Other Inbox?

Has anyone tried this yet? I've been bogged down my so much stuff I don't want in my GMail account (and the spammers have gotten around the plus-addressing trick). It says its in private beta, so has anyone been able to sign up?

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An Other One

I have made a Plotter using 2 Stepper Motors from CD/DVD Drives.As so many have been done, not sure if the there would be interest on how I made this one.I have made the frame on my 3D printer, and made a circuit so the motors don't get hot enough to fry eggs on.Here is a video of it in action:

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look in to other PC?

Is there any software or ways to look in to other pc monitor? my friend sai there is an software where if we give an IP address mean we can see wat they are doing in their PC. thanks.

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Read others Mind!

Lets start quickly without taking much of your time.... 1. Keep a simple +ve and non-zero number in mind, example 3, 45, 79 or anything 2. Add 2 to that number, Feel free to use a pen, paper and computer calculator 3. multiply by two 4. add 10 5. add 20 6. devide by two 7. substract 15 8. substract the original number you had in step 1 9. add 6 10. multiply by 5 11. add 59 12. NOW THE RESULT OF all your calculation is 99, is that right?

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What is the "other" bar in itunes?

 I recently got a new iPod touch 3g 8gb and I u[loaded 30 games and 40 songs because most of my songs are still pending. I noticed when I uploaded a video, updated apps and songs that there was this huge chunk of "other" in the itunes page. There is a photo down there. I have also read about it that I should get rid of contacts (which I have), notes ( which I have) Calender notes ( which I have) and album art ( which I also have). Recently when I synced it the songs were copying form my music into the Ipod for no reason. I have also read about "ghost data" which comprises of songs which do not show but are there... Help me please

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what other websites are there other than you tube? Answered

My parents blocked youtube and i need to listen to music and watch videos

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Getting sponsorship?

Hello everyone, I am currently by the end of my studies and I am also working as part-time.  Now I applied to be a volunteer for the Olympics and Paralympics for 2016 in RIO and have been selected for both which I am really excited for, but the only problem is that to be able to go over there It is very costly as I live on the other side of the world and I don't have enough funds and time is very limited to acquire those as well.   So what I need is to find a way so that I can get sponsored for my air tickets and take care of my accommodation.  Here are the things that I have been thinking and trying to do as well. First I looked for a job and I got it but the problem is that the pay isn't enough so that I can get the required amount to cover all my expenses.  I cannot get another job as I need to complete my studies before June so time isn't in my favour again.  However I think that I can work freelance online for short jobs such as 1 day to 1 month and If I can get as many as possible It should help.  SInce those won't be enough I need to look for sponsors but I do not know where to look for and how to do it and I was also thinking of getting a job in the US or even south america so as to be able to stay and work there for a while after the event so that I can take care of myself and explore at the same time before returning to my home country.   Any help. I really appreciate it.

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Operational Amplifier input voltage affects other input?

Hello, I have created a simple circuit where 2 10k resistors make a voltage divider. Supply voltage is 12.5V and if I measure in between the 2 resistors, I'm getting 6.3V. Great! Now I connect that 6.3V to the +input of an OpAmp. Result: the value is still 6.3V. Great! (The OpAmp is also fed with 12.5V) Now I connect the -input of the OpAmp to the supply voltage (12.5V). The voltage in between both resistors suddenly changes from 6.3V to 10.1V. NOT Great! Now I connect the -input of the OpAmp to ground (0V). The voltage in between both resistors changes from 6.3V to 2.4V. ?! The output of the OpAmp is not connected to anything. I thought that OpAmp inputs, in theory, have infinite resistance? The datasheet of this OpAmp (LT1253) sais the input resistance should be 10Mohm I also tested this same thing with the LT1497 and the results are the same. When the -input of the  OpAmp was connected to 12.5V, I measured the current going into that pin, 39mA!! (Only measured on the LT1253) What's the problem here? Are both OpAmps broken? Or is there something about the way OpAmps work, that I clearly don't understand?

