBLE, the pictures are in the right order, but the text is missing from the new step and all of the text for the steps are now out of sync from that point forward. Is there a way to correct this?

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counter surveillance

How can one hide the location of a mobile phone in order to avoid being tracked or surveillanced?

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how do you leave a direct link in a comment to one of your instructable in order to enter into a weekly challenge? Answered

Need to leave link for a weekly challenge but do not know how. I can only copy the link address and then  post it in the comment. Can anyone help?

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I purchased part one & two of the Arduino Uno & shield but the shield is on back-order. is there another product to get?

What i want to do is use a direct input from a mic so i can converse realtime when someone comes to the door. Is this even possible? If so is this the way to go about it with the  Arduino Uno & shield from makershed or is there another product i need?

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Easy/cheap way of halving the mains fequency in order to halve the speed of a single phase electric induction motor?

The problem is to slow the speed of an electric grinder down so that it does not burn woodturning HSS chisels during sharpening. I thought of full wave rectifying the mains and feeding it to a so-called "H-bridge" consisting of four SCR's. The SCR's on the top and bottom opposing sides are triggered together as pairs. Each pair of SCR's are triggered for two consecutive half cycles and so on. Might this work?

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Can Anybody Help me with Audio Terms?

I am on my way to build 3 way speaker system and this my first time. I heard that i have to make crossover into the speakers which will drive the low frequencies to the woofer and mid ranger whereas the low pitch to the woofer. I went to a site that calculates schematics for any sort of crossovers. But they ask me the several things out of them i understood some of them while others made my mind disrupted. so please state the meaning of the following: High Xover Frequency ( fh ) Low Xover Frequency ( fl ) Frequency Spread ( fh/fl )   here there were 2 options I.E, 8:3 octaves and 10:3.4 octaves Bandpass Gain ( g ) Crossover Type In the last one there were several options: 1st Order normal polarity 2nd order reverse polarity 3rd order reverse polarity 3rd order normal polarity 4th order normal polarity What are the differences between these crossovers? Which one is the best and why? If nothing is best so what is the difference? Sorry I am a novice. So guys please be easy on me....  Thanks In Advance :-)

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