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How do I control multiple servos with the Boe-Bot?? Answered

How do I control multiple servos with my Boe-Bot? I am currently making a robotic arm and I have 5 servos. So I decided to use my Board of education     rev d boe bot circuit to control them because I want to be able to program it. Would any one know a way to do it? I do know code for controlling the wheels on my boe bot which are servos but I dont know how to do that on the breadboard. I will continue to experiment but any answers would be appreciated. Thanks, Electro Nerd 

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Gad there are other hackers out there

Glad to know that there are other fellow hackers out there! Check out my hackers association: Microsoft Toll Booth!

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proximity TO EACH OTHER sensors?

I've seen several instructables for creating proximity sensors that will detect anything, but I want sensors that will detect only each other.  Basically, I want to have LEDs inside tiny toys that will light when the toys are near each other, then fade and turn off as they are separated.  Can anybody point me in the right direction?  Thanks.

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What is the strength of the other charge?

I need help with solving this problem in physics class. I know Coulombs equation F= k(q1q2)/r^2 The force between two charges is 2 newtons. The distance between the charges is 2 x 10 ^ -4 meters. If one of the charges is 3 x 10 ^ -6 C, What is the strength of the other charge?

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Instructables appearing on other websites? Answered

Recently I have found my instructables, and those of many others, on a couple different web sites: portfo.li/diy  and  sigalonhowtodoit.soup.io I couldn't figure out exactly what those web sites are supposed to be.  They would have  a portion of the first part of an instructable, along with a  link to it on the actual instructables web site.  Both of these sites kind of looked like they might be some kind of collection of DIY type material from Instructables and other similar sites.  Does anyone know what these sites are?  It just made me curious when I came across them while Googling stuff.

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Learning Arduino & other basics

Ect student @ Devry here trying to put what i am learning to practical use. I reeeelay  want to learn arduino it seems very fun and has a wide range of things you can do with it. Other than basics (mm solder eq resisters/leds & tools and such) what are some "must haves".  Info like what board to start out with, power supplies i should acquire. Hints tips tricks, places to read would be great. I am somewhat limited on money (father of 7 trying to pay my way.) So i need to be budget minded. I have loved this site for a while and recently upgraded my membership. Some of the projects i see come from this community makes me drool. Ty  for reading.

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How can i use a small camera lcd screen for something? And how do i make an imput for it?

Its a 2.5 inch lcd screen but i dont know how to make it posable ot plug something into it. Ex. a GoPro camera. any sugestions?

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Are there any other hacks to use at school? Answered

Are there any other hacks to use at school?

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Can a programed device trigger others?

I would like software/hardware to trigger events with external devices. Specifically, have Colors and Taps played appropriately morning and evening, anticipating seasonal changes. Add other device signals like coffee brewer. -Cheers, -David

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other uses for and where to find saltpeter? Answered

Saltpeter/saltpetre/kno3/potassium nitrate: I know it can help make blackpowder/smoke bombs but what other uses could it be used for? also where abouts could I find it in Massachusetts (USA)

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Other ways to charge a Leydon Jar?

I need to find a good easy working way to charge up a Leydon Jar with static electricity. I do not have (and cannot make) a van de graffe generator. I tried using my tv, but it doesn't work too well. Are there any other ways to charge a Leydon jar?

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Deleting files other than images?

I can't seem to delete a sound file. It didn't upload correctly, and I can't get rid of it. It does not have an "edit" link when I focus on that file.

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Using a wire to switch on other one.

How can i have it so i have a wire when there is current moving through it, it lets the current move throught another wire.  Like a switch.  How can i achieve this?

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Cannot view other Instructable pictures.

Hi, when I browse around Instructables, I often try to click on the second or third or ....  and the picture will not change!  I am using a beta version of Chrome (18.0) on Windows 7.  Any help would be appreciated. :D

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strong electromagnets that repel each other?

I have two electromagnets already but they aren't strong enough to really push each other. I've read mixed things online about electromagnets that repel being very weak. I would like to build something like a shock absorber with a electromagnet at each end so when their is a load on the shock absorber the electromagnet can push back and stiffen. Any ideas on this would be awesome, i've spent a lot of hours researching online already but cant seem to find good info.  Thanks

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Grid Capacitors or Other Surplus Caps?

I am looking for some extremely powerful capacitors, I know that you can buy old grid transformers and I wondered if there was some kind of capacitor they use one the grid which could also be available.  If not, what industry would have old capacitors cheap that still work, I'm looking around 300 volts 1 Farad or more 

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Sodium Chlorate production other ways?

Sodium chlorate production without the need of keeping the solution at around 50-70°C from  the electrical power used for electrolysis?  sodium chlorate production besides having to heat from amperage the sodium chloride solution and electrolysis then would a catalysis to help with oxygenating the solution like instead of water use 3% hydrogen peroxide or manganese dioxide or ever ammonium nitrate and yield sodium chlorate using electralysis with out needing to keep the solution at 50-70°C? 

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LED MASK (flashing & other features?)

Hey guys, I wanted to start out by saying thanks to all u guys! I've been trolling instructables for a while and have used many of them, an example being the iron man one.. for my Halloween costume... Well, I'm planning on making a mask like the one pictured below... design(not exact design but just an example..) part will be glowing with surface leds on the backside.... I was planning on making them RGB so I can change colors... If I can, I want to add various other features like flashing(slow/fast maybe?) and anything else that I can feasibly do. So, can anyone help me get started with tips/advice/links? ... I am decent at soldering and my friend who will be helping is very good at it... Can i use an existing chip to do this.. such as a chip from a photon or led toys..? or are there good pre-programmed or programmable microcontrollers that can fit in my pocket? I have 6 months to complete this.. and I will make an instructable for it as well. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

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"Uploading" photos from other sites?

So, when you download a photo, you're taking it from the web to a local machine, and uploading is taking from a local machine and posting to the web... Recently, I've been considering "crossloading" images, say from my FaceBook or Picassa albums to my Instructables or vice versa.  Many of my images have never actually resided locally on my machine.  They've been uploaded from a memory card to the web.  Why should I have to download an image I've uploaded, just so I can upload it somewhere else and then have to delete it again from the local machine? I've Tried a few times between Picassa and Facebook, and haven't had any luck.  Anyone know if it's possible to do this easier and faster than the upload/download/upload/delete process? Thanks, Aaron

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Can my UPS protect my TV and other Electronics other than my PC?

Hello, I've a recently bought an UPS "Solltek 1400VA/840W UPS" to help me supply my PC when the power cuts off... It works perfectly so far for my PC specially because it only supports the "IEC 320 C-13 C-14 Cables" Outlet which is Perfect for the Power supply Inlet of my PC... But furthermore, Can I use a converter to Convert that IEC C-13 to a Normal wall socket so that i can Plug any other Electronic device too (TV, Speakers, Printers, etc...) to work when the power cuts off.. ( a Converter like this one in the link http://goo.gl/D4mxkZ )  also i Wonder whether that procedure would be Harmful for those Electronic Devices or not (because of the Modified Sinewave type thing ..) Thanks in Advance, and plz Excuse me for my English.. :) Greetings from Egypt

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my other hdmi port does not work

I have 2 hdmi ports, just one of them that works. I can not find the other I've searched online but did not find out what's wrong

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Software to convert ebook format to other formats?

I want to convert bokks into formats that I can save and read on other devices..Murphies Law ...The book that that I want to buy and read is not in the format uded in my unit's format.

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What other ways are there to store books & magazines? Answered

Looking for a way to make books compact and paperless does anybody know of any other ways to store books & magazines that are paperless and not electronic? The only systems that I know of are micro image sheets, micro-opaque images, microfilm, microfiche, microprints microcards and Stereoscopic viewers but they need magnified readers and are not all that practical for anything other then long term preservation.

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Avoid wires from touching each other?

I am building a Guitar Distortion Pedal. I have made a case for it. When all of the contents are inside the case - sometimes there are misconnections, and 'scratchy sounds' i get through the amp. I'm assuming this is because some wires are touching OR some wires are NOT touching. In any case, I need suggestions as to how to avoid wires from touching each other. I know there are rubber wire sleeves that can protect the wire from other wires. I've used some of those. But, is there such a thing as a "Blanket"  to lay across the circuit board so it doesn't touch or interfere with the case? If so, please let me know! Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.  Thank you. - Grizzly_Bear

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transfering alot of files between other HDDs

Hey, i have 2 HDDs in my computer one has the OS and alot of other files but the 2nd HDD also has files(about 56GBs) and i would like to switch to the newer one and it has more space i was going to rar all the files i could and put them on the smaller HDD then once i have the larger one with windows on it i would transfer them to the larger one but that would take a long time and i would have to re install everything is there any way around that?

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Is there a common standard for mounting servos to other things? Answered

For exmple - is there a standard bolt pattern or splined post that you have to consider when working with a servo or does it vary? Thank you!

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TI TPA2000D4DAP: What's the PowerPad and other questions?

Hi, A couple months agao, I ordered something from TI but I actually ordered to wrong thing. What I got was the TPA2000D4DAP (http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tpa2000d4.pdf). I set it aside because I couln't use it. As I look at it now, I see that on the bottom of the is a square silver piece. Looking at the datasheet, it says that there is "Space-Saving, Thermally-Enhanced PowerPAD." Is that the PowerPAD? I read the paper on the powerPAD and it says its reflow soldered but I can't do that. Could I just use thermal paste if I ever wanted to use it for something. Another question is about the DAP letters. Does it mean Debug Access Port? Just wanted to read the correct paper on TI's site. Thanks

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Advertisements and other ways for Instructables to make money

Over the past few months, I've received a number of messages from people asking how Instructables makes money. The context has always been along the lines of "this is so cool, how can I help to keep it going." I think many of us remember the late 90's when all sorts of really cool services (and some not so cool) suddenly emerged on the internet, couldn't figure out how to make money, and promptly disappeared; so, the question is how do we make sure Instructables keeps going. I describe Instructables like this: Instructables is an interactive online magazine about do-it-yourself projects. Next, I mention the wide variety of detailed projects with step-by-step instructions and the strong community. In term of our business, the important part of the description is "magazine." Currently, we make money by selling some of the space on our website to advertisers. There are two types of ads: impression-based and action-based. For impression-based ads, we get paid a certain amount each time an ad appears (called an impression). We try to sell these types of ad ourself, and have some networks that help out, but the important thing is that sales-people are involved and we have to determine the best advertisers to contact. For action-based ads, we get paid a certain amount each time someone clicks on one of the ads. These are the "Ads by Google." These ads are placed algorithmically by Google and we have limited control over which ads show up; there are other systems, but we use Google's Adsense. It's not much of a secret that we're not profitable yet. The amount of money we bring in from selling advertising space doesn't quite cover the costs of keeping the site running. Fortunately, I have some investors who are covering the difference. So, this means the we need to sell more ads, and sell them at a higher price. In a good magazine, the ads are often as much a part of the content as the articles. When I crack open a copy of Kiteboarding Magazine, the ads are gorgeous, remind me of good times at the beach, and show me the latest gear (which I might build myself or buy depending on whether the forecast is for wind this afternoon, or next week...). We strive for the same thing here on Instructables, and it's a work in progress. So, I'd like your thoughts on whose ads we should be running? Which companies, products, or services are a good fit with Instructables? Bonus points will be awarded for answers with companies that already advertise online and where they are currently advertising (getting people who have never advertised online before to make the jump can be difficult). Also, who is advertising on other sites that you visit? In addition to advertisements, we have ideas for a product directory that would have links to our favorite tools, kits, and supplies. Any thoughts on items that should definitely be included in this? Anything else you'd like to see in a product directory?

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What types of transformers are these? and what are these other things?

I know most of these are transformers, but i want to know what type they are, and how i can figure out what voltage they put out. most of these circuits are from a rear projection tv except for the one that has a single transformer on it. I am new to this type of stuff and want to make something that creates sparks at least 1 cm long, and also can any of these be used to charge capacitors? Also can any of these be used to create a high voltage over 1kv?

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Buzzer and LED interfering with each other on an arduino? Answered

Hi, I recently got an arduino for Christmas and am experiencing a problem.  I am practicing using it with a piezo buzzer, push button, and a RGB LED.  I programmed it so that whenever the button was pushed, the LED turned green, and when it wasn't pushed, the LED turned RED.  It worked fine until I added the buzzer.  I modified the program so that the buzzer was on when the button was not pushed.  Once I did this, the buzzer turned on and green and red pin of the LED came on dimly making the LED orange when the button was not pushed, and when the button was pushed, the buzzer turned off and the LED lit up green like it was supposed to.  I wan't to know why the LED is orange instead of solid red.  Any help would be appreciated.  If you need more information let me know. Here is my sketch //#include const int RED_PIN = 9; const int GREEN_PIN = 10; const int BUTTON_PIN = 7; const int BUZZER_PIN = 6; //const int TRIGGER_PIN = 12, ECHO_PIN = 11; //NewPing sonar(TRIGGER_PIN, ECHO_PIN); void setup() {   pinMode (RED_PIN, OUTPUT);   pinMode (GREEN_PIN, OUTPUT);   pinMode (BUTTON_PIN, INPUT);   pinMode (BUZZER_PIN, OUTPUT); } void loop() {   if (digitalRead(BUTTON_PIN) == HIGH)   {     digitalWrite(GREEN_PIN, LOW);     digitalWrite(RED_PIN, HIGH);     analogWrite(BUZZER_PIN, 100);   }   else if (digitalRead(BUTTON_PIN) == LOW)   {     digitalWrite(RED_PIN, LOW);     digitalWrite(GREEN_PIN, HIGH);     analogWrite(BUZZER_PIN,0);   } }

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Is there a simple way more or less of tracking an instructable being re-posted to other sites, other then googling? Answered

So, recently had this post on one of my instructables:  "awesome work!!! saw this mentioned on engadget which is awesome!! http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/22/oval-bookshelf-is-the-perfect-case-for-this-diy-car-stereo-radio/" - I love that this person pointed this out, as when I googled my bookcase, i found it had been re-posted to over 73 different gadget, science and blog sites.  Not to mention being translated in Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillc and others.  I never would have known or thought to look for it on other sites.  The question is, is there an easy way to tell if my other instructables have been re-posted to other sites, like a way to track it?  Other then googling?

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is there any Home-Made microcontroller instructible or other tutorial? Answered

Is there any Home-Made microcontroller instructible or other tutorial? I want to know any other way to get a microcontroller other than actually getting a factory made microcontroller.

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is there any other robotic kit exept legos mindstorms?

I thought of buying legos mindstorms but some said that it is too expensive,so if there is any other robotic kit plz suggest me....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to check the USB headset other than PC?

Is there any equipment available to test the USB headset?

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TIMELORD.h gets too old? Any other libraries? Answered

Hello, I'm using TIMELORD pretty often, especially for the SunUP and Down function,and for the Moon stages. I recently read that there was a replacement for it, but I don't seem to find the SunUp, SunDown calculations... Anyone here can help me with other libraries? Thank you so much!

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Is there any other good web browser for my psp?

For Custom firmware m33 or OFW 1.5? one that works with most modern web pages(html.flash,javascript,php,asp...ext)

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Pressing any one button clears any other that was on.

Hai,I am trying to recreate a control panel that is a row of buttons where only one button can be pressed at a time. Pressing any one button clears any other that was on. Can anyone help me by providing logical solution through hardware components or circuits. I can do it by coding but i want it by hardware circuit. Thanks & Regards, Chandana.

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